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Poker Income Bankroll Tracker app received 87 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about poker income bankroll tracker?

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Poker Income Bankroll Tracker for Positive User Reviews

Useful ToolUpdate still hasn't fixed the backup bug. Every time O try to back up to PokerChang it crashes. I play poker around my job, and find this useful for tracking my online and live sessions. It is nice knowing exactly how much you're winning or losing at any given time. It could do with some tweaks, like allowing multi-currency across bankrolls and the option to save a separate staking roll (at the moment I need to set stakees up as locations), but overall I would definitely recommend buying the pro version if you are a regular live player, or even if you want to keep track of your home game results..Version: 11.8

Very good program !Very usefull for any player, from beginner to Pro..Version: 11.6

Best in marketReally happy with it..Version: 11.8.2

Great!!!Makes it much easier to keep track of your bankroll..Version: 10.3

Please add 25cent/50cent and 1/1This app is great except the lowest stakes you can enter for hold em is 1/2. Some home games have 1/1 and 25c/50c. Having those stakes would make this 5 stars..Version: 14.3

Great appEasy to figure out and keeps track of a lot of nonsense you don't want to mess with. Well worth the $10. Great for any pro player.Version: 14.1.2

ImprovementsWhat this app really needs to help the live player is a way to allow the user to smoothy transit between stakes. Often times I would start a session at 5/T and play for around 30 or 40 minutes then move up to 10/20 or higher and I would need to end the session and enter in all the data again. Something to help make this quicker would be a great improvement..Version: 11.5

How can I change language?I bought this App many times for diffirant phone, I love it, but only question is I don’t know how to change the language from Chinese to English?.Version: 14.3

Great AppI use this app 3 times a week to track all my betting. Not just poker. Would highly recommend. Would like to see a chart to view position from tournaments..Version: 11.6

GreatGreat app.Version: 12.3

Best poker tracking appBeen using this app for 2 years and it really captures everything a player needs. So many options and exports data as well. Must have for a serious poker player!.Version: 14.1.2

HelpfulIt tracks both cash and tournaments and has enough space for notes about your play and others you play with..Version: 14.1.2

Very usefullVery good program to track your winnings!!!.Version: 11.8.2

Poker income proGreat app..Version: 10.9

GoodI update yesterday but it crashed,can u fix it asap?thx.Version: 13.0.9

ReviewGreat app, very useful for any poker player..Version: 11.8.2

Accounting honestyEvery business must have an accounting system. Since playing poker is a business you must have this app. Most players will tell you they are a winning player, when in fact they cannot verify they are. This app keeps you honest with yourself. This app might show some players how much of a bigger loser they. So they can get a poker coach or enter a 12 step program. Must have for semi pro or pros !.Version: 11.8.1

Growing my bankrollPokerincome has really helped me grow my bankroll. I have been able to better track my results which has made me focus more on the results of my game. Before I was just going through the motions not caring about the results of my games. I have been playing single table home game tournaments. Thanks, Andy L..Version: 0

Beautiful interface, great featuresBeen using this for over a year now and it's the best tool for tracking your results in live games. Very quick to input data, especially if you log as you play. Automatically calculates all the important statistics. Interface is great and keeps getting better with updates. Can export your data to excel, back up through the poker income website and I believe through iCloud as well. One feature I'd like to see added is the ability to add (separately) players you've staked or bought action of because that can contribute to or take away from your bankroll..Version: 12

GoodGood app that does everything it says. I might have missed the option but there was no way to import data from the free version to the paid version, so I had to add sessions/players again..Version: 0

Great apps but sometimes freezeI love this app... it's been working really well but it sometimes, it's like the save button makes the whole phone freeze for a little bit. Also, when editing something that was saved, it takes sometimes to get in there and when you press save, one out five time, it doesn't do anything... Overall, I like it a lot as I use it everyday but I would like those bugs to get fixed..Version: 0

