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BetterSleep: Relax And Sleep Positive Reviews

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BetterSleep: Relax and Sleep App User Positive Comments 2023

BetterSleep: Relax and Sleep app received 203 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bettersleep: relax and sleep?

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BetterSleep: Relax and Sleep for Positive User Reviews

I’m a fanThe sounds are actually relaxing, they don’t sound super fake like some apps, and I like the volume mixer that lets you adjust the volume of different sounds. As with all apps that are doing this now, I’d prefer to be locked-in for a year and pay for the subscription on a monthly or quarterly basis rather than upfront..Version: 20.7

Lifesaver!This app always helps to relax my baby when she won’t settle. Love how I can mix sounds and keep it playing in the background while still using my phone.Version: 6.2

Can’t live without it!This has to be the best relaxation app I’ve ever used - I simply can’t be without it! It’s very diverse and there’s so much choice; from great meditations to strolling through tropical forests or around Canadian lakes. I use the app every night whilst reading, it really helps me to relax before going to sleep. It’s well worth taking the full subscription to enjoy all of the great sound journeys and there’s a much larger choice of sounds too. I would highly recommend Relax Melodies and plan to always keep it active on my phone and iPad..Version: 11.3

SoothingSoothing. Many sleep sound options to choose..Version: 23.0

GreatThere’s so much options to choose from. Makes me fall asleep so fast after a stressful day at work or when I’m struggling to sleep. It is very calming and soothing. I love how you can listen to just melodies if you don’t want to listen to meditation or a sound and you can make the customise the sound yourself. Also if the meditation or story is over the melody keeps playing. Only downside is since the update the authors have changed you don’t have an option whether you want male or female automated voice instead I’m listening to an Australian chick or random with an accent with a weird tone of voice 🤣 which at times isn’t relaxing. You just need to find the right sounds for you..Version: 20.1

Fantastic app for relaxation & meditationI’ve been using this app since 2017. At the time I’d installed a few similar apps to see what I liked best and this was the one that stood out so it was the one I kept. After a while I paid to unlock all the features. If you have trouble sleeping, or getting back to sleep, if you need to meditate, relax your mind, or any other reason it’s a great app. I love creating my own sound mixes according to what I like, there’s lots to choose from. There are even guided meditations. It’d be a great app if you have a business that required relaxing background music too!.Version: 20.7

Relax MelodiesI love this app with all it’s various options to relax, mediate and stimulate thinking. Gives you the option of mixing and matching sounds. I downloaded it incidentally but now I use it all the time!.Version: 7.0.1

Used every nightAs someone that suffers from insomnia I found it hard to fall asleep of a nighttime. This app helps me drift to sleep every night without a worry once the right meditation or story is found - the free version was great but since I loved the app I subscribed for an affordable annual price and unlocked all options for relaxation in many different aspects of the day but mainly every night for bed. Years on and I’m still using this app every night for sleep as well as during the day when needed..Version: 12.4

LoveGood value for even the free version!.Version: 23.0

New subscriber , super excited!I downloaded all the Ipnos apps ages ago, and they were some of my favorites. But, they became out of date. I recently rediscovered the fully reworked Relax Melodies, and it seems they’ve wisely decided to concentrate their attention on a single app with a subscription service. But, my old purchase with access to sounds was retained (before subscribing), giving me confidence that they are a good company. The strength of the app is the design / visuals. It is quite beautiful and relaxing to look at before you even use it. But, as a person who has long suffered with insomnia, it’s clear that the developers are actually dedicated to the function of the app. I love the random feature - choosing sounds added a bit of anxiety for me (as a perfectionist, I wanted to try them all and create unique combos). Luckily, I can pay ppl to do that for me, and it makes my life a little easier. But, the new expanded app is not just a noise machine. It has breathing exercises, meditations, and stories which make up most of the content. What started as a simple concept is now a one stop sleep app. I’ve also tried Insight Timer and Calm, plus various music apps, but this one seems like it might be my favorite for bedtime. Thanks!.Version: 12.1

Surprisingly helpfulI was skeptical about this app at first… until I fell asleep 5 minutes into using it.Version: 20.8

Wonderful app!Absolutely love this app. I’ve used music and sounds to sleep for most of my life and finding this app has been wonderful. I used it when it was called Relax Melodies and used the sound mixer every night but months ago I bought the premium version and I love the meditations and stories as well as the articles on sleep and mental health. For anyone with insomnia, adhd, not being able to turn your mind off once you lay down basically any sleep issues at all this app is worth the small price!.Version: 20.8

Great app, been sleeping soundly!Being a FIFO worker means that you are away from home working. In case two weeks away, one week home. On the mines we work long hot 12 hour shifts and getting to sleep in an unfamiliar bed, and after strenuous days, has proven very challenging for me. My daughter recommended BetterSleep and for the 3 nights I have fallen asleep easily and slept quite soundly. I’m grateful for an app that does what it says it’s going to do!! Thank you..Version: 20.23

Really good!I love this app, it has so many great sounds, and it helps me fall asleep every night. The service is great, if you find something wrong with the app, I guarantee that you will get a response if you report it. The story’s are all really good and there are stories for adults AND children. You should definitely get this add if you want a good app. Even though premium costs money, the meditations that are free are just as good! 5 stars from me!.Version: 11.6.2

Excellently well made meditation app!I have had mild insomnia for a good part of my life. While it is certainly not extreme (I have never had to suffer through unwillingly staying up for 72 hours, or anything like that), it has made a massive impact on my life overall. This was the only app I have found that has noticeably helped. My sleep is still no-where near perfect, but it is significantly better than ever before. I am truly thankful to these app creators for making this. :).Version: 6.2

Third child finally sleeps!We have three young boys and a Daddy who works shifts.... We’ve previously tried every app, night light, star machine ... you name it. This App sadly isn’t magic but has really helped with our relaxation routine for bedtime. The difference between this and other apps is the facility to build your own meditations and music. My children like creating their own bedtime or calm down tracks; which they can then save for another day. This gives the child control as well as secretly giving routine to their relaxation time. Set the timer for the app to finish after 2h and use it every night in the same way and this will condition the child to understand music equals bedtime. Good luck!.Version: 7.0.1

GreatI would go premium in a heartbeat but can’t do the annual payment - please do a monthly option. I love being able to mix my individual track that works for me!!!!.Version: 20.0

Love the app, butI love this app and it works great, but I want to go premium but have to pay $50 for the whole year compared to $4 a month, I can’t spend that much in one go. Would love to have a weekly/ monthly subscription instead of a yearly one. Hope you make that an option for those who can’t do that..Version: 7.5.2

Long time user; annoyedI’ve hesitated on posting this as I dislike giving negative reviews for products/services that I like, however, I’ve gotten too annoyed by this. I’m an early user of this app, back when it was called Relax Melodies, and I just have to say, please please please stop with the “LAST CHANCE 30% off” pop up. It has been the “last chance” for months now. Give an option to opt out or something, please. It’s not enough to make me abandon the app, because I love the mix I’ve made for sleep, but it’s frustrating to get a pop up I have to close every other time I open it. I understand that ad support is needed for free accounts, and that this annoyance may be intentional to encourage subscriptions to get rid of it, but please stop with the (false) advertisement that there is some discount that will be disappearing, because it hasn’t, and I don’t think I’m the only one frustrated by this. I’d be more willing to spend money on the app if it weren’t so persistent. Otherwise, I’ve been using this app 5+ years and can’t really sleep well without it so I’ve been bottling my frustration until now, so if you don’t mind frequent annoying pop ups to subscribe then I highly recommend it..Version: 20.20

The best best app ever !!!!I'm so so glad I came across this beautiful app and even more that I purchased and unlocked the 'for life' adventure for myself and not only ,but for my little son ,who enjoys choosing and playing different sounds as for a sleeping background . There's even more that came to me as a pleasant surprise, the meditations !!!! They are so beautifully played and structured to suit anyone ,for beginners to advanced . I recommend it highly to anyone who prefers to turn of his wi fi at night and still wants to listen to mellow sleeping sounds and melodies !.Version: 6.5.1

This App is Everything You Dream Of ✨This app is truly my favorite app-store purchase ever. I use it almost daily, and have for around 3 years now. I never really write app reviews but this one is truly worthy of it. One of my favorite aspects of this particular app is that it’s always growing, always evolving and always seems better than before. There are so many different things to explore in it; from making your own mixes of soothing sounds (there’s a ton of elements to choose from and they’re always being added to) meditations, bedtime stories, analysis of your sleep style, and even movements to do before bed. The interface is very polished and beautiful, organized, and allows you to save your favorite sounds, mixes, meditations, etc. Or if you’re not into that, you can choose from pre-made ones as well. Pretty much everything it offers will guarantee you a great night of rest no matter what soothes you. Big shout out and much gratitude to Aster - Your voice in particular has knocked me right out on many sleepless nights, as well as led me through some wonderful meditations that have greatly improved my quality of life. 😊.Version: 20.4.2

Compare 5/5 Suggestion 4.5/5I recently saw an app called “Calm.” It described something similar to how this app runs but you couldn’t customize your choices. The only difference is there is bed time stories. Also... Everything is locked. You have to pay $80 to actually get most things in that app. Plus it’s a membership... I could get most of that and more in RelaxMelody’s and still get the membership. In my opinion $5 a month is reasonable. $50 a year is so much better than the other. We have choices to keep our subscriptions and to buy the monthly membership or yearly. Either way we still have an easier time paying. With “Calm”, the membership is only the option for a year. That’s asinine... I was introduced RelaxMelody’s by my old therapist and I’ve never stopped loving it. I have zero complaints what so ever. Though I do have a suggestion... In an app I’ve used in the past, I got the option to watch a video and get that button/function for free (for a span of 24 hours)... You’d still get ad revenue but you’d also get people to be more interested in not wasting time on ads & just buy the membership. -Just an idea I liked. Thank you for making this app, I’ve honestly benefited from this way more than anyone could imagine. I love all the new updates, too....Version: 7.14

For Real?I must say I’ve gone from being very disappointed with the developer of this app to extremely satisfied. I purchased this app years ago and recently changed my Apple ID. When I downloaded this app I found the developer changed to a subscription based service. I HAVE NEVER appreciated renting software and I stated that in my first review. I’ve dumped most of my Adobe products for started this ridiculous policy. Anyway, the developer read my review and reached out to me to restore my first purchase. WOW, we still have ethical people in this world. Way to go guys! As far as the app goes it’s one of the best I’ve used for sleep. Nothing else has done anything to help me sleep and I’ve tried everything from medical marijuana, CBD, and ambien pills. This app and a nice pair of headphones has helped immensely. I particularly like the way Tracks can be layered. If you desire you can created different track for every night for the rest of your life and never have a repeat. That could be a suggestion for a future release. Have the program randomly chose tracks and mix them. Thanks Again for restoring my previous purchase. Your the BEST..Version: 11.7

High-Quality Sounds and FunctionThis is the best white noise app I’ve ever come across! The sounds are very high-quality. You can also layer the noises, and it still sounds amazing. There are so many noises to choose from, even in the free version! The sounds are unique as well. My personal favorites are cavern, wind in trees, and immersed. They have noises that don’t have melodies like river or vacuum, but they also have noises that sound more like songs, like music box and Brahms’s lullaby. Besides the noises, this app also has many other functions I didn’t even know about when I installed it. There are timers that shut the noises off after a certain amount of time, there is a option to save your mixes if you find one you like, you can discover mixes others have made, and there are cool isochronic tones that are really subtle sounds that influence brainwaves. In conclusion, this is an amazing, high-quality app that has a ton of features! It is more high-quality than you’d expect from the price and the pictures..Version: 7.0.1

