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Geocaching® App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Geocaching® app received 87 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Geocaching®? Can you share your negative thoughts about geocaching®?

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Geocaching® for Negative User Reviews

If only I could give no stars...I used to have the geocache classic app on my phone. That’s how I started geocaching and got pretty into it. It was fun and easy and got me to exercise outside. I haven’t had much of a chance to use spare time and walk around so I decided to start back up. First thing I found was that my old app didn’t work and I never got so much as an email telling me geocache was switching to a new system. So I downloaded the new app cause I was excited to start doing it again. Now I can’t access any geocaches hardly at all. Not even ones I’ve found in the past. There’s no way I would pay for a basic gps system to find things. Instead of getting people outside and making them want to geocache. You people are making it impossible. I’m a college student I barely have time to get outside. Much less the money to pay for a basic app that doesn’t really do anything. Unless the subscription part goes away, consider me not a returning customer.Version: 5.11.0

Love the sport. The app... not so muchLet’s be honest, the only thing the app developers have to do is make a functional, intuitive app that stores and interacts with users’ data. Since the the app authors don’t regularly create any content, there’s no justification for recurring charges that a one-time charge wouldn’t cover. While the interface works well enough, the app is a serious battery killer. This alone makes the experience a bit miserable. I can go from 100% charge to absolutely drained in about an hour. This absolutely MUST be fixed before I’d even consider paying anything further. $6/mo or $30/yr just isn’t reasonable for an app that’s used only now and then. That kind of pricing demands a considerable amount more content and functionality than what we’re getting. But geocaching doesn’t need anything more than what we already had so there’s no need for such a relatively high subscription price. Please go back to a one-time fee or you’re going to lose a good percentage of the community..Version: 5.8.2

Sucks for people in CanadaWe have such a small time frame to geocache comfortably (not cold or any mosquitoes), the subscription has ruined this past time. I was in an area that has hundreds of geocaches and could only do about 3 due to these stupid restrictions. Also, I paid $10 for this app initially and ignoring the support for us early adopters is very counter productive..Version: 8.18.0

Could be much betterVery little option settings compared to an app I had been previously using. Hard to add personal note (if it’s possible at all) and can’t see added wpts of a multi or mystery caches on the map screen, meaning you drive straight past unless you solely concentrated on that one cache, and miss all others in the area or look at the map to see all the other caches as you drive around and have to remember to open the multi you started kilometres ago to navigate to the next wpt. Would be 5 star app if could see all child wpts of caches on map and easy personal notes for jotting down clues on the go..Version: 5.7.3

BooPremium feature sucks. i dont want to pay to find stuff.Version: 9.5.0

Information misleading via appAlways trust information for a cache listing via website browser over this app. Example, cache recently transferred to new owner, however this app now showing it “Placed by” the new owner, rather than original..Version: 9.2.0

Wish I never paid.Paid $10 for the pro version. Haven’t used it in a while and came back due to pandemic - good activity during these times. So - other people do all the work of making the cache, placing it, posting it. Then others find it and comment and provide hints. I paid to upgrade - which was a one-time fee. And now this app developer discontinued that app - can’t even sign in -Had to download this one and now they are charging $6 a month?!!!! For what?! I look forward to someone building a new app to replace this ridiculous money grab. So disappointing. It’s like they used the $10 so many of us paid so they could create a subscription system and price gouge. Ugh..Version: 8.21.0

Good, Some Tweaks RequiredA good app with the basic functionality well presented, this is somewhat let down when it comes to the more technical side of things. For example, logging a find that 'needs maintenance' - why does this option not appear in the regular menu alongside 'found / DNF / other' instead of being hidden in a sub menu of a sub menu? My other gripe is that when someone adds photos of a traceable, no one else can see them through the app - on the website anyone can see, and I don't understand why this isn't so in the app..Version: 5.6.1

