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Universe Splitter App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Universe Splitter app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Universe Splitter? Can you share your negative thoughts about universe splitter?

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Universe Splitter for Negative User Reviews

Not currently working!Why are you still selling this app when it’s not currently working? I just get a message saying that it can’t connect to the quantum device..Version: 1.32

App functionalitiesHow is this supposed to determine what I do in the other universe, if I have the same words put on twice in a row why is it a 50/50 on what comes out that u should do, I don’t feel like doing it but regardless it tells me I should do it, it makes no sense on what this app is trying to accomplish, on both my reality’s I wouldn’t kill myself so why would it come out over and over again, if apparently this app is technically advanced and can predict the out come and the split decision I make I would have been dead now if this app was actually true, I payed 2 pounds to get told to kill my self over and over again, who ever spent there time, effort and money on this needs to get demoted.Version: 1.52

Too simple, could be betterThere should have been more effort in this app, taking your ideas and splitting them in two.. I feel like it could be better than that. I expected more. This should have been a free app. It’s all too simple..Version: 1.33

App don’t work?Seems to always give you option A?.Version: 1.51

Totally inaccessible for voiceover users… Very disheartening.About two years ago when an update was made, the app was rendered and accessible. I wrote the creator of the app and an email who said that he was embarrassed, and as of yet nothing has been done to fix this problem. It’s principle that has got me very upset about this. This really was a good app and I enjoyed doodling with it. Two dollars is not a lot of money, but… It’s money I spent. I find that after two years something should’ve been done about this. again, it’s principle that I’m upset with..Version: 1.51

Always chooses option 1Has no one noticed that it always chooses the first option?! The “take a chance” option...? Or if not, what has been your experience? I always got the first one, so I put in something I had already made a decision on and it still chose option 1 even though I wasn’t engaged in that anymore. Anyways, it’s still fun, but just wondering what others have experienced?.Version: 1.31

It’s flawedAlthough it’s fun at first the mere idea according to quantum mechanics is the particles/waves go outward in a sphere so my main problem with this is it’s always the same two projections (you live in the universe where you made decision A and in the other universe says in inverse B says your being told you should be in universe A This is not quantum mechanics.Version: 1.34

Am I missing something?Ok so I purchased the app after hearing about it on Joe Rogan. Unless I’m missing something, all it seems to do is have you enter 2 options of what you might do at that moment, then you hit the splitter button and it will say “ you’re currently in the universe that’s doing … and in another universe you’re doing ( option B). It doesn’t say anything about possible outcome of each decision. Anyone can just write down “ should I walk to the store? Or should I drive”? Then it randomly says “ you’re in the universe that walks to the store “. Okay, so what then if I drive? I literally asked it should I watch porn or go to work? It said I’m in the universe to watch porn!… well at least I know what I’ll be doing today!.Version: 1.51

Is this app REALLY sending a photon through a splitter?Can the developers please confirm and explain exactly how this app is actually remotely having photons sent through a quantum splitter? With potentially thousands of users all hitting this app “button” (some simultaneously), how is this even possible?.Version: 1.51

Bought the app and it doesn’t function.Purchased the app, split the universe, nothing else has happened, no updates, everything static. Literally nothing has happened at all. Waste of money..Version: 1.32

InterestingVery interesting just downloaded it but i dont really know what to do after the first split like do i do it again and again and again and i wont know the out come orr?.Version: 1.33

Reset all does nothingHitting the reset all button I assume should reset the counter and path but doesn’t seem to do anything. Keep track switch also makes no difference..Version: 1.31

I did not win the lottery.In the app I made two choices: 1. I will win the mega millions jackpot tonight. 2. I will not win the mega millions jackpot tonight. I split the universe and number 1 came up as my universe. I ran to rite aid and bought ten dollars worth of mega millions lottery tickets for Friday night’s draw. I woke up this morning and was shocked to discover that I did not win the lottery. Perhaps I did something wrong? I’m planning on doing it again on tues by making number one and two winners of the lottery. That way, both of me wins no matter what. I’ve got a hundred dollars saved up for this and I can’t wait to WIN!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.31