Happy and Peaceful Escapes to Beautiful WorldsThis app has been the greatest gift to help me SLEEP! I can create happy sounds of the nighttime environment experienced when I was a child, taking me far away from the pressures and responsibilities of the days responsibilities to joyful happiness and peace. My breathing slows down, my body succumbs to a relaxed state and often a slight restful happy smile comes to my lips as my mind travels through space and time, enjoying imaginations created by gentle sounds, time and space. 3 years ago someone ran a red light and changed my physical world forever. I will never know the absence of sound or still quiet again because of the constant buzzing sound of tinnitus created in my head by the crash impact to my head. My form of tinnitus is the ability to hear the normal sounds of the brain functioning, which normally we can't hear. Relaxed Melodies has given so much to strengthen my life, rest better and feel positive. My brain may never experience quiet again, but the creators of Relaxed Melodies has given me something far better and more valuable to my life than experiencing 'quiet'. They've given me the ability to experience beautiful dreams and imaginations in waking and sleep states of mind. I will be forever grateful to their work and share it with as many people as possible..Version: 6.2

Pretty good so farDefinitely enjoying the sounds. There’s more options on here than I’d like to use. Would be nice to have a half price options for just half functionality. I don’t want the app to track my sleep or have to pay for this.Version: 20.24.1

Perfection in an appI suffer from sleep problems due to having chronic pain and also ptsd, I totally recommend this app to anyone suffer from any type of sleep disorder, a while a go I asked about if there was any special offers for people with medical conditions, as my consultant had told me to find something that would help me sleep. I was told unfortunately there wasn’t but was given a months trial, when the trial finished I tried without the app and got into my old issue of not being able to sleep, I was desperate to get the app again as I had just been diagnosed with tittinitus and have constant noise in my ears. I was lucky enough to see the 30% off offer and now have the app back again 😊 even though I am an adult I live the stories on the app and they add new ones quite often. 100% recommend the app.Version: 20.11

I love it 🥰I really struggle to get to sleep, it takes me a couple hours to settle down but I also get easily spooked when it's completely silent. This app is brilliant cause I can play a mix that keeps me calm which helps me fall asleep faster, the only bad thing about it is that you have to pay for a subscription (which I haven't done but then I think it's only £40 for a year subscription with the deal at the moment so I will be concidering it) for some of the sounds, meditations and stories but I only use the sounds and the ones I like are free which is great! You can make your own mixes, publish them, listen to others published mix's and also add a timer so it isn't playing all night :).Version: 11.18.1

Finally!It’s so hard for me to find sounds soothing enough to fall asleep to. I can’t stand the sounds of rain, crackling fire, crickets, or waves on the sleep apps. The hair dryer and vacuum are so high pitched. The oscillating fan noise drives me nuts, it’s pinpoint (narrow opening between the bars of the fan), high pitched, and inconsistent volume with the movement of the fan is so irritating. I get distracted by noises easily while trying to sleep because it’s already hard for me to fall asleep as it is without noises. I like lower frequencies or tones with wider opening sounds. I have found the underwater sound on louder volume with the Jupiter sound on low volume very soothing enough. I also like the thunder mixed with a couple other ones too. I like that you can change the volume of each sound individually. I found this app looking for sounds more like a clothes dryer (full of towels 😉) sound or air vent when the heater is on full blast. I found this and decided to try it. I’m still going to try to find an air vent sound or a clothes dryer sound (without the clanking of zippers or large items in it!), but until then, I’ll use this app..Version: 6.2

Excellent AppEvery sleep meditation and hypnosis works as advertised! Getting into the morning and mindfulness meditations as well. Highly recommend..Version: 20.8

Such an amazing app!!!!I’m an insomniac so sleep is something I rarely achieve. Since giving this app an honest chance I found myself getting more relaxed and sleeping faster. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles to unwind! It’s amazing!.Version: 20.9

My lullabies...I have found this app extremely helpful while trying to fall asleep. You can choose your own sounds, create your own mixes or browse the library for other user’s creations. I have done all three. Looking forward to hearing new sound bytes. :).Version: 7.5.1

BetterSleep/storyWhere are the stories we have only one left. Where they go. They are the best things on the app. Why did you deleted them..Version: 20.24.1

Really soothing!Really soothing. The meditations are great. And the interface is fun, although some easier way to sort sounds would be nice. Needs Shortcut support!.Version: 12.11.2

Great appI love this app but unfortunately I have to pay for it now. I’m a widow so don’t have anyone else to help with my bills. This is great as it helps me to fall asleep and take my mind off of the constant pain I’m in. This really helped me as before i had this app I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 2/3 o clock in the morning. I’ve never heard a story to the end yet as always fell asleep. But that means it’s doing it’s job. I’m having to sell up now as this place is too big just for me and too expensive to keep it going so then I maybe be able to get this again. I just hope it’s soon. Again a great app. So thank you to the makers..Version: 20.0

Best sleep app everThe app has a wonderfull variety of sounds and stories. Not to mention the meditations!.Version: 20.3.1

ThankfulThis app has been helpful in my busy household and helps me sleep.Version: 20.9

A wonderful program - please don’t change it!I love this app. I paid for it about three years ago as a one-off payment before the subscription thing happened and they have never bothered me since. No harassment, no ads, no restriction of features... just unending peaceful sound. The concept of “remixing” nature sounds is brilliant. I create whatever I want, to study or go to sleep or simply as background sound. The looping is flawless and it solves the problem of needing to google “10 Hour wave sounds”. The meditations are great. My biggest fear is that the app will somehow get updated with gimmicks and I will lose the perfect program. Keep it exactly as it is - it is the best app I have ever used!.Version: 10.2.1

Snooze-festMy mental health has been keeping me on my toes with 4-5 hrs of sleep for years. But, once I worked this bad boy into my evening routine, I was getting at least 7 hrs of sleep. Timer is simple to use, the sounds are relaxing and best of all; you don’t have to pay to get a wide variety of sounds!.Version: 7.6.1

So far, so good!So far, so good. Haven’t made it to the end of a story yet!.Version: 20.24.1

My search has endedAfter researching and trying many different apps this type, I finally found the best one. The range of options and sounds is so vast and expense that there is not practically anything one can miss. I love the mixer option where you can adapt the different sounds to compose your most suitable sound for you. A bit expensive if you go for the pro version that it has much more sounds than the basic version plus tutorial for meditation and to deal with the annoying tinnitus, if that is your case (mine is). Well done!!!.Version: 7.5.1

Great conceptFor me, the best thing about this app is that it lets you tailor and build up a sound profile that works for you. You can combine different nature sounds, for instance, then increase or decrease the volume of certain sound components..Version: 7.0.1

Très bonne façon de relaxer!J’adore utiliser cette application en fin de journée!.Version: 20.4.3

WoWGreat app ! So much variety of meditation.Version: 20.5

Best sleep aidThis app helps me sleep so well, so easy to listen too and I can put together my favourite sounds. Highly recommend if someone needs a little background noise as they drift off.Version: 6.5.2

Great sound options and individualisedEven on free version, you can compose your own combination of sounds and adjust the balance of each to make the music exactly what you require. Love the timer option, which means you can set it off playing whilst you are drifting off to sleep and it will automatically switch off after a set period - saves mobile battery but also means I don’t then get woken up in the night by it as I’m very sensitive to sounds in my bedroom but need this to switch my very active brain off before bed! Can’t do without it now!.Version: 7.0.1

LovelyI love the variety of sounds on this app, my brain enjoys these for relaxation, and they’re so realistic! It’s a nice touch that you can share with others. I am trying to take a less structured, dogmatic approach to sleep because that almost caused more stress if I wasn’t asleep by ‘my bedtime’ for whatever reason but having a reminder of my sleep schedule is useful to nudge me to start to wind down. I don’t think I’ve explored the app nearly as much as I could have yet but am excited to! I am keen to make my own sleep playlists etc.Version: 20.15.1

Cannot rate it high enough!I absolutely love, love, LOVE this app! I’m just about to fall asleep to ‘waterfall’, ‘eternity (soft melody)’ and ‘CAT PURRING’!!! I am in love, and coincidentally the purring sounds like my actual cat (who can’t sleep with me at night), it’s so soothing. As a free user I think this app really gives out good content for non-paying customers, I have a timer set for 15mins for the music to turn off when I’m asleep, and there are so many sounds to choose from! It really has improved my sleep it’s just wonderful. Best sleeping/relaxing/meditating music app their is..Version: 10.1

I love this app but...I’ve had this app for a really long time now on my iPad, and I’m able to access lots of sounds on there. I’ve just downloaded it for my phone so I can sleep and it I’ve logged in only to find that I can’t access half of the sounds (like the rain ones) or any combinations I’ve put together on my iPad. It wants me to pay for something I’ve been using for years. I understand that y’all have to make money but I just think it’s weird that you’ve taken away so many of the basic sounds for free and made this go from an amazing app to a mediocre app. It shouldn’t be unlocked on one device and locked on another. That being said, please don’t lock them on other devices. I rely heavily on this to sleep..Version: 11.17

DisappointedAfter a "major update" and a thought I had to pay again after subscribing to a lifetime subscription, which was to my relief was reinstated after I created a sign in access to the new updated version. Sadly though I lost all my saved favourite mixes which Ipnos stated cannot be retrieved, disappointing.!! Great app but newer updated version offers not a lot more but now very expensive to purchase for new users, shame!!.Version: 11.12

Better sleep is so good it helps so much and it’s all free!I rly love this app so much I where getting only 3 hours of sleep per night now I am getting 8 hours of sleep per night! So this is your reason to get better sleep now!.Version: 20.11

Simple and functionalAs most apps has the paying option but for free those options are still just as great relaxing and the app is set up in an easy way to use.Version: 7.5.1

Couldn't live without it!We love this app so much, we use it on all our phones to help us sleep at nights. Our children have the Brahmans Melody with Slow Waves or White Noise to help them off to sleep and the White Noise works wonders at blocking out at background noise during the day to help my littlest baby sleep soundly. My husband listens to the ocean each night for a peaceful sleep. He used to need the TV to fall asleep and now he uses this instead. So much better for him. The timer to turn off works great and slowly dims out the sound at your own speed preference. Couldn't like this app more!.Version: 6.2

Great environmental sounds!Works really well - helps you get to sleep when you are feeling agitated or if your tinnitus is playing up. Love the way you can mix and match the sounds....Version: 7.0.1

What an amazing app!❤️O my gosh!!! This app has been so great for me. As a teenager who wakes up several times in the night, I need to fall asleep quickly again. This app has helped me so much. It’s so cool it has meditations and bedtime stories. I love the stories so much as they are so peaceful and calming. When it used to take me 1 and a half hours to fall asleep, now I’m asleep within 15-30 minutes. This app has been so great because I go to bed feeling relaxed instead of worried about not falling asleep or whatever’s happening the next day. I have enjoyed this app so much. Y’all reading this need to get this app because I’m so much more rejuvenated in the mornings and feel like I actually went to bed. Please get this app! It has a beautiful, clean format with so many different things to pick from. Oh! And you can make your own mixes! You can choose specific sounds and put them together in a playlist and choose how long you want to play it as there is a sleep timer. Anyway, thanks to the people that made this!❤️.Version: 11.16

