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WhatsApp Messenger App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

WhatsApp Messenger app received 108 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using WhatsApp Messenger? Can you share your negative thoughts about whatsapp messenger?

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WhatsApp Messenger for Negative User Reviews

Issue seeing/finding the icon on my phone desktop?I have loved this app for 2 years now but today it went into ‘waiting’ mode like it was going to update and nothing happened for two hours so I uninstalled the icon on my desktop and reinstalled it. Now I can only access the app through opening it in apple App Store? The simplicity of the app is lost when I can’t use it conveniently and I now don’t get notifications either? Awaiting an update to correct this. Thanks!.Version: 2.18.93

Now shares data with FacebookThe new policy change has user data shared with Facebook. I suppose it was inevitable, but a hard pass for me. Uninstalled..Version: 2.21.10

Never seen a more garbage communication appJust to clarify I have been using WhatsApp for several years, if I had to guess it would be over 4 years, I have plenty of friends that use it and swear by it but I cannot fathom how frustrating it is to use sometimes. I came on here to express one thing and one thing only. Many of my colleagues use this app to video chat and to send text. I have added many contacts using WhatsApp however when I try to send a message or call these new contacts i am left with only inviting them to use the app, rendering the app completely useless at times. Allow me to specify my problem. Say for example I added a new phone number in my contacts list. I close the app to then open WhatsApp, I try to search for the new contact. I find the name, but when I try to send a message the only choice I have is to invite. This is mostly frustrating when I first add someone but I have contacts from a year ago that still need an invitation when they so clearly use the app on a daily basis. As long as this problem persists I don’t see myself using the app long term, if it wasn’t for this issue I would be ecstatic about the development. For now I’m disappointed and at a loss of words for how I would feel going forward..Version: 22.10.78

PLEASEFor MONTHS now, when in call I cannot use speaker phone or video call my family overseas because I’m too low and they can’t hear me. I can hear and see them perfectly fine and they can hear me fine when it’s not on speaker phone or in a video call. It’s frustrating as this has been a problem for months, my family want to video call with me and whatsapp is our only way. This is isn’t a problem with my phone as when just using the normal phone everything works perfectly..Version: 2.17.80

PoorA few weeks ago my number was permanently banned and after two emails to the WhatsApp support email they stated any more emails wouldn’t be read or responded to. From those two emails I still didn’t get any explanation as to why I had been banned or if I could get my account back but what I was told was to read the terms of services. Not too much time later I was unbanned however I didn’t receive an email saying so and the only reason I knew I was unbanned was simply because I tried to sign in again and it worked. Now a small quality of life thing is that the only way I can change my wallpaper is when I go to the settings and change it from there. If I try to change a wallpaper via looking at a contacts or groups details, selecting the new wallpaper and confirm it doesn’t actually change it and nor do any other of those custom settings actually work..Version: 22.9.76

Oct 30th still waiting for dark modeWhere is dark mode? Why is it not compatible with ios native dark mode and why does the app not have an in app dark mode toggle? Did Whatsapp miss the global memo?.Version: 2.19.112

Invasive much?!I don’t even use Facebook and don’t want them to have any of my info....ever!.Version: 2.21.10

Facebook ruined itWas great, but sharing data with Facebook is a no from me..Version: 2.21.10

Does the jobSimple interface, and so ubiquitous that one has to have it nowadays. Works absolutely fine in terms of receiving and sending messages of all kind (text, videos, pictures). Unfortunately the developers still won't acknowledge they got notifications and badge count wrong. When you get messages on 2 different chats, and read one of them, the badge count should now say '1', as there's still one chat you've not read, but it disappears completely. Every other app gets this right, WhatsApp doesn't. Same thing with on-screen previews: the ones for the chats you've not checked disappear as soon as another chat is checked. Minor annoyance, but the WhatsApp team's complete refusal to acknowledge this (and their inability to treat any bug report in any other way than 'have you read our FAQ') is poor showing. Yes, I have read your FAQ. I have described the problem 4 times, and explained step-by-step how to reproduce it easily, and how it's not covered by your FAQ. Why bother with issue reporting of you're not going to at least provide a reason for things being the way they are?.Version: 2.19.70

Big bugsYooo….Whats happening with WhatsApp on iPhone…Specifically when you end the voice call but it still stay on top of the screen, even though you cant make a call until you close WhatsApp and turn it on..Sometime when your using fb and WhatsApp noti come and you open it…... You know what there in between my chats???????????????? Nothing bcz i cant see anything the screen is whole black…..Then turn WhatsApp off ::::On again……Even when sometime it ask you 2SVCode when you swap from another to WhatsApp the keyboard never appears……..If it was bug in my phone then it would be with other apps too… but this time its just WhatsApp….Version: 2.21.200

Needs 1 changeI love this app, but 1 thing I wish they would change is their notification system/inability to get calls when I’m on another cal. Sometimes I’ll be on a phone call from my actual phone, and then when I get off the phone an hour later, and if someone from WhatsApp is trying to call me, it’ll say “Missed Video call from____”. To me, it’s annoying how if I’m automatically on a phone call, the WhatsApp video call won’t go through period. WhatsApp should let the video call go through, so even while I’m on my phone during another phone call, and I see someone calling me, I can answer the other. Sometimes it’s important and I need to answer because it’s family from another country, but I never can because WhatsApp automatically tells them I’m on another call, but doesn’t notify me. Fix it. Please. It works with audio calls, why not do this for video calls too?.Version: 2.18.100

Watsapp bugs and issues!!!One of the most buggy apps of all time! The quality of video/audio call is not very good and sometimes disconnects randomly! I cancelled a call becouse I was busy, when I tryed to return that call, the app told me you can’t place a call while you’re already on one! What I don’t understand is how one of the world’s richest men aka zuckerberg cant pay some of the best developers to fix his apps! Being a developer myself, I highly recommend using Telegram over this! It’s way faster, has more features like saving the data you need, high quality audio/video calls, no limit on data transfer and on top of it, an open-source app!.Version: 22.5.71

