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Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map for Positive User Reviews

Great app, minor flawThis is probably one of my most used apps and I think the info on it is right about 98% of the time. The one problem I have is the size of the neighborhood maps. It seems the problem of jumping to the wrong spot on those was fixed, which helps, but my issue is with the fact that some of those maps are so huge to begin with. I remember reading something from the developers about the app a while ago, saying that some of the neighborhood maps were smaller because of lack of space. Reading that is infuriating when EVERY single station in Manhattan has a detailed map of the entire island, and then the farther out into the outer boroughs you get, the smaller the maps are, to the point where some stations barely have a five block radius. That seems like really poor space management. It's not like more extensive maps of those outer borough neighborhoods don't exist..Version: 2.6

Amazing app, but know what youThis is an amazing app, but it's best for people who live in NYC - if you're looking for something that tells you how to get from A to B using public transport, other apps (esp. Hopstop) are better. This is a supplement, since it does a great job of (a) helping you figure out where to stand on the platform to be right by the exit when you get off the train (giving you the same efficiency you get on your daily commute on any public transport trip), and (b) helping you get where you're going once you get out of the subway. It can't be your only NYC public transit app, but it probably saves me 10 minutes in the average week. $5 to save 500 minutes a year? Slam dunk..Version: 0

ExitStrategyI love this app!!!.Version: 2.9

Awesome upgrade!I had version 1 of this app and found it useful but limited. After upgrading to version 2, it has become one of my favorite apps. The addition of the subway map was huge but incorporating the street local maps turned it into a 5 star app. Now, the entire subway station is highlighted with an overlay of the street map and all entrances are shown along with the corresponding train connections. The local maps also include nearby popular destinations and addresses. I rarely venture out of manhattan but for those that do, bus maps and some neighborhood maps outside of manhattan are now included..Version: 0

Excellent.It was accurate most of the time on what train car to board. The only thing it was missing is the timetables but it's coming soon. Update to this review: I have bought this app with intentions that timetables will come along but its been almost over a year now and they still havent bothered updating it with timetables. They should stop advertising this future feature unless they actually release it..Version: 2.1

My #1 NYC app (from nyc resident)I purchased Exit Strategy years ago and I’m thrilled to discover that it’s finally been updated. It shows me where to stand on a train to get an optimal transfer to another train. And you can easily switch to a local map at each subway location. I’ve used this app religiously for years, even when it went through a period of no updates (not sure why that happened). Thank you to the team that made the updates..Version: 2.9

🚇🏃🏽‍♂️‼️Thanks for the update!💯.Version: 2.9

Whoa never gave up on this appI’ve had this app for years. Hands down the only app I’ve ever felt was worth paying for. Very useful and so I’m happy to see a 2019 update!.Version: 2.9

A decade running - still the bestFinally updated by devs to show 2nd Ave Addition! (Just missing updates to the neighborhood maps) This is the ONLY app that provides neighborhood views for EVERY station, along with popular areas and Manhattan. Add in the station exit guides and this app sets itself apart from any other on the market - highly valuable when in a rush or beating the rush..Version: 2.9

Yay!I’m giving five stars without even having tried the update yet—that’s how happy I am to see it back in action!.Version: 2.9

A MUST for nyc subway usersSince 2009, I’ve been using this app almost daily. I’m so happy it’s still being updated!! Thank you!.Version: 2.9

Convenient for New Yorkers and visitorsClearly a lot of work went into this app. The update for the Second Avenue Line makes it one of the best tools out there for commuters and visitors alike..Version: 2.9

Buy it nowSeriously the best how to get around NYC app available. It tells you which door of which car to stand at to get to which stairs to get where you’re going fastest - no matter which direction your train is going. I bought it as a visitor and used it even more once I moved here. This thing is ridiculous and you need it..Version: 2.9

The bestThank you so much.Version: 2.9

Updated at last!I don’t know what it says about my life (and I probably don’t want to) that I’m almost in tears of joy about an app update. A couple other apps have tried something similar, but no one else gets it right. I’d all but given up hope. Great to have it back!.Version: 2.9

