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State Farm® App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

State Farm® app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using State Farm®? Can you share your negative thoughts about state farm®?

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Better options out thereDuring the five plus years I was with State Farm I had zero tickets or accidents. I did have two claims for hit and runs on my parked cars. Both on video not even once did they want to see the videos. One was a total loss. That video shows a driver on New Year’s Day park and pass out for several hours in a large suv. Until the Cincinnati Fire Department came with lights and sirens woke him up talked for mere minutes and left. Minutes later he drives off crushing my car in the process. My other car was sideswiped while parked also hit and run. They made the rates and I paid them for years now all the sudden they won’t renew my policy. Full coverage on both vehicles. My advice is pick an insurance company that will take the needed action as the person who totaled my car was caught and apparently State Farm did nothing..Version: 9.19.1

State FarmSo let’s just start off with if I can give this a 0 star I would 2nd let’s get started on my agent he was nice setting up my insurance gave me a better deal then all others then I wreck my car with the front tire blowing out throwing me and my kids in a ditch causing us to sit on the side of a highway for 5 hours till a tow truck with no lights and no brakes came and got us he did not offer me the 500$ deductible nor a rental car so I’m paying 1000 deductible and I’ve been without a car for a month because of all this I work at a gas station I can’t afford 1000$ deductible now I switched to 500 because I just found out I can they are no help at all!!!! All they can say is I’m sorry your coverage don’t come with it I already know this and I try calling my agent everyday and for some reason he’s always in a meeting or out of the country.Version: 9.25.0

PrivacyState Farm claims to value my privacy but seems more to value my personal information. I just want to pay my bill electronically. I shouldn’t have to also provide everything listed below. • Name • Email address • Phone number • Physical address • Other contact information • Payment information • Credit information • Other financial information • Precise location • Coarse location • Contacts • User ID • Persistent Identifiers (Device ID, etc.) • Product interaction information • Crash and performance data • Device Details (Device Model, Operating System version, etc.) In addition to the information collection and sharing practices described above, State Farm website properties and mobile applications may use common tracking technologies like browser cookies, "Local Shared Objects" (such as "Flash" cookies), analytical tools, device IDs, or other technologies. We also collect certain technical information about the device you use to access our site or services, such as user-agent, time stamp, hardware type, language and time zone settings, IP address, OS type and version, and installed fonts. Our mobile and social media applications will contain a statement describing what information is collected from your use of that particular application. Currently, we do not support the necessary technology to respond to Web browser "do not track" signals or other, comparable mechanisms..Version: 9.27.0

Issues with Statefarm Bank not really the appStatefarm bank is basically useless. You can’t deposit cash at all in my area. Maybe in your area you’ll find a special ATM that will allow cash deposit but along the coast of GA.. not a chance. If you go into a Statefarm branch they also will not take a cash deposit. If you deposit a check in the afternoon on Friday and it says accepted and processed... wait until maybe Tuesday to actually get your money. Need that money right away and thinking about overdrawing your account to pay your bills with your money they already have in their possession? Nope can’t do that. Wanna use Zelle? Nope can’t do that. Want to send money directly to someone’s account? You can sort of with a lot of hassle. I tried to set it up with my wife’s account and it never actually worked so I gave up. They are actually open 9-2 Monday through Friday. That’s 6 hours of the day. Hours the majority of people are at work and need to do banking right after work. They’re open a total of 30 hours a week. They only do banking part time. To me that shows they’re really not serious about banking. There’s no dedication and mediocre service. They might as well close the banking business because it’s basically worthless. Insurance is fine though lol..Version: 8.4.1

