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Acrobits Softphone for Positive User Reviews

Best for iPod touchBest calling app probably I use it all the time it sounds clear & never just exits the app for no reson.Version: 0

Great for GV + GizmoI use this app to get calls via google voice + gizmo on my ipod touch. I was worried that I had wasted my money because gizmo calls stopped working, but the latest version has everything working properly again. I get an audio ring alert and the popup with push notifications when I receive a call, even when my ipod is sleeping. My only complaint is that you have to open up the app every so often to continue getting push notifications of calls or it logs you our of gizmo..Version: 0

Awesome app!Great app. The best I've seen. Using this to connect to and it works great. Also purchased the G.729 annex codec and the audio is 100 times better. Hope you guys continue to make this better..Version: 0

Good Update, Could be better!I'm not sure what this update brought for GV integration; it still seems the same as before. I'd still love to see proper support though! 1) Ability to automatically accept calls from your google voice number on a SIP account (perhaps only when the app is active and within a specified timeframe (20 seconds?) of dialing out using Acrobits' built in GV dialer, so you don't need to press accept after you pick the number to dial. 2) Using the same logic to link an outgoing Google Voice call and an incoming SIP call from your Google Voice number, have Acrobits label the SIP calls as outgoing and with the number that was dialed, instead of incoming and with your Google Voice number. Also, conferencing support as per groundwire would be nice... Maybe as a paid add on? Not sure why, but this update changed my color theme. Also, a recent update broke favorites.. not sure which one did that, but I had to re-add them all..Version: 0

Best call quality, performance & reliability over VPNSearch no more, check the other reviews, this is it. - works extremely well while connected via vpn. - very simple setup, works well with almost all SIP provider (tested on 13+ providers). - very good performance & reliability. - no other SIP client software in the app store comes close in call quality (tried almost all other SIP client apps)..Version: 0

ExcellentVery good application. Works perfectly with Draytel in the UK and easily paid for itself on a recent overseas trip avoiding expensive hotel call charges. Also useful in locations (basements) where there is no carrier coverage but good WiFi. Excellent call quality and features. New push notifications also work well..Version: 0

Great supportI addressed a specific issue with our carrier (Softphone was not able to properly push incoming calls for Speakeasy VOIP) and Acrobits worked to resolve it. It's still not completely resolved (the calls received automatically goes into 'Hold'); however, I am able to use the client with pretty impressive call quality. I hope Acrobits will update w/ iOS4 support as well as complete resolution for Speakeasy soon..Version: 0

Acrobits Softphone for iPhoneMost of us just want an app to just work and reliably. Softphone does that and more. It is very clear at all times which is a bonus to someone like me with poor hearing. It works very well with my Draytel voip. A few years ago I requested tech support. We all know that most tech support just wants to fob you off asap but not these guys. These guys bent over backwards to help me understand when I thought I had a problem. I would recommend this app to anyone. R..Version: 5.5.3

Recommended, will save you much more than the cost of the app !Easy to set up and use, reliable, great tech support, good sound, frequent updates with improvements. Shop around for a good inexpensive VOIP provider. Many out there. Don't hesitate to buy this app because it is much more expensive than others offered in the app store, this one is full-featured, reliable, and with great tech support..Version: 0

Amzing and works wellI need to call india a lot and I have been using different voip providers now with this software everything works well I can switch between different providers to call different location in the world. Amazing work guys only thing I will like is the ability to change the keypad colour not a major thing but will look better if it was all black..Version: 0

Superb SIP App. Cant't wait for ios4 UpdateWorks brilliantly, within the limitations of the iPhone. I am hoping that an ios4 compatible upgrade will allow the app to run in the background, so the phone can stay fully connected to our voip pabx while our iPhone users get on with using their phones for other tasks..Version: 0

Great app now.Since the latest update to 4.9 phone calls have been perfect for both send and receiving over wifi and 3G..Version: 4.9.1

Quite good Sip-SoftphoneI just bought it and enjoyed already almost 2 hours of phone calls to Germany and Canada through poivy. The sound quality is brilliant, no complains from the other side (Landlined) either. For what reason so ever, I had some dial errors, but continousely redial and most times at the third attempt had a proper call. May be the developers could have a look to see what caused this as I also sometimes couldn't get connected straight away with th sip provider. Nevertheless 5 Stars, nice interface, easy to set sip providers and again very good sound quality!.Version: 0

Amazing App!One of the must have app for my iPhone apps, multiple accounts work so well. It would be nice if we can specify dial plan to use what account for the number. Also it rings only once in the background. Would be nice to get a constant ring. Great app over all!.Version: 5.5

Best I've used so far.I'm using this client to access my office Asterisk server. I have to say honestly of all the SIP clients I've used so far (more than 4) this is by far the most stable and user friendly. It had a bumpy start a while back with the Push server falling over often, but that seems to have settled down now. I've used the 3G option several times and it's worked flawlessly. A few features like a voicemail and Transfer buttons would be great. But I've managed so far without them. I did originally give this application a 1 Star, but I felt I had to be fair and revise it to what I honestly feel about this application after the recent updates..Version: 0

