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TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited app received 101 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited? Can you share your negative thoughts about textnow: call + text unlimited?

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TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited for Negative User Reviews

Buyer bewareIf you buy the app like I did to avoid the advertisements you can expect the advertising to continue. I did the free version for a while and thought if I buy it then I won’t have to see the adds again, boy was I wrong. The adds never went away, the only thing that went away was my money from my bank. The app is also slow as heck, it is slow when you send photos, it is slow when you type messages, it’s just slow slow slow. The pros to having the app, I downloaded it on my desktop computer, I can type on a keyboard, I use it for business to text customers about their auto repair, and they think it’s my cellphone and I get to tell them “I’m sorry but I use a texting app to text from my office computer”. This way they don’t get my personal cell number. So, pros and cons, everything has them. But to pay for an ad free app and they still are there makes me not happy. So keep your money and use the free version, there is no difference..Version: 9.18.0

Can’t receive verification codes anymore without payingThe reason why I have been using textnow for years was because it was free. Now they are asking us to pay to receive verification code messages. Won’t use textnow anymore..Version: 21.14.0

Piece of CRAP app!!!I’d give it negative stars if I could. Even if you’re lucky enough to see your phone actually ring when someone tries to call your text now number, you’ll have to pray and cross your fingers that the app doesn't drop your call, if you can even hear each other during the call. What this app is really good at, is creating the most constant frustrated anxiety within the user. Whilst 10 times a day, while watching your phone for an expected call, you suddenly see the “missed call” or “new voicemail” indicator after your phone never rang once to even give you the chance of speaking to the person you were expecting a call from. And if you’re thinking, “Oh this doesn’t apply to me because I have a strong WiFi connection/the best internet/newest phone/etc” then you’d be sorely mistaken. Because nothing you have or can do will make a difference. This app is a P.O.S. all the way around, despite what you have. It’s “free” for a reason. So expect frustration and anxiety, and good luck..Version: 20.39.0

Lagging messages or undeliveredI use this app everyday and I notice that 1/5th of my messages don’t deliver to my contacts and that the app glitches or shuts down on occasion. They get some messages but not all...sometimes I double send important texts or follow up with a phone call to make sure that it pushes the messages to them or I reach them in general...glitch? Server issues or something? Please fix this :( I would say this app is 60%reliable for making sure texts get through..Version: 9.3.0

Great but can improveAn amazing app that lets me call overseas with no trouble. My issue is when i have a problem like I do now, I would like to ask a human for help. The help articles don't help and the "support bot" just redirects you to the same articles. A help option would be better and it's a reason why I hesitate to pay for a subscription - there's no guarantee I would get assistance if I needed it..Version: 21.14.0

It’s not the best...This app is great. Especially for me because I have an iPad, which means I cannot text phones from Samsung etc. This app is good because I could text my friends with phones from other providers. But, I faced many issues such as sometimes I would click on the app and it would shut me out and I would be back on the home screen after being in the app for about 3 seconds. I do get a lot of spam calls and a lot of people I don’t know txt me. It is really glitchy and sometimes I send messages and the person I am texting did not receive it. Another thing I didn’t like was I didn’t receive notifications most of the time when people texted me. One day I went on the app and all but the contact names went black. It shut me out of the app and I was back at the home screen. I tried many times getting back on the app, but it never worked. Then I got back on about a couple months later and I was logged out of my account! I can’t get back on and I don’t know what to do!! All of my text messages with my friends and family are gone. I would not recommend this app... it has just brought me so much anger and unless they fixed something with a magical update I don’t know if it’s going to be any good because I WAS LOGGED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT AND CAN’T CHECK FOR YOU. Hope this helped..Version: 9.5.0

TextNow has betrayed the free usersTHEY PUT THE AD’s IN YOUR MESSAGE RIGHT ON TOP OF WHERE YOU TEXT NOW AND THEY ARE HUGE Now i am looking for, or will create a better app like when TextNow began. It’s not hard to do better than this, and this app has become shameful in doing so. This is no longer both convenient & pleasant to use, and is becoming more and more unpleasant by the day. Every developer is turning into a sell-out these days..Version: 22.41.0

Unknown callersStupid numbers that I don’t know always calling it’s retarded.Version: 9.28.1

The call doesn’t work on data now.The calls don’t work on data only on wifi recently. Text messages work on both. Please fix that..Version: 20.37.0

Stop playing ads during calls!I have been using TextNow for years. I absolutely loved it up until add started being played during phone calls. This wouldn’t be an issue except when they play, you can’t hear the person you are talking to on the phone! So as soon as it starts playing, it’s like your conversation is put on pause for a good 20 to 30 seconds. It’s really inconvenient because the other person has no idea what’s going on and many times will hang up. I understand that it’s necessary to have ads because it’s a free app and you need to make money somehow, but why wouldn’t you put the ads at the end of the call. It makes much more sense for the add to start playing as soon as the person hangs up the conversation. This is why I rarely use TextNow anymore. I prefer to use Google voice now because it’s free with NO ads..Version: 22.37.0

