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SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News App User Positive Comments 2024

SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News app received 16 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about siriusxm: music, sports & news?

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SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News for Positive User Reviews

The more I spend time with this..The more I’m regretting my app update for it. Why would you fix something that was not broken?? I really hate this new update. There are more cons to point out than pro’s on this! Con: -No mix customizations (BIG NO!) -No info description on each channel and shows within that channel, nor do they provide twitter/phone number to call in the radio channel! -adding favorites just doesn’t work. -backtracking only goes so much as 3 hrs instead of 6 hrs. -there’s no schedule for when upcoming shows are going to broadcast. -channel freezes and locks if your app ended up foreclosing on you or you foreclose the app. (I was always able to resume where I left off EVEN when I foreclosed it, now it makes me lose my place wherever I’m in. REALLY FRUSTRATING ESPECIALLY WITH GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERTS!!!!) -no bright/dim light interface option, I hate how bright this design is now, especially late at night. -takes longer to connect to audio when it used to not on data connection. Pro’s: -Video on-demand for Howard Stern -audio scroller is a bit easier when you want to rewind or fast forward a lot. And that’s all the pros that’s on this app. You have got some MAJOR EDITING to BRING BACK some of the old WITH the new! I feel like my subscription has just plummeted to a mediocre service, I’m really debating on cancelling if they don’t bring back and improve their main qualities of their app. BRING BACK THE OLD APP!!!.Version: 5.0.1

Serve a 2nd vehicle for free, or use as a fix for an obstructed antennaBy purchasing the high end SiriusXM service for one satellite receiver, you get this excellent streaming capability as a free bonus. If you have a smartphone with a decent data plan, you don’t need to increase satellite charges by adding a subscription for the other vehicle(s). Get it for one, then use your phone to stream the web based service thru the Bluetooth or cable connection to the audio system in your additional vehicle(s). It’s a terrific bargain for me, as I have 2 cars and two RV’s, and I can get full channel service for all four with just one subscription. Also, for those with vehicles (like my truck camper) that have difficulty getting a clear usable obstruction-free sat signal for their partially shadowed antenna, you can subscribe to service for the vehicle radio, then when in conditions when your antenna isn’t reliable, switch to using your smartphone for streaming to that radio from the same sat account via cell service providers. Thanks SiriusXM for offering this excellent, flexible service at a fair package price!.Version: 5.1.1

Longtime subscriptionIt’s amazing you can skip commercials when on demand mode. Some amazing content!Takes up way too much storage on your phone & it has habit of losing it spot & starting over from beginning versus where you left of when you shut it off. Revised review, They’ve fixed the bugs but still eats a lot of storage. I would like to see them not toss mass money at celebrity names and give them a show when they’re not proficient in the radio broadcasting arena. It’s a shame because if Howard leaves I fear they’re going to lose a horrific amount of subscribers. ‘The Bonfire’ is however AMAZING!!! Give me more shows like that and I’ll stay when Howard leaves. Bring back Bubba The Love Sponge and I’ll be here for life!! Bring back Tiffany from Playboy channel and her afternoon advice show and I’ll pay what I pay now when Howard leaves. Bring back Anthony from O & A! Shoot, I often wonder who’s making the calls for these things because they literally crap the bed every time! But all that said I love the app truly and obviously I love Howard and Big Jay Okerson!.Version: 6.6.0

PerfectionI had Sirius for a few years b4 actually exploring the Incredible diversity of what’s available therein. Unreal. I feel like such an incredible fool. I could’ve been enjoying All this the whole time. ANY kind of music, entertainment, on the Planet!, is probably on here. I haven’t, but Will!, today actually, look for World music but betcha it’s available. And the most impressive thing is that each category has multiple stations. I mean honestly, it kinda feels Limitless. And frankly Is, for all practical intents and purposes. And that’s only a slight, if at all, exaggeration. I am LOVING Sirius, Never want to be without it now and quite frankly cannot explain why it took me sooo long to investigate all it has to offer. All I can say is Duh. I didn’t know, didn’t Realize. I look forward to discovering Much more cause thus far, I’ve only scratched the surface. Un-freaking-Real. I can and Do! listen on my TV as part of my Dish Network subscription, in my vehicle (which is how I originally was exposed to Sirius. Got 3 months free when I purchased my Toyota Tacoma new in 2016) and now my phone. I, am Covered! WherEver I am. Music, podcasts, sleep stories, comedy, news, Everything to enrich one’s life, soothe one’s soul, make one laugh. Thank you Sirius XM. For Being..Version: 5.10.1