Love itJust bought the full version lifetime access app Love it so much have had the app for a while now and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought, panicked when I got new phone and thought I’d lost it…. BUT I didn’t so super stoked AWESOME THANK YOU.Version: 20.4.1

The best of the best! Perfect in every way!For sleeping, have you ever wished that you could find the right sound or mix of sounds and at the right mixed levels for each of the various sounds and select variations of those sounds and also not sound like a loop?! Have you wished that you could have a large list of sounds to pull from that are all over the place, like from trains, to cave water dripping, windy trees, birds, highway and street sounds, monks chanting, crickets, Tibetan bowls, ocean waves, camp fire, on and on?! Have you wished that that you could do all this and save numerous labeled mixes? And, have you wished that you could have complete control over when it stops? Have it play for say 30 min, 2 hrs, or never stop? Well, this app has all of this and more for free and without any signups, or asking for personal information, right after loading / installing the app! And, you could even go way beyond that by buying great extras that is has to offer! — Which pays for their various ways of working on this fantastic and appreciated app! I’ve loved it for years! It’s the best! Straight out perfect! Download it now! _Fox.Version: 8.0

Great Sound Machine App!Update: After using it a few days, I like this app so much that I decided to pay for the lifetime subscription! There's lots of customization available: there are many sound options (both ambient and musical), you can control the volume of each added element and you can even add binaural beats or isochronic tones to enhance your experience (e.g. deep meditation, relaxation, concentration). I've been looking for a good sound machine app and this app is a perfect fit. I use it mainly to concentrate & focus at work. But I used one of the meditations before bed the other night & fell right to sleep. So it's great for concentration AND relaxation. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to add some of my own recorded sound bites. I thought I could because it allows you to use your own music, but I have some clips of my dog barking, my phone ringing, background office chatter, etc, that I wanted to mix in with the included sounds and I don't see any way to do that. Other than that, it meets all my expectations plus there are some nice guided meditations. :) Previous review: I've played around with it a little and it seems great. You can mix custom ambient sounds and listen to them along with guided meditations. I'm looking forward to using it on a regular basis..Version: 6.2

Very worthwhileI honestly love this app so much! I've used it for a long time & still really enjoy it. Plus the developers do a great job of updating & adding new content, making it even better 👍🏻. I highly recommend it (and I have high standards so I rarely recommend things) but this app has earned my endorsement..Version: 20.8

ReviewI love Relax Melodies bc at night I have a huge trouble sleeping but This app is amazing! The only thing is that when u have the tunes on overnight the battery goes down so plz can u maybe change that? Thanks!.Version: 7.0.1

Relax Melodies helps me SleepI have had insomnia for 49 years since in utero, my mom has Keats talks out how I didn’t want to nap or sleep because I was afraid I work miss out on something. Well now I am the queen of Napping I really can nap for 6-8+ hours then sleep all night. But only when I am ill. I have been diagnosed with insomnia & take RX for sleep. It is not rebar I cannot fall asleep rather I cannot stay asleep. So I started a new sleep regime with CBD gummies & patch plus my RX plus a THC gummy. Then I can sleep through the night but am hung over or I do not get enough sleep. When I am wirh my boyfriend who lives 19 hours away in ND while I am in NM we both sleep so much better. He is arriving Friday or Saturday night this week. Then I will listen to his sleep sounds (MASH all night) but whenever. I am by myself I listen to Relax Melodies for most of COVID-19 I have been meditating more & the Relax Meditation is good but I wake up when it is over vs with Melodies I can sleep most of the night or wake up & return to sleep much more easily. Thank you!.Version: 11.18.1

Sweet,sensational,satisfyingHeaven to my ears! every night I listen to “ go fast to sleep” it gives 7 days no payment or trials and you just relax and listen and once you’ve finished play it all over again if you wish, I have listened to “muscle relaxation” amazing and drifts me of to sleep very quickly. Loosening my muscles, you can also choose different sounds to make your own music, mine includes: water on window, river, wind and a storm, it drifts me off right away again with no payment or trials! I have not payed for anything because it is all free apart from pro stuff but it literally already is pro. Don’t listen to bed book reviews they just want to shut this down! I promise you, you will love this app,GET IT!!.Version: 10.2

I don’t usually write reviewsI don’t, but had to show my appreciation. Like most of you here I also cannot sleep when I need to if my life depended on it.... when I first tried the app I woke up next morning not remembering what happened 😂... it was working so well for that first month I wanted to try more music and meditations so purchased the full access... got a new phone now and was able to download the purchases here too...but yeah I literally just choose a sound I want to hear at that moment (campfire and ancestral makes me feel like im in an old american indian village ready to sleep😂)... have that woman speak to me about whatever and I always put the 30min shutdown timer on.... happy to say I never am awake before it finishes... blows my mind still to this day, think I've been using it for 3 years+ now. Recommend it to almost everyone i know.Version: 11.0

Was Very upset,but not anymoreI canceled this subscription in March before the May renewal date but they charged my card for another yearly subscription. I tried to contact them but no response. I’m very upset Update: company contacted me within a few hours of this post. Jessika from BetterSleep contacted me, she is very professional and caring. Jessika issued me a refund and cancelled the subscription and automatic renewal. I am very pleased with the outcome. I had cancelled the subscription through the app, but it didn’t carry over to their website, so on their end it was active and on my end it was cancelled. I plan on using the free app when and if I can. I loved their subscription content but due to circumstances beyond my control I can not use it for several months or more. It is a great app with lots of choices. My favorite was the sleep meditations 7 Nights of Blissful Rest narrated by Aster J Haile. Aster has a very calming voice and does an awesome job. I listened to all her meditations, found them all to calming..Version: 20.9

Used to use another app, but then...I used to use another app designed ‘specifically’ for sounds to help babies sleep/relax etc. Unfortunately for me (at the time) the app changed completely and I was forced to look elsewhere for a suitable replacement app. But, I am so glad I did! This app was the answer. It took a little time to find and test along with a few other apps, but once I found this one I immediately stopped looking! This app has a perfect selection of sounds to choose from, even without going ‘pro’. The best part is that you can mix the sounds together to create not only a perfect lullaby mix for your little one (fire crackles and clock sounds inside from the rain!) but also create a relaxing set of sounds for yourself, plus you can save them for future use too! Love this app! I would usually say don’t ever change, however this time I’ll say just keep improving (kind of hard on such a great app but I’m sure you’ll think of something great!).Version: 6.5.1

Sleeping like a babyI’ve had this app as long as I can remember and it has been marvelous. I’ve used the frequency beats to help with study and heaps of sounds to help with difficulty sleeping. I absolutely love it..Version: 7.10

Soothing app with wide variety of high quality soundsLove this app, listen to it when I need to concentrate at work and/or when I want to fall asleep. Great range of rain sounds, even in the free version. Only one bit of feedback, the sleep timer button is teeny tiny and hard to find. Otherwise love this app..Version: 6.2

Great for study & relaxingStarted using this app after reading reviews about it online. Has really helped using the sounds to tune out the rest of the world and concentrate when I'm studying and also when relaxing. Give it a try!.Version: 7.5.2

LovveI love this app so much it’s so helpful it helps me go to bed really easily and I suggested anyone that has problems sleeping and needs to relax and it’s just not for sleeping it’s also for meditation and focus it’s free but include in app purchase it’s wonderful and I suggested I love this app it’s wonderful are use it every day it even has timers to tell you when it’s time to go to bed or like the timeout it cuts off when you sleep is it cuts off for certain amount of time it’s awesome because it’s really helpful hint relaxing are use it every night because you give me a reminder that it’s time to go to bed and use the app I love it so so so so so much and I suggested anybody not even if you have problems sleeping if you’ll be just for you to have relaxations to go to sleep and stuff my brother uses it and I think he loves it just like I do and I’m pretty sure he will suggest it to you can pick a different melodies like rain thunder and those might sound bad but they really relax and you can add a Millatti stupid I suggested really mad I love the app.Version: 7.5.2

AMAZINGRelax melodies bedtime stories make me fall asleep instantly would recommend if you’re having trouble sleeping. The only thing I would like is to have more free stories/meditation courses, or to be able to buy stories individually for about $5 instead of having to get premium to listen to them all.Version: 11.15.1

Well, it's goodI can't get past the 30% off offer without signing in with my apple id which is not terrible for me but still kinda annoying. I like the little free section in the sounds thing, makes it a bit easier, thought at first the sounds were broken but my audio was down, they seem pretty relaxing so far 👍.Version: 20.18.1

So helpfulThank you 🥺🙏.Version: 20.3.1

I love this app!I suffer from a lot of anxieties and depression and this app helps me so much. From helping to slow down my thoughts and helping me to sleep to listening through head phones in a stressful situation, it just helps keep me in control. I love it. I cant believe how much it helps me..Version: 6.5.1

Sleep in minutesI usually can't sleep without the TV on. But my partner has to sleep with a nightcap on because of this. But after I downloaded this app. We can both fall asleep together within minutes listening to rain and thunder sounds. But keep your phone on charge. I fell asleep the other night. And after a few hours the app stopped. And I woke up. My battery had died. So I now sleep with my phone on charge and listening to rain and rolling thunder. So helpful for sleepless people. I usually only have 5/6 hours sleep. Now it's the 1st time in years I've had 8 hours sleep. This is my favourite app.Version: 7.5.2

Super customizableThe best app that I could find. Number 1 option for me is that it stays working when it doesn’t have focus. I use it on my family vacations. So even if I do wake up early in the hotel room, I can check the weather or read the news and the sound keeps playing. That way the family can still sleep. Believe it or not, many other sleep apps can’t do that. Awesome feature... You can mix and match different sounds AND individual volumes for each sound. Ever get a sleep app with a pattern? Where the white noise or fan app is starting to chant at you? Like “there’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge.... There’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge.... There’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge....” Being able to mix and match eliminates all that. You can mix rain with rain on roof, rainy day, heavy rain, and even throw in some ocean waves. Who doesn’t like to take a nap on a rainy day near the ocean? You can save your mixes. There’s a shut off timer and wake up alarm. I’ve never tried the alarm feature. I just use the IOS alarm on my phone, which completely overrides the sleep app. I sleep to my rainy day mix and wake to Walking on Sunshine..Version: 7.0.1

Great workAs far as I can remember this app represents great features, I remember in old days it had eye comfort wood sound and etc etc, but now it's changed and still is one of the most adorable ones, I do care about how a service can provide me best options because I have tried my best in other to be the best in my field, so I want the best, but unfortunately, I live in Iran and haven't access to pay the app for sounds, and it's really helpful, or it was, I do understand how complicated things are in developed countries but in Iran 😂😂😂😂 I can't find a good word to describe 😂 so please in some points think about some middle eastern countries like us that we don't have access to payments and even if we had we couldn't due to our economic problems but overall thanks for your hard work I have always been thankful for your app and hard work, great management sight well done 🤝❤️ What a great response dear Nat what a classy move well-done guys world-class phenomenon. Well done this is classy well done your answer made my day Nat. Well-mannered I am for one grateful to have this app and if I get to US I would definitely buy your app, have represented to others and I will we'll done guys well-done manager making this atmosphere well done 🫵🏽🫡.Version: 20.15.1

