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Poor Reception in my areaI’m really considering changing carriers due to the poor reception in my area Goodyear Arizona. I’ve called multiple times with these issues and I get the same answers like you are in the process of repairing a tower which I was told when I moved to Indiana two years later relocated back to Arizona and I got the same answer. I enjoyed AT&T because of the price but with the poor service I may have to consider going to Verizon for better service. I don’t know what you guys can say or tell me that will give me confidence that my reception in this area can be improved. Near the area in my job I’ve dropped calls frequently it’s like a black hole in his in an area where I have business. I been a loyal customer with AT&T but as soon as I paid for it off I will strongly consider leaving AT&T. I guess from time to time going from one area to another is due to the carriers ability to maintain good signals and good service that will make a customer want to stay with them so I have to say good luck and hope to hear from you, But if not you were here for me..Version: 6.5.1

BUG RIDDEN! SLOW on any deviceI only gave 5 stars in hopes this review gets seen and read. 1 star would be generous. This app is an embarrassment. A company as large as AT&T with profits to match, it’s shameful to have such a poorly constructed and maintained app. It appears that they are more concerned with aesthetics (nothing special) than ease of navigation or speed and seamlessness. Or even functionality. It’s as though the app was a single room shack to start and as it grew, rather than building new they simply added room after room. POOR construction and even worse maintenance and quality control. Navigating is painful. It seems every link takes you to a “Loading…. Logo”. And “Opps, something went wrong” or “try again later” are ever present. ”The “NEW automated help” feature will not even load at all. Endless spinning dots. Developers, you do have testers, right? Or do you just drop an update and wait for bug fallout to fix problems? I just spent two hours in this app just to request unlock on 4 of our phones. It was so frustrating. I’ve been a loyal customer in perfect standing for decades. 5 family members with iPhones and iPads in my account. I see no reason to stay..Version: 8.3

Internet customer service from AT&TNothing short of horrible. Say they are coming out and don’t. Got disconnected twice while holding for technical support. Told to call back tomorrow after a 30 minute hold. I said that was unacceptable and I would be changing internet providers and she said I hope you were satisfied with our service today and she could have cared less. Adios AT&T, your customer service did you in. It’s so important too when your selling a commodity that someone else has! If the competition even transfers my call better I’ll be more satisfied. Sadly AT &T used to be a good phone company. Oh, the best part yesterday was when they wanted to up sell me on the phone, etc. I said not until you fix my problem, there are no extended wait times on the phone or I’m not disconnected, only then will we can talk. Honestly listen to your customers, don’t attempt to up sell them when they are having issues, it’s not the time. Maybe once you fix their problems would be a better time. We’ll soon to be ex customers!.Version: 22.08.1

Best customer serviceAfter being with Sprint since 2012 I made the decision to leave and come to ATT, from the moment we arrived at the store it was a breath of fresh air. All the sales associates were very knowledgeable and friendly. I have never experienced this before in all the years I was with my current carrier, I used to cringe every time I had to go into a sprint store because it was always a miserable experience for me. Every single associate that we interacted with were extremely helpful and friendly and I believe that they need to be acknowledged for there hard work and exceptional customer service, not only with myself and my family but even with all the other customers in the store, no matter how busy they were they never got discouraged and always made everyone laugh and had a smile on there faces. They definitely go above and beyond to assist each and every customer, I highly recommend going to AT&T Store 3531 NJ-38 Mt Laurel NJ and if you happen to see Austin and the store manager you will be in great hands.Version: 6.9.92

Very disappointed with At&tI have been on the phone with At&t since Thursday. First about the Bogo phones, can’t up with solution but not what I wanted and then about my AT&T app. No text log since aug 5 then it came bad today now can’t even open up app. What’s up with this place? It’s like no one knows what to do and having to do cases and give u a case number. I have been a customer for over 20 years and this such terrible business as soon as I possibly can will go elsewhere. Never been lied to about my service but have now and different story from everyone u talk to as to why this problem is going on. It is a Shame and Disgrace as much as u pay for the phones and service each month. My service a month is outrageous. I could make a car payment with what my bill is. I have 4 phones but REALLY. So I think they need to get employees that know how to treat people and not lie to them just to make their commission and someone who knows how to repair whatever is messed up. Cannot wait until my contract is up or I might just go get a loan to pay them off then go some where else. Not happy customer at all. Would rate 0 but not a choice. Praying for all who had problems. Good luck getting ur issue fixed. God Bless all.Version: 6.6

