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Shutterfly: Prints Cards Gifts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Shutterfly: Prints Cards Gifts app received 90 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Shutterfly: Prints Cards Gifts? Can you share your negative thoughts about shutterfly: prints cards gifts?

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Shutterfly: Prints Cards Gifts for Negative User Reviews

Double cost of items in cart at check outThe price of the items in the cart are doubled when you proceed to check out. Promos such as 5 free magnets don’t materialize, and the cost is therefore not deducted. A mug and 5 “free” magnets cost nearly $18 dollars to ship! The promotions that they grab your attention with in large print, don’t really apply to most of what you want, or you have to buy in very large quantity in order for them apply. I phoned Shutterfly via an 888 phone number which I searched for and found online, and it is completely automated, complete with fake typing sounds in the background. You will never be able to speak with someone. If you want to discuss adjusting the cost of the items, you have to check out and order them anyway, get the order number, and then email to a specific address to explain why the cost of the items you’ve already ordered need to be adjusted. The automated message informs you, that once you email this address, you will have to wait 3-4 business days to get a response to your email. By then, I would assume your ordered items would already have been delivered, and you’d likely have even more trouble getting prices adjusted on items that were already shipped to you! This is garbage. I will look for Christmas cards and photo-gifts elsewhere next time around..Version: 9.20.5

Not What It Used To BeI’ve been a Shutterfly customer for many years. However, I’ve noticed the quality of both the app and the company’s products trend downward. The app can be a bit finicky to work with. In the latest order I created, the product I receive (two photo prints) just didn’t live up to the quality I’ve come to expect. For starters, Shutterfly should stop using USPS to deliver products such as photo prints that can be easily bent, or develop packaging that protects them better. My order packaging arrived pretty bent as the mail carrier crammed it into my small mailbox that’s a part of my townhome complex’s communal mailbox station. There was no labeling or other indication on the packaging from Shutterfly that these were photos and should not be bent, which could’ve prevented such a thing from happening. At the costly price for shipping at Shutterfly, now, it’s just not worth it. As far as the photos themselves, the bending did partially damage the top of one photo by putting small indentions in the paper. Beyond that, though, the quality of said paper was not as good as previously ordered prints - and I’ve ordered tons through the years - while the overall quality was not completely the best, in my opinion. I primarily used Shutterfly to print photos I submitted for photography exhibitions and contests but, due to the questionable quality and shipping, I would not consider using Shutterfly for this moving forward..Version: 12.18.0

App lost workWas making a calendar for Christmas presents, spent an hour or so on it, was flicking between photos and shutterfly so I could see the dates the pictures were from, and when I went back to shutterfly (having done this numerous times in the past hour) the calendar was totally gone and I will have to start again.Version: 12.21.1

Very high shipping cost. Feel a bit scammed.In my opinion the app is efficient and easy to navigate so in that respect there aren’t any problems. However, it states on the website and app that there are unlimited free 4x4 prints which of course i thought was good. I decided to order some 4x4 prints but when I got to checkout it said the cost of shipping was £40!! I would expect to pay around £10-15 for shipping because of course they need to make profit but not that amount. I felt like I was basically scammed because it had offered free prints with the cost of shipping, but the cost of shipping was outrageously high. I think the app itself is good but the cost put me off. Instead I used snapfish and saved £30 for the same product. I think the manufacturers should consider lowering the price of shipping to get more customers..Version: 10.8.0

GreatI like the app, makes it easy for quick orders. A little dissapointed how the orders gets all mixed up and the pictures arent in the same order you ordered. Makes it harder to put in an album. The quality of enlarged pictures arent good either. The deals are great for 4x6 pics which is worth ordering...Version: 7.12.0

Check out was difficultI had great difficulty checking out my order. It would not accept my phone number. After much trial and error I realized the format wanted a ‘+’ in front of the country code. This was not intuitive and there was no guide to the format.Version: 13.7.0

The printsThe good thing about this is that the photos case in earlier than they were expected but the downfall of this was that despite cropping the photos to what I wanted, so many of my photos were wasted and I paid $127 for it. Only a handful of photos turned out the way I wanted them to so this was a bit disappointing.Version: 10.14.0

Good app but company finds ways to get your moneyApp works ok, only minor glitches. But don't fall for "free" stuff - they "give" you codes to use on products that are app exclusive but you will overpay heavily for shipping. At the end, you're better off with shutterfly website where codes for free shipping actually works and on top of that you can use it with ebates for additional savings - that's not possible on app. You will pay more for shipping that for actual products! It's a scam. So no such thing as free lunch. I will use website instead. I wish I could retract my last order!!.Version: 7.14.1

CanadianI would appreciate the app seeing that I’m Canadian and show the appropriate offers. The shipping charges to Canada are soooo pricey!.Version: 13.5.0

Nice looking until checkoutThe app itself looks good but too many tech issues. Lost so many cha he’s to a project that I finally gave up and used the full version (which hadn’t saved my projects even though I used the same account)..Version: 8.14.0

Incorrect pricing from what charged!If your Canadian, and logged in with a Canadian address, you would assume the prices listed would be given in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. NOPE! It will state no where that you cost is actually in US dollars (not through checkout or confirmation email), until you check your bank statements and find out they charged you way more than you thought you were paying..Version: 9.13.0

