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Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast App User Positive Comments 2023

Chipotle - Fresh Food Fast app received 20 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about chipotle - fresh food fast?

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Card Scan IssuesAesthetically, functionally, and in just about every way, I think the Chipotle app is excellent. That said, I have an issue with the “Scan Card” feature when adding a payment type: I place my card within the border of the green lines, they all sync up for just a moment, and then... nothing happens. I have tried on probably 30 or 40 different occasions to use the Scan Card feature to add a payment, and it has worked exactly 0 times. Am I the only person who has had this issue? I skimmed the reviews and couldn’t find the same complaint but it’s entirely possible I just missed it. I’ve tried different cards, surfaces, lighting levels, and holding the card(s) different ways, all to no avail. At this point I feel like it must be a software issue. That one blemish on an otherwise stellar app is why I drop a star. (Realistically I’d give it 4.5 and not dock a whole star, BUT this is a pretty common feature in other apps and I can’t imagine it to be a difficult fix. Seems like the app software equivalent of a typo in a professional email.).Version: 7.1.1

Great food!Love the app and love the food! Great work chipotle team!.Version: 8.5.0

Always leaving off Honey Vinaigrette for deliveryService is fast and on time however I always enjoy the salad bowl from the Conyers, GA location and after my 4th-5th order they continue to leave off the salad dressing. I check my receipts it is on the receipts. I have called complained, left notes for them not to forget and they can never grant me a completed order upon delivery. I get mistakes are made but every singe time like this is what makes the salad good, now I’m like ugh I can’t eat it so I’m wasting money. Then the managers never respond or resolve the issue. I have never experienced this continuously awful experience from an establishment ever before. Like EVER!!!! Seems as if they do not care to fix it! I can see after reading reviews I’m not alone with the dressing always being left out the order. Please do better or compensate your customers. This is horrible. S.T.R Addendum: my latest order was perfect and even received my vinaigrette after many tries!! Food amazingly good as always!!.Version: 7.6.0

Pepper has a vocabulary problem!I’m a regular, frequent customer of Chipotle, and I always use the app to place my orders. In general, I find the app fairly easy to navigate and can successfully place orders. However…it seems like whenever I need assistance from the chat bot, whimsically named Pepper, we end up with what the late Strother Martin often decried in the American movie classic, “Cool Hand Luke” when he would say, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Pepper has a very limited set of semantics and is optimized to address food preparation, order fulfillment and delivery issues, using a discrete and very narrow set of possible outcomes. A few times, I actually tried to COMPLIMENT my local Chipotle store on a job well done with my order. But Pepper, oh, Pepper, you would think I was trying to ask you for your secret recipe for Sofritos! Clearly, Chipotle needs to integrate more AI and semantics into Pepper, as well as dare to hire additional human beings to address items not easily addressed by its cute but cumbersome support bot..Version: 10.15.1

.Roblox best not be lying, I want that free burrito or i’m suing😒.Version: 10.11.0

App is AWESOME!The new version of the Chipotle app has been redone since summer of 2020 and it’s very smooth and fast! Great job, as this was well overdue. Thanks..Version: 8.8.0

Missing menu items, otherwise perfectThe app is great and easy to use for many people just not anyone like me. My regular order includes: 2 Large chips 3 sides of mild salsa However you can not order large chips OR a side of mild salsa in the app. Please fix this! I’ve been complaining about missing menu items for over a year now and I’d really like to be able to use the app..Version: 10.17.0

Needs more workAs an ex-chipotle manager, I would say that the app definitely can use a lot of help. Obviously I never needed to order my food when I used to work there but now that I dont work there but uses the app to order food, customizations should be a lot more flexible. I have had customers who prefer plain brown or white rice. Some customers like half protein, some customers like their protein in a portion cup. There should be an option to buy large bags of chips separately. Also a lot of customers like the vinaigrette with their bowl or burrito just not with their salad. A lot of customers like their burrito double wrapped. If you listen to your customers more you’ll know that the app can be a lot better for customization. App can also coincide with DoorDash so that we can track our order better watching our doordash driver. The past few times I ordered the notifications were so off. I didn’t receive the notification that my food was here until 20 mins AFTER I got my order. Definitely not convenient..Version: 8.3.5

Great but needs a detail changedTrying to order in the actual restaurant is a nightmare. with the crowd noise, the music cranked, everyone having to wear masks and the plexiglass, it’s nearly impossible to hear what the employee is trying to ask. (My hearing is fine, it’s not me) The app makes it SO much easier, BUT…the “previous order” feature needs to be fixed. It’s great for being able to quickly reorder your favourites, but if ONE single thing isn’t available for the order (such as sour cream) rather than allowing me to SEE what the order was and just edit it to not include that ingredient, it just says can’t be ordered and you’re forced to start from scratch with your meal..Version: 10.9.0

GreatEverything works great BUT the app won’t let you add it to Apple wallet… says error.Version: 10.17.2

Sides of lettuce and tortilla desired in app!The app seems great! I just started using it so I haven’t run into any problems yet! However, I would request that the items that you put on a burrito all be made available as sides! A lot of items are available as side items but not lettuce. The trouble with this is that I don’t always buy to eat right away! I buy to eat later or to eat the next day. There is nothing so gross as trying to heat a burrito with old wilted lettuce on it and then have to remove it as wasted anyway. But, I still want lettuce. So if you make it as a side item, I can still add lettuce when I’m ready to eat it. Making the tortilla a side item would also be awesome because the tortilla gets sogged out, weak and then breaks. And then the whole thing falls apart! I can’t always order fresh so I need to preserve as much freshness as possible. Surely you can avoid problems with excess portions for sides by setting up a portion controlled container. I would be so happy for these options to be made available on the app! Thanks for considering this!.Version: 10.14.0

