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Dropbox: Cloud & Photo Storage App User Positive Comments 2024

Dropbox: Cloud & Photo Storage app received 84 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dropbox: cloud & photo storage?

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Dropbox: Cloud & Photo Storage for Positive User Reviews

Trying to monetise loyal customersSo, Dropbox stops working on my iPad. Re-install - as suggested - and now it says I have too many linked devices and will have to pay to re-add my iPad. Crooks! The beauty of Dropbox was that it worked seamlessly and was free, with some reasonable limitations. Not any more. Now I’ll have to struggle to make Microsoft’s truly appalling OneDrive work for me instead. Pity that Dropbox is going to gradually lose all of its fans....Version: 164.2

Picture show everywhereHi. I liked dropbox from very begining since i start using. But i think there might be little more improvement. The picture which we moved from POTOS to FILES create under different names, should not be shows up in the Photos afterward. Once we moved them from Photos to Files they must be erased from there because we are moving them not just copying. Hope you will think about it..Version: 124.2

Great, expensive tho, customer support not top notch l!When it works this is very good & deserves its place as one of the market leaders, but it’s not the most generous with free space & if you pay for more space (as I do) it’s not the cheapest out there by a long shot! However, if you happen to encounter a problem I’m afraid you’re on your own, the community support is flakey with not many hits & little advice useful advice IMHO, emailing customer support is not particularly speedy & takes time to get to heart of the problem! Also, most importantly, don’t develop a problem out of ‘office hours’ or at the weekend! All cloud based services like Dropbox will encounter a problem at one time or another, so customer support for a big potential standard setter (like Dropbox would probably like to think it is) should have 24/7 help available, especially for the high subs it asks for! Otherwise I guess it’s as good as anything else around!.Version: 230.2

Great appEasy, simple to use and no fuss. Its amazing for simple storage, so you can make folders, save pictures and download PDFs. I love how it helps you keep your account private and allows you to make available documents offline!.Version: 212.2.2

Easy to share filesDropbox is easy to share files with others and sync my flies between my phone and computer. It’s easy to use on the iPhone and mac so you don’t lose your photos. I recommend using Thai for files, videos and pictures. It’s easy to use..Version: 354.4

Problèmes à corrigerDes fichiers ne veulent pas ce transférer dans Dropbox et le mode hors-ligne bug souvent. Dropbox prend trop d’énergie dans la batterie..Version: 108.2

Add a hyperlink optionI use the app for storing plans and drawing for use on the run and while onsite. Would be great if there was an option to utilise hyperlinks. There are apps out there that after you've uploaded your plans, all detail, section and elevation callouts on the plans automatically activate, creating hyperlinks. These allow whoever accesses the plans to easily navigate between plans. Would be a great addition to Dropbox!!.Version: 124.2

Dropbox app has everythingI like this app, PDF reader fill, document reader marker , fill and sign function. Document scanner is great automatic size crop and paper white conversion from a photo shot, there’s one thing that could be improved on the scan feature, able to multiple select photos to put in scan formation. I have to select one photo each time and at times it can crash and lose process of consolidating document..Version: 96.2

How do you download?How do you download multiple photos from your iPhone to your Dropbox? Either I don’t know how to or there isn’t this provision. Why can’t you select multiple photos and drop them to your Dropbox?.Version: 208.2.12

Useful and hassle free!Please make option to empty deleted files. Many thanks!!.Version: 192.2

