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Virtual Families App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Virtual Families app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Virtual Families? Can you share your negative thoughts about virtual families?

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Virtual Families for Negative User Reviews

Alright....I rated 3 today because I think it needs an update,buy houses,kids go to school,name the people and like go to cities make friends and break up with your wife well I thought it would be like sims I'm going to buy a pack of sims bow bye.Version: 1.1.2

Rating for me is going downWhen i first got this app i loved it. I have given suggestions about the next update and all but I'm putting that aside for a moment to tell you that i am highly disappointed. I am disappointed because there are two different problems going on. 1⃣in the store my varied items is not updating even when i buy everything from it. 2⃣my game is shutting down every time i open it. Not only is this annoying but if it keeps doing this how am i supposed to check on my family and restock on food or cure an illness. I don't want my generation to die just because the stupid app wont open( if they died and and the app functioned correctly it wouldn't be as bad but when the app will not stay open??? I mean seriously) Anyways sorry for the bother i do hope you can fix this though because i really do love this game its just this recurring problem that wont go away. Please fix this For people looking to buy this game i do recommend it, but you might want to wait until the update comes out or if you are a lucky person you would not have this problem. As for now i have changed my rating to 🌟🌟🌟 but if you update it by fixing the problem ill give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟if you update it by fixing the problem and adding what i asked before than i will give you 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🎤FIVE GOLD STARS🎤 Well by now i hope you can fix my problem.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual Families 1I like this game but I think there could be some improvements like the kids go to school or there are different scenes like a playground etc. Also there should be a further purpose to the game, the pets should have personalities and no limit between each birth of a child..Version: 1.1.2

Good but badI think it is a great game, very fun to play. However i am dissapointed how it restarts every time you play it. so annoying when you have played for hours and it starts from the start. i think they should make the game cheaper or free if they don't fix this bug. those who have purchased should get a refund or something. it is a very great game and a good idea of a game, just wish it worked smoothly..Version: 0

Its good but needs updatingMy store wont work and its annoying it use to work but it doesnt only when i restart the game but it doesnt chamge every 4hrs like suppose to so i guess its not all that better than the free version except you can have more kids! Because it doesnt work its a big let down so i dont bother playing it!! BADLY NEEDS UPDATING.Version: 1.1.2

Not impressedNew update = what's the point? There is no incentive for me to play anymore. 25 generations, heaps of money, etc. Also being in the dark at night has ruined it! I struggle seeing normally and finding this app now hurts my eyes. Please just change it back. I'm very disappointed with this game now. Virtual villages is so much better..Version: 1.1.2

Kinda boringAt first this game was super fun. But after a while it got kinda boring. You should be able to travel over the town and visit people. Your kids should be able to interact with others. One day when I was playing it said that if I send my kid to finish school in a different country it would give me $500. I agreed. I thought that they would have the kid send emails or something. At first I had the free version, and I wanted to update it. But there were no buttons on the app to do so, and I had to restart. Which made me mad because I was really far in the game. The little people should also be able to move faster. When my whole family died it got rid of all the pets, achievements, and updates I had for my house. I think that those updates should stay with you no matter what. One time I had a family, and I tried lots of times for them to have a kid but it never worked. Even after I bought the baby booster. They should also connect Virtual Families to Game Center, because it has achievements. Once these issues are fixed I will rate it a 5..Version: 1.1.2

Store won't update...Alright game, but my store hasn't updated in days when it's supposed to update every 4 hours and this is very irritating because for some of the trophies, you need to buy stuff for the store. If someone could fix this, it would be great..Version: 1.1.2

When are you ever going to upgrade ?????I bought this game over a year ago and it has never once been upgraded. Virtual Villagers has had many upgrades so why not this game. I havent played this in a year. I had went as far as I could . I had over 9 million dollars in the bank and all the house upgrades. There's nothing left to buy. I even bought all the outfit changes just to spend money but they only let u buy an outfit once and as soon as u put it on one of the people its gone for ever. U cant save the clothes. So what am I supposed to spend all the money on ???? There's no point in making my people work anymore. We need more levels, maybe new houses, cars and maybe things to buy such new furniture, plants , stuff for the kids etc etc.... Otherwise there's no point to keep playing once u have all house upgrades. Other than that I had a great time and loved the game and would give it 5 stars if there were more levels.Version: 1.1.2

Update neededOMG BEST GLITCH EVER!!! So I go on the game, and it starts up then goes off, Then, I go back on and I have 7 adults with jobs in my house!! But girls can have kids together... O.o.Version: 1.1.2

More PleaseThe game is great and all but after ages when you have heaps of generations and youv'e fixed the whole house and have masses of money, it's not that fun anymore. You should update a new one that has missions. That'd make it really fun then :).Version: 1.1.2