Data sharing with face book without the option to turn offNot secure. So your sending my data to Facebook and I can’t turn it off? Really? If you were honest about your data gouging you wouldn’t have to spend so much on PR damage control. If I’m wrong please advise how I can “opt out” of you stealing and selling my personal information and also please advise how I can get you to delete the data that your sharing? I’d say thank you but this is just another vile privacy violation. Stop selling my personal information and give me the option to stop “sharing” fun fact when someone is sharing personal information without knowledge or consent of the “customer” it’s actually stealing..Version: 2.19.11

Worst Support of any applicationI have emailed to support that in iphone i am getting two different ringtone like for voice call and for video call i am getting two different ringtone and there is no option to change them because video call tone is so scary which i never set and I can’t change it even though i change my ringtone in settings but still it is not changing. When I emailed the support they told me to change message tone 😤 they didn’t even listen to my problem even i have emailed them back and they told we already have gave you solution please refer to it. How come this big messengers company lack in support for user Very disappointed 😔.Version: 2.21.160

Zero starsZero stars for forcing us to share data with Facebook. Switching to Signal after 10+ years with WhatsApp. What a shame!.Version: 2.21.10

Keeps CRASHINGWhatsApp decides it likes to crash. If you keep opening it a few times, during which it usually crashes back to the home screen almost immediately, you can get it stable again for a while, but if you switch to another app and come back, the instability is back, too. The only way to fix this is to restart your phone, which is annoying. The fact WhatsApp comes from Facebook, you’d think software quality would be top notch, but because WhatsApp works for a while and then exhibits the crashing that I’ve seen people online complain about for years, this is the worst and most unreliable app I’ve used. Thank goodness I can use WhatsApp on my Mac or iPad, because the phone version exhibits instability that must be a focus for the developers to fix urgently! Please fix ASAP, I’m not the only person experiencing this as can be ascertained by a simple google search. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max so am on the latest hardware and iOS 13.4..Version: 2.20.31

Garbage until IPAD IS SUPPOSEDGarbage GARBAGE GGGARBAGE!!!.Version: 2.21.10

Is this just me?I have been a user of WhatsApp for multiple years now and I have never had an issue with it. Conversations are easy to start and I just love he whole concept and design. However, recently, one of my group chats has gained an extra 2 members and this is where the problem started. When I added them in, it worked smoothly as per usual, but a couple of days ago all the names in the group chat appear to have been added again. Therefore the original number of members has doubled, but not with new people. I have tried to remove everyone and re add them, but it doesn’t solve the issue as once people comment and message others in the group chat the names reappear and continue to show two of the same person. I don’t want to create a new group chat because that means that all the fun and interesting conversations we will have had will be removed from the new one. Has anyone else had the issue? Any ideas how to solve this? Please fix this issue.Version: 2.18.31

It’s OkayThe new WhatsApp update is ok. Not so bad that i expected , but please can you bring the statistics of chats in storage. I can’t see how many messages I have in chat with someone. You left the main statistics of messages that I got and send, but you removed statistics of messages in chat with one person in storage and just left only videos. You must bring it back, or with new updates the rating will become more worst..Version: 2.20.121

Privacy PolicyIt’s not new for any social media app for Data collection but, whatsapp should have give a option to opt that it didn’t..Version: 2.21.10

Needs an Apple Watch app!Calls through WhatsApp do not work on Apple Watch. I cannot tell who is calling me which forces me to take my phone out of my pocket to see who is calling. When my phone is on silent this can be rather annoying as I may miss the call entirely. Even Facebook Messenger has the same problem even though it has an Apple Watch app! This could probably be solved by sending a simple notification to the Notification centre when phone calls are being received. If possible, a Garmin-watch-like system would be nice with options to decline or answer calls. I’m not sure if that’s possible with Apple’s SDK but I’d at least like to see simple notifications..Version: 2.20.121

UnsafeFacebook introduces a new mandatory update to give away even more data of yourself that they can sell. Disgusting..Version: 2.21.10

WhatsApp freezing on iPhone XRecently I've been having some trouble with it on my iPhone X. It freezes once I open it and no matter how long I wait for, it doesn't unfreeze. Force quitting the app, restarting my phone of powering the phone off then putting it back on after some time doesn't help. sometimes have a few seconds after relaunching it to move around before it freezes again and that It helped me resolve it the first time it happened by deleting over 40 GB of media from chats. Now it's started freezing on launch again and I can't even successfully delete any media from my WhatsApp to try to fix it. have a lit of free space on my phone by the way, so I'm not sure what the cause is. It happens so suddenly. One moment I'm using it, the next moment, it won't work no matter what. still see the notifications from messages coming in, but can't do anything about them..Version: 22.3.76

Won’t restore my dataI had an issue with receiving notifications from this app for about two months. I did everything: turning off and on the notifications from the app and my phone, shutting off my phone, resetting it, updating my phone and the app many times. Then I decided to just delete the app and reinstall. It did the trick. However now, I can’t back up my media on the app because of storage space. I’ve deleted over 2k of photos and videos from my gallery, deleted more than half my apps on my phone, and cleared/deleted multiple chats on iMessage and WhatsApp. I finally reached to the point where I was able to backup my stuff. It worked for a while, but then the app shut down. Once I opened it again, it told me I had to clear 5.34GB again. After deleting all those things, I’m required to delete more. My phone capacity is 128GB and my phone only holds 83GB. I don’t understand where the issue is and why this is happening. No, I did not contact WhatsApp support. I’ve contacted them with my other issue and I didn’t not receive much help. This won’t be any different. It’s frustrating. This issue doesn’t seem to happen to anyone else I know, just with me..Version: 22.12.73

Aesthetics are importantI love that you can change the background of your chat, but I think for people to have more room to make it perfect for themselves the app should be more customisable, like being able to change the chat bubble colours to fit the aesthetic you have going on, everything else is great but for this to maybe get taken into consideration I have only given it a two star rating.Version: 2.19.80