ReviewApp doesn’t give numbers. Sign up and automatically you get told you violated agreement. Too bad use to be good.Version: 22.24.0

I hate the new update for emojisI used to send my boyfriend rainbow hearts and recurve them back and now they’re just red hearts. I hate that give them back it’s a huge deal to me the coloured hearts mean a lot to my boyfriend and I and we can’t use them and that means people can’t sent emojis and receive emojis of the things people are actually sending cause I can’t send a yellow heart which in my coding for my boyfriend means I’m overwhelmed that sucks I have to change my entire system of preventing breakdowns and everything I do on texting cause I use emojis to communicate how I feel when texting. Give me my options back please.Version: 22.12.0

ScamIt shows immediately “This account has violated our term of use” when I registered an account..Version: 22.23.0

Too many issues....Text know has way too many issues I get call drops all the time disconnect wile on the phone, delay phone calls all the time while talking on the phone it goes on like mute all of a sudden to where you just don’t hear anything. And I can never answer my phone half the time it will not ring until someone leaves me a voicemail and then it disconnects. And if it does ring and I answer it no one‘s there the call like completely drops if I’m lucky that I can answer it and it goes blank a lot of the times to were it’s just a blank white screen and getting messages or phone calls like a day later. The ad can be a nuisance sometimes where you are texting and then all of a sudden your full screen turns into an ad and then you have to stop what you’re doing and then find the exit button when it appears and get back out and finish texting. I think that sums it up for the main issues that I’ve had with it 🤦‍♀️.Version: 20.43.0

Used to be goodUsed to be rly good and was able to even receive verification codes eight which free version. now it says i have to upgrade it to receive the codes.Version: 22.1.0

App is useless after latest updateIdk what happened to this app but it’s been complete garbage the last few days (both the iPhone and the iPad versions of the app). It completely overloads the device’s operating system or something because when I try to open the app whatever media is playing in the background (and would normally continue to play in the background) stops playing. This wouldn’t really bother me if it was the only problem, but from there it only gets worse. The app freezes and will not respond to any taps. I’ve tried task killing the app and then restarting it but nothing changes. I’ve also tried doing a soft reset/force re-starting the devices, and then trying the app again to see if it’s working, but that hasn’t helped either. At first I thought it was my phone but then I realized the same thing was happening on my iPad too, so it must be the app itself because I’m not having any issues like this with any other apps. I really wish/hope the developer fixes the app because this was my favorite messaging app (before the update). But now that it’s completely unusable I’m going to have to try out some other apps and see if I can find a suitable alternative. Goodbye (for now?) TextNow ✌️.Version: 21.15.0

8.99$ per week to lock number8.99$ per week to lock your number… It used to be 6.49$ per year. I’m a paying user, but now I’m considering going for TextMe way cheaper for the same service..Version: 22.41.0

Disgusting appBlocked ability to receive verification code, can not access my accounts any more. Received verification phone call, they blocked the sound, change to Openphone now, much better value..Version: 21.14.0

ScamI paid a lot of money for a phone plan just to be locked out of my account as soon as I switch phones, you need to fix that, if not make the app free without scamming..Version: 22.29.0

App is incredible LaggyThe app is incredibly laggy when texting other people. This is the only app that is doing so on my phone.Version: 9.17.1

GoodI like TextNow because you can get a free phone number but the only thing is that you have to have wifi to be able to text or call people.Version: 22.3.0

Way to bleed money out of someoneGet verification codes with Lock In Number 🔐 Verification code messages can only be accessed securely by upgrading your account. Tap on the link below to lock in your number now. You must be on app version 21.8 or above for the link to work. textnow://receive_verification_code The TextNow team.Version: 21.46.0

Glitchy and ads overwhelm the experienceTextNow is a great idea and provides a great service essentially - that you can have a free phone number and call North America from anywhere in the world -however the user experience is pretty bad. The app is slow, extremely glitchy, and the ads are meant to overwhelm your experience. The ad situation has gotten substantially worse in recent months. The standard bad ad experience on the app is that the ads pop up on the home screen constantly and they are hard to close. But recently I had the experience that video ads start playing through my calls and as the call time progresses the interval between the time the video ad plays gets shorter and shorter. So what happens is you're talking to someone and then an extremely loud ad (way above the call audio volume) starts playing over your call. You can shut it down but it will just start back up again a few moments later. Really unbearable. I am keeping the app because it's in its development stages and I'm hoping it will go in a different direction when it receives more funding. As a traveler it's a great tool for me, just wish it wasn't such a harrowing tool to use..Version: 9.1.0

BadAfter 3 attempts of sending messages which all failed; i received a messaged saying my bill of $49 is due and paid via auto cash!!! Would not recommend.Version:

Tos violation?Did anyone make an account and immediately get a violation error? literally created it then told I was in violation....Version: 9.19.0

Too many junk texts and junk callsToo many junk texts and junk calls.Version: 22.8.0

Big problemsThis was a good app. Today I didn’t receive 2 critical text messages. Instead, I received 2 text messages from your company saying that now I must pay to receive text messages…if I have a particular version of your app. I spent an hour hunting for my app’s version # without success. 1. What is the version # of my app? The emailed link to purchase the text messaging capability didn’t work. 2. Is that because I have the wrong version? How do I receive text messages as in the past? I spent an hour searching for a tech support phone or email without success. 3. How do I contact tech support? In trying to sign up for the text messaging plan, I accidentally purchased “lock in your #.” I don’t need that service 4. How do I get my $ back? Or, better yet, how do I get the plan switched from “lock in your #!” to “text messaging.” Your website and the Apple App store say that both phoning and texting are free, which apparently is untrue. 5. Isn’t false advertising illegal? - I reinstalled the app today to be sure I have the latest version. I have sent multiple text messages from my phone - not one has come through. Calls works, but not text messages..Version: 21.42.0

5atars but it needs some thingHi and thanks for making that cool app but there is. A only thing that is not great is that if I. Not use the app messaging I can loose my number at anytime so please make a number renewal system for free /yr and this could be magnificent and you are already the best!!! All that was before today , today I have discovered that I can’t receive verefication codes anymore ... some of my accounts which contains fees and real money are now inaccessible... I don’t know what to say it’s more than a crime to ask a user to subscribe to your plans to access his private messages ! I’m leaving text now and I’m not the only ! And btw here is my updated review : still disappointed cause text now is accessing people privacy across it’s servers and lied about the full privacy they give to their user and additionally I have always checked in my number and kept it going and I don’t need that feature to keep it going thank you for respecting my opinion and improving your service to keep it more accessible or else you’ll keep on loosing customers ... just like me !.Version: 21.11.1

Worse texting appIt only works sometimes I can receive messages but the replies never go through have reset the app multiple times this problem keeps happening over and over text plus is way better.Version: 22.35.0

LateText do not arrive till nearly a day later.Version: 20.38.0

TerribleAs soon as you start to talk, a phone call disconnects. Thanks for nothing.Version: 22.12.0

New updateWhy is the new update telling me to upgrade my account to get verification codes? It wasn’t like this before why change now.Version: 21.12.1

If you don’t pay, don’t use thisIf you register an account and don’t re charge or spend any money, few days later you won’t be able to use it, you will get a “ violated terms of use” message, tried with 2 emails and both didn’t make any calls or text..Version: 22.39.0

Can’t use for verification , paid scamIf you wanna use this app to sign up for accounts on anything , look elsewhere. They now want you to pay 8.99$ cad a week to have that feature. It defeats the purpose of using this entirely. I used this app mainly so I didn’t have to put my real phone number in apps because it’s a security risk waiting to happen..Version: 22.41.0

Keeps closing downIf I’m in a call the app close down and I get random calls from unknown people.Version: 22.10.1

Pls make it compatible for nzIT DOESN'T WORK FOR NZ SO PLEASE MAKE IT COMPATIBLE FOR NZ.Version: 21.46.0

AddsI hate how there is so many adds it sucks.Version: 9.6.0

ReviewI’ve been using is app since 2018 I’m pretty sure and now it’s not really useful. Cause it used to work just fine everything was good. And now since February if you use your free number for like a verification code thingy they will tell you that you need to up grade your phone number or that you need to copy a link but then it will say that you need to have the app version 2.0 something like that..Version: 21.14.0

Rings my real phone with no way to disconnect or turn it offI got TextNow because I wanted an extra number for when I do research or to give to salespeople or other times I don’t want to be directly contacted. TextNow definitely gives you a useable number and you can pay to upgrade to “lock it in” so the number doesn’t change and you can use it for text verification of other services. That’s good. HOWEVER. Anyone with your TextNow number can CALL you and your cell phone where the app is installed will RING! There’s NO WAY to turn this off in the settings, even if you go in Notifications and turn off Badges, Sounds, etc. I thought the whole point of having an extra number was so I could go in and check messages at MY leisure. Instead, my personal phone is ringing morning noon and night with sales calls. I might as well have just given out my real number. Super annoying..Version: 21.28.0

Paid top plan still get adsStill have ads when purchasing top subscription (yearly)..Version: 22.41.0

USELESSAs soon as I made an account it logged me out and now it keeps saying “can’t loggin at this time”..Version: 22.29.0

It keeps crashingAll day I’ve been trying to go onto TextNow to check my messages but whenever I do, a plain black screen comes up and it keeps crashing. It’s starting to get really annoying honestly. I’ve tried everything I could to eat it to work but nothing helped. I want to uninstall then reinstall it but it will get rid of my data and messages on it and I don’t want that to happen. Why does it keep crashing?.Version: 8.33.0

