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IStroboSoft app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IStroboSoft? Can you share your negative thoughts about istrobosoft?

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No more accurate than other tuners and no sweetened tunings.I have the pedal version and the iPhone version. iPhone version doesn't have sweetened tunings. That's annoying. Don't find the iPhone app to be any more accurate or easier to use than other tuning apps I have. So I don't use it even though I bought it. Do use the pedal though. Wish Peterson would stop crippling the iPhone version and match functionality with the pedal. It's not like I'm going to drag the pedal around with me all the time like I do my phone. That's the whole point, guys..Version: 1.30.02

Untested portions of appI tend to lose faith in a developer that doesn’t test all functionality before release. There is a flaw with the in app purchase for extended ranges. iTunes is working just fine for other apps and music and some of the in app purchases, but not for extended range. Is it really that hard to test functionality before release? It causes me to wonder what else wasn’t tested. Low and high ranges with the app don’t work. Keep your handheld tuners!.Version: 2.98

Used to be good. Completely useless now.This app does not seem to pick any sound unless it is played extremely loud. I was able to make it work when I hold my phone immediately next to the guitar strings. Apparently this app is not updated and smth went wrong as iOS updates were piling up over the years. Now this is not a tuner app..Version: 2.98

BAAAADDDUsing my iPad 2020s microphone for my acoustic yields zero results. Hardly functions at all. Barely rotates with noise cancelation on and off and boost on and off. Sweeteners are nice but don’t make it function any better. I only use strobe tuners, specifically a strobostomp that is fantastic. Idk why this app is this bad. Maybe I need to use a D/I box to get it to function correctly but that defeats the purpose of it being portable. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY.Version: 2.98

I want my money back.It's no good for the bottom or top octaves of the piano. PanoTuner is better..Version: 2.92

Incorrect displaySince the last update the bottom of the display is missing on the iPhone SE screen..Version: 2.94

DisappointedNot what I was hoping for. It has a difficult (at best) time figuring out what not I am playing, then jumps all over the place and can’t decide what octave of that note I am paying. Really not a good tuner. I got this specifically to do intonation and it’s not up to the task of jumping between octaves when doing so. The reputation and hype of these tuner precedes them, and is not at all how they are..Version: 2.98

FrustratingAppears to be a problem with 'harmonica sweetener ' package ($20 in-app purchase). Cannot register purchase in order to get a ticket for assistance, because the product does not appear on the list from which a product needs to be selected in order to register. Very scant information about use of the app with sweetener package. I wrote twice to support but have not received any acknowledgement after a week. Maybe the tuner works ok but the $20 sweetener pack appears to be a dud.Version: 2.6

Love it, but...Veteran band director and orchestral musician here. This is a great tuner. I find it very accurate and reliable. Put it up side-by-side next to my Peterson strobe tuner and they match perfectly. The $10 price is a bargain! HOWEVER, the app throws adds up over the app preventing you from using it once in a while. Why? I already paid for the app. Get rid of the adds, please..Version: 2.98

Accordion SweetnersI find the base app excellent and can’t add anything to existing reviews. The Accordion Sweeteners however proved very disappointing. Aside from “Cajun” about which I know little, there are three sweeteners for tuning three banks of treble reeds, ie a sharp set, a flat set and for the middle set you tune to concert pitch. That’s a pretty simple approach but so be it. My gripe is that the three fixed settings give you (in cents): “Dry”: -0.5 / 0 / +0.5 “Medium”: -1.5 / 0 / +1.5 “Wet”: -25 / 0 / +25 Those who know will understand the severe tuning limitations given the above. I wish I’d saved my $14.95..Version: 2.98

Not very goodNot sure why but this tuner is not very good . Peterson are the best tuners in stompbox and bench tuner form. But this app really sucks. I have a brand new iPhone and I’ve tried it with it plugged in and through the mic and it’s all over the place can’t get a solid reading with it. It also won’t even pickup my bass at all really. Complete waste of 15 bucks..Version: 2.98

Absolutely disappointedI trust the Petersen name as it has been in the tuner business for many years. But this product is expensive, hard to use, and deceptively advertises sweetened tunings. I decided to tune my Martin with it, just to see. This guitar has to be sweetened to sound good, I have been using my ears for that since I got the instrument 13 years ago. I was expecting an experience that would make it quicker and ‘on the fly’ for me to cleanly tune my guitar. Epic fail. It makes my guitar sound out of whack, the strobe on the far right never stops completely which gives me an insolvent answer whether it is in tune, sharp or flat. I have used the same free PanoTuner app since 2013 with excellent success. It is consistent, simple and even worth the paid version to support the developer. I am requesting a refund and hoping Apple will help me out of this. Back to the drawing board. Very dissatisfied. Petersen, please rewrite this antique of an iOS app, optimized for the latest iOS devices. Release it for free with the reworked sweetening as an in-app purchase. This was a disappointment and gives me second thoughts on buying Petersen products in the near future..Version: 2.98

