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Please update! I'm begging!I'm here to beg you to update your first virtual families. I've been playing this game since around the 6th grade and I'm in my third year in collage now. That's around a decade I've been playing it! I don't play much games, only this and sims FreePlay, so if I lose this game I don't have anything else really to play. I've tried your newer versions but the graphics are not the same. I like playing this one since it looks like the games I loved playing in the 90's. Also the newer version is nothing close to reality like this one is, who has chemicals in there house anyways? I got a notification today saying that this game won't be accessible in the next update of the newer iPhones. This makes me sad, I don't want to lose the game I've been playing for so long. I've also noticed that you've never updated this since 2011. I'm not saying you should update all the time, just enough where the people that love This version of the game won't lose it. So I'm begging you, please please update this game! For all your original fans! Please update and thanks for hearing me out..Version: 1.1.2

I highly recommend it!This game is very simple and fun. It's the kind of game you will keep playing rather than play it for 5 minutes and ditch it. It's fairly simple and it's a realtime game so you check up on your characters every once and awhile for five minutes or so to make sure they have groceries, the house looks nice, and to buy new things for the house, and so on. I love the game and there are plenty of trophies, house improvements, collectables, and secrets to keep you busy. The game take a long time to finish so there's plenty of gameplay! I'm actually really disappointed with all of the people upset that there isn't more things to do! If you're looking for a game where you can be more interactive, check out Virtual Families 2 or the Sims franchise! I would love this game and highly recommend it to you..Version: 1.1.2

Doesnt crash for meIt's pretty cool I've had 11 generations but I wish they'd update with more stuff to do. To open the shed the door knob is in the corner of the sandpit and the key is under the door mat. Buy a pump and put two people on the bird fountain and buy tape and put on person on the kitchen sink and one on the leaky hose..Version: 1.1.1

Downloading It!I have been wanting to download this for months and I just found this! I bought the full version because I know it's Ganna be awesome! <3.Version: 1.1.2

Please do this!!!Please add an update where you can invite other people's familys over if they're playing right with you in the same room. To El Lizii Beth the key is for the shed but first you need to fix the shed door somehow then get the key.Version: 1.1.2

MUST BUY!!!I love this game it is amazing :) I have played on it for years and not got bored! The only thing is though you cannot name your babies and it would be better if you could buy more stuff from the shop and maybe go out somewhere too instead of being stuck inside but this game is awesome ;).Version: 1.1.2

Virtual familiesHave really enjoyed playing this game. I have achieved all the trophies. But this game needs more features. Please upgrade it soon with new items to buy & more trophies to fulfill. Thx Lori.Version: 1.1.2

Love this game however....It’s been a few years since an update can we have one with easier ways to make more money and instead on dropping the person on what they have to do when you drag and drop them you can click an option , also when you complete a trophy possibly you could get a reward like an item or money. Anything else you can think of just to keep the game exciting for existing users ,Thank you x.Version: 1.2.2

Awesome App!!!!Great app but it would be better if you could divorce, get pets, pick a house, and go into town.Version: 1.1.2

Crashes T^TWhen I updated my virtual families I was about to play but... When I clicked onto the app it turns black and returns to my iPods main screen? I really hope it can be fixed >.<.Version: 1.1.2

Dear KaustinhansonOk So You Have to go to the shed if it's not unlocked yet drag your person to the sandbox and it will say "Fixing shed door" Then drag your person to the mat in the front door and it will say "Unlocking Shed Door" then Drag your person to the shed after unlocking it and it will say "Putting out Oven" the house you have to buy the waterproof tape and place it near the hose and then drag a person to take a shower then drag another person the the tape and it will say something like "Repairing Hose" Next the bird bath you have to buy the fountain pump then place it near the fountain and get 2 people at least ages 14 and up and drag them to the fountain and it will say something like "lifting fountain" Wel Thats All Goodluck -Valerie 😊✌ 💜💙💚💛❤💘.Version: 1.1.2

Help!!!!!!I love this game but how long does it take to go thru college and how do you get back to them after college??? Help!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Very good<3If you love family atmostphere then this is the app for you! Would give this app 5 stars and promote it if you use these ideas and others: a pool table, other flat screen plasma tv's, a bigger office area, more modern kitchen, bookcase, gardening patch and choose a modern sofa. All in all this is a good buy. Just upgrade on those ideas and others and this will be a good buy! :D.Version: 1.1.2

GREAT!Hi guys, really great game. But some of the graphics are a bit wierd. Can you also let us zoom in? Oh and some of the names are a bit wierd. But it is still a fantastic game. i think that we should be able to go places and choose babys gender/name. .Version: 1.1.2

ShedIf you need to put out a oven fire, go to the top left hand corner of the sand pit( this is the door know). When your person has put the doorknob on, you will see that the door is locked. To open this, drag your person to the 'welcome' door mat. Underneath you will find the key. In the shed there is a watering can and some fire extinguishers. If you praise someone for watering the plants you will have achieved an award. There should really be more items in the shed. And: •Kids should come back from collage..Version: 1.1.2

UpdatesI really think u should be able to make a scrape book of each generations. So when u r like on ur 6th gen. u can see special moments from ur first. The parents should teach their kids right from wrong and the children should get punishments. Their faces should change from baby to adult. They should have like a huge city so that the kids can go to school and the parents can shop for a variety of thing. They should hav a old age home for when all the kids go off to college, the parents can move their and u can still tak care if them. Put hi in ur title to comment on these updates, if they should be real or fake.Version: 1.1.2

Good gameThis is a really good game the only thing is, my person is 41 years old and has never gotten a matchmaker email ive this family for 8 generations, i almost have all the trophies but i REALLY dont want to have to start again.Version: 1.1.2

Amazing!This app is brilliant! So much better with the paid version. I would definitely recommend this to everyone! Very fun game. Just a bit if a problem-does anyone know how to sort out the water pressure&to put out an oven fire? Thanks..Version: 1.1.2

Please update!This is a great game and reall good fun but needs some updates such as for the mother to put down a baby quicker and for the house upgrades to be cheaper and money easier to earn. Also can you keep the people who started the family alive longer coz there's only one generation alive at a time and it would be cool if he grandparents and aunties and uncles and cousins an stuff could visit. Otherwise I would definetly reccomend.......Version: 1.1.2

Wall repairs and having twins/triplets!I love this game and have nearly completed all of the trophies...however I'm stuck on making my people stay long enough to fix the Walls with the wall repair compound! They get bored halfway through & wonder off..can anyone help??! Also I can't seem to have twins or triplets?? Do I need to do something to make them have multiple babies??!! THANKS :).Version: 1.1.2

Virtual famBrilliant game. Needs updating though desperately. It's kinda hard to get the collections. The new ones take ages to pop up it's always the ones I have. It needs some new challenges though gets kinda boring when there is nothing to do. Pls update quickly..Version: 1.1.2

FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!!This game is so so so so so so FUN!!!!! GOOGLE AMOUNT OF STARS!!!! Ok. If you play it a lot it does get kind of boring. I played it a lot and I got really bored, so I thought to myself, "why don't I try not playing it as much?" And it worked!! Everyday after school I look at it, find all the kids (or parents), have the parents "try to make a baby" (lol) n if it doesn't fail, I GET HAPPY!!! Er.... Happier. Lol xD I check the emails, Have one of the parents (or kid that's old enough) make a meal. It is so fun!! And then later on... I check it again!! :D Anywho, What is the paint in the store for? Lol can you ppl (people) see I like to talk? Lol xD ANYWAYS!! Seriously, what is it for? If someone cud (could) help me that'd be great! I Tried putting it on the hose, sink (lol idk why I did that) (idk means I don't know) xD and on the work houses wall when it was raining and it isn't working so, if you cud help that'd be great! Thanks!!! :D And I know there's ppl out there who r (are) who r thinking to themselves, I KNOW WHAT R AND PPL AND CUD MEAN!!!! IM NOT STUPID!! Lol xD K. Imma leave now. Lol. Ma arms hurt lol oh well. K. BYEEEEEZ!!! P.S Peeta from the hunger games is SOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D.Version: 1.1.2

