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Dropbox: Cloud & Photo Storage App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Dropbox: Cloud & Photo Storage app received 165 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dropbox: Cloud & Photo Storage? Can you share your negative thoughts about dropbox: cloud & photo storage?

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Dropbox: Cloud & Photo Storage for Negative User Reviews

Mobile drop boxToo difficult to manage files and understand conventions. Difficult to use with no support, other than Chat. Garbage..Version: 352.2

Automatic paymentHi can it be stopped on my phone i m not using this app.Version: 142.2

Opted-in user data to AI without consentThis is unacceptable. People store all kinds of private documents (bank statements, medical records, legal contracts) in their accounts, and to automatically have everyone opted-in is shameful. I’m done with this unscrupulous company..Version: 358.2

Awful experienceI recorded a video 14.5 minutes long of course it won’t send through normal channels so I thought great drop box option. Downloaded the app because it said it was better. I’ve signed up for a 30day free trial to even use, I’ve spent 1 hour 40 minutes uploading this video to it to send for the recipient to not even be able to view it without signing up themselves for the same trial. I am fuming. Absolute waste of time and will be cancelling and never using again. Next step going to try Google drive and hopefully that won’t let me down..Version: 218.2

Approaching greatness but..Dropbox has always been the go to standard for cloud storage and finally they recently added offline folders for IOS (Box and SugarSync had for ages) Great now finally happy to pay for Dropbox. But then you run into the craziness of shortness of file names on the iPad which makes locating files a mission sometimes. Sure you can click a down arrow on individual files but lets be reasonable and provide options for readily extending the area available to view lists of file names. While at it be nice to have option to sort files with folders grouped at top like Windows rather than strictly alphabetical files mixed with folders. So so slow at getting the basics sorted it seems. So Dropbox is not perfect but they are currently ahead of Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive with folders offline (it's coming for OneDrive and their file layout is good). The new priced 128GB iPad makes offline folders a basic necessity in this humble reviewers opinion. Thank you Dropbox but don't stop there - work it,work it ahead of the big boys!.Version: 40.2

App OK but not compatibleThe app itself has always worked fine, but I can’t rate it any higher than two stars because the browser version- on my tablet at least- is so slow as to be unusable. It’s not my browser/tablet as this is the only website I have a speed problem with. Two test runs to access two different files took more than half an hour (and I still can only open them on the screen, not download!). If you only want to use the app it’s ok, but if you ever want to be able to access your files from any device that doesn’t have it, I strongly suggest another cloud storage provider..Version: 206.2.2

Terrible service don’t sign up!I signed up to Drop box plus in April this year and my account never upgraded, it stayed as a ‘free’ basic profile, and as I signed up via the App Dropbox won’t refund me they say Apple has to and Apple have only offered 2 months refund. So, it never upgraded, iv been paying for it & they make it impossible to speak to anyone on the phone which is so frustrating. I’ve contacted help only to be told we can’t refund you & no one has even explained to me why I’ve been paying for the service but not getting it. I spoke to many advisors on the chat as you can’t get through to actual people on the phone & not one of them could resolve why my account didn’t upgrade. It’s still unsolved and I have paid dropbox for a service I didn’t get & they hide behind a clause, so if you upgrade, don’t do it through the App, you’ll have no protection..Version: 354.4

DownhillI’ve used Dropbox for a few years now. Recently I’ve had time to look over my cloud options and it looks like Dropbox is always behind the other major players in this field. I will be canceling this subscription as the other cloud services always seem to offer more and are easier to navigate. I’m usually to busy to look at all the features but over the last month I feel like I’m getting ripped off by Dropbox. Yes it’s my fault for not looking into these cloud services but over the last month I realized that 2 other cloud services are more user friendly and just overall a superior to Dropbox in every way. If nothing else from my review, do your homework and use the free month on all cloud services so you know what you are getting. Go up to a computer repair center and ask for cloud advice. This service isn’t right for me but it may be perfect for the next person. Just try a couple different cloud services before settling on one..Version: 258.3

Why the tracking, Dropbox?As a paid subscription service based on privacy, do you really need to sell our data to other companies across the internet? And if you’re not selling it, why track us? —- —- —- Ok so thanks for the ‘developer response’, which doesn’t answer my question (or appear here? Yet?). I’m not asking about the security of my files on Dropbox. I’ll repeat as clearly as I can…. I’m asking why this app needs to use trackers on your paying customers? After charging us the storage fee, why do you then need to sell our internet activity details to other companies? That’s what ‘tracking’ is, right?.Version: 354.4

Amazing app but the feeI love love this app, one of the easiest storage apps but my goodness the fee. You only get 2GB for free which is too little for most people but then if you want to subscribe the only option is to get 1TB. Realistically no ones going to use up that much space straight away. I’ve had my paid account for about 2y? now and I’m not even half way (just checked and I’ve used up 7.5% of my paid storage, 7.5!!) it would have been logical to have different paid options so everyone can choose what suits them best. If you need more storage down the line you just get a more expensive option. I’ve contacted the CS numerous times regarding this but they just say we don’t have another option for now so it’s no help. Once I clean up my phone and back up all my photos onto my laptop I will be unsubscribing unfortunately and only use the free option if I need it..Version: 204.2

Not happyTrying to contact Dropbox to get advice on how to remove 2 step verification to no avail. Reason being I had a number text messaged to my phone to access my account but when I resigned from my job my employee wouldn’t release my number back to me so now I can’t access my Dropbox account ( with 15 years of family photos etc) Dropbox advise they cannot help me which I find staggering. Surely they must be able to quickly identify me and lift restrictions to gain access. What would happen if the telco went bust what would happen then for people to access their accounts? Be very careful people with your access to accounts Dropbox are happy to take your subscription money but are not any help when it comes to assisting their customers when in a crisis. Very very annoyed and disappointed with Dropbox to say the least..Version: 190.2

Great app on business planWe use dropbox for storing all our work files, no more server! Only issue i have is a feature that has gone missing... there needs to be a badge on the app icon and on the photos tab to show how many photos are left to upload.Version: 156.2

It deleted my entire DesktopAfter a recent computer crash I had I was attempting to put things back to normal and reinstalled Dropbox. After it installed and logged in it was already full but attempted to copy and sync my entire desktop. This didn’t happen before when I first installed it and it began lagging my entire computer. So I tried deleting the folder but it took my entire desktop from my computer and multiple files ranging from personal and work. Trying to recover failed because there file box it was trying to sync was only a partial download and only had file folder names and none of the content. I’m not gonna pay for an app that will try to take on more than it can handle on the free plan. I’ve only used this app to make it easier to share files between computer to phone not entire programs from the desktop nor did I ask it to sync. I might have screwed by a simple update for the sync computer but I never had an option for how to sync it and I usually have to initiate it but this was unexpected and stacked up on current problems..Version: 186.2

Terrible security my account got hacked !I used google. Microsoft and never had issues Only with Dropbox a hacker changed all my files to itlock. Support didn’t do much after contacting them. The only good thing I didn’t use Dropbox as my main cloud otherwise i would be messed up. Good lesson not to use it.Version: 336.2

Can’t cancel subscriptionI got the subscription so I could download photos a photographer had taken and put in a Dropbox. Trying to cancel IS A NIGHTMARE! I signed up on a mobile device and have cancelled my subscription in my iPhone settings. I keep getting emails to update my payment method and on the Dropbox app it still says subscribed. When I try to cancel through the app they say go to the App Store. Such a joke. Don’t sign up, they make it too hard to unsubscribe. This should be criminal..Version: 218.2

Missing simple features acknowledged in earlier reviewsA review by ‘SparkieGal’ dated a year ago (currently Dec 2019) mentions the lack of the ability to select all the files in a folder at once for export. And how you have to manually select each file in a folder, which is really frustrating when having to export folders containing many files. “Select all” has been basic UI functionality in apps for decades and this key feature is still not there in the Dropbox iOS app TEN YEARS after its 2009 launch..Version: 170.2

Constant annoying requestsI’ve been using Dropbox since they started and it’s been a great app. That is until recently when it has become all about the money. I’m guessing that the bean counters have taken over this app too as you now get a constant annoyance of pop-up and messages saying your out of space (2gb free) or you can upgrade (I know I can) or don’t delete anything yet you can get more space (I have a NAS, this is just extra online storage). I don’t need any of these reminders, notifications. Leave it Dropbox before people leave you!.Version: 322.2

Slow uploads, app stops uploading, horrible interfaceI have the fastest 5g on the planet 200mb+ upload speed however this app still fails to upload a photo within 7 seconds. UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS!!!. Let’s not forget if you take a call or accidentally leave the app mid upload it will just freeze and you’ll have to force close, cancel and start again. It can’t be that difficult. Also make it so I can view folders from most recent to alphabetical order..Version: 296.4

Duplicate scans, no multiple photo uploadWhen scanning documents using the mobile app, I frequently get duplicate pdfs added. There will be the original one it scanned, and then a second one with “ (1)” appended to its filename. Some times there will even be a third one with “ (2)”. This has been going on for at least a 1 year. Terrible quality control and crappy app. To add insult to injury, there is no way to upload more than one photo at a time through the iPhone’s photo library. If you select multiple photos, there is no option to upload to Dropbox. These are super basic things and it seems like the Dropbox team has abandoned its app. Add on to that the drama with their company saying they will not support M1 macs, only to do an aboutface after being publicly humiliated. I have been paying for Dropbox for more than a decade, but now i’m looking for a way to start transitioning to a a service that cares more about its customers. Real pity for what used to be a promising and user-centric company.Version: 268.2