The bestI have always had trouble falling asleep, it used to take me 2-3 hours, no joke and using sleep medication isn’t an option for me. I’ve been using relax melodies for 2 weeks now and have had no issues falling asleep. I love how you can set a timer for it to stop the sounds and shut down the app and not drain your battery all night. I know this sounds cliche but it definitely is real and effective and the only way for me to fall asleep now..Version: 11.2

To die forI love relax melodies good app I use it to go to bed the sounds help me fall asleep especially the rain sound but there are plenty of mixes for work or just relaxing yes you may be thinking do you have to pay annually no or does all the good sounds cost money? All sounds are great for different purposes. You can even make YOUR OWN MIXES for your own needs u need this guys do not think start typing your Apple ID because this will be the first app you use at the start of the day! I promise you will not regret this!.Version: 11.2

Plenty of choice for relaxing soundsThere's lots of different sounds to choose from, even without paying for the upgrades & I like that you can mix several different ones to create your own sound. It's also great having the timer on there to gradually fade the music out, if you're still awake to hear it! I use the deep calm sleep meditation & it works every time. However, I find it only works if you're already feeling slightly tired. If you're wide awake & wanting to use it to go to sleep it takes a few attempts to work, but the soothing sounds do at least help you feel less anxious about being wide awake & frustrated that you can't sleep!.Version: 6.2

Sleeping with this app for years nowIt took me countless apps to find a “river” sound that is perfect to sleep to. Rich and full, no audible lapses in the loop of the sound clip, no sharp peaks. Just perfect. We (5 person household) have been using it for years now every nap and every sleep, every day without fail. It’s great that on iOS you can run it in the background and it continues to play when you’re doing something else. It also runs on flight mode. It doesn’t chew through your battery. The developer does keep the app continually updated and have made some fairly large changes recently with new features, however I have not used much of these, so cannot comment on it. Otherwise I definitely recommend this app..Version: 7.5.1

Love itWhen I first got the app I was a bit spectacle about it but after having it for a week I can’t get enough of it!!! U can mix and match all kinds of different sounds depending on what u find helps u sleep or relax. What I love most about this app is that u can set a timer of up to 2 hours or customise your own once the time is up the app shuts off! This is helpful as I have tried a few apps and I didn’t like them much, another good thing about this app is that although unless u have premium u can’t save ur mix but it will stay on the last one u used next time u open the app.... so a big thumbs up from me👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 7.6.1

Better sleepReally enjoy the app anything you want to listen to its there makes you feel l one with your self it’s very good for people looking for stress relief and great for people who need better sleep.Version: 20.13

Love it!This app serves a few purposes for me. I have tinnitus, so I can use this app when I'm out and about and I don't have my in ear white noise machines and I have a lot more sounds to help me there. It also comes in extremely handy when I'm suffering from anxiety or just generally trying to relax and bring a bit of calm when needed. And then at the end of the night I can use the app if I'm having trouble trying to sleep and it means I no longer disturb anyone else with my noise machine!! So for me this app is a godsend and I love that there is a wide range of sounds there to fit all of the purposes I use this app for. I would highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone!!.Version: 6.2

Very cool! Would be cooler with a new sound!I was using the free trial and I liked the app so much that I forgot to cancel my subscription (lol.) but despite my silliness this app is great. I think the one thing that i would add to improve it would be some unintelligible speaking/whispering. The crowd and coffee shop audios are cool but something calmer and more one-on-one would be awesome. Also potentially, having a male/androgynous voice as well as the feminine voice would be greatly appreciated (im sorry, high pitched voices are off putting to me when i am trying to sleep 😬) otherwise this app is excellent, im so glad to have an app that lets me customise my audio 💖.Version: 12.10

Great App!This is a great app and very good value for money especially when full use was offered at a special one off price for a lifetime - a brilliant deal! Having made the purchase I was a little perturbed to find that half the sounds I was entitled too were suddenly locked and replaced with the word PRO which appeared to indicate that a repurchase would be necessary. Having expressed my dismay the developer apologised for any frustration and advised me on how to restore my original purchase within the app itself. Great response and service and I am once again fully enjoying this brilliant app..Version: 7.5

Great relaxation appWent from being a really poor sleeper to someone who is relaxed and in deep sleep within 10 minutes of starting the app. This app is amazing!!! You are able to put together your own melodies. I love the water, frogs and windpipes together but the choices are endless. There is a timer as well. I set it to turn off after 25mins but the soft ambient music has me sleeping way before it finishes. Give it a go and download the free app. I now have the lifetime package that was a one off payment of less than $40 but the free app has heaps of choices to mix up and a great way to appreciate what is on offer 👏👍.Version: 6.2

Good fun and very effective, even at the free level!Not embarrassed to say that my psychologist suggested this to me when I told her I was experimenting with ambient sound after banning the tv from the bedroom. The ability to pick a variety of sounds and layer them is outstanding. Not only do my wife and I use this but now my teenage daughter is also using this to calm her bedroom before she falls asleep. My young sons love it too and just play on it like one of their music mixing apps..Version: 7.5

Moms BEST FRIENDWhen I was pregnant I read that relaxing music would actually help your baby with its growth and soothe your baby while it is in the womb. Well I started to play this app with its default music and sure enough my baby would actually relax and actually seem like she was listening to it while she in was in my womb. I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl who actually is developing faster than her age, she is three months now and almost crawling already. She does have trouble falling asleep though, she’s a feisty one when it comes to her naps. EVERY SINGLE TIME she fights me I just open this marvelous app, set the timer for 30 mins to exit the app (which by the way is genius, being that I end up falling asleep with her sometimes and don’t want to wake up to a dead phone) and WALLA she is sleeping in no less than five minutes. This is the best app ever created when it comes to parenting and I have been telling all the other new moms I come across to get this app. Thank you so much for such a beautiful and great app..Version: 7.5.2

Rain RainOnly using the free parts so can’t say I’m doing much to support sorry, at the moment all I really need is some ambient sound and the odd sleep meditation which seems to get me in the right head space for sleeping most of the time. I use the rain on roof sound to avoid tinnitus and to set the tone for sleep. Works pretty good for me! I have tried a few others but liking the voices you hear is pretty vital before sleeping, there are many meditations out there that have quite irritating voices, I don’t find these irritating but each to their own as they say. I’m not a heavy user of sleep apps, mindfulness apps etc but this is doing the trick for now. Thanks..Version: 7.6

The Perfect App for a Perfect Sleep✔️✔️Because I work at odd hours, I often find myself snatching sleep at odd times. This is where Relax Melodies comes into its own. I’m able to pick and choose a variety of sounds (from a very large selection 👍) and when listened to through my noise-cancelling headphones, help me to create the perfect ambience to counteract whatever noises might be leaking through from outside my bedroom — be they traffic sounds (I live on a main road,) the neighbour’s comings and goings, or even the birdsong which, while lovely when awake, can be disturbing when I’m trying to imagine that it’s nighttime. My current favourite sleep track is my own combination of a gentle grandfather clock, the sound of rain on the roof, and the occasional crack of thunder; it gets me to sleep every time, and I’ve even noticed (much to my joy!) that I have quite lovely dreams when the mix is playing! I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone who enjoys playing with music and sounds, and who could do with a truly effective sleep aid. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5.Version: 6.5.1

Awesome app!I love the variety of sounds you can make with this app. I’ve been using it for a few years actually, especially when I have trouble sleeping. It helps me every time and is amazing for meditation as well. Super great!.Version: 6.5.1

GreatNice.Version: 20.24.1

Great app but some UI problemsI really like the app. I like the meditations (spoken passages that relax you), especially the shorter ones. One great feature is how they play together with the other sounds, which can continue after the meditation. So the meditation gets you to sleep and the sound keeps you that way. The negative is there are way too many taps required to do anything. To cancel a meditation after the alarm goes off and get back to the main page, for example, you have tap to cancel the alarm, tap to cancel the meditation, tap yes I'm sure, tap go back (which takes you to the group the meditation is in), tap back again (which finally leaves you on the home page). So that’s 5 taps, and worse, the taps are in different places on the screen. A saying in the early days of GUI software was “don’t mode me in.” If this program learned that lesson it would be perfect. EDIT: The developer read this and said they would address my complaint in their current round of UI revision. We’ll see, but so far looks like great customer support!.Version: 12.4

Better SleepWhat a stunning app! I love the abundance of content and find the colours so beautiful, it’s a joy to use. I feel more relaxed as soon as I open the app. The sound mixes are great and if there’s a part you don’t like you can remove it easily. I could go on as there is so much to the app but I’d prefer to highly recommend seeing and trying it yourself. Fantastic work by all the team/developers behind this app and to the customer service team who recently helped me with an in-app query. Their response was professional, fast, polite and massively helpful. Very well done to you all on an app I will always recommend..Version: 20.0

Great but needs a little moreReally lovely app, easy to use, wide variety of sounds and a really helpful timer. The free meditations are great, but there is very few of them. It would be good to add a few more every once in a while. I’ve kept my eye out to see if any new meditations were being put up into the pro edition to see if it was worth paying for lifetime access, but have yet to see any go up and I’ve been using the app for a few months now. I think it would also be really good if you could purchase sounds from the pro section for people who don’t mind paying for a couple of sounds and/ or meditations but don’t want a subscription. Overall great app!.Version: 6.5

The best app everI’m not exaggerating (and have no connection to this company), I think this is the best app I’ve ever used. The sleep section is a life changer for me after a life time of insomnia. The music great, too as are the meditations. I have the seven day free trial at the moment and will definitely be upgrading to paid version..Version: 7.12.2

I pressed ‘restore subscription’ to regain accessI was pretty annoyed when I opened this app yesterday after the update. It appeared that I had lost my lifetime access to all sounds (that I paid for a couple of years ago). Fuming as I had made a few combo sounds that really helped me to sleep- especially on long-haul flights. Thankfully today (back in WiFi world) I selected ‘restore subscription’ and all the sounds (previously that I had access to) have returned. Still love this app- but I think the new Pro prices are ridiculous- the price I paid was much more reasonable..Version: 6.5.2

It’s pretty goodI’ve had this app for a while now. I used to use it for sleep but I now use it for some relaxing background noise for my meditation which is super handy considering I live on a main road but in my head I’m in the forest or on the beach or in a rainstorm. I’d defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for an app to give them some nice calming sounds to listen to for whatever reason you so choose. It’s especially good because it keeps the music playing even when you come out of the app and even turn your phone to a black screen. Again, very good for timed meditations (e.g. 15 mins)..Version: 7.9.2

It’s great!!It’s great!!.Version: 20.3.1

App crashingI’ve loved and used this app for a couple years. But last night, I couldn’t get the app to start up. It crashes and dumps me out almost immediately. I rebooted my iPad, updated the app, and can’t find a way to keep the app going. It’s Sunday, so there is no one available to help me. The automated bot said to go to settings, find the app, and “clear cache” … but that option isn’t there. The other ways I’ve found to clear the app cache require the app to be open, which of course doesn’t happen. The kicker of this? My subscription just renewed, a couple weeks ago, for a year. UGH. Developer, please respond! Thank you! Update: I ended up having to delete the app and reinstall it. Thankfully all my sounds were still there when I opened it again. Dev seems to have missed the part where I said I updated the app. That was one of the first things I did. As much as I love my sleep sounds, I’m not sure I’ll be keeping my subscription when it expires next year. Their customer support isn’t very good - at least not what I’d expect for a paid app. Maybe they should have support available on weekends? Whatever update caused this, maybe don’t do them on the weekends when you don’t have support available?.Version: 20.18.1