What's with the adds?I bought this app a while ago and bought the "pro" version. On this latest update there is pop-up advertising on start up. Every time. The app says it should only happen one time, but it happens every time. It's totally disruptive and gets in the way..Version: 2.7

Out of dateApp is functional but has not been updated at all in many years. No longer properly fits modern phone screen sizes. An update has been promised for over a year but nothing has yet been delivered..Version: 2.98

Yes.. But...I like the idea of this app.. A classic strobe tuner right on your phone..! I really want it to work for me, particularly with a pedal steel guitar.. But it jumps around a lot.. One string can quickly be represented as 3 different notes, even with filters and boosts. You get a couple of strings, a feeling of confidence, then... I have had success in a quiet room, with the phone mic and an acoustic, but things are never quiet for around here for long.. I have the Peterson cable for the phone, sometimes it picks notes up, sometimes it's lazy and no amount of jiggling the cord will bring it back....Version: 2.3

Awful on iPhone 5Downloaded this tuner after trying several free ones that didn't get good results and this offers no improvement whatsoever. The software might not be the issue but if you have an iPhone 5 I would avoid. Complete waste of money..Version: 1.40.00

Broken in iOS4No longer working with the latest iPhone update, hoping for a fix soon... Hurry up Apple and approve the new version!!!.Version: 0

Freezes on IOS7... Please fix?As above... In need of update....Version: 1.51.0

Fundamentally excellent, desperately needs updatingA brilliant strobe tuner. But as of August 2020 it has not been updated in years: • ‪ On iPadOS 13 some UI elements drift half off-screen so, for example, sweetened tunings are awkward to select. • ‪ ‬The app has no integration with iOS audio routing: you can’t add it to an aux out of another app or route to it via Audiobus or AUM. • ‪ ‬The app is full-screen only. • ‪ ‬Also it seems you cannot import or create sweetened tunings, only use preset purchased ones..Version: 2.98

U NutsAll packs are 38 dollars and full discount 59.99? U crazy! Two star just for that greed u have..Version: 2.0

Worth every pennyHummed and hawed about purchasing this app as it is expensive. However it proved invaluable when setting up an arch top guitar with a floating bridge. Getting the bridge placement would have taken a lot of trial and error unless you have years of experience with this type of bridge. I got it nailed in 15 min. It is a bit twitchy to use but keep in mind this is a high resolution tuner designed to get the finest intonation from a vibrating string. Definitely a professional luthiers product. I have 2 other tuner apps which are good for getting close but with istrobesoft you get perfect pitch every time. Very impressed..Version: 2.98

Pretty good - would be 5 stars with tempermentsThis is a great tuner - better than the half-dozen others I have on the iPhone. Nothing beats a strobe tuner! I have the PolyTune app but it's nowhere near accurate enough for me. I'd use this tuner exclusively except for one glaring issue: there are no tempered tunings. I know Peterson probably avoids including them because it would cause a massive drop in their pedal tuner sales, but I'd pay a premium for their sweetened tunings in this thing (hint, hint)!.Version: 1.30.02

IPhone 4 iOS4Great idea and works on my iPad but does not work correctly on the iPhone4. The strobe bars don't strobe. Maybe in the next update this will be fixed, I certainly hope so as it will be £5.99 down the drain otherwise..Version: 0

Great App until..I downloaded this and it worked great, and the same day I upgraded my iphone to os4 and now the strobe function doesn't work. Although I can still tune by using the up/down arrows, it was disappointing that I was only able to use this fully for one morning. I am hoping they will come out with a fix on the next upgrade because I really did like this app..Version: 0

Total RipoffFrom the images it looks like you are getting all the tools. You are not! Go get a free version elsewhere. The upgrades would bring this app to over $100aud. All you get is a regular fake stupid strobe tuner screen with the usual configurations. It's way over priced at $15 and ridiculous bate-and-switch for $100+.Version: 2.92

Terribly disappointedWhat a waste of $10. This thing can’t find Low E on a guitar and can only find other notes for a second before going blank. It’s like it can’t get enough signal although I tried the so called Boost option. Same results on iPhone and iPad. Hasn’t been an update in two years. Maybe it’s time. Until then can I get my money back?.Version: 2.98