Works pretty goodI'm with a provider not listed on the sheet (VOIPYOURLIFE) but it seems to work none the less. The only issues noticed thus far are occasionally a dead line (though it won't hang up) and the occasional issue where the system won't call out, it just keeps on trying.... Overall though a very innovative product that works pretty darn good. Sound was good and conferencing codes worked fine. It's the best VOIP I tried and works great as long as you've got good wifi..Version: 0

Bluetooth headset problemsThe bloeyooth headset doesnot work well with this app, can't hear well, I have a motorolla bluetooyth that works pefectly fine on local calls. please fix.Version: 4.8

SoftPhoneHaving managed to set the softphone up to recieve calls easily enough for a non-supported service provider I surprised at the outstanding customer service that I recieved. The softphone now works perfectly as well..Version: 0

Great app for travelersThis has proven to be immensely useful while traveling. While in the U.S. I have a local SIM with unlimited voice&data, and can easily point my "native" number to SIP calls, and have Acrobits Softphone notify me when I have an incoming call to my native cell - without hanging in the background and eating battery. Purchasing g.729 codec might seem to be expensive but 100% worth it. One missing feature I'd like to see is ability to set "route to SIP" in the app (e.g. for Megafon). Otherwise really appreciate the amount of work put in this truly useful app..Version: 5.6.3

Great, could need a bit of polishingWorks great in general, especially push notification. Would be perfect if the app had a more modern design and better choice of ringtones (they are mostly songs, not very pro). Would love to see that in an update! I recommend it!.Version: 5.8.7

ContactsI have an iPod touch 32 gig 3rd generation, and it seems that I'm the only one with this problem. All the contacts show up twice. I don't know why, but it doesn't affect the calls in any way. Ps. If you are one of those people who puts +1 or +36 or whatever before the number on all your contacts, it doesn't really like that.Version: 0

Still the best after all these years !Worth every penny !.Version: 5.9.39

Excellent SIP phoneThis is by far the best SIP phone I have tried. Well worth the investment. This is the only SIP client I have seen working flawlessly over 3G. I recommend VOIPcheap as a SIP provider..Version: 0

Great call quality even over 3GGreat app which my VOIP provider (Ativer) reimbursed me for. Downloaded it and after a simple configuration with SIP account details went straight onto a 1 hour international conference call connected over 3G. Few dropped calls, very little interference, very clear sound. Calling numbers from my contacts is problematic as it does not deal with spaces, so I have to re-key..Version: 0

Wow and the Oh no.02 your users need you, so we can use the application. Get over the politics and give them the service that they need, not to do that is bad politics ;-).Version: 0

Great app turns iPod 4 into an iPhone ( almost )Love this app as soon as I have a wifi connexion it connects (except one place where it does not work, might be because they don't allow VOIP) When there is no wifi, if I receive a call it will offer me a call back as soon as I connect on wifi Love it (especially that it was 4$ when I got it$.Version: 0

Great VOIP SIP Application +++++Just works: keypad works in call for picking up voicemal +, push notification of incomming call works when app is closed ++ (knew this could be implemented correctly on sipgate/generic SIP accounts - just need to update the answer once app has loaded - I'm sure it's comming), easy setup +++, neat interface ++++, great voice quality +++++. Yet to try the other features, there are many! Was waiting for sipgate app in the uk, but this covers everthing I have been looking for in a VOIP SIP app and I have tried a few - definately best I've tried. Wonder if sending/recieving faxes might be on the cards?.Version: 0

Excellent High-Quality VoIP appBest VoIP phone app by far - Ive tried several and usually none if them work properly, except this one! A nice feature to have would be that we see from which account a call is coming from, in real-time and in the missed calls list and then it would be the perfect app!.Version: 0

Great AppBest softphone I have ever used. With the push incoming call which works for any SIP provider it's becoming a super softphone . Money well spent!! Great work 10/10 product The only thing missing is the ability to send SMS from it. Some voip provider support SMS as well. Like pennytel.Version: 0

Great appVery handy app. Supports more than one sip account. Very easy to use. Could you please add the option of turning off those beeps when you record a conversation, it can get a little distracting when taking notes..Version: 0

OmniscientHad trouble setting it up with BT broadband talk,emailed support and received reply and help within 20mins! Now working great! Great product and support!.Version: 0

ExcellentExcellent and only takes a minute to configure with included templates for most SIP (VOIP) providers. Pretty much works right out of the box (so to speak). When travelling anywhere in the world it pays for itself in less than 10 minutes by negating the need to use call-forwarding and call-initiating (on my plan about 20x more expensive than normal SIP calling which this softphone allows for). In fact, my provider actually recommended this particular softphone as from their experience they’ve had the least trouble from it and waaaayyyy less trouble than from the free softphones floating around out there..Version: 5.9.32

