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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app received 131 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Waze Navigation & Live Traffic? Can you share your negative thoughts about waze navigation & live traffic?

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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic for Negative User Reviews

IOS 14 needs fixingIssue when using CarPlay. I play FM radio when I use maps or Waze, noticed when I launch Waze, the audio changes to paused media from Music. Really annoying as says it’s silence. This does not occur with Maps application..Version: 4.67

Needs improvements1. We drive on the left and sit on the right. The speedometers at top left of screen is mostly unreadable during day time driving. The position and colour don’t work. An option to see it top right and maybe in yellow would be good. 2. I want to return by the same route I took to get from A-B but instead I have been directed along a completely different and longer route to go from B-A. Very annoying. I could understand if I needed to avoid a road closure or if the return route was safer but there is no reason to direct me back the longer way. 3. Heavy traffic is reported but the map is not clear in which direction the traffic is congested, and sometimes it is right- and often it is wrong for my direction. The red line applies to oncoming traffic, not me. There is a lot of really good features and settings but there are annoying aspects. I have get to work out how I can voice operate Waze when I am driving, or if that is even possible. Seems it should be. It was fun to record my own voice for directions..Version: 4.56


Speed camaras warningSometimes the app get really slow and take time to redirect if you take other way. Also sometimes the notice about Speed camera doesn't work, I did active the notification, but still doesn’t warn about all speed cameras,It looks like does randomly, when It should do always (If the notification is active already)..Version: 4.41.2

Mis guidedA great idea , unfortunately it's a uselessness POS. It often leads you all round the show in a mis guided attempt to save time. Face it ! There's no answer to Auckland traffic **update - so I’ve given this a go for over a year now . It’s does have potential, unfortunately less and less people in Auckland seem to be using it . The traffic alerts are almost none existent now ( it doesn’t even seem to include basic congestion data from google maps ) My biggest complaint stems from the fact it seems to be designed for driving on the other side of the road . It has a preference for turning right across 4 lanes of traffic just to avoid 1 set of lights ! I’m sure it works better in other cities were many more people are using it.Version: iOS 4.33

Convenient to use but still lackingThis has great potential to be the best navigation app. It is easy to use, and it really does help save time. Very beneficial being able to plan routes for the feature and it’ll notify you when it’s time to leave. Sadly, you cannot preview the route when you’re planning the route. Furthermore, and more importantly, the biggest flaw is it doesn’t show the suburb of the street when you’re doing a search, so it’s easy to be taken to wrong place. You’d have to click “go” to find out where it’s located on the map to see if it’s the right street..Version: iOS 4.31

Not warning me about $25 toll routesSmarten up.Version: 4.81

Waste of timeIf 2 routes are the same time will always take you the longest one Chews through the phone battery in half an hour drive Terrible.Version: 4.42

GarbageI go to use it in the middle of a trip, open it to get directions and it prompts me to have an ongoing dialogue about the "voice" feature that I'd already turned off. Now I have to not only click through its prompts but that's not enough for it, it takes me out of the app to the phone settings outside of the app. Would have immediately deleted app but wanted to leave this review and 1 star before I did. May as well just go back to apple maps..Version: 4.85

TrafficWaze has always been my number one navigation application for its traffic jam avoidance system, social scoreboard, and the overall concept. It’s also the system that Google Maps gets some raw data from. I like the idea of being on the frontline of traffic reporting. I am a ‘royalty wazer’ I guess you could say I use it a lot. Lately, when starting Waze, it takes WAY TOO LONG to ‘find GPS’ - ‘waiting for network’ I have no explanation for it, and I know what I’m doing. The only thing I can add is that this problem has only existed ever since the Commonwealth Games started here on the Gold Coast. And my app is fully up to date. Disappointed, as it means having to use another application such as Apple Maps, until Waze is ready... I will update my review when the next update is released.Version: 4.36

Not an accurate app/ plus too many ads plus it gives you teach a quickFirst of all, you still love this app had it for a long time though lately it’s going downhill. I will tell you why I am giving this a two star is because I get way too many ads on the app as I’m driving when I’m trying to look for my location. Every time I stop at a light I get it add instead of where I’m supposed to go. Also, it does not give you enough warning ahead of time so when you’re supposed to make the turn, you’re supposed to get to the direction I found that is very dangerous. Also, I have found out that this app is not always accurate. It takes me to the wrong location. I do prefer an app as a GPS that I can depend on that gives me enough warning also gives you weather alerts, and also less on the ads. I do understand it’s free yet when you’re trying to depend on it. To get you to the location you need to get to I get tired of seeing the ads on the app every time I stop. I am also tired of the way to alert. You comes up way too quick and that needs to stop. It does not give you ample time to drive safely especially the way they drive and now it’s very dangerous. This app needs to change. I’m gonna look into finding another GPS app unless I see some good changes in this app. I will change my rating of this app once these bugs are fixed. I’m also tired of getting a lot because this app is inaccurate..Version: 4.90

Unstable at timesI have loved the navigational features and support with this app since downloading it. However, recently the map disappears (and screen has frame with white space where map should be) when connecting my iPhone to my Hyundai navigator via a USB cord. This is happening quite regularly now. I disconnect the cord and reconnect and map usually comes back. However, this solution is not satisfactory when driving as I could be fined for touching my mobile phone. I have also had a couple of instances (recently only) where my trip just stops and disappears - not great when I am on a major highway and am not sure where to exit. I also had 1 instance of 1 trip stopping and a planned trip replacing it. A couple of times, the Arrival / Mins / Km info disappears. I have never had problems with the app before so feel a bit anxious about the instability I have found recently..Version: 4.73.2

Test on CarPlay?Do you even test on apple carplay? Waze is a great app, but plagued with many bugs and a something confusing UX..Version: 4.84.1

Genuinely dangerousTechnically, the app works fine and the user generated traffic/road updates are neat. The problem is the busy UI that feels designed to draw your attention when you should be focusing on the road. The amount of steps and options to make a condition update requires too much time, it would be safer to do by voice or to place a general pin that you are promoted to categorise upon completion of your trip. On a 20 KM trip I had multiple pop-ups unrelated to my trip (such as an 'achievement' type notification and something about collectible candy); there's also avatars for other drivers and pulsing icons that are all designed to draw your attention to the screen. When behind the wheel of tonnes of steel and glass your only priorities are watching the road, paying attention to the conditions, and being aware of other vehicles around you. A navigation app that draws your attention away from the road with social media-type 'features' is irresponsible design..Version: 4.75

Needs to have most fuel efficient routeIt would be great if we could see clearly what route was the most fuel efficient..Version: 4.81.4

Was the best. OnceWaze used to be the best navigation app out there. It was great getting you around with no hesitation at all whist avoiding all accidents, traffic jams, issues and warning you of police activity in the area. Lately it’s been absolutely shocking where I spend most of my time driving around in circles in places I don’t know and even trying to send me the wrong way in places I know very well. It’s so bad I just won’t use it anymore now and in fact google maps is the far superior nav app 🤦🏻‍♂️ Maybe over developed ? Whatever has happened it’s a shame as Waze was number 1 but now I won’t even bother to open the app..Version: 4.84

Let me down todayUpdate Dec 2017. App will not connect to the network today. Have rebooted etc. You start to rely on an app but when it lets you down at a critical moment can you trust it again? Update Oct 2015. No way to report traffic on other side? Update Dec 2014: keeps on crashing, especially when using the send a photo option on reports or at destination. Update: why since Google bought Waze, do we not get the same traffic updates you see on google? Yes, if fellow wazer gives a report, you see it (eventually) but more & more often these days I have to check google maps to get the lattes traffic status. May as well just use google?.. Original :Nice app been using it daily for about a year now. Still a bit slow to warn about traffic ahead. Quite often hit the back of the queue before I get the alert. I guess some of this is down to other wazers not reporting? Also a bug after I get a report message and the focus returns to my vehicle the map stays dark and I can't zoom or scroll on the map.Version: iOS 4.33

Annoying, takes you on weird routes, and has ads.The report feature, while great, is about the only convincing feature of this app. We used this for a road trip and it decided to take us out of our way onto a random dirt road to get somewhere the highway would’ve easily taken us faster. Just use Google maps. It’s free and does the exact same thing..Version: 4.84.1

Free PalestineDeleted because I don’t want to be associated with Israel in any way..Version: 4.77

Awesome, but latest rev draining battery!Love this app and use it all the time. Routing seems to favor getting to bigger roads rather than using local roads for short trips, but otherwise works decently to get around traffic. One thing to watch for is I think it treats a right turn the same as a left in traffic, when often a left is nearly impossible to cross 2+ lanes of traffic rather than just entering 1 lane. Rel 4.46.1 is having a crash issue — after 30-90 mins it’s crashing. Also seems like it’s failing to add some previous drives to the history. Had one drive that was done and I’d arrived but when i went to history to go there again, I had to re-enter the address because it was not in history. Also, it's damned annoying that I registered with my cell# years ago but replaced my phone a while back and had to rebuild the keychain and I didnt remember my password. Unlike 8million other apps that have a forgot password function, WAZE says it's impossible to recover my password without having already registered with my email. A) that's stupid! B) tell me that when I registered years ago not when it's too late! I lost wazer royalty status and havent even bothered to re-register out of bitterness! Serioisly, guys, you have my phone#! Text me with a password reset link! It's not like there are bank accounts at stake here!!!.Version: 4.46.1

