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Amazing Slow Downer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Amazing Slow Downer app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amazing Slow Downer? Can you share your negative thoughts about amazing slow downer?

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Amazing Slow Downer for Negative User Reviews

No SpotifyI went back and forth for a few months about buying this app. I had the free version and lovvvvved it and decided 5 mins ago to bite the bullet and get the full version. Within 30 seconds I discovered that the only function I liked the app for (spotify) no longer works. $20 on an app I can’t use. Crying real tears lol I’m in the refund process at the moment. If you get Spotify back I’ll be back but it’s useless to me without it. :( sorry developers I know this sucks for you too..Version: 6.7.7

DisappointedUnfortunately when selecting a loop to slow down the app only allows you to divide a section in one second increments. This is irritating if you are playing the section on a loop either to listen or try and play along as the rhythm breaks after each loop. I would be happy with the app if it was cheaper but coming in at £15 I would expect something as simple as being able to cut the track into 1/10 second chunks (or even 1/100 second) to be covered.Version: 6.1.0

Worked great for years and now has stopped with little supportI have used this app for years and it has worked wonderfully, but it within the last month it has stopped opening mp3 songs that I’ve downloaded. I brought this to the attention of support who told me to just turn off my phone and turn it back on, lol. This did not work. I deleted the app and re-download it again and still not working..Version: 6.7.7

Good but Spotify doesn't workThe app itself is pretty good. One can change the velocity of a song, change the pitch and even loop certain parts of a song. But the reason why I paid more than 20$ for this app is because of the Spotify function. AND IT DOESNT WORK! Every time when I try to connect ASD with Spotify, the same error notification pops up:" Cannot connect to the Spotify server" This really annoys me because that was the main reason why I bought it. Really disappointing..Version: 5.8.5

Nothing downloaded.I paid and down loaded this app and when I came to open it there was just a blank screen. Nothing at all. I’m not good on computers and don’t know what to do.Version: 6.7.7

Excellent App BUT.....A good tool for the musician to learn passages at slower speeds and singers for trying out different keys. But it definitely needs the ability to save your adjusted files. The PC version apparently is able to do this as quoted in the developers Q & A website, but that is not made clear enough in this version before you purchase..Version: 3.1.2

Good appIt’s a really good app but there is often few bugs the most annoying one is if I workout on a song and go away from it and come back to my phone it’s nearly impossible have to spend 10 min trying to reopen the song again but all other songs are opening fine it’s frustrating me and the playback does get stuck.Version: 6.4.5

Apple Music bugWhen entering Apple Music library a prompt to purchase Apple Music appears, when rejecting this prompt the menu goes back to the starting one. An infinite loop occurs in which I have to by Apple Music in order to listen to my personal song files on the phone.Version: 6.7.7

SpeedI purchased this to be able to slow songs down without changing the pitch. Apparently that can not be done anymore when using apple tunes. You use to be able to but not anymore. Is there a reason why this is now happening?.Version: 6.7.0

DeveloperWith iOS 11 you can’t use search to find a song from your library to put in a playlist. The developer refuses to fix it..Version: 5.9.8

Missing FeaturesI bought this app and it worked great, but now the pitch function doesn’t work with subscription music services. There are cheaper apps that do the same thing as this one now that the pitch doesn’t function properly so I can’t recommend somebody paying twice as much for this app..Version: 6.7.2

Great...when it worksIt would be lovely if an app I payed $15 worked reliably! No such luck with this one. When it works does exactly what I wanted (except for letting me play the music I own in iTunes since I’m not paying an additional $10 a month for Apple Music). It runs on an irregular schedule of not functioning, and has left me in the middle of teaching dance classes with no ability to slow down the otherwise too-fast music I was using.Version: 6.5.7

No longer able to slow down Apple musicInitially great. No longer able to slow down Apple Music with no projected fix date. Not worth full version cost without this feature..Version: 6.7.0

Help! My music is not loading since the updateI use this app all the time in my music teaching and today out of the blue the app on my phone and iPad told me that the songs were failing to load and I couldn’t play a single one. I can see them but can’t play them! It’s such a great app and I would usually give it 5 stars but not today......Version: 6.3.1

If you want frustration on your iPhone…beyond belief from an app that can slow a song down without changing pitch but requires a phd in order to read about how said app can do that for you - then this app is for you!!.Version: 6.7.0

No Spotify, and no export anymoreWhat’s happening to all the functions?.Version: 6.7.7

Spotify songs don’t show up anymoreIt was good initially, minus the eventual lagging here and there. But now that I can’t load and slow down Spotify songs anymore it’s completely useless as that’s what I use to have access to songs..Version: 6.7.4

AccessibilityUnfortunately the app it’s not friendly for voice-over users.Version: 6.1.2

This is amazing?Well, what can one say. It does in fact slow down music without changing the pitch. The audio quality is good. Beyond that though, the user interface looks like a dog's breakfast. There is no benefit to the extra screen space on the iPad - it just blows up the ugly buttons and sliders. It doesn't even have a waveform view! I find that an astounding omission considering that all of the competitors on iOS and the desktop have one. As a result, ASD makes it much harder to find and pinpoint a loop than the competition. It's also lacking in features at the price point. Do your research folks - there are actually a few "amazing" slow downer music apps for iOS. Do yourself a favour and search the store for a few before defaulting to this one because you used the desktop one ages ago..Version: 3.6.0