Love it but...I totally  this game! It's so  but theres nothing to buy when you have heaps of money...& how do we catch bugs????.Version: 1.1.2

Great game - some update ideasI love this game, I'm still addicted to it and I've had it for months but I'm afraid that after a while I will get too bored and will have wasted my money. Here are just a few suggestions to help improve the game: -Your family could have visitors come round. -Your family could actually meet the neighbour that is sending the emails. -The children could go to school in the day time. - Add some more random events such as adopting a child or the boxes arriving at your door. -Add some more collectible items and trophies. I hope these ideas help improve the game, but otherwise I love this game!!!.Version: 1.1.2

AmazingI absolutely love this game!!!! It's spoo addictive and it was really funny cuz my teacher at school was telling me to put my iPod away but I was like"Noooooo....!!! I'm trying to make a baby!!!" It was really funny!!! I love it and so does my BFF! It's all we ever go on!!! Haha x but the only bad thing is that we can't name the kids and people and that after you have upgraded everything you can't do anything after that! Xxxxx yay!!! ;) ,.Version: 1.1.2

I  VF!I think it's awesome! Although getting divorces would be good. Cause I'm on my 4th gen and don't wanna start again...! But other then that, I LUV IT!.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome game!Best game ever but divorces should be aloud and how so u fix the water fountain I have the pump but I don't no how to fix it still.Version: 1.1.2

So fun! But...This game is so fun and pretty much a genius idea but it seriously needs an update. Please consider all these great ideas people are giving you, like naming the kids. Also more interaction between parents and kids. It would be a cool thing to have the two adults interact too other than just embracing and making babies. On that note, i would love it if we could buy house extensions and have as many kids as we want, not only 6. A pill that guarantees multiples can be a good addition too bc sometimes my ppl need a baby boost for one kid or they cant have kids at all. I love the fact that this game does not need wifi, PLEASE don't change that. Thanks for your consideration :).Version: 1.1.2

Great game!!!!I absolutely love this game! It is very addictive, although I think that it would be a good idea if once the children have gone to college they could come back to visit. Also, it would be good if the children went to school for a bit each day. Other than that 5/5 game!!.Version: 1.1.2

Fantastic Game!!!!This game is very good and just like the sims. It is like a little family of your own!!! Although I don't know how to get them better again when they are extremely week!!! Please give me some tips on that, thanks xoxo.Version: 1.1.2

Nice but....A nice game but it will b better if we could have more than two generations living together. When the children grow up, we can only choose one of them and kind of start from the beginning. Hope we could have more generations and then built the house bigger and bigger. Really want to have tones of people living together..Version: 1.1.2

The best gameThis game is amazing! I would deffo buy it rather than getting the free version and definitely better than the sims games for iPhones/iPods because on this you can have children and generations :D.Version: 1.1.2

AwesomeThis is an awesome game get it! I love it. But I have soooo much money and have bought all the things. It definitely needs an update. Thanks for reading! :) by the way, last day of work your games are awesome!! And update this one if you can, as well😊.Version: 1.1.2

Good but....This app needs more customization!!! I thought it would be more like the sims with building the house picking the lot moving furniture and it needs more interaction with out side your house like leaving for a job (like the sims) or kids going to school. And the makers definitely need to fix the game to where it knows the date by its own not by our set date.... And really people if your going to change the date move it up about 2-3 days = marriage proposal. (if age) 3-4 months = a job promotion or two 1-2 years = plenty of cash and one more thing. I tried sliding down where the soposed red ball is but no red ball has yet to appear.Version: 1.1.2

I Have A ProblemI don't know what to do when one of the people say that they feel a bit weak plz HELP if you know Thank You.Version: 1.1.2

Addictive! Update?!?!?I love love love this game. I've had it for years and am determined to complete it! I've gotten so close before and this time I'm going to do it haha. Would be nice to have a new update though maybe add new goals or items? As it's been the same for years now and it's brill!.Version: 1.1.2

GoodIt is good but It gets a bit boring I wish you could move to different houses and let family member live longer because the kids can't see their grandparents so it needs a HUGE update or I won't play it any more!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Best game ever!!!!Ok so for everyone who says we should be able to go into the town, YOU CAN!!! If u get all the trophies! And we should be able to date and divorce..Version: 1.1.2

Kattie123456I really like this game but I wish you could make the people walk faster..Version: 1.1.2

OkGames ok i suppose, done the fixing of the wall and the shed key how easy! Now on my 2nd generation with my son from 1st gen, only problem is his single got offered 2 diffrent wifes but turned them down, now havent been offered another one for about a week now my persons depressed so think im gonna have to start over again!!! Updates needing please!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

SuggestionsIt would be great if you could: 1) take the family on a spaceship and travel the galaxy 2) allow them to go through military training and fight in wars 3) fight zombies and save the world from annihilation 4) race cars in the Indy 500 5) build their own helicopter and help the police fight crime from the air 6) make them a basketball team and play against NBA players 7) teleport them to Skyrim so they could slay dragons 8) give them swords so they could practice fencing 9) allow them to become jewel thieves and steal precious gems 10) have the parents become superheroes so they can fly 11) instead of just the one house have them live in hundreds of places all around the world 12) the entire family should obviously be secret service agents and protect the president 13) have Wolfgang Puck become their personal chef and cook all the meals while he's dressed like Big Bird 14) make them cannibals 15) the money that is earned actually results in a personal check sent to our home address 16) have them magically turn each bag of garbage into a lepracaun who gives them 10,000 wishes 17) at least one child should be born with antlers 18) allow them to be contestants on a wacky Japanese game show 19) have the pets turn into gorillas who drive them in golf carts to visit Narnia 20) all children under 5 should turn into werewolves every two days and eat one of the older kids.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual FamiliesI love this game! but I wish that you could play with your pets.Version: 1.1.2

LITTLE RED BALL: To get the little red ball, you go as far as you can to the top left corner near the shed And make sure you have room in your tool tray, And tap. Keep tapping that spot until something small And red comes out. OPENING THE SHED: to open the shed, go to the sandbox you will see a small golden ball drag your person to it And they Will go to put the knob on the shed. After that drag your person to the mat at the door that says welcome which has the key under it then the shed Will open. OVEN FIRE: to fix an oven fire, go to the shed And NeXT to Green watering cans There are RED things drag your person on them And they Will put out the fire. P.S: if you want to know what the wall compound is for look at the outside walls of the work shop neer the path..Version: 1.1.2

Good but confusingThis game is awesome but will someone Plz tell me how to fix the walls floors and bird bath!!!!! Plz I'm desperate and will someone make a complaint to the game and say tht u should b able to name ur own ppl because I had a child called Bin and a mum called Zebra!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome!!This game is Awesome!!! Definitely worth the money!! I just have a couple tiny issues with the naming process… I have three kids and two of them are named the same name. There aren't enough plates of a family of 5 or more people and there aren't enough stools for 6 or more people. If you would fix this this would be the best game ever..Version: 1.1.2

U guysJust to tell u it is not there fault it freezes it's kinda ur iPod or iPad and they don't read THEASE so if u wanna contact them get there number or email address and give a compleat and if u want go on the dum computer and go on there website then everything will be better so stop being that way and get off ur lazy but and go to the computer or phone ok got it great.Version: 1.1.2

I wishI wish there was no time limit between having children and no limit to how many you can have . I also wish when you made them pick up something you could carry them to where it needs to be put down !.Version: 1.1.2

AWEsoMeThis has to be one of the best games around, its so addictive, the only problem is that it takes sooooo long to get money :).Version: 1.1.2

Beat game EVER!!!!!I loooove it! So much better than the lite version. You should totally get it  but it does have some weird things. Like right now my family has five kids, and two if them are named Rio. Why would two kids have the same name? Also I bought some perfume in the store and tried to give it to one of the 17 year old girls and she got mad and started running away. Why??? Also to the guy below me: get money by making the adults do their jobs. Also keep your yard clean. There's tons of ways to earn money. You recieve prize money in the mail sometimes and people can give some to you, like for birthdays and stuff. Also here's a big secret: if you change the time on your iPod or iPhone, your virtual family time will change too. So if you set it to a few hours later or longer, you can go back with lots more money. But it can make them sick sometimes and run out of food too, cus you don't visit them for awhile. Cus you changed the time. So I don't do that anymore since it has flaws, but it can definately get you thousands of dollars..Version: 1.1.2