Don’t get all channelsWhy can’t you guys just make the software to be able to transmit all stations on all XM radios for example I can get all stations on my phone and TV XM apps but on my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my home radio receiver with xm built in, I only get 2 of all(10-12) Latin stations you guys offer, so some of the stations I can only hear at home or on my cell phone. I know it can’t be that hard to pay some programmer to make that happen. Then u will have more of us that have this issue more happy, but I keep this XM subscription paid only cause I can get the best station I like in this app “ Pitbull‘s globalization channel 13” shout out to pitbull and what he made happen please let him know it’s the best…!!! Thanks cause that’s the only reason I keep XM radio and definitely I don’t even think I should even be paying $100 a year for this station and the other channel that I think is called flow nation channel I think is 55 in my jeep and if if possible if I can get a response from someone about my review, comment, concerns issues I have with paying 100 a year and only getting 2 channels in Spanish on where I mainly use XM on and the resin I got the subscription at 1st thanks again.Version: 6.5.1

Streaming great music!SiriusXM sounds GREAT when you're streaming in MAXIMUM QUALITY whether you're streaming on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other Apple iOS or Microsoft Windows device. The only trouble being is that streaming in MAXIMUM QUALITY in your vehicle is what many people don't know how to do nor do I think they know that streaming in this quality exists; but I may be wrong completely on this statement because I've heard many streamers streaming SiriusXM in MAXIMUM QUALITY. Many people don't know how to set their subscription up in their vehicle to stream this way and that's why I think it is VERY IMPORTANT for car dealers to not only set up new subscriptions this way with these particular settings; but what they should also do is train and teach those buying a new car how to set up their new SiriusXM subscription settings this way so they know how to do it if they lose their newly made settings to their new SiriusXM subscription for some unforeseen reason and no one's there to help them set their SiriusXM subscription settings back up again the way they had it before they lost their greatly tuned settings..Version: 6.3.2

SiriusXMHaving enjoyed my subscription since 2002 it is obvious that I love it😁❤️.Version: 5.9.2

AmazingThank you Your service isBarnon. It’s outstanding and appreciated the music you supply, and the service speaks for itself. No more needs to be said I appreciate, and I am overwhelmed with the professionalism of your service that you supply in satellite Radio. Thank you..Version: 7.1.1

Very slow to start playingWhile I love the Sirius stations, the mobile app is problematic. Whereas Pandora almost never has any issues starting up and playing whether on WiFi or not, Sirius is horrible! 9 times out of 10 when I want to start listening I tap the station I want, from my favorites, and the little play arrow turns into a circle that spins for a very long time. Like, some days it does that for hours without ever playing. Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Yes I have closed the app and reopened. That has never changed anything. It is still very much a pain and very unreliable as to whether I will actually get to listen to anything via the app. On average I’d say it takes 15 -20 minutes to get it to start playing. This is regardless of whether I am in my office right by my wifi modem or out on 5g service. Just as problematic either way. Find out how Pandora is so reliable and do that, please. Otherwise, I won’t renew when this subscription expires..Version: 5.7.4

Great AppNEW REVIEW (Feb. 2019): Another quick fix to the annoying download issue. Great response. App is back to working great. OLD REVIEW (Feb. 2019): The new update is awful. It’s now back to the same issue of downloaded shows not opening from the last place they were being listened to. You can listen to a downloaded show for two hours and then when you go back to the app instead of it saving your place and continuing playing where it was, it goes back to some previous point at the very beginning of the show. Very annoying and it’s happened before. Thought they had it worked out but now this issue is back. Please fix as soon as possible as this makes the app almost unusable. Wish I never updated. Should’ve stuck with the last version that actually worked. Very angry. OLD REVIEW (2018): Love the updated app. It’s the best. The addition of video is pretty cool, but the Stern Shows are loaded fast (usually same afternoon). Had an issue with holding place of downloaded shows, but it appears to have been resolved. A+.Version: 5.3.1

Superior radio stations with the best DJsI have been a long-time subscriber to Sirius, XM Radio, and now SiriusXM. The variety has grown from excellent to absolutely amazing over the years. Sync’d up to Apple CarPlay, it provides far better variety than the SiriusXM offering from my satellite enabled factory system and if they decide to integrate with Siri, this will only add to the “can’t live without” product. My wife and I listen to quite a variety from 70s to now music. SiriusXM provides us the options needed for different genres, settings, and moods throughout the day. My top picks are Lithium, Tuff Gong Radio, Pops, The Bridge, and Hits 1. With the ability to jump over to Howard Stern or catch up on sporting news, I truly do not need any other source for listening enjoyment. The app is very easy to navigate. It provides better quality streams than other music services I’ve tried out and the constant addition of specialty broadcasts, interviews, mash-ups, dedicated artist channels and more, add to the plethora of variety available to any type of listener..Version: 5.14.0