Extremely Useful.Invaluable for tracking sessions and checking where/when your wins & losses come from. A great app overall..Version: 13.0.7

I love itVery convenient. I use live game option a lot to track my buy ins, cash outs etc. Good for value..Version: 0

Poker incomeVery good tracking program. Very easy tracking program. I like that I can track my play on my pc. But... When I backup my data From iPhone it doubles my entries on my offline version. How can I not have it not double my entries to my offline version. Would love to also have the software that can be used on a pc and one that does need to be connected to the online version of my cell phone. I like to keeps multiple copies of the same information as a backup to all my sessions. Love to see a pc version of the software.Version: 13.1

Expensive but pretty usefulJust starting using this app. Did have two documents sheets and and an excel sheet for managing my poker finances. They're gone now - so kudos to the developer. Looking forward to more updates coz this app has real potential. And at $13 some more refinement will make it more attractive - I suggest to the developer checking out 'Spend' for some ideas for improvement..Version: 9.0

Good stuffVery easy to use, informative and certainly worth the $!.Version: 10.9

Good App!Does what is says and well. Could do with multiple currencies as online is $ and not £ (does have them but not at the same time) and graph is missing numbers. I'm sure this will be corrected. Get it while it's cheap!.Version: 7.9

I like itSo far. Like how it segregated things, game type, casino etc. Graphing is primitive. “Poker go” has you beat there..Version: 14.3

The best app 👌🏻👌🏻No.1.Version: 14.1.2

Next levelPro had taken my game to the next level! Gave me a true scope of how my game has progressed!.Version: 11.6

Well worth the moneyIt makes ur life a lot easier to keep track of ur wins and losses where and when and ur hourly rate.Version: 10.7

Great appLove this app. I normally keep an excel spreadsheet bur this combines everything and puts it at your fingertips to update on the fly. My only suggestion would be for an option to password protect the app somehow. I always have friends/family that want to play with my iPhone and don't want them messing with this app. Great app overall..Version: 0

Love this!Absolutely necessary for bankroll management! Every serious poker player should have this. Worth every penny!.Version: 11.5

Sophisticated but buggy...Very sophisticated app for tracking poker progress. However I've had experiences where it has crashed when I try to add the number of unknown players in a cash game. If this could be fixed then I will give 5 stars..Version: 10.6.1

Great appI've been using this for years and i like it. There's a slight bug where the location types of my saved locations don't save properly, but aside from that its a great app..Version: 13.0.1

The BestI have been using this app forever. It is simple and the best. No complaints..Version: 14.3

Good poker appPretty good app and the pro version does everything it says. No bugs and the data is easy to enter quickly..Version: 0

Great appVery quick to enter info and very informative.Version: 9.0

AwesomeUse it every session.Version: 14.0.8

A must have A+++I regret not having an app like this sooner. I enjoy entering the data, the good and the bad. Keeping track of where I'm most profitable is really important..Version: 11.4

Easy to useI'm useless and even I can use this app..Version: 0

Poker incomeWorks like a charm.Version: 12.3

A Must Have For serious Players!!This app is a must have! Great UI Awesome customized settings. I switched from poker journal and like this app much better. Just cause something cost more, it doesn't make it better. Sure poker journal is on tv and all the pros are paid to say they use it. But "the grinder" and Matt Affleck supported this app before they were big time pros. Don't be fooled by fancy claims made by over priced apps that are basically carbon copied Plus poker income automatically send error log to developers and they personally email you and are extremely insightful and helpful and very aware of your settings and all info... I had a stake null null for casino games tracking and this prevented me from using the included free online back up He emailed me and said it will work if you take out null/null that invalid stake is causing backup error and i never told them anything just my back up wouldnt work TRUST ME DONT WASTE MONEY ON POKER JOURNAL !!!!! THIS APP IS LIGHT YEARS AHEAD !!!!! I LOVE IT.Version: 12