Good But Could Be ImprovedApp does what you want it to. Speed change is the main function and so the app would be improved if the slider control for speed were accompanied by, or replaced by, something more exact like plus or minus buttons. Using the slider to get the precise speed you want can be frustrating, particularly on a small phone screen..Version: 6.7.5

BugsThis app has been amazing for a year or so, but now and after updates it’s starting to glitch out all the time with error ‘playback failed’ ... very frustrating..Version: 6.1.0

I WANT A REFUNDThis is the worst mistake of my life, this is such a bad app I want a refund.Version: 3.6.0

Hasn't worked once since I've bought itEvery time I go on it takes me to the page where it doesn't have the option to use audio from Spotify or iTunes.. It takes me to ASD's default page where all the folders are empty.. Please fix this as we pay a lot of money for it...Version: 5.8.8

No Spotify accessI used ASD to practice songs all the time. Without Spotify access the app has become useless to me..Version: 6.7.6

Could be great but...The concept is good and for the few tunes I had on my iphone it works. But the Help interface is like an afterthought, it's so poorly written and next to useless. It does NOT work with Spotify Premium, despite the couple of paragraphs that are useless, and there is no trouble shooting or help available. The "import files" is an unwieldy and awkward -- can't even "copy" the string of numbers you need to paste into a browser. For $21 I expected a better app..Version: 6.6.2

Where is the Dropbox button???I love this app. But with recent upgrades the Dropbox button has gone missing! Please bring it back! I NEED IT!!!.Version: 5.9.7

Some bugsInitially, for the first dozen or so tries, which involved numerous downloads of the App, it did not work at all. I could not import any songs, and the App went blank and unresponsive every time I tried it. No error message, nothing. A few hours later, after emailing the developer, when I tried it I got the message that the songs needed to be downloaded from the iCloud. I did that & it worked as promised. Not sure why it was not telling me about downloading from the iCloud initially..Version: 6.3.2

Annoyed🙁 Maybe say that you need Spotify premium I just lost $20!.Version: 6.5.7

UselessI can’t log into Spotify rubbish.Version: 6.1.5

Not amazing slow downerI have yet to be able to get this app to work on my ipod!! Its very frustrating given that the free version was so promising. I have also not been able to reach any support for the app. Very disappointing..Version: 2.2

Love it but....App doesn’t work with apple music subscription only music you have downloaded and paid for. Great app if u own the music! Would be a 5 out of 5 had it worked well with apple music. I have moved over to the apple music section however the app works poorly at best. I am not able to stop my music unless I back out of the song, if you attempt to slow the song down it may or may not work at the speed you set. Again, the app works if you own the song, bugs if you use the apple music subscription..Version: 6.5.4

More frustrating than helpful...This app consistently crashes. Even as we speak I’m trying to play a song on it because I have a show Saturday and have a bunch of songs with key changes to learn, but have to keep pulling up the app and let it tell me numerous times it failed to play the song. Or it just won’t do anything when I select a song to play. One of the only times I can “practice” is when I run in the morning. It’s been a huge headache. It will get through a song, not move onto the next, I’ll have to stop and totally interrupt the flow of everything, open the phone, try to get the next song to play, half the time it still won’t play and I’ll actually have to restart the entire phone to get it working again, when other normal music apps will just keep playing through each song. I don’t think it’s worth the money I paid. I have never bought an app this expensive and don’t like the fact that it crashes, freezes, and doesn’t work right. If it was a free app, I wouldn’t care as much because I didn’t have to pay for it. But $15? I’d almost rather get my money back, but conversely I need a way to practice these songs with the key changes and this is the only app I know of that can accommodate. If there is an option to actually download the playlists with their changes to avoid all this that I’m not seeing, forgive me. But I’ve searched and don’t see anything like that here..Version: 6.4.6

DisappointedLooked like a great app but i wasnt able to connect the app to spotify. 20$ wasted.Version: 6.5.9

Can’t sign into spotifyI sign into spotify online then try to press “agree” to allow the app to use spotify but nothing happens. I have tried refreshing, restarting and opening in desktop veiw and none work..Version: 6.6.3

Last update is terrible!This app is amazing! As a Jazz educator/performer I use and recommend this app all the time! This last update completely broke the app. Even though I pay for Apple Music I cannot use the option of the app. So what is the point of purchasing the app? I paid for the app, I paid for Apple Music… why I can’t use the app? Horrible update!.Version: 6.7.0

Annoying Library ManagementDoes what it claims to do, and does it well. But... Is it really so hard to write the upload interface in a way that lets you upload more than one track at once? And, if you are upgrading from the lite version, anything you uploaded to Lite is lost when you open the full version. Why? Considering how fiddly it is to upload a track it surely wouldn't hurt to have that track available if you decide to buy the app. Only three stars for the immensely annoying library management..Version: 0

Restricted importsDoes not import songs from Apple music. Beware..Version: 5.5.5

Good when worksThis app is usually really good but the speed up and slow down feature (whole reason I got this) is playing up and won’t work. When it does work I highly recommend for drumming 👍.Version: 6.7.1

Better out there for free!!I thought this app would be head and shoulders above the rest BUT its definitely not. Interface is poor, features are lacking and it's way overpriced. Not a patch on Tempo SlowMo which is free to boot..Version: 3.6.0

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