Contact AnnoyanceLike a lot of WhatsApp but hate that I can’t permanently delete a WhatsApp contact without it also deleting in my phone book. How rude of the app to take control of my phone contacts! Just make it that I can delete a contact for WhatsApp without it disappearing from my phone book. Blocking still means their name is there & so there’s more names to scroll through. Also, I have never yet experienced a good quality WhatsApp phone call. This is why I have given two stars... mostly ‘cos I think the contacts issue is so wrong..Version: 2.20.80

DisappointedI do not like the fact that u guys can just band people for no reason and my WhatsApp I had before was just close friends and family my number was band for a large amount of reports and my personal people will come to me if there’s an issue they won’t report me I am a mom of 3 and I have a clean record very civilized and family oriented I am disappointed in the way I was dealt with and it’s unfair for a person with good morals values and standards have to deal with the fact WhatsApp also messages me saying my number was reported but can’t show no evidence of this so call crime I did when in fact it’s a crime to block someone number and never investigate saying they have to protect the persons who reported me and can’t show me where I went wrong on WhatsApp so my number was deactivated because of something I have no proof of doing I am an honest lady not fake and not spamming on WhatsApp very unprofessional.Version: 22.17.77

Chatting to several people without creating a groupBefore we had the functionality to just chat to two or more people by just adding them in the chat screen. Now we have to create groups which is very inconvenient when the recipients of your chats always changes. Groups are ok for some purposes but I really would like the old functionality back please!!.Version: 2.18.21

Pure crap’ fact that we have to deal with fb as wellI’m annoyed that WhatsApp data is being shared on Facebook, some of us like privacy what kind of nonsense is that..Version: 2.21.10

What a shame!I’ve used this app for many years. Both personally and for work. I’ve never had a problem with it and have in fact always recommended this app for the amazing features. The end to end encryption gives peace of mind, it’s fast and there are many other amazing features I love. However recently it’s been riddled with problems. Both the app and my devices are fully updated. Yet- especially the video call more problems are causing issues with its functionality it’s nearly impossible to use. Either the video screen disappears behind the text which you cannot get back so you are forced to restart the call. The small window in the picture is either frozen or so small ( the size of a grain or rice) it’s not even possible to see anything. That’s before we get to main freeze where your device becomes completely unusable even to still do other things whist in wattsap. Send a document to a group etc. I haven’t tried this in group calls to see if the problems exist there but the few months it’s been starting with these problems it’s not worth using wattsap anymore honestly. What a shame - you need to fix your gremlins or you have a great app which will be left for another that delivers consistently.Version: 23.1.75

Could not pass initial setupCannot send SMS to my phone. This really deserves O stars.Version: 2.17.52

Morally bankruptFacebook's privacy policy is incrementally getting worse and eroding user trust. I don't wany personal messaging to be used for Facebook's advertising or their shady agenda of political manipulation..Version: 2.21.10

Unable to open app through notifications center in iPhone14pro maxFor some reason, I am not able to open the app from notification center in my iPhone14 pro max (software iOS 16.1). For instance, when a notification arrives in your phone, you can simply touch it and it opens up the respective app. But this isn’t working for Whatsapp (only). I am not sure whether that’s a software issue in my phone or if it’s a Whatsapp related issue or if it’s happening in every 14 pro max device! It’s pretty annoying. Would be glad if whatsapp rolls out an update or bug fix or something..Version: 22.21.77

New privacy agreementPlease comment on new privacy regulation. Why so much sharing of information feel like our messages, data, all the information is not safe on whats ap..Version: 2.21.10

No support for dark themeSupport iOS 13 dark theme..Version: 2.19.92

Privacy concernsUnfortunately, cannot continue given the new privacy terms coming into effect on Feb 8th..Version: 2.21.10

Lost everything after restoreI had to restore my iPhone for unrelated issues to wattsapp. When I restored with the Apple support on the line at the time everything looked OK then when I try to get back to WhatsApp I reloaded the chat that was being saved monthly and it went back to a chat three months ago so I’ve lost a lot of important stuff that was happening recently the chats groups that I was connected to have now disappeared and I have to try and figure out how to get back to them . the system complains about connectivity so I don’t know if it’s a connectivity issue and I have no information from the support what good is a vital form of communication when I can’t get it up and running I feel right now I’m letting people down in some of my groups where I was an important member I’m rather disappointed.Version: 2.21.41

Update has caused a horrible experienceI am always using whatsapp for chats and calls on a daily basis. The new update has caused a lot of issues. 1. Calls sometimes get cut off for absolutely no reason. 2. Pictures will not show up properly if you send them at the same time as you are on a video call with someone 3. The type box will sometimes disappear and you have to scroll down for it to reappear. 4. The screen will disappear just like when you are on a call and it goes black when your ear is on the screen but it happens in all instances as long as the app is open. I could just have the app open and hover my hand over the speaker area and the screen goes black which is kind of annoying really when im not actually talking to someone. A few other minor things too but they are the main ones. I love Whatsapp and like I said, I use it several several times a day so I would appreciate if you could update it again with those issues fixed. Thanks.Version: 2.21.140

When used for good and not evil is a great communication toolThe old saying ‘it takes two to tango’ sums up my stance regarding using this app.. although it may be used slightly out of context, my experience has highlighted that the messaging/responses/and sometimes forwarded conversations or even altered images really can’t beat a face to face conversation (IRL or video chat if you must). Dealing with another 3 or 4 understudy’s in the wings, idling the shadows (like a peeping Tom, Mark or {insert name here} highlights both the good and bad points of some of the security features in place within Whatsapp. Suppose that’s what I signed up somehow in the fine print of terms and conditions. 🤫🤓🤪.Version: 2.21.181

