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QuakeWatch App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

QuakeWatch app received 26 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using QuakeWatch? Can you share your negative thoughts about quakewatch?

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QuakeWatch for Negative User Reviews

Nice app but some simple changes would help...Good app with lots of info. Still needs a bit of work though - one change which would make it much better would be the ability to scroll around the map more, at the moment it can only be centred on Africa at full extent and being centred on your location would make the map much nicer to use (in NZ we are stuck right in the corner!). Also push notifications would be great so looking forward to that update!.Version: 0

Possible improvementsEarth map should show NewZealand better, right on edge of map. Try a revolving globe in next upgrade and a education segment on how /why earthquake happens ..Version: 2.4.5

DisappointedCan you please restore the links to the old USGS site? The new "live" site is useless on the iPhone..Version: 2.7.1

The app has stopped updatingWe're still getting sizable aftershocks post 7.1 earthquake in California, including a 5.5, and no mention of it in the app, despite refreshing it several times..Version: 3.7

GeoA useful app. Needs graphic improvements. Option to centre World map on Pacific. Pins on World map too big- replace with smaller circles with no pin shaft. Option to scale circles to quake magnitude. Option to display quakes for specified period, eg last week/month/year, or between specifed dates..Version: 2.4.5

Can't find NZ QuakesCannot find any NZ Quakes in this app. Under closest we always got them but no longer there. Rather useless now..Version: 3.3

It's okThere are a few different options out there when it comes to earthquake monitoring apps, and based on what I'd read, I thought this was the best. However, after purchasing it I have a few misgivings with the biggest being that this app just loads the USGS website! I can do that myself, and save the money. Especially since it loads the site into a tiny window that is amazingly difficult to read. If you want all your earthquake info aggregated into one place, this app will do that, but you can get the exact same info from the various websites, for free..Version: 0

Placing a location for Nearest doesn't workThis doesn't function for a while, seems nobody's going to take care of it..Version: 3.6

Accessing Settings Causes CrashRunning an iPhone 4S with iOS 6. I can't access the Settings menu without the app crashing. Hopefully just an iOS 6 bug that will go away after an update. :-/.Version: 2.7.3

Not completeI have been using this app for several months and until now I have not been disappointed. However, today I looked out for the 3.5 quake that tool place in Scotland Glenuig. Not there! So not so good after all.Version: 0

Awesome App, but...Great app, used it all the time UNTIL the latest update, which has now rendered this "the App that no longer opens". What a shame - now deleted..Version: 2.4.3

AverageGood idea and has potential. However just surviving a 7.1 earthquake and all the after shocks I was disapointed that it has only updated a 1/4 of the aftershocks..Version: 0

Great, Unless You Live in HawaiiEasy to use, lots of data, but never shows the quakes that hit Hawaii. We had a 5.3 yesterday, that didn't show up on the app. No idea why; a couple of years ago Hawaii quakes showed up, but not now..Version: 3.7

Not badNot a bad app, but it doesn't actually alert you to when an earthquake happens. You have to keep manually checking, which is pretty pointless really. Sure there are better apps out there that do better..Version: 2.4.5

When Coming to CanadaWhen come to Canada will be the best.Version: 0

Best out of the bunch, but...Best, most quickly updated earthquake app out there, however I’m not always checking this app and I am not notified for the quakes that are in my proximity... This brings me to be paranoid, checking multiple times a day to ease my mind. I wish I could get immediate push notifications to a specific range that I can adjust to monitor quakes via alerts instead of actively checking. Am I missing something or is this app lacking?.Version: 3.7

Inaccuracies.In accurate information and names of towns and regions names omission in the world map..Version: 3.8

DaleUp dates are slow.Version: 2.4.1

Link to Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre does Not WorkI love this app but for the past few weeks the link to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre doesn’t work. I just get a white screen. Please fix..Version: 3.8

CanadianI love this app because it is so up to date. Too bad the tsunami report stopped working, they go hand-in-hand I would think..Version: 2.4.2

Rose-tinted.Potentially useful. But now that I've had it for a while, I'm noticing some 'data-shaping' that's a bit off- putting. Fir instance, switching to a view showing the largest recent earthquakes routinely leaves out several quakes over magnitude 6 and 7 that are reported by other sources. The get an initial mention on this quake and then seem to 'disappear' off the historical view as if they never happened (Vanuata 7.2/7.4 anyone?). So am still hunting for a similar app with full disclosure..Version: 0

Good but map pan & zoom need workGood app that provides most required information but the map pan & zoom functionality are damned frustrating & in fact used to be better in previous versions than now. Try to locate & zoom in on NZ & western Pacific detail, one of the most significant areas of recent seismic activity, & you'll find yourself stuck in the edge of the map with little flexibility. The full global view in replay is pretty hopeless too. I preferred the previous version before all the fiddling with coloured pins & tectonic plates. They are nice to have but not at the expense of the now lost map functionality. Please fix or I'll look for another app. Three stars until fixed..Version: 3.2

Warning!You will NOT have infos from most countries OUTSIDE USA. Check before buying..Version: 0

Gr8 but...Interesting and bang up to date ... but what has happened to the BGS feed? it is back after a while away but rarely updates. two tremors of 2.3 on Lancashire coast on TV but nothing mentioned on app. pity as used 2 b spot on.Version: 2.4.5

Mr gus choungiWhy won't you slow send for latest quakes,no good enough many like to know what is happening?cant tweet latest quake?will not post to Twitter?.Version: 3.4

SlowLooking for a new Earthquake AP. This one is very slow in reporting/updating the information ..Version: 3.7

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