U should add some stuff to this awesome gameU should add a phone to the game so u could through party's invite people over have neighbors that u create have different villages with homes u buy to move into and to start a family u guys should also let us creat r people and there looks u guys should have cars to buy so the people could go into town and 4 the phone again u guys should have adoption things so u could call to have a adopted kid and call for exterminators and buy clothes out at the stores that a taxi or u and ur car could drive to and u could have a cemetery of all the people that have passed in the game so then the cemetery would come alive at night were the ghosts would come out and do things in the cemetery and u should have aliens and vampires and the aliens could capture the people and obduct them in there UFO and u could have alien baby's that just show up and u could buy and sell and move into houses I hope u take all my ideas and update this game so that it has these changes and every1 would want this game to we're they would buy it and u would make a lot of money so thx 4 reading my ideas 4 this game 😃😃😃.Version: 1.1.2

AwsomeThis Is an awsome game but I think that you should be able to move to another house! And redo your rooms or add more rooms you should also have a car where they could go to the mcdonalds drive thru or you could say go shopping and you see them at the grocery store buying stuff also there should be a pet shop! Just ideas though. And I think that you can have any amount of kids like if one goes off to collage they can come back and visit every one in a while or granparents can visit and there should be holidays like on Christmas you see them set up the tree then get there presents or on holoween you see the kids going around they neighbor hood getting candy and the kids should be able to go to other peoples houses or there friends from school come to their house! I'm just listing all the ideas I just thought of so ... Yeah this game is so epic but I was just stating my ideas!.Version: 1.1.2

GREATLiked it more before the update tho And would be 5 stars if I could listen to iPod music @ the same time :).Version: 1.1.2

Update pleaseI love this game but I have all the household and career room updates and all I spend money on now is food basically. Why are these people such shut ins? Let them leave or have people over. they should be able to visit with people in the family tree. They have so many aunts and uncles and cousins... Why not let them hang out? There should also be an upgrade for the kids room and maybe add some extra rooms in the house and upgrades for that. Please update this app because I love it but it's getting boring. Also, there should be a variety of the way the pets look. Why not have an orange cat? Or a fluffy cat? Or a kitten and let the kitten grow. Why don't they ever feed the pets or play with them or even get excited they got a pet?.Version: 1.1.2

GoodThe game is good but freezes sometimes,,,,also how do you open the shed ---I got down to the 7th generation and then it needed up dating and I had to start again witch was frustrating a little---to answer a question someone's put.... to make a baby drag the person on the other one an it will say embracing,,well keep doing that until it says trying to make a baby.Version: 1.1.2

Update!!!:)Love this game it is brilliant definitely worth buying but the only problem is that it really needs an update! We should be able to go to the shops to buy new clothes and shoes and go to the park and neighbours houses I would definitely give that 5 stars then !:).Version: 1.1.2

Best app ever... But.....I love love love this app! It's soooooo addicting and the little people are so cute, but I don't like the new night time thing. It makes it really hard to see and you have to turn up the brightness and that wastes your battery. That aside an all round fantastic app! .Version: 1.1.2

Love thisI love this game and have so many generations now, would love an update and to be able to upgrade the bedrooms and laundry. Would be great to have more things to buy, I have so much money in the bank but can't spend it as I have every single thing there is to buy! Please update 😊.Version: 1.1.2

Love it! 😍😘❤❤😃💘👍I love family games especially this one! I love the fact that you can grow a family in a amazing house with collectables, upgrades- rooms + furniture, children, story line, graphics and etc. I first got the lite version and I was so excited to see what the full version was like with more things so I ended up buying the full version and I definitely don't regret it!.Version: 1.1.2

Such a cool game!I was at the 14th generation with a lot Of money but there was one week i forgot to check my people which they all died so u had to start again :( lol worth DOWNLOADING!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Great game!I really love this game I've been through so many generations and I've been playing it for like a year! It's really good but here are some suggestions to make it even better: Be able to name the kids!!!! Kids actually got to school and adults actually go to work Have friends over for dinner and stuff Easier to have twins and triplets Have more than one pet More house upgrades! Also the varied items but of the store has frozen; there's only two items there which are clothes please help Also how do you fix the bird bath???? Thanks!.Version: 1.1.2

Love it but some SuggestionsI love everything about the game. Adding the night and day thing really was a good thing! I think you should do the following things to improve this game. 1. You should be able to change the names. That would be really nice because some of the names are stupid like "Purple". Who name there child a color. 2. You should be able to change clothes. Instead of buying just 1 outfit to were, once you buy a outfit you can switch between outfits instead if buying 1 because everyone doesn't get a lot of money all the time. Especially if they have 6 kids. 3. The people shouldn't always die at 65. It always a bummer when both of the parents die at the same time. That hardly ever happens in real life. Sometimes they should die later or earlier to like sicknesses like cancer heart problems. This will make the game seem mor realistic. 4. The family should be able to have parties. So when the child or adult birthday comes their friends can come over and give that person money. 5. You should have a furniture store. Instead off just a new flat screen and mp3 why not buy a new couch or something. 6. Instead off the adult having the baby right away. Why don't you make her have to wait to have a baby. Like if the do conceive a child then she has to bare the child before she gives birth. It will make this game seem more realistic. Well that's all I got. I hope you take my ideas into consideration..Version: 1.1.2

How to fix the workroom wallsGreat game really addictive! To fix the workroom walls you need to buy the workroom wall repair kit put it by the bucket and hose and drag a person to it. The person should start fixing them by itself. Ever so often they get bored and walk away so drag them back until the paint pot disappears!.Version: 1.1.2

I love this game but.....I love this game but could you please update it so you can have more kids. You could put another bed in the store so you can chose to have more kids. Also you could make it so you need to clean the pool with a pool kit from the store or else it turns green. Also i agree with the other reviews about expanding the home. It is kinda small. Add another room. Maybe even if when you press new generation and a parent is still alive the parent can live with the kid and do grandparent stuff with the grandkids. I WANT MORE KIDS THOUGH!!!!!! You should also let us change the people's hair just like how you can change their clothes..Version: 1.1.2

MoreeeeeeNeed to be able to buy more things and earn more money plus more task and would be great if you could upgrade house like be able to buy a different house once you've done all tasks because it gets boring thanks.Version: 1.1.2

Help for you people!Heyyy! I'm a random person who has been playing VF for 2 years! So lots of you peeps want triplets and twins right? Well, the game gives them out randomly depending on how much money you have! The more money you have, the less chance you'll have either one of them. The less money you have (around $300 or $500) the higher your chances are. I suggest that you just wait for twins and triplets while having a lot of money so then you can buy them more food and other items! Okay peeps! Your Welcome! I hope this helped! :) ENJOY VIRTUAL FAMILIES! *Hint: If your new, Don't go buying a bunch of stuff or else you will eventually have no more money! :( I know you can buy A LOT more stuff than the lite version but you're better off NOT spending all of your money! [>.<].Version: 1.1.2

ProblemsThis game is one of the best I have ever bought but I have a couple of problems. If you know the answer just write back in a review addressing it to me. I have bought the pump for the bird bath but when I go to fix it it says it to heavy? I have bought the tape to fix the hose but when I go to fix it it says water pressure to high? When I go to the door mat it says there's a key there but it won't tell me what it's for IF YOU GUYS COULD HELP THIS APP WOULD BE THE BEST ONE EVER.Version: 1.1.2

Walls?Love the game really good, just wondering though, how do you repair the walls? I keep trying to repair the workroom walls but it just keeps saying that you can't use that here! Please help! Oh, and by the way, since the update, it's been really hard to have children! I got onto my 12th generation but then they all died without any children! Now I have to start all over again. :(.Version: 1.1.2

4 1/2 starsThis game rocks! It pays 2 get the full version though .Whenever I try 2 fix the hose it always says water pressure 2 high, please help!!! This game is so much ffffffffuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

