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What's Playing On TV - I.Player Positive Reviews

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What's Playing on TV - i.Player App User Positive Comments 2023

What's Playing on TV - i.Player app received 61 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about what's playing on tv - i.player?

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What's Playing on TV - i.Player for Positive User Reviews

So far, so good!Great app.Version: 1.1

Fantastic AppBeing able to watch British television again is wonderful!! Thank you so much for making this app. As far as I know this is the only way to watch if you are not located in England. VPN's address now automatically banned so this truly is the only way that I know of. What a great niche to have cornered. I have one future feature request- the ability to watch more than the first episode of a show. Thanks again and please keep up the app. You're our only hope!.Version: 1.1

Keep it updatedThis is a wonderful app for folks that live in the USA. Especially since we paid for it. But with that said it needs to be more updated and with all the episodes. I am so happy that I can see Wales and Ireland..Version: 1.1

Needs access to past episodesEnjoying the app, but needs to archive episodes....Version: 1.1

Love it❤️Love being able to see my British shows!!! Nota bad App overall, but the App needs to be updated. Also, not all episodes for a series are available on the app!!!!.Version: 1.1

Great British bakeHappy to see it.Version: 1.1

OutstandingBrilliantly easy to navigate. Excellent quality. Why wouldn't you use it?.Version: 1.1

UK PlayerGreat to keep up with the latest programs for a one off payment.Version: 1.1

Different episodes?I like this app but I live in the states so when does the next new episodes come on? I enjoyed watching citizen khan and I would like to see another episode.Version: 1.1

So Happy To Have These ShowsSo happy to have access to these shows! Once navigation is fixed it will be even better!.Version: 1.1

Great AppLiving abroad it's great to be able to watch my favourite British shows, without VPN..Version: 1.1

Works well.The app is fast and efficient and allows me to watch what I want..Version: 1.1

So far so goodThis beats trying to use a VPN, and so far it's been worth the money. Interface is a work in progress. I do like how you have the option to watch live as well..Version: 1.1

Need closed captionedWe need a closed captioning.Version: 1.1

Bbc IplayerWorks fine, had no problems using it. Happy I can watch my favourite British shows.Version: 1.1

Nice appWorks great, easy to use, attractive design. I like having a great selection of shows I haven't been able to find or play in other places....Version: 1.1

Missing a few things but...I would appreciate the addition of subtitles and the site doesn't have a couple shows I hoped it would but great streaming and totally worth the $!.Version: 1.1

GreatGood viewing.Version: 1.1

It works!Not sure how but it does..Version: 1.1

ThanksSo glad I can watch my British tv shows on this app it's awesome 👍.Version: 1.1

Wonderful for a Brit abroad!This is fantastic for all the shows that you miss when you're living abroad. You get what was on the previous week and a variety of movies so it's great!.Version: 1.1

Bake-a-lisiousWorth it just for Great British Bake Off. Love it!.Version: 1.1

TV I.playerGreat.Version: 1.1

Use it regularlyOnly problem moving from iPhone 6 to iPhone pro max the audio won’t work, audio works when I stream from it and works on my other devices but not on pro max. Otherwise 5 stars.Version: 1.1

Great valueFantastic to have British tv when and wherever you want it! Don’t always get all the episodes when you go to watch but overall great value for money..Version: 1.1

No soundIs There something I should be doing to get sound I try everything cheers and thank you for letting me know ....then I'll give you five stars to watch these BBC television show In BC Canada. Cheers.Version: 1.1

Keeps me updatedThe app usually plays well, few issues with stopping mid show. Would like the 'play' icon to be larger. Shows uploaded quickly. Featured shows are easy to find but older episodes harder to find. Variety limited. Would recommend.Version: 1.1

PlayerWorks fine, no problem.Version: 1.1

Works!The design is pretty clunky and hard to navigate but you can actually watch things! I had trouble with sound but deleted it and downloaded again and it reset fine..Version: 1.1

Great app easy to use.Such a good app haven’t had any problems love the shows especially the sport ..Version: 1.1