Now Requires App SubscriptionsAfter years of being able to view PDFs, Spreadsheets and Documents, the app now forces one to subscribe to Adobe, Excel, etc. To what purpose? Those of us not using it for business are not trying to update anything: we’re only wanting to view documents that we generate elsewhere. Without the option of “view only,” this app has become useless and only gets one star as Apple won’t allow zero. Edit to Response to Developer’s Reply: I am able now to either open a password protected file for view-only by selecting the “go” key on the keyboard, bypassing the “open” icon for Excel, or ignoring the “go” key and selecting the “open” icon to follow the Excel pathway to edit the file. Thanks! Response to Developer’s Reply: Your reply is demonstrably false. Despite the indications in your help link, the App stopped opening Excel and PDF files that are password protected without using Excel and Adobe. There’s nothing like entering a password in response to Dropbox and then dealing with the prompt maze of those applications to finally get another password screen from them. After years of successfully entering file passwords at your prompt, this happened after *your* upgrades and before I chose to update to iOS 13.3 from 12.x. This is all on you..Version: 178.2

Drop BoxQuick access to quality downloaded file !.Version: 358.2

The DropBox Folks are Good PeopleThe city I live in received a direct hit from Hurricane(s) Laura and Delta back-to-back in Aug. 2020. Laura was a Category 4 with sustained winds of 175mph. Delta dropped 17 inches of rain in 4 hours. The damage to my home and the City was extensive. I was shocked and devasted by the damage because I had just retired as the result of a complex hip fracture. I was on crutches and dealing with severe pain. I had subscribed to the Dropbox Premium version a few months before the storms. After the storm I was unable to afford the monthly fees because the debris cleanup and living expenses in the aftermath of the storm were stretching my wallet to the extreme. I called DROPBOX Support and explained my situation and indicated I needed to end the subscription. The SUPPORT TEAM was very nice and supportive. They downgraded me to the free version. I remember that experience with gratitude. And I thank the Dropbox folks for their help. The app. is great. I love how it integrates with my other apps for all kinds of content. It is very useful for creators like myself..Version: 292.3

Computer idiotThis is a wonderful service..Version: 180.2

Working great, one irksome “feature”I don’t understand all the problems people describe. My experience with Dropbox has been great, with it being very reliable. In one respect it’s even better than iCloud for saving a PDF opened from a website. I can save it directly to Dropbox, but I cannot save it directly to an iCloud folder. Nice. The one annoying feature is with setting up a new account on a computer and Dropbox assuming that the user wants to have files saved solely in the cloud. That default setting isn’t immediately obvious and caused me and others to being unable to access files while traveling. Moreover, figuring out how to turn that setting off was not obvious and difficult to find. Easy to change once found, but it required some digging. The user’s preference for local verses cloud storage should be the first thing asked during a set up, and a description of how to change it should be provided right there during set up..Version: 272.2

Dependable and stable. I’ve used Dropbox for 10yearsThere is something about dropbox that makes it so much better than icloud or drive. It’s truely like your own server that just simply works. Always. For work, how whole business runs on it with the shared drive working naturally and faithfully. Just use it..Version: 302.2

Wonderful!All I want to do is move my files out of dropbox into my ordinary device storage. It only gives me the option to download and view my files inside the app. I need it outside the app to use it to edit videos, transfer it to other mediums, like my usb flash drive. I feel like my own property is being controlled and quarantined away from me. I feel angry. EDIT!: I am happy! I have found out how to properly download my files. I click ”...”, then I click “export”, then I click “open in...”, then I can save to my iphone, copy to my Google drive and do what I want. Thank you!.Version: 98.2

Great app except...Overall this is a great app. It allows you to categorize your files just like on a computer with folders and sub-folders, etc. It is relatively easy to move files around from your ipad or phone, send them to another app to markup, and upload. The main problem I have with this app is the buttons at the bottom of the page when you are viewing a document. They have recently added a big blue button right in the middle at the bottom that says OPEN. The grid and magnifying glass buttons to the left of that were bad enough but now I have to try and read around the big OPEN button as well. I use Dropbox a lot for quizzing myself and I’ll save questions/answers and scroll through them, answering them in my head as I go. The buttons get in the way of reading my questions because scrolling too much will show me the answer. These buttons need to be added into the top banner or lower banner and not on their own. It would make this a 5 star app for me!.Version: 184.2

