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Geocache reviewGreat to have on Iphone as really handy to get the odd caches without having to load up. Really recommend. Only downside since last update is the pointer points in a different direction to the number countdown so you need to pay attention. If they fix this it's a 5*.Version: 5.6.4

Fun while travelingI’ve been geocaching for about 7years and not only do it at home but I really like doing it while on our family vacations. We travel to some pretty great places China, Belize, Thailand, Cambodia, Alaska,Panama, etc. and today we are in Rarotonga in The Cook Islands. If it wasn't for geocaching some of the most amazing places on our journeys we would hv never otherwise seen. We’ve gotten 2 here so far and expect to do more together here as this dysfunctional family needs bonding times desperately! My point is driven home by the cache we will go get later today... we need to rget on SUP boards and paddle to this uninhabitable island about a half mile away where there is yet another cache and island I would have otherwise never stepped foot on!! Geocaching is the answer... ENJOY!!.Version: 5.13.0

Missing vital itemsThis app needs a coordinate converter and a page that shows your Lat and Long location.Version: 8.0.0

Much better than ever beforeLatest improvements have made navigation even easier. I stuck with the app when it first came out knowing it would be improved and now it has..Version: 7.0.0

Works well, could use some changesThe app continues to advance and change which is nice, but I do miss the old app that is not supported anymore. Maybe because I was so use using it. Overall the app works well and does what it should, but there are things I would like to see. Biggest right now, I would like the app to work with Apple Watch. Would like an easy place to see all photos without going through comments. I don’t know if it’s the phone or the app, but lately the GPS writhing the app has been off, but when using my separate GPS app, it works just fine. Not sure why it would matter..Version: 6.4.0

Apple WatchI love your app but I would like to add it to my Apple Watch. Plus, when I click found it or didn’t find it I’d like to be able to remove that. When I first started geocaching I was looking around the app and I didn’t know what I was doing. I clicked found on a cache and I couldn’t click to unfind it. So now I have a found logged that I never actually found. It messes up my numbers. I want to see an accurate account of my finds. But love your app so far besides that..Version: 7.3.0

UpdateDue to the latest update my compass isn’t automatically pointing north..Version: 6.12.0

Some features only available on websiteWent ahead and got premium because my fiancé and I were enjoying caching and I like the mental challenge of the multi caches and the gadget caches. My one complaint is that I can’t award favorite points in the app. There’s an icon and it looks like you should be able to tap the heart but you can’t. I had to go to the website to award favorite points which was kind of a drag. I think it would be helpful if when a trackable is in a cache it would pop up as an option to log when you Mark the “found it” option. That way I wouldn’t have to search for it when someone else took the time to make sure it was marked as in that cache. Otherwise, pretty good app. Some things could be organized a little better, and I agree about the being zoomed in to load the caches—kinda annoying. Especially if looking for a particular trait. Please consider more challenges and things to check off as accomplishments. I’d love to see an interactive counties map where I try to find one in each county or state. Also, I’d like a search feature for newly published caches that DONT have a FTF (first to find) yet. Consider a Jargon terms section for muggles who just recently started caching! I scratched my head at the TFTF, TFTC, FTF, and especially P&G..Version: 8.35.0

I'mGreat app, got the family out on our bikes for hrs and you never know where you will end up..Version: 3.6

Not an improvementGeocaching Classic is a considerably better app than this. I have used this app for several weeks and will now revert to the old app +12 months: it's now a much better app. I like most of the features, particularly the mapping.Version: 5.6.1

Easy to useStill getting the hang of the app after using the geocaching app that I paid for a few years ago - would be great if the date of the find (if different from the current date) and trackables could be logged on the same page as the "found" logging page..Version: 4.10

Fantastic appGreat App, did me well until I bought a gps. Makes geocaching a lot more accessible..Version: 3.9.1

DowngradeI really really liked using the old app, very intuitive. I loved the fact I could cache all day then log them all at once with a single touch of a button. If you can do that with the new app I can't figure out how. That is the problem with this app, it seems to be a struggle just doing the basic geocaching things. Even worse the web page is going the same direction. I've been a cacher since 05 and it just seems like the powers that be are driving people away from the sport. Not very happy at this point..Version: 5.6.1