Now owned by Facebook!TL;DR: Switch to Signal Messenger. WhatsApp now share messages, pics and videos with facebook. Whatsapp is no longer private! Quite funny that WhatsApp are copying all Signal features to try and remain a relevant messaging app. Facebook own facebook messenger, instagram and whatsapp. Things are about to change for the worse very soon: They are combining services; messages you send will be encrypted end-to-end to the recipient, but the message itself and any pictures (plus GPS tags on pics) are uploaded to Facebook, so they will see the content of your messages, pictures; from which they can then advertise stuff to you and sell your info onwards to other companies. You can switch to an opensource messaging app called ‘Signal messenger’ - open source and charity owned by a foundation. They never sell your data and information is truly encrypted end to end, never monitored by Facebook AND you can sign in on multiple devices, such as laptop and iPad, without your phone having signal service or being switched on! Signal messenger has more features than whatsapp and provides guaranteed privacy - your messages cannot be seen. But in essence Whatsapp is no longer what it originally was and you can make your voice heard by deregistering and switching to another message app of choice. The original owners of whatsapp have just left Facebook and it is now obvious why!.Version: 2.21.210

Badges… fix your app, Meta!!!!Unread messages badges still disappear if you open the app and then close the app before you open the message within the app. Even worse, if you are chatting to someone and you receive a message in another chat but close the app before you read it, there are never any badges on the app on the home screen! And before I have a Karen telling me to check my notification settings, it has nothing to do with that. The badges work, they just disappear before the messages are being read. This is a known software fault in WhatsApp. It’s been broken for years and there are thousands of people reporting the same issue. I remain unsatisfied by the this app and Meta..Version: 23.5.78

Needs to have multiple accountsKinda disappointed you can’t have 2 accounts or more on the same iPhone using the same number. I would’ve liked to see the option as I use this for family and friends and was gonna be using this for my side hustle to talk to clients. But looks like I will have to invest into something else..Version: 23.1.75

Please stop mandatory updates!This is SUCH an amazing app BUT I so wish they would stop with the essential updates. I have an iPhone SE and am not in a financial position to upgrade my phone. I never have any problems with the app but constantly have to download bigger files and I’m sure one day The new version will be incompatible with my older phone. I just wish the updates were optional so those of us running older tech could continue with older versions of WhatsApp. Thanks 🙂.Version: 2.20.81

Privacy concernsThe app is really good. I am having concerns of people using the third-party apps because it causes problems as I and we all need our privacy. People using these third-party apps like GBWhatsApp and FWwhatsapp can view statuses I have deleted, and can read messages that have already been deleted. I don’t want people to know what I’ve deleted because they are deleted for a reason and also they can save my statuses which makes me feel uncomfortable using the app. Also using them apps people can freeze there last seen which makes us feel like people are unavailable and we don’t know if we are disturbing anyone or not. I think the company needs to put an end to these apps because they are causing various issues whether that is with family or friends. I think the original app is only to be put out to the public as that is the way WhatsApp is to be used. I hope you can help. Thank you.Version: 22.14.74

Not opening a chatSo me and my friend were talking and I put too much emojis I didn’t even get to send I kept copying and pasting u until it makes a long paragraph because I wanted to try something but it just lagged and then I left WhatsApp and went back onto it and clicked on the friend I was texting but it didn’t open. Every time I click onto our chat, it doesn’t open it just lags on her name then I need to get off WhatsApp and on again I also turned off my phone and opened it again and still the same problem. I could open other peoples chat but not me and hers. It does let me go onto her contact info when I long click on her name but when I tried to get back onto our chat it wouldn’t work I even tried to do the chat search and it wouldn’t work. What would only work is the media,links and docs and the starred messages so please try to help me out with getting back onto our chat.❤️.Version: 2.20.81

Problems with iphone12I’ve just updated from my iPhone 6 to an iPhone 12. I never had any problems phoning friends overseas on the iPhone 6 but having tried to phone someone in another country this weekend,I could not get through and I don’t know what it said because a message appeared very briefly on the screen before I could even take a screenshot. How can I address this to allow me to communicate with my overseas friends and family with WhatsApp? Normally, I would give this a very high rating but from going to something simple on my older iPhone to now an issue, has just been very frustrating. I have tried to address the problem but it has been very time-consuming and unsuccessful..Version: 22.14.74

No PrivacyAfter I had to accept them getting my contact info, locations and all that stuff I deleted it. I’m not on any social media platform except for Signal now. At least Signal stays encrypted and doesn’t want my info..Version: 2.21.10

Facebook Is Spying on YouWhatsApp is no longer viable for privacy purposes. They’re going to start collecting your metadata as of Feb 2021..Version: 2.21.10

Usually ok.....But something is amiss at the mo and there’s a major delay in messages being delivered. Don’t know if it’s just me and my husband? But been like it for about a week now and it’s infuriating when you’re trying to get through to each other. Have updated the app but still messages aren’t being delivered until a day or so later.Version: 2.19.112

Missed CallNew updated.. I cannot receive missed call notification....Version: 2.18.101

NotificationsWith the recent update, (mine came through on 17th May 2018) it’s come to my attention that when I receive a notification it no longer shows the name of the person messaging me - just ‘Notification’ instead of the name of the person messaging me...I can only tell who it is if I change the notification to ‘preview on always’ - why has WhatsApp stopped us from being able to see who exactly is messaging us now without having to be able to see a preview of part of the message! I liked the privacy of knowing who was messaging me without having to see half of the message, now I have to go into WhatsApp to see who messaged me and that’s not always something we want to do! Please fix this and put it back to how it’s been for years with just being able to see the name (not ‘Notification’) and not the entire message. And yes, I’ve tried several ways to find how to resolve this (using iPhone 7) from the internet to iPhones settings itself to no avail. If anyone has any advice, that would be great, thanks..Version: 2.18.52

Not secureIt is not secure.Version: 2.21.10

Archive UpdateThe new update on archived chats effectively mutes them, and unlike even muted chats new message don’t come up in the inbox at all, although there’s a small archive box at the top it’s hard to see new messages and there is no notification at all, meaning now you have to keep all your chats active in your inbox to get notifications. However if you’ve already archived chats just to keep your inbox clear you are now missing important notifications! This should have been done for muted chats, you mute a chat because for a certain period of time you don’t want any notifications from them, they can easily go into a separate folder without affecting how you are using WhatsApp. Archived chats are an easy way to tidy the inbox and keep it organised so that only chats you need to reply to or take some action are open, sometimes the inbox is completely empty but doesn’t mean you don’t want a single notification. As soon as you get a new message from an archived chat there should be a notification and it be in the inbox so you can either leave it there if it’s needs a further action, or you can respond or quickly archive again if it’s not needed, knowing that if something important comes up again you will still get notified of a new message immediately but your inbox is organised, tidy and easier to navigate. Hope this is changed quickly as it makes WhatsApp so much less organised and efficient..Version: 2.21.150