Massive storage hogI love dropbox and use it for everything - always will! But i recently got an alert that my ipad storage was nearly full, and that dropbox was taking up 25GB+ worth of space. The fun part is that i have NO offline files saved, so that number should have been 0. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app to fix the problem, but i’m reeeeally hoping this doesn’t become a regular issue that i have to do over and over. If you’re having a problem like this, take a look at your offline files, clear your cache within the app, and if all else fails, uninstall and reinstall to get your storage back..Version: 206.5

ReviewIt is so useful to me! Thanks.Version: 346.2

Lovely to see how Dropbox adapt working with my reading workflowSince a friend introduced me by sharing a link about Dropbox for a file I need about 6 years ago, I have adapted the name and brand. Thanks for that. Seeing how it’s has grown to be involved when I started working with other devices, Dropbox kindly supported my digital storage needs on the go, now even better allowing me to keep track as proof evidence of PDF files of websites (for collaborative purposes) I read In Safari on the iPad is awesome so thank you for following me on my digital journey..Version: 100.2

Drop box has become too complicated for a non-techWhen I first signed up to drop box it was a simple and easy to use program. Now, it is too complicated and not intuitive for a person of my technical abilities. I do have many hundreds of files and photos stored on the app, but accessing and storing files is cumbersome compared to earlier versions. Paul Robinson.Version: 352.2

Won’t let me reset passwordUpdated Developers have been in touch and helped me with sorting the issues. Thank you it’s nice to be able to access it all again Been using it couple of years now. But now it won’t let me in or reset my passwords. Telling me my password expired. It’s dissapointing but migt be time to look at other Il options Of can’t sort it.Version: 210.2

Dropbox has been hard, but paintings look amazingOk so really Dropbox is good at some things and amazingly competent at other things. They will not support the Dropbox app ( I didn’t know) the instructions are finally being edited for clarity and ease of understanding. Answers can be hard to get, although they reply fairly quickly, simple answers can take multiple emails. Now the amazing way they make my digital scans of paintings is off the charts!! Stratosphere type work. The files fit the whole frame for mobile responsive design. The file handling can be screwed up to easy( layers and nested files and folders) as you learn. I had a hard time learning Dropbox, but it was mostly my fault and now I’m really enjoying Dropbox and trying to explore all the options available..Version: 202.3.2

Great service - needs some user friendly tweaksI use dropbox to store important documents, photos and videos, sharing and accessing them from a multitude of devices. All I want added to this service is a select all button in an album on iPhone when uploading images, I could be uploading upwards of 150 photos from specific sites to individual folders and having to select every photo individually is both time consuming and can lead to photos being missed in the process. Additionally background uploads on iPhone would also be great but I understand that may be out of your hands.Version: 212.2.2

Keeps shutting down UpdateThe latest update seemed to break it. Keeps re-opening at the login stage. Fixed now. Had to reinstall. They made a change without telling me that the limit on syncing devices is now 3. So it wouldn’t let me in. It was clogged up supposedly synching devices I no longer even own from years ago. It would have made sense to drop off older devices. Very annoying..Version: 136.2

Version 162.2: bug report + essential app + how to make it betterBUGS: When there are photos to be uploaded, even with the badges-notification turned on, there’s no badge-number on the icon. In the Account tab, under Camera Uploads, when switching “Upload Videos” off, there’s no change in the description underneath. Please fix. PROS: Very reliable, does what it’s supposed to without any fuss. Syncs fast across my devices. Has the option to make files available offline. Updated version now uploads the edited version of a photo, instead of only the original version. Regular updates to squash bugs and improve the experience. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: In Account-Settings, change “Cancel” to “Done.” Allow it to search for two words in the search bar, not just one. Provide more options for upgrades to Plus. I currently use around 8GB, so I don’t need the 1000GB option. A 100GB option would make sense. CONCLUSION: An essential app for file backup and storage. If you liked this review, please long-press it and mark it as “helpful.”.Version: 162.2