Great but Needs more workIf you are new to geocaching this app has tutorials to get you through your first few caches and show you the etiquette of the game. I like the marriage between the compass and map, though for some reason the previous app. map shows more accurately I really like being able to drop a line to the cache owner and other cacher's. Thank you for finding a way to turn off the alert when you get close to GZ and add a list view. I have a premium membership and didn't realize how limited this is till I tried to find a cache with my grandsons phone While I see some improvements being made in the app. after using the old version I really don't think I would have stuck with geocaching if I had used this one when I started out. I needed the step from buying the app for the improvements to becoming a premium member and it wouldn't have happened with this app..Version: 5.6.1

Best Geocaching AppThis is literally the best geocaching app other than possibly cachly. It functions easily and works for premium members and non premium. Premium is a good investment as it adds so many caches and I have also had no bugs with this app. I recommend.Version: 8.46.0

Awesome for me anywayI have to say I really love this Geocaching thing. I don’t take it very seriously but every now and again I’ve used it to encourage me to branch out from my routine walking spots. I love nose hill park.. that’s obvious since most of my few found caches over the years have been up there. Plus every now and again when I happen to have a kid or more with me it gives me something to do with them since I would have no clue how to entertain them otherwise lol. Two thumbs up from me..Version: 8.21.0

Mediocre unless I am just being a numptyI am a fairly new Premium member, having just got properly interested. I find it irritating when the website keeps redirecting to the app, as some features are not as easy on the app when you are trying to download to lists. It would be nice to be able to see TB journeys and your own stats on the app..Version: 5.6.4

Geocaching addictive!!!I'm loving it best app ever can't wait to move to premium. Getting me my kids and husband out doing stuff and being active!! I'm totally addicted.Version: 3.5.1

WarningThis is so fun you will have a mighty distraction on your hands. What a fantastic use of technology. New places, new knowledge and new challenges!.Version: 7.7.0

Works great with receptionI am a premium member and find this app to work fine when you have reception. I don't always have my handheld GPS with me or didn't download any caches before I left on my travels and this app finds the caches in my area. I also use this app in conjunction with my GPS. The maps work fine and are accurate. It does not have all the information that the full Geocaching website has, but it is handy to have on your phone for spur of the moment caches. I recommend this application..Version: 5.6.1

Love the sport, and this app is great!Best app ever! I really don’t mind paying for memberships... we go geocaching with this app whenever we can. We have found over 600 geocaches, which is so many hours of outdoor adventures! It takes us to great places for walks, and bike rides (even near our home) that we never knew were there! We have also hidden over 50 (using the website to submit for review). I much prefer this app over my gps. We used to have the old app, but this one is much better and I can see why they switched. If you are new to geocaching, buying the premium membership is well worth it!.Version: 5.8.2

Not as horrible as others say, continues to improve.As the title states, this app isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to geocaching. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that the free app USED to be the worst thing that ever happened to geocaching. There was an influx of people who had zero investment in the game, who did more damage than the dreaded "muggles," having zero concern for returning things as found or for not getting muggled themselves. So this app now basically requires paid membership, which is probably a good thing. The app continues to improve and add more features, and I believe this will all end as a win-win for those of us that love the game!.Version: 6.1.0

Aweesum!Get the family out n about together! Kids love it!!.Version: 3.5.1

Love the new updateLoving the new update. The kids find it much easier to use. Thanks for the great work..Version: 7.0.0

GeocachingWorks well, can create lists for a big day out, can navigate by road using maps to close to cache...all good 👍.Version: 4.9

GeoA fabulous app and in these terrible times it really has given my wife and I a purpose to walk safely and explore. Both of us pensioners so it must be easy to understand app well worth the premium and cannot praise it high enough.Version: 8.46.0

Love it!!! But...I really love geocaching, the app is amazing but I just have a huge problem. When I try to check on the trackables it crashes every time 😫😫😫 can you please fix it? It's really frustrating when I even have a premium account. Thanks!.Version: 4.1

Functional but not intuitiveThe app is functional. You can do what you need to do. However, for new users, it is not very helpful in teaching people new to geocaching how to use and take advantage of all the features. I found a series of caches where the caches themselves are a tutorial on the app. 100+ finds into the hobby before I realize I can do things like update coordinates or add my own waypoints or even what and why you would want to do that. But the app works very well..Version: 8.6.0

Amazing!Gets you outside and having fun both alone and with friends!!.Version: 5.6.1

