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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat App User Positive Comments 2024

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat app received 61 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about grindr - gay dating & chat?

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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat for Positive User Reviews

Great app but could use improvementsThe app functions well. It definitely doesn’t have as many bugs and crashes as it once used to. They have implemented changes to filters which is nice, but I also do have some suggestions I’d like to see included in the app. I do like how no one can screenshot the albums in your photo, but I think this should just be a general inclusivity for any photo that is sent out. That way we can prevent catfish from creating fake profiles. I would also like to see the race category put back into place. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a stronger preference towards a certain demographic. I understand that they are trying to be inclusive but people are attracted to what they are attracted to. Just let it be. I’m Hispanic and I’ve met plenty of people who say they aren’t interested in Latinos. They say we have to much of an attitude. It’s a generalization, but I’m okay with it because that person is clearly not meant for me, and I don’t want them apart of my life. I say allow people to select what they like and allow others to judge them for their character. After all, we are all just trying to find the perfect match..Version: 9.3.0

From bad to worseI’ve had Grindr on and off for years but, after recent updates, it’s become unusable and I’m looking for an alternative. The worst problem is, as others have said, the app causes my phone to stop working. The touchscreen, and sometimes home button, becomes unresponsive. If I can’t close the app, I have to restart my phone. An app this unstable really shouldn’t be in the App Store. Adds are the other issue. Using the free app, I expect adds. Over the years adds on Grindr have sometimes been barely noticeable and sometimes a pain in the **** but they’ve never been as frequent and intrusive as now. Not only do adds always seem to pop up at the worst moment, such as when responding to a tap or message, but they’re timed and then force you to go to a download page. And that’s the ones that work. There are some I can only get rid of by closing Grindr. Grindr is, surely, still the market leader in dating/hook up apps. Yet it seems determined to lose this position. It’s like it knows its days are numbered and is trying to grab as much money as possible before the shutters come down. I can’t see any other reason for making the free app so unappealing while hiking the prices of the paid for versions..Version: 7.22.1

Overall experienceGrindr should stick to one format and stop constantly changing it, and why can’t you click on those that have viewed you anymore ? A bit tight I think if you want to encourage more people to use your app there are now plenty more out there..Version: 9.16.0

Great app to meet othersI have used Grindr for years as well as many other apps but still find Grindr the best as the messages are more instant, the navigation is easiest and the features as well as the filters work the best, also the support is great. I definitely recommend it for anyone else who wants to meet other people..Version: 8.8.0

Best App to Meet Transgender WomenAnd fir Transgender's women to meet men. I have been using Grindr for several years now and i love it. i have trued many other apps that say they are better but it's all lies. Nothing is better or even come close enough to even be considered as comparable. There's really no competition because Grindr has all the bases covered: U can video chat verify to prevent Cat-Fishing, which is is a huge time saver. U can see who's close by and try to start a conversation. Exchange pics and send your location. I like how grindr really takes measures to prevent harassment and allows you to report and block people that may be bullying or if you simply just don't want to talk to them. You cant go wrong with grindr. there are so many options if u get the Extra or Unlimited subscription you can go beyond what's around your immediate area and it allows you to see the typing status of someone youre chatting with and even unsend messages and become invisible online..Version: 9.17.0

Moderation Team need retrainingI received a notification that I had been using my profile to promote soliciting. No proof. No apology. Just a generic response and I’m boiling over it. I don’t need to sell myself on Grindr. My private life is paid for on a different website so I don’t need to sell it. I get some things are automated. I get that. However. When it happens and it’s not true that’s ‘A defamation of character’. I’m now refusing to pay for my Ultimate Membership until a get an apology and assurances this won’t happen again..Version: 9.2.0