Five stars for completely disappointing me!!I’ve had this app for a while now. They promise to keep all your pictures safe “NO MATTER WHAT” which is all a lie! Let’s say u lose access to the account for a bit so you are inactive with it. Well without them even asking for your permission, they decide to erase your account and all the pictures you saved with it!! I completely believed them like an idiot and deleted my pictures and gave it to them so they can “KEEP IT SAFE” and without even consulting me or thinking about the fact that I have important pictures and things I actually wanted them to keep safe, they just erase and pretend like nothing ever happened. I completely do not recommend this app!! PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!! GET EVERALBUM OR EVEN GOOGLE PICTURES BUT DO NOT USE THIS!!!.Version: 104.2

Fairly reliable app.Most of the time it works well, it’s been a bit glitchy recently though when I transfer large amounts of files. Small batches work perfectly and the recipients find it easy to retrieve the files..Version: 242.2

Long time userI love Dropbox and have used it for years for all my file storing needs. I would love to see a more intuitive and user friendly app upgrade so that sorting and deleting files/pictures could be easier. I use Dropbox to upload my photos automatically from my iPhone but I can never move more than maybe 20 photos at a time into the folder that I want them to go into which means I have years to catch up on as it’s so time consuming. If I leave the app it then freezes the next time I go into it. Hoping for improvements asap as I store everything here and am trying to organise all my photos by month and year and currently it takes too long..Version: 314.2

Last ReleaseThe ability to see how many photos and videos are waiting to upload from my iPhone to Dropbox and how fast the upload is progressing has been removed from the latest release. Please can I have that functionality back. Apart from this it’s a 5 star product..Version: 184.2

Love itIt’s my favorite app of it’s kind. I wish there were a cheaper option with less space. I don’t use 2000 gb so can’t justify the cost..Version: 338.2

Keeping family togetherDropbox is a great tool that families and friends can use for sharing photos letters and being so easy even the young ones can send to their Grandad the drawing and things they would like him to see. It is a good tool to use to send letters to banks etc. I fully recommend Dropbox and the 5 Stars I awarded Derrick Smart.Version: 308.2

GG.Version: 218.2

QueryI am only a small user with the basic app. My Dropbox is not showing when I touch "send to" and I need to upload some photos for safe keeping. In my looking around I found and deleted an unknown device, someone is in here with me? Spooky..Version: 172.4

Amazing tool day in day out....I joined Dropbox 9 years ago and since then I use it on daily basis. I am a big fan... the app is very easy to use, convenient to keep those receipts I can’t throw away. Sharing files with my friends is easy and they can also have a copy of “that” special picture I took. Mum has access to my pictures and from abroad (15k miles away) she can check them out at anytime and see her grandchildren growing up at fast pace. Its reliable and secure! I trust my files are safe and at my fingertip at anytime! Thank you the developers for coming out with this great tool!!.Version: 96.2

My most reliable cloud sharingI’ve found Drop Box to be the most reliable, efficient way to share files (video, photos and large presentations) with colleagues (internal and external). I travel frequently and use a few of different cloud based sites, none work as well and as easily as drop box..Version: 132.2

Thank Goodness for Dropbox!I’ve been using this app for...holy cow! Almost ten years! And over those years I’ve had 15 different devices: 1 laptop, plus numerous phones and tablets. I always install Dropbox as part of setting up any new device. About a year ago I met a young couple in crisis, suddenly homeless after his dad died suddenly and they lived with him. The landlord locked them out as the coroner departed...anyway; I naively let them stay with me and they robbed me. The worst thing they took was every dead iPad from the last ten years and all the photos therein. Years of photos, irreplaceable photos of children and grandchildren, even photos of older photos of my parents as newlyweds, etc...they are so precious. Fortunately, I have Dropbox and all my photos upload automatically..Version: 212.2.2