Can be The best with additional options!I have been using Waze for over 2 years about 20 times a day as I am a chauffeur and I always check for alternative routes for every trip I start and realised most of the time the original trip the waze app chooses is the longer route and a longer travelling distance which doesn’t make sense at all. I also hate the fact that when it does choose a quicker route it will take you 25% longer route to save you 2 minutes. The worst thing about this app compared to google maps is that it takes you through the back streets with humps and width restrictions more where as google maps stay on A roads as much as possible. A option to avoid different width restrictions would make it so much better as I’m sure the 4x4’s and wider saloons would struggle to go through the 6.6” width restrictions without damaging the alloy wheels. If that can be added would deffo get a 5 from me..Version: 4.50

IPhone x pleaseWill give 5 stars once updated.Version: iOS 4.31

Good but Battery killerThis app is significantly better than any other gps app, but it absolutely annihilates battery life..Version: 4.50

Pop-up Ads while on routePop-up Ads just started showing up all of a sudden. They show up only when you are stopped, but they show up EVERY time you are stopped. I thought we were trying to eliminate distracted driving. Kind of disappointing. Loved this app when it didn’t do this..Version: 4.47.3

Version 3.67 Breaks Car AudioThe most recent version (v4.67) breaks audio playback as soon as Waze pops up via CarPlay in my 2020 RAV4. Only option to fix this is to madly press audio switching buttons (which works about half the time) or to force quit Waze..Version: 4.67

We’re parting Waze….The time has come for me and Waze to end our relationship. I have been a long time user of this fun, simple to use navigation app. The reason being is simply cannot be bare being distracted by Ads anymore. When driving in an area that is totally alien to me, I’ll often get distracted and frustrated by random ads popping up as I pull closer to a round-about. Your exit text shrinks and is replaced by an advert for Aldi or a Costa. To be fair, I just think it’s dangerous, if I don’t have the correct glasses on this leads to me being confused or squinting to see where I need to be. I had a close call this morning, and will be uninstalling after this review. I’d much rather pay a yearly fee not to have Ads. Ads have no place on a navigation app, especially when you’re in charge of a motorised vehicle. Hopefully the laws will change to prevent this..Version: 4.81.4

Has waze given up?I’ve loved, used and recommended waze for a long time now however there have been a number of bugs recently that are making the app more of a hassle then it is helpful. One of the main things that drew me to waze was being able to share my drive/route with my friends and family. I first got this app because I had just got my license and it made my mother feel more comfortable letting me go on my late night escapades as she could check on me any time. However now when I share my drive with my friends they say they can only see my route not where I am or my speed. It’s been like this for so long most my friends and family have stoped using it, with me about to follow. I don’t understand why waze are ignoring these bugs when the app is only gaining in popularity. Please fix the bugs and restore waze to it’s former glory!!.Version: 4.45

Bad Map AppCrashed and froze on the map but everything else was working. No way to add extra stops Use google maps or Apple Maps instead.Version: 4.90

Late home every week!I downloaded Waze as an alternative to Google, and with the vast number of downloads I thought I was in for a treat. I’m not going to lie, the vast majority of the app is great; after getting used to the alternative colours from G-maps, I began to explore the various quirky features the app has. From the reporting tool, which is awesome even if slightly distracting due to the many options available, to being able to see other Wazers on the map, it all looked like I had made a great choice in the switch. BUT, and it’s a very big but. Nearly every week or two, at least once, I would be late home from work due to Waze not having up-to-date information about pre-planned roadworks and diversions. When you’re adding 20-30 minutes on to a 45-50 minute commute at least once every 2 weeks because the information is wrong, then it kind of defeats the purpose of what the app is designed for. Sadly, after much perseverance, I’ve uninstalled the app and moved back to Google..Version: 4.79

Very good map but battery killerIt’s use too much for the battery, should be fix that problem, map is amazing..Version: 4.51

UselessWill not hold settings.Version:

What’s happened to this app !?This app used to be 10/10 but now using it for work/or going somewhere I don’t know it will lose connection when driving and following the route and I won’t know where I am and the app needs to be shut down and restarted all the time. It’s freezes constantly when I’m trying to follow directions. Especially on motor ways when the exit is coming it has caused so many issues and eyes being taken off the road. A lot of very close accidents happening caused by this app! This is very dangerous because these issues have been taking drivers attention off the road as I’m not the only one I know this is happening to. It will lose connection and you won’t even be notified until you realise you’ve not been given any directions for a while and when you look it’s lost the route so you have shut it down and re open and wait. Dangerous. This really needs sorting ASAP.Version: 4.75

A really bad navigation app- clunky interface - sluggish performance - bad directions - inaccurate or very late notifications - battery hog Need I continue more?.Version: 4.67

Used to be so goodThis app used to be so good but for the past few months is just not working. At this point i open it for police reports and use google maps for directions. I go fairly frequent to Las Vegas from California. Lately the directions won’t load and when I do get it to work it routs me completely out of the way!!!! Google maps tells me it’s going to take me about 4 hours with traffic and Waze is literally making me turn around/make a U on the 15 when driving from Vegas to take a completely obscure way adding 3 hours to the rout. The last straw was a few weeks ago driving from California to Las Vegas. At first it wouldn’t load so I went to the Waze support area and it advised to break down the trip in chunks so I decided to have it navigate me to the outlets in Barstow since I pass them EVERY SINGLE TIME. Somehow it took me trough a back way and trough a town name Crestline, up some mountains in the middle of no where and by the. It was pass 12am!!!! A 4 hour drive turn into an 11 hour drive!!!!!!! If anything happened I would have been royally effed in the middle of nowhere. This weekend I went back to California and decided to try again thinking it was maybe a problem that day. Once again it kept routing me trough some weird areas turning a 4 hour trip into 7. I had my girlfriend open her Waze to compare and Hers was working perfectly fine and using a complete different rout than mine was and about the same one as google maps..Version: 4.47.3

Not as good as it used to beI used to LOVE Waze and told all my friends whenever the subject came up of what apps we use for getting directions. I used to say that it was the best app for and practically insist they’d be happier if they used Waze. I liked the fact that it kept telling me several turns that I was approaching the next turn so it was easier to follow. I found it, in many ways, easier to follow compared to other apps. But recently they changed that. If you’re on the highway it now tells you in miles or feet how long you have till your next exit. But it no longer shows you the ACTUAL EXIT NUMBER like it used to. If and when it does (usually when you’re really close to that exit) it no longer shows prominently. It’s all the way on the right corner and pretty tiny. I sit there driving cluelessly not knowing what exit I should be getting off at. I need to know the actual exit number way ahead of time so I can change lanes ahead of time. I have to keep my eyes on the phone screen instead of the road to keep watching the miles instead of searching more easily for the exit number based on the signs on the freeway. And then the exit number shows up eventually as I get closer to the exit I need to take. But again, I have to take my eyes off the road to search for the TINY exit number. Who came up with that idea and why is beyond me..Version: 4.79

Terrible app - google ruined itTerrible in city traffic. Isn’t up to date and gets confused.Version: 4.90

Needs Apple Music SupportGood app, needs Apple Music support..Version: 4.56

Both good and badI loaded this app following a friend’s recommendation and have found it easy and clear to use. The route finding has been intelligent and the alerts informative - but perhaps just a bit too late to be really useful. Maybe this is due to it taking time for users to press the button to report hazards? My main niggle however is there’s a significant lag between the motion of the screen map and reality. This can cause uncertainty at closely spaced junctions where it’s not immediately obvious whether you’ve reached the right one. The lag was also obvious when observing the map rotation when passing a mini-roundabout - the rotation happened significantly after exiting the roundabout. Curious about the lag, I did a comparison with google maps. Google maps is much more real-time with hardly any noticeable lag at all. Finally, I also tried Apple maps and this lagged rather like Waze. Google seem to be doing something better in this respect and still seems to be best to me..Version: 4.56

App FailureWaze was updated about a week ago. Since then I’ve tried to to get it to work on 4 different devices and all I get is “searching for network” for several minutes & then I get “oops, something went wrong” & that’s it. It won’t work. Clearly your new update has wrecked a wonderful app. Please fix this? Also, a lady commented on the non-stop pop up ads that are a huge annoyance & distraction. At least give us the option to pay to get rid of them. Thank you for what has otherwise been a wonderful app. grjs.Version: 4.49

Waze goes rogueWent thru a tunnel then it went berserk, telling me I was in a completely different suburb, Despite showing me driving off road in the city it carried on directing me thru a completely different suburb. #fail.Version: 4.56