AmazingSo exciting.Version: 8.38.0

Free exercise, fresh air & follow cluesEnjoy this activity it takes you to new places & meet new people!.Version: 5.8.8

Treasure hunt for all!!!!Excellent - would recommend for kids and big kids! 👍.Version: 2.6.1

Geo appTried it out today and and found 6 caches very precise my family loves it.Version: 8.20.0

Give it timeWhen the old app was turned off I was furious. I was going to give up caching. My biggest criticism has been corrected, now I am not forced to use metric distances, so they do listen! I didn’t give up just persevered. Now I quite like it the only thing that I am not sure about is using it off line. I never seem to know if I am on line or not and I’ve not got my head round drafts either..Version: 5.7

Making travelling fun.Learnt lots about areas and discover places you wouldn’t normally go to!.Version: 6.6.0

AwesomeFun outdoor activity for the whole family 😀😀😀😀.Version: 8.13.1

Make my own cacheI’ve only had this app for less than a week and I’m in love with it. The only thing is I wish I could make my own caches, so I can make new hiding spots and expand the geocaching world, without having to pay $50 for premium..Version: 8.16.0

My new fave hobby!During the recent lockdown i started Geocaching and absolutely love it, the app is brilliant and easy to use! If you like walking then go out and look for hidden treasures along the way with the Geocaching app! 😊.Version: 8.33.0

Fun and Addicting! A Good Time KillerThis game is fun to do wherever you are! Geocaches are all over the world. If you are out shopping, there could be a geocache in your parking lot. If you are walking around on a trail, there could be a geocache on that trail! It’s so fun even with basic membership and I found over 250 caches before I got geocaching premium! Even 3 while I was a basic member. Now, I have premium and now it’s even more fun! This is definitely something to download and you know what the cool thing is, this isn’t virtual! You can really find treasure outside your house!.Version: 6.5.0

It’s fun but...My mom has it on her phone but it won’t work on mine it won’t send the email to me to make sure I’m not a robot but either than that it’s fun on my mom’s phone.Version: 8.23.0

A walk made interestingDuring lockdown our local walks became repetitive. Once we were introduced Geocacheing by a friend and lockdown was behind us we now enjoy all the new places it takes us too. Places of interest, beautiful views and lots of history to be discovered. Highly recommend..Version: 8.70.0

Geo driveGives an extra adventure to a drive 🤓.Version: 6.3.0

Easy to useRunning on my iPad and Samsung s2. Runs well and easy to use. No glitches that I have found..Version: 2.5.2

Great GeocachingI have been geocaching for 8 years now and it has been a godsend during lockdown. However, it would be helpful for maths idiots like me to have instructions on how to work out the complicated co-ordinates, on the app. Could we have an a separate app for COs so that when we want to hide caches, we can know approximately where other caches are on our phones so we do not hide caches that are too close. Also the app is not good when the internet reception is sporadic..Version: 8.41.0

Great Outdoor Fun!We have young children and it’s a great way to get amongst it outdoors enjoying quality time together!.Version: 8.6.0

GeocachingI have had this app for a few years now. We started to play when our kids were a lot younger and they loved it too, although they are all grown up now we still go looking with the dogs..Version: 8.67.0

Hide and seek.If you're not already doing this, you should be :).Version: 3.1.1

SuggestionsThis app is amazing and did use it all the time! But there are a few things I think you should look into. Firstly, there is no way to edit a geocache desciption or add images one it has been created. This is a problem for me because there are certain things I hadn't mapped out about my cache that I really needed to add, and no matter what I did, nothing. Second, the fact that I have to may a 𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑡ℎ𝑙𝑦 fee is terrible. I wouldn't make my consumers pay 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 to get access to all the geocaches on a 𝑔𝑒𝑜𝑐𝑎𝑐ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 app, no less, but if you're gonna make a payment, at least make it a one-time thing. This way more people will want to get the membership- because it's simpler, but also you will get more money this way. Everything is just less complex. The last thing isn't so bad, although sometimes it is a problem for me, not being able to "tag" someone else who helped you with the geocache. I think you should be able to link them as well. So to recap, editing a cache, the subscription payment, and others. Please fix these and this could be a 5-star rating. But other than that, this app is great!.Version: 6.12.0