Headache after headacheIt’s so complicated It just took all my folder and start sharing without my permission try to stop it, but there is no easy way to do that. I end up deleting account the opening account but still was adding every time I opened the app , it was keep adding picture. lots of frustration.Version: 360.3

Business modelIt appears that files shared between accounts use equal space on all shared accounts. This is dishonest and the reason I am not and will not use Dropbox. Other services do not have this business model..Version: 242.3

Scare tactics to pay moneyNow getting notifications that 54% of storage space is utilized and to upgrade service. Cannot remove notification..Version: 342.2

Paid but locked out of upgradeI upgraded to the 2tb plan and the app confirms that I am subscribed to this, but I can’t get access to my extra storage. I keep getting told that I am over my storage limit and Dropbox has stopped syncing and I can’t upload any files. This is becoming more than an inconvenience and is impacting the way I deal with my files. Pretty disappointed with Dropbox atm hence the low rating. Can’t even contact support as the link is not working.😡.Version: 262.3

Could be so much moreIt’s always annoying when an employer declares that you have to use Dropbox. Sure two free gigabytes is nice I guess but the next option up from free is such a big jump and is also expensive for what it is. It will also cause permission errors and all kinds of annoying dramas depending on what type of account/subscription you have vs what your employer has. This company could have been so much more instead I just feel it fading away into the history of the internet because the usability and account issues have never gotten better making it the least usable cloud storage service I know of..Version: 260.2

Not for meI pay monthly subscription for iCloud Storage. There is no way I’m paying more subscription to store a few sheets of music. DB like loads of other apps are just out to make money, hate it, would rather go back to using paper sheet music..Version: 352.2

Great but has limitsIt’s a fantastic app, truly, I use it a lot. But it seems to lack some polish when integrating with iOS, and just support for modern video standards. My main gripe is you can’t export Live photos from iPhone, something Apple have supported for years there’s not really a good reason for not being able to export the mov file associated with Live photos. It means you still have to sync to a Mac and then export to Dropbox if you want to retain them, a major additional faff. Also the lack of support for HDR video previews is a little baffling, HDR has not really snuck up on us, it’s been coming for a long time. I’d like to be able to watch HDR without then looking like a washed out mess please..Version: 230.2

Can’t open an .xlsx?? UselessWhy can’t it open a .xlsx file?.Version: 342.2

Look into this bug please 😩This app was a little clunky but straightforward nonetheless, now it’s just impossible to use. I can’t export ANYTHING, I have to email photos to myself which literally defeats the purpose of the app. I can’t even view a single document, just an endless loading wheel. My phone is up to date, I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it, logged off/back in and nothing is working to alleviate the issue. Please look into this bug, I don’t mind the app otherwise (when it works!).Version: 132.3

Can’t even functionI upgraded from a 7 to a XS last week. On the 7, the app worked amazingly with no problems ever. But since changing, the app freezes all the time. I will get two folders into navigating and it won’t respond until I restart and wait a few minutes. I rename a folder and all the contents of the folder disappear for several hours. It’s been infuriating. I understand that it’s a new device and it can take several weeks to optimise, but for it to freeze from basic usage is a bit absurd..Version: 114.2

Slow to uploadI’ve used this app in the past and it was ok. I needed more storage recently and downloaded it again. 1900 + pics and here I am a week later still waiting for more than 90% to upload so I can remove the files from my phone. Pics only upload when the app is open on your phone. Yup you have to stare at 2000 + to upload to their server. If your anything like me and normal, not doing anything else while waiting to upload is extremely hard to do. I use my phone for business and I could be looking at the files being uploaded only to get an email I have to respond to and then 2 hours later go to check drop box and only one file was uploaded. If the app is launched why do I have to stare at files being uploaded? Makes no sense. I should be able to do other things on my device while things are being uploaded..Version: 228.2

App disables your account for no reasonI have had dropbox for years and one day i tried to login and it suddenly says log back in again. I do it several times and it doesn’t work. After the 3rd try it disables my account. I try to go to support to write to them and it also gets disabled which makes it impossible to tell them what is going on. You are voiceless if you get locked out. Then i go to Twitter and they don’t respond for days I try to send them a message from a different dropbox and it says it has to be logged in from the same email you need help from which they have disabled. I have been waiting for days and they have not emailed me back to solve the issues. I will call my legal team soon. They are horrible at helping you when you are stuck and no phone number to call. On top of that they keep charging me every month. I recommend working with a service that can be reached In crisis. Even if you have the plus account you cannot reach them unless you are logged in but if you are locked out how are you supposed to get through ??? They will say send us an email from the same account that you are locked out from but you cannot because they do mot accept outgoing emails. The staff is untrained and you can lose all your data. My legal team is ready to bash them for there shameful ways Very low grade system. I lost so much money losing access to my files these days. Horrible..Version: 230.2

Don’t confused the 1 star rating as 1. It’s actually zeroI’ve been a paying Dropbox customer for over 11yrs now for their 2TB. Only until last week I found out that my account was disabled which I use very regularly. The bizzarre part is that I never got a notification or anything to tell me why it’s happened. I’ve opened a support ticket but one has got back to me. Did the same on Twitter and radio silence there also. Take your money elsewhere and spend towards much cheaper alternatives and plans like Google or OneDrive or Mega..Version: 236.2

Missing featureWhat happened to the very helpful and efficient option to upload all photos taken during a time period? I used to be able to click once to upload all of today’s photos. Now I have to click click click click click click etc..Version: 274.2

Link to App StoreHow come Dropbox links (on iPhone) don’t navigate to the app rather than the App Store?.Version: 362.3

Dropbox doing everything they can to devalue the free accountI know that Dropbox needs to make money to survive but going from $0 to $120/yr is a huge leap for what is now a commodity service. I don’t need 2TB of storage and there’s nothing in between. For cloud storage all I need is like 20GB (which Dropbox doesn’t even offer). For secure cloud backup use something like Backblaze. The new-ish three device limit is so annoying I am likely to just swap over to Box and be done with Dropbox. I have like 6 devices that I used to sync up. Removing free features certainly won’t “convince” me of the value of Dropbox paid plans and is more an indicator of how little I can trust Dropbox. Perhaps it’s intended to get rid of customers who won’t pay $120/yr. At least they haven’t had a security breach (that I’m aware of) for a few years. Please remember to encrypt any files on Dropbox that you don’t want someone else to read..Version: 200.2

Persistent pestering to upgrade.Dropbox, in this app, it's webpages and desktop apps consistently notifies me that I'm 'running out of space'. If it actually considered how fast I was filling up my Dropbox it would see that I'm at least 4 years away from running out of space. It needs to respect my workflow and leave me alone..Version: 310.3

Really frustratingTried reinstalling as advised by your help page, but it freezes every time i use it. It used to be such a great app and I use it all the time. Can’t live without Dropbox but the app needs to be fixed. Really frustrated.Version: 120.2

AI FailureAfter years of being a loyal customer I’m utterly disappointed to learn you implemented AI and gave our data to third party AI without our knowing or consent. Horrible..Version: 358.2

Great for StorageI use Dropbox to store all my files I do not want to loose. I have photos, genealogy, health files, expenses, receipts, contracts, and so much more. Unfortunately, I find myself fighting with the program all the time. When upgrades are made, I find there is a glitch of some sort. Once I was notified I needed to backup my files. In the process of doing this, I lost them all. 3 years worth of data! There were no directions for backing up. There was no access on how to recover from old backups anywhere. These things should be clearly outlined in a manual, if there is one. The other thing I hate is that if you transfer files in or out of Dropbox, you have to do it one file at a time. You can’t transfer multiple files or a folder of files to Dropbox. Also you can no longer get to things like print or move a file to editing program (Word) without first clicking on “share” to find those options. Why the need to double click for these options? Other options are available with a single click but I don’t use those things. Ok, I have more but will stop now. I do like the program and still use it. Not so much on my phone due to the above complaints. Just wanted to let others know what life is like using the program..Version: 234.2

Playback is awfulApp is good to upload documents and make them available on the go or at your other computers, but this is hardly revolutionary in 2018. Dropbox has pioneered that and credit to them for that. What irks me about this app is that you have no good controls to playback movies or audio files. Try skipping back a few seconds and you find yourself swiping back and forth to seek to the right spot, wasting a lot of time. That should be as common in 2018 as making files available on the go..Version: 98.2

Good features, horrible customer serviceI’ve used Dropbox for years with no issues, although it is overpriced and their peculiar insistence on landing you on “Recents” rather than “My Files” is annoying. However, if you must purchase Dropbox, do it on their site and not via the App Store. Here’s why: They sent me a note saying my payment method (Apple) was invalid and I had to “update” my payment method with Apple or lose my paid features on May 31st. Spoke with tech support via chat and confirmed that my payment info is up to date, and that it has successfully gone through for ApplePay, dozens of other apps, and a couple of streaming services. He escalated me to someone who days later sent me a boilerplate email that showed he hadn’t read anything from the previous conversation. I replied, explaining again. No answer. I wrote back asking for an ETA on a response, as May 31 was fast approaching. No answer. Then on May *29* — two days before the supposed deadline — I got an email saying “Your account has been downgraded.” Finally managed to resubscribe by severing my payment within Apple and purchasing on their site (although now I wish I hadn’t). And *still* no response from customer service..Version: 190.2

Why no folder widget?How is this obvious and widespread use case (tailored to creators) is not in your releases? Folder Widget — for exports (i.e rendered images) = tailored use case for publishing (i.e inst, x, etc). Easy 2-3 tap reduction. Recents Widget is unsuited for this - polluted by parent files..Version: 346.2