GOOD JOB FOR WHAT?!Grindr and Jack’d are ANALOGOUS for what?Might as well be one app. Only thing different is the target audience (Grindr: privilege/ Jack’d: Minority), allowing screenshots within chat (Grindr: Yes/ Jack’d: No) though in my opinion i think screenshots should be disabled within the whole app itself, but if not at least the profile search page to see who’s nearby out of respect of others’ privacy that they claim they want, sending pics and videos (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: only pics but videos gotta be sent live) and i get the live video from Grindr but wen i wanna feel lazy i just wanna send the video i already got that’s been working just fine to confirm that I’m legit because this black don’t crack, navigational location dropping (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: No) and Grindr drops the location but you would have to type it out unless you have the world map memorized, and maybe the subscription but that’s sad in itself should jus be one price in my opinion, but we got profit feens. Other than that everything is cool i mean there’s probably other things i haven’t covered but there are other issues not pertaining to the apps but individuals themselves that may need time to look at a reflection of themselves to reevaluate and I'm still learning this myself. Just gotta take it a day at a time and use your time wisely..Version: 7.15.2

One of the Most Fun and Safe apps to meet Guys!Yes my partner and I been using this dating/friend making app for years now and I can only say is that if your responsible smart and very clear with your intentions you no doubt have a great time or simply end the conversation way before meeting that other guy. I’ve also noticed many guys complain about getting thrown off the app site or simply black listed. And then they ask WHY? 🤷‍♂️😵😭 if your being a bully, or a straight up stocker then people will complain about you and Make sure they show them the conversation record word by word etc. so be nice present and after getting to know one another well exchange numbers meet up in a public location etc. we’re all adults here at the end of the Day so let’s act like it and have fun with that new friend. 😉.Version: 7.15.0

GrinderAlways good for some naughty fun.Version: 9.16.0

Has VERY major bugFor past 2 months the app has been useless. It works for a day or so and then refuses to open and regularly crashes my iPhone And please don’t give your standard response about reaching out to your Help Team, just fix things. Review after review is telling you there is a problem. And for paying users, you are taking their money without providing the service. Refund their money or extend their subscription..Version: 8.8.0

Needs shutting down.I got permanently banned just for refusing to meet someone because i knew they were a fake and they keep making new accounts all the time and i wasnt interested in them and they just made some false report now im permanently banned the admins must be a joke the ammount of times i have been set up nearly beaten up by gangs and fakes on her theres is underage on here there is pedos on here and wrongens and i got banned just coz i didnt like a freaky stalking weirdo Grindr Needs shutting down there is loads of stephen ports on Grindr and wrongens.Version: 7.16.0

PriceI enjoy using grinder but it is very expensive.Version: 7.0.0

Very good to meet new friendsGreat app.Version: 7.11.0

They finally have fixed the problemsThis app keeps getting more and more and more and more expensive. They change the price every six months it seems. I had been an off and o. Paid subscriber for years. They just have gotten too expensive. Their pic moderation seems extremely biased and is not consistent. If you aren’t a twink or muscle guy any pic seems to get moderated. I have screen shot over 280 pics where the pic wasn’t moderated and mine was. Either it’s racial or body specific. I talking to an attorney to see what type of class action lawsuit can be filed for it to either have them consistently moderate or shut the site down. Also seems like an abnormal amount of bots are allowed now and an overwhelming amount of underage guys are on the site another filing I’m working on with an attorney. Chances are that Grindr won’t even respond to this review, but I’d steer away from this site..Version: 7.22.3

Horrible appGrindr has never served me well in any instance, iv been sexuality assaulted , verbally abused when I used this app to meet guys and have constantly felt that I wasn’t worth anyone’s time and just ugly in general from using this app. And the funny thing is I’m not bad looking. Every health relationship iv been in has been with somebody who I have NOT met online. Guys delete this app and go out and met guys in clubs or at your local gay community group. I met my partner at his place of work and asked for his number. Cmon let’s get rid of Grindr today.Version: 7.11.0

MeetingsGrindr is great to chat to people but even better when a meeting is agreed upon. I’ve met some very cool guys, have kept in touch with many and always have enjoy the time I have with fellas I’ve met.Version: 8.4.1

Grindr is actually goodThere might be a few bad reviews on here but honestly Grindr is really good. Ads are necessary to keep it free yes that’s called normal business and there really isn’t any ad that stops you from using the app so I’m fine with it. Premium is worth it and is well priced. Even if you don’t have premium, the the app is unlike some other apps ( I’m looking at you surge) where it’s still usable as if you’re looking for a simple hookup then your in luck or even a bf or gf, the only problem is that the text sending is not the best as it’s based off wifi not what you send texts with (as far as I can tell) so that means if you or the person you are sending the message or image to has jungle wifi then it will send but it won’t go through but this is user fault so 5 stars.Version: 7.14.0