FunApp lacks so much, you are losing long time users *and* those they would have hooked if app was better. Short: losing users exponentially! For some its not plausible to get a gpsr until they love the game through the app first. Somehow gamify unlocking higher d/t (and the types please?) by finding a certain amount of geocaches etc.? My workaround for when I'm in the field and I can't see a cache on the app, I just open my browser to the geocaching website. I don't use functions of the app when I'm caching! Please give me more functions on the app so I want to use it. Plus I am able to see more types than traditionals, like letterbox, and virtual. Virtuals and earthcaches don't have containers to be ruined, they're types to learn from. What's the reason for not displaying them on the app again? Summer 2017 update: Summer souvenir challenge was so fun when all d/t ratings were unlocked! Closer to where I would like to see this app!.Version: 5.6.1

'To app' or to 'go hands free'Getting use to the app. I am a novice but find that as I introduce muggles to the world of 'geocaching' they can be up and running on this app in a short amount of time//.Version: 5.3

Geocaching NewbieAs a beginner to this activity, initially to have fun with my grandchildren, I find I have become slightly addicted!!! As a keen walker Geocaching provides an extra dimension & sense of achievement (if you find one) to walking in the countryside. It has also given my husband & myself added interest when visiting new villages or towns to locating a "stash". I have been amazed at how many there are & to discover it's worldwide. I have still to perfect my use of the app but hopefully with practise I will get there. Must go, got to find my next Geocache!!! 🔍 G. Sparkle.Version: 5.6.1

Awesome app for familyVery very good app to use with kids if you love nature and finding hidden treasures..Version: 8.22.0

I love this appThe app is great and it rarely bugs out. I absolutely love geocaching and just recently I found my 100th geocaching. Yay! The app is perfect it shows you where all the geocaches are. Not glitchy at all like the other reviews say. 5/5 for me..Version: 8.34.0

Happy CacherGreat app, simple to use. Has so far brought hours of entertainment & fresh air.Version: 5.5

I love GeocachingLove geocaching. Totally addicted. Love the social aspect of caching with other geocachers. Really enjoy the new places that caching takes me to. A great way to spend time in the fresh air. Thank you Geocaching and all the cache owners for placing caches for our enjoyment. Am particularly enjoying the adventure lab caches..Version: 8.31.0

Easy to use app with all the info you needBrilliant.Version: 7.1.0

Please ReplyIt won’t let me do any in app purchases. How am I supposed to get premium?.Version: 8.23.0

I love itI started off Geocaching in 2014 as something to do with my kids, to get them out in nature, and lets face it, treasure hunting is awesome. The App itself is great, and easy to use. My only gripe is the cost of the Premium Upgrade, for what you get, the price should be a lot lower, however, theres plenty of fun to be had with the simple basic account. 5/5 🤙🏻.Version: 7.11.0

Informative videos and written instructionsEasy to use and understand.Version: 2.2.4

Good but many down fallsI love this app and I’m 33 yes 33 and it’s good to get about especially in the world are we having June/July but there are many downsides £25 for this app is absolutely ridiculous considering most of the geocaches I’ve gone to find have been muggeled they don’t seem to get replaced I follow them on Instagram and there are many great ones to find still.Version: 6.5.0

Not Bad. There was a bug in the late few months of 2020I have this and it is really nice. Late 2020 the app would not open and I had to use the website the whole time but it for some reason would open on my iPad. I’m kind of bored of the green logo and would LOVE to have a logo of the app on the home screen with it being the four colors that are on the geocaching pins. This app has things more sorted out and filtered but I can’t filter by hider, and filter by caches only found by _______. I like to log Travel Bugs in my possession as visited but I can only do that on the website. I have to do it separate or just log the caches on the website all the time to do this..Version: 8.44.0

Seriously flawed!I've been caching for years with 2700 finds, all made with the old paid Geocaching app. After a few months away from the hobby I came back to discover the old app disabled and this app as the replacement. Some things are better on the new app and some are better on the old app. But a few problems with the new app are really annoying me. The first is the maps - The old open cycle maps had red footpaths on a green background and showed contour lines. The new offline maps have yellow footpaths on a grey background which are basically impossible to see. We also lost the contour lines. The other problem is the zoom and direction of the map. When you get close to the cache the map won't let you zoom in for those last few metres – it constantly zooms back out again. And the option to have the map rotate in real time is not persistent so every time you do anything on the map the option is lost and it goes back to North at the top. Basically this makes following the map to the cache a total pain. The option to zoom so that the navigation path fills the screen has also been lost - that was the option I used the most on the old app. Please fix these problems!!!!! ☹️☹️☹️.Version: 5.6.1