Very disappointedYesterday I went on the app to order my wife a phone to be picked up at our local store. I completed the online forms and gave my information and credit card, which was debited for the taxes. The app brought up a screen that stated that the phone should be ready for pickup in two hours. My daughter went to the store and found that the store had no record of an order, and that three hours after the order was placed, they had no information. The manager I spoke to, found no record of an order and said it might not have come through due to them being out of stock on certain colors of the iPhone 12. I wasted my time and my daughter’s as well and the only recourse we were given was to cancel the order and wait for it to clear, then try again or come back to the store tomorrow. Why doesn’t your system show if the item is in stock at the store? Why does your system not check this before it tells customers that the item will be ready at a given time? With a company as supposedly sophisticated technologically, you miss the boat with customer service. Also you website is horribly slow. Load times for your page is often in excess of 30 seconds in a location where I have 4 bars..Version: 6.9.93

Worst Price / Poor Customer Service /Go with Xfinity MobileI just switched to Xfinity Mobile. I’m saving $180 per month on our family’s mobile phone costs. Was paying ATT >$300 a month for 4 phones, now pay Xfinity $120/month for unlimited phone,text,data. Over the many years I have had ATT Mobile I always marveled how a tech company had such poor online tools for consumers. So often I would try to use this App and it would be down and I always had such a hard time finding and doing things on the app. Also, through the incompetence of their reps, twice, we incurred a $500 data charge when traveling overseas. There was no way to sign up with plans properly even when I spoke with reps. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be rid of this company, especially since Xfinity uses the Verizon network. The only reason I kept them so long was because I had 2 iPhones grandfathered in on an unlimited data plan. Now I get that for all my phones on Xfinity Mobile for less than half the price..Version: 7.6.1

Canceled ATT in March 2022Please stop billing me. I had gone to ATT store to get my ATT SIM card for my new Apple phone. Apple store could not do it. I had just canceled my iPhone ATT acct for my iPhone. My tv home phone, etc had been on Spectrum for years. Manager at ATT talked me into going with ATT stream tv. I had no idea what he was pushing me into until the ATT installers came out to install in my house. They discovered my home could not be installed properly underground. I also discovered at my age it was too difficult to work. I canceled ATT and returned to Spectrum that day. Also took a box of ATT accessories manager at ATT gave me which I immediately took to UPS to mail back to ATT. The box was unopened by me. UPS had stacks of these boxes to return to ATT and told me they sent back to ATT when they had a certain number of these boxes. I thought everything was canceled until I started getting large bills which were automatically paid out of my checking until I thought ATT understood to stop billing me. But apparently have not I have disputed these charges..Version: 22.07

AT&T/FirstNet aren’t compatible?So I’m a first responder and switched my line to FirstNet. I upgraded my phone and bought a series 4 Apple Watch a month ago. Difficulties arose when trying to connect the cellular to the watch and it was determined FirstNet was not compatible with the watch. Yesterday, I got my AT&T bill which shows an activation fee for the watch plus the monthly service for the watch which I don’t even get!!! Spent the last 2 hours with customer support to find out they can’t do anything at AT&T to solve this problem. Their suggestion, call FirstNet! I did and I was advised they now have watch plans for cellular at a cost of $25 dollars a month, not $10 like AT&T, the reason they say is the watch requires its own account. So now I would need an AT&T for my families phones and 2 FirstNet accounts, one for my phone and the other for my watch, just to use their services. None of which can be combined to pay. 3 separate payment transactions and at an additional cost. I can’t imagine I’m the only first responder who has their service and bought an Apple Watch. I’ve been with AT&T forever, and appreciate what their doing for first responders, but I’m not to happy with this and not being able to resolve my issue with AT&T!!!.Version: 6.1.1