Dropbox is broken since the latest iOS 17.3 updateI didn’t wanna have to do this here but since it’s impossible to get a hold of tech-support at Dropbox, I have to do it. I upload documents to a service and once that Service receives the documents they send me an email I then open up that email click on the link and download the documents that I uploaded. These documents are proof that I uploaded them to that service. I then download those documents through a web browser on my iPad and then save them to dropbox as a PDF. Since the last update to iOS to 17.3, when I go to upload the document to dropbox from Safari browser, I get a message stating that there is no Internet. This means I cannot upload the document to dropbox through Safari browser. I can do it to any other online cloud service just not to dropbox. I can upload from anywhere else on my iPad to dropbox just not from Safari. Apple said that this is a dropbox problem not their problem since it seems to only happen when uploading the dropbox. Since I can’t get a hold of anybody at tech-support to talk about this, they will not know they have a problem. Hopefully somebody at dropbox will read this. Fix the problem..Version: 362.3

Je suis nouvelle à drop bookJe suis nouvelle j’aimerai stocke mes chanson à partir d’un cahier.Version: 358.2

DropBox Complicated & DifficultNot even worth a star it’s too complicated and I’ve been trying to Cancel my free trial and subscription which is just so Frigging annoying that they make it DIFFICULT to achieve Do Not install this app it’s NOT worth the HASSLE.Version: 170.2

Keeps getting worse over timeA great service and actively developed you would think the iOS app would get better over time? Nope. It’s prettier. But does not feel like an app made by people who enjoy spending time within a file browser. - Information density keeps getting worse at the expense of prettier. At the top of every folder: 1/3 of the screen is taken up by SHARE. Should that be the top priority? - comments on files load like a bad JavaScript web app. Randomly, comments don’t show up at all. - no ability to select all files? - no ability to refresh the view? It’s a syncing service. Shouldn’t it be assumed someone somewhere else is updating things?.Version: 96.2

Forced into subscription plan.I have been a user for many years. Now, I am being forced to subscribe to a plan because my documents are no longer being saved. It’s a huge setback. Moving my documents elsewhere. So long Dropbox..Version: 344.2

BugsStill the app is full of bugs and glitches.Version: 172.4

Major Glitch!Up until yesterday.. I have used Dropbox for work everyday all day long! And I love it. Easy to use.. never any issues. But now it won’t upload any of my files. It says it’s full , but also tells me I have only used 25% of my available space! So now you want me to pay for more space that I don’t even need? Not happy !!!.Version: 106.2

Dropbox is great - iOS Apps are notI have very few complaints about Dropbox as a service, the web interface is good and the desktop integration works a treat too. However, the iOS apps are terrible. The file navigation is so confusing I find them barely useable. Really basic navigation aids like a breadcrumb trail of where you are in the file structure is missing, no column view, no progress bars when something is downloading. Weird grouping of files and folders. I could go on! 1 Star for iOS apps and 4.5 Stars for Dropbox itself.Version: 332.2

Unable to get in to drop boxI cannot get into drop box after signing out. A 6 digit code was sent to another device that is suppose to be connected to my account. There is no other account connected to my drop box..Version: 342.2

Never liked Dropbox and still don’tThis app is confusing and hard to use. A friend sent me a Dropbox link of a song file, and when I clicked on it I got the option to either get the song in the browser or “download the app,” which I had already done. I clocked the latter option, and it just brought me to the App Store. When I clicked open no notice appeared about the download; it just took me to the app. As far as I can tell there’s no way to search through emails or Facebook messenger from the Dropbox app to download the link. I then went back to the link and clicked the other option, “open in browser,” which took me to a playable file but again gave me no options to download the file. I’ve always had problems with Dropbox, and the only time I use it is when someone shares something with me on it. This was one of those times, and though this was my first time using the iPhone app, I came away from it disappointed as usual..Version: 134.2

Is this really a storage serviceApp is designed for collaboration, so you have to send yourself a notification when you upload a file and heaven forbid you don’t want to share a whole folder, do you? So it’s not really very useful if you don’t have any collaborators and to rub salt into it doing anything with your data requires you to ‘export’ it so it’s not really very useful for storage. So change the name to DropSend and we will all know where we stand..Version: 244.6

Cannot paste/use email addressNot sure what was done, but I cannot login using my email address. At first it rejected my email (I use an alias service), then I simply couldn’t paste my email in. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. No luck. It doesn’t recognize my password manager anymore either. Terrible update when I can’t access my account. Please fix..Version: 338.2

1 little part of the app causing a big issueCurrent version on some devices ignores mobile upload settings and uploads over mobile data anyway. Have burned through over $100 in data top ups. Gave up and have stopped it using mobile data via iPhone settings. I love Dropbox and have been a customer from the start (business and personal products), so it pains me to give it less than a 5. Giving it a low score because support is basically ignoring the issue in the forums despite plenty of complaints and maybe they value their star ratings more?.Version: 114.2

HorribleDon’t even try to communicate with customer service to cancel a subscription. No support whatsoever..Version: 342.3

PaymentI got the basic because I only need drop box when someone sends something that needs to be signed. They are charging me for premium but not getting any benefits from it. There is no one to call I had to phon my CC and report as stolen because of this company. When I called my CC they gave me 2 numbers one won’t let me talk to a person. The other was someone trying to give me my CC for a refund and people were laughing in the background. So was a scam for sure. Need a number to call for people like me that have issues with being charged wrong..Version: 362.5

TERRIBLEOnly 2 GB of free storage! What a joke. Use google drive instead. Slow download speeds. One of the files I uploaded won’t even download anymore. Terrible app wish there was an option for 0 starts..Version: 188.2

Too much money for notta lotta “service”After the recent update, DropBox stopped working properly for camera-roll upload on my iPad. Their solution? Remove the app, forget the network, fully restart the iPad, re-connect to the network, and re-install the app. Seriously? Good thing I have nothing else to do ... oh, wait. Basement flooded. So yeah, I have something else to do that's rather urgent. Good news is that yes, this did in fact resolve the issue, but really, I have other things to do in my life than reset apps with updates that fail. Especially when paying $75/month for the business version. For $75 a month I expect a MUCH better UI, amazing support, in-file search (not just the file titles), and so much more. Instead, we get the un/re-install merry-go-round, an ok UI, low-availability support (US normal business hours only), and an amazingly klugey sync setup. Heaven help you if your Mac has an external drive. What happens when you get a new Mac? It downloads everything from Dropbox again, even though all I did was remove the USB plug from the old machine to the new. Good job, Dropbox. Well done. Now I gotta wait for 4T of data to re-synch. Their super awesome support response? Well, we told you external drives might not work as expected. I’m totally looking for another service. Seriously, $900 a year for this? I feel like an idiot for locking myself into this “service”..Version: 104.2

FlakeyBasic stuff fails. If you use the built in text file editor to write a report, then every few minutes DropBox takes you out of edit mode into read mode, without warning you, and erases everything you've written so far but didn't save. God! such stupidity by the developers is frustrating. So now I have to use another bloody app just to edit text files that reside in my DropBox. Ughhh! Dec 2022. It would be great if DropBox would included an rtf editor within the preview pane on iOS. As of today - June 2018 - the only files you can directly type into are .txt files. Such a shame - surely an rtf-editor isn't too much to ask for? On the positive side, without dropbox it would be a real struggle to switch over to using iPad as an everyday business tool. The offline files facility is SO much better than Google Drive..Version: 310.3

Drop boxI went to cancel this app and it won’t let me !. Provides all the how to’s but it never gives a direct path to cancel sub before payment is due. The app was useful but I no longer need it hence the cancellation. If you are going to trap people into your app with no easy clear way out then you are just scamming people !. Not happy...Version: 322.2

3-device linked limitI have been enjoying using dropbox in the last few years and recommending this to a lot of my family members, friends and colleagues. Though, I think the recent move of dropbox to only 3-device linked on free account has a huge impact on many people. I can no longer use dropbox on my phone, tablet, laptop and work computer. This had led me to use onedrive. Quitting dropbox is sad but the cutting off current users’ benefits has a result. P/s: I think 5-device link would be a sufficient number..Version: 142.2

Bug in most recent updateThis used to be brilliant. I’ve reported several times that since the last update the app is using ENORMOUS amounts of mobile data, even with cellular data off for photos and videos. The app has used 12gb of my mobile data in a couple of days since I switched it back on, despite mostly being connected to WiFi, and video/photo upload off. I barely use the app most of the time so this is inexplicable. What the hell is it doing?! That’s the size of 3 full length DVDs or a large PlayStation game! It did the same in May and cost me a fortune in extra data charges until I realised the App was using it all. It got through 5gb in a hour that time, although admittedly I had photo uploading on, it seemed to get stuck loading 1 photo constantly. No compensation from Dropbox for all the wasted money on EE data top ups. I’m a paying user and I’m losing my patience with Dropbox for not sorting this out, if it is not sorted I’ll take my money elsewhere. SORT IT OUT DROPBOX.Version: 98.2

App not user friendlyI’ve had a Dropbox account for as long as I can remember but I’m seriously thinking of chucking it. They have changed their Home Screen, so it’s very difficult to find a folder I’m looking for. It seems to only show recent files/folders but if I require to look at an older folder it’s impossible to find. I don’t even have that many folders! I’m not sure when this changed but it’s quite annoying. Google images has a better app and I can find folders easier on their desktop profile as well. For basic backing up of phone files it’s fine but I use this in a work capacity and sharing of folders..Version: 300.2

Cancel syncVery poor support. I accidentally pressed sync to my computer a few months ago. I don’t want to sync to Dropbox the information but there is NO FACILITY TO CANCEL. I have tried contacting Dropbox but to no avail, all I get….and nothing else….is a request to upgrade my Dropbox which I do not want to do. I cannot find a way to cancel my account. All Dropbox seem to be interested in is pushing me to have a monthly subscription which I have no interest in getting. I’m caught in a time warp. Very very poor support for what they don’t want to hear l. 😤😤😤😤😳😳.Version: 274.2