App is insufficientIt’s frustrating that I can no longer create anything on the desktop website in a browser on my phone. The only option is to use the app. I’ve been using Shutterfly for at least 12 years. The app is GREATLY improved from even a few years ago but used to have the option of creating things without the app. The app was frustrating and stole so much of my time. I had to start my calendar over 3-4 times because it wouldn’t allow me to save my work. It was glitchy. I hated the fact that I couldn’t download my photos one time for multiple projects. I had to download them for each new project! It was excruciating having to scroll through the same photos over and over again. You used to me able to create a photo album on the desktop version and then I could use that across the board. If this had been the case, I could have saved the pictures from my phone and then completed the projects on my laptop. My pictures do not sync across electronics. There is something wrong with my laptop but that shouldn’t matter. Please fix this. Otherwise I will use another service in the future because the amount of time this took…it was my entire evening! Five hours!!!!.Version: 12.21.2

Shipping so highShipping is quite expensive to Canada so the free book ended up costing me 56.00!.Version: 9.8.0

Expensive postage to AustraliaIt’s a shame that it costs so much, it doubles the price. Can you not use an Australian company to process your orders from Australia. It would make your products much better value and more attractive to customers..Version: 11.20.1

Wish I could give 0 stars!What a joke. It says free photos just pay shipping. For 30 pictures they want to charge about £35??!!! What a joke! Deleting this app straight away..Version: 9.11.0

First time userThe app is not easy to use for a first timer. It is quite inflexible and hard to understand. The video on YouTube was so much clearer, yet when it came to doing it, there were far fewer options available. I had to restart several times and lost a lot of pictures and time. Needs more details, more help..Version: 10.22.2

ConfusingNumber of pages confusing-screen asked for more photos and price was shocking compared to what I thought when I started photo book. So many promos offered but none applied….not a good feeling after all the work to produce a project..Version: 13.6.0

Ridiculous shipping costsAfter spending many, many hours creating my album on the app it wasn’t until finalising my order that I realized it would be $100 plus for shipping cost. Have not received the product yet so hopefully worth the cost and my time..Version: 9.7.0

Doesn’t workSo it looks great but it just doesn’t work. You upload the photos you want, I had 90 odd uploaded, but then to make an order it selected two, then after an hour I gave up because it just wouldn’t upload anymore for an order..Version: 10.22.2

UK shipping is absurdly overpriced$30 for UK shipping, and they won’t tell you that until you check out. The app is fine but use something else because that price is ridiculous..Version: 10.0.0

Insanely expensive shipping costsDidn’t think the prices were too bad until I got to the end of the checkout and saw the insane shipping costs to Canada! I canceled numerous items I was going to purchase, and I only got the cards I really wanted, to reduce the shipping fees..Version: 9.20.4

Used to be easier to useI have made many books with Shutterfly and over the years you have made it harder and more complicated to use. I used to be able to get my pictures up and place them on the pages I wanted them to go. You say the customer has more control, but we don’t t when you add the pictures to the book and then we have to rearrange them. Also it adds more then the 20 pages I want and no explanation as to how to delete them. My last 2 books I paid more for those pages and some were blank and it added a picture on the back cover, which I didn’t want. It also took me hours to make the book and it wasn’t a fun process. Thankfully today I was able to talk with someone in customer service and she was very helpful and fixed it for me. She was trying to help me do it myself, but what she was seeing and I was were two different things. I have loved the Shutterfly books I have purchased, but I think you need to go back to letting the customer add their own pictures when you are creating your own book. I hope you will consider going back to the easy way you used to be able to make your books. Sue Wagner.Version: 12.21.3

Lynne, AustraliaNo instructions made the first order difficult especially when doing the final editing of additions & deleting of photos, & trying to change The layout. I have not yet received the order so I cannot rate the quality yet.Version: 9.19.1

Unlimited free prints such a b******tFake free unlimited prints. In reality, the more you put photos in your cart the more expensive delivery becomes. 10 prints delivery costs $2.83, whereas 100 prints cost $11.65. I don’t think there is much difference in the weight of 10 and 100 prints, and actual delivery would cost the same price. They just put the price of your prints to the delivery price. If it was real free prints service the delivery would have a flat rate. Or at least a flat rate for first 1000 photos. Such a good trick to mislead customers attracting them with unlimited free prints marketing sh**t. Not buying it. Regards, S.Version: 9.5.1

It’s PersonalI think my niece will enjoy the special blanket . She just lost her mom. Only thing I wish was different , is the option of order from a Canadian supplier. Shipping costs and duty make the little blanket expensive for me . Many thanks.Version: 13.5.0

Could have been a five starEasy to use. Functional. Looking forward to getting my hard copy. However, was sucked in to using this one on the promise of free shipping and freebies, like X amount of prints, etc. After spending forever on doing up my album, I got to the checkout to find out that I wouldn’t be getting either of those things. Couldn’t pull out after spending hours on my project. Very disappointed about that, otherwise it was great..Version: 9.18.1