How to playThis game is cool I read some requests and to unlock the shed, drag your person in the sandpit and it should say opening shed. Then drag your person on the doormat and it should unlock the shed. When your oven is on fire, go in the shed and it will say putting oven fire out! Easy! I dont know how to get floor repair! HELPS.Version: 1.1.2

I love my families...It seems weird that one could grow attached to people, much less virtual people, so quickly. But I can honestly say that in the few days I have each generation, I grow fond of my families. I miss my first couple generations-they were my favorites. (I'm on my 8th generation.) I have most of my trophies (about 70 or so of 100) and the rest will take some time to get. It's not even the goals anymore. It's to see my little friends through the screen. :-) I genuinely enjoy this game. I recommend it to anyone who likes long term commitment games, but can't be on the game all day. (You only have to check on your little friends a couple times a day or so.).Version: 1.1.2

Fantastic!The game keeps you occupied when you'd like to be, but can occupy itself when you're busy; the game doesn't stop when you're not playing. A few actions take a little while to figure out, which makes it more rewarding when you succeed and receive a trophy. :).Version: 1.1.2

Love it !Love this app! I'm addicted to it, I play on my iPod and would love the opportunity to change the names of people :) so please include name changing for iPod in next update.. Other than that, I absolutely LOVE it.Version: 1.1.2

AwesomeI have been playing this game for a year already and no way I am deleting it! I just wish some things about it though....... It's still good though!💘.Version: 1.1.2

Great gameIts additive and fun but it take a long time to wait to eat the dinner or work which makes it a bit boring so i think there should be a speed up button other than that very addictive and great game i recommend it :).Version: 1.1.2

OrphanYou should be able to adopt kids but it would be expensive.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual families us the best game ever!!!I  virtual families it is so addicting once you start you cant stop playing it!!! It gives you the experience of real life cleaning the house getting married having a baby decorating house shopping.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome!!!!!I made it to the 14th generation but I accidentally deleted it!!!! really fun game, but weird how the baby pops out of nowhere.Version: 1.1.1

Great, but...Great game, but... It can get sort of boring, plus they sleep to long. :( What if you wanna play at night?? Plus, Trying for babies shouldnt fail so much and you shouldnt have to wait to try again. Also, the people look crazy and their names are like-wise. You should be able to customize your people. I could go on and on, or i could just say, it needs an upgrade. BADLY. Otherwise, its a fantastic game and i love it, it just needs more options.. That's all..Version: 1.1.2

AnnoyingIt's annoying when they do the same thing over and over the kids keep drinking and I'm like Grrr do something else !! And the varied items take forever to refill but pretty addictive lol can you please fix the problem of goung off the game and it restarts? It's annoying as. Bye :).Version: 0

RestartingI love this game but it keeps freezing. This I can live with, but the restarting is driving me crazy. At one stage I had 98 trophies and then lost the game. Not happy! I started a new game & again it has wiped the game when I had 90 trophies. It's taken me months to get to this stage. I'll NEVER play again!!.Version: 1.1.2

Where's the update?!I've been playing this game -off and on- for five years and no updates have occurred since 2010 or 2011. Even though only paid a dollar, I would still like to see some type of progression for this app. It's a cool app. I enjoy viewing my generations of the past, but as of date that is all I play to do- building generations. I have like a gazillion dollars and not much to do with it. I can't buy a house, wardrobe, new appliances, I'll even buy some kids. What's the point of having as much money to cure world hunger , the national debt crisis, and cure diseases, if there nothing more to do with it than buy food, aspirin, or random items -such as tropical rain- at the store. Please provide us a nominal update to make this game more enjoyable for people like me, who have accomplished every goal. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.2

Ugh.....I officially hate this game. I was up to about 9 generations, had every update in the house and my current generation and family had 3 kids and I was looking forward to the baby growing up. The update erased everything!!!!! I started over with a new guy and the game erased again and my person was up to 5 levels in his career. Do better!!!!! >.< tsk tsk tsk. _________ update: I originally gave this app 2 stars but now I'll give it 4 stars. It's a good game and a great time waster. However, this game really need an update. Like mentioned, I would love if this game incorporated seasons in it and also gave you the ability to name your own kids. Most of those names are really weird..Version: 1.1.2

ReviewIt is a very good time consumer but the only downfall is that you cant name the children or the people you adopt and when you have bought all the updates and things you don't get any more. Other than that it is a very good game..Version: 1.1.2

Best game ever!!!!It great because you get to chose who you marry how many kids u have you can have a turtle dog or cat and try and make your people better and I love how you can adopted kids as well as your own but the problems are you can't go any where you can't choose your kids names and how every thing is sooo expensive and a a other good is that you kids go to collage and when the dad and mum you get to choose who you want to take over but when you choose the kid then they die with out any kids you have restart so you chose one of your kids before that 😃.Version: 1.1.2

MissI love this game, but it would be better if we could buy other household items such as sofas, chairs, tables, customise the bathroom and decorate all the rooms, we should also be able to name the children, please give us new things to do before we get so bored we delete it and find more fun things to do..Version: 1.1.2

Theee best!!!!!!So awesome. in your spare time you can go on and control a (virtual) family of your own!.Version: 1.1.2

TerrificccccccccccccccccI love this game but if your adopting you need to be able to go back just in case you miss the person you wanted and you need more rainbow haired people. But a GREAT GAME I LOVE IT..Version: 1.1.2

Please do this to virtual familiesThis is a great game but i think you should be able to customize your character like in sims and you should be able to meet the guy before you can get the email... Please Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make thes improvements Oh and you should be able to reject or accept jobs AND YOU SHould be able to go differant places in addetion to your house and yard. One of those places should be a childrens home were you can adopt kids. And you really shoul be able to have a pet rabbit and horse and be able to interact with your pets. And your virtual families should be able to have parties and go to other peoples houses and have other people come to their house. AND you should have a chance to become millionares and billionares and be able to add on to your house... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Don't use cheats unless you want your family to ageOk so I used the second cheat on the 30th review and I went back to 2000 in my date an time settings. Then I switched it back to 2016 and all of my family was sick and about twice the age they were before I used the cheat. Saphetta and Akolo were 40 when they had been 31 before. Sophiania was 6 and then out of nowhere she was 13! Balolo was 5 and then he was 12! And Bretta was a cute little two year old but after the switch she was 9! This DEFINITELY taught me that even in a game money isn't everything. Besides that I love the game and I am addicted to it. And so now I have Trishella who is 27 and nothing compared to Saphetta my first ever person on the full version. Ok so now it's been. Few days and I have grown to love Trishella, Cirrus, Nappa, Soonaina, Luciana, Adopted daughter Soony, Basilian, and Boots. Can't wait to choose my next generation!.Version: 1.1.2

UpdatesGreat game but needs updates such as: Maybe go into neighberhood meet friends go to school, more pets 4 limit, more trophies, more things to buy, name people and invite friend over just ideas 10/10 still so fun.Version: 1.1.2

Best game everI've never got a game better than this it's so addictive me and my sister play it all the time and never get bored.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual FamiliesGreat game but my store inventory NEVER changes!!! I've had the same for 4 generations now... Please fix this thank you!!.Version: 1.1.2

Great gameOMG This game is the bomb except -it takes 2 long to have another kid -the mom can't work while holding a child -it gets repetitive Ps to open the shed place a person on an item in the sandbox they will place the lock on the shed then place them on the welcome mat and they will unlock the door - hope this was useful.Version: 1.1.2

Be a millionaire!!!!!!!!Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is adicting!!!!!!! Everyone HAS to try this if you have this game: go to settings, general, time and date. Then, set the date back as far as it will go. A little bit later, ( it doesn't really matter how long), set it back. You will become like a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really works!!!!! After I did it twice, I bought everything in the store except the medicine and I bought all of the groceries like 5 times and I still have over 800 million dollars!!!!! This app also needs an update but for now 1,000,000,001star rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING: when you turn the date forward beware that your people WILL get older!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps. When you go to settings, it's the APP settings that comes with the iPod the settings are NOT in the game. 2.ANSWERS If your people are depressed, give them candy, fruit, and house improvements. Also, if you need more help, read some of the other reviews. That's where I got all of my information:D.Version: 1.1.2