UselessI want to share files in the files area of my iPad to my Mac. This POS won’t let me do it. Deleted..Version: 340.2

Not user friendly with no supportI thought this would a better option than iCloud as that’s just as bad and having to download files twice or trice basically makes using these two irrelevant and pointless. The same issue I faced with accessing documents easily and across the board (multiple devices) through iCloud both on and off is the same with Dropbox. I guess you can’t believe everything you read by the companies themselves. I want easy access, able to edit and use, present and share, with no need to depend or worrying about downloading files over and over and opening other apps e.g. Microsoft Word/ppt, etc and connectivity made easy IS DEFINITELY NOT Dropbox. It took me only a day to realize that this is not the app or program that is useful at all. After spending 5 hours today playing and trying to figure out it’s usability across devices became fruitless and wasted time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP! I will now try OneDrive or a recommended GoogleDrive by colleagues who also need it for the same purpose and needed feasibility/accessibility. Now I will start deleting everything I spend hours uploading thinking it would work 🤦🏽‍♂️😒😤.Version: 318.2

One year no changeA year ago I reached out for help bc all of my photos I edited on my phone or the hundreds of “portrait mode” iPhone photos were uploaded in their original mode and their “edited” portrait mode. When you click “automatic upload” it uploads your photos in chronological order with dates they were created. Which is great. On the portrait mode or any edited photo, it uploads two versions. I was going through and looking at file size and deleting the one that wasn’t edited so that my terabyte of storage wouldn’t be full. The tip they gave me was to click “manual upload” and manually upload all of the portrait mode or edited photos that I wanted to not have doubled. I did this. The photos were not uploaded by date taken and the file names were changed. But they were not doubled. Then, I clicked “automatic upload” to upload all of the other unedited photos and it still uploaded the edited ones I had manually uploaded bc the file names were different. I have reached out a handful of times about having an option to click or fixing the manual upload bug that changes the file names and causes more duplicates. No changes have been made. Dropbox is the most expensive storage app but don’t expect the most expensive quality..Version: 184.2

Sucks nowIt used to just work but they’ve gone downhill over the past few years. Latest update broke everything on Mac. There are too many other choices now to put up with this terrible quality.Version: 358.2

App freezesApp freezes and will NOT load images, export, or even view the images with out the loading image. The only way to obtain images is to log in the old school way and through a web browser.Version: 126.2

Unusable - updateWhy does the developer keep giving the same response without fixing the problem?? The iPad app is now getting worse. It is now virtually unusable without crashing. I posted a review awhile ago and followed the developers response. I can confirm that I am operating the latest iOS and have deleted and reinstalled the app. There has been no change to its reliability. If anything, it’s got worse even after the latest updates! Every time I carry out a task it crashes. What’s going on?.Version: 316.3

It doesn’t even have select all.I want to upload more than ten thousand photos in one of my album and I have to select one by one..Version: 154.2

LameThey make you register an account and if someone sends YOU a file is over 7 gigs they make you pay monthly 16 bucks… that is very lame.Version: 238.3

Used to be brilliant ...… but some months ago the camera upload feature stopped finding images on my phone and I now have to select images for upload manually. I thought it had been fixed when it started working again about ten days ago, but yesterday it stopped finding images. I have vast amounts of storage, so there should not be a problem. Disappointing!.Version: 244.2

DisappointedI don’t even know where and when l have downloaded this app. I have never use it. As long as l can remember maybe 10 years ago, when every app we wondered. But now after so many years, Dropbox is charging my account for not having to do anything with it. For not using there services. My bank even can’t help me. And l can’t stop them taking money from my account. This is rip off and l am not recommending this service to everyone..Version: 328.2

Hello Dropbox ! Pls readHello Dropbox :) I’ve been a Dropbox business user for probably 6-7 years and have been absolutely loving it. But the past 6-8 months have been very annoying as Dropbox always freezes when I exit on my phone and go back into it. It’s slow and glitchy now even after updating multiple times. Pls fix this issue ! Not sure if it’s just me or others too I’m running iPhone 13 Pro latest updates. It’s slowing my work flow down a lot and is very annoying. Cheers :).Version: 318.2

Useless/not neededMy smart phone has my resume in pdf. Form and that should be it. But no, these stupid app companies are in bed together and so I have to keep downloading app after app after app just apply for jobs. Each app just another security risk, just another way for my info to end up in the wrong hands. Might as well be you know what in a box, Totally unacceptable. Zero stars is the real review. Stop making cloud based crap we already have through oh idk the 16 other apps that do a similar job. This is an edit...after reading some reviews I ask those people if they are using windows 98? Do you not remember that our smart phones and their services were already doing all of this? Did you not already have cloud based service through your smart phone brand or google? Why accept yet another app that is cloud based for yet another way to have your private photos and documents out in another cloud. “The devs are smart” yeah after building the same features into every other cloud based app they realized they needed another job so here is Dropbox, next year it will be “boxdrop” or “doccushare3000”! I’m sure there is some feature that is unique to Dropbox that has you all saying that it’s totally different. You mean something that could have just been added to any other cloud based service? I know it’s free but I didn’t want another app on my phone, another account, another, another, another, another.......Version: 192.2

Best syncing across multiple platforms. Worst sorting.Dropbox is amazing for syncing and sharing large numbers of files and folders across multiple users and platforms. The sync is totally robust and very fast even for large files and recognizes changes in the smallest of Metadata. The only thing I hate about it is that when you upload photos it can only sort by uploaded date, not created date. This is really frustrating and annoying..Version: 124.2

Expensive to store vacation photos/vidsLike the app, hate the price..Version: 338.2

Freezes, no live photos, no vault, etcI think that Dropbox is by far the best cloud storage solution I know about. But the iOS app has some problems: - The app freezes on startup for 5 to 10 seconds! - The app freezes again when refreshing the Home tab by pulling down from the top. - The app freezes even longer if you add folders to the Home tab. - Live photos are not uploaded with the camera upload, even if the documentation on their website says otherwise! - No camera upload / photos tab for Business Account! - Camera Upload fails with big video files (around 100GB). - No Vault (encrypted folder) for business accounts. - Files in Vaults are not end-to-end encrypted, I think. The freezes are new for me. Please fix them asap. And please implement live photos, the vault, and the photo tab for Dropbox Business..Version: 334.2

Photo upload no longer worksPhoto upload no longer works after the last update..Version: 296.4

Customer serviceCustomer service with this app is the worst I’ve ever had. Tried many avenues (including those suggested by developer) to get in touch with someone to access my account and never heard back. Many irreplaceable photos lost due to lack on communication from this company..Version: 262.3

Review purely based on customer serviceI got the free trial since this was the only way I could get my engagement photoshoot pictures, so I didn’t use the app besides purely for this purpose - hence I’m not rating the functionality of the app. That said, I specifically checked the box to go to monthly subscription after trial, just in case I’d forget to cancel, which I did, however I was charged for the annual subscription instead. I tried to contact the customer service, but there is no phone number you can call except for business plan subscribers. I sent customer service an email, but received no reply. Between the wedding, med school and moving to a new city this issue fell through the cracks and I was reminded of it as I was again charged for the annual subscription (yes, my fault for not staying on top of it, but had customer service got back to me this wouldn’t be an issue). So basically if you foresee any need for customer service with your subscription, DropBox isn’t for you..Version: 254.2

No editing on iPad - what’s the point?Dropbox whilst good in theory makes it so difficult to access on iPad. Not via a browser and so why they created a worthless app is beyond me. My MacBook Pro is currently broken and my files are in Dropbox. I normally edit via a browser in G Docs and whilst it works in a browser on my laptop, it doesn’t work in a browser on iPad. So of course, let’s go get the app..... nope! So again, why bother creating an app when it does nothing different? Such a useless platform..Version: 186.2

Great except keeps losing recent files99% of the time when I used this app, it is to do something with one of the three or four files I have most recently edited. For some reason this app keeps losing track of those, which makes it take much longer to use. Last time it was because they forced dropbox paper towns artificially find a recent list, this time the paper staff is back again and all my recent files have disappeared. There is no option to remove the paper spam from the recent list. For bonus points they say it’s easy to contact them if you have problems about the app. It isn’t. When I finally found a way, their support page doesn’t work; it won’t let me choose a device and therefore won’t let submit a ticket. This is of course on my iPhone, the same device the app is running on, using safari, the default and dominant browser. Ridiculous..Version: 118.2

So much potential, very buggyI’ve been using this app daily for work, for over a year now. Every single time I create a folder and select upload photos, I will be scrolling on my camera roll and it if I’m not actively clicking photos right off the bat, it freezes and jumps to the start of my camera roll (I have 20k photos in my camera roll, going back to 2017). The only way to avoid this is by clicking upload photos, and immediately start rapidly tapping random photos until it unfreezes. I have always updated the app, and it’s done this on more than one iPhone. Still happening on my 12 Pro. 2nd issue that just started happening: I name every folder by date. Suddenly almost all my folders are out of order. They randomly just start not being organized by date as I scroll down. I make sure to select “sort by date modified” and it does nothing. No matter what I sort by, nothing changes in the order. It’s becoming very frustrating as I rely on this app for work. I’m confused by all the positive reviews because my experience has been this for several months now..Version: 224.5