Not a free updateMy purchased 2014 version of this app was not compatible with my 2019 ipad. I was forced to buy the current version. No gained functionality, just an additional 13.99. No response to my email regarding this situation. I love the software, but not the company..Version: 2.98

IOS 7 problemsSince updating operating systems the note display is 'chopped off' so that, for example B appears as E. Needs to be fixed, I think!.Version: 1.50.00

Needs new update!While I have thoroughly enjoyed using this app through the years for it’s accuracy and convenience—I believe there are currently a few bug fixes that need to be address to improve compatibility with current iOS. My app has been dodgy ever since the last few iOS updates in my iPhone 11; I switched from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 14 Pro recently, and it still has been very jumpy—it won’t lock in on the notes, even with the proper sweeteners and noise filters engaged. It also would be great if an updated dongle was offered—one that employed a Apple Lightning connector..Version: 2.98

Please fix the audio!I’ve been using this app everyday for my practice routine and I have loved it. It’s extremely reliable and the tools are great... but why can’t I use a metronome app at the same time? I don’t know if it’s just me, but while playing audio from another app (like a metronome app), when I switch to iStroboSoft the audio becomes significantly quieter, to the point where I can’t hear it anymore even at max speaker volume. Also, when listening to a metronome with AirPods, they disconnect when switching back to this app! Developers, please fix this problem so I can enjoy your app with my new wireless headphones..Version: 2.98

Works but...I remember my 8th grade orchestra teacher used to tune us 1 by 1 with a physical tuner just like this one so I was excited to see that this now exists for my iPhone! BUT..... I had to pay extra for the functionality to tune each violin string / had to download a sweetener. And After I dropped $15 i still don’t get all of the advertised features, plus the app isn’t optimized for iPhone X. So I that’s why I have a 2 star review. Thanks.Version: 2.98

Nice tuner to have in my pocketWanted a tuner to set intonation. Did it by ear and was pretty close. But was still off a bit and wasn’t happy. (Guitars need a well tempered tuning.) The iStroboSoft with guitar sweetener showed me where I was off and needed to be, within 1cent. Also a great tool to have when trying out a new guitar. Tuner fits nicely in the pocket. I find that the room needs to be really quiet to do it right. For $16 with the sweetener it’s pretty good. Thanks for reading my review. Update: I found that setting the intonation with the sweetener on actually made the intonation come out wrong. I couldn’t find a way to shut it off so I set the intonation with my old boss tuner, then open tuned with the strobe sweetener on. That works much better..Version: 2.98

UselessNot worth the money. Better tuners for less..Version: 1.51.0

CameronDoes not work using microphone on iPhone X. Only works through lightning input.Version: 2.98

Hope they improve this!Having read the first review I thought 'why not it might help in some circumstances' but after sitting with an electric guitar on my knee for five minutes (unplugged) I realize they have a way to go on this app. It failed to identify a low E and D string which the other tuners I have had no difficulty identifying, the noise filter made things worse and it couldn't identify any note at all without the 24db lift in place..Version: 0

RedownloadSo I bought this app a while back. Then it stopped working so I went to delete it then re-download it, hoping for the problem to be fixed. This usually fixes any app problems. Normally, iTunes remembers which apps you have previously purchased, so why is iTunes attempting to charge me for an app I've already paid for?.Version: 1.40.00

Doesn’t work well on anything slower than an iPhone 8Can’t work from my iPad response time is so slow it doesn’t even lock on a note before the string fades. Somewhat better on an iPhone 7 but still has issues. Yih May think yih have an accurate note but it’s just picked a single point in time and after a second or so displayed it. Have had much better luck with another tuner.Version: 2.98

Has the developer abandoned this great app?The main thing is that the app is very accurate and easy to read. I prefer it to most others for its simulation of a seems to be more precise than the other app tuners I’ve tried However, the developers haven’t given it much love in a couple of years. It hasn’t been updated for newer iPhones, so visually it looks a bit shrunken. And I find that it freezes and crashes more often than any other iOS app I use. Developers, please step it up because this ought to be the reference standard! And users, beware that you’d be buying something that may not have much of a future....Version: 2.98

Latest version disappointingLoved this app until the latest update. On iPad at least display is dimmed, all strobe bands move together, so no sense of 'getting close' and generally not enjoyable to use. Desirable extras offered at a price, but do they work any better? Find myself not using it now. Hope next update will be better..Version: 2.0

Won't work on my iOS8 phoneWhy is this app not working on my 5s? Just goes black screen, won't load..Version: 1.51.0

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