Things I like and dislikeLikes: entertainment, creativity, groceries, medicine, baby's, and it's just so fun! Dislikes: DEATH WHY WHY WHY CANT THEY JUST LIVE FOREVER? When they die it makes that music and shows a sunset in a jungle or something and I JUST KEEP TAPPING OK AND NOTHINGS WORKING! Once I saw a ghost sitting in my bed AND I WAS SCARED FOR LIFE, and also I dislike how sometimes theyre sad and there's no way to fix it..Version: 1.1.2

It's okThe game is good fun to play. However, it still doesn't beat the sims and Virtual Families is, in my opinion, just a cheaper version of the Sims..Version: 0

Needs updatesI think it needs more updates like better graphics make it more fun and i think it's is sort of a waste of money should be 99cents.Version: 1.1.2

0000Not nearly as good as dream house version! Graphics terrible, no upgrades like the time warp in dream house.Version: 1.1.2

Good game, however....It is a great game, but it gets kind of, no, really boring after a little while. You should make more updates, more goals... Also, I have noticed a pattern in the babies. First generation: almost all babies are boys- second generation: almost all babies are girls- third generation: almost all babies are boys, and so on... It gets really repetitive and now it's not even a mystery! Please update, cause it is getting boring..Version: 1.1.2

SERIOUS updates...Its so annoying when your whole family dies, you have to restart the WHOLE GAME. it should end up another family comes and moves into the house instead of resetting an losing your updates and stuff. its crappy when your people hav bad names. you should be able to change the names if you want. it would be EPIC if you could keep the clothes you buy in a wardrobe or something for that person. also if a "friend" or someone comes over and has a "play" with one of the children, this game would be the BEST EVER!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

JazI agree with yayabibi me and my sister have both full and lite and we play it twentyfour seven and my friend had it but he deleted it coz it got boring it obviously needs updating just look at the reviews u could add leaving the house items such as a cot ,pool table, being able to have more than one pet,being able to have as many kids as u want,change names as like in the computer virsus,u could buy a ball like footy soocer basketball and hoop or other and they could play with them,kids go to school and being able to zoom in closer so please take this into consideration or my sister and i will delete both full and lite. pleaaaaaase.Version: 1.1.2

OkThis game is fun and all but the shop needs to get more stuff in it and there should be more things to do :L.Version: 1.1.1

Good game, could be betterThis game is so much fun!! I soooo wish they would update it though!!! This game has so much potential and it definitely isn't as good as it could get... Here's a few tips... If u give the man and the woman each 12 shots of baby boost and have them try for a kid they will most likely have twins or triplets!!! Also if there is an energy drink in the store it is best to buy it because when ur people get old and their slowness is really annoying u can give me the drink and they'll speed up... To open the shed u drop an adult on the brownish thing in the sandbox(if u don't know what it is then put the person on everything in the box until they start to fix the shed. Then after they do that unstick ur person on the doormat and they will open the shed!.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual Families: Goods and BadsVirtual Families is an intersting game. I thinks it fun to adopt a person and grow their family for generations, but there are some kinks along the road. 1: The children. In each family, there should be atleast one child of each gender. i got all boys and none of them showed charm, or handsomeness. I find it porpostourous for there to be 4 bald little boys and 2 creepy little boys with annoying voices. As for that this game is fun although i would reccomend it for someome who has a lot of patience, you'll need it. Also this game can become an addition. so only play 1-2 a day and your little people will be fine. 1 other problem is the clearness of the game. the lite version is very clear and easy to see. but the full version makes it hard to tell what anything is! All and all it depends on how you look at it. after getting over all of my complaints, virtual families is fun. if you dont like some of it but like other parts, dont trash talk the whole game. virtaul families is a good invention and game, in my perspective. :).Version: 1.1.2

GamePLEASE update the game !.Version: 1.1.2

Waste of moneyGreat until it won't load. Crashed after less than 48 hours. If update to fix this bug can't be created why is a known faulty product still being sold? Come on guys show some integrity..Version: 0

RestartHates how it restarts eveytime u play, waste of game time if u lose all your hardwork. Not like the lite version were it saves everytime. Would like this to get fixed.Version: 0

Needs upgradesI loved this game but then it got boring. I have over a million dollars and I already bought everything so my money's just sitting there. The game needs more 1. I want to name my first person and kids. 2. Y do u have to wait soooo long before u can have another kid? 3. It should put more of the collectables u don't have outside. Every collectable that comes up I have already! 4. It needs more stuff u can DO like mini-games for putting out fires and house repairs and stuff. And my game has a glitch. The varied items in my store never change! It's been empty for a month with nothing but to outfits so I can't get some of the trophies! I am not starting over, I fixed everything already and I have a lot of the coin and picture collection. (I need one more coin, I finished it in my old game b4 I got the full game,) and I have 70 trophies already and I don't want to lose them! More upgrades and fix the glitches!.Version: 1.1.2