Best night's sleep in a long timeThis app is so good. I've been struggling to fall asleep at night for a while and when I finally do, I've been having very restless nights; either waking up constantly or feeling as though I haven't even slept when my alarm starts going off. I downloaded this app and on my first night of using it, I must have been asleep within 5 minutes. Woke up in the morning actually feeling like I had slept. I've tried going to sleep not using the app and have found I'm right back to where I was before. Every time I use the app, I fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed..Version: 6.2

Use it every nightLove this app. Use it every night to fall asleep.Version: 6.2

The Best Relaxing App. Period.This app is incredible. When I first downloaded it I thought only the first nine sounds on the screen were available, and even so I instantly fell in love with it. It wasn’t until recently I realised there were far more free sounds (and ones to pay for, which isn’t necessary because there are already so many free ones, but I am still tempted..). I have not seen the amount of freedom the app gives you in choosing which sounds to put together and how loud you want each in any other app of its kind. It’s truly legendary. Do yourself a favour and get this app. Huge thanks to the developers. You are absolute legends!.Version: 6.2

Just Fantastic. Best Sleep App I’ve Ever Downloaded.First of all, this app is wonderful. Loads of things on here are free, like most of the little sounds you can mix and listen to, the alarm and timer, some of the meditation exercises, and many more, and it’s also super easy to use. Now, I get developers make apps to also make money, and some are just set only on that one thing, but the developers of this app seem like they genuinely wanted to create a helpful calm and meditation app and for free. Yes, there is a premium version, but the app doesn’t hassle you over and over to buy it. It lets you go at your own pace, and use all of the free things it offers. Then YOU decide whether YOU want to pay for the full version. The developers also keep working on the app, by updating it regularly, and trying to make it the best app it could possibly be, not just for them, but for the people who download and use it. I say keep it up, your doing great. I think all developers should be like this, because they would make money, get happy customers, and get good reviews. This app deserves a five star because I am extremely pleased with what it has to offer. Thankyou..Version: 7.12.3

I love this appI love this app it works miracles getting my daughter to sleep or back to sleep if she wakes through the night it’s even out me to sleep as well so I recommend it 100%.Version: 7.14.2

Amazing!I first tried it last night and I set a story going. Usually I can’t get to sleep until about 10:30 but last night I got to sleep an hour earlier! In the morning I felt way more refreshed and my parents thought there was something wrong with me because I was so energetic. The only problem is, is that there is a very limited amount of things you can do for free. Other than that it is amazing and I would definitely recommend..Version: 20.12

Outstanding app, amazing team!Quite simply the best app I have tried for sleep, relaxation and meditation. Add to that the dedicated support team who went above and beyond helping me with an unusual issue I had with the app recently. Relax Melodies has been helping me for several years and my young son also uses it to help him drift into sleep. The app is almost unrecognisable from the one I originally tried: new content and improvements are added frequently. I don’t like all of the sounds/music/meditations but as there are SO many to choose from I always find something to suit. Saving favourite mixes, adding a timer, mixing different sounds to use alone or as a background to one of the guided meditations are all fantastic features. I can’t rate this highly enough - nothing else comes close in choice or quality..Version: 11.13.1

Loved it, so disappointed nowEdit: after doing some research I found the app developer’s website and emailed Ipnos. They got back to me so quickly with easy instructions for restoring my premium features. I am very satisfied with their customer service! I hope everyone who had this problem realizes that they can restore their lost functions, perhaps Ipnos should send out some kind of notice that this is happening. But anyway I am so glad for the help and that I can once again use all the sleep aids I paid for!! — Like another reviewer said, I had purchased the pro version of this app for $9.99. I believed that to be a permanent part of the app that I owned. The purchase included access to a huge variety of additional sleep sounds and meditations that I used regularly to help get to sleep on restless nights. But suddenly, those are no longer available to me at all and the app wants me to pay a whopping $99 to have these things accessible again?! And for how long this time? This is a really nasty way to treat the people who supported your app when there are many similar free services out there. Do not recommend..Version: 7.0.1

Relax MelodiesI love this app!! It’s kind of like an escape from that state where you’re waiting to go to sleep- and thoughts and problems may keep you awake-this occupied your mind peacefully until sleep just kind of creeps up on you. I’ve always had trouble sleeping and dreaded lying awake at night. Now I look forward to a peaceful transition. Thanks Relax Melodies!! I’ve now had the app for a couple of months. In addicted!! I’ve had trouble sleeping all of my life. As soon as I start to get tired, instead of lying for hours in the dark, I put on a story—a new one or one of my very favorites—and sometimes before I’ve even listened for five minutes, I’m already out! I cannot believe it. Also, great meditation guides. I am not one to sit still long enough for any type of “meditation”. But at times when I am so stressed, and I can’t relax, I’ve gone to my room, turned out the lights and listened to a meditation. It has put me in a completely relaxed state and brought down my blood pressure and heart rate. Wow! I coughed up the bucks for the full version, which goes on sale fairly often, and it is well worth it. Anyway, a glowing report all around..Version: 11.16

This is perfect harmony..The feeling of relaxation when I enter the app to sleep is beautiful, like a soft, clear, freshwater wave, scooping me up and carrying me gently back into the beautiful, clear and pebbly lake. The sounds of the lapping water at my fingertips bring me such calmness and zen. They world I live in gently slips away and I float into my own dreams perfectly. The birds keeping me company as I float more into the middle of the lake, my eyes closed, face towards the sky, I breathe the beautifully clear air without a care in the world. As I reach the middle I feel as if a total zen has reached every end of my body. Imagine your favourite colour, filling every part of your body in a sense of calm, and as it fills up your body, from the tips of you toes, to the top of your head, every part it touches becomes relaxed and limp, you feel completely safe as amazing serenity surrounds you and you drift away, into perfect sleep. This app is my favourite, it helps me sleep so well. Thank you..Version: 11.3

It works and I love itGreat sounds to play around with. AND every time my daughter has went to my bed ‘cause she can’t sleep, I turn this on and she’s out in less than 5mins. She doesn’t care for nature sounds and this app has plenty other options. I do like nature sounds and sneak one in there. The volume controls for individual sounds is a really nifty thought. I love how you can choose your own sounds to combine and edit volume. Makes every night a different experience, but you can also save your favorites to use for later. Only thing that I don’t like is that I don’t have the full version. I would like access to all the sounds. I know they’ll be just as good, or better, as the ones provided for free. UPDATE 11+ years later I am still enjoying this app. I happen to open this review and found that my opinion has not changed. I have shared my liking for this app with many people including my daughter. Still haven't got the full version, and I think that speaks volumes..Version: 20.2

Fall asleep before you know it!I use the sleep meditation and honestly I hardly ever hear right to the end because It has me snoozing before then. I also like how you can mix and match sounds as well as adjust the volume for each. I would like to have more options for setting the length of time sounds play. But apart from that, this is a great go to for relaxation..Version: 7.0.1

Straight forwardI tried this app for the green noise. It really helped mellow out my thoughts for bedtime. Lots of programs on this app to help clear or focus your mind..Version: 20.24.1

AmazingThis app is so helpful to relax and unwind! It helps me sleep, reduce anxiety levels and love myself. I would 100% recommend this app to anyone with anxiety, insomnia or anyone who enjoys a good relaxation session. There are stories, meditations and a whole bunch of sounds you use to make a nice song/ relaxing sound. If you don’t know how to help yourself just ask one of the people involved. I asked what things to do for anxiety and they gave me a list. Download the app now! 😁❤️❤️❤️😁.Version: 12.4

Great for tinnitusI suffer from tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) and white or pink noise is one of most effective ways to mask it and stop the mind paying attention to it. I love being able to create my own mixes, controlling the volume of each element. I have a few favourite combinations - ones that help with tinnitus, sleep, and mask distracting noises when I’m studying. My only suggestion to improve this app is to have the overall volume control constantly available, and with a numeric or bar display as it is difficult to set consistently in a slide and the phone’s buttons do not allow for small changes..Version: 7.0.1

Love this app.Love this app so much. Helps with my insomnia and I fall asleep faster.Version: 20.24.1

MelodiesHave found it very useful for going to sleep helps switch off and relax enough to finally sleep and also not to focus on background sounds.Version: 6.2

Excellent customer serviceI hadn’t used the app for while an I paid for lifetime access a couple of years ago. I went to use the app again an realised with all the upgrades an updates, I no longer had lifetime access. I didn’t look hard enough in the settings to realise I had to restore my subscription. I wasn’t too happy given I spent the money. I wrote a review an the lovely customer service team let me know how to fix the issue. Thank-you for all your help.Version: 7.9.1

Fantastic relaxation appWow this so works. I love the fact that you can customise it to suit your own personal preferences. It's helped me immensely with both insomnia and relaxation as I have to wear a sleep apnoea mask at night. The sounds are lovely and soothing. There is a pro option but I find the basic app more than enough. Unlike many other sleep/relaxation apps there is an excellent range of sounds. This is a fantastic tool to aid sleep. Well done to the creators of this app. I have been recommending this to friends 😀 Thank you for this. It is much appreciated!.Version: 6.2

Dear people,Hey hey! So I’m about 14 Year’s old and I’m terrified of horrors. My friend being my friend told me we were watching something normal, Not (we watched a horror). So I was scared, I went on the App Store and found this and it’s helped so much more! I’ve been playing it at night time for 3 weeks already and it’s very helpful. I love that it has a timer so you can put that on so it turns of the music (I don’t wanna leave my phone on all night). Thanks for this app, it was very effective!❤️.Version: 6.5.1

THE BEST APP I’VE EVER FOUND!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I’ve been using this app every single day for about 3 years now. I absolutely love it and honestly if I could rate it higher than 5 stars I would! The ability to creat your own mix to get that perfect sound is one of the things I love about it the most! Most apps only offer basic Rain and White Noise which just doesn’t calm me. With this app I can make the right sound mix that does. Not only do I use it, but my 10 month old son has been using it since birth during his day naps and night sleep as well. We both rely on this app to wind down, relax and sleep well. I’ve also found it to help with my stress and anxiety with the wide variety of Stories and Meditations that are unlocked in the Premium version of the app. Of course however the Free version is just as great and we couldn’t recommend it more!!.Version: 20.12

Amazing!!!I went through several sleep apps trying to find the right one for my baby and I found this one was the best, the baby shusher literally cut my time in half putting my son to sleep, before the I rocked, I let him cry it out, I sang and nothing worked or if any of them worked it would take an hour for him to settle it was a fight maybe 90 percent of the time. I combined the shush noise with rain noises and it not only settled my son but it helped him sleep better and get set in a routine which I was having a super hard time with, I still rock him but with this app I rock him for about 10-15 max he goes into a deep sleep and I put him in bad versus the full hour of rocking and singing I did before, he’s always been a good baby sleeping through the night which actually started aroun 13 months when he was starting to walk. This app is so great and worth every penny if you want to rock your son to sleep this is the best app for that also on a separate note: You are that child’s mother nobody knows better then you, if your child is 2 years d and still crying for you and not sleeping through the night don’t listen to your doctor and don’t just leave it I think if something like crying it out supposed to work I think age 2 should be the cut off point and you should try other ways such as not leaving the room, laying down with him reading a book, opening a projector with fish.. Important note: Do not use this app if you are not rocking your baby to sleep and you let them “cry it out” use this app only if you used rain noises or sounds when they were infants, you can try but honestly I believe consistency is key and what you started you should continue, I’m not saying 100% it won’t work like it doesn’t hurt to try but just sharing my personal experience that rocking combined with relax melodies was way more helpful then just rocking alone. Also remember kids are not shoes one size doesn’t fit all and don’t compare your kids sleep routine to anyone else’s as long as your baby sleeping through the night, happy and healthy don’t listen to anyone including your doctor they there to give your child care and you medical advice they are not there to parent and they don’t have the bound you share with your son or know in your heart what your child needs don’t listen to them about emotional security and all that your child will feel secure in themselves emotionally when they know that their mother always tended to them a child that has a good bound and trust for their mom is something you gain by nurturing and trusting your gut feeling don’t get swayed by anything else..Version: 11.0