Ok not Great.This app is ok it used to be better till the latest update. It used to tell you the name of the roads. It doesn’t do that any more it also doesn’t give you plenty of warning of where to turn anymore. It tells you with 800 meters away from a turn not enough time. Not just that if it’s busy and you have to try and squeeze in on people it makes you look like a jerk. I suggest using google maps it’s better. If your using this app then I suggest you do what I’m doing going back to google maps. I’d rather not know about events on roads then being told to turn a corner when you’re on top of it..Version: iOS 4.33

Buggy on iPhone XSGreat app but bugs make it unusable. It will zoom in and out rapidly sometimes while giving directions. The widget is buggy. The worst bug is that it will often think I’m driving backwards. This results in nonsensical directions rendering the app unusable. I don’t get this problem with any other app (Google, apple maps).Version: 4.79

REMOVE ADS!REMOVE ADS! Distracting and if you have an insurance apps that requires you to have an app such as intact insurance. It tracts your abs can tell if you’re getting notifications. Therefore it think your using your phone and you lose points on focus. Great app but the ads ruin it! At least offer a paid version to remove ads..Version: 4.80

Apple MusicShame this app does not integrate with Apple Music. Poor music sound due to Bluetooth phone audio codec. Have stopped using, have been a long long time user. Bon voyage Waze..Version: 4.49.2

VW App Connect, Waze app and iOS15.3 issueDriving a VW Tiguan. Latest VW App-Connect software.. Connected to iPhone 8 with iOS15.3 installed. Latest Waze app installed on iPhone. When iOS 15.0 was released my iPhone would not connect using Carplayt via an iPhone lightning cable using VW app connect. It just stated that there was a cable connection problem With the release of iOS 15.3 a lightning cable connection can be made, and Waze maps are visible and to the most part functional on the VW display of the Tiguan. Waze search functions fine too. Problem: After inputting the destination and clearly seeing the Waze route overview on the VW display, when the car moves the car symbol doesn't move from the departure point. It stays at the departure point flashing and you have no idea where you are on the Waze map display. I tried 3 or 4 times along the journey with new starting points, but got the same result. Note: There is no problem using the Waze app on the iPhone and a cell/mobile data connection. It functions perfectly. Turning the ignition off an on doesn't help. Turning the iPhone off and on doesn't help. Changing the lightning cable doesn't help. All iPhone settings are correct for Apple Carplay. Other App Connect apps are working fine. I’ve checked 5 others and they all function as intended..Version: 4.80

Battery LifeYour software developers seriously have to fix the battery usage for the app. I use it everyday for about half an hour and it takes up 50% each time. It has nothing to do with the battery life of my phone or with constantly using my location. I tried it with apple maps..Version: 4.50

Not very good anymore.Every time I set a long destination (over 100 miles) it gives me the stupid... uh oh something went wrong message when attempting to set the route. It literally leaves you with no choice than to use another GPS app if you need the info, like right now, as is usually the case if you need it to actually tell you how to get somewhere. You seriously need to fix this ASAP! I’m considering deleting this app now as it has become very unreliable to me at this point. It works ok with showing road info, but I need to know how to get there when I really use this app seriously. Also, it would be nice if it told you about alternative routes that would be faster if you encounter traffic. It also doesn’t show surrounding road traffic until you get on a road and find out it was equally terrible with traffic. The surrounding traffic it does show is usually not consistent with the surrounding roads one might travel. It would be nice to know before I take an alternate route if it also has terrible traffic. This app used to be a lot better. Now it’s pretty close to being bloat-ware. I want to love this app again, but right now all I ever do with it is curse at it for being so terrible in its current state. I’ll change my review if they can fix it. Please fix this app. I used to love it, now I just can’t recommend it to anyone..Version:

Why so disappointing in New Zealand ?I used to be in love with Waze in Europe, mainly France, and here it behaves really strange making odd routes that adds 1h20 hours of driving, or making you drove through tidy little roads which do not make gains and a more dangerous. This is so strange when Google Maps (from the same owner Google) is much better for the same journeys it did try. Really, if I hadn’t paid attention or did not pan out the map, I would have made a few hundreds more km during my Christmas trips..Version: 4.47.3

I don’t need languages!Why do I need to download new languages every second time I run the app?? I only need one language, let me choose what I want to download. I don’t want to run downloads on mobile data ffs..Version: 4.34

Some shortcomingsThe underlying concept of ‘crowd funding’ traffic info is really great. There are a few things which bug me. I understand that for the more infantile of us it may be great fun to allocate a cartoon to show our vehicle on the road. The plethora of different symbles however on a screen that small makes it very hard to identify other icons inserted by the programme to convey warnings of some kind. It would be a great step forward if all users shared the same easily recognised icon. The other thing which bothers me is that info provided by me has to be entered by hand. If caught by the phone detection cameras in Australia, that would be an extremely expensive bit of info published via the programme. And am I right thinking that the voice command function has been completely discontinued? If so, use it at your own peril... PS the author should leave the note : still there/no longer there on the screen for longer. There is not enough time to check at the location AND report once passed.Version: 4.63

I don’t understand the hype...I’ve been using Waze consistently for about a week and a half. I’ve always used Google Maps, but heard a lot of hype about Waze and thought I would give it a try. Each time I used it, I would plug the same address into Google Maps to compare routes and arrival times. Many times the routes were the same, and if they weren’t, Google Maps always had a faster arrival time or the quicker ability to see ETAs of other routes. Today when I left work, the ETA on Waze was about 5 minutes faster, so I decided to take that route. Google Maps added about 10 minutes to my ETA when I veered off onto the Waze path, but I thought maybe Waze had data that Google did not. It turns out they do not. I sat still in traffic for 10 minutes. Maybe other cities are more accurate, but Google Maps undoubtedly has better traffic data than Waze in the Cleveland area. I guess it is moderately helpful to see hazards on the road, but that’s pretty much the only feature that I like. Also I recently started seeing ads as I was driving? I understand that you need money from advertisers, but to darken the screen to push an ad and make me unable to see my driving route is very distracting and I’m always scrambling to get rid of it, pulling my attention from the road. Maybe have ads on startup or while users are not en route to a location. Overall, I think I’ll stick to Google Maps..Version: 4.51.2

Editor functionality is awful!The mapping and alerts are great. Love the ability to share road issues with other users. If there is a map issue though - what a nightmare. You can provide a notification via the app as you drive (I.e. speed limit incorrect) but if the editor needs more info you get an email asking for it. - cleverly, you can’t reply to email and are advised to use the app. There is nowhere in the app to update this detail. The app doesn’t have a messaging / email function. And for editing you have to used a web based browser and even that is shockingly executed. Please provide the ability to reply to emails or implement messaging functionality. I can’t provide further detail for road issues without this!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.76.5

So brokenHow in the world did Google manage to completely break what used to be a really solid navigation app?? Just like they did with Nest I guess. Buy a great product then complex destroy it. Cant login anymore, cant connect to the Waze network, cannot navigate to most places. Whatever updates have been done lately have severely broken this app to the point where basic functionality no longer works making this a totally useless app. Such a shame.Version: 4.80

WazeHello A few little things to point out. I work in London as a engineer travelling from job to job all day long. A few issues I find with waze. First is rotherhithe tunnel. Vans can’t enter this tunnel anymore. So when planning route the gps tries to take you this way and you have to end up taking other route which causes more time and not up to date traffic conditions. Second has there been a update with the app or something as if you’re planning a route the night before there is a bug where it will not let you pick tomorrow. Thirdly is with the arrival time. At the moment waze is taking you straight into traffic and not avoiding anything and the real time of arrival is seriously incorrect. Or it tells you you are arriving in 20 minutes and takes 2 hours or it says 2 hours when leaving on journey and take 1 hour. Fourth is width restriction. I should advice on this route there is a width restriction so we know if we have a bigger van to be careful because you might not get out the other end and end up turning around causing major blocks for all other users of the road. Please could you look into the issues and make waze great again. Thank you.Version: 4.73

Stressful driving experiencesI used to highly recommend waze to everyone I know but recently waze has caused me some extremely stressful driving experiences. One example is that it has directed me across the harbour bridge and then to come back across it, I assume it’s because of some satellite issue? I have told this story to friends for them to say they’ve had the same experience and been late for important meetings in the city and had to have paid an unnecessary toll twice. I’ve had waze direct me in complete circles, to return back to roads I was already on (no there was no traffic jam). I’ve had waze direct me left onto a main road and then right within 100 metres, how can I across 4 lanes in that distance?? I have avoid difficult intersections turned on yet I have been asked to turn right at a marked black spot intersection and had a car accident where I was hit at 70km/h (as the driver I should’ve ignored waze and continued straight) I can not continue to use this app anymore, which is disappointing. I hope these issues can be fixed..Version: 4.73.2