God help you if . . . . . . UpdateLike me, you use your iPad in landscape mode. I’ve changed every relevant setting I can think of to get this app to load in landscape mode (as it once did prior to one of the latest updates) but, alas, to no avail. This is so much of a problem that saving the $20 a month I pay for this service is under serious consideration. It’s too much money to pay for the inconvenience of having to turn my iPad 90 degrees to read the app. I would have given it less than one star had that been possible. Update: I’m happy to report that the people at Sirius were listening and have addressed this landscape vs. portrait mode problem. It’s nice to know that there are still some companies out there who listen to their customer’s complaints and respond to them positively, especially in such a short period of time. Happily, I will not have to cancel my subscription, and I can recommend this app without reservation at a solid 5 stars..Version: 5.1.0

Much Improved CarPlayThank you for the improvements to CarPlay in this new release. Request: please allow the app to be run on Apple Silicon based Mac’s..Version: 7.0.1

App won’t work and SiriusXM won’t helpThe app stopped Working on my iPhone more than 6 months ago and I’ve contacted support many times. When I try to open the app all I see is a black screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times as well as reinstalling IOS at least 3 times. but lately they have escalated my case and twice and told me to expect a call the next morning. Next morning I get the call and the person makes all kinds of excuses and then mysteriously they get disconnected first on my work cellphone with 4 bars signal and also on my landline. They confirmed my contact number both times and never called me back. I think it’s time to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. When I called last week they told me my phone wasn’t compatible. This is an iPhone, it would not let me uninstall and reinstall the app if my phone wasn’t compatible. In the App Store it says “Works with my phone” and the minimum requirement is IOS 14, I have IOS 15.7 and have screenshots to prove it..Version: 6.0.0

I am an OG…..It was Christmas in 2005 that I bought radio’s and Subscriptions for my brother and Dad for gifts. I had already bought mine and became a LIFETIME SUBSCRIBER, not knowing even if Sirius would make it? The BIG DAY, January 6, 2006 was coming, and I was ready……Sirius was in competition with XM, and Howard Stern was about to MAKE Sirius Satellite Radio THE PLACE TO LISTEN TO ANY AND ALL RADIO CONTENT! Since my original investment, I have continued to be a FAITHFUL AND HAPPY Listener, adding various radio’s and subscriptions along the way! I do wish that SiriusXM did have a package that was a little cheaper for all of us that made that Original blind leap……maybe even 7% less to anyone that signed at anytime during 2007 year, THE ARRIVAL OF HOWARD…….the man that FOREVER changed how we listen to the Radio! Regardless, I AM A LIFER, and after just spending 46 HOURS, 2,750 MILES…..leaving Lake Placid, NY, 1:30 PM Thursday, straight down to Tulle, Florida, hook up a Trailer @ 8:30 AM, and back on the Road @ 9:15 AM, and again only stopping for Fuel, arrived home @ 11:3O AM, yesterday, Saturday… SIRIUS WAS ON ALL 46 HOURS!!!! I can’t imagine making that trip with regular am/fm?????? Anyhow, here’s to another 17 years as a HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!! Thanks SiriusXM, MAC.Version: 6.6.0

SiriusXM, it’s not just for the car!We became SiriusXM listeners back at the end of 2012 when we bought our first car that had it. At the time, living in S.E. Missouri, the regular radio stations were horrible…..especially if you liked modern rock and modern metal! Eventually we moved to the southern tier of NY state and the radio stations here were no better. Once we got the app, we now listen all the time at the gym, out on the deck for BBQ get togethers and I’m in the process of opening a Microgreens business and listening to SiriusXM through the app during the shop setup and testing has been awesome. Stations 34 through 41 are the usuals….mainly 37 & 41. Being an old bass head from my late 80’s Cali days with the slammed street trucks, I sometimes do throwback days on 43. The selections that are offered are awesome! Life without it would be like “Masterbating with a cheese grater….sure it can be fun and exciting for awhile, but then it becomes dull and painful!” That one was for The “King of Douchbaggery” himself…..Lord Grant Random!.Version: 5.9.2

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