Good…until something goes wrongI’ve used the Dropbox plus 2TB for a couple of years now. It works well across all platforms with no complaints. It’s annoying that there isn’t a 500gb or 1TB option because at 8.99 per month it’s a bit steep. So when there is a problem, Dropbox’s customer support service is terrible. I had an issue with my apple subscription payment not reaching DB. They blamed apple of course. Their email response time is about a week and the online chat agents are useless. I’ve also received an email from them saying my storage is low and I need to upgrade which simply isn’t true. I suspect there are gremlins in the system..Version: 338.2

Very slow uploadDropbox is super slow at uploading videos. I have fibre internet fastest available at the moment and it still didn’t work. Downloaded Google Drive and with in 2 minuets all files were uploaded. Definitely deleting Dropbox!.Version: 132.3

Cash Grab. Now Limits to 3 devices. Find something else.Well you did Apple a big favour! I have switched to (payed) iCloud. Used to love DropBox (5 stars) but now won’t let me add new devices anymore without upgrading to $160/yr. I have made tonnes of referrals. No more. Who only has 3 devices these days? Try OneDrive or GoogleDrive instead for free, or iCloud if you are a big Apple user..Version: 164.2

Let’s try again!First of all, I am blind, but very good with computers. At least I thought I was. I’m not trying to get sympathy. I’m just frustrated with all of this. I’m I am so frustrated with Dropbox. I’m gonna try to get my stuff out and do something out to back my files up. I had to upgrade professional so I can try to speak to somebody but again they said you can’t talk to nobody until you get enterprise. They added security to my dropbox that I didn’t ask for. I should be the one to adjust the security on my own folder I pay enough for it. Now I get a two-step verification on the phone that never existed and an email that is inaccessible and I can’t get nobody at Dropbox to help. I have 3 TB of information that I have saved up over 30 years and now I can’t access it so I’m trying to go through back doors. And I’m so upset with Dropbox I’ve done feedback, tickets and everything dropbox. You can go stick it. I’m so fed up with you. This is not a way to run a company. it appears I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’ve been to several message boards to try to find help to get my stuff back but I can’t so I guess I’ll just wipe the sleep clean and go somewhere else and just live on an island. Thanks a lot Dropbox..Version: 356.2

Eh.... MehIt's ok, the biggest deal breaker for me is the god awful camera upload. Carousel was 100x better and more reliable. Had an easy to use UI, and while it wasn't perfect. It worked! Best of all it linked to all my uploaded photos from my computer and vice versa. Don't fix what ain't broke. Shame the carousel app is gone. Now we have this rubbish app that tries to bundle Dropbox camera upload with Dropbox. If your on the fence about investing in Dropbox online storage for photos from your phone, my advice (at least for now) use something else. Good for files not for photos..Version: 8.2

Background uploading turns itself offAfter certain updates, Dropbox turns off the background uploading feature. Make sure you check your Dropbox frequently if you want your photos backed up. I checked today and over 100 photos were waiting to upload (I take maybe 10 -20 a week)..Version: 122.2

Keep freezing on iPhoneI’m on the latest iOS 16.1.1 on iPhon 11 Pro with the latest Dropbox v308.2. Dropbox will freeze regularly. Had to terminate Dropbox and start again. Was not like this a few versions before :(.Version: 308.2

Don’t trial or use this as impossible to cancelI tooka one month trial and thought I had cancelled it . But it moved to Dropbox plus subscription of $21 month which I do not want . I followed all instructions but cannot see any Cancel Subscription button. I emailed them to cancel it but no response . Apple store will not let me cancel my credit card to stop ongoing payments . This feels like a scam . How do I get assistance ???.Version: 188.2

All files lost and not given a refundEdit: The company’s response is unacceptable to me, neither taking accountability for their lack of communication or defrauding me out of my money. I will never be using or recommending their services to anyone and with these business practices I am sure they will go out of business sooner rather than later! I found charges on a credit card statement that I thought had been cancelled going back two years with a monthly subscription to Dropbox. Because the account was linked to an old email address that I could not recover, I lost about a thousand photos of my family and travels. When I contacted Dropbox the agent I communicated with refused to speak with me on the phone, could not recover my photos, would not refund me the monthly subscription that I had been paying for this “service” unless I gave them my credit card number over email, AND would not let me speak to anyone else. If I could give zero stars I absolutely would, this is a horrible company. Google Drive is superior in every single way and I have never had a single issue with them!!.Version: 174.2

App Broken Since iOS13I've either been unable to upload any files from my iPhone since September 2019 - or uploads were painfully slow and required the app to be open and the screen on. Background uploads DO NOT WORK. After a very unhelpful exchange with Dane from Dropbox Support he confirmed that it was no longer fully compatable since the intro of iOS13! I was told that my paid subscription is for the backup servers only and not the App. His advice was to resort to the desktop software and that my paid subscription does not involve any support. This was the end of our correspondence and no assistance was even given to obtain the files. Very disappointing as I've been paying for something I can't use as intended for 10 months. No offer of a refund was provided..Version: 196.2

App crashes when clearing cacheGreat app except app crashes every time I try to clear the cache. Doesn’t even display the dialog box asking for confirmation. Just crashes once you hit ‘Clear cache’. Uninstalled & reinstalled the app but the problem remains. Using Mac OS 13.5.1 No problems on the iPhone though - works perfectly, along with the confirmation dialog box..Version: 192.2

TerribleConfusing app with constant pop ups and lots of missing features, use another cloud storage solution..Version: 334.2

AnnoyingThe notifications are endless and impair the ability to use Dropbox properly. Also, my inbox is regularly flooded with emails from DropBox about things customers (at least those within my network) do not care about. When attempting to unsubscribe, it takes you through loops and ultimately the emails still keep pouring in. We’ve all been pushing them to spam, but it should be recognised that their marketing team is working hard to repel customers. OneDrive is only slightly better. Still has its quirks but at least lets you work in peace..Version: 318.2

Help - latest version is broken 😞Since the app update 4 days ago - circa 22nd April - my automatic photo uploads have stopped. I have repeatedly closed and opened the app to try and get them started. This morning I did this again and there was a progress bar with ‘backing up’ rolling back and forwards and that started with a number in the hundreds, then thousands, then 10s of thousands of files that were ‘backing up’ but they have already been backed up. They are all sorted in to folders under dates on my desktop as there are so many photos it is not good to have them all in one folder. So what the app is doing is now re-syncing photos from over 10 years ago and newer again and time stamping them all with May 2020 dates. This is a true nightmare - it’s really broken the app - and causing a massive double up sync disaster..Version: 232.2

Files can’t be openedI’ve had Dropbox for a few years and would like to upgrade to a paid plan however. My friends send me music collaboration files in messenger app, text message on iPhone and when you click the link it asks to continue to the app or continue to website. If you continue to Dropbox app it takes you to the apple App Store to install the app which I already have so you click open and your Dropbox app opens but no link or file and then you have to click goto website which is just a pain. If somebody send you a link to a file in their Dropbox why the hell can’t you simply open it in your own Dropbox app. Why involve the App Store when you already have the app. Because of this I won’t upgrade..Version: 334.2

Delete very difficultMy Dropbox is full. Trying to delete old documents and photos is not an easy process. I do not want to upgrade memory as I don’t use this product very often..Version: 354.4

Text editor is badI’ve been using the Dropbox text editor for years. It seems after the last few updates the text editor is very buggy. 1) I when I save, it says I have a new version. So I have to reload the file. 2) When I select edit, sometimes the file opens with the cursor at the top, sometimes the file opens with the cursor at the bottom, sometimes the cursor jumps around randomly. The point is, when I click edit, I want to edit where my cursor is. When the file jumps around, I lose my context, and have to scroll up and down to find what I wanted to edit. 3) sometimes I type and nothing appears. I can actually see the cursor in another part of the text, I can type letters, but nothing shows up. At this point, I have to close the editor and open it again to clear it up. 4) sometimes I try to select text, the selection doesn’t align over the actual text. It seems to be out of sync with the position of the text. 5) sometimes when I select text the selection jumps to the right side of the screen even if there’s no text there. It won’t allow me to adjust the selection. Clearly, no one at dropbox actually uses to text editor or they would run into the same problems. Also, they must not have test cases. To run through every time they make changes. This is simple regression testing. please pass this on to someone in charge a Dropbox. Thanks.Version: 310.3

Really really needs another subscription optionGreat concept but Dropbox really needs to cater for those who have lower income those who are using it because it’s the only storage files others with whom they are working will accept. $6 per month? Less GB than the current minimum option, but more than the free option. Simple idea..Version: 284.2

HiringDrop Box hires only non-whites. If you are woke, go for it, if you stand against racism, do not use it..Version: 252.2

Impossible d acceder a mon drop boxComment récupérer mon compte.Version: 362.3

No longe able to upload files from iPhone 11 to DropboxDon’t do upgrade to latest version as it does not allow iPhone 11 Pro to recognise Dropbox to save to files. Considering I pay a premium fee for Dropbox to sync files on the go it’s a now cost me days out off the field and have to resort to manually connecting a cable to my phone, download photos to my computer and then upload to Dropbox. Now this app is just a waste of time, space and money..Version: 224.5

Tell me one, do anotherEdit: Oh my gosh they actually updated the app update description! End. I go into the app to make sure my photos are updating All good, but says I have an update and I need to update the app 🤔click a button that takes me to the App Store I go to the App Store and it says that it's updated and it has a button to open the app which takes be back, recursion loop. on top of that background updating has also stopped working so my phone has had to stay on for a week without going to sleep or the screen going off for it to finish uploading a rather large video it also seems like it took really long granted part of that's the "high speed" Internet. of course it doesn't help that apple's new update that was just shipped refuses to install even though it's already downloaded so I need to get everything synced so I can back up and do it on the computer. Yes my perfectly good phone got ridiculously slow "after I got notified"!!!! and the notification crashes and settings, update crashs. Oh and if there was an DB update it wouldn't tell me what was updated because that would be under NDA..Version: 254.2