Constant network failure messageMy sister and I both have the Waze app on our respective iPhones. We set off from the UK in late December 2019 and had no problems with Waze going through the Channel Tunnel, France and Spain. Day 3 of our road trip and Waze packed in for both of us; in the end we gave up and just used the Kia’s SatNav system. Periodically I tried the App whilst in Portugal and later again in Spain, but in the end deleted the app in the hope this would eradicate the problem: it hasn’t. Back in the UK now and it’s still the same network error message. At least my sister has been able to use the app so long as she uses Wi-fi to set the route; if she doesn’t, she gets the “uh-oh” message. We’ve had 3G and 4G through France, Spain and Portugal so we have reached the conclusion Waze isn’t as good as it once was. We also had one trip in Portugal when we set off for lunch at a venue we’ve been to before; the app kept us amused for an hour as it tried to send us to the beach instead of up the mountain area we were heading. I hope the Developers take a look at this problem and can get a fix released soon otherwise you’ll loose a couple of Waze fans..Version: 4.59

Not what it used to be!I’ve been using Waze for a few years now! All good and even better than other navigating apps! In the last few months I ended up being rerouted from the motorway to a B road to save time, to just realise I’ve wasted 30 more minutes for nothing! Last week I ended up in a dead end road and waze was telling me to keep going straight! For the last days waze keeps telling me that there is network error. Everything google touches if it doesn’t serve them they mess it up! Absolutely no service support and no interest in fixing any issues whatsoever! Noticed another thing: Although people report issues and anything in real time, Google uses those reports but waze keeps rerouting you even 4 hours after an Incident although google maps is back to normal! So quite dodgy and let down by it! Probably will find another up in a month if these issues are not being acknowledged!.Version: 4.50

Outstanding app "Don't leave home without it"I have pretty much switched to using Waze exclusively for my navigating needs. Even though my new Toyota has a nav system I prefer to use Waze. Better routes and with Wazers keeping it current you rarely are caught in a huge traffic jam. A couple of notes after a year or two. Waze has changed and gotten a little buggy. Still use it but since the last update it crashes all the time. I will be driving and look up to see Waze has crashed. Have to pull over and restart nav. Also now has “false starts “. It will come up but isn’t functional. It has to shut down, swiped from background and restarted. What it really needs is a pause button for temporary stops. The app still crashes after the first 3 words of the next instruction. Very annoying when in heavy, unfamiliar traffic. Sometimes just keeps crashing after restart. The worst is now the sloppy handling of Bluetooth with hearing aides. I would think they would be more respectful of those of us with disabilities. After giving a direction over the car radio it disconnects from the car and keeps the empty Bluetooth carrier active. This connects to my hearing aides effectively turning them off. Just what you need is to be mostly deaf in traffic thanks to your Nav program. They need to address how they handle Bluetooth. The cheapest bidder isn’t the best..Version: 4.76.5

Needs ImprovementCarPlay support needs attention. The dictation of destinations is flat out broken. If I’m playing music or podcasts in Overcast, it won’t even pause it when listening for the voice dictation. Even worse, even if no audio is playing, the app says it’s “listening” but catches nothing. The feature is useless. Reporting stuff takes too many taps. There are basically 2 things that get reported 99% of the time - police and car stopped on shoulder. Why can the police report be done in 2 taps while the stopped car takes like 4? Why does it take the same amount of taps as roadkill? Siri Shortcuts integration is BADLY needed. It’s the best way to gain back some functionality since you can’t set default map apps in iOS. “Hey Siri, Waze to mom’s house”. PLEASE!! Turn tracking. When I come to a turn, please just assume I’m making the turn and rotate the map when I get to the intersection. I know the GPS needs some time to verify that I’ve actually made the turn, but waiting 3-4 seconds for the map to recognize that I’ve made a turn is bothersome and sometimes very annoying if I need to make multiple turns in quick succession. If the app would just assume the turn is going to be made and preemptively rotate the map, that would be awesome. (Like the native Apple Maps does it).Version: 4.45

No right turns?I have loved this app for quite a while and don’t mind the occasional quirk. Let me start with some positives. It’s not afraid of residential streets. It has great GPS when it can connect including speed with alerts, and speed detector/red light camera warnings, along with community warnings of potential hazards from pot holes to police. One thing that has happened a few times is instead of turning right at an intersection it takes you left to do a u-turn to get back on the road you were going. In the past several days it has taken that little quirk to a whole new level, taking me km’s (miles) out of my way to go simple routes, even just basically forward, often doubling, yes doubling! my trip time. My 18 min trip this morning took 45!! I’d like to list all the incomprehensible routes it has done to me over the past 9 days (that’s when it started acting up like this) but I probably won’t have enough characters in this review. I HAVE loved this app for quite a while, but the depression I am experiencing being very late to work the past 7 days isn’t worth it and driving me back to google maps. I’m being moderate with my rating as although I am highly unlikely to continue using it, it does have some very good features not available in google or apple maps..Version:

Good App, needs to be fasterThis is a great app for drivers and the community. However, the areas which need improvement are the accuracy and latency of the tracker and how often the score updates. There have been times before where it has said that I am on a road that I’m not actually on and takes about 10 seconds before it actually realises. There’s other instances where I get bonus points but it takes a couple days before my score updates. I hope this good app becomes a truly great app.Version: 4.73.2

Good but not great.I’ve used this app for years and hardly drive without it. It gives great directions and usually gets me where I’m going the fastest way possible. That being said it has some serious flaws. It definitely takes some time to account for traffic or an accident and bypass that route. It also doesn’t take all routes into consideration. I’ve had times where it will only give one route option when I know for a fact there are other routes I personally know. And it usually doesn’t give you routes that bypass the freeway that’s backed up unless you actually set the whole app to avoid the freeway, even if the side streets are the faster route. Also if you tell the app there is a road closure they send you messages asking about it and don’t acknowledge them on the route. But there is no way to answer the questions and if you don’t answer they consider the issue closed and don’t change the map. This has happened to me at least 8 times in the same place where there is long term construction that’s had a road closed for over a month. But the app keeps telling me to take that route even though I have documentated the road closure every time I go past it. They send a “chat” asking about it, but there is no place to respond to the message in the app. So they ignore my documentation of the road closure and keep telling people to go that way..Version: 4.86

Useful but NOT safeI like Waze for navigation; it has some good aspects over other map apps-I like that based on the day and time that I open the app it predicts where I might be going, I like that it chooses the shortest route and is always right regarding my ETA, I like that I can send my ETA to any of my contacts so they know when to expect me, and I like that if I try to access the search function while in motion it says this is unsafe and asks if I am the passenger. I DON’T like that all other uses of the app while in motion are extremely unsafe. To document police, accident, stalled car, road closure, etc I have to take my eyes off the road to navigate through all the prompts which is exactly like texting and driving, I DON’T like that there are ads that pop up anytime I am going less than 5mph-my husband has them pop at highway speeds! We need a paid version of the app!! Also, the see other people on the road function does not work well. There are many times I see other icons when there isn’t even another car around or my husband is using the app in his car ahead of me but I don’t see his icon. Also, beeps are not useful. Not only is it unsafe to get in and access the beep function, it serves no purpose. Once you accept them there is no history and no way to tell who beeped you. Like I said, I like the app for overall navigation and real-time ETA, but otherwise it needs some serious updates..Version: 4.34.1

Trash nowThis app used to be good and chose fast routes, now adds an additional 30min-2h to routes compared to google maps. Also can’t route myself home (700km) giving me 2 errors: destination is too far or no route exists. Even though I used this app halfway to my destination before google routed me a way that was 50 minutes faster that Waze didn’t have. Will no longer be using this app as its slowly turned to garbage..Version: 4.80

GarbageMade me later to work than I’ve ever been..Version: 4.79

Finally get carplay albeit basic and flawedDon't get me wrong I like waze. It's free and fairly reliable. The latest update promised carplay finally. And it works. To a point. The biggest problem is the simplicity of the carplay version (as opposed to simply mirroring your iphone- which is still better). The speed limit is literally covered up by the next turn directions! It’s there though. I can see the top of the red circle. But it’s covered up when it’s actually giving directions. It doesn’t show your speed either which is a shame. For me Waze always ticked the boxes over google maps and apple maps because of live traffic and speed limits/your speed. Hopefully the latter issues will be fixed? Surely all that’s needed is to move the speed sign to the left of the screen...?.Version: 4.43.4

Doesn’t work well everywhereI can imagine for some cities this app is great, particularly for busy areas where there are sheer numbers of drivers on the road, but if you’re like me and you live in an area that has a limited amount of ‘main routes’, isn’t crazy busy or contains poorly designed roads, this app won’t do you much good. It tries a little too hard to deviate from major roads just to save time, but all it does is end up taking you far longer thanks to the increased route length combined with traffic lights, queues and more junctions - for example, this app constantly tries to pull me off a slow-moving A-Road, but literally all it does is divert me to even slower minor roads with tons of traffic lights, before inevitably making me rejoin the A-Road which I could have just stayed on to begin with. It also can’t make its mind up which route it wants you on, so get ready for constant anxiety due to this thing spitting out bizarre route choices… gets you comfortable with heading one way and then decides to send you somewhere completely unfamiliar, sometimes INCREASING the ETA?!! Would avoid unless you live in a heavily populated area where beating standstill traffic is useful..Version: 4.80