Great, but needs new stuff to do!This is a GREAT app! I love playing it! But it really needs new stuff to do! I get bored doing the same thing over and over. There hasn't been an update in FOREVER! I would LOVE to see new updates every now and then! I wish I could play online with friends (and maybe go to their houses), but I think playing online should be an option. It would be just AWESOME if you could go out in the town to a park with your virtual family or something like that!!!!! And maybe we could meet new virtual families there!! I love this app and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, but I think for the price of it, it should have more features!! PLEASEEE fix it and make more things available, and I will GLADLY rate it 5 stars! :))).Version: 1.1.2

Worth it!Virtual Families is a fun game and just as good as VV. Perhaps some more house upgrades would be good though? Great game though - definitely worth it!.Version: 1.1.1

Great appHeyy great app guys really like it, but I'm having trouble getting them to have a baby, could you possibly make it so as soon as you drop one person on another, they can have a baby please? it's really bugging me now cos my family can't expand :-(.Version: 1.1.2

AwesomeIt would be cool if the people had birthdays. So u know when u have to move on to the next generation and choose one of the kids, it would be cool if the person u choose could visit his or her siblings or be able to interact with them so they also can have children. And it would be cool if the parents wouldn't die untill they r like really old so the kids hav grandparents that would give them money and toys and stuff. And this is my review 😃.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome game! Likes and dislikesLikes - kids look like parents - house is already complete Dislikes - you can only have babies if both parents want it - on my last game, i lost all of my money, due to an event..Version: 1.2.2

Brill!My only qualm is that the names are really WEIRD! I think we should be able to name the people ourselves like in the sims and be able to get them out of the house.. Shops, jobs etc... :-) otherwise... Keep bringing the updates please!! :-).Version: 1.1.2

Love it❤❤❤❤I this game is AWSOME and I mean it but I have bought all the home improvements and the career room updates and I have way over $1036342 and I'm almost finished the trophies. Almost all my babies are boys and the ugliest kids get the most money. And in the varied items it won't restock and all that's there is the clothes and I need to fix my floor but I can't. I would recommend this game it's GREAT.Version: 1.1.2

Cool funGame is really fun but one thing I don't like is that in the store everything is so expensive e.g in my game the bathroom sink was leaking and it cost $1200 to get a repair kit and I don't have that much. But the game is very fun it is so addictive.Version: 1.1.2

Oven fireTo put out an oven fire you must first open the shed. At the to left corner of the sand pit there is a door handle. Drop you little person on it and it will say - fixing shed door- in the action bar. After he/she has put it on the shed door drag them to the welcome mat and it will say - unlocking shed - or something like that. After shed is unlocked (you will get a trophy ) drag the little person to the oven so that the action bar says - There is an oven fire! - and then drag them to the red things in the shed. That should be it out. Phew!.Version: 1.1.2

QuestionI have a question so I've been playin this game for a long time and I still don't know how to get rid of fire from your oven 😭😥😓😒👊💢 someone please help 🙏🙏🙏.Version: 1.1.2

I love thisI love this game as I had the free version for so long and I decided to buy the full version very recently and I think its alot better as you can have pets and theres different things in the shops! I would like to be able to add friends and go to each others houses :D.Version: 1.1.2

AmazingThis game is amazing and fun to play. If you like to play games like it then this game is perfect for you. Some people say it's hard to have baby's but I found it easy, the first time I try they had no luck but the second time they had 1 👶, then a bit later on I try again and they got triplets 👶👶👶. Just make sure you people want to have child it will work easier. It's a must get game 👌.Version: 1.1.2

It's awesomeI think this game is awesome. I've been playing it for awhile now, and really enjoy it !!! I think the only thing it needs working on is the pictures. They would be better if it was like V.F.2 but, it's still an awesome game and I would play it for ever !!! And that's a promise ;).Version: 1.1.2

AMAZINGOMG if you havent downloaded it then do. Youll be addicted to it by the first second you got on it. The only bad thing is that we cant name the people and they have weird names like logica. No offense anyone who has thaat name in real:/ . I really love his game and i almost got grounded for playing it to much. my mum and das were like you need to come of now. And i was like NEVER. Then they said i would be grounded ao i came off:) . Anyway just get this game!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

GreatIt is great but could u add some things like new pets, more items and collectables. I fixed everything like the birdbath, shed, hose, floor and wall. I also bought everything so add maybe friends changeable name and different items That's all thanks.Version: 1.1.2

AwesomeIt's the best game every but you should be aloud to walk in another eras then the house and should be also be aloud to have more children and be able to choose what the names should be and what they look like.Version: 1.1.2

LoveitLoveitLoveitI'm now on my 13th or 14th generation (not quite sure, but oh well). I love the quirky names, such as: Zebra Ice Zip :) It's so funny laughing at my new baby's name:') I don't think I'll ever stop playing the game, I am addicted and I can only think of a few suggestions to improve it: -be able to have more than 1 pet please!! And also to be able to interact with the pets, too! -Perhaps the occasional email (or even visit!?) from siblings... It would be nice to know what happens to them once you've chosen your adoptee:D -Kids going to school. We don't even have to be able to see then at school, they just kinda disappear from 9-3 every day. That's all, overall this is an excellent game, and I reccomend it to anyone! (particuarly if you like the sims..)..Version: 1.1.2

Awesome!!!I luv it!! Here r some tips: 1. To fix the hose you put waterproof tape beside it, make someone have a shower and put a different person on the hose. 2. To repair the wall u need to fix the hose first. Then u put the wall repair stuff beside the hose and bucket near the sandbox. Just put the ppl on it and they will fix the wall (over time).Version: 1.1.2

Good game but...I really like this game and it's a lot of fun but the items in the store havent changed for days now. Is this some sort of glitch on my part and if so how can I fix it without resetting my game?.Version: 1.1.2

ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGThis is my favourite game!! it is so worth getting! i think its better then the 2nd VF cause things r cheaper so u dont hav to wait ages to get money to buy all the house upgrades like u do in VF2! u get really attached to ur family, and its really fun getting them all the requirements they need to stay healthy etc.... I love that sort of game! for those who love the sims, this is an easier version! people who say the graphics aren't great, i think they r fine! just a few things that i think u could improve, and please read them and maybe put them in an update?!: • the ability to zoom in - sometimes is hard to click what ur wanting! • a different variety of emails/events cause i get the same ones repeated a few times! • maybe in later upgrades, having a town - with maybe a park and a school for kids and a restaurant and other things u can interact with • visit other houses and families - like u can connect in the same wifi and visit another house/family and interact with them, like hav a meal and the kids can play! So everyone who has read this, i reaaaallly recommend u getting this game!!!! x.Version: 1.1.2

Love itLove the game but I could really do with a update ! The game is just brilliant keeps me going in long journeys but I was so excited when I so an update but night and day a bit boring I think we should be able to have more kids and buy new stuff ! Ohh and do I get triplets ? X.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual FamiliesGreat game... But maybe, like in the Virtual Villagers saga, you could make a different game, like Virtual Families 2. I'm saying this because there are so many more things you could add to make it more realistic. Older generations (As in, remaining family from one or two generations ago) could come to visit, furniture could be added in the house, children could go to work, parents could get the opportunity to choose their job, as well as work outside of one as well as at home, families could get cars, pets could die, etc. For future updates, though, I would recommend things like more house events, more possible emails, more careers, and more interactions with family members. Keep the updates coming- what a great game! :).Version: 1.1.2

Great🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟This is one of the best games on the app store but when there is an oven fire I can't open the shed to get the fire extinguisher what do I do❔And they should let you pick if u want your baby to be a 🚹 or a 🚺..Version: 1.1.2

AmazingA excellent game to play. You understand what's happening and what is going to happen to you in ur future. When my ppl r barbecuing I can smell the delicious smell from the game to me!!'nnn.Version: 1.1.2