UnreliableUsing text now to contact family and friends while I’m abroad. This app has logged me out twice with no explanation, and can’t get back in. I’m now using TextMe, which has not given me this problem..Version: 9.27.0

Ads have become unbearableI’ve had TextNow for over 4 years and counting. I used to love this app because the ads while they were there (as they ought to be since it’s a free service), they were non intrusive and bearable. It was a tiny banner ad in between messages in the inbox . That’s it. However in the past few months it has gotten so bad that I’ve considered simply uninstalling the app and moving on . I’ve always used this service as a secondary number for non personal stuff (I even paid to get my number locked in) , but now it seems it’s not even worth it. To say that the ads are very frequent would be a total understatement.. it literally seems that after every call made , you get blasted with a 20-30 second full screen ad (which you cannot skip or close or do anything with other than wait it out) . Why should I have to deal with that so often ? It never used to be like this and if it had to come to the point in which full screen ads like that had to be implemented , then ok if it was once in a while fine , I would just deal with it. But every other phone call or 30 seconds of going through messages? Nah that’s too much I’m sorry. You guys sold out plain and simple..Version: 22.13.0

Why can’t you provide a phone number for Sri LankaI started to use this app and noticed you can’t get a number fr my country, so therefore can u pls help me with this. My country code is +94..Version: 8.34.0

Useless, don't botherTried to use, just got sent in verification circles and then blocked for violating terms of use when just doing the verification steps..Version: 21.41.0

Not happyThe last update turned my app blank. Unfortunately I can’t remember my email and this is the only way for me to regain access. So I see people are messaging me but I can not see what it says. There isn’t a way to talk to anyone live thus everything is via text. I ask if they could send me a message to verify my account I was told no. I asked if I could verify the phone by my device id I was told no. I could verify 3 numbers that have texted me on the number. There should be more than one way to verify your account. Or an easier way to regain access to your account and speaking to a person would be nice. There are very important messages on the number. You collect my Device ID, my location and have the ability to conduct a diagnostic test on the app crashing. You could choose to use this data to help individuals whom forgot their email address or mistyped their email address to retrieve their account (even if there was a small fee) Please do more to assist other than have me validated an email address that I could have mistyped. Please.Version: 21.5.0

DONT USE THIS APPThis app is absolute scam. It gave me a phone number I can not send a text from can’t call and when I tried to send a code to the number from a app it then asked me to to pay 7.99 which I did and tired again nothing is working …. Don’t use this app absolutely a waste of time.Version: 22.2.0

MehIf you use the app to call every call after the first is neither choppy or has no sound at all. And that’s on iOS.Version: 22.7.0

Always signs me outHate this app text free is better.Version: 9.7.0

Spam callsI’m getting a ridiculous amount of spam calls. I have ‘blocked and reported’ at least 20 between yesterday morning and today 1pm. They are all different numbers but from the same area codes, it’s getting so annoying that I’m considering deleting the app and finding something else. Who are you giving my number to? When I had voicemail turned on, the calls would leave 3 second silent messages, I’ve turned off voicemail now just to stop getting a second notification. If I answer and don’t say anything (because I’m sure it’s a bot and not a real person with actual business with me), the call hangs up within 10 seconds and it’s silent. I’ve had ‘debt collector’ calls before, it’s always a person in a call center who at least asks ‘hello?’ when the call picks up, this is different. Don’t tell me to ‘block and report’. I’ve done that and it’s no good as they keep using a new number. It’s hugely disrupting to my day. Not worth keeping the app if this continues tomorrow..Version: 21.28.0

Stuck on Area codeI would give it a 0/5 if it was possible! Waste of my time. Keeps telling me that the numbers on the list are already used even though no list shows up..Version: 21.47.0

WorkIt’s a great app but when I try to use it for my stuff it says; use a real phone number. Please make this work..Version: 21.35.0

DiscordAllow the numbers to be used on discord for verification.Version: 21.5.0

Can’t receive verification codesYou literally have to pay to receive verification codes. Trash..Version: 22.12.0

Doesn’t work for meCan’t seem to send texts to Aus numbers.Version: 21.33.0

Unknown callsHi, I’ve been using text now for a while and the app has never done this to me before but, I’ve been getting random phone calls from unknown callers, so don’t use this app unless you want random phone calls from random callers! 😡🤬 I am very angry!!.Version: 9.6.0

Sorry but not sorryI’m giving this app a 1 star because it’s always giving me trouble. It lags, freezes, force closes on its own or the audio is not so great. If I do get a call or if I call someone, there’s times they don’t hear me or I don’t hear them. Sometimes I don’t even receive calls or text messages which is not good because I have missed very important phone calls or text messages in the past due to all of these issues. I’ve had this app for about over 3 years now and it just doesn’t get any better. Well not for me at least. The only reason why I still use it, it’s because I’ve had my TextNow number for awhile and don’t want to lose it. Plus I really don’t want to download any texting apps. I barely have the time to be downloading different texting apps just to find the right one unless if I really need to. So I hope you guys can fix these issues and maybe I can give you a better rating if I see improvement. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. This has been going on for to long..Version: 21.22.0