Terrible user interfaceThis app is horrible. Wanting to work on a photo book on my iPad instead of firing up the desktop computer I downloaded this app because Shutterfly won’t let you edit a book in chrome or safari on the iPad. (I don’t have this problem with other publishing companies.) First I am FORCED to upload a minimum of 20 pictures for a photo book (I had 17 for a baby book I am making). Then it automatically populates them into a book and I can’t remove the extras from the photo tray. The book is blank and I have to choose the design AFTER the photos are added. No way to preview designs first. Design choices are cheesy and limited compared to what they offer to work with online. That’s as far as I got before I deleted this app. Waste of my time. The only reason I come back time and time again to Shutterfly is because they offer so many “free” items (but don’t get me started on their ridiculous shipping costs). To be honest the print quality isn’t that great and it varies SIGNIFICANTLY all the time. I’ve had to contact customer service frequently for photo books that have terrible print quality (over saturated, too dark, etc). I definitely don’t see any merit in using this app. It offers no advantages to using Shutterfly other than you don’t have to be on a desktop computer..Version: 8.12.0

Discounted ?? Beware of shipping priceIt’s disappointing when they advertise a sale, so you put in all the effort to create the book but then at check out you realise the shipping has doubled...Version: 8.19.7

Not as user friendly as I expectedI had problems with the program not saving my work and I ended up having to redo many times before I finally got my project finished. Although I had selected font style and font size, each time I went back to do more the program had reverted back to a different font and size. I also had problems getting my saved projects to actually open. Finished product however was something that I was very happy with..Version: 10.1.0

BEWARE!I have had multiple orders with delivery or print issues (ordered consecutively) This issues are anytime I add text. I have used the app on each order that has been wrong. Customer service has not resolved any issue. In one case I contacted customer service via email, immediately following receiving order confirmation email that indicated that the photo book I ordered was being sent to my billing address and not my shipping address. Although indicated on the app, the address defaulted at the order point. Customer service asked the correct address, I responded with the correction immediately. I received second email asking the same question again, I gave the address again, I was sent an email saying now my item would NOT make it by Christmas because it was now a reorder (even though I paid for rush shipping), I responded with this concern, heard nothing for two days and receive a final email saying that the item was on its way... to the original WRONG ADDRESS! Separately, I have had the app default and print my billing address on envelopes when I have indicated a shipping and return address. I have not had any issues resolved. So, while the products are very nice and image quality in nice when, you could wind up paying much more that you thought and be scrambling to cover up misprinted labeling. !!!BEWARE!!!.Version: 8.19.7

Sadly after a few years will not use them every again.Sadly after a few years of enjoying there amazing app and 250 free prints just pay shipping from Australia (which was about $40) they decided to switch to another company so it’s quicker and we can follow the package but that’s not why I use the app. I understand coming from America it will take a while. So for me to get those pics for much cheaper, that’s what made it happen. So now they want to charge $120. Yes $120 for shipping. My mother will send a box from Oregon 5x the size for half that price. I also tried contacting them to about it and hoping I can still have another option as like last time, but they didn’t seem to care. Which made it even worse. So I will be leaving them now and making sure all my friends know about it..Version: 9.1.0

Crap!!Spent a really long time arranging photos and selecting gift, and then could not complete the order at checkout.... website was glitchy, glitchy glitchy.Version: 10.22.5

Like Shutterfly (for the most part), HATE this appMaybe the app is getting a lot of traffic with the holidays coming up, but I spent every day for a week trying to open a saved project on my app. All my other saved projects will open, but not this one. I get an unending “loading” screen or a blank white screen, and I can only get out of it by force closing the app. Finally after a week, I decide to chat with support through the app. First of all, don’t you dare let your phone screen turn off during a chat session or it is automatically kicked out. Both chat associates had cookie cutter suggestions for my problem (update app, update OS), which I understand they need to ask. But they both left with “try a desktop computer” and “if that doesn’t work, try a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox” (is that even a thing anymore?!?!). When I was typing my final message in my second support chat, it suddenly ended. Btw, when I was able to get onto a desktop to open the project, it makes you make a copy of the project because the app and a desktop browser can’t communicate to each other, and when I made the copy to continue working, only one page was saved out of my almost complete calendar!!! Horrible app, and horrible support chat!.Version: 12.21.3

Review of ShutterflyIt’s cyber Monday and I have been working on photo books, Christmas cards, and photo magnets for hours today. I downloaded the app in order to get some of the extra cyber Monday deals. But when it came time to put in my order, things weren’t as straight forward as I thought they would be. I was dismayed to find out that I couldn’t use several discounts at the same time. I would’ve been fine with that if the site said anywhere that I couldn’t use more than one discount at a time. I was allowed to select several buttons to apply codes for various discounts. All offers said they ‘were applied’ to my account. However, at checkout they weren’t valid. If Shutterfly wants to offer deals, they should explain them clearly. I did seek assistance their website. I was disappointed to be communicating with someone who wasn’t able to explain things clearly. Then I was offered a gift certificate, and before it was applied to my account, the chat online with ended. No gift certificate! After I went through the assist again, asking for the same person, they did apply the gift certificate to my account. I’m thankful for the discount I was given, but I don’t think it should take this much work on my side for Shutterfly to follow through on their ‘good deals.’.Version: 12.21.2

Very misleadingThe app boasts Free prints or a free photo book each month but when you get to checkout it’s around $60 for postage (£46). Paying full price plus postage from a different website with the same products is cheaper than this..Version: 9.2.1

Shipping to expensiveThis will be my last order with shutterfly. It’s unlimited prints but shipping is ridiculous!.Version: 13.5.0

Awful Shipping pricesThe products are great and of high quality. But the shipping costs more than the product can a drawstring bag add $12 shipping to an already $20 shipping fee?? It literally weighs nothing!!.Version: 9.20.5