THE New York Subway appAmong the three NYC subway apps on my iPhone, this has become the go-to option, especially with enhancements in the latest version. It's true that the street maps aren't sharp at every magnification and cover only the immediate area around many stations in the outer burroughs; both can be annoying. But being able to find closer, less-obvious entrances to large stations and to decide while waiting on the platform underground where to enter the train for a quick exit saves a lot of time and hassle, making this the king of subway map apps -- and one I actually use constantly when I'm in the city..Version: 0

Finally updated!Been using this app nearly daily for probably almost ten years (yes I know where my exits are, but I'm frequently going to different stations). updating my previous review back up to four stars thanks to the recent update. STILL NEEDS JAY ST / METROTECH transfers (A/C/F<-->R) put in. These stations were connected ages ago. Dont know how this hasn't been done yet, especially since I wrote about this issue specifically years ago. Updating this small issue would make it a 5 star for me, but currently I wonder how many other stations are missing things like this due to recent (past 6 or so years) changes..Version: 2.9

The best app for NYC transitThis is the best of the best. You have everything you need for your transportation in NYC..Version: 2.9

72nd on QFor some reason this station doesn’t work on the app..Version: 2.9

Must for living or visiting NYCI’ve lived in the city for 10 years and use this app every time I travel a new route for the first time..Version: 2.9

Amazing Idea Meets Excellent ExecutionOne Sentence App Review: This app is a must for navigating NYC. ---------- App Update Review (v 2.0): The update really makes this app amazing! So many things fixed and packed with tons more features. ---------- Original App Review: This is an app I don't feel bad paying for! Exit Strategy provides truly premium content and it's not much more than a subway ticket! Navigation in the app is easy and intuitive. If you consider yourself a "power user" or a "life hacker" you will love this app. It should be your secret weapon while traveling via the subway. The app saves your recently found routes and has the ability to create favorites. If you commute to work on the subway then I'm sure you know your own route but what about all those other times that you have to just run errands to some unknown destination? That's what this was made for..Version: 0

Very detailed app, but outdated and seemingly abandonedThe app is very thorough. It includes info on entrances and exits for most of the 400+ subway stations and includes NYC subway and bus maps for the 5 boroughs and local neighborhood maps of the areas surrounding each subway station as a bonus. Unfortunately as of July 2019 the app hasn’t been updated in over 3 years, so a few significant developments such as the return of the W train in 2016 or the opening the Second Avenue Subway in 2017, as well as things like the opening of new elevators or entrances/exits at older stations are not reflected in the app. The subway and bus maps in the app are likewise outdated. Given that over 3 years have passed without an update, the app seems to have been abandoned. (The official website for the app seems to have been abandoned too, as the site lists “469 stations” instead of 472 with the three new Second Avenue stations). The app is still pretty useful for traveling over most of the system, as long as you don’t use a station or route that has changed materially in the past few years..Version: 2.8

Awesome: New Version Replaces 3+ other appsThis was a great app before, which I used all the time. But now I can delete my other subway map app, PLUS I get *offline* bus maps, PLUS a full *offline* map of Manhattan and much of the outer boroughs, PLUS maps of the stations themselves, and their exits. Tells you everything you need to know while you're below-ground, so you can pop up where you need to, and get where you're going. And in many ways, these maps from the MTA are more useful than Google's maps, because they include the station exit locations, and show you the block numbers immediately adjoining the station, so you can figure out which way to walk. The user-interface, BTW, is a dream. They've worked hard to make it work just the way it should, with clickable stations on the subway map, and the option to jump directly to either the Exit Strategy instructions, or the local map. Very well done, guys. (It is, certainly, a jump in price. But for the price of a giganto-mocha at your local coffee shop, you get a useful app you can make use of every time you travel, and which replaces several costly other apps. Offline maps alone are worth around $5 it seems, and they don't work as well. So all this functionality in one place is a huge bargain.).Version: 0