Always a SolutionMoving to another country not the easiest thing when it comes to Dropbox. Seems to be harder if you are a Premium member - which seems counterintuitive. However time cures all ills. So essentially have to wait a year (in my case as I paid the year), let Premium lapse so account becomes basic. Then can cancel and renew with new country details and currency. So, maddening for a while but help was persistent, pleasant, and provided a clear solution. Appreciated the follow up too..Version: 334.2

Real estate photosGreat.Version: 326.2

Awesome love love it,!!!I love this app & don’t know how I would get all my years of photos & Docs. W/out it!!? No matter what device or if I lost my phone even a new number I can always count on the Drop box for my most treasured items!! Thank you Drop box for years of keeping my most important things safe and I never have to worry! This app is easy to use but with many important features for more complicated work projects or for creating art. I love that it is never evasive it only keeps tract of what you want it to by sending to Drop box with just one press of a finger. That’s why I love it I don’t feel stocked by the makers of this app & if you care about these things to don’t hestitate to down load and you get a lot of good storage for free and if you choose you can get more for a more than reasonable price a year!.Version: 292.3

Plz add ‘select all’ option to folders!!!Great app works wonderfully for what it is. I’ve had the paid service for years and have used it a ton for work and personal stuff. Great cloud storage, accessible from everywhere. I have been trying to use it to transfer photos between phone and computer and the lack of a ‘select all’ or ‘select inverse’ option has slowed this to a crawl. Even a ‘Export all files in folder’ or something would speed up my interactions with app x50. Would be a simple feature to add that would make transferring files so much pass hassle!!! Please help devs! Love this app, but without this feature I am going to have to migrate to another service. Great work in general, love the app and don’t want to leave..Version: 246.2

One last thingI’m really happy u added a Dark version to it, now I’m not straining my eyes with all the white, I never liked bright things, but to get to the point, there’s one last thing I would love for u to add to the app. I download audio files on Dropbox and I use it to listen to it when ever my WiFi decided to cut out for a few hours (ya it does that I’ve been trying to get it fixed) now it plays the files just fine, but whenever the song ends, it doesn’t go to the next one, so I have to stop whatever I’m doing, go the the app, and either replay the same song or just find a new one to listen too. And I don’t like being stopped in the middle of drawing or doing work. Is there a way u could add a media player or something? Like when u play a music or video file it just goes or opens up the media player? Plz if u can do it I’ll be very great full, I'd definitely have less distractions when I do my work..Version: 174.2

Dropbox is a lifesaverWorking from home during lockdown, working out and about, accessing docs from anywhere on any device, Dropbox is a lifesaver. No more “could you poss send me the budget we did for ... “ or “the post production schedule for the summer”. It’s all accessible all the time anywhere. I love it!!!.Version: 244.5

So Useful!A friend set me up with Dropbox as a way of sending photos to me when I was homeless. I can’t live without it now. While apps are now charging to use pre-installed storage I am never worried about losing my phone or keeping my photos safe. They automatically go to Dropbox and I can access them on any device. What’s not to like??.Version: 258.2

Always there for me....It really is. I can save from my phone and find it from my laptop. In this day and age we shouldn’t be storing on our devices that is so last century ;-) Why have your smartphone or laptop die or get stolen or lost to find you’ve list all your important pictures and documents. Often our devices groan under the weight of all the storage they need to manage ! Dropbox it. Automatic camera upload, scanning and saving documents and decent storage at reasonable prices. You can make some documents available offline too which is helpful for guides, maps & timetables. It’s almost perfect, a little more whizz and more intuitive controls and settings would make this a standout market leader !.Version: 96.2

Intuitive, reliable, easyOur business has been using Dropbox across multiple devices including the Apple app, and it’s been flawless. The app in particular has a nifty display function which allows documents to be read and managed really easily, without opening each one. It also works really well with other apps including Evernote..Version: 264.2