The App does what it’s suppose to doI usually don’t leave reviews because it just takes a lot of time. But as I was going to cancel the option to leave a review, a review titled “pathetic app” caught my eye. Someone was bashing the app saying that the food is good but the app is not this, and the app is not that. What do you want the app to do? Something provocative? I have used the app for about a year and I love it. When I go to chipotle there’s so many different options and I usually hold up the line. But with the app I get to sit in my car, take how long I want, pay, rack up rewards,and go in to pick it up off the rack at the time that it said it would be done. And with COVID I feel that much more safer knowing I don’t have to stand around waiting to order. Also, I get excited when I get a guac mode notification. Even if I don’t make it in that day it’s still pretty cool. I saw a review giving the app 1 star saying that the app wasn’t robust. Please , bust this 🤜 and thank you chipotle 😁.Version: 8.3.5

App needs a pace for comments/notesThe app is very easy to use but I am Celiac and it would help if there was an area for comments so that I could ask them to change gloves for food prep to avoid cross contamination - especially now during Covid where there is no one to speak to..Version: 8.11.0

Great app for pick upApp is easy to use and intuitive. Would be ideal to have the ability to order an additional dressing for the salad..Version: 8.9.0

Support is horribleIn an attempt to get the reward badges I have been going to Chipotle on different days then I normally would and keeping track of my points the best I can. Points show up 24-48 hours after purchase (maybe). When they don’t, you must “Chat with Pepper “, which is a minimum of 15 minutes +. A robot attempts to assist you, but can’t correct missing points. It passes you to a human who can only say the points have been added, it will be 24-48 hours. Problem should be solved, an employee has verified that you earned the points and has correctly added the points into the system. In 24-48 hours when no points are received you must go through the system again. They are corrected again. This time it will take up to seven days. Some points are added, but there’s no way to confirm for which purchase. Still missing approximately 800 points, but they stated that I was given an extra 250 for their mistake and earned 500 from a reward badge achievement. This should make things even. It doesn’t. When I order in your app, it should never miss points or even take 24-48 hours. Your app can instantly accept my order and my payment. Then within a minute send a text/email verification, but can’t instantly add the points. Then it loses the points? I would think that your IT Department could correct this and also show on the app and text/email the points awarded for each purchase side by side or in a running tally..Version: 10.7.2

Love the app specifically, howeverI think the app is very well rounded and very easy to use. I love the random names provided when shuffling through the different names to call your “usual” order, very thoughtful and detail aware. My only complaint/constructive criticism is to add a completion tracker, kind of like DoorDash or dominoes pizza tracker. Once I place my order, give me updates on when my order has been received, when it is being put together and the MOST import, when it is actually complete. I know chipotle stores are always busy, so I know things get backed up with rushes, so if there is a delay in the online order being completed, send a message/update on the app/cell phone number associated with the app to notify the online orderer. I’ve used the chipotle app three times and every single time I’ve showed up to the store location to pick up my food, it’s never ready. No matter how busy or slow the store is. I LOVE chipotle, but this would be a phenomenal improvement to the app and customer satisfaction. Thank you for your hard work and care, much appreciated! 🤍.Version: 7.7.2

Works wellHad no issues with the app - easy to use, runs well and is intuitive. My 12 year old was able to place an order and pay using my phone for a pickup..Version: 10.6.1

Easy to useI like that they save all your previous and most ordered food items. It makes it easy just clicking ‘order again’ instead if clicking through all the menu options. I wish they’d add an option where you can purchase the taco shells soft and hard on the side with your burrito bowl, how they do with the normal big tortilla, that would be nice! I also wish it was more clarified on the app that the delivery is through doordash. I try my best to not order through doordash, and try to order the restaurants that have their own delivery people on site since I feel like everything just runs 10x smoother that way, as just the other day doordash cancelled my order for I’m not sure what reason but Chipotle still had my order. On the app it also gives a tip option, I never know if that’s for the staff or for the driver since its not specified. In the off chance it’s for the staff I make sure to tip the driver cash as well because I’d never want to stiff someone, which then makes me order like $20 + :/ after all the tip and fees..Version: 8.12.0

Excellent customization and engagementBeen using for over two years now and ordering 4 times a month. Love that fact it lets me customize the meal and get consistent experience end-to-end all the time. The exceptions handling by chipotle team’s unsung heros is top notch..Version: 10.18.0

Add all optionsPossibly the most avid Chipotle eater of all the Chipotle eaters. Strictly writing a review based on your app- 1) PLEASE for the love of all things burrito, add an “add vinaigrette” option for ALL things (not just salads- even if you have to charge, trust me, it’s that good)! It is so delicious and it is the maker of my meal! 2) PLEASE allow a large quesadilla to be ordered via the app! I know it “may not travel well” but that’s the risk we take when getting Togo instead of dining it. It’s just as delicious to me no matter what! These two things keep me from using the app and I eat chipotle 3-4 times a week! Being in this business as well, I know all the apps and delivery services do relieve some labor from the in store and phone calls, the app is very user friendly and I’d like to use it as much as you all would like guests to use it, but us Chipotle addicts need a little bit more options on it! Thank you! Also it could use a “problem with order” option. I know it sends through DoorDash but it doesn’t link to their app to let you review, so you all may want to add it..Version: 8.3.1

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