Needs bugs worked outHello, I depend on Dropbox for my personal and Business data back up and I have an iPhone 11 with all of the latest iOS and software, however the dropbox app from the AppStore will not upload my photos! Even when I’m on a Wi-Fi connection at 50+ Mbps upload speeds, it is not enough for me to get my photos and videos uploaded which is a bug in the app surely. If I literally watch it upload, it is so slow that it takes minutes for a simple photo to upload and if I walk away from my phone (even with the screen on) it just stops uploading and is on the same file/photo when I come back to it, sometimes up to an hour later. It’s like when my phone is sitting still it won’t upload photos, which I’m sure is some sort of a bug with this app that is tied to some sort of sensor on my iphone. Something that needs to be investigated and resolved because given that I have the dropbox business enterprise premium plan I should be able to upload photos or someone should respond to my support tickets and help me resolve this issue which I have recorded exactly as I’ve stated on video. And I've never had a reply for support beyond an initial email..Version: 272.2

Stay awayI thought Dropbox was a good idea until I reached my initial free limit. I then tried to offload my files but discovered I could not. I asked in the chat box how to do this but was cut off. I then discovered under the free Dropbox once I go over I have only access to my files if I upgrade. Now I not only can l not know what files I stored in Dropbox but cannot recover them. Sadly I was not aware this would happen so I did not keep a note of my Dropbox files. They are lost to me unless I upgrade. Unless you want to pay a lot of money for storage stay away..Version: 360.3

Wants your moneyI had the free account. Deleted everything and removed shared folders. Kept getting notices it was full and to upgrade to paid storage. No matter what I deleted or removed it would not stop nagging. It claimed the shared folders, which I had removed from my box were still there taking up space! Not using it for backup either. Finally forced to delete entire app and clear the Dropbox app cache on my Mac computer. These people are money grabbers and refuse to respect your wish to get rid of old things so you have space for new. Don't get caught in their web. They do not have live support. If you keep Dropbox tell people NOT TO SHARE TO IT. Tell them to set theirs to send you a link to theirs so you can download to your computer directly from their Dropbox, thereby avoiding filling your own box with what they shared. Really inconsiderate app just out for every dime they can squeeze out of you..Version: 314.2

Stopping me playing my daily spider gameStopping me playing my game.Version: 310.3

No longer goodDropbox used to be great, it’s been my go to storage choice for years. However, I can no longer recommend it. On my iPad Pro, it is unstable, janky, and highly frustrating to use. A second ago I was searching for a particular file to upload; when I started typing in the file, I received a Dropbox error message. This happens every time, and means I have to retype the file from 3 to over a dozen times ( I give up after 12 attempts). Another annoying issue is when trying to upload files in batches. If I wish to upload a group of files, even only a few, I get an invalid file name error. However, if I use the upload function from within Dropbox, the file name is magically no longer an issue. This is so frustrating that I have often considered cancelling my subscription after backing all my files up to alternative storage. I have thousands of files I wish to store, can you imagine how frustrating it is to only be able to upload them one at a time? Uninstalling and reinstalling do not fix the issues. There are several other issues I encounter that make me consider other options; I am waiting to see if things get fixed, else I might have to move. I don’t really want to as I have been a loyal Dropbox user for many years, but I need a reliable, easy to use storage option and at the moment, Dropbox is not it..Version: 310.3

Good before they got greedyI was one of the early adopters of Dropbox and also used their top tier payed plan. These guys eventually got greedy, doubled all of their prices and forgot about the people who made them. Anyway then I looked at Microsoft again. Wow the office 365 suite has come a long way since I first looked at it and integrates well with PC and Apple well now. For half what I had to pay Dropbox I can put my whole team on 365 with unlimited storage, plus the full office suite all included. One Drive and Onenote are awesome. I also shut my Evernote account and switched to OneNote. I work paperless on an iPad Pro + PC and everything syncs beautifully. Short answer, you don’t need this greedy company anymore. Ditch em..Version: 158.2

Your data may not be safe with DropboxDropbox has partnered with OpenAI, a company which has committed mass theft of individual’s propriety data and intellectual work for commercial gain, by misrepresenting its work as academic research. They have automatically opted in a large proportion of their users to AI integration without notice or proper explanation of what this entails. It has been claimed that the data won’t be used for training, and is just for AI-assisted tools. But OpenAI has shown no respect for our ownership of our data before, and Dropbox has followed their own unethical practice of automatic opt-in, so take from that what you will..Version: 358.2

Slow to uploadI have been trying to upload all my pictures from my phone to Dropbox and it takes a long time to do only a few pictures. I feel like there has to be an easier way to get them all downloaded and with 3 kids under 4 I really don’t have time to figure it out. I used to enjoy plugging in my phone and the download happened. Now it just seems like since I’ve added storage this isn’t the case anymore. I am not too sure why. I just found out that my account was never cancelled and I have been paying for it for years… I write emails and nothing ever happens. I’m soo extremely disappointed with Drop Box..Version: 354.4

Sub-par photos experienceDespite being one of the most expensive ways to store photos in the cloud, the experience of browsing photos it truly awful. Scrolling through a typical library of thousands of photos is painfully slow, loading half a dozen thumbnails at a time. iCloud Photos and google photos don’t have this issue. Carousel (by Dropbox) was the reason I joined Dropbox, and when it was discontinued we were promised a better native photos experience. Years later we are still waiting..Version: 306.2

Why make saving files so complicated?I rarely write reviews but this app is really frustrating to use, after some “genius” decided to change the flow of saving a file on your device. Someone needs to find a new UX expert. Why do you think anyone wants to go through 4 steps to save an image from Dropbox to their phone? This is how ridiculous the flow is: tap on the file > share > export file > save image. It gets worse. The “save image” in not the first option but the third option hidden under the fold so as you try to scroll you may accidentally select the other two options (which I never use) and then have to start again. Why not have “save image” in the top level or under “export”, not “share”? Why is “manage link settings” (who needs that?) before “export file”??? Also, sort by “date modified” hasn’t been working for a while. When selected, it sorts files alphabetically..Version: 260.2

A ridiculously limited app in 2020. Goodbye, Dropbox.I love that Dropbox is multiplatform and can be accessed from any device, however 2GB of storage free is laughably stingy in this era. What is anyone supposed to do with that in 2020? I would happily pay for more storage, but 15.99 a month is totally ludicrous! A one-time payment of 15.99 is still a bit expensive but would be 100% worth it; asking for such an amount monthly, on the other hand, is a joke. I must also mention that the Dropbox app now has a three device limit, as a result, productivity and seamless sharing takes a nosedive if you're using this app for school, work, or even as your main cloud storage (I'm sure most people, like myself, have more than three devices). I would recommend using Google Photos, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive for anyone looking for a better, inexpensive, unlimited app that is also multiplatform. Adiós, Dropbox..Version: 184.2

Mark all read not workingI can’t stand how the mark all read button doesn’t even work a little bit, so there’s constantly a red dot telling me I have a notification..Version: 320.3

Only one overpriced storage schemeJust scoped out all the main photo backup apps as my 0365 subscription expired and my OneDrive storage shrank. My main archive is about 350 GIG so 500 GIG would be perfect. Dropbox only offers 2 terabytes for £9.99 a month which is way over what I need price and capacity wise. If only there was a 500 GIG storage option for £2.50... Are you reading this Dropbox people!!?. It’s actually far cheaper for me to go back to 0365 for £5.99 a month which gives me all the office apps/bells and whistles AND 5 terabytes of storage for my files and pictures. Can’t believe I’m bigging up Microsoft but you get a lot more for your money with them 😂.Version: 226.2

No more Free Dropbox?Back in its first appearance, Dropbox was free. How the Hey! Can a superannuant afford this? It's the equivalent of two weeks' groceries!.Version: 112.2

Janky appBeen using the app for almost 10 years, and the basic stuff never gets picked up on or fixed. - the scroll ‘pin’ is so small it’s basically impossible to use, please just make it a little bigger - if you play an audio file and then lock your phone too quickly it’ll just stop playback - the scrub functionality when playing a video/audio file is too fiddly, usually ending up in flicking to the next file - downloaded files are a mess. They often unsync without reason- or they prompt you to ‘refresh’ to sync without any practical option to actually do that.Version: 358.2

Dropbox appI tapped the drop box app to open it but it was taking a very long time to open the app and put my email and password in they accepted my email and password but it is taking a long time to log in I deleted the app and downloaded it again I know I have my email and password is correct because I have written them down before I made my account as well as I log in on my laptop but I only have the problem when I use the app on my IPhone I don’t know if it my have problems with internet or the app any one have the same experience I have?.Version: 114.2

So difficult to cancel.I have been trying to cancel my subscription (I don’t recall signing up) and it just takes me in circles. Says I cannot cancel. To manage my subscription in App Store yet does not appear under subscription in App Store. Non responsive customer service. Doesn’t merge easily with WIX. Starring photos doesn’t mean anything. Waste of time. Many other programs that I have had ease with that I would prefer to use moving forward like google drive and one drive..Version: 162.2

I'm quitting Dropbox 👎Can't wait for the iCloud folder sharing service that's coming this fall. Dropbox used to be my favourite productivity app (by a mile). I've been a paying subscriber for 5+ years. I recommended it to so many people. But now, for some reason, you decided to transform a perfectly seamless experience into a disaster. On the Mac and the iPhone. Now your app is annoying. Now your app now gets in the way. We didn't need a file directory and a dock icon. We needed a simple and seamless solution. You already had it and now you've lost it..Version: 152.3