Too many phone numbers!What’s with having to get a new phone number all the time??? I had to change it again yesterday and that makes FIVE TIMES in less than FOUR MONTHS!! What gives?? Tell me!! I am so aggravated with having to call multiple doctors and other important people that are here for my health care that need to get in touch with me on a daily basis and it frustrates them as well when they can’t get ahold of me, thinking there may be something wrong, that they have to send someone out to check on me to make sure that l am still alive. I go to make a phone call and my scree is covered with your logo on it and there’s no way to get it off without going through the process. I’m more than upset 😠! I had even just RECENTLY paid $4.99 to be able to keep my last “new” phone number for a year and l haven’t even had it for a MONTH!! You people need to get your act together or else next time, the review isn’t going to be as”kind” as this..Version: 21.46.0

What happened?!It asked me to log in again so I thought “ok no big deal” so I signed in with gmail as I always do and it kept asking me to pick a number. I already had a phone number that I chose from textnow when I signed up. So now apparently I can’t access my phone number with all my conversations. What happened? Did you guys delete my number or?? I gave all my contacts that phone number so I’d like to be able to actually use it..Version: 21.17.0

Doesn’t workApp doesn’t work when trying to sign up.Version: 21.17.1

Good at firstThe app is well made, then about a week into using it I was flooded with ads and messages that wouldn’t go through. I can’t make calls anymore..Version: 9.7.0

Don’t do it!!I’ve been using Text Now for a few months. At first, it started out like a great substitution for the more expensive (and horrible) Sprint service I’ve been wasting my money on. Since they both use the same network, I’d rather pay less for unreliable and sketchy phone service. But believe me, Text Now service is not at all reliable either. You won’t get much reception indoors, your texts msgs may or may not send, and there will be times when you won’t get phone calls. Anyway, my rant today is because TextNow took things to a new low. Today my bill is due and they SHUT ME OFF on the day it’s due. AND it’s a Saturday, so I can’t transfer money from my savings account into my (bill paying) account until Monday. I take complete ownership for not remembering about transferring sooner. Thanksgiving was just 2 days ago and I lost all sense of time in the planning. But to give NO notice is going too far. Since I drive for Uber, I cannot work or earn money either until Monday as well and I’M FURIOUS!!! They are screwing with my livelihood. So PLEASE reconsider your choice to use this service. Don’t be dumb like me. Find another way. Or someday you’ll be writing a scathing review too..Version: 9.28.0

Best friend psychoMy best friend dragged me into this app and and now I know it’s a scam!!!.Version: 9.30.1

Accusing me of violating the terms even though I didn’t even check my account for months!Even though I even paid for my number, a couple of months later when I logged in I have seen that my account and number are no longer available because of “violating the terms”. I DID NOT EVEN CHECK MY ACCOUNT AND NUMBER FOR MONTHS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???!!! WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW IS BASICALLY STEALING MY MONEY! I WILL KEEP TALKING ABOUT THIS EVERYWHERE TILL YOU ACTUALLY FIX THIS MESS! I CAN’T BELIEVE I EVEN PAID FOR THIS! FIX YOUR MISTAKE! GIVE ME MY PHONE NUMBER OR MONEY BACK! UNBELIEVABLE MAN.. JUST UNBELIEVEABLE..!.Version: 22.31.0

GlitchyI have been having issues for months now, it would freeze or crash on my iPad mini 4 with the newest version of iOS and the last couple weeks have been horrible! Not getting important texts, or phone calls. It was like my ringer was off, it wasn’t! Once I opened the app it would say 4 Missed Calls, and it never rang! I tested it with a friends phone and called my apps number, it rang on his end but not on my end. After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting before reinstalling, it has gone from being pretty reliable to wondering if I’ll be getting my phone calls! It went from a 4 star App to a 2 star app, and WoW, did I mention adds? Come on Text Now, Do we need adds flashing and popping up? No wonder the App keeps closing when I go to open it, the app is trying to run adds before loading messages! To much running makes apps crash!, UPDATE MAY 17th 2020, I’m still not getting notifications of incoming calls, my Alert goes off for a second and stops. Then a friend called and said somebody answered but wasn’t me. How’s this possible?? I’m not happy with this. Why is this happening? Who’s answering my calls when I’m not?.Version: 20.17.0

Why tho?Why is it even in the Australian store if it’s only for Americans?.Version: 9.3.2

...This app is terrible. It keeps ending my calls randomly..Version: 9.1.0

Same technical errors as othersSame technical errors as dexter, white screen, tried logging in again, now it says my account has violated terms and can’t be used. Needless to say I’m gonna delete this app. If you’re lucky and get it to work, good on you..Version: 22.31.0