HelppppppMy mums WhatsApp has just started doing this: she cannot type in reply to WhatsApp messages, she has an iPhone 8. She’s rebooted and uninstalled & reinstalled Whatsapp but still cannot type and response to messages. She can send photos, she cannot use the dictation function, However, she can type when she initiates a chat and reply but as soon as she exits that chat, and goes back in, she can no longer bring up the keyboard to type. Any help??.Version: 2.21.40

Dark mode on ios 13Apple has introduced dark mode in iOS 13. Pls implement dark mode functionality in WhatsApp too that can get controlled by the OS level feature..Version: 2.19.92

FaceTime chatI really enjoy this app as it has many options, emojis, gifs and more although I wasn’t impressed by only being able to have four to a call. My friends and I decided we wanted to go to the movies Together although we couldn’t organise all on one call together as 2 people would be left out of the call. This made plans more confusing than they needed to be. Please take my idea of being able to add more people into the call into consideration. Thanks.Version: 2.19.31

Compromising personal data.Compromising personal data without consent..Version: 2.21.10

Spam has become a big problemI’ve used WhatsApp for years and it has helped me to keep in touch with friends and family across the globe. But over the last 6 months I’ve received various spam messages from unknown numbers. The messages are in perfect English and the profile photo is always a young Asian woman. Most people I know in Australia (partner, family & friends) are experiencing the same thing. It’s getting out of hand. My partner and I just received an identical message, only the number was different, both profiles included a photo of a young (different) Asian woman. If WhatsApp doesn’t do something to stop this I won’t continue to use what was once an almost perfect app/experience..Version: 2.21.221

Overreaching privacy policyAsks for far to much personal information..Version: 2.21.10

Plenty of room for improvementAs an avid user of social internet media , I found WhatsApp is lacking in many convenient features offered in other apps. I use Facebook when I want to express some thoughts, events etc. But FB Messenger is not efficient in quick text, so I still resort to 20 years old practice in text msg like in Nokia phones. WhatsApp is subservient to the features offered by WeChat. Understood that WeChat is by Tencent in China, nevertheless the features are amazing. The Moment posting functions are like Facebook post. The conversation wether individual or in chat groups are more user friendly than WhatsApp. It allows recalling a wrong message sent in mistake. Attaching files and emojis are awesome. My only complain is that once viewed in one device the message cannot be reviewed in an other, which FB allows all history conversation once logged in. I lived in America over 47 years. I highly recommend friends to use WeChat for daily contacts over other apps..Version: 2.17.61

Still not syncing contacts since iOS update months agoWhen IOS updated several months ago, one of the features that was affected on WhatsApp was the option to sync contacts. I called Apple then and they informed me that each app provider must update their security profiles to be compatible with the new IOS. There have been 2 updates of IOS since then and still, WhatsApp hasn’t got with the program. Utility of WhatsApp has gone down as I have to research each contact to try to even place a call to them. Numbers that are in my phone book don’t register so it’s difficult to know which contact is which without that extra step in research. Furthermore, I can’t save new numbers directly from WhatsApp to my phone. This is quite frustrating. I have never left a review on this app before and decided that 5-6 months of this is enough. Can you please update your app to resolve this issue with iPhone!.Version: 2.18.102

They Now Banned Phone Numbers EverydayBefore, they don’t banned your phone number until maybe so much people report your phone numbers maybe when you are broadcasting fake things or maybe scammers that are sending spam messages or fake messages to scam people, but right now, since this new person took over WhatsApp, they will just seat down, and you will be logged out of WhatsApp, you will see a display messages telling you you have been logged out because someone has logged into your device in another place. They will now display (Verify, or Cancel ). When you verify, you see a message telling you , you your phone number has been banned from using WhatsApp. This is so bad , it’s not nice at all. You can’t just seat down and begging to banned people’s phone numbers for no reason. Same thing they do to you ok facebook, your facebook will not do anything bad , you will see that , your facebook account has been suspended. Not nice at all. It’s annoying. Please , Mark Zuckerberg, stop this..Version: 22.10.76

Whatsapp update experienceWhen you alert your customers that there is a new version, and the current version is about to expire, and you provide a hyperlink for the customer to press thinking that it will take them to the AppStore to update said version, please ensure that link actually works in redirecting customers to the AppStore to update the app. Instead, all it did was exit the app and customers then needed to open AppStore and search for the app… Really frustrating and not helpful. Please improve the experience for the next one..Version: 22.1.73

Have to update just to receive messagesWhy does the app need to become totally unusable and why stop notifying me of messages just because you want me to update!? Is like hijacking my phone and blocking functionality and for no benefit of mine. So I'm forced to update just to carry on using it as I did before, no different, just now I have to apologise to everyone for not getting their messages. A basic app with basic functionality that restricts you by making even the basic usage of sending and receiving messages totally stop working unless you update the app, not update the phone just the app, every few months!! I don't think that's really got the users experience at the forefront of their consideration. I just want to send and receive messages, just as I could on my old iPhone 6 on ios9, several versions of the app previous to this one. Sending messages is a basic function I could do years ago, that's basically what the app is for anyway. Poor..Version: 2.21.243

Delete it NOW!Whatsapp is selling your data and using your private chats and photos for god knows what delete it and move to signal NOW.Version: 2.21.10

Facebook: It’s not my job to make your business model workSimple: my data is mine. You forcibly make me disclose it to serve your business model? I’m not a vehicle to make you more money. Everyone - use “signal” if you want an iMessage alternative..Version: 2.21.11