I like!Good features, a bit pricy for what it is, but handful..Version: 10.9

Good app a couple of things neededOverall the app is very useful, however it would be useful if it had a yearly tracker for profits made and showed your monthly profit when a new year starts as opposed to just building on the same month from the previous year. Another important tool would be a separate section to allow monitoring for bankroll if staking another player. Then I would give it 5 stars. Otherwise a very good app..Version: 14.0.8

GoodGood tool for serious playera.Version: 14.1.2

Best appTitle says everything, need new updates tho.Version: 12

Good, but needs a few more featuresThis Bankroll tracker is useful overall, but it could use a few more features for a professional poker player that plays a wide variety of games and situations. There is not a way to track multi-day tournaments accurately. Also, I would like to be able to view my cash game and tournament summary separately, which there is not an option for except in a line graph. With a little more thought to all the situations that arise in Poker this app could be all-encompasing..Version: 12

Very usefulI ve been using this app a lot lately. A must have for poker players. It would be perfect if you could add more functional charts and also a upcoming cash game reminder notifying you for upcoming tourneys and cash games with location and x amount you are planning to buy in. And also section where you can adjust your bankroll if you have pulled out money for expenses etc. And also a adjustable limit type ( ex. People mostly play 2/5 rather then 3/5 and 1/3 is an option too). Personally I play a lot of heads up and 6max players online/live so it would be great if there was a a section of number of players in that specific game ( this also added to the filters at charts section). And last of all just like notes for every specific game an overall notes section for jotting things down about your game etc would be very useful. Everything else is pretty awesome as it is. Thanks.Version: 0

EnjoyingIt’s easy to use . I really like having it.Version: 14.3

Pretty awesomeToo bad if my iTunes keeps deleting all my apps, it's not gonna keep the bankroll stats :(.Version: 0

Useful yet priceyFew glitches. Works well for what I need it, enjoying the features. Kinda expensive compared to the other apps, but not expensive if I consider it a poker expense. I don't like how my data from the lite version did not transfer to the Full version..Version: 0

Great!Well worth the money, graphs are easy to look at, app is really good to get around. Great for keeping track of your winnings!.Version: 13.0.1

Poker appExcellent other than the price..Version: 0

Good at basic stuffThe filter system and changing between games is a little awkward but the app as a whole gets the job done. Worth getting..Version: 14.3

Must app for any serious poker playerThis small app does it all for the live game player, tracks all your games and results and now even lets you track how individual players play. An easy table set up allows you to track how much players are raising and calling by various positions giving you invaluable information to use in devising how to play against certain players. The program is very easy to use and the program developer is very responsive to any and all issues. If you are a serious poker player who wants to keep track of your results and monitor how your opponents play this is the best 10 bucks you will ever spend! My mind tends to wonder when I play, the first time I used this program to track other players was thebest I was ever able to concentrate, follow the action and remember hands..Version: 10.1

The best poker tracker there isWell worth it.Version: 11.4

Need more statsMore stats needed, but will do the job for most players..Version: 11.2

Best Journal out thereI have used several and think this is best.Version: 14.3

WowVery good app.Version: 11.8.1

I love itVery useful app, great for tracking your wins and losses in both cash games and tourneys in any game variant and stakes. Track your average hourly/session winnings keep track of your bankroll and so much more, if your a poker enthusiast like me and enjoy tracking your game this is app is a must! Good luck.Version: 13.0.7

Awesome app for any poker playerEasy to use, useful/interesting info about your game/bankroll. Would recommend for sure!.Version: 12.1.1

Must HaveShould split the main statistics page into two different sections. Cash games and tourneys. I play both but use two apps, one for cash and one for tourney.Version: 11.6

ReviewNice App...Version: 12.1.1

YayPerfect app for all complete fish.Version: 10.4

Keeps getting betterI was one of the early users and upgraded to the Pro version. Great app that has provided lots o insight and incentive to take each session seriously..Version: 11.6