Can’t fall asleep without itAfter they changed their name from relax melodies to BetterSleep it’s just been all uphill I have been a subscriber for three years now and wow I cannot fall asleep without this.I got better sleep on a discount for their New Year’s sales and wow it paying less is a nice bonus but even if I did not have a discount I would still pay knowing when I do now I cannot fall asleep without a story every night I feel that that for someone who can’t have their phone inside the room but using the speaker the audio is awesome. My therapist recommended this to me and I was in Love at first sight I really like the fact that you can share your mixes for the community. Also that there is so much more than just noises that there is stories to fall asleep to, there is meditations, breathing exercises, and even very helpful articles updated about every month. I don’t think I would be able to fall asleep with the amount of work I have to do without this. I love the fact that with my family members when they noticed I was sleeping way better I gave them a discount and they were able to discover why I’ve been sleeping so well and so peacefully. Overall I cannot fall asleep without this.Version: 20.24.1

Pretty cashIf ur like me and enjoy background noise while u fall asleep this is perfect. massive variety of different sounds from nature to man made really pleasant soothing all that jazz. worth the money for upgrade.Version: 20.4.3

Cannot sleep without itI love this app - I have used it all night, every night for a year, and am completely dependent on it. I have several diagnosed sleep disorders - insomnia, delayed sleep phase, etc, and this app allows me to get some reasonable sleep without always needing sleeping tablets. I have about 4 sounds at once as my fav - rain, river, night and peepers, which I literally play all night. However, I have found that over time, this app has been growing in size, even though I've only saved a few favourite mixes. My phone started crashing, and I was getting warning messages about data storage being full. To my surprise, this app had grown from its original 70MB to 9.5GB!!! I have since deleted it, and reinstalled it, which seems to have fixed it. It may be that I'm using it on a iPhone 4, or that it literally is on all night. So be warned - check your data storage if your phone is playing up..Version: 6.2

Great!Have used this for years now to help me sleep when I don’t have a fan near..Version: 7.12.2

Loveqly RespiteGiven the disharmonious discord of those challenging personalities or situations (that actually help us grow in ways unimaginable), the demands of competitive productivity, overwork, worsening traffic commutes, oppressive sufferings and ill-health in cultures, tribes and peoples in lands across the planet, even in communities immediately surrounding us, and driven by high velocity 21st century speeds and supersonic technology--with just a fingertip selection of one or combination of natural, vibratory elixir of sounds--a moment's respite may occur inviting taking a few minutes to breath slowly, deeply; creating a calming prelude to meditation or entering yoga practice may be invoked; or enjoy a companionable enrichment to a soothing cup of tea. All is easily invoked when listening to the variety of natural sounds offered on this app. It seems one is not at risk of insomnia, affects of blue light, radiation or other hazards of long hours and exposure using electronic equipment caused because a user is not required to look at the app long periods once sound features are selected. Just listen and enjoy the stillness in the moment, and comforting succor the natural and harmonious sounds of the earth can create within..Version: 6.2

Especially helpful when Healing is neededI am a clinical psychologist who often works with those who are in both physical and emotional pain, such as PTSD, as well as those who are grieving terrible losses such as the death of a child. Pain is often too severe even to focus on reading, watching films, or even listening to “regular” music which all too often brings back painful memories. Soothing sounds without words are incredibly useful both during therapy as well as when those who are suffering try to sleep. You have done an excellent job of providing many options for those who are truly in need to find sounds good for themselves and often quite unique. And for people who simply don’t fall asleep easily or struggle to relax, the mixes that are possible have something for everyone. My tiny therapy dogs are sleeping now as they listen to the sounds, whereas other music often alerts them. Try adding some more animal sounds—horses, for example, make soothing sounds called nickering when they recognize a friend in the pasture..Version: 7.7.2

An excellent app so many choicesI work in mental health with young people . I use this app all the time in therapy/relaxation work so that my clients can choose their relaxing sounds. I also use it to sleep . Amazing app!!.Version: 7.7.2

I bought this app twiceGot it for my 6 yo first on her iPad I like it enough to get it again for myself on my phone. Phone version is better cause it has sleep tracking. iPad for some reason does not..Version: 20.18.1

Perfect for me at 50 yo!Love it.Version: 20.3.1

Peaceful and relaxingLove this app so peaceful and relaxing after a longs day. Help me get to sleep. I’ve notice since using this app the quality of my sleep has been a lot better.Version: 7.5.1

Wonderful!I don’t tend to write reviews but I just had to. As soon as I got this app, I just thought it was one of those apps with a few songs that you could play on it, but there is a wide variety of songs you can make to help you sleep and, honestly, it works. I usually find it extremely difficult to sleep, but this app really has helped me reach a calmer state so I can get a better nights sleep. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who needs help to sleep or just relax!.Version: 6.5.2

Amazed by it.I suffer from PTSD and I often can’t sleep. This app has miraculously helped me fall asleep and to calm me down when I had my panic attacks. I often like thinking about my happy place; situated in a cabin in the middle of a forest with a fireplace...I don’t have a hard time imagining it when I can hear the sounds with a click of the app. It makes me feel less alone and that I’ll be there one day. One day my dream will come true. These sounds put hope in my heart that I’ll never be alone again and that I can rest without interruption. Thank you to the person who recommended this app to me, it’s helped me more than I thought it would..Version: 7.10.2

Great app - big selection of soundsI use this app all the time for meditation and it just does what it's supposed too! Highly recommended to others..Version: 7.5.1

Best app for sleep, music section is really great!What I can say about this application is that it is a lot better that other application of the same kind. This one has a lot of features and a lot of sounds sounds for a free edition. The alarm system is really complete and the new clock is really nice for business trips!.Version: 10.0

It’s Quite Good ActuallyOverall, this app if pretty good, you can add timers (for when your music goes off), you can add whatever music you want AND can mashup the music. Personally, i have the music on for 10 mins but it’s up to you. At the start you pick what you want to do with your sleep-for example~you want to sleep faster, realise stress (Multiple choices.) However, i put that i wanted to sleep faster (and more) but i slept super fast but i keep waking up extremely early-4:00 went back to sleep-8:00. However i will continue to use this app and keep on seeing whether or not it keeps waking me up at this time. I don’t recommend tapping the sleep faster option but i fully recommend this app. -chloe wheatcroft, 15.Version: 10.0

Great appI really enjoy this app. I purchased it for the sleep meditations, but now I really enjoy the lifecoach and other meditations too. I would love to see new content added though, since it feels a bit stale without any new meditations. I think the recent upgrade of the app was really good, much better layout and navigation..Version: 7.0.1

Relax MelodiesSometimes I have troubles sleeping at night. Once I downloaded this app it changed my whole sleeping schedule! It helps me so much and it just relaxes my body and mind so quickly. I’m not sure if it does but I think it automatically turns off itself because it did for me. This app is everything to me and ever since I downloaded it I’ve had the most awesome sleeps ever! I recommend to download this app if you have trouble sleeping or have kids that barely sleep. It’s a great way to sleep quicker!.Version: 7.14.2

Great to help sleepBeen a stressful few weeks and find it hard to shut my brain off and sleep, until I downloaded this app and all the different sounds, I can choose a selection of ones that relax me the most and I’ve been able to zone out and sleep decent! Love it. Thank you!.Version: 7.5.2

Fantastic AppThis app is so great for relaxing and switching off. I always use it if I'm feeling too awake at bed time and want to unwind and get to sleep. It's also great when I'm reading as I often have trouble concentrating with too much background noise. I use it for meditating, walking, yoga, card readings and heaps more. I love how the sounds are interchangeable depending on your mood and there are heaps more new options now added in the app including sleep timers and meditations. So useful!.Version: 7.0.1

Love it!This app has helped me overcome jetlag and calm my mind to fall asleep quicker..Version: 7.10.2

Bought this and can now no longer access it, as they have changed their business model.I have bought the premium version of this app, and have recommended it to numerous patients over the years. Now, however, I can no longer use the premium features (when I try to log in, it simply says that my user email address is not recognised) as the developers have changed their business model to an ongoing subscription scheme. When I bought the app, what I paid for was marketed as “life time use”. This is a clear con, and I will report this my country’s trading standards. I note that the developers have responded to another reviewer who had the same problem, saying that the buyer should produce “proof of purchase” - given that this was bought through the app store, this should be easy enough, but this arrogant attitude alone highlights the unethical tactics the developers are using..Version: 7.8.0

It Works!I am a self-diagnosed night owl. So when I graduated college and got into my first big girl corporate job that starts every weekday at 7am sharp, I quickly realized I was in serious trouble. I had to be up by 5am to be on the freeway by 6:15am to be at work by 7am, but I could NEVER fall asleep before 12am. I usually have Netflix on in the background while I try to fall asleep, but Criminal Minds infiltrating my dreams wasn't helping me and I was not sleeping well until a friend recommended that I meditate before sleeping. Naturally, I googled meditation/sleeping apps because there is an app for everything and I stumbled upon this app. I absolutely LOVE it. Granted, you have to pay for the nicer things, like life coach and dreaming meditations, but what is available for free is more than enough for me. My favorite sound mix is called "Afternoon on the Porch." It has wind chimes and soft rain and gentle thunder in the background. It's a perfect mix to help me fall asleep. What's also nice is the timer, which exits the app after 30 minutes (or however many minutes you choose). I usually play the sound effects on my iPad and stand it on my bedside table. Perfect replacement for background Netflix—so glad I found it!.Version: 7.0.1

Amazing!Immediate restless relief, it makes me go to sleep as soon as i press play. the sounds are great, and personalized- YOU pick the sounds YOU want! the downfall is some sounds you have to pay for which absolutely disappointing. i would have given it a 5 star review if there was no premium package that costs anything plus. the meditations are great- again, they are also personalized. the timers work wonderful- if you don’t want to drain your battery you set a timer for, per say, maybe 30 minutes and after you are sound asleep it will shut off and not drain your phone battery. this app also lets you set alarms that i can always get up too, i never have once heard it go off at any other time or not go off at all. if you don’t have an alarm clock or any clock where you need one, there’s an option where it says alarm clock and you can chose a style, and there’s a clock that stays open on your phone while you sleep. so if you have to get up to use the restroom or grab a drink, you can easily see the phones alarm clock on your nightstand. Love the app, just wish it was all free. This is the best sound/relaxing app on the markets right now! Would definitely recommend!.Version: 7.0.1

Nous ici on adore!!!Je l’ai depuis 2017, a ses tout debut et meme mes enfants s’endorment avec cette musique, histoire ou meditation!! Toujours en s’ameliorant! J’ai l’acces premium et je ne le regrette pas du tout! Service client aussi a leur affaire et tres accomodant!!!🥰.Version: 20.7