Misleading advertising App sucksGave my cell number to get 20% off my first order Then website says in eligible for discount.Version: 13.5.0

Great editing design, EXPENSIVE shipping!Great and easy to use design for editing beautiful books, plaques etc. Unfortunately not able to continue using with the very expensive shipping cost to Australia! Much more than the products themselves. And then to discover the cost shown (though not transparent) is USD which is another shock when even higher cost comes on bank statement in AUD..Version: 12.7.0

Quality products, not always user friendlyPros: Price is good as long as there’s a sale, (and there are frequently good sales). The picture quality is great, and there are a number of good products to choose from. I can upload directly from Facebook, which helps when using a different device for locating the pictures for upload. Cons: If you are not using the right version (desktop version versus app) with the right device, it’s not going to work right. Trying to make a photo book on a mobile device was useless. Using the app just now, the couple of features that I could not find were the option to save my project as I was working on it and the option to edit the photo itself (beyond sizing) in-app. Not being able to save the project with so many pages was scary. There were some instances where the text or photo seemed to do its own thing, and I could not universally apply the same font and size to all the pages, making the project tedious. I know on the desktop version of the site, I can save as I go, but then changing out pictures doesn’t want to work, at least not while using a tablet. Nonetheless, I managed to put together a great book commemorating a great family vacation , and can’t wait to see the end result in the next couple of weeks!.Version: 8.14.0

No, Canada!The app itself is great. But why is Shutterfly advertising a Canadian site and combining my Canadian Costco Photo account if they’re a) going to only show USD pricing, and b) only ship from the USA while charging Canadian customers for international shipping? Either you have a Canadian business or you don’t. I’m disappointed..Version: 13.7.0

App lags, freezes, and crashes.This app cannot successful stay active to complete a job. It took me 5 hours to do one thing due to lagging, freezing, and rebooting. Doesn't save jobs so redoing work is constant..Version: 13.5.0

Convenient but super glitchyUsed the app to make a couple calendars for grandparents. 1. When ordering there was a glitch which I did troubleshooting for over the course of several hours. I called the next day and the customer service person told me to log out and log back in. I asked if my work would be saved, he said “of course, yes,” and come to find out all but one of my projects was recovered after several attempts and his troubleshooting. Service was pleasant but he told me “that’s why you need to use our site on a computer, not an app. There are many issues. Next time only use us on a computer.” 2. When trying to make the calendars and select different layouts often the layout wouldn’t get applied. I would have to click through then go back several times. Often I would go back to pages and pictures would be changed, formatting would be changed, etc. without me knowing it. I’m glad I kept going back over and over. Automatic changes happened about 30% of the time. 3. When trying to apply discounts at checkout each price would increase. For instance, my first total was $75, then after I applied 20% off it was $102, then when I applied free shipping it was $123! I went back, removed the discounts which drew me to this site/app (I could have used another competitor) and paid $75 (ie no discounts, paid for shipping). I love the idea and convenience of this app but the reality is really bad..Version: 9.20.5

It now crashesSorry but after the update the app will not load. It just crashes.Version: 8.19.3

Many errors & not great customer serviceWe’ve used Shutterfly for years for photos, photo gifts and our annual Christmas card. This year my husband wanted to order a calendar for his Mom with pics of her and her grandkids for each month. He created the calendar on his phone in the APP back in early December. The first one was “lost” in shipping purgatory so he called and they sent a free replacement. When we received the replacement it was just a blank calendar- no pics. Hmmmm? He did a chat with customer service and they issued a credit and he placed another order. Then today we get the “lost” one, also completely blank. So he did another chat and had them cancel the 3rd replacement. Their response was to avoid creating projects on the APP on one’s phone. Ok? Then why even have that option in the APP if you know it’s an issue? They also were not very forthcoming with crediting us for the entire cost including shipping. It’s very disappointing that they didn’t even have someone checking the orders before they ship out. Just print and go. Who would order a blank calendar from a photo printing company? That should be an obvious QA issue. Sadly, we’ll be looking for another company to order the calendar..Version: 12.21.4

GarbageDidn’t get any promotions promised. Probably 3x more expensive than I thought by the end of it.Version: 13.5.0

Not happy with shipping optionsForces your order to a $12.99 shipping, which is not acceptable. I should have the option to go with a cheaper choice of shipping..Version: 13.5.0

Good App, Nice Products, Horrible ShippingSo I’ve used the app fo a while, made several photo books on it, and it’s ok. I like that I can easily save my photos and access them again. Making the photo books is pretty easy, but don’t make a big mistake, like suddenly changing themes, or all your work will disappear never to be retrieved. Your edits between the website and app don’t communicate nicely either, which is super annoying. My biggest complaint? Their shipping. You’d think you could save some money by ordering two or three books at a time and shipping them at once, but the price to ship nearly doubles or triples with each product of the same kind you add to your cart. And if you’re ordering different kinds of items, like a book and a magnet, well then you’re really gonna pay through the nose. Plus, you’d think it would arrive pretty quick for as much as you paid for it, but you’ve got another think coming; takes nearly two weeks for the thing(s) to arrive, even though you had to sacrifice the child you made the photo book about just to get them shipped. Anyway, I keep using it because I’ve got a lot of pictures in my account and I don’t really want to go through the hassle of transferring them to some other company, so I’ll stick with Shutterfly for a while keep making photo books that sit unordered because I can’t stomach paying $8 for that thin orange envelope..Version: 8.0.0