Subscription flawedI would love to rate this on the actual geocaching itself but instead am heavily overshadowed by the subscription process. We decided to do some one off geocaching over the Summer hols. You have the option of paying for one month or a whole year, we naturally opted for a month and yes it says you need to cancel the subscription. Well when I went to cancel it then the difficulties started. You can’t actually cancel through geocache themselves. They advise you cancel through PayPal. Log onto PayPal and guess what you can’t cancel through them either, you need to go through your iTunes. So finally on yet another hunt (not the geocaching I had in mind) we were able to cancel it. How you can sell a service but then wash your hands of the return I don’t know, you wouldn’t buy a product from Tesco and go to your bank for the refund? Such a shame as the actual app was great but now it’s just greedy..Version: 8.33.0

NOT IMPRESSEDUsed to love using this app, but I recently went on and discovered with the recent update that they now want to charge me $9 a month to do any geocache above 2.0 difficulty. I only use the app one a month and cannot justify the price point. Disappointed 😭.Version: 6.12.0

Fun activity; questionable ethicsI started geocaching almost 10 years ago - hubby and I loved all aspects of it enough to fork over the $10 for the full app (pricey back then). But, then, the app stopped working because groundspeak required more money from users. This seemed unfair, as half of the community were happily volunteering time and supplies to create the caches in the first place. Then, the subscription model of $5/month! To access data that is uploaded by others on caches that are maintained by others! And, that the majority of users only access a few times per year, and usually as a fun and leisurely activity with kids or friends! I spend less than half that for hardcore business and productivity apps that I use DAILY, like several times a day! Sadly, I left geocaching for several years because I was so turned off by this. I just came back as several people have asked me about it and I find that there still have been no major developments to justify this cost. Just basic design tweaks here and there. This is so disappointing, as geocaching is a fantastic activity that once brought people from all over the world together and relied on the volunteer efforts of placers and maintainers. It still has those aspects but is definitely tainted by greed somewhere in the mix. 😢.Version: 7.7.0

ExpensesOnly getting a single kind of geocache blows, premium is extremely pricey, and I am not paying that, geocaching is a lot of fun, but this aspect of it has to change, it’s a scavenger hunt, not a pyramid scheme.Version: 9.0.1

Version “upgrade” last fall is terribleWe’ve been geocaching for several years and love it. The app has worked well over that time...until the “improvement “ last fall. It is now extremely difficult to navigate to the cache. For one thing it’s not possible to zoom in very far; the image just pops back out again. But even worse, the compass almost never points towards the cache! (This is not a problem with our compasses as they work perfectly in other applications.) The older version with the direction along the bottom with the mark showing the direction of travel actually got you going in the right direction. The compass now points in seemingly random directions. Now because we can’t depend on our compass, we have to use the number of feet away and maintain the direction where the number falls. We also have never had to depend on the hint as much as we do now. All this is extremely frustrating..Version: 7.8.0

Hiding geocaches behind expensive subscription is mean spiritedTotally decent app for a fantastic activity. However, it's massively let down by the fact that so many geocaches are inaccessible unless you pay a hefty subscription. This particularly bothers me due to the fact that this is a great activity for getting kids outside. Having premium app features behind a subscription is fine, but teasing kids with content that require a £5 per month subscription is just mean spirited..Version: 7.10.0

Just a push to buy premiumWhy are there now ridiculous restrictions for non premium members on the app? There isn't on your website... Paid $12 for the original app when it first came out and love it. There was little restrictions on that, but now forced to use the new app which only allows you to find caches 2 stars or below for terrain or difficulty. What a joke!.Version: 5.7.3

Great, stupid pricing for premiumThe app is great, I’ve been have an awesome time finding all these local spots with the app. However a large amount of the caches are locked off unless you have the premium subscription. I’d happily play $10 as a one off, but the asking price is $10 per month which is a price similar to a Netflix subscription. This app’s premium has nothing extra to offer from the normal version as far as I can tell. The caches are locked off based off the difficulty they have been ranked there is nothing special about the locked off ones specifically so why charge a monthly subscription for them??.Version: 8.34.0

Love the app hate being charged twiceThis app is great, the game is awesome & it’s a fun family game outdoors however as someone who bought the app years ago for one set price outright then be made to pay annual fees after the makers decided to change their minds on the payment side of things, I got a little annoyed and stopped using it. Like all big companies, they know you will come back as they own the market so they may take profit over their customers but with their monopoly on the market like many companies, there is no other choice than to join the ranks of minions with the annual fees. I wouldn’t have minded if the fees were annual from the beginning. It’s a great game so no issues on that side of it..Version: 8.29.0