ConfusedI want to like this app and I understand what I’m doing.. I think. Problem I seem to be having is I’m always in universe ‘A’. Is that supposed to be that way? Is the app broken? I see the picture on the App Store that shows the universe moving from ‘A’ to ‘B’ constantly. After around 15 splits, I’ve been 100% on ‘A’.Version: 1.32

Don’t waste your moneyThis app is a JOKE and that’s all I’ve got to say in this universe..Version: 1.31

Does not workSays it is unable to connect and gives no information whatsoever. Wasted my money. I had a free version of this years ago, that actually worked..Version: 1.32

Doesn’t unless in your own mind you do what it tells youThis is junk so for example you type in I lose and then type I win and you get lose but you win it’s not a descion maker the time it works is when you decide to do what it said and also I’m stuck on the stupid quantum emitting page the science radio show heard about this on was wrong so were those science websites I want may 2 dollars back.Version: 1.34

Good application, needs updatedThe app is very fun if you’re interested in the many worlds theory. But I seem to be running into an issue of all of my choices being the second option I enter. Which gets old quickly. As of right now I think it’s an enjoyable app but it will get old quickly if the issue I have run into is consistent for others.Version: 1.31

Already unimpressedHaven’t even opened the app yet and I am already unimpressed. I have been charged £2.99 for it and then a further £1.99. The app is only supposed to cost £1.99 so why have I been changed twice and the first time a higher price? Don’t risk being overcharged..Version: 1.31

Profoundly silly ...... but only about half the price of having a beer in a bar and the amusement value lasts longer than half a beer would. So I’m better off than I am in the universe where I spent my $1.99 on half a beer. At least I think I am, and that’s what matters..Version: 1.32

Not real as expected (a cool gag to show at parties)I bought this out of pure curiosity after watching a podcast of a scientist talking about the app. After i opened the app, i gave it a simple instruction of what i was planning on doing. (I chose breathing vs holding my breath). I hit the split universe and continued my normal breathing. The results told me that i was in the universe where i held my breath.(which obviously i didn't). Its a neat app with a cool idea but it is just an app that gives random results much like a magic 8 ball. Theres no real quantum mechanics which should be obvious as we haven't even achieved quantum computing yet..Version: 1.34

Doesn’t workI’ve tried numerous times to split the universe but it keeps saying it’s malfunctioning… very disappointed, I really wanted to have god like powers.Version: 1.52

UnsureI believe in multiple universes and all that but what happens if this app gives you one suggestion and you in this current universe goes ahead and does the other option? How would that work? I tried it and now the app wont go past Geneva. I think I broke it..Version: 1.32

I’m not convincedLOVE this idea. So nerdy; so cool. BUT I find it hard to believe that I would get an affirmative response and a negative response 50% of the time. I ran a few alternatives... more times than I care to admit... and the odds came back exactly 50/50 per option. A lifelong lover of probability; this should not be the case and is statistically flawed..Version: 1.32

Fun! But...Somehow this makes a coin toss decision less wiggle-out-able. When the app says this is my current universe, I obey! Lol. Anyway, tried to use the app today and it won't get past connecting to Geneva. This seems odd, since there's really no reason for the app to have to TRULY connect to any of- site source. Why isn't it just a randomizer within the app itself? Disappointed..Version: 1.31

Doesn’t workI’ve tried using this app about 20 times now and it’s only worked once. It used to only load to Geneva, I tried it today and it worked for the first time, I tried again because I was so excited it was finally working and now nothing is happening at all. Nothing lights up in “split progress at all” I’m so disappointed in this app..Version: 1.33

Purchased after listening to Joe RoganThis is not a game. It asks two things you could have been doing right now, then after an animation, it selects one of those two tasks for you to do. Apparently in the ‘other universe’, you are doing the other task. But it never shows any other universes. I don’t think it worthy of $1.99. If you are indecisive and need help to make a decision, this app is good. Or simply download an app to help making a decision. Flipping a coin is just as a quantum as this app. So flip a coin and keep your money. PS - it is such a bold claim for a developer to point out the limitations of the universe..Version: 1.31

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