Used to be great...I used to love Waze and use it on every trip, even for 10 minute journeys to see how it would get me to my destination quicker by avoiding heavy traffic. Sadly for the past few months it has been getting worse and worse and is now actually unusable! It constantly provides inaccurate routing on nearly every trip I make. On my way to work today it provided a new route to take. This was strange as this route would take much longer so I ignored it and carried on my usual route. It asked me to make a u-turn and drive back about 5 miles in the wrong direction! Again ignored and once it had recalculated it took 14 minutes off my route and original time, and I got to work early - by ignoring everything it said. Closed roads are also a major issue. These are rarely on the Waze maps and it has no idea you cannot take that route. Google maps however always has the closed roads on their maps. And I believe Google takes map information from Waze, so this is strange. Becoming unusable and will soon be deleted unless it starts to improve and stop making my journeys longer - the total opposite of what this is designed for..Version: 4.42

Was good up to the last ‘update’Worked well up to the last update, now lags very badly on the CarPlay, tells you where you have been about 20-30 seconds late. Prior to that it was my preferred app which is a pity. EDIT: most recent update mid-May22 (ver 4.83) seems to have corrected the problems noted above. Will try-trial it again to see if it remains so. Updated to 3-stars from 1..Version: 4.83

Wish it was betterWhen trip starts take a while to load, when travelling in some places it says keep left instead it should be saying turn left not keep left also when there are 3 lanes going straight 1 turns left middle goes straight and other goes straight it doesn’t tell you get out of left lane or stay in the middle lane, when in traffic this is bad as sometimes you are in areas where u do t know that left you can only go left or right. Also when turning a corner you should say turn left and first right so stay in the right lane as sometimes there are 2 lanes turning left but only 1 again you can turn right. Also when picking someone up in a car park that is not undercover when you exit the car park it’s still loading to tell you which way to exit car park. Once all this is fixed app will be perfect can’t wait. There also should be lane guideness.Version: 4.60

Chews too much battery powerWatch out. This app chews a lot of battery power.Version: 4.37

Great idea - Poor RoutingI installed this app just after it was released but have recently tired of the app constantly sending me down road that are not fit for a bicycle never mind a car. I have had 4 or 5 journeys recently where I’ve either had to make a 20 point turn to get back to a proper road - ie. does not have grass growing down the middle, or I’ve had to turn in my wing mirrors because the hedges were hurting them both sides. I love the concept but the system has some massive flaws. It seems bizarre that the map would direct you down one of these roads when they are virtually impassable. Surely an extra minute of driving on a perfectly good A road is better than risking damaging your car on a dirt track. I’ve gone back to google maps. It seems to know the difference between a road a path!.Version: 4.76.5

CarPlay ReviewLoved the app and was so excited for it when I heard it was coming to CarPlay! Only to found out there was so many features lacking and disappointed how it was layout. Especially when it comes to toll road, I was surprise there was no option to turn it off in car play. There was no speed display, no cute driver icons, no alerts, no option to choose which routes to take ( it automatically chooses one for you and then you have to decide it after), no adding a stop feature. It pretty much lacked what made ‘Waze’ Waze. I hope this will improve in the future, but for now I guess apple maps and google maps takes the throne for carplay in time being..Version: 4.43.4

Good features, shocking app.I can’t give anymore than one star to an app that crashes as much as this one. Using an 11pro max in car play and every time I get in I have to restart the app to get it to not be frozen up. Sometimes I’ve already started driving and so I have to pull over to do this then which is highly annoying. Need a feature that reduces the amount the voice says, just simple navigation and speed camera alerts. The current voices are extremely annoying so would be good to reduce how much they talk. On CarPlay you should be able to set actual speed limit when reporting a wrong limit or it will never be correct. Having speed cameras announced is great as is current speed limit on the screen, just wish the app was more reliable and had a few more features on CarPlay..Version: 4.78.3

Was Waze better beforeWaze became bad Waze to travel. What happened? My Waze has me going all over the place, keeps funnelling me towards Toll roads when I have asked to avoid them. This morning it tried to take me on a 7km detour and kept showing me that my local motorway on-ramp doesn’t exist. I ignored it AGAIN and went the way I normally go down my local motorway on-ramp. And these annoying and distracting adds. Is that safe? Wow you guys really sold out huh?!?! I have been a Waze pusher for a couple of years now. Suggested it to quite a few friends and colleagues. Have used it in different countries. Was amazed to find Waze in Phnom Penh. Now looking for something better... like the Old Waze.Version: 4.71.2

Needs more fine tuningOverall a good app but have noticed it needs a few improvements - Audible warning for speed cameras does not work all the time, yet hazard warnings always are heard. - Whilst in operating in apple car play mode, not all options are available to report warnings. Especially Speed cameras. The closest option is Police. Yet when operating in phone only mode all options available. - Range of warnings do not correlate to settings options in app. - One improvement would be to add 500m of range to gps data reports of hazards ie speed cameras when report is logged due time and distance travelled by a user reporting such a warning..Version: 4.55.2

Good when it worksApp is good when it works but constantly says “oops something went wrong” which happens frequently now. Been using the app for years but it’s does this every time I use it now which is very frustrating so end up using google maps..Version: 4.81.4

Frustrating compared to how it wasI’ve used this app for ages (I’m a Knight Wazer) and recommended it to many others especially for the real time traffic issues it’s helped me avoid in a sales management role that keeps me on the road. However the update a couple months ago has me avoiding it now and using others. It’s taking WAY too long to load and often says there’s no network when my other apps aren’t having that issue. There are a few other things I’m finding a bit disappointing now but that’s the main one steering me away. I don’t have time to constantly wait or reload. Using Google Maps more again. I hope it gets fixed..Version: 4.41.2

POPUP ADS ARE DANGEROUSIf I could give the app 0 stars I would. Popup ads that take up a third of the screen make trying to drive by it’s instructions *very* difficult, not to mention hugely distracting to the driver every time they come on screen. The developers have also removed the “can’t interact while driving” function which is the complete opposite of safety conscious..Version: 4.81

Infuriating lack of soundsI’ve had this app for a few years now and it was quite good. I love being able to tag traffic incidents and receiving traffic reports. I also like how the app will direct me to the quickest available route base on traffic, but it’s not always accurate. Unfortunately, beginning two updates ago, the sound ceased working in the app. I have emailed through the app support for help but just received an automated generic reply. I’ve adjusted all app sound settings multiple times. Discounted from car Bluetooth. And reinstalled the app. I’m at my wits end! Really hope this is fixed, because after using this app twice a day for years I’m considering deleting it all together..Version: 4.64.2

Improvement neededSuggested route is not good enough, and always recommend a longer and indirect path..Version: 4.73.2

Does not promote safe drivingHi Waze, I really like the fact that you rely on real time data to update it's users practically saving a lot of time with the help of those updates. However, in a world where distractions are in abundance and distracted driving is rampant, you have asked me to like, make suggestions and report on the driving conditions of the road while I AM DRIVING. How is that safe unless you have another adult in the vehicle that you are driving? Also, you announce exits 500 to 200 metres away from the exit which sometimes makes it impossible to merge in a busy traffic. There is no announcement about which lane I should be in which would certainly help especially for young/inexperienced drivers. I will be disabling my account for I have found a better alternative. I am really amazed that no user has ever reported these anamolies..Version: 4.82

Does not connect to contactsI’ve been usung this app for years and I’ve loved it. But they had an update at some point and now it’s such a PAIN to connect your contacts to the app, actually I haven’t been able to connect it for some months now. I used to be able to just type in a contact and the app will pull that contact’s address then it’s done. Now, I have to copy paste addresses and you can imagine how unsafe and frustrating it is to do this when you’re already on the road and already driving. Sometimes the app crashes and freezes so I have to close it and renavigate, how do they expect me to do all this copy pasting while driving? Before, all I had to do was enter a contact’s name. I’ve googled this and it seems to be an ongoing problem since last year. All the articles are of “tricks” you can do to make the app connect to your contacts. Although it was annoying that I had to “trick” an app to perform something it was supposed to in the first place, I still tried it but nope it didn’t work. I’m honestly just so frustrated about this. Not quite sure why they haven’t fixed it cause it truly is such a headache that anybody I know who used this app is now deleting it because of this. I love the live traffic feature but oh my GOD is this glitch so annoying and so counter productive..Version: 4.64

Ads are DANGEROUS in a sat-nav appYou have the most distracting ads in any map app and those are VERY DANGEROUS during driving..Version: 4.39.1

Stop making it worseHey Waze, stop updating your app and making it worse. Apple car play no longer displays map in “dark mode” during the day. The regular colours are to bright and distracting especially during cloudy overcast days. Dark mode needs to be available all the time..Version: 4.79