ErrJ’arrive pas à remplir mon document.Version: 338.2

“Free” trialSomeone sent me photos via Dropbox and I thought I had to have Dropbox to access or use the photos. So I downloaded the app and chose the free 30 day trial but couldn’t figure anything out so I “upgraded” I truly despise “free” 30 day trials that require your credit card information to begin and that should have given me pause before I went ahead and entered it, but these were pictures from my grandsons 1st birthday party. Now that I am trying to cancel the “free” subscription so I’m not charged at the end of the thirty days, it’s not such an easy process as to click a button. Tech savvy I’m not and navigating and trying to use Dropbox was/is not simple for me and canceling definitely is not! This is a great reminder to me to NEVER get a free 30 day trial of something that isn’t truly free. Still haven’t managed to use the app in any useful way that makes sense or is easy for a non tech person. I’m sure it’s wonderful for some folks I just don’t happen to be one and won’t recommend it to others..Version: 228.2

💩 Bonus Storage 🤬Funnily enough I was miffed into believing that recommendations to friends (that DID sign up new accounts), linking apps such as Facebook and/or pretty much writing a review like this would all lead to my Dropbox account being credited extra storage space 🤥 Fool me ! I whole heartedly recommend installing and making the very best use of Dropbox FOR FREE, please don’t expect the promised rewards. So now I have clarified the pitfalls .... allow me to regress and highly recommend the use of this FREE tool..Version: 106.2

Disappointed after 3 years on itLost my trust in Dropbox when I earned all this "free" space by recommending it to people and doing little things the space was great! Was too much so i started to back up my photos, now I got an email recently saying that my "space expires" $149 per year? #studentlife and I don't even have wifi anymore, and no space on my iPhone because I have to keep taking pictures for my study... To afraid to delete Dropbox in case I lose all my extra photos that now "over %" in storage space ... 😭.Version: 6.2

Review DropboxThis is the ABSOLUTE WORST App I’ve ever worked with. Completely loath Dropbox.Version: 214.2

Easy to use, but false sense of security.I signed up for dropbox paid version in the hope of being able to sync and share my files across all my devices and be fully up to-date. Imagine my shock when having saved my spreadsheets to drop box that I’d spent hours working on my mobile pc, looking at the dropbox tray utility to confirm everything was synced, and opening up the same files on my internet enabled home pc to find that not only had my dropbox files in the cloud not been updated but the old files on my home pc overwrote the mobile laptop files destroying hours of work!! I would have been better off with a usb keyfob! (That is where I am now). No conflict resolution or management and no previous versions offered. Nada. Hugely disappointed. * No detailed file list with date & time * No effective conflict resolution for concurrent changes on more than 1 device..Version: 96.2

Thought this would help!I downloaded this app and initially thought it was great to hold my school support documents on, making it easier to send information straight from my phone to parents, during the Covid lockdown I am supporting families and children especially with their transition anxiety to their next school. I have some very supportive documents which I had hoped I could send to parents and you have not allowed me to attach them unless I upgrade! I am really disappointed that during this very difficult time that your company are not supporting us key workers to help support families by lifting this fee. Truly disappointed. This could have been a really good tool to help us but instead the greedy fee has been your only interest..Version: 190.2

Suppose to be a trialMy credit card is charged already. I tried filing for refund on iTunes and apparently I don’t qualify. I thought trial wasn’t suppose to be charged until after?.Version: 154.2

Bloated..Maybe useful but i just cannot comprehend why it needs to use 102mb just for the app by itself which is just a file manager of sorts.. Its bigger than most of my more complex music apps when it should be the other way round.. What with it being on iphone and ipad, both 16gb, its a lot of storage in itself just for what it is, meaning some files in my cloud (certainly less than 102mb) may not even download due to...space!.. Dropbox is hogging a whole load of space since it needs to stay in place for any usefulness... also, please remove the nowadays ludicrous limit of 2/3 devices, its not hurting anyone for me to use 1 or 2 more.Version: 346.4

Customer service nowhere to be foundDropbox blocked my email (can't receive any verification code anywhere) without email notice. there is no real person I can reach no email I can write to solve the problem. All kinds of links leading you to nowhere or to Chatbot. Very frustrating and waste of time..Version: 342.2

TerribleIt synced to my ex husbands phone without my permission and we made many attempts to disable his access with no success. They also make it ridiculous to cancel an account! Just awful..Version: 138.2

Horrible Background Battery UsageI really love the app and it gives me the ability to share my files between my iPad and my desktop computer easily. I originially got Dropbox because Google Drive was draining my battery by constantly running in the background. Well, my battery has been draining again over time by almost 30% or more at times. I checked my battery usage and Dropbox was running in the background for 7 hours straight. Why? I looked up the issue, and someone mentioned the only way to fix it was to disable it in the File app on my device, but I don’t want to do that, because sometimes I do need to access things from that app, or move things that way. I understand that it checks the folder in Files and makes sure everything is synced to the actual Dropbox app, but 7 hours? There’s also an issue where if I upload items to Dropbox within the app, if I close the app, it stops uploading. I have to have the app open for it to finish uploading. I’ve never had to deal with that before. Not sure if these are Apple issues or Dropbox issues. I hope there’s another fix for it though, because I shouldn’t be going to sleep with my iPad at 100% and waking up to it already down to 70%. I guess I will do the temporary fix in files for now, unless I find another cloud service that doesn’t drain my battery all day..Version: 218.2

The love is gone...I used to love Dropbox. Started using it when I was a student when it first came out. Now I used it mostly for ebooks in the .prc files and export directly to Kindle. Have it on both my Iphone and Ipad. But for some reason after the last update I cannot directly export those books to Kindle anymore. When I click on the file Dropbox doesn't recognize it as a Kindle document anymore and came across as data and said it is incompatible with Kindle when exporting. I have been doing it for years. It still works on my Iphone because I have not updated. I was planning to upgrade to a better account but with this issue I am about to jump ship and forget Dropbox altogether. Every major update brings more headache. I am considered tech savvy and can navigate thru pretty much major upgrade/updates on most apps. But this is just too much. I have many files in .prc and now cannot export..Version: 162.2

Useless money grubbing appUseless money grubbing app trying to stay alive. Just buy a hard drive and setup a NAS..Version: 358.2

Vault folderDropbox have downgraded itself by removing the secure Vault folder, without explaining why.Version: 316.2

Constantly crashingAfter logging on the app insisted that I was not logged in. Then logging out to reset the app I was not able to log back in. When later I was able to login and mistyped my password the app sort of froze in a state where no matter what I typed it told me the system wasn’t available. Today trying to login again the same freeze occurred. Deleting and reinstalling the app allowed me another chance to login but when again I mistyped my long password it again froze. One last uninstall and reinstall allowed me access long enough to download my videos and cancel my subscription.Version: 116.2

Can’t save filesError: couldn’t save content please check your Internet connection. App is always giving me this error despite the Internet working fine. If I don’t have an internet connection, how did I write this review?.Version: 354.2

Photo previews - file size restrictedIn general Dropbox is great, but if you want to use it to store and browse high quality photo scans - not so great. A 200mb limit on images it will create preview for makes it lousy for looking at someone like me who regularly makes TIF files north of that limit. I imagine there has been some server cpu utilisation trade-off made to reduce latency, but I’m sure some smart developers could drop previews for these files into some lower priority scheduling window and make them happen. Here’s hoping..Version: 290.2

Help!!I can’t seem to log into my old drop box account I purposely saved photos there that I can no longer get now because I can’t access my account due to there being no hotmail log in.Version: 116.2

SupportDon’t have the business Dropbox I have the lower one I don’t need a business one because I’m a single person that does not work but unfortunately there’s no support for anybody that pays $118 a year instead of the $200 a year of having a terrible time I accidentally canceled my subscription and I’m trying to re-activate it and pay and there’s absolutely no way to get a hold of anybody in the business account people will talk to you but they won’t help you because I’m not business you should have support for us as well we’re not that penny-ante that you can help us. Your response to me was do I want to change my review the answer is no and you’re not getting it I never had a business account with you ever only the personal account can you send me the splitting things to get help by upgrading it’s all about the money with you people instead of actual business in the care of the actual person insane every year I’ve been with you for over 45 years I’m done hopefully my pictures will be safe.Version: 218.2

Hard to delete accountOnly got this app to download photos from an event I went to and once saved I could not find where to delete my account. Searched it up in their help desk and their instructions do not match to how the app is programmed. I ended up going to contact support and that is where I found my ‘profile icon’ and scrolled to the bottom to find delete account. This was not part of the original description in help desk. Once clicked delete they wanted me to come up with a password for the app to email me a link to delete. I do not want spam emails from this app and I don’t trust their links.Version: 264.2

Destroys battery lifeI was seriously about to return my iPad Pro for very poor battery life - it was dropping 40% or more overnight and normal usage during the day saw a terrible drop in battery life. Checked the battery in settings and found the culprit was the Dropbox app. Running in the background for up to 40 minutes every hour. Checked on Dropbox forum, not alone, others are seeing the same thing. Others also reported that turning off the background refresh didn’t solve the problem; deleting it however..... So, deleted app and so far, battery life normal. Needs sorting out - or just forget Dropbox, plenty of other providers available..Version: 202.2.2

Horrific with Text FilesCreating and saving text files is extremely bad with this app. It doesn’t allow you to simply open the text editor and add text with autosave as most iOS apps do. You have to tap something before you can edit a text file and then remember to save any changes or edits, otherwise it’s all lost. The app constantly fails to load the latest version of text files. Instead you get the version last opened on the device, which could be days or weeks out of date. The app may or may not realise this after several minutes and ask you to ‘refresh’ the text file to get the newest version. This frequently causes conflicted copies of text files. The only way to bypass these problems is to remember to force quit the app whenever it’s used to hopefully get updated text files. Very unreliable and a terrible experience if you use it with text files..Version: 112.2

