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Great ... Great ... GreatFor a fan to put this together for the rest of us ... yea RAH !!!!! ... use it all the time on travels to west coast as that is where I do most of travel .... last update dealt with many of the issues needing fix and is working flawless now on mapping and info for me .....Version: 3.4

AwesomeThis app is wonderful of you are a fan of Triple D!.Version: 3.2

Good so farI like this app so far because it has more current shows displayed than the TV Food Map app. I wish there was an area to check off that I've been to the location. I like to keep track of which ones I visited..Version: 4.2.4

Love the latest version!Great search feature using current location, or input another. Great content and info. Links with maps. Plus it's FREE!.Version: 0

Only App that is up to date & mapped locationsI like this app b/c when I’m traveling, it shows all the locations closest to me, you can also search by state & click on map. The app is pretty basic, and there’s a slow delay when clicking on a restaurant, But the mapping feature is key here. I look at menus & photos elsewhere. Updated with the most recent episodes as of August 2022..Version: 4.8

Awesome!Works like a charm for me, well worth a buck!.Version: 3.2

Works greatI have to say this app works great. Easy peazy.Version: 3.2

AwesomeI have not had any problems with he new version and the features added are awesome. Mapping and sharing locations on facebook and now I can see comments that are on the website. Sweet! Good job guys..Version: 0

A must haveFor all fans of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives this app is for you. Oh, did I mention it's free? My only gripe.... could do with all locations viewable on a map of the country, as it is on flavourtown website. Then it gets 5*!.Version: 2.2

Missing something.Love the idea of this app and it worked great for me. I would give you a 5 if you actually put what Guy ate during his visit to the restaurants in the description. After all, isnt that why we visit these places? I watch a lot of DDD but can't remember the specialty items of each joint..Version: 3.2

Works fine for meI live in Connecticut and it shows plenty of places near where I live. Works fine!.Version: 3.5

Very handy!Thanks for creating this app! Easy to use and informational! - Faith W..Version: 4.5

Great, simple and FREE appThis is a great app that does exactly what it says to do. I would be even more useful if you can search on city or restaurant name. But you can come a far way to search on zipcode because it shows also restaurants in a wider range. Don't know a zipcode? Get the simple and free app ZIPcodes. Enter a city name a voila a zipcode to use in this App. Thanks for putting out this app for free. I am sure it will come in very useful on our next vacation to find a good restaurant option near us..Version: 0

KillerI am always on the road and this app allows me to find the coolest places to eat. Nice work!.Version: 0

Well done!Performs as advertised. I love how it links to videos and the diner web site. Excellent, I will use this whenever I travel..Version: 3.2

Oh Yeah,This App is Money!.Version: 3.0

Best dollar spent and highly recommend!I went to five DDD places and they were all awesome and right where the app said it would be! It was so current that two of the places hadn't aired the episode yet. Well done!.Version: 3.2

Worked wellI used this app last year as I traveled across America for a week with my parents. We were only able to use it at hotels and wifi spots etc as roaming charges would have been outrageous, however it worked well, and we were able to stop at a few of them. Thanks dev team..Version: 3.4

Flavortown is just what I was looking forI love watching triple-D and I had been compiling a list of Austin TX resteraunts for an upcoming buisness trip when I stumbled upon this nice app. The only thing I would change or add is find things based on my gps location.- don't know zip codes for more than like 2 cities..Version: 0

Trolls go away, this app works fineIt shows you the locations and the videos, ratings, comments and how to get there. The app works great!!!.Version: 3.2

Got Results!!!!!!!!Got contacted by support and with their help got app working. It appears that if there is nothing near your location, nothing shows up on the screen. They said they will take care of that. So if you do a search near your location and nothing comes up, expand your search area. Will be taking road trip soon to check out some good food. blmac.Version: 0

Perfect! 5 Stars!Exactly what I was looking for and does what it says. Easy to find places from the show. I highly recommend it...worth the money..Version: 3.2

Love this app, but.....This latest version keeps crashing. ver 2.4 lastversion i had was working fine. only way to make it work is to re-instal...but then it works 1 time only. i really prefer not to have to re-install every time i want to use it. have also tried toggeling location services off and on and makes no difference.Version: 2.4

Awesome App!5 stars all the way!! Directions, phone numbers, menus, you tube links!! Awesome!!! 5 stars all the way!!!!.Version: 3.2

It works great!I was nervous downloading the app after reading all the reviews, but it was only $.99, so I took a chance and downloaded it and it works wonderfully!.Version: 3.2

App does exactly as advertisedSimple app that does exactly what it advertises.. A no brainier for any triple D fan..Version: 3.2

Great FREE app.This is a great free app. I can't believe how many boneheads are whining about it not showing directions, just tap on the address and it comes up on a map..Version: 0

Great AppUsed this app traveling from the west coast to the east coast. 6 months later I used it traveling back. It worked great. I'm sure it has a few bugs but it's always worked the way I needed it to. Highly recommend getting it for only a buck..Version: 3.4

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