Works great but one weird issue....I love TextNow! I have used it for years and it has had its share of bugs and glitches but they always get updated and fixed in the end! I will continue to use the app but I have experienced a few “Call Interferences” that kind of freak me out when they happen. It’s only happened about 3 times and I cannot find anything online about anyone else who is experiencing this issue but basically what happens is - I’ll be on the phone with my boyfriend or someone else and everything is just fine but then all of the sudden the call gets really staticy and a separate voice from ours enters the call as if we just called them and their answering their phone! At first I thought my boyfriend was messing with me but I have had this experience while talking to other people as well! When I respond to the voice they can’t hear us but I know I’m not crazy because the person I am talking to hears it to. Please look into this..Version: 20.2.1

This used to be my favorite texting app...I’ve been a TextNow user for many years, ever since 2011, and haven’t run into so much trouble until recently when their ads just became unbearable. I believe in ads and have even tried buying their service several times. However, the ads are ruining the experience. Whenever I enter the app and tap on a contact and begin to type a message the app just freezes. I sometimes end up calling my boss on accident due to the horrible lag. The actual texting and calling is good otherwise. The texting is far better than the calling at times. I have unlimited data, but this apps can go from working great to not working at all in seconds. I can see that it’s the ads causing all the issues. My fix would be to have ads take up less data or use less ads or use a better way to get these ads on the app. Please fix this devs. It gets very confusing and frustrating when I can’t use the app due to all the ads. I will try to get a plan to remove the ads, but the normal service is advertised as free. I do hope you can fix the interface to run smoothly once again. I will return to the app when it gets better..Version: 9.8.1

Don’t even botherThe developers ruined the app by making you pay to use sms verification ruining the whole point of the app..Version: 22.15.0

UselessWon’t allow me to get verification texts without paying..Version: 22.2.0

TERRIBLE.. SCAM/NO REFUND!!I trusted TextNow for a couple of years until I heard you connect to their wireless data. Yes it works with WiFi but I decided to try the free wireless data and bought it for $10 and the same day I received my activation kit, I decided to cancel it because of some sketchy stuff that was going on with the SIM card not working and my device not connecting to their wireless data it said no refund but on their website before you buy the activation kit they advertise that they will give you a 30 day return refund and you get your money back but that’s a total lie I got no refund as it stated in the email (which had no reply) meaning I can’t reply to whoever sent that email so now I just lost $10... this is a total scam please don’t fall for it you’re just going to lose money do not fall for their free wireless plan or go with any of their plans. It’s all sketchy and just fake advertisements to get your money & improve their app. Something else I also found sketchy about TEXTNOW is that I’ve been looking for a customer service number/email and I couldn’t find anything it just takes me to a site that answers irrelevant questions. SMH BIG FAILURE!!!.Version: 21.13.0

Deleted accountLoved this app was absolutely perfect. Unfortunately my account violated the terms and no way to recover or create a new account. Tried to get some assistance but was told since my account was permanently deleted they couldn’t help..Version: 21.47.0

KysRetard.Version: 21.5.0

Just virtual numberDoesn’t work as a non voip mobile number. explains why they made 1 yr subscription instead of monthly. Complete waste for me..Version: 21.44.0

Was a great app, until it broke.I was using the App a lot, then a random call came in, and caused an error in the app and deleted my numbers and calls. I went to support, they said they could not fix it, I delete the app and found way better ones!.Version: 22.9.0

Funny I don’t remember downloading this app everThese apps are scam and they should be really really closely monitored by Apple I didn’t download this App from Apple iTunes store!But for some reason it says I did or shows that I did in the previous Past, some somewhere along the line I did and must’ve deleted it or removed it from my home screen or something because now it’s like showing you know the bubble with the arrow saying download again right no wrong never downloaded this app please make it so that I never downloaded this app I’d like it to look like that because there are a lot of these that I’ve been seeing that I’ve never download it before never even seen or heard of before yet it shows thatThat’s quite the opposite or it seems to be when it in fact is not and if it is then it’s not me doing it and that means that Apple needs to look at their stuff a lot better please this is a scam all these are scams get a phone number the right way.Version: 22.31.0

TextNowI downloaded this app to receive free unlimited texts and calls and when I called my cousin on my cellphone the phone hung up on her and when I called again she said she can barely hear me on my cellphone she ask me why the music was loud in my back ground, my back ground was quite so I told her hang up and I will call her on another phone , I tried to deal with this app I recently used this app once before and the problems I was having was couldn’t text , I was receiving someone else’s texts , so I was afraid to used the phone afraid that someone else would be on the other side of the phone , I wouldn’t know , so I deleted this app , I decided to give it another try and it still acting crazy , Now I understand when apps are FREE things don’t work out like they suppose to , So I’m writing to let you know about your TEXTNOW APP , it’s not working properly and your company needs to work on it and fix it , if you want people to used your service........Version: 20.43.0