Awesome!!!!My 8 year old and I are loving wandering about finding caches locally. This is such good fun. Recommended for solo patents as an easy inexpensive activity - we are finding it a very rewarding do meaningful stuff together activity. Beats play station xbox tv etc hands down!! All Fresh air and sunshine..Version: 2.2.2

Taken a lot of getting used toThe old app was great. The new app I didn't like at first but that may well be down to me not liking change. Didn't find the new app as user friendly however I have now used it quite a few times and now getting used to it. Still prefer the old app though..Version: 5.6.1

Geocaching is awesomeOut almost every day som are pretty cool.Version: 8.30.0

You shouldn’t have to pay for itI think that you shouldn’t have to pay for geocaching. I think that it should be free. i like it enough to pay for it but 40 bucks!.Version: 8.22.0

Love it!Geocaching is one of my favourite ways to pass time. Whenever I’m bored, I take my 8 yr old and we go for a drive to find caches in our area. The app gives you hints, and a picture to show the rough area it’s in and the contents too. Usually find them, and leave a little something. Awesome, I would definitely recommend this app..Version: 8.39.0

LitAwesome.Version: 8.31.0

Great way to spend the dayI've been geocaching for many years and even without a phone. This app makes geocaching more accessible and it fun for everyone as anyone can get the app. It's a shame that it does cost for the premium service, but definitely worth it..Version: 4.3.1

So much funJust starting off but makes walking more enjoyable :).Version: 2.6.1

SuperbMy wife and I have now been able to see more of a country and specifically of a City largely due to geocaching. The caches are often found away from the beaten track and touristy areas which mean we see more of a particular city, which, in turn is often neglected by the hordes....Version: 8.4.0

Great appGeocaching is great but I can't get most of the geocaches because of geocaching premium which you have to pay every month or year. If there was a fixed fee (I only have to pay once) I would be able to convince my parents to pay for it. Please change it..Version: 7.0.0

5 starsGreat app, love this hobby.Version: 5.6.1

Treasure huntingWe are loving it. Sometime it won't load cachings or takes ages which can be annoying but otherwise heaps of fun.Version: 3.9

Trackable problem please fixGreat app but you can dip trackable anywhere in the world even if you haven’t really been there causing fake miles.Version: 7.11.0

Pretty happy with it.I'm pretty happy with the app. My primary lament from the previous version is the loss of being able to post directly to Facebook when I log a cache. I love the integration with the website, especially sharing lists. I can set up lists from the app and then load them directly to my Garmin from the website on my PC. My wife loves being able to flip directly into Waze for navigation to a cache. I'm not one of those people who believe everything in life should magically be free. I can see where my $30 per year goes in app and website development, website and database management and hosting, event planning and execution (such as "Where in the World is Signal" and "Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde")... We do most of our caching from the app on my iPad and actually find both the GPS locations and the satellite views to be very accurate..Version: 5.6.1

It's ok to get you started but needs lots of improvementsI've not been geocaching for over 5 years and back then there was no app or I wasn't aware of one. However this app is good to get you started, I understand a lot of people's complaints regarding comparisons to the old app. I personally would like to see a more social media side to it, the ability to look at other peoples profiles, and see where they've been and what they've found. Also on the travel bug items wouldn't it be great if we could see on the map the route they'd taken? Lastly I do find it frustrating that throughout the app there's no links to different sections like when another user quotes a cache location you can't click on that information to take you to that listing *Addendum* The app has updated and is more user friendly however there's still some features I'd like to see like accessing 'trackable' cache info from the phone app..Version: 5.6.1

So much fun with the kids and big kidsDownloaded and spent hours finding caches was so much fun.Version: 2.6.1

Great, makes geocaching Quick and easy. But we want to make caches as well!!Love geocaching, and love that I can now do it from my phone. Easy to quickly open and see if anything is close by for a quick find. The only thing I would love to see is to be able to create a cache in the app..Version: 7.9.0