Baaaaad 👎👎👎I went to one of the geocaches and I searched for ever and nothing was there.Version: 5.6.1

AWFUL!!!The directions are terrible! My friend and I have been searching for about 2 hours now! The item we are trying to find moves?! It is a waste of time! DO NOT GET THIS APP, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!.Version: 8.53.1

Not okay but okayI found one and me and my friend were trying to break it and it whent to other side and then we couldnt find u so bassicly next time but a tracker in them pls and i live ur app im just mad about this.Version: 9.6.0

Disappointed…I downloaded this app as it seemed super fun to do in my city! It showed me the map and where to look, when I went to look for 2 different places, there was nothing. There was nothing on the ground, top, middle, hanging, nothing. This is a lie to look around, fun to walk, but unfortunately, the reality of ‘scavenger hunt’ isn’t what this app says it’s supposed to be!!.Version: 9.8.0

Nope, I ain’t paying for it !I am fed up of loading apps for free then having to “unlock” special features at a cost. Deleted this app soon after won’t come back.Version: 8.20.0

Worth getting.Geocaching is fun and this is definitely the app to get to do that. It won’t ever be a five star app though till you can place your “hides” with it. We need the ability to see the area other caches are taking up (including hidden ones), get accurate GPS using the app (at the moment you have to use a third party to get GPS, not always accurate when placed on the map, and slowly input it online), and have it fill in the relevant place. Apart from this issue, I love this app, and it’s given me and my nephews tons of fun over many many days..Version: 8.56.0

Pay wall needs to be lessI like the app but 40 a year for premium if it was 10 a year totally would do it but 40 hell no. May still keep trying the free part of stuff tho..Version: 9.2.0

Why block out some caches?For some reason they block out some caches so you need to be. Paid member now.Version: 8.35.0

Premium pricePremium is much too expensive and should be lowered with another option for one-time-payment. There is also not enough options for the free version.Version: 8.2.0

More logical directionsWow, I love going in a straight line through forests, animal habitats, dangerous places and other people’s property. If I was smart, I would have found an alternative route. Which I tried. Please make it so I’m staying ON roads because I accidentally trespassed! Luckily, the guy who owned the property was nice. And you people really need to update the map because I saw an opening on the map from a field to a road but NO! There was a gate blocking me. I had my bike and barely got out of that situation alive! For now, I’ll find my own route..Version: 7.13.0

It’s not that fun!It used to be fun until they started asking to pay for more caches. It’s supposed to be a way to have fun and get cool things for free (as you leave something for the next person). Not the same anymore..Version: 8.28.0

Good app, too expensive.This app is great and has everything it needs. However, I believe that the company who runs this is capitalising on the public’s hard work. $10 a month is a bit steep. I’d rather a bigger one time payment, but all you have is a subscription service. However, I’ll keep using this app until a better one comes along..Version: 7.2.0

CripplewareHave been a happy user of the old geocaching app. Then it was retired. Uploaded the latest greatest version. Only to find you have to be a premium member to view and log most of the caches. Functionality is ok on the caches you can access ( basically the simplest ones) but it's really annoying to not be able to use it for all caches. Have now deleted the app and may or may not continue caching. Ground speaks approach on this has left a bad taste in my mouth..Version: 5.2

Disgusted by the cost.Geocaching is a fun activity. I’ve been doing it off and on since 2001 back when their server was a P90 and you had to log on a 5am if you wanted to use the website without crashing. Back then, their mission statement included a section about how they wanted it to be free for all people to explore the world and discover new places. You needed to buy a GPS, but that was it. Volunteers manage the cashes, and they managed the database. It was obviously a labor of love and nerds the world over rejoiced. They operated just fine on donations and ads. Since then I’ve watched them chip away at that original mission to the disgusting perversion it is today. As it stands now it’s $30 a year. Real business software isn’t that much. The MS excel portion of the yearly 365 subscription isn’t that much. All groundspeak does is list what volunteers maintain. They use maps other people generated. The app itself isn’t an amazing feat of coding. This app is useless without the subscription. Geocaching is fun and introduces you to new places, but not that fun. Especially now that there is no new content due to the cost. Now it’s just a bunch of soggy boxes in the woods that haven’t been found in 6 months..Version: 7.11.0