Disappointing. Not user friendly and hidden costsNot user friendly: after selecting the photos the app randomly organises the photos in a random number of pages. I had to go one by one to undo and rearrange, etc. Prices not transparent: every time I deleted one page, the app would show me the new price. However, after 3 hours, when I finally got to the checkout I got charged $30 additionally for shipping! I am paying more for shipping than for the actual book. But it took me so long to get it done that I just don’t want to start all over again in another app. Very disappointed.Version: 10.10.0

Crazy Taxes for CanadiansVery expensive. I just ordered 5 photo books and it was close to $900 USD! $300+ was taxes/duties. This will definitely be the last time I order from Shutterfly..Version: 13.7.0

Ordering PrintsI have had lots of trouble ordering prints from you-every time I try- something messes up. When I tried to order at the end of Nov-to get Christmas picts-your order screen had me wanting 73 copies of a fall tree. I called the company & tried to get it all straightened out with one of your employees. To begin with, she didn’t understand why I DIDN’T want 73 copies of a fall tree ☹️ I thought we had FINALLY gotten my order straightened out. So I waited & waited & waited &…… I finally called your company again & found out my order had NOT even been placed!!!! So I ordered my Christmas pictures from a store here in my city & had to pay a lot more than I expected to & the picts & Christmas cards were late getting to my friends 😬 When I indicate which picts I want copies of, the screen won’t show me what I ordered & I figure I have to start over. Then the screen comes up with twice as many picts as I need. Thank goodness, this last time I was able to figure out how to cancel the duplicate order & I’m REALLY hopping my order was right & I will get them when promised! One time, my picts came back with half of the pict cut off on some of them. Another time you didn’t print all the picts I ordered. I’m not good at using my phone order & I may be doing something wrong. But it CERTAINLY is hard for me to order items from you!!.Version: 12.4.0

Major FlawI downloaded the Shutterfly app to make a photo book as a birthday gift. The price was reasonable for 23 pages, and there were plenty of unique and fun formats to organize photos and text. There were unlimited fonts of all different styles (the book themes looked good in the previews but honestly didn’t look great in the book itself; I stuck with a plain white book.) At first it was going great until I added the book to my cart and proceeded to order it. Well, the app said that they couldn’t load the book at the moment and to try again. I tried everything- making the entire book all over again, signing into a different account, even deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing worked. This was very frustrating as I ended up spending several hours on making the same book over and over to no avail. I don’t know what the problem was but we ran out of luck and gave up on Shutterfly. I wouldn’t recommend investing many hours in the app like I did unless you have lots of time to kill and are prepared for the risk of problems with the app. Poor quality- they need to fix this issue in order to gain customer trust. Will not be ordering from Shutterfly ever again- instead I will stick with Snapfish or Walgreens to make photo related gifts. Disappointing..Version: 10.15.0

Too expensiveI wish the shipping didn’t cost a bomb, it’s what’s put me off ordering anything cause they have some amazing products you can’t find on English apps. Just wish they did a uk version of this then I would buy.Version: 9.19.1

TIRED OF TRYING WITH CRASHING APP!!!This app is the absolute worst I have ever used? 1st I was working on 2 different photo books, then the app started crashing. Everything was ok at first then I noticed I lost one of the books I was working on. No big deal cause I still had one. I worked with it for 3 weeks because the app kept crashing, then it wouldn't upload any of my pictures. Today I try to go in and finish my saved book only to find out all of my info and my book was lost from the app crashing. I have been trying to start all over without a comolaint, BUT the app has already crashed on me 10 times. I can't even put 1 photo in the book without it freezing or completely shutting off. Now you people want a review and for me to refer my friends? You have to be joking. There is no way I would recommend this app to anyone!! I have lost 3 books and I don't think I want to continue starting and restarting every project that I would like to have. The main reason I have been working so diligently on this book is because I want to give it to my mother. My father passed away a little over a month now and I have been trying to make this book of them for her. Now I can't even get that to work! WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST?!? I am very dissatisfied, disappointed and frustrated. Thanks for NOTHING! I didn't even want to give any stars for this app.Version: 8.3.0

Too expensivePromos never work. Shipping too expensive..Version: 9.20.5

Bad customer serviceI ordered prints for a birthday party around 9pm at night Thursday. Ordering through the app it doesn’t ask or confirm the shipping address so I just assumed it would be the last place the order was sent. the next morning on Friday I saw that it had an old address from 6 years ago in a different state. I chatted with a customer service representative who then told me he corrected the address and even expedited the order! Awesome. (The app doesn’t let you choose shipping either). Monday I see the order has shipped but in my old state (NC) so I chatted with customer service again on Monday, and he confirmed the order was being shipped to AZ not NC. Tuesday I see the order was on my old city, so AGAIN I chatted with customer service who told me he didn’t see what the other 2 people saw and then put in a replacement order to AZ. I needed it by Friday and he confirmed it would be there by then. Wednesday I get confirmation my order was received so I chatted with customer service again to make sure I was still going to get my other order and the person told me no replacement had been ordered!!! And he couldn’t guarantee the order getting there when I needed it. Seriously, 3 representatives giving me wrong information?? That’s just too much. And it’s weird the app would automatically choose an old address and not the most recent place shipped to..Version: 10.22.3