Best iPod Touch Voip ApplicationWhere do I begin? I have used several of the paid applications for the iPod Touch and "none" of them worked well for me. For example: a) either I couldn't be heard, b) it took too long for the phone to sync up to the Wifi network, or a lot of other problems. All the other systems available on this site (although used) Free and Paid -- didn't work for me and were a waste of good money. I tried this and it worked great! I purchased (from the Apple Store) the Shure ($40) headset with microphone and it works absolutely great. I use it all the time and am extremely happy. Everyone is very clear and although I can hear other people fine I cannot hear myself but that's fine. This is work every penny but you need to buy an expensive headset with microphone (invest the money) because the Apple headphones feel bad and "hurt" every time I use them. I am in pain. Great purchase!!!!!.Version: 0

Bt broadband talkIt took a while to get the settings right, but it's all in the sip password and proxy server name. I use my bb number for work and wanted my iPhone to receive the calls over wireless router at home - it works. Quite pleased..Version: 0

Fast and stableThis is the first app i have felt worthy of writing a review for. I've used a bunch of sip clients and none of them are nearly as fast as this. Connects calls over wifi as quickly as networked hard phones and clarity on g.711 codec is awesome. Push notifications work a treat, waking the phone when locked and enabling the call to be answered in a single tap, its the first app I've used that makes an iPhone a viable alternative to a hard phone in a commercial environment..Version: 0

Works greatThis app is excellent. I can use this app anywhere in the world, and connect to my home based PBX. I've used this app for a versions now and I can't keep up with all the new features the developers add. This app is never turned off on my iPhone..Version: 0

With multitasking this would be almost perfectI love this compared to all the other VoIP apps but we just need multitasking to make it suitable for my business use as well as just a tool to use occasionally when out of the country..Version: 0

Couldn't work without itI have a SOHO66 SIP account (which is brilliant btw) for my small business. This app lets me somehow connect to my account from my iPhone as if I were using the phone in the office. Magic as far as I'm concerned. This summer I am running the business from sunny Cadiz instead of drizzly Cardiff - and this app makes it possible! Tried Skype, wasn't a patch on this. The call clarity is excellent. Easy to set too..Version: 5.3.3

An amazing SIP client!Like others in the App Store, I've tried numerous SIP clients. This softphone is definitely the best out there. Supporting multiple accounts that you can switch between instantly, I found the configuration of the app to be amazingly simple (especially since it includes configuration templates for nearly every major SIP provider...Vonage, Gizmo, Callcentric, voicheap, etc.). You can record a call directly on the phone (it even splits the recording into multiple tracks for you), place calls on hold, and can be used with your own VOIP setup (I'm using FreePBX on an Asterisk system). If I had to say anything negative, it would merely be that there are no options for different ringtones...but I'm sure that will be incorporated in a future version..Version: 0

Great appI use this app all the time . its the one to get because it works ,if you forget to even open the app worth the money all day.Version: 5.9.7

Best sip client!The only sip client with push support! I also bought the g729 codec and 3G calls are crystal clear. Its not draining my iPad battery down a lot thanks to push. Even if the client is turned off I can still get calls. I have some caller ID issues on my outbound calls... I contacted support, we were unable to resolve this issue, but otherwise they have provided great support. VoIP is not made to be working with nat routers and 3G networks...,so results may vary. Now, I hope I won't have to pay for the iPad version and they will make it universal instead! Buy it now!.Version: 4.8

Best SIP client for iPhoneReliable with a nice UI..Version: 5.6.1

The best SIP phone out there for IphoneI have this and a few other sip apps and so far is this is the best. I gave 4 out of 5 stars! only because it didn't have a visual voicemail or a voicemail MWI. Its seems like they forgot it. The push feature for incoming calls work great with no issues really. G.729 codec was extra but hey everyone has to pay the patent holder for this codec And works great on Rogers 3g network with my sip provider ( Please upgrade voicemail features thank you Scott.Version: 0

Just worksI’ve been using it for years without problem. It uses push notification for incoming calls..Version: 5.9.30

AcrobitsExcellent call quality. The g.729 add on is well worth the cost if you have a marginal wifi connection, nobody could tell that I was using VoIP. Google Voice integration is excellent and seamless. This is my back up phone when the cell signal goes away in a few of our buildings. Highly configureable settings, so if it doesn't work, it is most likely that the pre-set settings don't work for your case. Watch the videos, especially on how to configure google voice to work with your SIP account..Version: 4.8

FantasticJust work. I have setup 4 providers with each their own dialplan. Made calls over 3g wirh the g729 codec I purchase and have top quality voice. Highly recomended..Version: 5.3.2

Best voip appCan u update resolution for 6+.Version: 5.6.4

All goodThey fixed the really annoying camera issue! That was my only complaint. Great app!.Version: 5.9.10

Great VOIP clientI’ve been using it for 2 years with no troubles. Plenty of features and configuration options. Push notification works well without requiring the app to run in background, so saving battery life. My voip provider, CallCentric, requires a “1” before all US phone numbers, and this app will automatically add that to any contact that doesn’t already have a leading “1”. Very convenient..Version: 5.6.4

Absolutely fantasticWorks very well over wifi & 3G but could be better with improved codecs..Version: 0

Brilliant app does what it saysThis is worth every penny as you always get what you pay for. In this case a voip softphone tool that delivers. Keep up the development in cz and look forward to the next release..Version: 0