GoodLike.Version: 200.2

The delight of saving special documentsI have been using Dropbox for a very long time. I have even introduced other people to the joy of Dropbox. I love it when I want to send documents to other people who don’t have Dropbox but the can still open the document! I think that’s amazing. Recently I got a message from Dropbox to say that it was full. I tried paying for an update but for some reason Dropbox would not accept my new credit card which is the only one I have! ( I had to get a new credit card because my credit card was scammed!) I did write a note to Dropbox, but I didn’t get a reply! Breda.Version: 296.4

Easy and EssentialI Love Dropbox. Started almost a year ago when I joined a guitar group. My bulging folder of paper music, was heavy and a pain to keep printing off. Any alterations were wasteful. This digital space, where several of us can alter, share and view our music is a massive part of our time. Not sure life would be so easy without it..Version: 134.2

I love it it’s awesomeIt cool and helps me sleep and become a strong powerful swimmer.Version: 184.4

One issue…I’ve been using Dropbox for about a year now, and recently they got rid of the loop button for videos. Every now ant then I like to have videos on loop, and then… the loop button was removed. Why is this? Other than that, great app! Update: Never mind, I found it in the video settings list..Version: 360.3

The companion you needMy work companion for years now even before offering me 2 extra gigs for free 😀Growing better and better. Simple, handy, easy handling - the offline selection particularly precious. Sharing from Desktop to other devices i use at work saved my life and the life of others (shared folder). THANK YOU!.Version: 274.2

Great to stay organisedI use this app mostly for work purposes but have a personal account too. The ease to be able to share dance choreography and work related things with colleagues is brilliant. If the monthly payments were lower for more storage to let’s say £6.99 I’d be tempted to upgrade my personal account. That’s the only thing I would like to suggest..Version: 190.2

Almost exactly what I needOn the iPad app, it’s missing Space to play and pause video. Also, when playing a video, left and right arrows skip to the next file, rather than going forward or backward 15 seconds. A huge number of people are using iPads with keyboard these days, so this is a big oversight. If Space would play/pause, and there was a way to navigate 15 seconds forward and backward using an external iPad keyboard, then my rating would change to 5 stars. If changing storage providers wasn’t such a tough challenge I would have moved to a platform that provided these features. As it is I’ll wait patiently :-).Version: 330.2

Needs to be able to upload on the backgroundThis app is amazing but needs to be able to upload files on the background without having the app open and the screen unlocked, I've been trying to save 10 files from my phone to a folder for the last 3 days... it's really frustrating... specially since the screen locks automatically every 3 minutes.Version: 170.2

Very convenient!This is a great app. It has all the right features for additional file storage (since Apple doesn't support that...) and I applaud you for that. It would be great if you could enable video viewing offline to make it more accessible and convenient to view moving media. Great app!.Version: 3.3

Amazing customer service!I have had drop box for a few years and always found it great! Recently I had issues with my Dropbox and asked for assistance in the Dropbox community. They replied within a few hours and were extremely helpful in finding a solution to my problem! Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced!!!.Version: 220.2

DisappointedWe used to use this app often and recommend it to friends NOW for some financial reason they have limited us to 3 devices only. As we charge an account 2 phones 2 iPads and the Pc we are over the limit. I think that asking 15:95 a month for a service we used to get free is highway robbery so try something else..Version: 160.2

Awesome service worth paying forI couldn’t live without my Dropbox. But on the iPad, I am still wondering why they don’t have a way to support long file names because they end up truncated and there’s no easy way to see them in their entirety. Please add support for different views please, we don’t need empty space to preview our files when we can’t see the full file names anyway!.Version: 122.2

Stop changing stuff!Why do you guys constantly insist on changing the whole interface of the app? Seriously. Every update things are different, and not in a good way. Also, I can’t scroll down on my synced folders anymore. It makes my files disappear when I try. This started after the recent update. I’m not one of those “let me speak to your manager” kind of people but I just had to let you know how bad my experience has been so far. Please fix it, and leave it that way unless there’s a really important bug to fix. Also gave you 5 stars because I know you’re hard working people over there and I pay for pro. Don’t hate the app, just hate the constant changes to the overall look of the app that honestly seem more like a step backward than forward..Version: 112.2