FeesDrop the price for paid members please.Version: 9.6.0

Latest update issuesLatest update took me back out to sign in screen 1st time of use. Deleted all my messages and photos. Saved profiles still there fortunately. Shame you couldn’t have posted a notice to all users of this update to happen a week before. There seems to be no way to contact you other than writing a review. 14th May - I would have liked to say that my issues had been speedily resolved, but you just sent me a link to report them all over again. Why can’t you raise a repair ticket and sort out ? A touch more pro active from your side please..Version: 7.8.0

Stupid 3 year filter is backYou guys took this dumb 3 year filter off with the second last update and now after updating again within 5 days you’ve put it back. What is the point of this app if you just restrict all the features. Hate this app more and more. Stop penny-pinching people to spend hundreds a year on a chat app. So dumb..Version: 8.19.2

Lots of funGreat app for a hookup or even to find mates highly recommended.Version: 9.18.1

BugginThe apps been bugging a lot sends me the same notification like 10 times, and struggle to text.Version: 24.0.1

Very good appOf course it’s gay, it’s the point. Very good to meet guy to 18+ of any kind. Not much ads.Version: 10.0.1

Should increase distance limit in New Zealand, so less gays hereHi.Version: 7.18.0

GayPretty gay ngl.Version: 9.9.2

I caught a predatorI met a 30 year old man pretending to be 14, I am in love with this app..Version: 9.14.0

An app I’m using that is an app that I openBig fan of penis. So this works for me.Version: 7.3.0

App was good until this recent updateThe app was pretty good before the new changes to the XTRA and Unlimited subscriptions. The major reason why I purchased XTRA was so I can find people of interest who fit my filter searches and be able to look for people a little more outside my area. Now it seems that I am unable to communicate with people of interests if they exceeds the radius I am searching for (either that or the number of profiles XTRA members can view and interact with). It seems silly that this feature was removed from a mid-tier subscription and bumped to a more expensive subscription. I was perfectly content with purchasing XTRA for the price point with that feature but now it seems that we are paying the same amount while losing features. Unfortunately, since this was the primary reason why I purchased XTRA in the first place, I may have to drop this subscription and look for alternative apps..Version: 7.17.2

Constant crashingI am a frequent user and enjoy using Grindr. But recently updated has caused the app crashing unexpectedly. Not only it crashes, but app needs to be deleted and reinstalled so it can be opened otherwise it will keep crashing immediately when trying to open. This can be very frustrating, especially in the middle of conversation, once it reinstalled, all chats history are gone. I’m not sure anyone else experienced this issue as well and I hope Grindr can look into this and fix the bug so it can run smoothly again. Appreciate all the help. ❤️‍🩹.Version: 8.9.0

SuspendedI recently had my account suspended after apparently breaking the rules - when I asked what I did wrong to avoid this happening again I was told they wouldn’t be allowed to tell me. This is after me paying for my subscription. Iv been a loyal customer to Grindr for the best part of 10 years and to have my account banned without an explanation is really poor customer service. I have continued emailing for an answer but now they aren’t relying. I would avoid paying for a subscription with Grindr.Version: 8.2.0

Warning about GrindrWhat I want to say about this app that I really love Al lathe great people love have met and spoken to in it, the problem is that way too many people flake on the app or do not respond to you quickly so there’s a tendency to be somewhat upset and stressed out when you are on the app due to people playing games and making what you want to happen whether it’s a date, an interesting chat talk, hookup, and so on not happen and it leads to unhappiness and just stress. So if you download Grindr, know that you will have to have tough skin dealing with people like that cause it will have an effect on you 9 times out of 10. The stress and anxiety might come indirectly, but somehow, flakers have a way of affecting people by not meeting the need you are looking for on the app. Some people want to be in a relationship, want to hookup, go on a date. It’s hard to do all those things if I people are flaking and are leaving you with no response to the chat that is started. It’s so upsetting and stressful man!!!!.Version: 8.19.0