Great app!Very easy to use..Version: 1.1

Very happy with itVery happy with it no complaints.Version: 1.1

Fantastic appWow, this app has worked flawlessly so far. Worth the purchase price and more..Version: 1.1

HappyGreat so far. Would love to see some of the old shows as well..Version: 1.1

I playerJust love this. No complaints so far 👍.Version: 1.1

Love the range, but tricky following a seriesI really like the variety and extra quality this gives my viewing, particularly casting it to my tv. Hard to know when something I like will appear so used to watch only one off programs, particularly arts ones. Have found recently that I can follow a drama series if I check on Tuesday afternoons (Sydney time) for the next episode. They go off very quickly, leaving only episode one. You need good wifi too..Version: 1.1

No complaints here :)Happy customer thank you!.Version: 1.1

Love this app!Now I'm able to watch current British shows! Love this!.Version: 1.1

British tvSo happy to have my favorite shows back. Works great.🌺 Thank you.Version: 1.1

A must have!!I wish i would have known about this app way earlier, im really enjoying this app at the moment..Version: 1.1

Don't have to wait for Netflix!Can't believe I don't have to wait for Netflix to see the Fall!! Lots of British tv that just isn't available in the US....Version: 1.1

So greatAm watching hypernormalization which is brilliant- so pleased when I read the reviews and it was mentioned that TheFall series 3 was playing - I had to buy the app. Happy I did🤓.Version: 1.1

MjoRyanLiking a lot!.Version: 1.1

UkiplayerI really enjoy watching British shows and glad this app available!.Version: 1.1

Love this appGreat for catching new series when they come out in UK and not in Aus. The episodes don’t stay for long though, so you need to be quick!.Version: 1.1

ProblemWhen I try to get a show it starts then stops and can never get it to start again, some shows just show blank page why ? Am I doing something wrong ?.Version: 1.1

Flawlessly FantasticExcellent interface, layout, and excellent audio and video to boot! Couldn't ask for more. Superb..Version: 1.1

MissNo sound here in Australia looks great if I could lipread !.Version: 1.1

Last Tango in HalifaxThe app is generally great, except for programmes disappearing without warning. What happened to Last Tango in Halifax? I watched two episodes, then nothing!! Very annoying. Is it coming back? No way of contacting the people who plan the shows or asking questions..Version: 1.1

FunI like it.Version: 1.1

Works as advertisedSlightly clunky, but it does what in says it does without the need for VPN masking. Recommended!.Version: 1.1

When to good it’s great when it’s not it’s frustratingThe SEARCH function no longer works - hasn’t worked all week - are you fixing this or have you removed it from the app 🤔.Version: 1.1

UKPlayerThis app now streams. Still hard to find info but if you know what you watch it's fine..Version: 1.1

Didn't know it existedSo excited to get to see Hypernormalization..Version: 1.1

No soundI don't have sound and it's charging me.😡.Version: 1.1

Works very well!I enjoy watching my fave shows on this player..Version: 1.1

Works but not many optionsSo, this app actually appears to work, but there is no sensical listing of episodes?! I'm trying to choose a show, but it will play without telling me what season or episode I'm watching and there appears to be only one or two eps max per show? Not really sure this is worth $4.99. Disappointed..Version: 1.1

Great Colourful TV SHOW STREAMING for travelThis works very well i like THE APPRENTICE UK show and it’s available weekly using this app. Fantastic.Version: 1.1

EnjoyableThank you for making this app I especially like the audio description feature since I am totally blind..Version: 1.1

LikeI like it a lot it has a bunch of amazing shows but the only thing I don't like is that it only shows the newest show in a series so if you were wanted to start watching a series then you will have to go somewhere else to catch up on it..Version: 1.1

Very good but lacks support for previous episodesStreams the most recent episodes very well. However, if you need to go back up to 30 days you can't. BBC iPlayer itself will allow you to play episodes that aired up to 30 days ago by showing you all such episodes. For a given TV show this app only shows and plays the most recent. Overcoming this limitation would be most welcome!.Version: 1.1

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