Always goodIt’s a great product.Version: 178.2

Love it!**Update** the developing team listened to their clients and added this feature which works perfectly. Keep it up team!! 👌 Hi, I see this has been raised by another reviewer using the app for social media tasks. I also would like to bulk select and download images from the same folder. Sharing and exporting then saving to phone each time is horrific. Otherwise I love the app 🎉.Version: 136.2

Great App but very unstable after updateI’m having the same issue as Dudebraj9000. I have an iPhone 8 and have been using Dropbox for years. I agree that the updates have had no added value other than adding additional steps. When I’m uploading photos, I can no longer scroll down to see which photos are uploading. It jumps back to the top. Also, when I go to a photo album from Dropbox to upload photos, it will jump to photos from 2017 or 2018 unless I scroll real slow. Also, if I “move” photos from one folder to another, it now leaves me at the folder the photos got moved to instead of the folder I was working on... really annoying. I believe that if I “copy” photos from one folder to another, it will put me back to the folder I was working on, which is the way it has always been. Lastly, I had disconnected any auto uploads or syncing to Dropbox from the start, yet there is an album again called Dropbox with photos sitting in it... some very old photos. So I don’t know if those photos were uploaded or not. I have never auto synced my photos with Dropbox because I like having control of it. I gave you 5 stars because I use Dropbox every day and I trust that you will fix these issues. Overall, it has been fantastic, but more so in the older versions..Version: 146.2

Feature needed!Hi! I've been your client for over a year now, and I truly believe Dropbox is the best cloud storing app out there, it's the only one I pay and need honestly. I would just really love if it would give me the option of deleting what I upload, right there in the app after uploading my pictures and files. IPhone is too bad to organize pictures because they're all on the camera roll, so I usually organize them on Dropbox, but it's kind of annoying having to go back to my pictures or my files to look for the exact same archives I just uploaded and delete them manually. I don't think we need duplicate items, so if I am uploading them to the cloud it's most likely because I don't want them on my phone anymore right? That feature would save me so so much time. Thank you!.Version: 216.2

Fantastic App But....Hello Dropbox Creators, designers, and dreamers. You have a robust and exquisite application here without a doubt. However, the implementation of a code to remove duplicate images would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..Version: 348.2

Very usefulVery useful when it comes to storing your favorite files. Congrats..Version: 348.3

Formatting NightmareDropbox has been a 5-star app that has worked perfectly. But the latest version is a fail. The format of Word documents is glitched on my iPhone with its faint-looking font and indiscriminate bolding. Now I’ll have to try to find out how to dl the previous version..Version: 166.2

Fantastic File ManagementI have been using Dropbox Plus now for some 5 years. It has been a fantastic tool for my small business as I can save all my files within folders on the Dropbox server and access them from any device, wherever I am working (I am a surveyor who travels to various sites daily). I also have the facility to save documents to view offline and edit / amend etc. I can also share files with my workforce, and export documents etc to suit. This software has been a fundamental part of running my business and I would definitely recommend it to small business owners..Version: 304.2

Appreciated!Consistent great service over years Especially when my files were corrupted and an earlier one had to be used!.Version: 180.2

Quick AccessI have saved larger Excel files in Drop box and can easily access them on my phone or iPad Much more certain than an email message attachment for family to share Great for folders of photos.Version: 230.2

Search is being hidden by keyboard as of 2023-Sept update.Catch 22. If you tap inside search field the keyboard pops up on top of the search field. So you type the text to search and the enter key but NO seach happens. The search field remains empty. Waiting for this to be fixed . . ..Version: 346.2