Just… why?My wife and I decided to put insurance on the old classic in the car last weekend. It was a Sunday, and we ended up cruising over 5 hours to another state. Anyway, being Sunday our “ agent wasn’t working. We decided to use the app to add the car. We go through all the questions and boom. Tells us we already have an agent and to go through them. Why does this app even exist if you cannot easily add cars to your insurance plan. We literally were trying to hand you money. After 1.5 hour wait time on the phone we had a 5 minute conversation and had insurance. Waste of everyone’s time. Very disappointed with State Farm at the moment. Almost called a different insurance company after the app didn’t offer the basic service of adding a car to our existing plan and was on a1.5 hour long wait..Version: 9.23.0

Rachel FitzPatrick Dubuque OfficeTerrible customer service. They state they have logs of all calls. Many missing. No information relayed to each other. No return phone calls when stated call backs would happen. All over a rock chip crack in a windshield. Stated would pay the difference of what they would pay and what was left over to take it to a dealership to get replaced, calibrated, and warranties. Their last wn recommendations wouldn’t even guarantee with waiver signed because they can’t guarantee calibrations. Pathetic. My family is been with State Farm in forever. Over a few hundred dollars Owner of agency can’t even return a call personally. And the employees that do call are filled with no knowledge about what they are working with. Cars, companies, waivers, etc..... I’m so glad State Farm can boat about how great they are. One customer doesn’t mean much to a big company I know but it is to start somewhere..Version: 7.16.0

Half useful, half uselessI am home and auto customer. I bought a new car and sold my old one. My old policy remains in the app without premium. I had to call my agent. My current auto appeared until the premium was overdue, at which time it disappeared. How do I pay it during grace period if it’s not there? There was also no indicator of any premium due. I had to call my agent. I opened the app and had a large premium notice to pay my homeowners policy... NOW DUE! I thought it came out of my escrow but I paid it through the app because clearly it wanted me to. I checked and my policy is paid by my mortgage escrow. I had to call my agent. Why am I calling my agent? Because this app is a terrible customer experience for premium management. If you need roadside assistance or your agents contact info, then great! Just call your agent for any money exchange..Version: 7.23.1

Flawed Criteria & SensorsThis app has several very aggravating flaws. 1) unsafe acceleration - it seems that the app interprets transmission downshifting to be excessive or unsafe driving. Automobile manufacturers have gone to transmissions with more gears than in the past. By having closer gear ratios they have been able to increase mpg despite the smaller 4 & 6 cylinder engines. It is exasperating to be dinged for acceleration when, in reality, the actual is acceleration is pathetic! If you are driving a high powered vehicle where extreme acceleration or squealing the tires was possible this might make sense. In many of today’s vehicle rapid acceleration is not even possible! 2) unsafe braking - the app is structured based on the assumption that applying brakes even slightly more than normal is caused by following other vehicles too close. Once again it is very disturbing to stop for a yellow traffic light rather than drive through the light as most drivers do then be dinged for excess braking! 3) unsafe cornering - the app also deems fairly normal cornering to be unsafe and dings you for that! State Farm needs to update this app to address these issues or risk people dropping the app because of its flawed programming logic. Are these devices calibrated this ensuring consistency?.Version: 9.15.0

Really, State Farm?Really, State Farm? My vehicle’s re-sale value will be affected thanks to you and your allegedly industry practice. ‘We get a lot of unhappy clients because of this, but that’s how it works.’ When I ask to escalate my call, ‘Talking to a manager won’t make a difference.’ Said two of your own people while talking to them and trying to get a reasonable explanation. Poor customer service. STRIKE ONE! (And please use the recorded conversation for your training purposes.) My extended warranty will not cover future issues of parts because of your unwillingess to pay for OEM parts. Therefore, all the effort of me keeping the originality and value of my car gone down the drain, even though it is your client’s fault and not mine. Not to say that you rather spend more time and money fixing a junker part such as a bumper, hood and headlights, rather than use new parts. Poor Return of Investment. STRIKE TWO! You say these parts, even though they are recycled, will have a 1 year warranty. Well, that is great news! But, what if it stops working/operating after two years? You won’t cover the cost of fixing it. And guess what?Neither my extended warranty because you were so cheap to use a recycled part. STRIKE THREE! State Farm, you really know how to NOT win a potential customer for your portfolio. You say I need to pay the difference in cost for me to have new parts in my vehicle. Way to go! YOU ARE OUT!.Version: 8.13.0