More than EnoughWe’ve been using this app from last few months and it’s working brilliant. Highly Recommend to Businesses of all sizes. JZN ASSOCIATES.Version: 5.8.7

Excellent AppGreat call quality, easy to adjust whether or not to receive incoming calls. And now with IOS10 being able to answer calls from lock screen improves usability a lot..Version: 5.8

Ios 7 flat look?Must have app but when is the new look coming?.Version: 5.4.3

The proper way to VoiP on iOSI switched to a data only plan serval months ago to get more data for my money and I've got myself a phone number with I've been using the app to make and receive calls and it's been amazing. It's reliable and easy to use. Especially when receiving calls, compared to other apps, it is just like any other gsm call. Very well integrated with the ios voip api Highly recommend.Version: 5.8.4

Great app V3Using with engin byo.Version: 0

Wow! This is pretty cool.After researching all the jargon of SIP VoIP, I finally realised it wasn't rocket science and how fantastically cheap it could make international calls from my iPhone. I took the plunge, registered with one of the many VoIP providers (VoipCheap) in a few minutes, downloaded this app, and was chatting to a friend in South Africa in less than a minute! This app is truly user-friendly and their website provides excellent How-To videos. Integration with my iPhone address book is seamless. I cannot praise this app highly enough. It has revolutionised my international calls... now that I'm calling mostly at less than 2c/minute!.Version: 4.5

Excellent programme!Bravo pour ce programme. Je fais et reçois maintenant tous mes appels avec ce programme et comme fournisseur. 1¢ la minute partout au Canada ou 4.95$/mois illimité!! Adieu les ridicules forfaits de Telus et compagnie. La téléphonie IP sera la mort de la téléphonie traditionnelle!.Version: 0

The best SIP app I have ever seenIf you were like me, trying to figure out exactly which SIP app to look for, you found the right one here. It is true, you get what you pay for, and as far as I am concerned, I would gladly paid more if I had to for this app. The user interface was very well designed, and even up to the end of call beeps, it acts, sounds, and feels like a call being made on a regular wireless network. Even the audio is superb! Excellent audio frequency response on the TX audio, goes beyond C-message weighting curve! For me personally, I purchased this app for the use in areas where there might not be any cellular / PCS networks or while traveling out of the country. This app does a great job via wi-fi networks. I give this one 5 stars!.Version: 0

Push Notifications are working!!I bought this application for the push notifications, which work pretty well atleast for Gizmo5!! However my only Gripe is with the sound quality which could do with some improvements. The developers reply promptly and will guide you to address your concerns. The interface is good & the call recording feature is pretty good..Version: 0

Its very good VOIP appIts one of best app for voip. I recommend..Version: 5.9.7

Very good app over 3GThis app works great it took a bit of work to get it setup with my provider but after it was everything was working great! you would get 5 stars if the dial pad was the same size as the iPhones dialed and if you could delete all in history, it would also be nice if this app could take place of the iPhone dialed rather then closing the program when the gsm option is used.Version: 0

Great program and hoping for Universal upgrade to iPadI have been using this great VOIP program on my iPhone and connecting to our company PBX system. I am hoping there will be a universal upgrade from this version to allow to take advantage the bigger screen of the iPad. I sure hope it will not be a full priced new version at the much higher prices we are seeing on the App store. BTW, this program as it sits works great on the iPad!.Version: 0

Exceptional sound qualityI was hesitant to pay for this due to poor experiences with other sip apps, and due to those experiences I figured some of these reviews were fake. I bought the app anyway and was amazed at how good the sound quality really is. The app includes some settings where you can adjust the microphone sound and that was what made this the best sip app for my Touch. I did not find those mic settings in any other sip app I tried. The sound quality is so good that it makes the Touch a viable wifi sip phone. I am using a Monster mic adapter purchased online just FYI. The push notification works fine but naturally if you leave your touch on all the time waiting for calls your battery will die sooner. That's not the fault of the app. Much thanks to the developers for what I consider to be the perfect voip app..Version: 0

LOVE Softphone again!!!The update now fixed the issue with Callcentric, thank you for the quick fix! This SIP program does everything I need plus extras that give it a big advantage over others including Skype. For one thing the ability to record the call is a huge bonus as often I need to review conversations for my work. Also I never could get my Callcentric SIP account to work with iPico or other iPhone SIP programs, Softphone worked without any problems. Lastly, I love that you can now use bluetooth with Softphone which is something Skype doesn't support and I seriously doubt that other iPhone SIP programs do at the moment. In a nutshell this is a well polished iPhone app well worth purchasing especially with all of the extras it includes. I like Callcentric and it works perfect with Softphone, highly recommended if you like saving money!!! This is by far my favorite VOIP program on either my Mac or my iPhone. No I don't work them, this is just a Grade A written program and does what I need it to do and well above that. Now with 3G support there's no reason to use AT&T for international calls, save your money and get this app..Version: 0