Good but..I like this game but the varied items don't change!!! I used them all now I don't have any and it hasn't changed for a week!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Fun game but....This is a great fame but... There should definitely be a town that you can go into and do stuff, u should be able to plan special events like ur wedding or ur first kid! It would also be cool if u could buy new houses or add on to ur house/redecorate it. To have more than one pet would be nice too. I have everything upgraded and I have like 30 million dollars and there's nothing rlly left to do.... and also I find it rlly annoying when I'm listening to music and I go into this game and can't listen to it.. Fun game but desperately needs an update.Version: 1.1.2

Worst updateI was really excited to see that this game was finally getting an update. However the update is just the screen gets darker at night and makes it so hard to see anything. I would prefer the game before the update. Seriously disappointed!!! I will be deleting. Don't buy this game as it's boring and hard to see..Version: 1.1.2

Love the gameThe people do lots of cute things and there's heaps to buy. Only reason why I haven't given it 5 stars because it restarts when I close it, it won't pause so I have to start fresh everytime. Hours of hard work wasted :(.Version: 0

Hate it!Needs more updates! House choices should vary, you should be able to pick a house out of several choices, stores should sell paint so you can paint walls and your house! Stores should sell carpet for your floors, you should be able to visit your neighbors, there should be more pet options, when you first adopt your person you should be able to make/customize them yourself, babies should go through stages when they look different each time ( babies would have little hair, toddlers would have their hair hair tied up if girl, make them look like actual toddler instead of adult midgets) , things you buy like books or movies you should be able to keep, you should be able to garden raise and breed chickens and farm animals, there shouldn't be a limit on the full version for kids because we paid for this version! Everyone in the world would buy this game if you made all of these changes think of all the money you would get!.Version: 1.1.2

Not bad but not what I expectedIt's ok. Doesn't even rate compared to virtual villagers tho...and although I haven't played it I've heard sims is way better. I miss the puzzles and for some reason...15 generations in I still haven't completed the bug collection or made a latte. Doh. Needs more house upgrades and stuff. I'm a billionaire but have nothing to buy..Version: 0

😊/😠I loved the game when I had it on the computer so I got on my touch but I can only have boy, what happen to having girls. I got the stuff to fix the wall and I fixed to hose but it won't let fix the wall..Version: 1.1.2

CrashingPLEASE HELP!!!! This app was AWESOME, I was on my 3rd generation and then one day I went on it and maybe like a minute after, it crashed! I thought ok, maybe I pressed the home button, but I kept on trying to get onto the app and It kept on crashing:(:( Now I can't even play it anymore.... The last time I went on it was a week ago I honestly don't want to delete the app and download it again ( I know that sounds really cheap, but still) Please fix this problem maybe by an update??? please!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Keeps crashingWas fun until it kept crashing. I restarted the app and my phone and it won’t stop crashing. Only got to play for a few days :/.Version: 1.2.2

Unfortunately, It Has Gotten BoringI have had this app for a VERY long time and have gone MANY, MANY generations. At the beginning it was fun, I loved playing with my little people and helping them through their tiny lives. I loved the of each new little kid and the renewal of hope as each new generation was started. I'd help the newer people on the comments all the time, I had a fairly popular questions thing. But after maybe 15 generations and almost all of the awards you can get, it got boring. I checked on it less and less, often times the distance in between the time I checked was so much that all my kids would have moved out and gone to college ( they were babies and very young the last time I checked) and the parents would be old and dead. The house would be covered in trash and dirt and socks and the yard was weed world. So I would choose which kid would inherit the house, they would be depressed because of the recent death and the huge mess, and have them start cleaning it. When they got a spouse the spouse would help clean too. By then they'd be very tired. I would just make them have a kids then I'd go on to do other apps and have a very long time between then an the next time I checked "for old times sake". It turned into a vicious cycle so I just wanted to warn all of you that love it, this happened to me, and my two friends with the iPod/ iPhone version who I got to play, and the friend with the iPad version, so beware..Version: 1.1.2

Needs Something ElseThis game was really fun at first. But then once you get to like your 15th or 16th generation it gets boring. They should be able to go places, like restaurants, vacations, stores, malls, friends houses, churches, work, school. They should be able to talk to each other. The teenagers should be able to have friends and they should be able to have extended family to visit. And we should be able to name our children, not just have the weird names they have. There should be a car so they can actually USE the street. We should be able to customize the house however we want. The house should have more rooms. I know it just sounds like I complained a lot but I've had this game forever I'm on like my 46th generation or something, and they haven't made one update that entire time. It needs an update. Thanks Last Day of Work, and if you fix this, it will be the best game ever!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

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