Advertisements Ruin this AppI believe in advertiser support for a free app but they are so INVASIVE in Text now that it is barely usable. Ads run in between every 4-5 calls, they are so large I accidentally click them when trying to scroll recent calls. I’m sure this is intentional. Ads pop up and end calls 4-5 times daily and end business calls. Do not depend on this app for anything important! It will fail and embarrass you. When app opens you are FORCED to wait up to 2 minutes for ad to time out and it never self closes. I have to find the close on the ad which is someplace different on every ad. Don’t try to make last minute calls or dial 911, you will definitely be waiting. DEVELOPERS: make the app closable after a specified time, like 15-20 seconds, trust me I know what your seller is selling after watching for that long. App never terminated calls from advertisements and ran 2 entire minutes until a few month ago. App is only useful if you do not mind waiting 2minutes to make a call and having your calls CONSTANTLY disconnected by ads..Version: 21.8.0

Scam like the restJust a big scam like the rest of these text apps. If you want to waste your money sign up. You can’t even contact them so you know what that means “Just suck it up ya lost your cash”.Version: 21.5.0

Banned me for no reasonYeah so I got banned for no reason. Or they didn’t clarify the reason. I didn’t even use the app and somehow I got banned??.Version: 22.19.1

Alright except for people calling me!Many people have had a difficult time calling me. At times, I can't even dial out unless it's from strong wifi. Quite irritating....Version: 9.6.0

CodeThis some bs I have to pay to be able to get verification codes like tf I thought this was a free app but nah.Version: 21.31.0

Will cancel your account without explanationI have used this app for several years. First stated having issues 1 year ago where my number was almost lost even though I had paid the subscription to keep my number. Now this week when I try to use the service I receive a message that my account has been terminated for violation of terms. However I have barely used the app in the last few months except for every once in a while and I am definitely sure I violated no terms as I have been using the app for several years. When I contacted customer service they informed me the account was closed for violation but are not able to tell me what the violation was and there is not appeal process to get reactivated. It is my feeling that they just wanted the subscription fee and then wanted to recycle my number to someone else. I do not recommend this app to anyone due to sketchy business practices and no business integrity. Update: They contacted me to try and resolve issue supposedly but would only say sorry we can't help your account terminated even though I had paid the yearly subscription fee to keep my number. This app use to be good, however as many of the other reviews have stated it is now a total scam to get money then free up cell number to other to try and scam over and over..Version: 22.13.0

Not working as well as it once did.Frequent dropped calls and missed calls lately, phone never rings anymore when calls come in, text notifications do work, this app worked great for many years now not so good, time to move on..Version: 20.44.1

Unable to login/signupMy first time getting the app and I fully sign up with my email address and it says I violated the terms and conditions? I couldn't pass the signup process and i violated what? Error messages came up when I tried to verify my email..Version: 22.27.0

OkayI do love this app I use it all the time but sometimes when I press the hang up button it is really slow and glitchy and when I go to the app it will shut me out of it when I’m only in the app for 3 seconds but again I use this app all the time but I also get a lot of random numbers call and text me and it does get super annoying but I love this app so so so much I use it so much and it’s just really slow and glitchy but I mean it is what it is also this app is very very slow and glitchy when I go on the app it will take a while for it to actually load even when I full bars of WiFi’s and everything I think maybe it’s just really slow and I noticed if I get more than 13 phone numbers it will delete my most recent person I texted and if I don’t use my app for a 3 days it will log me out and say I need to get a new number I have spent so much time on this app and it’s not that good of quality I hop you guys the best to try and fix it and this app would be the bomb but as of right now it’s not such a great app🥰!.Version: 20.21.0

Ads here, Ads there, Ads everywhereThere’s so many ads And I can’t even call someone with a textnow number.Version: 9.8.0

It’s Free... But At A CostI’ll start by saying free service is free service. I couldn’t be more grateful to have unlimited calling and texting via cellular and not just WiFi. All of my 3 stars go to this and this alone because that’s where the good stops. The ads are annoying but sure, but that’s what you get with free service so I won’t complain to much. Reception is mediocre at best but again... free. However, the app itself is VERY LAGGY. Half of the time, I don’t even get notified of a phone call, even when hooked up to WiFi and it cannot be blamed on poor service. I’ve had entire conversations poof into thin air without me manually deleting them, only to find out later that I had missed a new message or call from said person because of the conversation being magically deleted. At the end of the day, TextNow needs to get their act together and provide us a well functioning app. If it doesn’t improve in the future, I’ll have to look elsewhere and I’m sure others will as well..Version: 20.14.1