Best iPad App for tracking your poker performanceNot perfect, but very useful. Easily see where, when, and in which games you play best. Needs some work on graphics and stats still. Multiple bank roll feature is quit good. Less obvious how to track additions or withdrawals from your bankrolls. All in all, it helps to track the information you need for good bankroll management..Version: 11.8.1

Love itSimple and easy !!!.Version: 14.2.2

Ideal for any playerSimple to use, reports are detailed. I'd recommend to anyone. Look forward to new features..Version: 11.6

App reviewSimple and easy gets the job done..Version: 14.3

Best Poker Tracker on iPhoneI am an active online and live players. I use PokerTracker on my computer for my online play and think it's a must have for all poker players. I have been always looking for the equivalent poker tracker on iPhone. I have tried a few in the past and have been disappointed by the lack of features, bugs or hard to use interface. (I tried Poker Trek and Poker Journal and not happy with them). Until recently my other poker friends recommend PokerIncome to me. I tried it and love it! The PRO version has the feature that I am always looking for -- taking notes on live players! This single feature alone worth the price!.Version: 0

HiGood.Version: 12.4.1

HelpCan you update it so it shows the years in the the monthly report. Can you fix please. Otherwise good app..Version: 14.1.2

Worth every penny!I have used this app for 2 years now. It's worth every penny. Very user friendly , detailed and simple. A++ any real player needs this!.Version: 14.1.2

Lovin it so farBeen playing live lately and been using it for every session. Pretty easy to get a hang off and very customizable. My favorite aspect is the "filters" where you can sort your results by pretty much any metric you want. The biggest gripe I have is the "players" option. First off, I personally don't find much value in it. Secondly if you accidently click it, there's no "back" button to undo the misclick so you're stuck having to enter something for the players and that aspect is kinda laggy. Other than that, great app!.Version: 14.0.6

It was very good softwareI was very happy to buy this software,.Version: 12.3

Fixed bugs...Come on people this app is worth it's $$$'s. All apps grow with time and this is a recommended favorite. Thx guys P.s. For the price I do hope the support with this app don't fade away like the Geri-curl and the thighmaster. Note for coders: I do have a glitch with the notes but I haven't really used them. I'm on a 32gig 3GS. Increase the graphics on the graphs and direct printing features. Again thanks for the hard effort guys..Version: 9.0

Good AppUse it daily. Good app for tracking poker performance.Version: 14.1.2

Good! One thought :)Great App! Love how organized my stats are. I have recommended it to several people! On the cans games reports I would like to be able to see how much money I risk at the cash tables total .. It only shows profits. Thanks Mark.Version: 14.3

PokerAwesome.Version: 10.8

Very usefulApp is real good. I would recommend to any serious player.Version: 11.8.2

Best poker results tracker app I foundAll you need I think.Version: 14.1.2

AwesomePerfect tool for live grinding. Helps you put your work in perspective. Wish it could break it down even more. Like which hours are most profitable. And your hourly rate at different stakes 4/5.Version: 12.3

Thank god!I used to run pokertrak but it wouldn't work in os4 system. This little app is more thorough and had some nice features such as entering player styles. Can't wait for additional features!!.Version: 7.9

Top Tier Tracking AppSo glad this poker app exists, its helped me tremendously with keeping track of my results. Probs to the developer ♥️.Version: 14.3

Keeping trackGreat app to keep track of casino sessions, I use is for keeping track of my Baccarat play and is adaptable to most any games via custom features included in the app. I find that it helps to keep discipline in your sessions and setting your own goals realistically. Would like to see more upgrades in mathematic percentages on buy in and bankroll corresponding to averg win / loss analysis. I highly recommend this app for the serious player and use discipline when entering data regardless of win or loss outcome, it will help you identify when you should evaluate your technique when you are not consistent at winning..Version: 12.4.1

Works GreatDoes exactly what you expect with a little more. Great features that keep track of your performance and other variables such as tips, meals and breaks..Version: 12.2

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