I'd give it zero stars if I could.It's been a year or so since I geocached, but I thought yesterday was a good time to resume. I had the $10 app on my phone from before, but "upgraded" yesterday thinking I could quickly locate a cache I'd found last year so I could leave some items in it. This app is SO BAD. I never found the cache, but the worst part is that they charged me to get to information I'd already paid to get - then didn't deliver that information as well as the version I had bought before. - Also, it's impossible to end the $6.54 monthly charge using your phone. You have to dig deep into iTunes subscription preferences on a computer to end it. I could have literally paid a guide to take me to caches for the time, trouble and expense this app caused..Version: 5.6.1

Loyal members penalisedI was a premium member for years and was one of the many who financially supported the developers to get established. I am also one of many loyal members who have uninstalled the app. Very bad form people!.Version: 7.2.0

PoorI already paid for the original and now this has been killed off. Now they want an annual subscription for 3 times the price so that I can continue to geocache and more importantly maintain the geocaches I have planted. Unless I can find a way to continue without paying an annual subscription, I will be forced to either abandon these caches or physically remove them (although without a functioning app they will still be reported as active). Congratulations on helping to kill a great pastime! Do I get a refund? Thought not. Money grabbing a$$holes!.Version: 5.10.0

OkayI liked it at first and payed for premium, after 2 weeks finding got boring. Really wanted to start hiding, but when submitting them, they were being denied constantly for reasons hypocritical of others locations. Forgot about this app until I noticed I was still subbed to them and had $10 a month siphoned for 4 months..Version: 8.29.0

Bye bye Groundspeak!While this app has an updated UI, I was saddened to see that they’ve now restricted all but the most entry level caches to those who pay for premium membership. We were quite active in the early days of geocaching, forming our own club and putting out a ton of local caches for people to find. We paid a pretty penny for all kinds of gear from Groundspeak. Then when they put out an iPhone app, we paid the $10 to support that too, to have something on hand to cache with newbies. Haven’t gone out in awhile, but took my brothers family out only to feel like we just got ripped off again by a money-grubbing company that we have put so much into. No thanks! We’ll go where the original spirit still lives on - we’ll try a few we’ve seen reviewed (Cachly seems like it has good reviews), just tired of being taken by the same people and are going to put a stop to it..Version: 5.7.4

Too greedyIt’s alright but the only way to see any good geocache is if you pay, and apparently if u do pay you can’t cancel it and they say to cancel it off PayPal but u can’t, apparently you have to cancel it through iTunes which makes no sense. Just make it so we don’t have to pay to actually do it or just make it so we pay once and not monthly it’s just greedy..Version: 9.9.0

Fun is expensiveThe joy of geocaching used to be an opportunity to explore nature and have a good time. You use any old GPS and hit the trail. The phone is more convenient, but now fun is too expensive. 75% of caches are hidden behind a paywall. I’d rather see some ads and have a free service than not be able to play at all..Version: 6.13.0

ItIt logs out after a week.Version: 6.5.0

Too ExpensiveThis kind of app should have a free trial, ain’t nobody paying $10 a month for this. It’s fun and all but the cost is not realistic. No one wants to pay that kind of price for an app they’ll only use a few times..Version: 8.29.1

Room for improvement...This App is SLOWLY improving! I've been Geocaching for almost 10 years now and I'm very glad to see the capability migrate to a smart phone (maintaining a GPS device can be costly when not used regularly enough and the uploading of caches was a laborious process). I originally gave the App just one star because the launch was terribly cumbersome. Now it's much better to use. I like the "live" aspect of the cache data; ie the information is as up-to-date as the website so archived caches do not appear (something which was frustrating when you uploaded a list to your GPS once a month or so!). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a way in the App for me to log my trackables when I log a cache. A simple "visit all" like you have in the website is all I ask. Currently within the App you have to go to each trackable for every cache. Tedious. OR, from the cache page I select "open in browser" and write my "Found" logs from there so I can do "visit all" with my trackables. Come on. Trackables are a big part of geocaching. Please make it easier to log their journey..Version: 8.5.0