Hands down, the best NYC transit app!This is not an app for novices, or folks who are unable to read maps, service notices, or platform signs. This is an app for New Yorkers who already know how to get where they're going, but want to get there quicker, easier, and (if it's raining out) drier! The station/train selection is a breeze, with a beautiful copy of the official MTA map. Information is deadly accurate - if it says a door will open in front of the stairwell you want , IT WILL! My favorite bonus is the inclusion of the MTA neighborhood maps, which show station exits, street addresses, and bus connections! Absolutely beautiful app, excellent design. Only flaw is that even in the latest version, it is not completely crash and freeze-proof. Fortunately, on the iPhone4 at least, those happen infrequently enough that I do not hesitate to give this app my highest recommendation..Version: 2.1

Finally an update! Great app!Been using this app for years And it’s always been worth it even without this latest much-needed update. Now it’s even better..Version: 2.9

Welcome back!!One of my most useful NYC “insider” tools. So happy to have it back and up to date!.Version: 2.9

Go-to subway app now updated!!Thank you for the update!!! I use this app constantly - even before the new map was added. So glad you’ve brought it up to date..Version: 2.9

Best NYC transit app!Finally, an update!! I've been using this app for over a decade and nothing else compares for efficient navigation of the NYC subway system. Thrilled to see it's still being maintained :).Version: 2.9

Best few bucks I’ve ever spent! The only app I’ve ever reviewed!Such a great little app. Saves me a few minutes at least a few times each week (I use it anytime I take the train other than to and from work/home, since I have those train exits memorized, obviously). Put it all together and this thing has paid for itself a hundred times over. Honestly, no matter how little you value your time, this app will earn its minuscule, one-time price. Love it. Never written a review for an app, but I want to show my appreciation for this thing. Great idea, great execution - I’ve bought it for like 5 other people by now..Version: 2.9

The best app ever!I been using this app since 2011 and it’s been absolutely amazing! I’m happy the author still updates it and really appreciate their time on doing it 😊.Version: 2.9

Make us happyI love this app but it cna honestly do a lot better. I wish I could find my current location on this thing other then going to the iPhones built In map app. I also think that the stAtion pictures need to be more organized. I stay staring at this picture with about 3 possible ways to exit. I the features it has now are great but if this app wants to sell better and keep itthe best selliing mta NYC app then this needs improvement. I know that updating this app could be very complex since it's massive size but I really think it's worth your while to change. For us to enjoy this app I really hope you guys are reading our comments because I really could have put one star and help you guys to never sell again. Make us happy , more them you already did with your awesome features this app has WITH OUT wifi. Impressive stuff. I would have been lost finding my way home. This app could be the greatest I see this app On top. Thank you I really hope to god you have a update.Version: 0

COMPACT AND USEFUL APP!This is a handy little app that really takes the guesswork out of the underground geography of the NY subway system. On your way to the subway, or even when you're already underground (i.e.the app is not signal- dependent), you can strategize: 1)what car on the train to board in order to make the most efficient transfer to the next line you plan to take, thus making your ride smoother and really easy to plan. You can also 2) open a geographically correct map of the local streets of your destination showing the exact placement of the exit staircases from your subway up to the street, so that you will be oriented perfectly when you come up to the surface again. I've lived in NY all my life, and although I know an awful lot of stations pretty intimately, it still helps me manage the ins and outs of the stations with which I am not as familiar. For a tourist it would be a real help, and for us natives, its a pleasure!.Version: 2.8

It’s back!Wow I can’t believe they finally updated this app! I’ve been using the out of date one all along because it’s so useful. Can not recommend this more. It will save you all kinds of time in the subway, especially during rush hour. A must have for any New Yorker..Version: 2.9

