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Paramedic Protocol Provider App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Paramedic Protocol Provider app received 10 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Paramedic Protocol Provider? Can you share your negative thoughts about paramedic protocol provider?

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Paramedic Protocol Provider for Negative User Reviews

Won’t stop “indexing”I have both app’s on my phone. They legit helped me get through my medic class and the clinical ride alongs. Recently though the Agency version isn’t recognizing the PPP app and while the protocols will show up in the PPP version the search function is not working at all. In the provided search bar it just shows the word “indexing” with a spinning icon and it never goes away. I have deleted and re installed the apps several times. Still no change. Great tool for work but not if I have to stop patient care and cycle through the entire state protocol with no search function. - Chris.Version: 3.9.10

Good resourceGood resource to have in the field. Kinda surprised that it hasn't been updated for iPhone 5, which has been out for nearly 7 months. Even in horizontal mode the type is barely large enough to read it without zooming, but it looks like it would be ok if the program utilized the full width of the screen. Also having a "full screen" mode without icons on top and bottom would be great. With the type so small, it's very difficult to read in a moving vehicle. However, great resource in general..Version: 2.3

Not workingUnable to download NYC Remac protocols.Version: 3.6

Good Idea - Too Expensive for What You GetI'm a PA paramedic and bought this app to keep protocols close with me when needed. Unfortunately, this program falls short of what I was expecting. It's nothing more than an indexed copd of a PDF file. It's too hard to read a PDF and zoom in to what I need to see easily. I can get the same content of off the DOH website and view the PDF from them - FOR FREE!!! It's a great idea - take the information in the PDF and put it into a more interactive and easier to view format and I'll give you five stars. Great attempt - but do a little more work and it'll be worth the price..Version: 0

False advertisingIt shows it has SAFD protocols on the picture. No protocols found.Version: 3.7

HorridProtocols won’t update or download..Version: 3.9.10

Great app about to get worseThis is an amazing app for quickly looking up protocols! Unfortunately in the app description it says they are going to start requiring a $4.99 subscription in 2017! While I value this app and was willing to pay $9.99 initially for it, that is going to devalue it and make me search for other options (more out of principle, grandfather those who paid with the understanding it was a one time fee and my opinion will change). I will say though that they are quick to update the app as protocols change..Version: 3.2

Waste of $10My protocols for the county I work in is not on this app. I used the most common protocol in my state opinion and it wasn’t even close..Version: 3.7

Did not workI paid $10 for an app to tell me that they don’t have my county protocols. I’m a little frustrated..Version: 3.9.10

Annual feeI like this app. I've used it and have seen it used especially by those who are new to the state. Understanding phones shouldn't be relied on, we rely on our phones. Phones have phone numbers to important people and places like med control, ED's, and dispatch. Phones have GPS, calculators, and protocols if you choose. I'm having a hard time, though, understanding why there will be an annual fee. I was happy paying the original fee to obtain the app. Protocol's aren't revised every year, so how can you place an annual fee?.Version: 3.2

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