Great app but...It's a great app and I really enjoy it, but whenever I use the map it doesn't use places you can actually go: it says to walk through people's gardens and houses. Therefore we have to walk the long way round and sometimes we get confused about where we're going. It would be a great addition to the map if it gave you a path where you could walk..Version: 7.5.0

I’ll stick with the website, thank youI first optimistically downloaded this app around a year ago. Finally! A quick, easy way to geocache without having to first figure out my route, add geocaches to my Garmin eTrek GPS by hand, and gather up a backpack full of supplies and a group of people for a long geocaching hike! However, I missed the part of the description where basic members (like me) could only see those few geocaches with a difficulty of 1.5 stars or less. I was severely disappointed. Not only was I unable to see any of the geocaches in my area, I couldn’t even see the caches I had placed! It took about 5 minutes for me to decide to return to the website permanently. I give this app 2 stars because it at least has some potential as a new, easy version of the geocaching I know and love, but in its current state, it is virtually unusable for those unwilling to pay a Premium subscription. No matter how many features you add, how simple and intuitive you make the geocaching process, and how detailed you make the maps, this is a geocaching app, and a geocaching app without the geocaches is pointless..Version: 5.7

The update doesn’t workUse this app all the time but did an update a few days ago and now it just crashes and I can’t access it..Version: 9.8.0

Little FrustrationsI have been using this app for years (back in the day it would show a graphic of a dragon eating the satellites when it couldn’t get location data!) Overall the app is good but at times prone to frustrating bugs. Currently I have a list of 160 caches across the world, the app used to map it but now it just crashes whenever I try the map option for this list... that’s been happening for a month or two and I’ve finally decided to break the list up into smaller lists... I shouldn’t have to take steps like that to work around an app bug. Lists have been a problem in general for most of this year, the app will freeze when downloading and some lists never manage to download at all. I will continue to use the app because I haven’t found anything better..Version: 8.4.0

PoorNo worth it. Tons of ads and the premium is far to expensive. Not worth it. Delete app..Version: 8.20.0

Latest Update Crashes All the TimeAdmittedly, I have an older phone, 6+. I can’t update to iOS 13. Other than that, the phone is up to date. Earlier today I was able to open it and I was working on downloading offline info. Finally got it to work after multiple tries. The app would crash very often in the process. It would go black and eventually close. Now, it just does that while finding initial caches around me. It just doesn’t work. After further experimenting, apparently downloaded data was causing the problem. I deleted the app and reinstalled. No downloaded data and app has not crashed yet..Version: 8.7.0

Basic user, app is pointlessI’m like many others before, a non-premium user who finds little use in the app, currently. I paid for the app many years ago and was annoyed when they phased it out for this current one. But like the time before there was an app, I will happily find geocaches without it as well. I’ve posted in other places that I would probably do an in-app purchase to unlock all non-premium caches, but I’m NOT interested in paying $30 a year for a membership I would use maybe 10-15 times. I geocache when I’m on vacation and in new areas, otherwise, not something I do. So for their to only be one paid option seems like a huge miss by groundspeak. But I think groundspeak must find joy in their ability to ruin their own game. Time and time again they’ve done things that just leave their users scratching their heads, this app being one of them. Oh well, $30 I can spend elsewhere..Version: 6.11.0

Free Version Features Removed :(Access to high level caches have been removed. Requires you to pay to see them. So lame 👎🏻 App is good but I don’t cache enough to warrant 40 bucks a year..Version: 6.8.0

FunI love geocaching, been doing it for 10+ years. I find it really frustrating that you need to pay to get any caches over a 2.0 difficulty..Version: 8.23.0

After your money??This app now removes all cache that are not the easy traditional caches and features like saving offline lists. You have to pay just to see caches and do things I use to be able to do in old app. We will be geocaching less as a result. Very sad for our family. $$ talks I guess.Version: 4.9