Great! 👍🏻I love listening to high-quality ocean waves or bubbles when I go to sleep, and/or forest or rain sounds when relaxing or commuting. This app has a wealth of high quality, seamlessly loopable content that you can mix to your hearts’ desire and save. There are plenty of community mixes you can try, and the devs have offered a number of mindfulness options to explore if that’s your bag. I am mostly happy that I can airplay the output to my sonos speakers; this is something that I can’t find with many of these similar apps. I love that you can also set an in-app timer to a length of your choosing to shut it off. Sonos app only allows a 2 hour sleep timer max.. so this app permitting longer than that is a real win. There’s definitely some improvements I’d like to see.. the skeuomorphic UI is dated.. it’s cute, but could do with an update to today’s less fussy styles. I’d like more attention to the dynamic soundscapes.. they don’t play too well over speakers, working better I suspect with headphones. Happy to pay for lifetime membership; feels like a fair investment for the quality soundscapes..Version: 7.7.2

Was great but is now not workingThe app was amazing! It tracked my sleep pretty accurately and the sounds, stories and meditations were very soothing and helped with insomnia. BUT Since paying for the premium subscription the app hasn’t been working. When I try to track my sleep, I wake up to find that there is no data & nothing recorded. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times and also turned my phone off and on again and now I find that when I try to just open the app it closes immediately so I can’t access it at all. I’m wondering if I can request a refund please?.Version: 20.18

Amazing!This app is just so wonderful! Especially for being a free app! The price they ask for the “all inclusive pro” package isn’t too bad for all the sounds you get, either. All around, this app is a wonderful god send. Ambient sound machines are great, but the fact that this one lets you create your own pattern and “melodies”, even save ones to return to, is just mesmerizing. You can spend hours creating perfect soundscapes! And it works with the screen locked, or even runs as a background app when you have others open! The best part is, it’s not great just for sleeping or meditating. It’s perfect for writers! Now instead of just simply envisioning your characters in certain areas, or scenes happening in specific locations, you can create all the sounds to fully emerge you in the thought process! Take you that much closer to your creations! You can even decide the volume of each individual sound in your “melody” so there are endless combinations! For a free app, this app is just fabulous and I’d highly recommend it to absolutely everyone!.Version: 6.2

BeautifulThese sounds are the best sounds to listen to when you live on a busy street and you can’t get to sleep you just play it real loud and it helps :~).Version: 6.5.1

FantasticI have used the relax melodies to help me sleep for some years and share it with all my friends. The meditations in particular really help me quiet my mind let go of worries and stresses and really relax into good sleep and positive frame of mind. This year in particular I suffered a traumatic experience in hospital on top of other stresses, the life saving treatment I was given repeatedly in hospital had adverse affect on my body (maybe allergy) it was actually overdosing my body, the psychological side effects of the drug were profound , it took some days for professionals to identify what was causing this, it was a lonely scary isolating time. This app helped me stay calm in my hospital bed. When I returned home I was suffering adjustment disorder and post traumatic stress. I used the SOS distress , dropping into the present moment and quieting your mind and back to sleep hypnosis routinely every time I woke up in extreme panic attacks and flashbacks- I cannot describe how these meditations helped me focus myself, orientate myself and get through the crippling fear and anxiety, they were my lifeline every night for about six weeks, until I was able to manage the panic orientate myself and follow medical treatment plan..Version: 11.10

Great for meditation!I use this app when I’m doing Reiki and it’s brilliant! I love the sound of the waves combined with the piano tones. The timer is great too - I used this at work in my lunchtime when I was stressed! I recommend this to anyone who needs a little peace in their life..Version: 6.2

GoodI'm just writing this so I get free stuff. Paid stuff is way too expensive for me, a simple high school student, to afford and I feel it would be a bit considerate to hide all of the paid stuff or have an option to hide it so I don't feel taunted and more depressed.Version: 6.2

Good stuffI love it.Version: 23.0

Better SleepThe app worked great at first, I don’t listen to music or anything when I’m trying to sleep. It told me how much REM sleep, how much light sleep and how much light sleep I got. It records every sound you make in your sleep. I learned I sneeze and talk in my sleep. It’s very interesting to discover the sounds I made, if a cat was purring or our dog barking in the middle of the night. I also discovered I sleep through the noises of the night. It suddenly stopped recording at night, I turned it on just like I have since I purchased the app. It also quit letting me know how much sleep I had. I went to Better Sleep to get help, it started working again. Now it’s back to not doing anything. I went back to Better Sleep for help again. I’m waiting for someone to reply, to walk me through the steps I need to take to get it working again. It’s a great app when it’s working properly. I don’t like to purchase anything then it suddenly stop. When it’s not working I feel like I wasted money. When it is working it’s great! I bought it to show my doctor how much restful sleep I get. It says it automatically renews yearly, I don’t like that..Version: 20.24.1

FIXED: Can no longer mix audio with other appsUPDATE: This is going to be fixed in an update and a workaround has been provided for me. Now rating it 5 stars, because it’s a truly brilliant app! The main reason I have been using Relax Melodies for years now is because I’d been able to have the app play a mix, and then go into Audible or Overcast and play a book or a podcast over the mix, which I’ve found to be a really effective way to get to sleep. As of a recent update, this no longer worked, and as soon as I play audio from another app the mix playing from Relax Melodies stops. This change is a serious quality of life decrease for me because I have been incredibly reliant on this feature in order to sleep. PLEASE restore this feature or at least make it an option. I have no use for the app otherwise and will have serious issues sleeping until I find a replacement..Version: 11.1

Great but could be betterI’ve been using this for ages now and it’s been amazing for getting me to sleep. However recently it deleted all of my saved mixes and won’t save any new ones! Also, the paid version is super expensive for students 😓.Version: 6.5

Perfect for travelI really love this app, listening allows me to zone out on long haul flights and traveling for work allowing me to get the rest and down time I need, so I arrive fresh and revived. I Listen most nights using the timer function which is great as it switches off after your selected time. It's so relaxing I have recently stated listening to during my lunch break at work, it blocks out the hussle and busstle and allowing me some proper recharge time. My favourite sounds are the seaside and river, it's great that you can create your own mixes..Version: 6.2

GREAT APP GREAT DEVELOPERSWe have been using this app for a while- years ago to help with sleep- and when we had our first child last year we used it to calm him down (vacuum and hair dryer is great lol) and for white noise. I loved being able to mix the brown noise with ocean waves or rain. I really think this apps sounds contributed to his better sleep! now that he’s a toddler he likes to dance to music and likes lullabies so when he’s fussy we put on something soothing for him. I love the versatility of the sounds in this app and the ability to make mixes. recently I had uninstalled it thinking I didn’t need it anymore- then of course I did. but when I reinstalled it all of my mixes were gone and half the sounds were locked. so I messaged the developers and someone emailed me back promptly and helped me with my issues and helped restore my purchase through our apple ID so all of our old sounds were back. I was impressed by their attentiveness and glad they were able to help me and honor our previous app purchase even though we weren’t subscribers..Version: 11.0

Great App!Love the alarm options, sleep tracking and love the brown sound..Version: 20.24.1

Highly recommendedI use this app every day! It enables me to create an environment that is conducive to meditation, relaxation, sleep and general well being. There is a very good selection of sounds and I love the fact that I can switch any of them on or off and build up combinations that appeal to me depending on my mood and activity. Some of the sound bites can be a bit short and repetitive but this is useful for inducing sleep patterns and there is enough variety in the paid for options to use other options for different purposes. Highly recommended!.Version: 6.2

True peace - my wayI've had this app for a number of years.. never gets old and I use it often. As I spend a lot of time on business trips, in hotels all over the world, I find using this app with its beautiful sounds and choices, is the only way I can Center myself, get into the local time zone and sleep. Thank you .. a loyal fan for life.Version: 7.5

For years age to ageWe’ve used this app for several years for everyone in the family. Started with our kids at 6months all the way to my mother at 65 (May she rest with God). We began at CHRISTMAS time with only the tree lights on and our kids sprinkled about the couches and rug on the floor. Meditations brought the. To near sleep each night before going to their beds. I remember the night my husband, who falls for nothing and can be near spectrum with his emotions and analytipersonality. He thought the ritual was nonsense until he sat with us. He was snoring at the end of the meditation 😂 We even watched the neighbors kids the following year during the Christmas season while their parents went to shop. They cane to gather them (12yrs and 8yrs boy and girl both with ADHD) and they came to the door with it so dark and were shocked that at 8:30pm both of their children were nearly asleep and needed help to get to the truck to go down the block 🥰 we often use the longer meditations on relaxing each part of the body to help. You won’t regret this subscription purchase..Version: 10.4

Great appI’ve been using this for 3 years now and i still love it. it helps me sleep, aids in managing my anxiety, and there’s frequently new content added/updates. honestly, i’ve recommended it to much of my family..Version: 20.8

What happened to the melody ‘Joy’I use this app almost ever day but when i got my new phone i had to delete it and put it on there. I remember a melody on there called ‘Joy’ and i think had 3 stones stacked on stop of it each other as the icon. It seems to it be there anymore! That sound was so soothing and i’m just wondering if the name has been changed or something? I vaguely remember having to do a review or something to get the 2 sounds; does anyone else know what i am talking about??.Version: 11.7

Best meditation app I’ve triedI love this app. It has lots of different sounds that you can play to relax you. You can also mix and match the sounds which is great. I love to mix a babbling river sound with wind chimes. Great if you can already meditate and want to use the sounds to compliment it. Unfortunately if you want to use the guided meditations you have to upgrade to the pro version. There are a couple on the free version but not many. I’m just happy playing the sounds. You can also set a timer to exit the app after 30 mins in case you fall asleep. All in all, very impressed with this app..Version: 7.5.2

DisappointedI’ve had this app for years, and after putting it off for so long I decided to make the one time purchase to get the “full” version. I made several mixes using the new sounds that I couldn’t access before and made use of other new features too. However a recent update has meant that those features are now not accessible to me unless I start a subscription for the “pro” version. I’m extremely disappointed. Lots of mixes i made myself months ago I now cannot access because they contain sounds that are now in the “pro” subscription. I don’t think this is fair..Version: 7.0.1

Nice sceneryThe sounds make me imagine a beautiful scenery every time. When I close my eyes, I can almost see it. It’s a very good app if you want to listen to some relaxing sounds. You can even create your own mix if you want. Sorry I’m only using the free parts, but it’s enough for me. Love how the app is still usable even without having to pay. But remember I definitely would pay if I could!!.Version: 10.2.2

Great app but crashing since recent updateThis is a great app which I've been using for over 2years now. But I've just recently installed the update of the app and my iPhone is on the latest iOS version also and it's constantly crashing on my phone. I'm having no issues with the iPad app version, just the iPhone version. It takes at least 2-4 attempts to get it to work so that it will stay on all night while my children sleep. If this could be reviewed that would be great thanks! Otherwise, keep up the great work :).Version: 10.0.1

Absolutely love this app 👍🏻Had this app for years now and still sleep with it every night, amazing sounds and helps with my tinnitus to a degree. Although, just one slight thing, since the new update, calls/messages or alerts of any kind seem to knock off the sounds of the relax melodies, I think being so used to listening to this app makes the sudden silence more noticeable, even in sleep. Other than that I still recommend this great and soothing app. I also miss the positive messages, and the sleeping techniques intended for those feeling the insomnia, when pulling down on the main page..Version: 7.0.1