Good App. I like it.I like the new app. It’s had great updates including auto-routing for your car, which is awesome. The app Works great. Found ten caches easily today with it. I'd like to see all caches while searching for one but that's about my only complaint at this point. It's disappointing to see people complain about paying instead of rating the app. The website is not free to maintain and create. Go tour groundspeak headquarters they pay commercial rent and employees. Not cheap. Support the game you love. 35 a year is nothing. Think of how much you pay for cable tv and that doesn't even get you outside..Version: 7.8.0

Formerly Free Family FunI loved geocaching, and introducing friends & family to it. Activity itself is great but over the last few years this app went from a free service to a pricey subscription model built on the efforts of volunteers who made geocaches for people to find. Bait and switch to its users over the years. Very disappointed. There are some free options that are harder to get to and less family friendly. Wish we had the app of 10 years ago. Shame on you guys..Version: 8.22.0

Frustrated with the changesI much preferred the previous version of this app and agree with others regarding the zoom when you get close to the cache. I also miss the bing it used to make as you got about 20m away. Please return the bing!.Version: 7.3.0

Very Enjoyable!I am obsessed with this game. Yes, it may have a few minor problems but we really enjoy the game and app. I would highly recommend and already have got some of my friends doing it!.Version: 8.53.1

NzkekoGood apps, fun game and interesting places to visit. Apps is great and the details are very nice and precise Thanks.Version: 5.6.1

So AwesomeLove it so much. An idea. u should hide all the chaches that u cant on basic members so it wont be so clatered and it will be nice and simple and then you can have them all on premium..Version: 4.8.2

New AppDownload most of the caches on the Garmin use the phone now and again Brilliant way to get you out and go to places that you would never visit So it's 5 stars from me Best thing ever done takes you to places you wouldn’t think about going to just enjoy the geocaching experience Thanks to all.Version: 9.2.0

Almost totally happyWe have really enjoyed this, but only one thing has been bothering me. Sometimes geocache locations are identified as small when they should be listed as being micro. I looked up the difference between the two, and small is supposed to be a trinket trade and log in and micro is just a paper fill in log. The only reason that it bothers me is my four year old daughter got really excited to trade trinkets and twice now we’ve gone to a small object location to only find a log in. She was very saddened by it! Otherwise this has been one of my favourite apps we’ve downloaded in a long while!.Version: 8.23.0

Awesome hobbyNice hobby and app has good interface easy to use no complaints here.Version: 8.39.0

GeocacheReally good game, frustrating when can’t find the cache but makes you get out of the house and move.Version: 5.8.8

Fun outdoor geocaching!Geocaching is such a fun outdoor activity! I live finding and hiding such cool caches! Pretty easy to pick up for beginners, and enjoyable for all skill-ranges! Highly recommend!.Version: 8.21.0

A great app.So I've been doing this for about a year or two now. I always drag my girlfriend out. It's a nice bonding thing. And a reason to go out. However I have a couple of recommendations for an update. As a now cache hider. Id love to 'like' findees logs. If that makes sense. Either way, I love this app..Version: 6.8.0

Family FunFirst time caching... not able to use pools due to Covid Protocols... this activity has been great for family to do together....Version: 8.45.0

Logging trackablesI miss the old way of logging trackables. Still a great app.Version: 8.34.0

GeocachingSo I do agree with previous reviews about how being a basic member you do have your limitations, so that would bring me down to 4.5 stars, but obviously there’s no way for me to do that on a iPhone, so yeah. But I’ve found as the app updates (which is about once every month) it gets better and better. Like, I’m writing this review while the app is updating. Locating things are getting easier, and just scrolling through the places you could find some is fun. All in all, the basic member stuff is fun and still functional..Version: 8.36.0

Love geocaching but app could be betterThe app is great when it works but sometimes it crashes or refuses to load caches in the area I've zoomed into..Version: 3.7

GeocachingI find the experience really rewarding as you go to places u would never go to or see through out the world.Version: 7.13.0

Awesome AppI love geocaching because it brings me to cool places!.Version: 8.37.0

Year by Year FiltersI’m well into Geocaching and am really loving the opportunity that this gives to get out and about exercising and visiting some places that I would never had thought to go to. I would love to see a filter that allows the Geocacher to view the year that the cache was placed by the Cache Owner. I am really wanting to find some old caches and having the ability to filter out the search area for these older caches and see how well that they have faired and been maintained over the years. Please bring in a “year hidden filter”....!.Version: 8.34.0