Jennifer WilcoxI wish I never came back to State Farm. Jennifer Wilcox pretty much took my money and left me high and dry. When I came back I expressed to Suzanne that I didn’t know the specifics of my policy with my previous insurance company but I let her know that I wanted to keep the same coverages which included full coverage, $1000 deductible, rental car, and a few other things. Well a a few months after coming back and signing up my Wife was hit by someone from behind and only then did I find out I didn’t have rental car coverage and a few other coverages. I tried explaining the situation to Jennifer and was immediately told it was my fault. She even told me if I could get proof that I had been having rental car coverage on my previous policies should would see if her underwriters could retro act my policy but after I sent proof she then told me that her underwriters wouldn’t do anything to help me without even reaching out to the to explain the situation. So I now have to pay rental car expenses on top of the deductible for car repairs. Then she literally told me that I can go to another insurance company as if my business isn’t wanted or needed. Wrong is wrong and her office should be held accountable for the neglect and lack of accountability they have been taking..Version: 9.29.0

A sad, sad appWhoever designed this app should really, and truly, be ashamed of themselves. If you need inspiration, Loki at any other Insurance company’s app. I just switched to State Farm from GEICO for reasons I shall not get into, but one thing I IMMEDIATELY miss is GEICO’s app. It made spending time on there enjoyable. It made me want to use the app instead of calling. This State Farm app is the saddest app I have ever seen for a large company. It’s as if it the budget was set at a $100, “so do what you can”, then was designed in a couple hours using a template offered by a free service. The persons in charge of this design had no style, and no vision for any type of graphics or colors. And why am I unable to view the details of my policies? What can I not access an image of our auto insurance cards? In case of an accident, having the app on your phone, and being able to show your insurance card, and even your policy, is VERY handy. This app shows nothing..Version: 5.30.3

New version always brings a new problemI went to use the app a few days ago to pay my bill. I got an error message while opening. I closed it out and started again. This time I got to the Submit button. I hit Submit and I get a Network Error problem. I had thought the app had gotten better over time. Now it’s back to square one. I have to use my iPhone as a phone and call to pay my bill. It’s back to the useless garbage of years past. No different then the website from years ago. My last two bills I was able to pay even though my password was supposed to have expired automatically after two years. St. Farm never mentions that so you think you’v lost your mind while it’s St. Farms fault for never making clear their password rules. Trying to get a new password is more work and effort that planning the D Day invasion. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get a new password. Insane! My last two payments gave an error warning. “Thank you got your payment. Your payment was successfully submitted however we are unable to send a confirmation email. Please make a note of the information below for your records.” Seriously, St. Farm doesn’t have the ability to send an email. I just received a Happy Birthday Card. The intent wasn’t to wish me a Happy Birthday, but to sell me life insurance..Version: 7.14.0

Touch ID stopped working after I used this app.I downloaded to pay my bill, which I did with no trouble. The sign in page gives you a choice to sign in using a fingerprint - I accepted, made the payment and exited the application. When my phone slept, I tried to wake it up. I would not respond to any of my prints on my phone after signing in with State Farm. I’m not sure if it’s related or not, but after extensive troubleshooting with Apple, the issue remained unresolved until it occurred to me that my phone’s software was not updated (which was probably the root of the issue somehow - don’t ask me why Apple didn’t ask about my software version...?). A whole day passed after I updated, and Touch ID still wouldn’t work, until randomly it finally let me use it again. If you like to use Touch ID to sign into apps, just make sure you have the most recent version of iOS, and don’t mind risking part of your phones functionality (unless this bug has been fixed/solved).Version: 7.0.2