Block needs to be unlimitedBlocking someone needs to be unlimited to all users.Version: 9.6.0

Loyal user from the begging till the end and this happensApp had few bugs over the years nothing to major I had same account for about 5 years no problems chatting to guys through the night as can’t sleep due to insomnia plus live in the middle of know where so bit of our side contact then 2 weeks ago at 4 am in the middle of talking to a friend half way access the country my the profile goes black and the message your profile has been suspended due to rule breaking So I email them to ask what is going on and apparently I had been trying to sale myself and sale drugs of my account which is a load of crap so I asked to see the allegations and some proof of me doing this to with I was told they do not have to show me anything or justify taking me off the site which had to br wrong and as a ultimate member you think they Would show me some evidence but from what I’ve been seeing they just seemed to be kicking quite a few pplL off for stupid reason and not giving any hint of evidence to show why if I’m wrong and did something wrong then fair play but to not even prove. It tthey blocking all paid members mid contracted and keeping the money wankers.Version: 6.36.1

Really great app!I’ve tried other apps like Tinder/POF but this one is by far the best experience I ever had! Within 24 hrs someone already came over for fun.. & came back for seconds a week later! Thank you for creating this!.Version: 9.15.1

Can’t get into account3 days now I have restarted my phone and iPad I have downloaded again same window enter number then I get to many attempts. Customer service reported and they are now not even responding. I cannot enter email address for account it’s the same window when reinstall it every time. I don’t have another number to enter. I can’t get the app to do anything other than enter your number. I have done everything that’s on the web to fix this I have reported is over and over. Customer service doesn’t read the issues I’m having they want me to do things that I can’t do because it’s the Sam screen over and over. What is the fix what do we do about this. I have requested a phone number to talk to a live person and can not get one. I have done everything again now 3 days.Version: 7.1.0

Please helpI went on my account today and saw that I was banned. I couldn’t believe it and then I came into the App Store to write a review on this and saw other people are having the same problems. I did send a form for you to review my account and I hope you will do so, and do so quickly. Believe me, I am a paying member, I’ve been with Grindr for many years, and I can’t believe I have been banned for no reason whatsoever, and I checked off all of the guidelines after reading them thoroughly. I don’t know if there is a glitch in your system at this point in time, but I also just recently renewed my membership like one of the other members who commented that they were banned After doing so. I like Grindr, I hope that I can get you to understand that I did nothing wrong and get my account back. I am not interested in writing a bad review on your company as of yet because I think this is an error. Thank you so I hope you will look at my feedback in a positive way. Frederick. Clear cache. Update... thank you for reinstating my subscription, and I will look forward to many fun times on your site..Version: 8.24.2

Poor App not maintainedAre there issues with Grindr that means you can no longer set profiles up at the last 10 minutes I keep guessing registration error I’m coming back after four months from taking a break so I know how to fill Grindr in I’ve done it many times well I tried yesterday I just keep getting error and there was no errors I’d set up the profile within the guidelines then today all I’m getting is registration error and everything‘s been filled in. Although I did get to the stage where I had to put my photograph put my name age date of birth and I thought great I’m getting a bit further I want you press next yep you guessed strikes it comes back as registration error so I guess you don’t need my money sure I can support another gay app.Version: 7.10.0

It’s really not too badI don’t think Grindr deserves ALL the hate it gets. Sure, there are a ton of bots and scams, but if your IQ is higher than room temperature, they’re so easy to spot. The ads definitely get annoying so I wish they had a bottom (lol) tier price to strictly remove ads for us poverty gays. I’d pay $5 a month for that alone. Really for an app like this, you get what you put into it. If your profile is trashy, don’t complain if your DMs are full of trash. I’ve had a lot of success using the app and made some genuine connections with some awesome guys! All that being said, guys claiming to be 18, 19, 20 scare me sometimes since there is NO age verification on the app. I have started to avoid this age group. This is dangerous for both underage young men who are no doubt using the app and for everyone else using the app. All it takes is proof of picture ID to end this phenomenon which countless other apps already implement. I’m certain that if Grindr’s parent company doesn’t implement some sort of age verification, we will be seeing a huge lawsuit come from either a government or as a class action..Version: 8.20.0

