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What's Playing On TV - I.Player Negative Reviews

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What's Playing on TV - i.Player App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

What's Playing on TV - i.Player app received 56 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using What's Playing on TV - i.Player? Can you share your negative thoughts about what's playing on tv - i.player?

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What's Playing on TV - i.Player for Negative User Reviews

Only fist episode of seriesI have enjoyed rigs app. However for the past several months only the first episode of a series is shown e.g. “Trust”, “War and Peace”..Version: 1.1

Waste of moneyThis app is a complete waste! What is the point of making an app of this kind without being able to watch/search for specific episodes of a series?! Spending this much money on an app should give a person more freedom in choosing programming. And when you consider this has been a complaint since it was first made, I doubt this horrible company has any desire to fix the issue. Not worth the purchase..Version: 1.1

No SoundLoved this app to begin with but now the sound doesn't work. Can't seem to access app support to get it fixed. Would give 5 stars when got sound and 0 stars now because useless. App support please help fix the problem. Thanks..Version: 1.1

One EpisodeIt would be fantastic if all of a series episodes aired. Only getting to watch one episode of the one show I bought the app for is incredibly annoying..Version: 1.1

Wish I had read the reviewsThe search function doesn’t work. There are only single episodes of a series or a few episodes but not all. The user interface is awful. All of these issues show up in earlier reviews. Maybe it works better in other countries. I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on this..Version: 1.1

DecliningUsed to be very good but is showing signs of decline. Programmes are playable but not the full range available on iPlayer and it seems to take forever for new content to populate. Was a 5/5 but now 3/5..Version: 1.1

Long term userI would love to give this a great review but sadly can not. I have kept it on my iPad as a go to occasionally when I want to see UK TV as we now live in Canada. But the programs hardly ever change some have been on the app for many many months. When a series comes on you only get one or two,if you are lucky. But I noticed a significant world event or sports event it comes on within days - so there is the ability to change. If you want the occasional blast of UK TV this is fine but for series, up to date really not worth it..Version: 1.1

Programming!I agree it’s very frustrating to get into a programme and sometimes you do not get the whole series. I enjoy the programmes very much. So please complete programming. You would have 5 stars then..Version: 1.1

Won’t workI get a double voice so everything is repeated or it’s not in sink with the speaker, very odd and you just cannot watch. Also sound doesn’t catch up if you fast forward or restart. Fuzzy poor quality picture. Wish i could be refunded it’s the most I’ve ever paid for an app and one I’d willingly delete. I should of taken more notice of the other reviews. Very accurate..Version: 1.1

Good, but freezesIt freezes allot and the episodes aren’t organised together. You would have literally search for them individually.Version: 1.1

No sound or App supportThe episodes on the app look great, but there is no sound. I've tried to contact its App Support, with no success..Version: 1.1

How do I know what I’m watching live??I clicked on “Live” and some program comes on but there’s no way to know what it is. Is it REALLY on live? This app needs a TV guide feature so we can see what the names of the shows are and what time they will be on..Version: 1.1

Not so good.Was so excited to find this app and to be able to watch a few UK TV channels at my leisure. Tried to watch East Enders as an experiment and lost any decent stream every 30 seconds. Is this a usual occurrence or am I just unlucky? I’ll continue with it for a while but if it doesn’t improve I shall want my money back..Version: 1.1

Amazing opportunityTo stream UK shows and for that I am thrilled and eternally grateful but the organization of the app makes it hard to know where to find various episodes in various seasons. Anyway, I hope it improves but am still grateful for it’s existence as it’s they only way that I can watch my shows that I love and am addicted to from the UK. Thanks.Version: 1.1

Used to be awesome, but constantly freezingI had previously given this app 5-stars, but for about a month now it's unusable. Constantly freezes. Has to be restarted with episodes restarting from beginning. Have removed & reloaded several times. Will revise rating if/when it's fixed..Version: 1.1

Great idea terrible deliveryI paid 10 bucks to download this to be able to watch noughts and crosses and I can’t even select an episode or start at the beginning. If I could get my money back I would. Waste of time..Version: 1.1

A sampler onlySeeing just 1st programme in series is a waste of time Ok for live tv if internet speed is up to it No echo unless you push play button twice.Version: 1.1

DisappointedI was delighted when I first purchased this app as I was able to watch the same shows that my friends and family in the UK were watching! However, there have been some cases - Killing Eve being one - where suddenly there were no new episodes and we were unable to finish the season. So frustrating. In the past week nothing would play back so I uninstalled the app. That was a mistake as to reinstall it I had to pay for it again! It is at least working again, but the first episode of the show I wanted to watch - McMafia is no longer available. There must be a solution to these issues. Please..Version: 1.1

Very Inconsistent AppWorked great for six months , now the complete opposite! Reception very spotty, often all I get is a blank screen and when it does work, it signs out after a few minutes. Most frustrating to watch. This has been going on for almost a week. Why can't they fix this problem so we can actually watch those great BBC shows we paid for. WHY?.Version: 1.1

Poor quality sounds and playbackThis app was really good when I first purchased it. Now the sound often doubles up so that there is an echo and the loading is often slow and doesn’t catch up with the sound..Version: 1.1

Search engineSeems to be an issue with search engine, does not return anything..Version: 1.1

Okay if it was freeFor a paid app, I’d have hoped to be able to see more than one episode of programmes. Very limited.Version: 1.1

Search button doesn’t workThis limits what you can watch and sometimes the play button doesn’t come on on the AD. Good app otherwise..Version: 1.1