How to do thingsHave twins or triplets: start to use the phrasing glove on the parents before they try to have kids, once you get them to try to make kids, use the praising glove multiple times. Once they are in the bedroom give them there privacy and make sure that you can’t see them. ( this will only work if you have 3- kids if you want triplets) How to cure hiccups: most of you probably know this but I will say just in case. First, you bring the person who has hiccups to the sink (kitchen or bathroom) make sure that it says that they are getting a drink of water. While they are doing that, refresh you screen and they should not have hiccups anymore. How to fix floors: if you go to your shop regularly, then at some point, there should be a toolbox. What you need to do is buy it and once it is in your toolbar, you tap it and give it to a person in the game. Thank you everyone I hope this helps! I am extremely sorry if any of these don’t work but for the past 8 generations ( the whole time I have been playing) they have worked for me!.Version: 1.2.2

When do the kids get back?I really do love this game but I had 4 kids and none of them have gotten back from university yet :( Its sort of boring with only the parents..... And a cat. The only thing better is if the kids could get home faster. Love the game though.Version: 1.1.2

Love this gameThis game is the best i have had twins and triplets on it! But wished you could go to the town or take the kids to school,visit friends, get more kids if one of them dies and you had got six kids already! BUT THIS IS AWSOME (please improve though!) :-) thanks....Version: 1.1.2

PerfectI haven’t played this in years, I forgot how cute and detailed it was. Thank you for keeping it updated, i’m so happy to play it again. This is definitely my favorite LDW game..Version: 1.2.2

I <3 this appAll I can say is I love it. This app is really cool it's like you have a family in your phone. Lol.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome GameGreat game. I love the update of it becoming dark like its night time. But like I said before its a great game. I recommend you buy it. You won't be disappointed..Version: 1.1.2

How do you fix the showerFun game but when it comes to fixing stuff like leaks it wont do it and i dont remember how to.Version: 1.1.2

Good jobI really like this game but I think you should update it like you can have as many games as you want and have some better names and connect to other virtual families that are close by other than that love it!!! :) :).Version: 1.1.2

😃😃😃😃I reallyy really love this gane 😊 but my store wont update , I bought all the things from the store and now it's just the 2 clothings and has been for about 3 days 😔 it's a shame cause I reallly love this game, Pweasw fix 😣 ( btw buy full version-well worth it! ) 😜.Version: 1.1.2

Spoiler Alert!Help!!!!! How do you have twins or triplets?!?!?!?! Also, my shower is clogged, how do I fix it?!?!?!?! Plz help! Besides that, it is an amazing app and u should get the lite version first to see how you like it. I have a 27 year old adoptee, a 27 year old adoptee's husband, a 2 year old son, and a newborn baby (gender unidentified) in the game and I've only had the full version for about 18 hours. This is an adventurous and exciting app like no other. I suggest you download this app right now!!!! Also, (at Beckov66) to fix your little problem with the groceries, drag them to the groceries and let go. If they start putting the groceries away, praise them and they will do it more often. Keep praising them and they will go put the groceries when you place it on the table. I hope I have helped you. I have heard that you can have twins and triplets by "trying to make a baby" when the sink is leaking, but I've also heard that to have twins or triplets, it takes luck. I hope I have helped anyone who has had a question about these things..Version: 1.1.2

Awesome!!! But...I love this game but the names are a little weird. Who would name their kid Bra, Tofu or Hobo?????.Version: 1.1.2

AwesomeAbsolutely love this game!!! Although on the iPod you can't rename your people, whereas on the computer you can, so please include renaming in the next update! Also there should be interaction with pets and the people should be able to chat to each other. Other than that, great game!.Version: 1.1.2

I can help you!If you need any help just write virtual families help! I will tell u a few tips and if doesnt answer ur questions u know what to do. If you have a leaky toilet drag the person on it and he/she will fix it. If you have a leaky bathroom sink and or kitchen sink take a person and drag him /her on that brownish reddish cabinet in the workshop. It will say fixing leaky sink. If you have a leaky kitchen sink too do the same thing again and it will work. Also sunny tells you how to stop the lint from burning and the oven fire!! ALSO!!!! aYou DO NOT get twins and triplets right away! I have 14 generations and I only had 2 twins no triplets yet! They are very rare, and personally I don't either of them because I like to have different kids..Version: 1.1.2

I Love This Game!!!I love this game but it would be great if you could answer the emails like after your kids go to college or when the parents send you an email themselves!! I would also like if the seasons changed like snow for the winter or leaves falling for autumn. I would also love if the rest of the children from the generation before would not just disappear after one of the parents die and you start your new generation, like the child you chose to stay in the family house if they could visit their brothers and sisters and let their own kids see their cousins!! And maybe have a car and let them leave the house because no one ALWAYS stays in the house their whole life. But either way I still love taking care of my family and watching the children grow up:).Version: 1.1.2

Great but needs upgrade!Really like this game and bought full version but badly in need of an upgrade! Also I am only on my 2nd gen but no marriage proposals are coming through, what do I do? Great game though!.Version: 1.1.2

A BugThis game has been really good. However, I have just started a second generation and the adult child in which I choose to take over is refusing to read any emails or go on the computer at all. Whenever I place her on the computer she shakes her head and keeps saying no. Please help it's getting kinda frustrating. Apart from that virtual families has been realy fun..Version: 1.1.2

FamilyLove this game do mich but after aomth or so it gets boring like the sims but love it it is awesome o recommend getting it.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual families helpI have some cheats for you here.... To open the shed you go to the sandpit (lower left of house) and there should be a little gold thing. Drop your person on it and it will walk over to the shed (top left of garden) once you have done this drop your person on the front door mat where it says welcome and it will open the shed door so now you can water your plants. You can only water your plants if you have repaired the hose. To do this the shop will sell tape. But beware the shop doesn't sell everything at every time of day. I find this game so addictive but you must come basically every day so you can check up on your people. Another tip is a beware tip... When your person is over 38 years old them and their partner can have no more children so make sure you have children before they get too old. To make your people have children drop one of your people on top of the other. It will take 3-4 hours to develop into a child who can walk around and is no longer in their mothers arms. If straight after a child is been taken out of their mothers arms you try to make your people have more children it will say "it is too soon to make another baby" so you will have to wait for a bit. Sometimes a child knocks at your door who has been orphaned and you can adopt them into your family. Please get this game it is so fun!!!.Version: 1.1.2

My opinionThis game is awesome! But wouldn't it be nice that when the parents die that we could start families with all the kids instead of picking one? By the way hihihi.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual familiesReally fun but my people r stuck on the age of 36 wiv 5 kids and a baby Please help!!! Really addictive and worth buying Worthy of 5 stars but once u hav bought everything from the house upgrade shop I think u should load more Plus it does get a tad boring after a while cause u hav done everything as are just repeating the same task over and over again!!.Version: 1.1.2

Fun but Needs More 😉I was playing and i had 27 generations! (i play alot) and Anyway they didnt have kids so i had to start over 😭 can u plz have it some kind of way where u can still continue ur game? Maybe doing the person u adopted's sibling. Nobody likes starting over..... And like every one else said, if u can, add more things to do (:swing sets, dates, vacations, divorces, real estate places, garden that WE use, more varied items, different events, etc.) if u did, i would NEVER delete this game. Basically like sims Ooooohhh what if we could watch LIVE tv shows when they watch TV? Or have amusement parks? Or cruises? Or jobs that pay good? My job said it paid $157 and it only added like $1. Can u do something about that?.Version: 1.1.2

Sweet!I love this game the only suggestions I have are that you could name your people, could choose how they look, or let them go into town to do more, like shopping, or mailing letters to others, ect. But one of the BEST games ever!.Version: 1.1.2

To Mj Dog.To put out the dryer and oven fires, drag your little person over to the shed. Then, if it says, "Sees fire extinguisher.", set your person down. They will do the rest. If you have NOT opened the shed, this is how to do it, bring your person over to the top corner of the sandbox. It will say, "Fixing shed door.". Then, drag your person over to the Welcome mat and it will say, "Unlocking shed door.". I do not know how to fix the walls, though. Also, the red ball DOES exist. Just take the screen all the way to where the shed is. Then, (above your tool bar) keep tapping in the top left hand corner. It takes awhile but it DOES WORK. IT IS NOT JUST IN THE COMPUTER GAME!Remember, if you need help, just say Richard Bowie in your title. Hope this helped! Bye. 🇷🇺.Version: 1.1.2