ABSOLUTE NIGHTMAREOrdering photos through this app was an absolute nightmare. The app would take over a minute to load after every button I pushed. It would only allow me to add one photo at a time to the cart before closing me out of the app (sometimes not even one). This was extremely frustrating as I was ordering 180 pictures. The only reason I kept using this app was because the app allows you to get unlimited 4x6 and 4x4 prints. Even with shipping, this allowed me to save about $30 compared to Walgreens. After about 8 hours in the app (not joking, I checked my screen time) I was ready to checkout. When I tried to checkout the app would not let me and kept shutting me out. I restarted my phone multiple times, updated my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and the problem continued. I eventually decided to try using the website on my iPad. I logged into my account and about 10 photos were deleted from my cart. At this point, I was beyond frustrated and just wanted to get my order placed with what was still in my cart. The website was also extremely slow, but after about 20 minutes I was able to place my order. I wish I had just spent the extra $30, ordered from Walgreens and saved my self a whole bunch of time and headache. Will never be using this app again and DO NOT recommend..Version: 10.12.0

Photo books need better qualityI’m a wildlife photographer and I’ve been making Shutterfly books for 10 years. I’ve done dozens. I’ll just say that Shutterfly has great customer service. The program for photo books has expanded and improved. However, the cost has gone way up. My average book costs about $175 after applying codes and discounts. I don’t mind paying for a beautiful big photo book. The big problem is in the quality of the printing. I just got my book of Alaska. My original photos were breathtaking. But the printing was dark, grayish, and contrasty. I got a credit for another book but had to retouch almost all the photos to accommodate the Shutterfly printing process before reordering. That was a lot of work, almost 350 photos needed artificial lightening to compensate for the dark printing. I do realize that the printing is set and runs it on a general setting. That’s fair enough. But the settings are too dark, are not close enough to the originals and the quality poor. If I showed you an original photo and then the same in the book, you would not believe the difference. And, yes, I shut off Vividpix, an awful feature in which colors are glow in the dark vibrant. So, conclusion, the quality should be better for the price..Version: 10.5.0

PatchyWhile the concept is good, have had a number of issues trying to create 2 albums. Time difference means I can’t chat when I need to and no e-mail address to write to. Taken much longer than it should, and album freezing on my iPad for 24 hours has made the process frustrating..Version: 10.7.0

Can be pretty frustratingHarder to evaluate the details in the smaller screen. I’d prefer to order prints using my desktop computer but the “deal” I was trying to catch was for the app only. On thanksgiving day, after the family gathering and attendant photos, I feverishly worked on ordering my prints. Halfway through I lost everything I was working on—it just disappeared! Assumed it was because of heavy traffic on the site. I was exhausted but plowed through to earn the pre-Black Friday deal. Imagine my frustration when the credit card screen just froze up! Tried two different cards, but no luck. Midnight (deadline) came and went without success in ordering the pics. Woke next day-payment screen still there, tried again-it seemed to have gone through! Two days later, however, realized I hadn’t received confirmation….sure enough, there was my order, in my cart. At least I didn’t lose my work. Cyber Monday brings a new “deal”. Sad that I lost the free shipping that the previous deal offered—now the shipping is just as much as the items in my cart. I’d made the commitment to order from Shutterfly, but honestly, next time I’ll get my photos from another vendor. Too much of a time investment for the price I ended up paying!.Version: 12.21.2

This app has a lot of glitches.This app has a lot of glitches. It took me multiple days to get a large photo book put together. The app kept deleting pictures I had inserted into set pages. No where to be found. It also wouldn’t let me delete pictures I decided I didn’t want, to replace with new ones. I needed to use all 200 allotted pictures, so I had to remove what was unwanted. I kept trying to delete the pictures, but would have to restart the app and open my project back up to get them to actually remove. This would cause problems with losing my saved work. Also, the “BACK” arrow button was poorly placed. It was right above the button used to focus in on a specific page or have a broad view of all the pages. I kept hitting it by accident and having to reopen my project, because it had exited me out! 🥴 I finally finished my book at 1am. I started working on it early this morning and had already worked on it other days. I am praying it turns out good... because it cost me about $200 on SALE... and hours on end. It’s a present for my oldest daughter’s 16th Birthday. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but these glitches made what would have already taken a lot of time, so much worse. Hopefully next time I try the app to make another photo book, these things will be resolved!🙏🏼.Version: 10.3.0

The WORST app!App constantly crashes and shuts down. Can’t make any type of item (photo book, keychain, pick prints to have printed) without the app crashing. All the app exclusives, but the app doesn’t work? Wish they would fix the issues going on, but it’s been an ongoing issue for as long as I’ve had it.Version: 10.12.0

Hell on EarthSo...I’m traveling and I needed to order by this morning to get my husband his Father’s Day gift on time. I started trying this morning. I don’t have my password on me since I’m in a different state. So I tried to reset my password and your interface sent me a link to the “Reset your password” button page. When I emailed you you asked for verification of who I was in a way that there is no way I could have done it traveling and I’m not sure I could do it not traveling. All I wanted to do was order a mug for my husband’s father’s day. By the time I get all of this done my phone is at 10% and I am in downtown DC with no charge cable. I spend 24 bucks to get a charge cable so I could use a friends battery. By the time I got a cord the mug will not be there by Father’s Day and I can not get your app to take my credit card. We had to use a backup email my friend had and she created a new account just so I could place the orde, which I could not place until now because the app would not take the credit card information. So now at 10:30 at night the order for a Father’s Day gift went through but will not be there until a week too late. I’m so frustrated, disappointed and upset. What should have been a great experience was horrible. Why do I have to have an account for you to allow me to spend my money. And why are you having a technical glitch that would for me to “prove”who I am. Well I just though you guys should knows.Version: 8.9.2