Expectations greatly exceeded!I come to NYC about one weekend a month to visit my girlfriend. While I'm there I try to maximize my time. Exit Strategy has helped me save time communiting between locations so I have more time to visit. Exit Strategy has even helped me catch planes because it optimized my trip between Manhattan and JFK. Once I had to run through an airport and just barely caught my flight - if Exit Strategy hadn't told me how to save a few minutes switching trains, I certainly would have missed my flight. The improvements in 2.0 are incredible. The neighborhood view is great for finding the entrance in those out-of-the-way areas and having the bus maps is so much more convinient than carrying the bulky MTA maps! This application surprised me with it's wealth of data and easy-to-use interface. Highly recommend!.Version: 0

Highly recommend!!Great app for maximum efficiency when traveling the NYC subway system. I’m so happy it was updated for the 2nd ave line!!.Version: 2.9

HoorayLove this app saves me so much time on my commute and makes me feel like I’ve got the drop in all the other schmucks! So glad to see an update FINALLY!.Version: 2.9

Finally updated!!My favorite NYC transit app again! Thank you, thank you, thank you for updating with all the new stations and changes in lines!! For those thinking of purchasing, this app saves you so much time while waiting for trains. Truly priceless!.Version: 2.9

So happy it’s updatedThis app is the best illustration possible of how computers and databases can make life better. Thanks so much for updating it..Version: 2.9

So much value, but...I use this app constantly. So if you are thinking “is this worth it”, the answer is yes, yes it is. The developer must have done a ton of work to collect all of the data needed to make this app work and having access to that data is just super useful. On the other hand, the app execution isn’t outstanding. I think tapping each station just loads a static image or pdf file which feels clunky and makes the app pretty large. And… it is fine. I learn what I need to know from the app. Sure, the design keeps me from unequivocally recommending this app to everyone friend I talk to, but if you are already reading the reviews here, you will probably be happy with the purchase..Version: 2.6

Ultimate...as name saysYearly visitor to NYC but even now I'm always "confused" once I exit an unfamiliar station and almost invariably walk in the wrong direction. Well no more! Great, easy to use app. Maps are clear and the station overviews are fantastic. So you not only can find your best exit once on a train but can find the nearest entrance from where you are on the street if needed. You have to know your exit station (no address search) but it is absolutely the best...even telling you which car to get into to be nearest your exit. Absolutely great that you don't need WiFi or 3GS to use this app. Worth every cent..Version: 0

Love it, missing some infoLove this app, I use it all the time! On the Q line at 72nd street doesn’t seem to work. No data comes up when I select it. Pls fix :-).Version: 2.9

Native NYer, I tell everyone to get this appI've lived here all my life and this is THE MOST USEFUL app for maximizing your efficiency while navigating the NYC subway. Don't listen to that person who complained about the map. The map is great. Seriously if you're always going to the same place on the same line why would you need to open this app more than once anyway? I digress -- this is the first place I check when taking a new route or having to transfer to any train while taking an unfamiliar route. Being in the right car to transfer or exit is CRUCIAL especially during busy times when everyone else is milling around unsure of what exit to take. Seriously GET THIS APP whether you're here for a trip or here for life..Version: 2.5

Ive lived in NYC for a year and still use this daily!I VERY rarely buy paid apps, but this one I went for after a lot of deliberation, given the price. I had another (free) subway app which was basically just a zoomable version of the MTA map, and it left a bit to be desired. This app is fantastic if you have to switch lines a lot- I check it all the time to see what end of my first train I should be at for a smooth transition to my next train. Yeah, some of the lines are a little outdated, though i haven't had a problem with it. Remember this app was designed by a brother-sister team (I think?) who literally rode the rails, and presumably they have real lives now. If they're looking for a free intern to update, I'm available! Also, schedules for the bus and subways would be helpful..Version: 2.1

RedemptionIs this possibly reclaiming the title of the best NYC subway app?? After appearing to have been completely abandoned for so long this app may finally be worth buying again. I’ve been using it since I moved to NYC 10 years ago. Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistakes again.Version: 2.9

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