Dreadful Support! Dreadful useless app!#1: USE TALKU OR DINGTONE!! always guaranteed credits to earn through watching videos and playing games-very interactive! And one of the best for free-yes free international calls and texts that actually go through! It’s not perfect 100% of the time but it’s gotten so much better. Avoid TEXTNOW. You’re lucky if you can earn one credit a day. Talking to support today made me want to literally rip my eyes out because I was going in circles with someone who clearly didn’t read or understand not only the initial issue, but know what’s in their FAQs and articles. 1st, they have a submit a request feature through the app, but then when you submit a request, you get a canned reply through email saying they don’t use that anymore and to utilize chat instead. Then you need to remove anything that is obsolete from your app!! A customer should not be going in circles to try to get help. I had to explain to this person practically 3 times what I was referring to. For example-they say you can complete offers for credit but there is nowhere to ever do that! So do not refer me to Tap Joy when you don’t even offer the opportunity to earn credits for offers! It was just awful… I wind up turning off the message communication with this person because my patience was depleted..Version: 9.29.0

Bought the paid version and doesn’t workI bought the paid version strictly to receive codes sent by text and now text doesn’t work at all! Highly disappointed and I want a refund or the issue to be resolved..Version: 22.11.0

Latest update is frustrating.When I try to send a text it logs me off of the app. For 2 weeks now. Please fix.Version: 22.10.1

Purchased subscription, lost number(2)I paid the $4.99/yr for locking my number, and now all of a sudden a month later i click on the app to try and look at what number i have so i can log back into my Telegram account that i needed it for, and it will only ask for me to choose a new number. It’s clearly a glitch though, because it will show the list of texts i have gotten on the number i already paid to use and keep for less than a second before the other screen pops up in front of it. I can’t get around it. Update: i went back and forth with customer service over email and provided them the information they asked for, and a week later even after i ask if there’s been any update on progress, i get nothing back. I found out whoever has my number now deleted my telegram account to make their own with the number, so trying to keep it is just pointless now. Don’t use this app. They put receiving verification codes and “locking in” your number so that people don't take your information or number behind a paywall, but then it doesn’t even lock it in! I still got my number reassigned to somebody else and they were still able to log into my account and delete it so they could make their own. Waste of time and money. It took me two weeks of being logged out of my account for me to finally realize that all of this has been for nothing..Version: 21.21.0

NZ?Can you make it work for New Zealand? 🇳🇿.Version: 20.22.0

Beware of data collection scamI registered my email and hoping to get a Canadian phone no and they have not a single number available in Canada. As soon as i am logged in it say i violated their terms and conditions but i was never give a phone no. There is no way to contact them and it appears they created this app to collect your details and sell it to third party. Apple should shut them down from app store..Version: 20.19.0

No supportWhile this app works well enough if using paid version, there are major flaws. The biggest issue IMO is it is incredibly difficult to reach support, to contact and receive a response from support is to go through the cancel account process. They claim they have live chat, they do not, all you get is the standard blanket look at this article when your question is asked. I’m switching to a service where I can reach a human being easily with a next day email response..Version: 9.7.0

Horrible!I do not recommend it, it is horrible, it’s really slow, crashes a lot! The pop ups are insane on it, you don’t get notified when you get texted. It’s all around garbage!! Not even worth 1 star.Version: 9.6.0

TextNow, what happened?Have been using TN for a couple years and considered it a 4-5 star app that I truly loved... but that was until the last couple months. According to what my iPhone says I do believe I have the newest version.. idk what the issue is. Several problems: •Phone will ring, but instead of given the answer/reject options, my screen says I’m already In the call. And my phone is still ringing out loud but I can’t answer it. Sometimes killing the app won’t make the ringing stop and I have to reset my phone. •75% of the time I AM able to answer the call, it is dead silence on the other end and vice versa. •Phone calls are just a wreck. Several textnow user friends of mine are having the same issues. Anything from basic glitching, lagging, can’t hear the other person well, etc. WEIRDest thing is: •My friend signed into their account one time for a few minutes. A long time ago. Since then, anytime she gets a call, that call also will ring my accounts, just whichever one I’m signed into at the time. This happens on any device I’m using. Her sign in was never saved or linked or anything it is SUPER weird. Sometimes it won’t actually ring but I will get the missed call notification. This also happens to some of my personal calls. •Phone call lags. I’ll say something and the other person hears it a couple seconds late and vice versa(like when news reporters are talking to each other from different locations).Version: 20.34.0

FIX THIS PLEEEAASSEEI need this app for school so I can message some of my friends… AND EVERYTIME I TRY TO LOG IN IT EITHER GOES 1. White screen 2. Error: sorry, this action cannot be performed at this time 3. Error: SORRY, YOU’RE ACCOUNT HAS VIOLATED THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THE NUMBER HAS BEEN TERMINATED I have to create a new account, and then that account doesn’t work! HOW HAVE I VIOLATED THE TAC’S IF I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ABLE TO LOG IN!? I’m keeping this app for now, but if it doesn’t work, then I will delete it..Version: 22.24.0

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