Bait and switchCecil , my agent, promise to me in writing that my rate was dropping from $80-$70 and if I wanted to I could add $20,000 worth of renters insurance for only $10 a month which would bring me back to exactly $80 which is what I’ve been paying all along. Well, that was exactly the case as you can clearly see if you look at my payment history. My nightmare, rollercoaster ride of different monthly bills has never ended in many months now. I told him to remove the renters insurance since it was not going to be $80 a month and he made a mistake and it was going to be $85 a month. I told him if he can do simple maths that I didn’t trust him. since my insurance is on auto pay it scares me that I do not know from month-to-month what seesaw will be charging me. Sometimes it to hundred dollars a month and sometimes it’s $84 a month another month it’s $91 a month! I’ve called corporate I’ve finally switched agents and I’ve even had my attorney right Cecil because he doesn’t return my emails or phone calls to explain any of this. I’m going to be reporting Cecil to the attorney general. I’ve always been happy with Statefarm and my new agent here in Dallas is great along with his assistant Linda. I think every penny that I have paid over $75 over the last six months should be refunded to me as this was not my screw up , it was Cecil. I’m sure no one will read this or even bothered to send me an email..Version: 9.20.1

Definitely more sensitiveLike others have mentioned, the app has definitely gotten more sensitive recently. I've noticed that it dings me for cornering when making a turn after being fully stopped at a red light. It seems that it thinks going from 0 to 23 mph as you're turning is considered cornering when in reality it isn't. It doesn't take much to get to that speed when you step on the gas just to get going and I don't try to speed off either. You'd have to turn super slow to not get dinged by the app and this is all from actually being fully stopped at a red light and waiting for it to turn green. It makes no sense plus it definitely was not like this in the past. I actually pay attention and try to get good scores on Drive Safe and Save but this really needs to be looked at and addressed. Also as others have mentioned, just one slightly harder tap of the brakes can ding you too. This was from me realizing a little last minute that I'm not gonna be able to make the camera light before it turns red..Version: 9.4.0

Has fundamental flawsThis app has some fundamental flaws. For starters, if you have someone else in the car with you and they are using your phone to either navigate or select music or just google something which is common for me with my gf in the car, it will assume you are using your phone while driving and negatively impact your score. It’s also is not very accurate. For example, I’ve been paying more attention to my speed and using my cruise control more often because this app keeps saying that I’m speeding. On my drive home from work today I was stuck behind a car that was going 5 miles below the speed limit. Yet during this same segment the app says I was briefly speeding. Then on the longest segment of that same drive I had my cruise control set to the speed limit until I turned off Into my neighborhood. The app says I was speeding during a few short stretches of that drive. How?? There have been other times as well where it says I did something I didn’t do. It definitely makes you pay more attention to your driving but it makes more mistakes than I do. The biggest is assuming I’m using my phone when my passenger is..Version: 7.20.1

Thanks for making payments easier!!!Since changing several years ago to State Farm Insurance, I have been so grateful and have never regretted making the change from an insurance company I was with for almost 20 years. House, cars, and life insurances have saved me so much money and given us as good, and in some cases better coverage! Now you have created a way on line to make paying insurance even easier. My Bill, always due the middle of the month, and I hated when I had the money earlier that I had to go in, stop the automatic payment, pay that payment, then restart the automatic payment up for the next month! You have now given those of us with automatic paying, with just a click of the button, to pay early! My life is hectic enough with out spending awhile paying bills! I am so blessed to not only have you as my Insurance Company but having an Agent and an office that helps us so much in keeping a routine!!!! Thank You State Farm!!!!.Version: 9.0.0