Was good, utterly worthless nowFrequently tells you to make left turns over concrete dividers. Frequently tells you that you are at your destination when there is no way in and the entrance requires multiple turns potentially a block away. If that was a stop on your way then good luck figuring out how because it just switched to your final destination. Often it does so silently so guess what you passed your stop 5 miles ago. Even if you try to prevent this by selecting a new drive instead of stop along the way to wipe all memory of any other destination from existence, it may switch to an old destination anyway. Frequently sends you to the wrong destination, sometimes miles from the correct one. Turns on toll roads at random after you’ve disabled it. Right now it made me go 10 miles out of my way to a gas station “along the way” (not an exaggeration, sent me in a 10 mile circle to a station right behind where I started). I stopped using it over 2 years ago except for finding the best gas prices. Now that it burned nearly 1/2 a gallon on that, I won’t use it for that or anything anymore either. Worse than nothing, please use anything else at all, maybe a fold up map or directions printed on paper. Used to be better. Ignore the older reviews. I wonder if Google bought Waze so they could tank their competition on purpose..Version: 4.82

Night mode CarPlay..?.?.?.No matter witch settings we choose, night mode won’t work. Always white and bright on CarPlay.Version: 4.79

TOO Reliant On Crowd Sourced DataTried it deleted it... Information for my city is at least 12 months out of date, more in some cases for speeds and road changes. No road works were noted (I pass through several long term, months, road works, none of which were indicated). Though you may enter map corrections, this is not possible when you are driving (because you are DRIVING) and there seems no way to go back to add map corrections later. These things alone make this navigation tool useless to me. I suspect it because the app is almost totally reliant on crowd sourced data and if there are no other “Wazers” in your area the route can ONLY be based on some potentially out of date, basic road map. This is a catch-22, no users-> poor functionality-> no users. Also, any app that doesn’t even attempt to discover why you are deleting your account, suggests that the developers do not actually care to take feedback and thereby improve the service..Version: 4.52.5

Miss direction!!I’ve been using this app for the past 6 months now and really enjoy it, it’s great to keep track of the local speed zones and your speed, it would be good if it gave a little sound or something once you go over speed limit rather than having to keep looking at screen. Also over the past month I’m not sure what is going on but for some reason it doesn’t always map out the fastest route, a lot of times I use the app when I work away but once I get closer to my area I take a few different turns and end up saving up to 20 minutes some days depending on traffic. It would be a nice feature if you could leave to app open and could track your back streets or something that could work into other routes..Version: 4.51.2

Not good (especially with Apple Car Play) but has potentialI’ve been using Waze For carpooling since September (four months now) primarily as a driver. I am glad it’s been launched and I have some constructive feedback. The app has changed and is not working well with Apple Car Play. It will not allow me to access messaging feature while when I arrive at the pick up point and I cannot end the carpool for several minutes until I exit the car thus making the whole process a nuisance rather than a seamless experience. The carpool features should be available on Apple Car Play. Additionally, 1) there are way too many buttons to push as a driver, thus causing significant distraction in the process; 2) the fact that there are two apps (driver and rider) is significantly confusing to me and everyone whom I’ve ridden with; 3) the app’s design to protect privacy is the rider makes pick-up locations that are totally illogical and make no sense (like the middle of a freeway, just as an example); 4) the app biases their rider, rather than an equal approach for both rider and driver (if the rider sets a time, the driver cannot suggest an alternate) so there should be a reschedule button; 5) the app is simply NOT elegant and modern looking, it is clunky and the buttons to move between screens are hard to tap because they are so small. Other than these issues, it’s a valiant effort and I applaud the Waze and Goggle teams for trying to crack this nut. It is something the world needs..Version: 4.58

Ruined the app with your dog and cat modeThe cat and dog mode ruined the app. Turn it off you say? You can’t!!! What a stupid feature!!!.Version: 4.75

It’s good. Still needs workBeen a long time user. It’s had its ups and downs over the years . I find the ETA notification system to be unreliable so now use Apple Maps for this. As for general mapping it’s good but I find the reporting system to be frustrating. Example. If you driving into heavy fog, you report it. The truck load has fallen a few kms up The road and I report that. Then I report road works few kms up The road and it warms me I’m reporting too much and will be banned. Why? I’m reporting what needs to be reported. Then on the way home I get traffic blocked up due to a crash in the Hwy. so I report this. Then I reported a large pothole and when I was close to home again I reported heavy traffic and again warned about being banned for reporting too much. If Waze discourages users from reporting then it loses its appeal as it’s really it’s major strength it has over any other mapping system. So best to maybe fix that..Version: 4.83

Distracting and poorly designedThis app has great key features - live traffic, live reporting, very extensive knowledge of speed cameras etc. But there are problems that make it unviable, and Google Maps is the next best thing. Waze is too distracting and potentially dangerous. If somebody has reported something it will display which user did it and you have the option to press the thumbs up button. I appreciate the opportunity to praise them but I’m driving for goodness sake - it doesn’t matter if I’m stuck in traffic. You aren’t supposed to touch your phone by law. A similar problem happens when stopped at traffic lights or waiting at a junction - advertisements. When I’m waiting for my gap to pull out of a junction, advertisement banners should NOT be coming on the top of my screen. It’s so distracting. Imagine if somebody is reading the advert while pulling out and they rear end another vehicle. I understand this app needs to make money but adverts while driving is not the way to do it..Version: 4.81

Music volume too high while directions are being saidAfter this new update, it no longer decreases the volume of my music playing on Spotify while the GPS is giving directions. I can no long hear the directions as they are being spoken, and it causes me to look down at my phone instead of paying attention to the road!.Version: 4.46.2

What has happened to Waze?Waze has been my go-to nav app, especially in car play, for many years. However, it is now riddled with bugs that make it unusable for me. I even removed it and reinstalled to make sure it wasn’t an iPhone issue. The biggest problem I have is the app hanging up in CarPlay upon launch. The screen just freezes or the map doesn’t render. The only fix is to force quit the app on my phone and restart. The easier fix is to just use Apple Maps. The next, and also serious, issue is sometimes with long routes it goes into some weird teleportal mode where it just skips large sections of the route. This has happened several times on drives between SC and NY that should be 800 miles and 12:30. After letting Waze calculate the route it comes back with a route that is 500 miles and and 6 hours. It has me on the proper route but many of the usual turns are missing and it has me magically appearing close to home several hours early. Nice trick. On top of this are the occasional crashes where the app hangs or closes on its own. One last complaint is when the phone is connected to CarPlay I cannot view a Waze map on my phone. It will only show the options screen. This has been going on even after recent version updates. I have been a Waze user since the beginning and even used it over the built in Nav in my vehicles. However, I’ve now stopped using it and would not recommend it to anyone..Version: 4.84

Good at knowing where traffic is AWFUL at getting around itYou wanna know where traffic is jammed? This app is wonderful for that. Want a route around? Avoid Waze. This app is useful for for ETA’s if you sync with your calendar, and to show you where traffic jams are. However, expect it to always take you through traffic jams. The most use I’ve gotten out of this app this app during traffic hours (aka the time you would most want to use this app) is zooming out to see the full map and then seeing myself how to get around the jam. Without fail, if I’m trying to get home from work, Waze will want me to take a Street that I know for a fact will be jammed. I decided to follow the directions twice thinking maybe Waze was smart than I am and knew something I didn’t. Both times I was backed up a solid mile before where Waze thought the real jam started it. And I’m talking I was in bumper to bumper traffic waiting for the light to turn 3 times before I got past a single block. Despite this, Waze insists this is the fastest route — it’s not. Waze also becomes unresponsive to traffic reports during peak hours it seems. You could report bumper to bumper traffic in a downtown street and Waze will only mark the small section where you are even if the jam stretches 10 minutes in front of you. You would think it would gather that you’re in a bad jam and find a different route, but it doesn’t. Your best bet is to zoom out the map, and try to find a better way yourself..Version: 4.35.1

I lost all my historyWith the last update I lost the whole history of trips, which was very useful..Version: 4.84.1

Last-minute turns and intrusive adsSadly my app store rating for Waze has been steadily dropping over time. It just isn't getting better, it's getting worse. Now we have intrusive ads for fast food popping up when we are driving, and they don't go until you interact with the screen. I don't want to interact with it - I'm driving. And then there are the notifications that you have to turn when you're at the actual turning it wants you to take, which means the turning is impossible to achieve at best and dangerous to whoever is behind you at worst, because you should indicate in plenty of time to keep other drivers aware of your intentions. Last weekend in a one-way city system, Waze was dangerous and had me cursing it repeatedly. No more. It's a shame because it has so many great features I will miss, but I'm going back to Apple Maps which usually does give me plenty of notice of turns I need to take and never contains ads. Minimal interaction with handsets - why is this need ignored? It's actually illegal in the UK to mess with a phone while driving..Version: iOS 4.31

Était excellent, mais peut mieux faireLes dernières semaines, Waze nous envoyait tout le temps dans des parcours de rues fermées, au milieu du chantier du pont Champlain, et pendant TOUT le week-end. SVP, revenez comme avant, c’était mieux mis à jour..Version: 4.37