Just a less useful version of the classic appTried downloading this to get back into geocaching and realised so many features from the old app I paid for are now locked behind premium. Going to delete it and find an alternative that doesn’t feel like a downgrade..Version: 5.7

Bait and switch, plain and simple…So you get me excited to actually start doing this and then you have to pay to actually find anything? Really? Must now delete app and give up on the concept of geocaching… delete delete delete!!.Version: 9.0.1

Not letting me log inI’ve made 3 accounts, changed the passwords, saved the passwords to my phone even and it still doesn’t let me log in and is saying it’s not the correct password and I can’t use the app unless I log in please fix whatever issue this is cause I’m debating on just deleting the app. It also won’t let me log in on the website.Version: 9.5.0

Disappointed long time userYou need to upgrade to premium before you can use features, already paid for, in the previous version. Only traditional caches are available without upgrading..Version: 4.10

TerribleIt is a terrible app doesn’t work been to 14 different locations. Not a single one has been there location services are terrible, waste of my time. False advertisement it is terrible don’t get the app useless.Version: 8.58.0

CancelledI cancelled my annual membership but still got charged Why??!.Version: 8.58.0

It's good but..I love this app so much fun but I just went on to log a geocache I found the other day and was very mad to see now you have to be a member to unlock 1.5 terriain places, and all around where I live is over 1.5 terrain, very mad about new update!!.Version: 5.6.1

Not as good as the old appI stopped geocaching for about a year, simply because I hated the new version of the app. The screens are difficult to navigate back and forth through, the satellite map is awful (please bring back Google maps), and I can't see the artwork on my souvenirs. One thing that would be helpful is if you could make the coordinates of a cache clickable that would allow you to open the coordinates in Google Maps and obtain driving directions. Sometimes caches are far apart, especially in rural areas, so driving from one to another is necessary. I don't like how I have to look at the app's map navigation while I'm driving to a cache location. If not clickable directly into Maps, at lease allow the user to copy and paste the coordinates. And the fact that you are forcing users to pay for premium membership in order to view even basic difficulty caches is just awful..Version: 5.6.4

Wait...what happened???So the weather in Southern Ontario is finally nice. I decided to open this app up for the first time this year and do some neighbourhood geocaching and lo and behold...I’m behind a paywall now. That’s strange because I paid $10 for this app years ago. Is it even worth your time now? I open up my map and I’m surrounded by caches that can only be accessed with a premium account...all year round (like I’m going to go geocaching in f-cking February or between November to April for that matter...was any thought put into this?). This is beyond poor decision making...deleted the app after this discovery..Version: 8.23.0

Expensive - not long term friendlyI am very disappointed with the structure of this app … I bought the old one … the purpose of a one time buy is so I don’t have to subscribe … then the old app is discontinued, and prompts me to download this one, come to find out I can’t even see the geocaches that I already paid to see in the old app? That’s rotten… They should have ported over their old database for those that bought the other app. I only use it once every 6 months anyway … and today when I wanted to use it I found out that it’s been 12 months since I used it last. … That being said, they did a good job with the user interface of this app; but I’m still frustrated that they are ripping off so many people with something that is free for just using the browser with, the only difference being you need to copy the coordinates to put into a separate app to get where you want to go..Version: 5.7.4

Could have been a good thingI love this idea, so cool and I’ve heard lots of friend who loved the adventure, and hey I’d pay a one time fee for this but 8/9 monthly ?? Way to much sorry can’t justify that.Version: 8.22.0

Horrible!This is probably one of the worst apps by far that I have downloaded. The app will not let me sign up it will glitch and when I log in with the same email it still will not work and may I add I was hunting on another device (my mum phone) The app messed us about said we were 1 m away then said we were 500 m away and when we were "at the geocache"we could not find it anywhere I do not recommend this app whatsoever..Version: 8.58.0

Where's the discount?I paid for the premium version of the previous app. It was a one time fee. Now they retire that app and give us one that's $9 a month?? Where's the discount for purchasers of the previous? And $40 for a year???? Should be $40 for lifetime. Maybe then I would bite. What a rip off.....Version: 5.6.1