Where’s dark mode?It works fine. But where’s dark mode? Surely it can’t take this long to implement it? The app sticks out like a sore thumb..Version: 2.19.124

Bad chat backup systemI’ve been using WhatsApp for a number of years now, lately I’ve been having a lot of issues with chat backups, I have them set to backup weekly, but I find myself having to go back in and press the backup now button because it tells me that a connection error occurred and it couldn’t do the backup, now I’ve lost everything, all my chats, pictures, everything all because the stupid backup wouldn’t load fully, it got stuck at around 36mb out of 900, now I know it’s a lot of data but I haven’t had a problem before with large amounts of data backups, I gave it about two or three days to sort itself out, well it didn’t, I had to erase and redownload the app and when I signed back it, it said that I didn’t have any backups, and now I’ve lost everything I had, I am very upset and will consider a different app if this isn’t fixed.Version: 2.19.51

Go to hell :)Thanks to the new privacy policy, we are done with the most boring messengers app in the world!.Version: 2.21.11

Can’t download the pictures while talking to someoneWhatsapp used to be really good but nowadays we have been having call issues with whatsapp. We don’t get call notifications doesn’t matter if you’re on wifi or mobile network. Its happening every friend of mine. Could you please sort this outl.Version: 2.21.131

Pretty decentWorks well, fairly intuitive. Only problem I’ve had is a pretty significant time delay (can be upwards of two hours) between sending a message to a person in a different country and that message being received. I often use WhatsApp to message friends in Italy, but, have noticed that my messages (on average) take a couple of hours to deliver, with the occasional extreme case of my messages taking a couple days to deliver. I assume this problem is due to a culmination of slow broadband/poor mobile data connection (which is a common problem where I live), a difficulty in data package transfer and (assumable) incompatibilities with similar networks in Italy. Ultimately, it’s a pretty decent app, and, it’s not the end of the world in regards to the slow message delivery speed, as I appreciate that nothing is ever instantaneous, especially when it comes to tech and wireless information transfer. But, it can be frustrating when mid conversation your messages stop delivering, and you have to text the person normally to explain that you “aren’t trying to be rude” and that you “are trying to reply to their messages”, defeating the perceived purpose of the app..Version: 2.18.61

Terrible abuse of powerYou should be ashamed.Version: 2.21.10

Cut Ties With OppressorsSwitching to better alternatives like Signal. Whatsapp and it’s connection to Facebook’s deal with Jio in India supports those that oppress of minorities - this is not something I can support..Version: 2.21.10

No chat backup if you change your phone!This App is USELESS if you’re counting on trying to restore your chat history when changing your phone! I’m livid - if I could give it zero stars I would. There is no customer helpline, only standard Troubleshooting guides, which all leave out the key info which they only say in their standard-form email reply :”We aren't able to help you restore your chats, documents, media files, backups, or call history. In most cases, the chat history and media files can only be found on your phone or the recipient's phone.” They omit to say this - funnily - in their marketing blurb about how you can backup all your data and restore your chat history from the cloud at the touch of a button. That is NOT true. The App does NOT systematically back up to the cloud, even if it claims to: it backs up to your PHONE. So if you change your phone, or SIM card, EVEN if you keep your number/have enough space in the cloud/connect to WiFi/ enable your iCloud Drive ... blah blah.. and do ALL the things you’re supposed to do, just FORGET about retrieving your data. SORT IT OUT WhatsApp - many customers are now writing about this problem. Your blanket claims re: backup are, frankly, misleading advertising. And your customer service is non-existent. Do better please..Version: 2.21.90

Facebook data grabOn the 8th of Jan 2021 Facebook changed the terms of service for existing users with a popup that went no way to describing the massive data grab (Facebook now have access to your contacts, numbers etc) that users were promised wouldn’t happen when they acquired the app..Version: 2.21.10

Voicenotes button always fails and stops recordingUsed to love this app but awhile ago, the layout changed and the voicenotes recorder button is now too small and doesn’t work properly. I’m forever half way through recording a message to find that it has stopped recording which is so frustrating. Why is the button so small now?! Suspect this is half the problem as the button is so tiny the screen thinks you’ve removed your finger when you havent. This is so frustrating I’m thinking of talking all my friends and family into moving to a different app..Version: 22.19.78

Horrible design flawWhatsApp has a ridiculous design flaw that needs to be changed immediately. The "Autodownload photos/videos" feature on the iPhone has a severely annoying feature in group chats. While I want things downloaded, I DO NOT WANT THEM ADDED TO MY PHOTO LIBRARY. The reason why is that I was in a large public group, and a spammer joined an started posting porn. This was auto-downloaded, added to my photo library, and then auto-transferred to another photo library. As a result, a spammer ended up adding a bunch of porn to my photo library, which was then uploaded to a second backup, and almost ended up with it uploaded to social media. I had to spend hours clearing multiple libraries of this crap, and I still cannot be 100% sure I got everything. To be clear, I want to be able to see images that the group posts, and I want to be able to download and add them AT WILL. But the automatic addition to my photo library is an insanely stupid feature I never would want..Version: 2.18.90

Privacy thievesWith this new and stupid decision to crap on our privacy. Goodbye WhatsApp and goodbye Facebook altogether.Version: 2.21.10

Needs dark modeThis app seriously needs the option for dark mode. How does it not already. Please update this app to have it. It took apple a long time to finally develop a dark mode option yet it’s taking even longer for this app. It’s almost 2020, get with the times..Version: 2.19.124

The same stupid thing of every monthLots of updates every week for nothing, this is the same app since beginning. Don’t update it anymore if you do not have absolutely nothing to update..Version: 2.20.20

Complaint about the new privacy policyThe new privacy policy requires every user to share their data with Facebook and they don’t have an option to opt-out! We have the right to decide what data we want to share and what we don’t! I know WhatsApp is a very widely used application but what Facebook is doing is not right!.Version: 2.21.10

Great policyWith the addition of their updated policy where they sell all user info to their daddy Zucky, Whatsapp/Facebook are now the worst app an individual can have. Absolutely disgraceful.Version: 2.21.10