AverageLooks a bit different to generic navigation apps, and appears to have some interesting additional features. But the nice interface isn’t enough to offset the annoying random notifications. And like many navigation maps, is useless once you leave the range of your home wifi. So good luck getting home from your destination again..Version: 4.69.2

Causes Apple CarPlay to lagI would give this app five stars if it worked properly with Apple CarPlay. When Waze is running it causes lag in the entire CarPlay system/interface and when using Waze the map loading time is at least 10 seconds behind which renders the turn by turn navigation useless. I plead that this be fixed as I’m sure many users as indicated in your forums are looking for a solution..Version: 4.85

Extremely slow when changing routesGood features but ridiculously slow when you take another route or street and it takes long to change route and show new direction. Very annoying and frustrating when you concentrating on the road and miss the turn you supposed to take and its still stock on old route when your direction has changed and it is still showing straight so you keep going straight then after 10 seconds or so it finally updates and tells you to go to another street and turn around. Extremely slow route update unloke other gps maps that are instant. Navigation needs a drop down banner showing directions when you need to be in another app instead of voice. Voice is annoying when it keeps repeating. For instance before a turn or a round about it tells you a couple of times where to go. Very annoying when you are listening to radio or something important and it keeps interupting. Map layout and colour is cold and boring unlike google maps. The only appealing feature i like about waze is speed detection and alert and camera alert. And apart from these two features its very slow navigating between routes, cold and boring appearance and not showing all surrounding road and street names and property numbers. Google maps is the best but dont have speed and camera alerts and detection. If i find another app that has it all i wont use waze anymore..Version: 4.51.2

Asking for Health Activity dataApple says apps that don’t provide health functionality shouldn’t ask for health data.... waze wants access to activity data “to help find my parking spot?” Give me a break.Version: 4.72

Closed road not on wayzKeeps taking me down a closed road every time. The process to report is impossible to navigate..Version: 4.88

Used to be 5 *I’ve been using Waze for almost 3 yrs. I use while riding my motorcycle and in my car. It was really good for navigating to new locations and for alerting to speed cams, accidents, road works, events and when over the speed limit. However, it no longer alerts when driving over the posted speed limit. We have also noticed a reduction in the voice volume, despite turning the volume to maximum. I contacted WAZE support and all they did was regurgitate the steps to follow in set up to turn this option on, despite me clearly explaining that I had already tried that. I also removed the ap, rebooted my mobile and reinstalled, to no avail. Their support team has dropped the ball. Please fix..Version: 4.81

No support for electric cars ..Therefore reminded constantly about gas prices, fuel stops etc which were all annoying and frequent enough to make me delete the app. Add electric as a fuel type to stop the annoying notifications..Version: 4.51.3

Constantly get “No GPS” errorI was an early adopter with Waze years ago as I’d spent a small fortune buying all of the name-brand navigation apps and yet they either changed to subscriptions or had numerous issues they refused to fix. I raved about Waze to many friends and colleagues and as a result, most of them also adopted Waze and ditched their paid apps. I loved Waze for years: it was always up-to-date, the traffic data was accurate and I could find businesses and other destinations that none of the other “top” apps could find. However, my wife and I (she with an iPhone 6 and myself with an iPhone X) have recently started encountering the “No GPS” error message all the time, even though every other GPS-related app on our devices has no issue whatsoever. The result has been that we’re driving and trying to follow the Waze troubleshooting steps at the same time, often taking 10 mins or so to do this whilst trying to navigate to our destination. We’ve missed exits, taken wrong turns and often been late for appointments. We’re ditching Waze for now, at least until the company can get their act together and fix this critical problem. What point is there to having a GPS navigation app that won’t connect to GPS?!?!?!?.Version: 4.43

Use Waze all the time. But they don't fix bugsI love waze, use it for most car journeys and prefer it to Google Maps or Apple Maps. But a recent bug shows me that the support team are not serious about fixing problems. On my iPhone XR, on updating to ios 15, I found that waze would die very soon after I started a journey. Every time. I have sound set to play via Bluetooth phone call. That setting has been in place for many years, and it routes waze announcements to my car speakers. Never a problem until now. Now waze crashes every time an announcement is made. I found it very difficult to contact Waze about this. Their response? I don't know - somehow take logs when the failure happens, or something. I'm a user, not a waze technician. And anyway, when I'm on a motorway and my nav has just failed I'm not really in a position to do any sort of troubleshooting, am I? So I'm now using Google Maps. I can still use Waze if I send its announcements to the phone speaker, but that is not what I want to do. Come on Waze. Help me out here. This is poor and it's not fixed by ios 15.1. Basically because you haven't looked at it and you don't appear to care. Rowel.Version: 4.78.3

Needs Some ImprovementI will preface my review with the fact that I use Waze the majority of the time when traveling to somewhere new, or when I need to gauge when to leave. One major glaring issue...when you receive a phone call on an iPhone, it switches to the phone app but doesn’t switch back to Waze at any point. This issue makes the screen timeout and the navigation display turn off. This can definitely cause an issue when you’re traveling at highway speeds and have to hold your phone in front of your face to get it to turn back on. Another common issue I’ve found, it doesn’t automatically choose the best route. The algorithms used seem to skew in favor of highways. I know you can choose the option to avoid highways, but it’s the traffic I want to avoid not the highways. The majority of the time I use the app, I’m constantly pulling up routes to change it to a more favorable option. Case-in-point, I was traveling to an appt on Tue and Waze showed an arrival time of 5:21p. While I was driving I kept checking routes and ended up changing to one halfway through that got me to my destination at 5:06p. Pretty sure that since the app is running on AI, it should be better at choosing a more efficient route while in transit, rather than having to constantly change it myself..Version: 4.63

BoringAlthough this app takes you somewhere as quick as possible it absolutely will not let you choose your own route shame. Sometimes I like to take it easy.Version: 4.80

Getting a creeping feeling...I’ve used Waze for years and loved it, but I’ve started becoming suspicious of some routes it takes me. I use it just about every time I drive, even when I know where I’m going, for traffic updates, cops, etc. Lately, it seems like Waze tries to force me onto main roads when backroads are a much better option; even in the dead middle of rush hour when I’d have to make a left turn off the main road, without a signal or stop sign, against pure gridlock. Meanwhile the backroads are light with traffic at best, and much faster (and arguably safer). I’ll point out, while these backroads are residential, they aren’t neighborhood roads or anything like that at all. With all that said, I can’t help but get the impression Waze is diverting me towards companies who advertise with them. This wouldn’t bug me too terribly much if it weren’t for sending me directly into heavy traffic, even if just a quarter mile or so, when I know it’s going to take much longer to navigate through it than the couple extra minutes Waze estimates. I can’t prove it, so I’m not saying I know this to be true. What I can say is that this used to never happen, yet seems to be an ever increasing occurrence when I use Waze now. It’s starting to make me reconsider its value over Google Maps..Version: 4.60

Fix Apple CarPlay lagPlease fix Apple CarPlay lagging issue..Version: 4.85

Why? Why?Why?Uploaded driving log hoping the my information would make the app better. Unfortunately it has done the opposite. A 3.5 mile journey in my home town has the app giving me a 7+ mile unnecessary excursion. Today a 13 mile journey that was more or less in a straight line had me going round the bend- both mentally and physically. The half hour journey ended up being 45 minute taking me down roads that I need not go down. In the past the app would send me down side streets doing zigzags but now it is send me down alternative dual carriageways and such which is just as bad. Seems as though the app has lost all it sense of direction You can say that I have changed settings but I have not. My half hour journey today that became a 45 minute journey ended up involved in an accident. This was once the best driving app ever but has ended up costing me money. Wonder if google has anything to do with this as they own the app..Version: 4.62.2

Could be 5 star. Still not good uxHave used it for 5+ years and although I use it daily there certain things that are terrible. 1) Always faces the wrong way when I start a journey and then has to recalculate 2) Takes forever to reroute if you miss a turnoff 3) Is painfully inaccurate at detecting how close you are to an upcoming turn, and you often end up missing your turn because on the map it looks way further ahead 4) When you have your bluetooth connected and you issue an “OK waze” command, it displays the talking icon at bottom of screen and it sounds like someone is whispering, or it seems to play the audio via the phone speaker instead of the bluetooth. Enough to make you pull your hair out as you can’t hear what it is saying. From what I know, you’re a multibillion dollar company bought out by Google. Please fix these basic UX issues ‘cos some of them are pretty embarrassing guys..Version: 4.54.1

Not for electric car, one destination one stopIt ask if you have an electric vehicle? YES. Should ask for connector type and/or level and or distance/autonomy Not for regular diesel.... When you ask for recharge station it propose gaz station Just illusion What did I miss? Can’t put more than one stop on a plan destination! Use to It Crash You need to wait when planning a destination. Why not ask when I want to be there first?.Version: 4.53.5