Unhappy With Service!!AT&T is notorious for changing your data & text plans on you so that it helps benefit AT&Ts pockets! AT&T has it set up that they can do away with a current data/text plans and switch you to a higher plan without the day so of the actual customer. So this way AT&T can make sure their profits continue to increase all while the service continues to stink! I have been a customer with AT&T since bag phones were in style (early 1980s) and over the years I’ve just put up with everything AT&T dishes out. If anyone is looking for cell service I highly recommend going with someone else other than AT&T! Do the homework, ask around to other AT&T customers and find out for yourself before choosing one of the worst cell services. Cell service is so bad in the town I live in that I have to keep my phone on WiFi just to have service connection. Then when I’m out and about town I continue to get slow speeds on internet or drop calls and the list goes on and on. If I hate to rate AT&T from 1 to 10, I’d give them a 2 and I’m being nice about that!.Version: 6.9.1

AT&T vs SprintA paying customer for over 16yrs with sprint and before with Nextel for 8yrs when sprint bought them out. We paid on time and constantly had phone service issues. As of the last three years we had so many issues and out bill kept going up. We had three lines unlimited $99ea and chargers that somehow our bill was over or about $400ea month. They supposedly fixed it and we found out they changed us from buying our phones to leasing them. We called in and told them about our friends that had AT&T with more lines than us with unlimited lines and they offered a $10 each month but I would have to call in for that discount each time. That was the straw... we have since changed over and our bill is consistent, we own our phones, and the service is stellar amazing compared to the service we had with sprint. We are not herded ok like cattle when we enter AT&T and the customer service has been amazing! Our bill went town tremendously and we are getting amazing reception on our phones. Thank you AT&T, Young Family.Version: 6.6

AT&T fiber rewardsIt’s a mystery where you can find your reward you have to be a cyber detective to find out when your reward is coming, mines coming on June 5 it’s now August 17 still don’t know where it is, what’s the problem I’m a new customer why do you wanna act this way you will be $250 in rewards for signing up for AT&T fiber, anytime I speak to somebody I get transferred around, last person I spoke to was in the Philippines and they didn’t want me to make a comment about them so they hung up, come on how can you run a business with this Poor customer service , yesterday I was on chatAfter filling out all the information and trying to send a message it said it was not operational come on sorry Business practices, if you say you’re going to give us these rewards get them out stop jerking people around why would anybody want to stay your apps don’t work nobody answers the phone you get transferred around it’s ridiculous still no answer, hello is anybody home nobody solve these problems billion dollar company can’t get their app working correctly ridiculous!.Version: 22.08.1

I’m impressedI don’t usually write a review but I gotta say… AT&T have gone the extra mile this time to ensure that their app is super streamlined. I’m happy with their quality and I’m happy with my phone. I can change plans anytime I want or order “phone stuff” quick and easy and have it added (in monthly installments) to my bill. All without feeling the need to call and talk to someone. As a matter of fact calling and talking to them is not streamlined and they still have problems there… One person passing you off to another dept. only that department doesn’t answer and you get sent to the automated system again and lose the original person you were speaking with all together causing you to have to tell the problem all over again to someone new over and over again… but… at least the app and service is good I don’t think I’ll need to call them again before my 3 year plan is up so…. It’s a non-issue for me at this time. Love the app, love the colors of it and like I said very well laid out and streamlined. Y’all have a nice day..Version: 8.1

Horrible replacement if your phone has issuesVery disappointed . I had insurance on my phone I’ve been paying for for 17 years with At&t. I had trouble with my phone it shut off and I had zero screen . They told me it wasn’t under warranty , I find out from a different rep that it was a mistake it should have been replaced by warranty with zero deductible . So the phone they sent to replace my phone that was dead , was pixelating and disconnecting all calls I was making . People said I would muffled . So I called again , the apologized and said they will send another phone from warranty and I’ll send both useless phones back . Well the 3rd came from warranty and it was programmed in Russian after the initial “ hello “ set up . I couldn’t get it to go to English . I reset it in Russian , I did everything to make that one work . Now I’m fed up with this . Why did I pay insurance for 17 years so they could send me two worse phone than my issue with my own phone ? I demand a refund . I will be returning both garbage phones they sent . Hope this review is a warning , go elsewhere !!!.Version: 6.9.4

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