I really wanted to like DropboxThis is a review on Dropbox in general. I wanted to use Dropbox to back up files I accumulate on both my phone and my computer over time onto a cloud. This includes work files (minimal though) and (mostly) personal photos/videos. But I have so many issues syncing files whether it be from my phone or my computer, I just can’t do it anymore; it takes way too much time. And I’ve had the paid version for a couple months now! I thought maybe Dropbox just had a learning curve but the issues are perennial. I constantly have to troubleshoot the syncing and google solutions for things like clearing the cache on my Mac. It’s like I have to treat Dropbox like a baby, only back up 50 photos at a time or it glitches and never uploads at all. Even troubleshooting pages from the Dropbox website don’t solve my problems, even if it’s only 4 simple steps. I don’t understand—I thought DropBox was a large and reputable company used by professionals. I’m using Dropbox for mostly light, personal reasons and it doesn’t work properly. Looks like I’m going to have to back up the old fashioned way: external hard drives..Version: 174.2

More FlexibleI’ve been using Dropbox for a while now. I agree with some others that the 2 GB should be increased by now to keep up with competition. I also think their should be more flexibility with the system but it seems you are actually going backwards. Instead of making things easier to use like saving photos to your device or moving files from Dropbox to your computer you are trying to discourage people from doing these things. If I want to store an image on my iPhone photo album I am going to do that. Also when you open the app if goes to recent files instead of your folders where everything is. Then you can hide the recent files under settings but instead of removing the tab you just hide the files and replace it with a button that allows you to show recent files. Completely useless settings option..Version: 268.2

Higher prices, less options.Used to be awesome before they introduced introduced new restrictions and jacked their prices. I can no longer use the app to sync my files across devices the way I have for 10 years, unless I pay a wildly overpriced subscription. There are many other cheaper, better integrated options. It's time to move on..Version: 246.2

Search function not workingUsing Dropbox for around 10Y. Since roughly a week now I’m experiencing “search function not working for many files including pdf”, on iPhone app, on iPad app and in Safari web browser too which makes it highly likely that the problem exists on Dropbox’s end. Have just made the iPad and iPhone app update today and issue persists including in the web version. Disappointed, I’m paying a prime price for Dropbox expecting a prime service!.Version: 292.3

Ridiculous changesI’ve been using Dropbox for half a year now mainly so I could view my external hard drive backup from my iPhone and iPad. After discovering that this is no longer possible all of a sudden after talking with customer support for hours, I see no reason to keep using Dropbox if I can find another solution. Not sure what goofy person decided this would be a welcomed feature to be removed. Update Dec 2023: They’ve also secretly started opting users in for their documents to be fed to OpenAI. I will be moving to a NAS asap..Version: 358.2

FrustratingI normally use Dropbox on the computer. Uploading files is a breeze but using this app......agggghhhh! First of the Recent tab shows deleted files. These should disappear and not show. Uploading a file (the same file) does not prompt you to overwrite the previous file instead creates another file, so you end up with two.?.?????? Why??? I have tried to copy files using Apples Files app into Dropbox but that doesn’t seem to work. I mean Dropbox shows under the Location area so why can i not transfer files using this method? When i upload files using the computer and then open Dropbox app on the ipad the same files will say they where uploaded 1minute ago but say it was yesterday? Not today but yesterday! Thats wrong. Also i have noticed that on my iPhone 7 the battery usage drops considerably quickly when Dropbox is running in the background. NO other apps running. Wifi Bluetooth off. Background app refresh off. Just Dropbox doing “something” that drains the battery. I can even swipe away the app to stop it running in the background but it still does! Its now been deleted from the phone.! I have in the past emailed their support but honestly it seems to always be your fault. Not sure how this could be considering the non functioning of the app. Even taken screenshots and pointed things out but never interested..Version: 216.2

Annoyed.I’ve loved this app for years. I have all my photos from highschool saved to this app. AT&T actually were the ones who told me to download this app to have them saved in another place just in case. Well it’s still connected through my Timehop app so I know I’m using the right email, every time I try to rest the password it will not send me the email. Well I did what the support on the website said to do add no-replydropbox to my contacts. And still no email. I’ve been working on accessing these photos for weeks now. The have no way of being contacted & will not help with a chat bot till your signed in. So I’m assuming all my stuff is just forever lost and I’m heartbroken. I have deleted the app re downloaded it. Updated it. Tried from safari. It won’t even let me try to rest it anymore because it said too many attempts. But I’ve not received the first email yet. I would love to be reached out to on how to fix this. & then my rating will be deleted..Version: 266.2

Attach a Dropbox File to an Email from Within Gmail Not Supported on an iPadI am paperless and use DropBox for literally everything business and personal, therefore, I find it extremely annoying and cumbersome that when composing an email using Gmail on my iPad I cannot attach a file directly from Dropbox. When I select the attach function (paper clip), the only options for attachment sources that appear are Google Drive, camera roll, and recents. The online help forums state that I should approach the problem in reverse, namely, open my file in DropBox then select Open File in Gmail. While this does open a new Gmail message with the file as an attachment, this backward workaround is useless if I already have started composing an email within Gmail because the attachment cannot be assigned to another preexisting email within Gmail. Also, there seems to be no way to attach more than one file to the same email. Email attachments are a very basic function that every user needs so I would think DropBox would make fixing this issue a priority..Version: 184.2

Great for storage but that’s about itBeen yang DB for a couple years now as a paid subscription instead of using a hard drive. It’s great for storage but as I use it for all my media, photos, video and music have found that it lacks a lot in terms on media functionality. Would be great to have integrated media player with editing software, photo editing even being able to carry out simple tasks such as rotating images instead of having to export edit then save again and delete original unedited files. Also truth to batch move multilevel files in the app occasionally crashes and files are not moved and deselection of files and attempt to move again is required..Version: 194.2

Doesn’t workI have tried hundreds of times to use this application in different capacities, and it does not, to even a slight extent, serve the purpose it’s intended for. My hatred for this stupid website and this stupid app goes beyond words. The frustration is difficult to articulate. The frustration is furthered by the fact that an app that can do what Dropbox is intended to do would be remarkably helpful. I have tried with four different email accounts. I’ve tried not using an email account at all, but even the simplest of tasks do not work on this useless pathetic excuse for a file storage site. If you don’t have an account and all you want to do is download or view a file in someone else’s Dropbox, forget about it. You’ll just be continuously harassed to pay for the service. If you do pay for the service, the same issue, constant notifications asking you to pay more or telling you your storage is full even when it’s entirely empty. You will find more joy and success doing something like jamming a screwdriver into your eye socket..Version: 218.2

The worst app I have ever usedThis app is an absolute joke. It constantly crashes, takes such a long time to upload photos or even to make one folder. It’s not user friendly. But the main thing is it that it can take me an hour just to make a folder and then upload 20 photos because it crashes at least 10 times in the process. Considering drop box is used so much by businesses I’m sure you can create an app that can function efficiently..Version: 118.2

Search facilities appallingThe search facilities for Dropbox are very primitive. You can’t even search on a specific string in the title, much less within a document. Having files in storage that can’t be searched for easily is very frustrating. The user recommendations - to download the files to a PC to use the search facilities there - aren’t possible if your data store is larger than your PC’s. I use Dropbox mainly from an iPad so don’t store a searchable copy elsewhere. I am planning to change to a provider which does provide up to date search routines..Version: 296.4

Could be MUCH betterI have close to 100 photos I shared with myself - I run a photography Instagram & like to edit the photos, watermark & upload them via my phone - I sent them to myself after uploading them from my camera to laptop, and now I have to click each one in the folder individually to “export” them to my phone. Surely there’s a better/quicker way where I can select either all in the folder, or just the folder from my files & “export all” to my phone? It’s so incredibly time consuming, but it’s the only way I can do things. I have some very powerful editing apps on my phone, and nothing on my laptop (it’s a work laptop anyway!) so there is no way I can do all the work via my laptop..Version: 122.2

Best in class syncing, not enough space.Syncs well, seamless operation between desktop, phone, iPad and the application is one I prefer...But 1TB is not whopping anymore. To get 2TB you need a business account which is horrendously expensive. I need 2TB. Other cloud providers are offering 2TB on a lifetime subscription, with an excellent app and security. So back to the free Dropbox account, which is so small to be all but useless..I’ll keep the account, one day you’ll be competitive again..Version: 132.3

“User information is not valid“I can login on my PC with the browser, but when I try to login on my iPhone I get the aforementioned error message. Yes, after 10 times trying, the user/password information is exactly correct.I don’t have two step verification so that shouldn’t be screwing me up. I have deleted and reinstalled the app four times now, and that hasn’t changed anything. I read online somebody had success after deleting their safari history and cookies, which I did, with no success.I have not changed my phone number, nor do I have multiple accounts. I get an additional error message when I try a single sign in attempt, with it returning, single sign in is not activated for this account. I have now tried for three hours to search the web as well as the dropbox support section, and there is no answer I have found that has solved this problem. An app that doesn’t work on one’s phone, for a program that does work on a PC browser, using the exact same login information, is non-functional, and a non-functional app gets a one star..Version: 316.3

DropboxI can only find a way to upload my photos, etc but I need to use Dropbox to download family photos, etc sent TO me. Why make this so difficult. Can’t find any button anywhere to download. Totally frustrating.Version: 262.3

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