No longer my favorite navigation appA few years back I would say the Waze was my favorite navigation app, but after moving to a new city that opinion has changed. After a year in the new city the deficiencies in the app have become more apparent. The routes it gives you are not the best. Almost every morning it recommends the “best” routes to work. I’m not sure what algorithm is used to determine the “best” routes, but those routes have longer ETA’s and are more arduous or complicated. Even after changing the app settings and making sure the setting to avoid tolls is off it continues to give me longer and more complicated route options. At times it doesn’t even give me other options for routes I know I can take. Following Waze at times this year has led me into horrific traffic and to be late at work. There’s also times I’ve tried to type in or choose destinations, but it routes me to a completely different destination trying to be predictive of my habits. Some of those destinations were in my previous city half way across the country that I haven’t gone to in 6-8+ months which is crazy to me. Safe to say I’ve floated back to google maps and their boring interface because Waze has become more frustrating to use..Version: 4.89

Not good anymoreI from Manchester area & this app just sends you randomly the wrong way eg. ino town or round looped directions ending back where you started from!!!! Nearly lost my job due to this dysfunctional app!!! This app used to be fantastic but unfortunately for some reason like many great things in life it doesn’t last long. At the start all seems great but it ends up sending you on a completely wrong direction re routing etc. Really needs attention to sort out as used it again thinks morning to take car to get serviced but it ended up directing me 50 mins out of my way which what should of taken me only 20 mins instead it took me 50 mins the wrong way!!! I arrived at the destination late & has caused so much embarrassment & also hassle when I got to work trying to explain myself. Stick to standard google maps which isn’t that much better when it comes to reliability! Come in guys It’s 2019 not retro’s 1985! Eg. Better off using an AA map!!.Version: 4.57

Pretty uselessPretty useless compared to the Google app. Doesn’t avoid heavy traffic let’s you know there’s a 10 minute jam once you are in it.Version: 4.37

Advertisements are dangerousIt is incredibly stupid and dangerous for ads to pop up while driving. They block your view of directions, and the only way to get rid of the ads is to swipe them away. I don’t want to have to fiddle with my phone while driving and risk getting in an accident or receiving a hefty fine. Terrible design.Version: 4.50

Cannot disable traffic light warningsWhy do you assume I need them!.Version: 4.70

Bad updateLast update prevents night mode to work with apple carplay now. Bright white screen at all times now… Please fix asap!!!.Version: 4.79

Navigation frustrationI got this app for speed & red light camera alerts as my new car’s navigation system doesn’t have them. These work well but sometimes you are verbally alerted & other times it shows a message on screen, which is rather pointless as I’m watching the road. Also when you want to navigate somewhere, it selects your route & then says “let’s go” but nothing happens. You can see the route, distance & time on screen but your car icon is not there & the map doesn’t move & there’s no instructions. It’s very annoying & half the time I have to stop & type in the address in Google maps or the car’s system & then don’t get the alerts that I want anymore. Apart from that, I like it’s other notifications but all notifications should be verbal..Version: 4.69.2

Very Glitchy with CarPlayI love that this app is community driven. However, something must be done with this app’s compatibility with Apple CarPlay. Directions disappear, the map is ridiculously zoomed in at times and off-centred, “oops something went wrong” appears again and again when trying to enter an address. The navigation also freezes while driving, causing my CarPlay to crash so I need to unplug and replug my iPhone just to fix the issue, and then re-enter the address. I feel like these issues have gotten worse over the years. I only continue to use Waze for its community updates such as construction, hazards, closed roads, police, which other map apps don’t have. But please, something has to be done with these glitches!.Version: 4.72

Dangerous, could cost you your licenseThis app encourages distraction as it requires you to touch your screen to confirm notifications, such as parked cars, speed cameras or police. It’s illegal to touch your screen when driving. At best you’ll get points and a fine. At worse you’ll kill somebody or yourself. It’s ridiculous really. Secondly these notifications take up too much screen real estate blocking your view on approach to roundabouts or junctions unless you tap them away. Again distracting and dangerous and licence threatening. The info bar at the top is really poor. You need beyond 20/20 vision to see the tiny numeral telling you which exit you need on an island. I like the updates/notifications but it really must be completely hands free, else you are putting lives at risk. And the GUI needs improving so you don’t need a magnifying glass. Could be a great app. Many good points, but the bad points are too much of a risk..Version: 4.55.1

SadThis used to my best way of avoiding traffic as I commute in the busy Boston area. Worked great until a little while ago when it stopped working. Now it sends me weird ways that are NOT avoiding traffic but instead turning me in to it. Ironically (or not) it seems to be pushing me lately near shops and businesses that I visit online which makes me believe that it is pointing me towards Google's sponsors and are tracking the sites I visit rather than helping me avoid traffic which was the original intended purpose. This is further cemented in my mind as the app is also showing ads for places I frequent. I'm not even one of those paranoid people who think that everyone is watching their every move. My point in this rant... Get it together Google/Waze. I loved this app once. I would even be willing to pay for the service if you got rid of the ads and got me to my destination the fastest way. Oh! And I have also proven my point by sometimes ignoring the turn you want me to make knowing there will probably be less traffic and watched my arrival time get quicker and quicker. End of rant. Five Stars again when you put the drivers first again rather than your sponsors. Edit... Now I really wish I could give 0 stars. No response from developer on this nor to my support request through the app. So... Thanks for not getting back to me and you have lost yet another user... Wake up Waze!.Version: 4.46

Very useful in CarPlay, urgent bug to fixThis is my main app for navigation. I was excited when I read that Waze is now available for CarPlay. However there is one bug I really hope can be fixed soon. When I set it to navigate to a destination, it doesn’t show the speed limit of the road I’m in (already activated this in setting). As soon as I reach destination and the navigation stops, the speed limit appears. Apparently it’s covered by the navigation guide area (the area that tells us which way to turn next). Maybe it’s specific to the driving side. I live in Australia, we drive on the left side onf the road and CarPlay adjusts its control mirroring how it looks in the US..Version:

BrokenWhat for years has been a brilliant app is now Totally broken. I’ve noticed a many times upon launch it shows where you were days before and refuses to reset to where you are now. I’ve driven 35 minutes with the app running and it hasn’t moved the pointer from where i was days ago! Interface is now incomprehensible, can no longer get rid of two thick panels at bottom, no longer put north upwards, zoom in out is random and just weird. Car play stops working at random. Adverts are now intrusive. No longer able to find specific settings as they are no where they are expected to be. Cannot easily find the way to mark a starting location at all it seems, so as long as you are planning a trip starting where actually you are you’re okay, but planning ahead is impossible. Especially adding a way-point mid journey to encourage a better known route. Suddenly useless!.Version: 4.75

Love Waze but CarPlay speed limit alerts need to be fixedLove Waze - its a treasure trove of realtime information that helps to outsmart traffic. I have used other apps like Sygic, Tomtom but they aren’t as good at routing. I was excited at the launch of CarPlay for waze but found that the speed alerts are not continuous. Once you receive an alert you don’t receive another one for a few minutes. I am not sure if its a bug or something deliberate. If it can be fixed with the option of the user choosing of the alerts should be continuous or one time, it will be make the app even better. The ability to view gas stations, parking places and other POIs on the CarPlay map are another set of improvements that will make the CarPlay experience perfect and take Wase to another level. The Sygic interface is quite good but their routing engine is not. Tomtom is working on their CarPlay but their realtime routing isn’t good either. Great opportunity for Waze. The speed limit fix will make my review a 5 star..Version: 4.49.2

Only good “right now”Really good navigation map to take you from where you are right now to a given location on the same piece of land. Unfortunately route preplanning tool is embryonic at best, and has remained so for years. Since you cannot pre-plan a route, Waze becomes useless once your travel involves a ferry, since you simply can’t look past the ferry port, look for petrol stations, etc. Also, since you can’t plan ahead and usually do not have GPS reception in the hold of a ferry, you have to find your way off the ferry blind until you can pull over somewhere, wait for Waze to establish your position, and then finally plan a route. This annoying feature has on occasions got me into real trouble, but in any case usually costs me at least 15 min before I can finally be on my way.... which is a real pity, because the actual navigation of Waze is the best I know for any Sat Nav App......Version: 4.72

Great app, dead batteryNot sure why it needs to run 24/7, but it kills each phone I try it on. 16h of background app usage? What for, exactly?.Version: 4.44.1

Inaccurate navigationI have been using TomTom and due to its lack of Places of interest and inbuilt search engine I decided to give Waze a go used it for a few months and I have to say the turn by turn instructions are inaccurate I went to a destination which I knew and tested this out on both journeys it took me on a wild goose chase added additional miles to the journey and got me stuck in slow moving traffic. On several occasions is showed traffic further ahead but I decided to ignore its instructions and went ahead to find the road completely clear. It also has annoying and intrusive ads popping up at the junctions which diverts your attention from the road if you’re an occasional user I suppose it’s fine but for someone using it on daily basis it’s a No No. I don’t understand how waze expects drivers to update the info like hazards and traffic on the go especially when it’s illegal to touch your phone or use it whilst driving in the uk. Navigation wise I personally experienced TomTom to be far mor accurate with route and traffic information I wouldn’t use waze again and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else either !!!.Version: 4.34.1

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