Canadian UsersThe app itself is lovely, great ideas for combining memories with useful and touching gifts. My problem is The shipping rates are incredibly high and any free shipping promo is only applicable for US residents..Version: 9.8.0

Limited and frustratingI used to love using Shutterfly to creat my yearly photo calendars, and have been really disappointed in how frustrating and glitchy the website and app have become. I normally create multiple calendars for various family members, and loved the one stop shopping. I was going to create a photo desk calendar, but since you can only create certain projects on the app, it directed me to the website. The website is extremely slow and no longer organized my pictures by month or even in the order I downloaded them, some would come up in order, but others would be randomly placed, making it really difficult to find the photos I needed. When I finally got them downloaded and located the picture, I couldn’t always drag them into my calendar. Saying I was frustrated is an understatement. You also can’t edit projects on the app if you started them online, which is very frustrating when you don’t always have access to a shared computer. The app is very basic and I haven’t figured out if there is a way to share your work with others without giving them your login info. And since I’m making a family calendar, I always share it with the family members before I order. I used to really enjoy making the calendars, and they now have become a giant headache. Will be looking for another platform that will make the process more streamlined and less aggravating..Version: 9.20.5

Challenging at timesDoesn’t explain reason for invalid phone number at account creation. Can’t change colour of item like you can through website.Version: 13.8.0

Would have printed nicer photos on my home printerTerrible product, expensive, no comparison to the product I used to purchase from Costco for the same price point.Version: 13.5.0

Canadians BewareThis company charged in US funds. This was unclear to me when I ordered my photo book. Therefore in addition you will need to pay an exchange rate fee. The cost of the book was disappointingly high. It's best to deal with Canadian companies..Version: 10.7.0

So fussy.I’ve lost projects because it glitches, doesn’t go through. Surely when working off an iPad, it should be smoother..Version: 10.22.5

Free shipping for Costco doesn’t workFree shipping for Costco members $49+ doesn’t work.Version: 13.8.0

The app is HORRENDOUSI order from them every year for all sorts of occasions because they have high quality merchandise. I’ve purchased photos, bags, calendars, ornaments, large prints and more. It’s all very good. That being said, the THREE stars are for the ease (yeah right!) with which I can even PLACE an order. Since the app crashes constantly, you need to redo all the work you’ve done, and it’s hit or miss what it saves before it crashes. I’ve worked on the site as well, and there’s no easy interface between the app on the phone and the site. You’ll need to make a copy of the work, and even then, you’ll need to reload all the pictures that weren’t saved during the 100 crashes on the app. To put this in perspective, to create a calendar with a maximum of 4 pictures per month, it took me THREE DAYS to finally be able to place the order! I’m technologically savvy, and I’m patient. This app (& site disconnect from said app) tries my patience every single time. Their customer service IS quite terrific, and they are aware they have these (constant) glitches and offer support. I truly love their merchandise, or this would have been a one star review. The three stars are for their merchandise choices, quality, and customer service. However, they are woefully lacking on ease and consistency while creating an order..Version: 10.22.5

CrashingKept crashing and after 5 or six attempts I'm not actually sure if it has worked or not. A lesson in frustration..Version: 7.6.2

Kinks to work out between app and laptopRelatively easy to use but many editing abilities are limited on the app. Also, you can edit an order that was begun on a computer which is annoying, as means you have to switch back and forth. There are a lot of great deals and promos, but shipping is very expensive so keep that in mind. Depending, it may still be cheaper to pick up in a store somewhere (which you can’t do from the app, but can do from laptop orders - go figure)..Version: 9.7.0

Just needs one thing!Needs to be able to select more than one image at once. This is a great app that just needs that one feature to be complete! I would give a 5 star rating if that feature was added. Retina buttons would be a good bonus too. Otherwise this app is fantastic..Version: 0

AwfulI always use a Uk based photo product site but this year needed to send something to the US to family who can’t visit. What should have taken about 15 minutes to do, took hours. Upload fails, photos not attaching to products. 6 different versions created and not one of them correct. And to top it off, shipping charges are outrageous. $18 for 2 small items and still won’t arrive before Christmas and probably not even new year. COVID charges as well. I’ve ordered products from the US to Dubai with FedEx and only get charged $20 for 3 days shipping! VERY disappointed..Version: 10.22.5

Nice, but......Really like this app, but was really disappointed at checkout to find that it is totally USA centric and that shipping to a UK address is ridiculous money! Would like to see a UK based version without the need to rob a bank to afford shipment..Version: 9.18.1

Cost you $30 for 1 item delivered to the UK addressRidiculous price for delivery. Was going to order the freebie but cost me $30 for 1 item delivered to the UK. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Deleted the app straight away. No thank you..Version: 9.11.0