Best mobile file sharing appI use this app for sharing files for both work and personally for music. Absolutely love it! Everything syncs up so fast and no security issues 🙌🏾.Version: 96.2

It’s great. ButGreat product used it for years. But latest update has a weird oddity - now when I receive an email with an attachment I want to file in Dropbox I am required to send an email off somewhere with the attachment in order to do it. Plain weird. Used to just be able to file it. But other than that I really appreciate the app and it’s capabilities..Version: 164.2

Now that it’s fixed, it works well.A few days after leaving this review with a one star rating the issue was fixed. When this app is working it’s quite good. This app was great until a few weeks ago when an update removed the ability to close a file and have the entire screen be for the titles of files. As it is now, the only way one can view titles of files that are more than seven characters or so is to start the process of moving a file which then gives a screen that shows the titles. I pay annually for Dropbox and thus have another 9 months before it will be financially feasible to switch services, but if you have not already paid for Dropbox, I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS app. At least until such time as they correct this issue. It is practically unusable as is..Version: 166.2

Life saverI very rarely write reviews, but Dropbox has earned 5 stars from me more than once. Absolute life saver, I pay for business storage and have never regretted it once. It’s saved me after tipping water on my laptop on client deadline day, and from my own stupidity deleting files without thinking. If you’re thinking about whether it’s worth paying for the space to keep all your files in the cloud...it is. Do it now and thank yourself later..Version: 178.2

DropboxGreat software would be lost without it..Version: 364.2

Scary! Shared link - My recipient has access to my Dropbox accountHi. I have been using Dropbox for many years now. And it’s in my top three apps of about 200 apps in my iPhone. I will still “after this incident” give 5*. But something SCARY happened to me today. It goes like this..... Today I sent five links to one of my clients. I sent the links via outlook app on iphone 11 pro. After few hours my client called me back and said "I can see ALL your folders in your DropBox Account". I went to my account shared tab, so I may delete those links. Suprisingly those links are not in the shared link list. Then I went to the security tab in settings and I changed my password. Then I logged out from dropbox in my phone, and sent an email with shared links to myself. When I click the links I received, they automatically open my dropbox, though I'm signed out. To confirm that I launched my dropbox app but it asks me to login. Finally. I took down ALL my files and transferred them to my iCloudrive . My Dropbox account is empty now! Anyway. I think this is a big security issue. For now, can some one help me to expire the liniks which I sent to my client. Or is there a way to recall an email that I sent fifteen hours ago. outlook app for iphone. please help. thanks.Version: 208.2.12

Great for workConsider using Dropbox for sharing files with VA’s or photos with them. My Va accesses whatever I put up and it’s super easy. I get emails when she changes things in the folders too so that’s great. 2 GB for free is loads too. I understand why you may start using more space and I think I’ll probably most likely end up there. I’m not sure how much I’ll use so I’ll probably take it one step at a time. I think I can back up my iPhone data this way but I’m not sure. I’ll have to look into that. All in all, I’m very pleased and have sent out referrals links too as I think lots of people can benefit for using this. It’s great. Thanks. Bye.Version: 172.3

It worksDropbox works, like it should.Version: 360.3

Freezes when returning to the appHave to force quit the app a lot. Works well otherwise!.Version: 306.2

DropboxI am writing this review for first time I am subscriber as well before few weeks it was working excellent but now I am not getting the same service as it was before and I don’t understand why I am facing problems my upto 10k pics and videos are saved in Dropbox and I am afraid of losing them the new uploads not opening and showing in the folders don’t know what to do about this issue.Version: 356.2

How do I export all my voice memos simultaneouslyI am a musician and I use my voice memos a lot however this takes up a lot of storage on my phone. Is there a way I am able to upload my recordings onto Dropbox all together without having to sit there and send them through individually?.Version: 108.2

Amazing toolHave used computers since the old dos driven green screens and now there is no need for floppies USB sticks or cds. Love it amazing..Version: 100.2

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