Dual account support for iPhone XS/ xs maxPlease bring in options to run two accounts on 1 phone as the phone is dual sim itself.Version: 2.19.21

Standard helpful feature missing - please consider implementingWhatsapp is my go to for communicating with friends & family around the world. The most & only annoying thing is that once you open the app the unopened messages notification badge disappears so it is easy to miss unread messages (whether unopened or marked unread). All other apps keep the notification minus those messages you have dismissed. I would love for this to be improved by the development team as it decidedly makes the app less user friendly & less helpful..Version: 2.21.131

Harvest personal dataThe latest update will harvest all your personal data to facebook.Version: 2.21.10

Terrible connectivityThe app drops phone calls all the time. I’m on wifi with full reception. The person I’m talking with also has wifi in her apartment (likely with full reception). However, we are both countries apart from each other. If the app can’t handle doing such calls, idk why it would even allow them to occur in the first place. So it is to my understanding that this is a problem with the app. How is it that a land-line is still ten times more clarity and reliability while being an incredibly simplistic device compared to smart phones? It’s 2022. How are we still struggling to do basic audio calls? Countless times her audio cuts off if I make even a breathing sound through my phone. That doesn’t happen with a land-line phone call. I’d be able to hear someone crystal clear regardless of whatever subtle, tiny, noises I make. It’s absolutely frustrating and highly annoying. Seems like innovating this technology wasn’t worth all the money and time. The world should have reinforced land-line infrastructure instead of wireless..Version: 22.19.78

I can't send picture from iPhone XIPhone ex I can't send a picture I can't change anything in the picture I can't write anything in the picture because the frame is a large then I can get the frames bigger the frames of the pictures bigger then the screen please fix this problem because I can't send picture from iPhone X ⬆️ Now it's fixed this is update for this I have other problem sometimes everything applaud when I'm inside the app and I can't make everything move until I push volume up volume down and power to shut down the iPhone this is coming between every week every two weeks inside the app everything is freezing Hello, WhatsApp does not work with me now and I cannot move anything inside it as long as I am connected to the internet, whether through Wi-Fi or through 4G and it does not move until I close WhatsApp, then close all communications and activate flight mode, then enter, do not move inside the application and do not send to anyone.Version: 22.1.73

New update Terms and Privacy PolicyI uninstalled the app. I don’t want to share anything from WhatsApp to Facebook..Version: 2.21.10

When loved ones die, they delete them from all your group chats.My dad died of Covid in January, and like many, we cannot yet stomach switching his phone on and reading his final messages. I contacted WhatsApp to asked them to not do anything to dads information but I realised today that they kicked him out of all the group chats and deleted his profile picture. What an upsetting and heartbreaking thing to do to a grieving family. His death was sudden, within 4 weeks of becoming ill he passed away aged only 54. WhatsApp should at least be able to memorialise accounts for the grieving family’s to appreciate. His number is inactive because we obviously cancelled his phone contract but when I have already contacted WhatsApp to tell them the situation, you think they would not take away or remind people of the loss they have suffered. Seeing that ‘dad left the chat’ is a haunting, gut wrenching thing to read, especially on a day when you can barely keep it together. WhatsApp you have broken my heart....Version: 2.21.90

Battery drain, bad support and random callsI had all the security set up, 2 step, finger print and pin but my WhatsApp was making calls when my phone was closed - checked web WhatsApp - no one else online on my login. Then I received a call at 5:22AM from someone that was asleep!! I called back and woke them up! So I deleted and reinstalled it. I did message WhatsApp to let them know and they wanted video because they couldn’t understand what I meant? (I’m not going to record my phone for ages on the off chance I get or send a call no one is making that just looks like a call going in and out) I messaged back saying this and they told me to set up all the security .... I already told them I had! So I had to factory reset my phone in case I was hacked - seems to be okay so far but the customer service is terrible! Now it all “seems” to be okay call wise (only been 2 days so far) my battery is draining like mad. 100% battery - 20 minutes on WhatsApp texting not calling and it used 70% of my battery! What?!?! Come on WhatsApp pull ya finger out.Version: 2.19.61

Serious Privacy ConcernsWhatsApp is a great app for keeping in touch with family and friends. It's also great when you want to veg out and watch inane videos. All good. Auction: if you work with vulnerable people or sensitive information, you really need to pay attention to the data WhatsApp collects, uploads to their servers, or shares. Also, using WhatsApp means using Facebook as well. Be guided. Inform yourself. Read the terms of service. It is unbelievable that they can do some of what they do on an Apple device..Version: 2.21.10

What’s happening with security?I love(d) WhatsApp - because I was under the impression messages and info were fully protected, secure and encrypted. So, What’s App has been hacked according to news reports. What’s been done to sort this out please? Do we need to delete our accounts - or would you even tell us? What security fixes have been put in place and what checks have you done to find out which accounts were hacked? Have you let these people know or do you plan to? Please respond. Thank you..Version: 2.19.51

Save your excusesYou have some nerve saying people have a lot of confusion about the new privacy policy. No one is confused. We are downright outrageous. So much for promising to keep WhatsApp walled off from rest of Facebook. They made it seem like nothing’s changing now only because data sharing with Facebook had already begun in the policy update in 2016, only then there wasn’t a momentum for switching away from big tech. No point in sticking with you when Signal keeps messages encrypted PLUS no metadata logs, let alone sharing. There’s still a massive user base now on WhatsApp but won’t be long, at least not for privacy conscious users. After all the same founder of WhatsApp made Signal too. Facebook ruins everything it touches. Learn the lessons.Version: 2.21.11

BugsDear Developers, this last update totally screwed up the app. - I’m getting blank screens where you can see the text box while typing. - The list of chats keeps moving down before you can select on it (so you enter the wrong chat) or - when stationary it always selects the chat below the one you select. So you have to select another chat to get into the one you want. Seriously? Revert to a previous safe build and do more testing before you push new updates out, it’s becoming annoying enough to make me want to report these bugs in a review. Happy to submit screen shots or video with version/phone info if needed (latest updated iOS and WhatsApp updated). Other then that my only other WhatsApp suggestions is -to allow users to edit or delete their messages (outside of disappearing messages) - to allow chat backup to other drives or apps or make it easier to use.Version: 22.9.76