Need to have a + sign then the number.Use the plus sign first ..Version: 13.7.0

Customer of 10 Years - Please Read Before Using ShutterflyI am not the one to post bad reviews ever, however this one was pretty heartbreaking and I want to help others by sharing this. My grandmother went into the hospital with only 30% of her heart working near Christmas. I ordered from Shutterfly like I always do. This time I ordered a cross with my grandmother's picture with us on there. No warnings showed up so I ordered it. It came in very blurry but I did not have time to contact Shutterfly and get a new one before Christmas, so I gave the blurry one to my dad. He cried and I promised I would get him a new one. I called them the next day, a wonderful woman said that even she had issues with it when she ordered one herself and helped me figure it out. She said that I could contact them again before ordering to ensure the second one would be right which the person said it was perfect. I saved the chat of the person who helped me. It came in blurrier than the first one. I just called for help again when the rep and her manager refused to help me because I accidentally entered in a different email address (same name) on the order than the one on the account. I was heartbroken that after 10 years of many orders, they would not help me with something that means so much to me and my family. I am now on the search for a new company for my future orders. Hope this helps..Version: 10.2.0

Good customer service, expensive shippingGood customer service and great quality. But international shipping is the same cost as the products and promo codes don’t apply. I won’t be ordering from shutterfly again unfortunately until shipping costs are more reasonable..Version: 9.20.2

Not a Canadian appI have registered through web but can't log in app, I believe it's US based only. Or I am a costco member, may be app doesn't recognize costco member's login details..Version: 13.7.0

Ridiculous shipping pricesI was going to purchase 16 items and 163 prints. I did have five promo codes, three which came directly off the App. Right before I was going to check out I saw “free shipping if you spend $39!” So I went back and made a nice desk top frame and added a notepad to total over $44, to make sure I spent over the $39 for the free shipping. At check out it now cancelled off 2 of my promo codes for some unknown reason and they were still charging me over $36 in shipping. I did read the fine print that said 4x6 photos were not included in that discount, which was fine, but why are you charging me $36 for 10 magnets, a reusable shopping bag, and 163 prints? I then deleted the prints and figured I could print them at Walgreens for 10 cents, because they are on sale all the time. Even after cancelling the prints which were excluded from the free shipping, my shipping cost was still $27! I don’t understand. I love Shutterfly and the promos, coupons, etc... but they need to do something about the shipping. I think customers would rather pay for the “free” 4x6 photos then pay $30 in shipping for them. I ended up spending $8 and deleting all of my other items I spent 2 hours working on, because I wasn’t paying $88 for the few items I was purchasing since all of them were excluded from the “free shipping if you spent $39”..Version: 8.13.0

App has a glitchThe app is easy to use but is unreliable. I placed orders for making 4x6” photos. I needed 5 copies of each print, as I was making photo albums for my family. I had to hit the plus button for each photo 4 times to get up to the total of 5 for each photo. Obnoxious and time consuming. Placed my order and received it yesterday. Problem is I only received 1 copy of each photo. I thought maybe I messed something up because I looked at the order confirmation and it said only 1 print was ordered for each photo. I assumed it was a mistake on my part...until I placed another order. This time, I placed an order for 3 copies of each photo. Set every photo to 3 copies. Had someone else check to make sure I had put each picture to 3. Again, obnoxious and time consuming. Placed the order and immediately checked my order confirmation. On the order confirmation, most photos said that I had selected only 1 print for each. I immediately canceled my order. So long story short, the app works if you only want to order 1 print of each photo. Any more than that and the app messes up your order. I do like the fact that I can get offers for free products through the app (despite expensive shipping). Overall, Shutterfly has great quality products but definitely disappointed in this glitch in the app, as it made the orders unreliable..Version: 8.19.7

Magnets glued to fridgeI purchased several photo magnets during the years only to find out when moving homes tbat many were glued to the fridge causing damage to the magnet and the fridge!.Version: 13.6.0

Great to use, ridiculous postageLoved making a few Christmas gifts for family and friends at a good price, then shocked by $70 postage to Australia!! As much as the items I was ordering, which were all flat and light!! Not in line with the postage costs of other companies in the US. Very disappointing to have wasted time doing this..Version: 7.15.5

The update has ruined the appSo disappointed with the update, yes the app is much prettier to look at but it has lost a lot of its functionality and hasn't really gained any extra features. The app no longer tells you which photos from your camera roll have already been uploaded unless you choose the automatic upload option, which is useless because you can't upload in to specific albums. If you want to select certain photos or a certain album to upload, there is no way to tell if you have previously uploaded it without trawling through the albums to check. This is a bit of a disaster for someone like me who takes literally hundreds of photos. I had hoped the update would also include the ability to edit your albums such as renaming, moving/deleting photos and sorting the order but still none of this can be done on the app. I would have rathered the app was left as it was...its glitchy and slow and much harder to reorganise your photos. I am looking for an alternative..Version: 7.14.1

Too expensive.I thought that the photos were free is you got 4x6 and I proceeded to the checkout to find out that the delivery was over £35. Not impressed..Version: 11.7.1

Crashes all the time...Would be great to see what it’s like when it isn’t constantly crashing..Version: 10.22.2

Application app is super slowI’m a super fan but I find the app slow and doesn’t save your work constantly especially during promotions..Version: 8.16.0

Outside US/CanadaIt might have been helpful to know you don’t deliver outside of US/Canada before I spent an hour selecting what I wanted to buy, editing & so on. It didn’t even tell me when I was trying to pay.. just froze on the address. It wasn’t until I allowed access to import contacts to see if that would work that I finally got a notification.Version: 7.15.7

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