Who are your testersSo I am back again. Once again State Farm does not consider the customer. I have not upgraded to IOS 11 and have no intention at the moment. I have a critical app that has not been updated to run on IOS 11. Besides IOS 11 is very buggy. I have had multiple problems since being forced to upgrade my work mobile. And I absolutely will not put this app on my work phone. None of their business. Not to mention my iPad cannot run IOS 11 so I cannot use it there either. The new app is not backwards compatible. Whose dumb idea was that? Fix this immediately! I had stopped carrying my insurance card because I could display the insurance card from within the app but I just got stuck while traveling. I was unable to rent a car because I could not give proof of insurance. Everyone does not update immediately for various reasons. Sometimes you cannot. Previous Review below: The app itself has some potential and you can do rudimary things like see insurance card and pay your bill. BUT you can only pay NOW, there is no future date selection. I don't know about you but I have my money making money for me until the last possible moment so no future date selection makes me do extra work of setting a reminder to pay bill on time. So not cool..Version: 5.30.3

Filing a claimFiling a claim on this app has been a terrible experience. I originally called and asked for an adjuster to come look at my car, the rude State Farm rep refused to send an adjuster, stating they don’t have any adjusters, was speaking to me in a condescending fashion like I am stupid. I fill everything out and take 15 pictures of my car and the damage. It’s been over a week and now they want me to download another app, retake the same 15 pictures and submit it under a different app. I’m not an adjuster, they aren’t paying me to be an adjuster. I call the 800 number again, this time getting a much nicer rep who said she could see all my stuff and tells me that my pictures and claim were sent to the “express team” and somehow, somewhere, someone dropped the ball and didn’t submit my claim and pictures to the “estimate team” I am very disappointed because State Farm wasn’t the cheapest for my bundle of 2 vehicles, renters and life insurance but was supposed to be one of the better options in customer service. Turns out I’m paying extra to be my own insurance adjuster..Version: 9.14.0

Claim FiledI filed a claim on my homeowners insurance in JANUARY, and have provided ALL requested documents and here it is JUNE and I can’t even get the agent working my claim on the phone!!!! But he HOUNDED me to get him (Will Wilcox Jr) what he needed, even convinced me to sign a document authorizing them to pull my CREDIT REPORT even though I didn’t feel comfortable doing that! I filed a complaint with the Louisiana Department of Insurance and everything for this matter, but decided just to sign and be done with it, cause I have NOTHING to hide, just thought it was pointless and unnecessary!! Went through all that to NOT get my calls answered after providing ALL of this!! And I’ve had this insurance in Texas for YEARS on several vehicles, and homeowners included, and the service was AMAZING!! Thanks State Farm #Louisiana ! And can’t even get another policy with someone else because THIS claim is still open!!! UGH!!!!.Version: 9.23.0

I guess this is an appThis app is such a pain to me honestly. There have been several times where I enter the correct login info and it tells me it’s wrong so many times that I’m locked out of my account, then I call and go through the whole process of resetting a password, only to be locked out (for “security purposes”) for days still anyway. And half the time I actually DO get into my account, I’m unable to pay my insurance bill because they say my card is declined over and over, until I finally give up and call, and then use that same exact card to successfully pay my bill over the phone. So really there is basically no point to even having this app, except the one time ever that I used roadside assistance. Which I guess it worked well for that, but it would be NICE to have a convenient way to pay my dang bill which is why I installed this app in the first place.Version: 7.8.0

Work in ProgressThey seem to be slowly getting it right. On the past offensive and not customer centric. A couple of months ago, I got a notice that a discount was being canceled because I hadn’t update my mileage. It turned out I’d gotten *one* email two weeks earlier while I was out of the country — no notification in the app of any dealing. Just nuts. Another nutty feature: if a payment is late (but policy not cancelled) they remove it from the app. Hello?? Also, user authentication not aligned with State Farm website. Given the plague of passwords, just what we need. But I see today that they’ve added text alerts recently. Hopefully the implementation was guided by someone new in the organization who understands the point of these apps is to make life simpler for State Farm customers, not more difficult or annoying..Version: 7.22.0

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