LumenVoiceWe're a SIP provider and though this isn't as good as the quality you might get by using an Aastra, or Polycom phone, it works remarkably well. Nice easy to use interface makes it very user friendly. Very Nice!! USERS,keep in mind the network you use this on is a major factor for how well it works, some DSL's can't support quality SIP applications, I have a fair amount of bandwidth where I use this application which helps with performance..Version: 0

Best there isCalls are too important to rely on free software and the fee for this app is far outweighed by the benefits it brings. Simply the best and easiest I have used and I think I have tried them all..Version: 5.9.8

Can't receive calls if the app is not runningThis app doesn't seem to work in the background, even though it claims to support iOS multitasking. As long as you can live with not having your phone ring when someone calls you, this seems like a great app. I bought it as a transition while I'm waiting for my Dead Gizmo5 dialin number to transfer to a new provider..Version: 4.7

GreatEverything else is great except push is lag when receive incoming calls..Version: 0

Works over 3G! Support is great.I don't usually write reviews but this software has worked so well for me that I thought I should share some thoughts on it. One of the first things I consider when buying software or computer hardware is the customer/tech support that comes with it. Before clicking on the "Buy APP" button I emailed Acrobits a question about compatibility with my office IP PBX. I got a quick response and then decided to give it a shot. With just a few tries setting up some of the options I got it up and working. I did email Acrobits 2 more times with questions and both replies were timely and helpful. Just today I was surprised to notice that my IP calls were not only working over my wireless network but also over the 3G network while driving around town. This is great! I can now receive calls through my office IP PBX anywhere around town. Plus I can make calls to clients using my office phone lines. I read a lot of reviews that complain about the cost of apps. To me it comes down to what value you gain from using the application. The fact that I can answer my customer calls instead of them going into voice mail is worth $$$$ to me. I think my clients appreciate the fact that they can call me with questions and support and not have to wait for me to call them back. Great app, great support..Version: 0

The best sip app for iPhone!I tried 3 different sip apps ( all paid versions), and found this to be the best for call quality, consistency and speed on loading and registering my accounts. With the latest update (apparently, the bugs got sorted out for push notifications), I can answer my voip number even when the app is not open. Kudos! ****** now it works over 3g and edge **** I just tested it, great call quality - simply the best I must say..Version: 0

Daily use appUseful and stable, my own pbx or public voip provider, especially NAT and encrypted calling , perfect app, bought it and you own it..Version: 5.9.39

Good appA little buggy with iOS 7 although I imagine it'll be a quick fix. Only thing missing from the app is a message waiting indicator..Version: 5.4.1

Good voice quality. Best SIP phone.UPDATE: I'm changing my review and giving this phone a full five stars. This new version fixes all my complaints, plus adds some awesome new features. I've bought and tried all the SIP phones currently available at the app store. This one is the best one. The recording feature is done very well. I love how the recorded call is stored with your call history. Very clean interface. I'm using Gizmo5. Setup was very easy. The voice quality on this application is better than iSip (which I also bought). The interface is nice. Has a great feature to keep the Softphone running, so that you get incoming calls. (it prevents the iphone from sleeping, which is only helpful if the iphone is sitting on your desk plugged into some power. Otherwise, I'm sure it would drain the battery fast.).Version: 0

Works very wellThis app works very well for me. It would get 5 stars if it had visual voice mail and a full res iPad version. Great sound quality - better than a land line over wifi and good over 3G. This is the future of the business telephone IMO. With the aid of the good guys at my provider, Nextiva I was making calls within minutes on my iPad. Push works without a hitch. So far I am using speaker phone until I get a camera connection kit so I can use my headset..Version: 0

Wow can't believe the sound qualitySet it up in less than 20 minutes. Done calling receiving calls quality is great. Great program..Version: 0

*** Dropped iPad support *** Works well with Asterisk / PBX in a FlashClearly abandonware - very unfortunate. —- **** How about an iPad formatted, universal version, upgrade? **** --- Upgraded to 5 stars for g.729 support, and a slew of additional, excellent enhancements - not to mention the developer keeps improving and supporting an excellent VoIP client. I wish I could give him more $$$ ;-) --- Upgraded to 4 Stars for supporting calling straight over 3G. Woohoo! ---- I run my own PBX in a Flash home and office PBX, and have been looking for an appropriate client on iPhone. This does the job, and it does it very well. Some suggestions for enhancements that would catapult this well into 5 stars territory: - support for the G.729 codec for even better quality. Yes, G.729 costs money to license - make it an in-app purchase. I would gladly pay an additional $5 or so for that feature. - allow customizing the ringtones - add custom quick-buttons for VM, for example. - aesthetic changes of the look and feel to bring it more in line with the native look of an iPhone phone app, than some avant garde retro design experiment (allow selection of different skins, to appease avant garde retro afficionados). Maybe make skins an in-app purchase. ;-) Do these, and a shining 5 stars, and more money, will be yours ;-).Version: 5.9.21

Getting better all the timeI still find this app the one I go back to after trying others. Calls work every time, app stays dormant in background and wakes when someone calls. Yes it does drain the battery if it's set to keep active all the time, but I bought a car charger and keep charging as much as possible and all fine. We now use the app as our home phone (iinet NDSL) on an old iPhone 3G..Version: 0