GeocatchingGeocatching has got to be one of my favourite things to go and it actually keeps you fit because you have to go on walks and look for things we’re you’d least expect something to be and you get to go to places you normally wouldn’t go ♥️.Version: 8.43.0

Great Caching AppThis app has been stuck in a deep rut for a number of years but since the last major update we now have a easy intuitive interface to work with and seems to me to work flawlessly. Top job 😎.Version: 7.3.0

Handy and essentialThis app is easy to use and an essential for all cachers! I love the Download Offline Data option, so we can still grab those elusive caches, in the more remote areas, when the signal gives out on us. TFT... App! 😊👍🏽.Version: 5.11.0

Caching is great.Great way to get out as a family..Version: 5.6.1

This app keeps getting betterGreat improvements very time, the last release shows they're listening to users, they ironed out a few little annoying things and I would say it's getting pretty close to perfect now..Version: 5.6.1

App no longer opens on iPhone 6After the most recent update I can no longer open the app.Version: 8.33.0

GéocachingJ’utilise un GPS mais le téléphone avec l’application est très utile pour les infos de dernière minute et les photos indices..Version: 8.36.0

5 out of 5 starsThis app really takes you to amazing locations, lets you get back to nature, gets your hands dirty and it is lots of fun..Version: 5.6.1

Geocaching begins2016: I am very new to all of this. Did my first cache with a friend Monday night and immediately loved it. Got the free app that night and went out on my own hunt Tuesday and very quickly paid the $30 for a years membership once I saw how many there were to find. Been caching every day (3days now) and have had no problem with the app. Can't wait to find some trackables and some more swag. Will update once I've been using for a while. Update: 2019 I have renewed my subscription every year because this is just so much fun. I don’t get to do as many anymore but it’s still worth it for me to have my subscription active when I am in a new place and want to find a quick (or not so quick) cache..Version: 7.5.0

Amazing appNow I found this app through a friend and downloaded it and he took me on a small geocaching trip to find my first geocaches after this I really got into it and am even considering buying premium this is so much fun once you get into it so I’m now await to head out and find more..Version: 8.29.1

What happened to navigation??I’m a premium member, but haven’t been able to get out for several months. Used the app on my iPhone this morning, and found that the navigation had changed. In the past, I could hold my iPhone level and point it toward the cache, and the display would automatically show the cache at the “north” position on my screen. Today, that would not work. If I centered on myself, the cache was offscreen to the right, even though it was located due west of my position. Why has navigation changed? I hate the way it “works” now. 😫.Version: 8.42.0

It’s better than the other geocaching appsI love this app so much it’s really easy to use but the only thing I don’t like is that I have to pay for the premium to find different kinds of geocaches so I can only find the basic ones..Version: 8.18.0

Brilliant appExcellent excuse to explore interesting places worldwide with variable challenges..Version: 5.6.1

Excellent once you get used to it.We were really annoyed that our paid for app was discontinued and did not like the new app to begin with. However now we have got used to it - its great. Particularly like the ability to save finds in draft without having to enter text immediately as we did before. They are immediately on the Pc at home as well. Very useful. Caches load as we travel - we don't have to keep refreshing the screen. It's now easier to upload a photo and drop TBs. It's is continually being updated and improved- what's not to like?.Version: 5.6.1

GeocachingGeocaching is so fun you find things you have to log you’re name’s in the geocache but the geocache that you found it on this app press log then if you found it you press found it and if you didn’t find it press DNF and if you want to make a note press write note.I forgot that you sign up on this app.Version: 8.20.0

GeoCashI kind of wish that you didn’t have to pay monthly to edit and so if I wanted to edit where I would have maybe put it than it would be a lot easier and I wouldn’t have to pay my money. (I feel that it’s too much money anyway) maybe it would have gotten a 5 star rating if there was more recent photos too beaus a lot of things have changed and it’s hard to understand the map that we are walking for. I also think that it is really fun to look for them and find hints and added on to my kids actually get out now during summer so it’s a great app but I give it 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 7.6.0

Geocaching bugI have the geocaching bug and I’m loving every moment.Version: 8.6.0