Not free for longApp quickly turns into a pay if you want the information type..Version: 8.46.0

TerribleHonestly can’t think why they scrapped the old app which worked perfectly. There are so many bugs on this that are soo annoying and frustrating. You can’t zoom in close enough- it just zooms you back out. The map never works half the time, the biggest problem, meaning you are effectively screwed and can only use a compass. Map doesn’t rotate properly and POV always changes going flatter and then you can’t change it back. The map itself is worse then before too. Overall just crap. Really crap.Version: 6.4.0

Cancellation problemsI had subscribed for a few months and wanted to unsubscribe when my son lost interest (no reason to pay $6 a month for an app we no longer use.) Tried to unsubscribe but it said I had to personally contact the company through email, so I did. The employee said he would take me off the subscription, which I assumed he did, but stupid me didn’t think to double check my statement. So I ended up paying for an extra 3 months without knowing it. I finally did find out how to unsubscribe myself (not sure why they say you can’t.. even though the option isn’t available on the app itself you can still do it through your device.) All in all the app was alright.. I just wish customer service would be honest, now I’m out $20 because of it..Version: 8.6.0

Okay appI use the app on my iPhone and normally don’t have issues.... except about every other time there is an update. Then I have to delete the app and reinstall so that the app will open! This gets old and tiresome — especially the fact that I have to re-download all of my lists! We live in an area that we must cache from lists a lot due to spotty cell service! It’s disgusting to have to re-download everything all of the time! Especially tiresome on limited data or limited internet access! It’s ridiculous that every couple of times there is an update, the “old” version completely quits!.Version: 8.37.0

Auto renewI don’t mind paying for the odd month of premium, but somehow I’m set up to auto renew every month and no where is a cancel membership option, for this reason I don’t want to ever get premium again unless you make it easier to cancel?!?! Is so frustrating.Version: 7.9.0

Good and badI haven’t gone out to try the app but there is so many geochashes you can’t do because of having to pay for premium. And it constantly spams you that you need to upgrade to premium..Version: 8.52.0

WorryingI got the app and on my first time me and a friend were searching, he accidentally took a picture and then it posted without us knowing but then a man messaged me through the app showing the picture we accidentally posted. It was very worrying for us and I have deleted the app, and I shall never be downloading it again. I recommend that the app removes messaging completely. Please stop us from being scared !!.Version: 6.2.0

Too expensive.I’ve had this app for years but now you have to pay to see caches. So disappointing..Version: 9.5.0

App is improved, but...The new business model is forcing previously basic members to subscribe, as many previously accessible caches are now only available to subscribers. This has really put me off as I am a casual geocacher and do not want to subscribe for $45 per year..Version: 3.8.1

Latest update to App or iOS failureThe updates to iOS or the app renders to app unable to start. It stops at the green app load screen..Version: 9.8.0

Is this even legal???I purchased the premium app years ago, and it was worth paying the money back then. Now I’m back to geocaching and find out I have to pay another subscription fee to see most of the caches! Absolutely ridiculous! Can a company just break the business contract without users’ consent or without any legal consequences? What’s the point of changing the past business model when it work? After all, the geocaching is just a digital platform. Have you seen any other online listing platforms charge their users to see the listings?? Stupid move!.Version: 8.16.0

ProblemI have always loved this app but after a recent update when I try to open it the initial screen shows for a second and then shuts off. I tried to delete it and reload but did not select the right option when deleting so in the App Store my only option is Open not Get. When I do that I get the same result. Unsure what to do next..Version: 9.7.0

App sucksI opened the app and the only caches I could find were basic ones the premium version is way too expensive not worth it.Version: 8.0.0

Rip offBought the app some years ago. Paid the lifetime fee. Now the lifetime fee is cancelled and I have to pay every month? Not going to get sucked in again..Version: 8.29.1