Receive incoming VoIP callsWorks great, full control over the various options for background or push notifications. With 2talk+ NZ you can get incoming calls via push notification & SIP TCP so doesn't waste your battery..Version: 5.1.1

Probably best SIP client on iOSThat's probably the best SIP client on iOS (I haven't checked their Groundwire app). The push notification configuration is really important for saving iPhone battery as the application doesn't need to stay in background. Filter and number re-writing are other very useful features, especially if you use SIP providers in different countries..Version: 5.6.5

Awesome app for Google Voice/Gizmo usersIf you are a Gizmo5 and Google Voice subscriber, this app will basically turn your iPad/iPod touch into a phone, realistically for outgoing calls. Add your Gizmo SIP account, then add your Google Voice account. This app will then use the callback method when you use the keypad, quickdial favorites or contact list (from within the app). No need to set up backgrounding. I've made free calls back to the United States from overseas using this app. It's not a telephone replacement (you can't dial 911 from this setup), however paired with a pay-as-you-go dumbphone, it's an effective way to cut your phone bill massively. This review is identical to the one I'm giving to Acrobits Groundwire. I didn't realize the two apps were so similar; for the scenario described above Acrobits Softphone is quiet adequate. There is no difference in call quality..Version: 4.5

Cannot register since last update (4.2)I have been making good quality calls over both wifi and 3G using G729. The calling and configuration interfaces are simple and efficient. I love it overall... Fix the newly added registering bug and also push notifications that hasn't work for me, and I'll give it a 5 stars..Version: 0

WorksIt works fine..Version: 4.7

Way better than whats out thereI will keep it short and simple by saying that this software is all you need. My voip provider wasnt in the preconfigured list by Acrobits, but as I am techinical I knew the fact that this softphone should be able to work with any voip provider(PENNYTEL in my case) as long as you have a domain. I popped in all the details and it was all ready to rock and roll. It took me a while to get used to software and all the options it had, but after 10 mins I was good to go. In addition my bluetooth headset works quite well with it and ofcourse the call connects quite quickly. I guess its worth the heafty price tag next to it. These guys have done a bit of work :).Version: 0

Cisco Unified Callmanager 7Tried other sip clients and had poor quality with calls. Got this one and used it to make some test calls and it worked very well. Was connected over a really crappy comcast connection to my agencies VPN server to Cisco Unified Callmanager 7 and it worked great. Haven't gotten push working yet. Only reason it got 4 stars. Hope to make it 5 sometime soon. Would love to see G.729 at some point. Can't wait for VOIP over 3G..Version: 0

Acrobits soft phone and pennytelWorks a treat, very easy to configure..Version: 5.2

Great voip appUsed this app for over a year great call quality wonderful app highly recommended.Version: 0

Great app, but needs bring up to 2019 standardsBeen using it since March 2010 and still use it today. It works and works very well. I have multiple numbers and works flawlessly with them all. My only complaint is the inability to block numbers, I get numerous spam/harassing calls and it would be a useful feature. Please do it I’m sure it would give your app the edge. Edit: Thanks for the reply. I can see it has Callkit but rejected calls still show as missed calls in Softphone and trigger the badge notification. Any way of fixing this?.Version: 5.9.10

TerrificThis is a great app for receiving calls to a landline on your mobile device. Its inbuilt filters are also very handy to block out unwanted calls. Nice job..Version: 5.9.32

SIP client powerhouseNo client that i have found handles incoming calls very well. They either require the app to remain open and in the foreground and the screen cant be turned off, or they stay closed and load when a push notification arrives. Problem with this option is you most likely will miss the call because of loading time. This one uses the best of both options. While still not as reliable as a standard telephone it will pick up calls on a regular basis. I believe answering calls should remain a focus point for iphone sip client developers until it is perfected..Version: 0

Nice app - but.....Works great. However if upgrading from previous version ensure you erase the app and all data first, then setup from scratch again - otherwise it fails to SMS properly (via pennytel anyway)..Version: 5.1.1

Gets Better and BetterI've been using this app for a number of months and it improves with every release. I connect to two VoIP lines which I can answer even when I'm not on wi-fi and the push option means I don't miss a call. Call quality, when the signal is strong, is clear for both parties. Highly recommended; takes VoIP to another level..Version: 0

Great appWorks perfectly with and Bluetooth! Using for my business so I don’t have to carry two phones. Definitely worth the money..Version: 5.9.9

Great VoIP client but...... It needs iOS4 multitasking support. 5 stars once that's working!.Version: 0

AwesomeOne star off because I think the UI could be simplified but overall a great product. This is the first VOIP app I’ve ever come across that actually works!.Version: 5.9.36

Absolutely brilliant.I have never paid for a software sip phone before, but after reading the good reviews I decided to give it a go. I am glad I did I can finally receive incoming calls even if the phone is asleep provided the provider supports push notifications. You have the option in the menu of testing push notifications to make sure it works. Very pleased..Version: 5.9.12