GreatGreat app! Love it.Version: 6.2

Great App!I was able to get my unwell 3 year old to sleep within a minute of putting on a combination of relaxing sounds for him. Fantastic and easy to use. Easy to fall asleep to..Version: 7.6.1

Oops, you’re not premium anymoreUpdate: they resolved my problem very quickly. Great customer service and awesome app! I’ve been using this app for over a year and sleeping soundly because of it since then. I enjoyed the free version so much, that I decided to pay more than I had ever paid for an iphone app before: $20 dollars. I paid that, however, because I would finally get the Premium features of the app. For the most part, I was happy with my purchase. However, after one of the recent updates, I have had my premium benefits taken from me completely and am now being told to pay a subscription fee in order to get my premium features back. This is ridiculous. I will not pay more than the ridiculous amount I already spent. At the time I paid the $20, I was told I was making a one-time it appears I was only being loaned the premium features. I want the premium features I paid for back, or I demand a full refund and will find some other app to help me sleep at night..Version: 7.0.1

Loving it! thank you thank you thank you!!I want to thank you ever so much for this app!! it has been helping my son immensely since getting it about a week ago! Usually he takes hours to get to sleep because he fidgets and mucks about etc but since getting this app he has made up his own little melody plays it with the meditation sessions and i have it set to time out after half an hour, he is out cold within the 10mins meditation session!! it will be apart of his night routine from now on!!! thank you sooo much!!!!.Version: 6.2

Best app ever created for insomniaHave used this app for years, as a alternative to running a pedestal fan 365 days of the year so I can sleep. I need white noise to sleep, a sound of a constant fan running and this app has it. Thank you for creating this app and my wife thanks you, as having a fan running in the middle of winter is terrible. I’ve used this app to me and also to sooth my baby daughter to sleep, it works get it you won’t be disappointed. There’s not very many apps that are worth spending money on and that you’ll also want to keep using, but this is it. It’s worth every penny..Version: 11.3

Not coolI purchased this app a long time ago when it was a base price of 1.99 and because of this app I was able to fall asleep finally. After some time I began to have sleepless night again and opened the app to find that all of my sleep melodies had been removed because they upped the price of the app. On top of that I couldn’t get all of the sounds I paid for originally. That is so bogus ! I purchased the app when it was a price and because they decided to upcharge now I’m responsible for paying the difference ??? If you buy a car for $60,000 you will not get another bill if that car sells well and they up the price to $65,000.... be wary of purchasing this app in case they ever decide to uocharge again. With that being said even the free version will help anyone fall asleep. But a 1 Star because it’s not my fault they upped the price. Had that not happened a 5 star. Update: thank you for the purchase refund ! Sorry it took me so long to update as well ! Great app !.Version: 11.14

Very relaxing, love it while taking a bathGreat app, i recommand it.Version: 7.7.2

Would recommendI downloaded the app being a bit skeptical but I’ve found it’s one of the best out there. I like the fact you can make your own ‘mix’ and save them so you can find the ideal sounds for you depending on what mood you want to set. I like the fact there is a good range of different sounds. I’ve been finding it difficult to sleep so I made a mix I liked and played it for half hour before going to bed and I fell asleep so much easier. (Can’t play in bed as I have a 2 year old in with me). Lovely way to unwind after a long and stressful day..Version: 6.5.1

Helps me sleep and just relax overallI love BetterSleep, it has a wide range of sounds that are free to use which is so helpful since most other apps similar make you pay a membership to even use just one sound. I have made so many different mixes of sounds on BetterSleep that fit different moods for me to help me relax and go to sleep or even to sit and study to. Overall it’s a pleasing app and interface. You can make playlists of your mixes and have them play on a loop which is fun. Definitely trying it out if you tend to have insomnia like me!.Version: 20.18.1

SleepingLovin the app even got my mother onto it.. I fall asleep quiet quickly even when I’m struggling to sleep.. you can mix different sounds and how loud you want each one to play while also having the chance to save that mix so if you want to change it up you can but than you can also go back to that one also.. there’s a lot of sounds that are free so no need to pay for it if you don’t want too and your not asked to pay after using the app for a while like other apps.. you can listen to stories or even your music through the app.. with the stories you can listen to 1or2 but the rest you do have to pay but I’ve been happy with just the sounds.Version: 10.2.2

Nice app!A really good app with a wide range of sound combos to listen to when in need of relaxation or sleep. I use this app when I’m having trouble sleeping or for anxiety. I also like how you can control the intensity of the sounds too. Overall pretty decent app :).Version: 7.5.2

Love this app!This app helps with my studies, a lovely natural sounding background eases me into concentration, I’ve been very focused and the sounds are lovely. However, it would be nicer if a large variety of natural sounds were added and if the app would allow the favourites I’ve made to change every 10 minutes or so to another, rather than having to pause and put on a new sound mix. (Probably didn’t word that last bit properly).Version: 6.2

So relaxingLove falling asleep to my own mix of sounds... I can evoke places I’ve travelled just with noise and I can create different soundscapes to suit different meditations. Having a timer is great as the relaxing melody continues long enough for me to drift off if I haven’t by the time the meditation is over without having to worry it’ll be on all night. The only thing I wish is that there would be a clearer record of which meditations I chose to listen to and when, as it’s hard to remember which is which. Otherwise it’s perfect....Version: 6.5

JasCool.Version: 20.4

Just trying it outI have annoyed the last few nights I am thinking of purchasing as it does have a few different things you can do within the app and you can customize everything … it’s worth it I think.Version: 20.24.1

Helps me sleepThis app really helped me relax before bed and give me a nice relaxing sleep if I could ask one though was to have more sounds (there are already quite a lot but the more the merrier) and there are binaural beats and isochronic tones included but they are only for relax and focus (for free version that is) and I think it would be was one if you could get more or open up some of the already existing ones (especially for helping you sleep) to the free version as the whole reason I naught it was to help me sleep However overall I really enjoy this app I find it very relaxing and helps me sleep so well done!.Version: 7.5.1

Insomnia sufferersI love this app. I have suffered from insomnia my whole life and work as a nurse doing shift work which means hello insomnia and trouble falling asleep but since having this app I’m able to use the 15 minutes meditation with the rain drop sounds and I’ve been asleep every time before the time is up. I recommend this app for those suffering from insomnia second to anxiety.Version: 7.0.1

Honest Moment from a British GuyYes. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Many people out there are like that and what makes things worse is that it doesn’t sleep. It keeps you awake along with it. This app has helped me a lot personally. When I hear the rain mixed with motorway and a cat purring, it’s really relaxing and it gives me the best memories of my life. I must give a big thank you to the people who made this app. (P.S The audio in this app is just amazing quality and the fact you can pick and mix what you want. Big thumbs up from me).Version: 7.5.2

This has been working!This has been really helping my busy brain calm and fall asleep. The one thing I would change is if you could choose the sound for a story then keep it playing even after the story ends..Version: 20.24.1

I can’t get enoughThe app is so useful I haven’t been able to not use it I can sleep for so much longer and on such a short time and even if you don’t get a membership most of the sounds on there are free would give 6 stars.Version: 8.0

Used it for over 5 years now everydayI use it everyday. Sometimes to drown out noise when I’m reading or trying to sleep. Sometimes I use it to meditate also. The way you can layer sounds at different volumes or select a pre set array is perfect. I also find the range of sounds great thought I tend to cycle through the same ones. Would recommend for any standard app basics. It just makes your phone one extra thing. It’s awesome..Version: 7.5.2

Can’t fall asleep without itI’ve used this app for over two years now and have a lifetime membership - one of two apps I’ve ever actually purchased! I have used this app every night and sometimes during the day to relax, I also used it for nearly 6mths with my newborn baby. Sounds strange but I used the same sound mix throughout my pregnancy and it was the only thing that helped my baby sleep when he arrived! I love the stories and mediations, my only recommendation would be to give the choice of male or female voice for a story as a male voice (for me) doesn’t sound soothing.Version: 10.2.1

Great with NO flawUpdate: I notice the latest update, the alarm will automatically turn the volume up. So even if I turn the volume to the lowest the alarm will sound. Now I'll never miss the alarm again! Thank you so much to the app developer! Great app. The one flaw is the alarm. It needs to take control of the volume and turn itself up! I am using another app right now that does this; it will slowly turn up the volume and sound the alarm even if I had the volume turned way down the previous night. I switched to the other app because I missed the alarm once with this app..Version: 20.9

GoodIt’s good.Version: 23.0

Best app everThis app has been so helpful for me and honestly best app ever had that best sounds has the best music #loverealaxmelodies.Version: 10.0

A++Love this App and not even subscribed to pro!! To be able to create your own peaceful musical with the sounds available and help put the mind n soul to sleep, is so neat! There’s no ads and a brilliant timer to turn the music off after however long you require. Very useful and can cater to anyone :).Version: 7.0.1

What’s Happened?I’ve used this app for years!! and I would have usually given this app 5 stars but I’ve returned only to find that my sounds are locked? I’ve relied very much on this app to sleep and reduce panic attacks. In many ways this app alone has saved my life by giving me sleep and calming me down. I am so upset to find that one of my main supports has now locked a high % of its content, charging for sounds I’ve been had access to and have been relying on/using for all these years :(.Version: 12.3

This is so effectiveI can sleep because of this app, every day.Version: 20.7

Sleeping appsLove it, never used anything like this before and it’s really helping me to sleep. I usually require medication however gave this app a go thanks for a specialist who recommended it..Version: 6.2

It’s a good app! However...Relax melodies is a very good app indeed! It has a wide variety of sound and melodic tunes to listen to! You can listen to story’s and you can do guided meditations. Although, you have to pay for a Premium membership. I understand that the developers that created this wonderful app do need money, I really do! It is rather expensive though! I hope the developers agree. There is not much you can listen too without paying. I personally have not paid to get a premium membership. I hope that the developers can add more content for free, I think many people will use the app if you do, as more people will recommend it to others. I am very grateful for the developers hard work to create this app, and I am FOR the developers, not against them. I think it would be used more if you made more content free. App users will think ‘wow, this content is free! How much more amazing would the premium content be!’ I know it sounds unrealistic, but people will think that! Please take these thoughts and advice into account, and hopefully then into action! Many Thanks, An app user who wants to help the app grow..Version: 11.17

Possibly the best noise and sleep appI have adhd and ptsd, so getting to sleep can prove sometimes extremely difficult for me, as can doing tasks that require concentration. This app has such a vast sound library that you can make your own mixes that work JUST for you. The rain sounds really helped me get through my Honours Degree and focus, blocking out external noises. I reckon if they had an in-built pomodoro timer, they’d be unstoppable. Their sleep stories and meditations are also incredible. Now I hate mindfulness and anything of that nature, but listening to a soothing story about the African savannah with visualisations is something that helps me drown out the bad thoughts and focus on something positive before I fall asleep. I don’t even know if the contributors and creators of this app will see this review, but I truly want you to know this has really improved the quality of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart x.Version: 12.4

GoodReal real good.Version: 23.0

A break from the noise!What do I mean ‘break from the noise?’ Well as a tinnitus sufferer having the ability to create an environment that allows my emotional mind to enjoy some sounds as opposed to react negatively towards my ‘ringing’ is like coming up for air when feeling underwater for too long. The app has given me time to think about how I react to my tinnitus as opposed to being involved with the reaction through the new sound landscapes I can create for myself at any time I need them..Version: 11.18

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