Great Idea That Lacks In DeliveryIf you are going to create an app like this then make sure you can deliver on it. If I can search for a show, I should be able to see all available episodes currently available. A perfect example of this is Peaky Blinders. The first and last episode of the most recent series are available but episodes 2,3,4,5 are no where to be found. Keep up with your app and make it functional and searchable to realistic expectations. It’s current state is garbage..Version: 1.1

Disappointed....Not very good. Can only watch what is playing and can’t see any previous programmes. It’s a bit all over the place with no continuity....Version: 1.1

BBC i.PlayerUsed it once, stopped every 5 minutes. Will not use again.Version: 1.1

Waste of Money!!The app doesn't have sound, very dissapointed as it wasn't cheap!!!.Version: 1.1

I’m confusedI see a review from 2 years ago and same issues...why can I only find the first and most recent episode??.Version: 1.1

Some bug?This app has worked very well for a couple of years. Now it seems to be buggy. It was not playing at times last week, seemed to fix and now not playing again. The way the app works is if a program is currently playing on the bbc you will get all shows in the series, but if they are posting only one show in a series, the series is not currently running on the bbc. As I stated, up until a week or so ago, it worked great..Version: 1.1

Sound does not workThis app used to be great but no longer has any sound. Do not bother downloading!.Version: 1.1

Great idea but poorly designedIt's great to be able to watch British TV again. Will be worth the money once the episode search is sorted out. It's infuriating to watch one episode then not to be able to find the second episode! Best solution would be to link them so they run on. Tried using search but it doesn't work very well either. Once the user issues are sorted out the quality programming will be easily worth the fee..Version: 1.1

Lagging and FreezingThis app worked great for many months, but in the last two months there is a lot of lagging and freezing. At this point I am not able to watch a complete episode of any of the shows offered. So disappointing..Version: 1.1

Disappointed 🙁The search doesn’t work. You should be able able to watch more series. At least more live TV. BBC Three doesn’t work. Very disappointed product 🙁.Version: 1.1

DisappointedI find this app to be very frustrating. The selection of programming is very limited and if you are following a series you may or may not complete it. I have been very disappointed..Version: 1.1

More accessThe app is great, but it would be really great if there could be more access to older and new episodes..Version: 1.1

Don’t buy a subscription!I purchased this app with the intention of watching my favourite shows. Unfortunately, the app is not operational. The search function does not work, it allows you to watch only one episode of each show, and therefore is a complete bust. I can’t believe that in 2020, a streaming service operates this poorly, particularly one that charges a monthly fee..Version: 1.1

Sound is echoing back.In some of the programmes, sound is echoing back. Please fix the issue..Version: 1.1

UserNo audio on my mobile device unless the headphones are plugged in. Casting to a device like Chromecast gives no interface whatsoever. You cannot pause or pick a different spot in the stream. A very beta product to be charging money for..Version: 1.1

We cannot get the search function to work either. Please fix! We love the app.It had been a great app but cannot get search function to work now..Version: 1.1

This app is no longer working.It just keeps shutting off without warning and then whole days can be lost. I wish I knew what I could do to fix it. It is very frustrating, that is a mild word for how I feel these days. I wrote this a little while ago and the problems just continue. It is so unpredictable now. The problem is worse now, I can’t get anything to play at all. Very frustrating. March 2021.Version: 1.1

Love this appThis app is awesome but I would like to see more than one episode of a show. Sometimes you have more but it will be missing an episode. Please fix this. I really love this app. Have recommended it to many friends. But please fix it. And sometimes it just won’t play at all. Have to come back and try again later. HELP! Update: what in the heck is wrong with this app? Can’t open anything!!!!! Help!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1

Don’t waste your moneyAbsolute garbage - has some episodes of a series, but NOT all. Some shows missing the PLAY option, so can’t be watched, search feature doesn’t work. COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workIt doesn’t play second episode. Search button does not work. It goes blank. Waste of $13.99.Version: 1.1

Doesn't workWhen I open it there's just a blank screen and no way of contacting app support - takes me to a blank website.Version: 1.1

No soundWhat do we do to get sound?.Version: 1.1

HelpI cannot find more than one or two episodes of a show using my iPad. (Ep 1 and 4 of peaky blinders, episode 1 and 3 of interior designs) How do I access all episodes?.Version: 1.1

Only one episode available - confusingI’m disappointed that there is only one episode available— as far as I can figure out..Version: 1.1

Abiss 123It's great to have access to these shows but when, oh when will you archive them better so we can see the episode we want? What's the story with the helter skelter way they are offered?? Please fix!.Version: 1.1

Doesn't work on iPad ProThis app works fine on my iPhone 6 but not t on my iPad Pro. It's just blank, doesn't show any episodes/tvshows.Version: 1.1

Great app but needs tweakingI love this app but have a hard time watching episodes of a series in sequence because I just don’t see them listed. Navigating the app can be confusing. Using the search option can be frustrating. It would be worth the money if they fixed this..Version: 1.1

Could do betterHaving only one episode available is a waist of time. Search only provides a limited number of programmes..Version: 1.1

Was working, but now...This worked for a time, but now it is useless. UPDATE THIS AP! It has been well over a year since the last update. Either update or refund my monies. If there is no update in a week, you can very well bet I will be contacting Apple directly. Thank yo..Version: 1.1

No so great anymoreWas brilliant, but all of a sudden I can longer watch anything. It shows the programme but will not play. Very frustrating as this app cost $8..Version: 1.1

Works but...Can you improve it to make it possible to find episodes? Searching doesn't work well for that either. I like the live tv though..Version: 1.1

It doesn’t work as good as it used to...This app was working perfectly a few years ago, but now it freezes up way too often and whenever I want to search for a program, it won’t let me. Maybe it needs updating. Please fix. Thank you.Version: 1.1

Won’t playThey fix in morning then it will not play at night , fed up with it.Version: 1.1

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