Hope they can fix glaring issuesThe reason I use this app is for messaging as no other app is allowed to do it, unfortunately. Even reading messages has bugs. Want to scroll? To bad! For some reason they decided to program to jump to the last message, so if you have someone that typed a couple messages and they are longer than the screen, you cannot read them. Have to use computer. Also, a huge annoying bug is that url links that I want to open in a browser get diverted to the app, but the app never opens the cache page. So all url links die. Would uninstall so I could open urls, but then I cannot reply to messages. Please fix the app or let 3rd party developers integrate with messaging. Also give us the option to choose if the app handles url links. I actually would rather it didn’t..Version: 6.8.0

Groundspeak stole my moneyI paid $10 for the geocaching app and then a couple years later they disabled the app and released this one for free but it only works for premium members. The old app cost $10!!!!!!!!! That’s the most expensive thing in the App Store and now they take away what I paid for, and the new free app only works if you’re paying for a subscription. I don’t geocache enough to pay for the premium membership, but I would like to go geocaching sometimes with the app. When I had the old app I used it all the time instead of a gps. I already was excluded from premium member only caches but now all caches above a 1.5 difficultly or terrain rating are only for premium members. We need to boycott this company until they change things back..Version: 6.6.0

Feeling ripped off!So I’ve had a geocaching account for a while. We’ve not used it much but I always have it in case kids decide to try caching. I’ve always paid the monthly fee (which is small, admittedly.) The problem: just recently no matter what I do, the account comes up as a basic one, both online and the app, and hides caches that I should have access to since I pay every month for that account. Im paying for a service I’m not receiving basically and I’m a big unhappy!.Version: 8.62.0

It’s not white there yetThis app has a lot of potential, but here are my main issues with it: - A friends list you can edit and modify in the app; if this is such a great way to meet people, why do we have to go to a non-mobile-friendly website to try and add someone? - Lists weren’t working from the app, until I added one on the website. Weird. - we should be able to see our finds in the app - sharing lists between friends - again, if this is such a great way to meet people why is this not there? - slow to update when premium status is purchased - this should be instantaneous - should be a flashlight on/off button easily within the app - tag friends in a cache you find, similar to tagging people on Facebook - cover photo has to be set from website but not the app...?? - the app should be able to do everything the website can do. I’m a new cacher and finding it unnecessarily complicated to go back and forth between a non-mobile-optimized website to an app lacking in functionality. Update the app with many or all of the features I’d asked for and I’ll give it 5 stars!.Version: 8.30.0

Good but...Great app however ruined by today’s greed of subscriptions. If this app was a single purchase, even for $100 it’d still be better than what is currently offered. I’d buy it immediately for a price and give it 5 stars..Version: 7.14.0

DisappointedAs a veteran Geocacher with fond memories of the “old” app, I will say I’m a bit disappointed. I decided to re-download the app after a long time of not having it, just for old times sake. My honest review is that I don’t like the new “premium” feature. For people to have the most fun and best experiences, why not just let them have all the perks? I’m disappointed….Version: 8.68.1

The app you buy still doesn’t give you access to the premium features which are pay-by-the-monthFor $8 I would expect a stand-alone app that is fairly complete. Instead, a bunch of the features and even the caches themselves are actually inaccessible unless you pay additional monthly fees. The fees are fairly steep given the service that’s actually being provided. You can find this information elsewhere and it’s hard to justify the high monthly cost just for a very average UI to access it..Version: 8.20.0

Not exactly sure what I am now paying for?Upgraded to the paid subscription version and it’s terrible compared to the previous one time fee version! I’ve been travelling and tried saving caches to a list but I am unable to save the map view, which makes it VERY difficult to work out where we need to be using only the compass mode. We wasted so much time as we were on just the wrong trail because we couldn’t see the trails on the map! The latest update constantly crashes when you try to navigate outside your immediate area so you can no longer make changes or log something after the fact. Again difficult when you are travelling in a different country and do not have data out and about. I much prefer to old interface for this app, the new one is clunky. Save your money, we won’t be renewing this next year unless some serious changes happen before then..Version: 6.0.0

Scamming thieves!!So an ex partner used this for 1 week and they have been billing my card for the last 3 years without any notification to me that I will be billed, or that I have been billed, no notification whaysoever and it it purely by chance I saw a transaction to them so I investigated. Customer support were no help, seems this is how they want to operate! Worst experience ever with an app!!!!!.Version: 5.7

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