Love itThis game reminds me of when I was younger and played it on the computer. Also I wouldn't suggest any changes because then it wouldn't be anything like the original game. Also the people down there are giving false hints because my 44 year old couple just had a baby. Don't make any changes this game is perfect <3.Version: 1.1.2

Great game...😳It's a good game. I go on it everyday, but it really needs and upgrade because it gets boring after a while and like some other people said you should be able to create your own person and you should be able to go out to town somewhere and actually go to school and there should be more house upgrades! (btw who names there kids geometry, bib and utopia❔) please take all of this to your concern.Version: 1.1.2

Charliebudgie!When you first start the game put the date on your iPod/iPhone back to about 2007. Get a family started then put the date forward to 2011 and Viola!! They have then earned enough money for top of the range rooms and all the other things you can buy. In terms of children growing up, once a baby is born go out of the game, put the clock on 4 hours and the child is then 2..Version: 1.1.2

How to fix thingsThis is a really good game and many people have been asking how to fix the leaky sink. It's really easy just drag an adult over into the work room and on the back wall the is something that looks like a tool chest and drag your person on it then it will say "fixing the leaky faucet" 'voila you sink is fixed If you want to fix the workrooms wall then you must first have the wall repair and the water proof tape. Place the items by each hose according to where the item is needed. Put and adult in the shower then put another adult by the top hose With the tape and the will be taping the faucet. Then both hoses will work and you can fix the wall it will take many layers like fixing the floors does. If you have and other questions please label it as ASK CALLIE and I will respond ASAP:) I have been playing for a while and know lots of tips and tricks.Version: 1.1.2

MarriageThere is a fault, when I am now at the 3rd generation and there are absolutely NO marriage requests coming in and she is moaning about being lonely! She is 39 now and it will be to late son to have children. Please fix this before people get annoyed and don't pay for this game. Thank you..Version: 1.1.2

Amazing!!This is a great game!! Except you should be able to, -Name your people -Have more than one pet -Be able to have a baby's room or crib, so the mother can set the baby down -Have to go to work and school -Your people shouldn't die so easily!!!! I live playing this game, these adjustments would make it fantastic!!!.Version: 1.1.2

🍓Summer Girl🍓Hi! First of all I am a virtual families addict! I can answer all questions so put 🍓Summer Girl🍓 help! In you title and I promise I will be able to help. 💑 To "make a baby" is simple. You take the male or female ( doesn't matter) and drop the on each other until they say " trying to make a baby". Usually after they do that they have a child but not always. Don't be discouraged. Your iPod game does not despise you, it just happens. They will usually say not feeling fresh after that. They are not able to " try to make a baby" until the kid they just had is at least 3 or 4. It just depends. Of you people say "not feeling up to it" when you try to make a child then they are either hungry and probably out of food or sick. That is just a sample. If you have any questions do what I said to do earlier. Thanks! Always Helpful, 🍓Summer Girl🍓.Version: 1.1.2

Answer to questionsTo fix any broken objects buy the tool box!!! DUH !!! You people need to actually look!!! Divorces are a stupid idea to have on a game, they are supposed to be in love with each other!!! You don't really need more kids because not a whole lot of people have more than 6 kids but it isn't that bad of an idea to have more kids. They don't need to go to school every day because it is virtual family not virtual school, it is just about family, not they're entire life! More to come! Ask more questions!!! But an awesome app!!! Five stars!!! Until next time, see ya!!! :) : ) :)!.Version: 1.1.2

Amazing!This game desperately needs a update! There hasn't been one with in a year! You should be able to take your kids out! Celebrate birthdays! Do events! Visit neighbours! Go shops! Name your children! This would of been a five star but since no update it doesn't deserve one! 👎.Version: 1.1.2

Great GameHowever I think a pause or stop time would be nice.. If I've gone away or forget to do it I can stop/pause it until I come back to it otherwise my little friends will be dead when I get back haha!.Version: 1.1.2

NUMBER 1 APP IN AMRICA!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE IT IT'S AWESOME AND NEVER GETS BORING.............. I know writing in caps is pointless but it's a great app there are no pop up adds no adds at all and to get kids all you need are to ppl who are in defiantly in. Wants kids and then take both in the bedroom and place the male adult an top of the female adult and they will have babies but not instantly and never visit them at night there is a time zone so when it is day in your tow it's day there when it's night it's night there so they need rest and that's all u need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF ANYONE NEEDS HELP JUST ENTER 💋👄 or kiss lips I'll get back to u in 1-2 days!!!! Good luck.Version: 1.1.2

Fun little app.Very fun. I suggest adding the ability to name your people, and maybe adding a town square as a destination to travel to. The music is very awesome! A pleasure to listen to during gameplay! Hats off to your sound crew!.Version: 1.1.2

Love it!I love this game but in the next update could u make them leave the house. like go to the city or something. please please read this!.Version: 1.1.2

Brilliant gameTo zola13, when you want to mend the bird bath, it needs 2 people, one to mend the hose and while doing that, the other person has to lower to water pressure. So stand 1 at the bird bath and another at the kitchen sink at the same time. Hope that helps.Version: 1.1.2

Giving helpTo open da shed u make ur person go to da little brownish dot in da sand box. Da person will put it on da shed. Den drag ur person to da welcome mat And da person will walk to da shed and unlock it. To fix da kitchen sink or da bathroom sink or unclog da shower u either drag ur person to da bucket in da laundry room or drag ur person to da work room and on da television looking thing. To put out a stove fire u hav to hav da shed open first (which I told u how to do earlier) drag ur person to da shed and to da fire distinguisher ( which is on da left) den ur person will put out da fire. To hav twins or triplets I heard dat wen da kitchen sink is leaking , dats da best time to try. Or give da baby shot to both of da parents I hope all of this helps. Otherwise I just waisted five minutes of typing and trying to remember about vf. Lol. Ps. Da game is awesome..Version: 1.1.2

Ok Another Review From Me.....Well i just want to say how confused I am now that's there is 4 children in the little family, they keep hiding the toys under there beds especially the oldest one. And..... The youngest one's action keeps on coming up jealous of new baby......What? THERE IS NO NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome!!!!This game is FAB!!!! I just need to say a few things... 1. How do u fix the holes in the floor? 2. I wish the kids grew up fast! Like if they were a baby for about an hour then they were about 2!!! 3. Everything is so expensive!!! 4. Love the odd names! 5. I would really like to be able to buy different stuff! More of a selection would be nice:) Thx and LUV the game!!! BTW has anyone even ever had more than one kid at a time???? It would be nice to have that happen more!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Pretty cool :)Awesome game so far but how do you change ur name??! Apparently you can on detail screen but it won't work! Would love the game a million times more.Version: 1.1.2

AnswersOk, so people have been saying that when one parent dies, they have to wait until the other dies. •If one parent dies, you can switch to a new generation at any time. Do this by selecting the "family" option at the bottom of the screen, and then click the "new generation" option at the top of the screen. Also (this isn't really an answer) but its my feed (kinda). People have been saying they think that every time people try to have a baby, they should. I disagree. Virtual Families is supposed to be like real life, and in real life, when people try for a baby they don't always get them. Anyways, if you have anymore questions, just comment "Sadie❤" and I'll answer as best I can. :).Version: 1.1.2

EVERYONE READ THIS NOW!!MONEY CHEAT ! READ CAREFULLY! *** First exit out of the game completly. then you have to go to your settings on your ipod/iphone or whatever you have. when you click settings , hit general. then hit date & time. you have to set the year to 1970. now go back to the game & play for 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up, go back to the setting & make the year 2012 again. now go back to the game & you will have a lot of money ! you will have a lot of trash & weeds but trust me you will have money. it worked for me today. hope this was helpful for you guys !!! (: <3.Version: 1.1.2