Love itGrindr is good the people aren’t the best but I love the hook up.Version: 9.4.0

MoanIt’s so bad when u refuse someone then they call u very bad names like pedo or even worse but before u can report them. They block u do u thinks it’s fair we have to take this abuse , yes I love grindr but this ban name calling needs to stop . Maybe put a instant button to push when vile disgusting names are called by a user. This automatically reports them I’m scared sometimes to go on here just in case this happens , hope u guys there understand my concerns. Thanks again for a amazing Place to meet guys..Version: 8.20.0

Goood but...I wish the top or bottom preference thing was free :( one of the main purposes of the app is like easy hookups and that would make it sm easier just being able to look for a top.Version: 8.11.0

Too slow for sending msgsWhen I sent my pics, the indication shows me that the receivers have read my msgs and got pics I sent. (I’m a paid member) But receivers sometimes complain that they haven’t got my pics and blamed me who asked to show me their pics. I definitely sent my pics !! Other then, Thank you so much for your hard work all the time..Version: 7.20.0

Awsome AppShame the fees have increased so much this year what with covid and inflation its really hard to justify social spending Easy to use only thing I don’t like is cant often see the distance a person is from me , this should be locked on all profiles Also a suggestion to have the name of the location , this would prevent a lot of scam messages I get . Although some people seem to get around that somehow ! Overall it’s easy and very responsive from admin when required. Stay safe and be kind to others . Steve xxxx.Version: 8.23.0

Grindr is what we make of itI’ve seen people often “blame” or denigrate Grindr but I think much of what we don’t like or don’t understand is something we are struggling with within ourselves. I’ve learnt a lot from Grindr, plus met many amazing people. This technology is miraculous and just because it can’t talk for itself is no reason to curse it. Instead of cursing the darkness why not light a candle instead? I am grateful not only for the experiences and people I’ve met but for the lessons in humility, gratitude, resilience, patience and compassion. Life beyond Grindr beckons now. #BeKindrWithGrindr #NoReviewIsn’tAReview.Version: 7.8.0

Grindr now won’t work on iPadI went to download the lastest version of Grindr on my ipad. It’s says now Grindr will not work on my iPad as I have a older iOS My iPad has a 12 version iOS and won’t allow me to up date any more versions. I’m a regular subscribed paid Grindr user but now can not use Grindr. Can the lastest Grindr version be updated to work please with older iOS 12 please. Or can I use an older version of Grindr ,,, if so how do I load it onto iPad ?.Version: 8.12.0

AverageUsed to be better. Heaps of issues..Version: 6.36.1

This App Is UnfairI appealed my ban over and over again because somebody keeps reporting that I’m swearing when I did nothing at all. I finally got banned again but i justifying myself when someone else started calling me names for no reason just coming out of nowhere and texted me and threatening me so I had to protect myself and push them back from swearing at me constantly. So grinder I don’t know I’m still banned for life when I was trying to protect myself from a hostile user I never met. Even when I blocked them they still kept coming back by making a new account and kept swearing at me what am I supposed to do just stand there and block them again. I honestly apologized for all my bad actions even though I did nothing wrong and people keep accusing me of nudity when alot of people post there whole body or they’re half naked bodies on this app. Grinder please fix this problem and please fix my account from being banned..Version: 9.17.0

Reporting usersDo you actually follow up on the spam reports that genuine users submit ? The massage pedlars are like a virus on here currently 😫.Version: 7.2.0

AmazingThis app is everything I’m lookin for thank you Grindr.Version: 9.16.0

🚨Theres homosexuals on this app🚨.Version: 9.17.0

This version is giving a more neg experienceGrindr updated but left out all those who don’t have iOS 13! Switched to A4A and realized how much better that app is!!! This app seems more and more cumbersome to use. With the company’s goal to get clients to upgrade to a higher paying tier, it becomes more tedious to process through searches as the program sends you into the profiles you could view but need to upgrade to view them. This continues to create negative experiences and unending frustration. Also it’s obvious that when you do upgrade that the profile aren’t the same ones you will view after upgrading which is disappointing. And finally it looks like the profiles you are interested in and of people who are frequenting the app less and less?! Disappointing is not descriptive enough! I am actually logging on less and less!.Version: 8.14.0