Google Voice support removedStill the best VoIP app available. For those of you who used the Google Voice feature it is no longer available. Not listed in the list of services and not listed on the help desk. A warning or update saying it was being removed would have been nice. Would have submitted a support ticket but the CAPTCHA on the support sure says "Invalid Site Key" and will not let me submit a ticket....Version: 5.6.3

Love this appThis push notification is working great, saves much battery and speed. The only thing that they need to work more on is that if User can select original ringtones in iphone. Mine doesn't work and the ringtones provided by acrobits are crappy. Anyway, I use my sip phone as my main phone line..Version: 5.3

4 and a half stars2 improvements would make this killer app. 1) enable 3way calling. Already available in basic and free apps like whistle phone. This is long overdue. 2) enable multiple google voice accounts. Presently I have to unregister one and reregister another. That's a pain Otherwise excellent. Phone used to crash esp when low battery but new update seems to have solved it..Version: 4.6

Best VOIP Client aroundI have tried them all skype truphone fring and many others this tops them all ok you have to pay for the app but you are not locked into phone providers I use PoivY which has some of the best rates around and calls are clear the ability to use multiple SIP providers means you are never going to get out of date with this app keep up the good work in CZ and I look forward to the next version. As I travel a lot my roaming bills could top 3,000 usd a month now I limit calls to WIFI and am sving 98% don't hesitate to buy this app I live in swizerland and plan a new VOIP venture soon in Europe I think I might be talking to the developers of this product soon.Version: 0

Excellent on iPad 2This is the best sip phone app I have had (I have tried a few). Excellent quality app, very flexible / configurable to SIP providers and solid support from the authors website and help desk. Good integration with contacts and nice quick dial screen. Not native to iPad (I think that's coming?) but the iPhone interface is fine. Used on 3G and wifi, with Voipfone..Version: 4.8

The Perfect Sip PhoneI have already been using one of the pre-configured SIP providers for my home phone. It was extreamly easy to setup. Took about 2 minutes. Now I can take my phone number on the road with me. With this software there's nothing closer than having a cell phone. I do think that the G.729 Annex addin is a bit expensive at almost $10.00 I would pay $1.99 for it in a second. Thanks Acrobits..Version: 0

TabletsPity it doesn’t support Landscape mode for tablets, otherwise an excellent app..Version: 5.9.10

Quick, easy set up. Works wellInstalled and configured for my Voipfone account in a few seconds works perfectly in foreground and background..Version: 5.1.1

Excellent sound quality and push notificationsI've been very happy with the Acrobits Softphone app. The sound quality with Gizmo5 is excellent. The push notifications work well, too, and allow me to place a Google Voice call through the Google Voice web app and then pick up the call using the Acrobits push notification, which is handy in spots where I don't have cell coverage but do have access to the internet through Wi-Fi. The developer, who is responsive to questions and suggestions, has included the helpful feature of sending a push notification when the 24 hour login to Gizmo5 expires. Now that AT&T will allow VoIP over 3G, I hope that Acrobits will quickly post an update to allow the Softphone to work over 3G..Version: 0

Makes my day so much easier with this app & Ring CentralI have a RingCentral account and with this app I can have a complete mobile office. I can be at the gym and take my calls. It make my job sooo much easier. I tried some of the other sip phone but this is the only one that I could find that would work with RingCentral. GREAT APPPPPP!!!.Version: 0

Best Sip phone on AppStoreWell, I have been using this app a quiet a long time and I realized that it has less then 5 star and got surprised. Incoming calls with Push is amazing. You get to use your VoIP on 3G flawless (maybe they are the first one offered this). I recently purchased Bria to see if there is anything exciting because of their star rating, but honestly nothing new or better. So I decide to write this review. I would highly recommend this app over other paid apps. I wish there was iPad specific version..Version: 5.6.3

Much better than SkypeWe used Skype for about 5 years, very unhappy with the quality and reliability. I was starting to wonder why Skype hadn't improved, or another company become more popular. In the in I started doing a bit of reading and discovered that instead of Skype and a poor selection of 'Skype phones' there is the SIP standard for voip with various compatible phones, softphones and providers. I signed up to voipfone, bought Siemens gigaset phones and this softphone. It all works brilliantly. Even making VoIP calls over 3G works well. Incoming calls ring immediately on my iPhone, unlike the Skype app which rings after a long delay or not at all. My experience of VoIP and sip is nearly as good as using a landline. I guess with Microsoft and eBay owning Skype there wasn't much hope of it becoming a decent service....Version: 5.0.2

New version fixed iOS 3.x crashingKudos to Acrobits devs for fixing the crashing on iOS 3.x fairly quickly. We've been using this app for a while and although I find startup is slower than iSIP (can be an issue on incoming push calls), the UI is more polished and the options are more than we will ever use. Voice quality is great as always. And the continued support for older versions of iOS is very welcome. Great product and my choice over other SIP applications..Version: 5.0.1

FinallyThis is possibly the best designed ‘Softphone’ on the market. Made with attention to detail, works seamlessly. The handoff to Bluetooth AirPods and Carkit works well. Visual feedback during the call is great, helps clarify if you have bad signal. Keep up the great work..Version: 5.9.19