Worst privacy policyI don’t want you to share my data with any other app, I am going to uninstall your app!.Version: 2.21.10

No more privacyGreat and amazing experience until the new privacy policy comes in effect which gonna snatch privacy Starting switching to other app.Version: 2.21.10

They don’t value YOUR privacy.Whatsapp new private policy is basically sharing all your info to facebook, it wouldn’t be shocking that they were doing it all along without telling us. Money hungry corporations want to sell our information and not value our privacy. That’s why Telegram and Signal has received record numbers of new daily users, we’re all witnessing the death of Whatsapp and the birth of a new messaging app that actually values our privacy. Since Facebook has bought Whatsapp, Whatsapp has been a app of full controversy but also a app that is lagging behind new innovation, WiFi Calls are laggy even though your WIFI is strong, and fiber internet. Even though your on a 5G+ Coverage and Whatsapp WiFi calling still lags and disconnects. Whatsapp needs new updates and new innovation and improve their service and most importantly improve their “encrypted” connection and if they care, our privacy. They won’t do any of it, just move to Telegram or Signal, and these apps are GREAT..Version: 2.21.10

Pretty goodGreat app, but it would be really helpful to be able to start a group video call with everyone in a group with just one button within the group chat. Currently, you have to start a new chat with one person, then start a video chat, then add more people to it. Also, it would be helpful if you could more easily see, at a glance, who has seen messages you’ve sent to a group..Version: 2.18.81

Too many scam calls and sms can’t stop stranger from calling you.Every since I started using this app, am getting quite a bit of scam phone calls and sms from within the app and as well as to my phone number, I only downloaded the app when I saw the govement website was posting covid information on here. But the scam calls and sms come with the app is crazy, there is no option to hide your phone number and profile from strangers, also there is no way to stop calls from people you do not know. Also just had a look at privacy, there are a lot of data tat is linked to user. Better just delete the app..Version: 2.21.151

Another way to steal the informationI was in remote area and was off from Facebook and what’s app for 15 days as soon as return from trip I called my wife and talked about a Red Camera hire , I never search about renting this item on internet just had a phone discussion on whatsapp , as soon as i hung up and opens Facebook after 15 days I start getting sponsored post about renting Red camera in my local area , I was shocked. Then I made another call on whatsapp to my friend and talked about completely different item , and guess what got the same items advertisements on fb. So they are legally or illegally hearing your so called encrypted conversations and selling your data. Bunch of thugs.Version: 2.19.51

Absolutely deplorable terms of serviceMonolithic companies like this must be shut down. No reason for a user to trust them anymore..Version: 2.21.10

From Bad to WorseWhat was once a wonderful secure platform is fast becoming a laughingstock ever since it was touched by Facebook. So thoroughly disappointed. Relatives abroad had told me that Facebook is phasing out WhatsApp but demands that we give them all our contact details; I’m not for that. Apparently, In the UK, WhatsApp was given customers until the first week of February before they close an account if the customer refused to except terms to the detriment of customer privacy. Now there is a delay to this change? It’s still going to happen so why the delay? Could it be that this delay is to collect our information anyway without a permission, anyway? I have now started looking for a replacement to WhatsApp. I am sorry to be parting company with you but it isn’t the secure independent platform it once was and the quality has progressively deteriorated. To be honest, if I could opt for zero stars that would be the level at this point. I’ve been trying to speak to others over the platform but I’ve spent more time trying to reconnect or redial and it’s just not worth it. Another competitor bows out..Version: 2.21.20

Good but major flawsWhatsapp has some major flaws. For example, why on Earth it doesn’t let group admin/creators moderate the content in a group chats. It immediately takes the app off the table as an option for people who want to use the platform for group chats with multiple people or social groups. These big groups surely get more people signed up to the app too through word of mouth. If you create a group you should be able to delete posts and moderate content so as to ensure that inappropriate or graphic content accidentally (or even intentionally) posted can be removed swiftly to limit offence and moderate the group chat for the audience. It’s unusable without that feature as the creator risks offending a broad swathe of people by association with an offensive or graphic post from another group individual. It’s fine to delete the individual, but what help is that when the damage is done and the content remains there in plain sight. It must be removable by the admin! It’s a MAJOR flaw and something which seems so simple & such an easy, minute fix. A mind-bogglingly silly detail to forget!.Version: 2.19.50

Facebook ruined WhatsappFacebook company is making the world a bad place..Version: 2.21.10

BIGGG ISSUEFirst of all, the whastapp customer support is close to NONE. Horrible customer service. The BIG ISSUE is that there is no number/account safety. You can loose your number so quickly, i change my simcard because im in an area that i need another simcard and in the time of 3hours i lost my 4 years account with all my clients loosing a lot of money. When i try to comunicate this with support was imposible. They didn’t even gave me the chance to set an automatic message to my chats or contacts that i was changing number, i didn't even want to change number! Just the sim card for signal. I changed simcards 3 times since i had that account. Now is lost there is a teenager girl on my profile picture talking with my former contacts. If there is any other company there that lunch something similar to whatsapp there and some of my friends are using it, i will switch in a heartbeat..Version: 23.7.83

Worst app, and data stealerI’m a what’s app user since 2012. I’m uninstalling now bcz they trying steal my data and share with Facebook. Don’t install this app..Version: 2.21.10

Not good after the updateSince a few updates I cannot see or reply to my whatsapp messages from the ‘notification’. I have to get to the app and open it and then only can view full message and reply. Can you please put that feature back..Version: 2.21.221

Recently very buggyThis app has disconnected my account more than 10 times in the last 2 days. Very inconvenient and I can't seem to figure out why it's doing so. My chat background images have also been reset so I'm guessing it was from a recent update but I didn't get any notifications..Version: 2.17.52

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