TappingI think the Tapping Function should be deleted on Grindr . Mostly sent by the people who tried to do dodgy to all member of grindr . They advertise being a masseurs. And created a fake location. And require to make a booking to reserve the time and date, to do that they asked you to provide credit card details and pay half amount of the service in advance . But the masseur is actually isn’t a real person . This is created by one person, but this co- founder send the advertisement about this massage service through to every member of grindr all around the world . He changed the face pic of masseur every day with different person face pic through “ The Tap function “ .But the map location is always the same address at the same hotel..Version: 6.36.1

Eh yooIdk bro kinda sus.Version: 9.5.1

Great app!I think Grindr is the best of these dating/hook up apps.Version: 7.8.0

Much ImprovedI really like the tags feature because it helps solve a problem I had complained about in a previous review- the 255 character limit on profile descriptions is too short. I still think that is a problem, but at least now I don’t have to waste precious space trying to cram in as much as possible about my interests in such a short description. If ever Grindr makes longer profile descriptions available, then I’ll give the app a well-deserved 5 stars. Another potential improvement I’d like to suggest is making profiles clickable after running a search. Currently, a long-press only opens a small menu with 3 options (chat, tap, and favorite), but this is an altogether different user experience than elsewhere in the app. I often find myself favoriting profiles just so I can find them in a view that allows me to see the whole profile. That really needs fixing. Beyond that, I do wish there were some extra perks that come with Grindr Unlimited. Boost is a great feature, but it’s also pretty expensive. It would be nice if at least one boost per month came with the subscription..Version: 8.24.2

Very disappointedHi there I’m very disappointed because it says I’m unlimited and when I try to stroll down why isn’t it showing more people on Grindr it should and it doesn’t plus it ment to show more people as you stroll down and to find people and talk to them but can’t even though I’ve paid a lot can you please put me on the right tariff so I can find more for the money and not scam me at all I feel like it is???? Ami very frustrated. So help me as you can please.Version: 7.9.0

Gay Conservatives won’t welcomeThis app runs by the far left brain washed people , so any of you are politically incorrect and not obeying their leftists terms and conditions , Grindr would ban your account without and explanation or warning . There is no such thing as free speech , democracy exist on this app , Grindr had no respect for the western culture , values too busy suppose there cult of Islam to thank Muslims for killing homosexuals and too busy changing our tradition rainbow flag to blank and brown for thugs lives matter . This leftists plant forms are the embarrassment for gay communities ..Version: 7.9.0

Account ban?I have literally never made an account before and received the phone off a friend, he has obviously used the phone to make an account and get permanently banned, I try to make an account and I’m instantly banned, I tried to explain this to the support team but it kept coming to the same conclusion, to bad so sad type thing, I’m beyond disappointed..Version: 7.17.2

Compassion for good peopleThat is what is needed on this wide and broad app. You can meet a lot of different people, but someone like me who just wants to share love and have the experience I want needs an app that is going to serve them. I deleted my profile multiple times, trying to restart with a clean slate, and now I have this one and I’m charging through with my little strong engine, fighting for my right to match with like minded people. We are all beautiful in our own ways, and this app needs to facilitate the same love its users give it. Cheaper options to upgrade and boost, allowing the option to not so easily block someone just because they sent you love (lol, it does happen on this app), allowing a better explore feature, allowing others to post sexy pics, not being choosy just because someone pays into the app and they have a rigid body standard not everyone wants to live by, allowing kindness to flourish. These good tips would make the app better, and I know you guys have it within you to foster a good experience that people have outside the app. Thank you..Version: 9.17.0

Suspended accountAs an avid user of Grindr on and off for year and adhered to the rules someone I was chatting to has managed to get my account suspended Which I’ve appealed against but Grindr has not responded to email or given reason to why my ban has happened or endeavoured to lift the ban Disappointed with the app company for lack of support of a genuine account through some other fake profile that they’ve chosen to believe And there is no way I can reinstate my account whilst they’ve banned my account.Version: 7.1.0

Love this APPMy only issue is it should be mandatory to supply a face pic.Version: 7.9.0

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