Crashes a lotThis application crashes extremely easy! Also, very often, when the person that i call answers, it freezes requiring me to restart the iphone! It seems the application has serious bugs! I use a generic sip account which works great with other providers! For this high price, i would not recommend at this point! Update: the problem was fixed by contacting tech support. The problem was with the 3g codecs! Now it works perfect. Would give 5 stars if it had call conferencing!.Version: 0

Superb!This is a wonderful app. Use it regularly at home through home Wifi, the sound quality is superior than desktop VoIP/phone unit. That says a lot. well worth the price..Version: 5.1.1

Amazing SIP client!I spent a lot of time looking for the best SIP client for my iPhone 4S and I can honestly say that I did the right thing choosing Acrobits. Even though it is not cheap compared to other apps, it is worth every penny. The number rewriting feature is amazing, I can't believe I ever lived without it. Most of the negative reviews seem to be from users without much VoIP or SIP knowledge. If you are an advanced user or just know enough to understand how to set up your SIP account and that the call quality depends on how good your network is, I definitely recommend this app. I don't think there is a better SIP client for iOS and they are always releasing new versions..Version: 5.0.1

Tidy little softphoneGreat little app this one - good call quality and easy to use. Have had no probs with it at all. Especially useful with a jailbr0ken phone as you can run it in the background - naughty but nice!.Version: 0

Works well with 2 voip linesI've only had it for a few months I'm impressed with the push notification with 2 active voip numbers Good on wifi &. 3G.Version: 0

Excellent VoIP ClientI have been using this app for years with no problems. Easy on battery life. Great voice quality..Version: 5.9.19

Great App!Thank you, this is a great App!.Version: 5.9.41

Best VoIP App!I use this app to make and receive calls with my VoIP provider (Voipfone) and highly recommend it. I mainly use it to receive calls to my UK landline number on my mobile. I usually go for free apps but I think this app is definitely good value for money and well worth paying for..Version: 5.6.9

Happy!Versatile, allow to subscribe with multiple voip providers, well integrated with iPhone network and audio elements, reliable. Well done!.Version: 0

Excellent!!Amazing product, just waiting for call transferring and conferencing. Had a few problems getting setup with voipfone in the UK, but the excellent customer support helped within an hr of sending request!.Version: 0

Great app!The best SIP softphone ever. Excellent debug logs solved many problems (of my own making) related to NAT and codecs. Most feature-packed softphone available! Great work! I've even paid for your g729 codecs. I'm a SIP expert, and you've done it right! I almost left 4 star because it's not universal app for iPad. Please make this a universal app! Basic things like orientation have been lacking for a long time. Cosmetic, I know, but it isn't that hard. It's what's under the hood that counts, so I still gave 5. Great app nonetheless!.Version: 5.3.2

IPhone 6+ display?App is awesome! Would be perfect if it was compatible with the iphone 6+ display. Keep it up!.Version: 5.6.1

Best voip pogramI'm happy, save me time&money. U sh purchais the best codec 729a to have best q over 3 g. Ps: the option in backgraund is not working in a 3 g mode ... Only wifi. Pls can u fix it. Thx. Best regards, nice work team acrobits.Version: 4.8

Best soft phone I've tried.I've been using soft phones for a few years already and this app is the most reliable I have found. Battery usage is good and flexibility in terms of setup is top notch..Version: 5.9.3

Works great on my iPhone 4Just downloaded app and tested with my Voip service. Works great using 3G and using WiFi. Setup a doddle, unlike some other Voip software I've used on different hardware. For anyone not familiar this app is the software only. You must have a proper VOIP account (the ones that use SIP URLS). Skype is not proper Voip. I'm in the UK and this test was using Voipfone. Most reputable VOIP services are a pay per call only with no standing charges..Version: 4.7

The best sip app for iPhone!I tried 3 different sip apps ( all paid versions), and found this to be the best for call quality, consistency and speed on loading and registering my accounts. With the latest update (apparently, the bugs got sorted out for push notifications), I can answer my voip number even when the app is not open. Kudos!.Version: 0

Work great!It seems Customer Support is very effective. They resolved my issue and SIP Phone works nice and can here both way! Thanks so much! Earlier Review: This app doesn't work for Viatalk. It connects to services through SIP but when there's outgoing or incoming call, you don't here person. Basically incoming voice doesn't come. I contacted support a week ago but no fix yet!.Version: 0

Must buy sip app!I've been using this app for a while, I've also tried other apps but this one is perfect! Works perfect with actionvoip and easyvoip. Thanks for the SMS support and the new feature displaying remaining credit on Actionvoip. Great app thanks again!.Version: 4.8

Worked perfectlyThis is the third native SIP application I tried. The first two would not connect to my VOIP provider so they were basically worthless for me. The acrobits VOIP application n was very easy to configure. It connected and registered to my VOIP provider's server immediately. Outgoing calls work flawlessly with excellent audio. I did not enable incoming calls so did not test the push notification. This is the SIP VOIP app to purchase..Version: 0

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