GoodI think it's really good,and it is worth getting, I have nearly got all the trophies and I have 27 generations!!!!! I love it :).Version: 1.1.2

😊VIRTUAL FAMILIES!!!!😊Virtual families is a GREAT game! First of all, you get to adopt a parent...doesn't matter...girl/boy! Then you clean house like: clean dirt smudges, put away socks, throw away wrappers, and return the TV remote to the coffee table!! Then there's outside work....u have to pull weeds! After a little while you should get an email and it should show a man/woman..and it says would you like to marry or reject...I normally click marry! Once they get married you should try having a baby by putting the man on top of the woman and it should say keep doing that until it says trying to make a baby and if they do have a baby she holds it in her arms for a few hours! You can have a limit of 6 children! The only sad thing is that your parents die at 60 but can also stay alive longer...but once they do you move onto your generation with your kid! *keep in min that your kid has been to college and now is an adult!* this is SUCH a fun game! I'm addicted! If you have any troubles just go on the Internet! I suggest you get this app!!!...100 STARS!!!...(I wish!) (:.Version: 1.1.2

Favorite game!!This is my favorite game ever!! I am on it every day! So addicting!! I don't know what everybody is complaining about but it does need an update. I have every house upgrade! On my 7th generation!! Btw here some tips - How to fix walls: Buy wall repair compound in store and buy tape then fix the hose close to the sandbox than put the wall repair next to the bucket and drag one of your people onto the bucket and they should fix all the walls!! - When there is a power failure: A note will show up saying there is a power failure will you throw out your food or take a chance? Always take a chance it will still be ok. - Never trust the trainers they normally eat all your food!!! - How to get rich fast: This makes you rich really fast but it will also more likely make your people die and your store will never change. Just skip forward a few years and then go on and your people will have earned lots of money but depending on how old they are they will probably die so you might want to make sure they had children first I do not recommend doing this I only skipped forward one day and I am rich!!!! Hope these tips helped I really recommend this app!!.Version: 1.1.2

QUESTIONS ANSWERED 101I'm just here to answer some questions: HOW 2 GET MORE MONEY go to settings and go in general then go in date and time and change the year as far as u want but besure to give your family tonz of food and don't do this if they are fifty or older cuz ittl probably kill them RED BALL The red ball does exist it's pretty useless but if u do want it just go up to the very left corner of the screen by the shed in the trees and keep clicking until something small and red pops out TRAP DOOR AND SECRET PASSAGE I've spent months trying 2 find them both and by the others ppls reviews I've concluded that they both don't exist. SHED there is something small and brown in the sand box when u find it put a adult on it and when u c a small handle like thing on the shed door put an adult onto the welcome mat and the shed door should open KUNG FU Buy an energy drink and give it to a person and they will either exercise out doors or practice kung Fu this might take a few try's FOUNTAIN buy the fountain pump and put it by the fountain then put two adults onto the pump and the fountain should start working I HOPE THIS HELPED IF U HAVE ANY QUESTIONS JUST TYPE IN 101 HELP 101 I CHECK THE REVIEWS AT LEAST 2 TIMES A DAY U WILL GET AN ANSWER IN ATLEAT TWO DAYS HOPE I HELPED!!! 101 HELP 101out.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome but…This game is awesome I luv it but I think it would be cool if you could divorce ur partner. Yes you can start again but then you loose everything. One reason to divorce is because they are not letting you have the baby's or you argue a lot. Please add this in an upcoming update. Thx.Version: 1.1.2

Really goodThis game is so addictive. I really like it I've played the online version and thought I'd by this. Would be better if you could have more children and be able to go out and visit relatives. Other wise brilliant game.Version: 1.1.2

Help!Hi, I love this game. I have almost ever thing upgraded and have like, 19 generations. But today I try to go on it and after like ten seconds it just crashed. :( I love the game how it is. The crazy names the crazy looks. But I need it to stop cashing! Please help! Oh also I wish that we could have more than one pet. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome game :)I am in luuuurv with this game!! I wish you could get more kids though...... But, other tan that, it is an excellent game and I highly recommend it!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

JeuLe jeu est cool malgré qu'il soit en anglais et quand même assez lent..Version: 1.1.2

I love it butI wish u could actually make the person like pick out it hair eyes clothes etc and there names and I wish u could decorate the house.And go out to town..Version: 1.1.2

SO FUN!!!! just needs updates!This game is a great interaction game, though they need other house choices, like when you start over, or for the first time you should be able to pick from at least 3 choices, but the houses should be in totally different areas of the world, there should also be were, a grandma appears, and for 2 hours of un-paused time the grandma is visiting, or an uncle, cousin, or godfather. They should be able to help around the house, and should bring something for the family!! You should also be able to throw a party, and make invitation, that way you can get more emails, there are bardely any, and have fun checking to see if Uncle Tim(example) is coming! The game is great, just needs a few updates!!.Version: 1.1.2

Addictive!I am addicted to this game! You can have Twins! But I wish u could name them.......:).Version: 1.1.2

Cant Find full versionGreat app!, but i Cant Find the full version.....Can someone help me!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

So much daughters!😀Omg so far I love the game I have four daughters! And two of them are twins! Love the game!.Version: 1.2.2

Best Game on IPod!!!This game is awesome! It's so fun! But I wish we could like name our children. For example, I had a girl named City, and 2 boys named Logic and Bingozo! Otherwise, best game ever!!! Oh, and get it to whoever is interested!!!! You won't regret it! :).Version: 1.1.2

Love itLove the game needs a update But the game kinda took of my life because I had to check up on them so they don't die.Version: 1.1.2

Virtual FamiliesI love this game!! I'm on my 9th generation and they are going strong!! My only complaint is that they can only have 6 kids. It would be awesome to have like 8-12 kids. But this game is still so good!!.Version: 1.1.2

TipsThis game is amazing but here is some tips for new players To open the shed one doorknob is in the sandbox and one is under the welcome mat To fix the hose put waterproof tape on it but make sure someone is using the sink or shower to be able to do it To fix the birdbath put the green plumbing thingy by it and put two grown ups on it they will fix it To fix the garage walls put the paint by the hose and bucket near the sandbox and put them on it they will eventually fix it but don’t take to long or it will dry up To fix the holes in the floor there will be kits in the shop sometimes to patch them up Sometimes if your lucky when the mating happenes you could get twins or triplets! During the rainstorm always keep your faucets open Take the risk at the power outage If you get a brown box don’t open it it could be ants or medicine Green packages are food If someone shows up to do your career better for cheap don’t do it but if it’s expensive like 200 dollars it’s not a scam If someone wants your collection of collectables don’t do it.Version: 1.2.2

A bit priceyI first found this game on the computer and I had to download it but It only worked for a hour then it was up so I looked on my iphone4 and found it not sure about the price though.Version: 1.1.2

Love itI absolutely love it. It even made me bye the full version.Version: 0

Virtual Families RULES!!!! 😝This is an awesome game and you should really try it!!! Easy yet fun! 💜 it! By the way, DO NOT, AND I MEAN DO NOT!!!! FAST FORWARD YOUR TIME BECAUSE IT MESSES WITH THE IN-GAME COMPUTER AND YOUR NEXT GENERATION STARTER WILL NOT GET MARRIAGE REQUESTS TRUST ME IT HAS HAPPENED!!! Some suggestions for last day of work: 1⃣ the ability to go to friends houses 2⃣ you should be able to make your house 3⃣ MORE CHILDREN!!! 4⃣ you should be able to leave you house in a car, adopt kids from adoption centers (adoption is too random) and visit stores, mall, go to school, and choose a job 5⃣be able to name and design your kids!!! 6⃣more pets and have be able to interact with pets!!! 7⃣ people die at later age 8⃣ the ability to start a new generation without having the parents die 9⃣minigames like making meals, washing clothes, and putting out fires 1⃣0⃣ being able to move, do landscaping, run business and have more control over your family!!! Also you could have more nationalities 1⃣1⃣ dating to meet your husband or boyfriend for teenagers Sorry that was a lot of suggestions!!! If anyone reading this has any questions I will try to answer name your comment 🌟 or SPARKLE.Version: 1.1.2

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