AddictiveIt starts out as a joke, using million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. Then, for those of us that loved Easter egg hunts, it becomes where and how things are hidden. Then, you find yourself staring at a beautiful waterfall a few hundred yards off the road, at a battlefield between two long forgotten forces raging over something that we continue to fight over today, or near a government run site that you didn’t know that you could access. This isn’t an app, it’s a passport..Version: 7.2.0

Loads of Fun!I've never written a review before but I decided I had it do it for Geocaching. Geocaching is one of my favourite hobbies, getting out, going for walks, and finding treasure along the way, what's not to love?! This app is simple and easy to use (a step up from the previous app) and I would highly recommend it to anyone (of all ages), wanting to make their outdoor adventures that little more exciting. :).Version: 4.4.2

We just love it!Our favourite weekend and on-the-road activity. Great app, really well made..Version: 4.6

BenM70App is a little buggy. The navigation is prone to losing the correct heading pointing you in the wrong direction and I need to restart the app but apart from that it is a great way to enjoy geocaching..Version: 7.4.0

AmazingThis is the best geocaching app it’s amazing.Version: 8.21.0

GuffGuff.Version: 8.2.1

Amazing but massive ProblemI found out the other day that you don’t need to pay for premium to get it. You go into the premium paying method, then cancel it, reload the page, and it says your a premium member??? I bet you everyone is using this method to cheat without paying. I feel sorry for the creators of this so I’m just giving you a heads up, because if I got someone to pay for something and they managed to not pay for it but still to what they wanted, I would be a bit cross. Other than that, amazing app!.Version: 9.8.0

Great app, one main winge of mineAmazing! I love geocaching with my family and friends. It’s so fun to see and find all the new things. Today, we found a travel thing that went all the way from Idaho in U.S.A, to the geocache in Hervey Bay Australia. We were on holiday (we live in Australia, f.y.i), so we’re taking it back to around where we live. We also found one in the bush that hasn’t been found since October 2019!! It was very dirty, though. And, we also found one inside a tree and right on top of an ants nest, I got 1 or 2 ant bites from that! There was another in a gap of a tree hanging from a wire! These were super fun to find! My friend and I have a long distance friendship, so we’re trying to see who can find the most geocaches before we see each other again, and I’m getting ready for victory!! Something I do want to add is maybe a bit more to find without premium! Anyway, I definitely recommend, it’s a blast to go geocaching!.Version: 8.38.0

CachingI really love caching it has taken my husband and myself to places we would not have otherwise gone and we have seen things that we would have otherwise missed including several historical sites Thanks.Version: 8.17.0

Love Geocaching.comMy favourite pastime.Version: 8.25.0

Adult treasure hunt but child friendly too!Caches are hidden world wide, with some holding little swaps for kids. I am not a kiddie, but I love finding them. Some of them give an interesting fact, or history about the area. More complicated finds require a subscription..Version: 8.20.0

So much funFeel like real life treasure hunters loving this family activity to get outside and walking around.Version: 5.8

I’m obsessed !When introduced to Geocaching roughly a year ago I took a look at the app and found myself a little confused so I dismissed it. Roughly 6 months later it was mentioned again and so I did my research and then downloaded the app again, after finding my first cache (with a packet of beetroot seeds!) I started to enjoy it! Everywhere I went I checked the app and snagged the caches nearby! Now I’m obsessed! I’m keeping fit by walking and collecting the caches as I go! I recommend it to anyone! A fun experience that keeps you fit and gets your brain working trying to work out hints and all! It’s absolutely fantastic! What an enjoyment!.Version: 6.9.0

Amazing!Upgraded to premium and the app is great. Very useful, lots of fun caches. To all of those moaners saying you need to upgrade to see the grayed out ones- you don’t, they are available on the website! In my opinion Premium is worth it not just for the few premium caches but also for the offline lists and filters. It’s overall a great app and well worth it!.Version: 8.33.0

Fun with kids!!Enjoying all the adventures with my kids 🥰 8.29.0

A great resource, all you need in one place!I don’t use a GPS, no need when you can do everything in one place. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the app you’ll find it user-friendly and accurate for locating caches, making lists, logging finds and everything else in between..Version: 8.38.0

HappyHi haven’t been out much in the last 12months but really enjoy caching and the places it takes you. Hope to get back into it this year 2020..Version: 8.18.0

Great way to get out and aboutI use this every day.Version: 8.43.0

Great appLove geocaching will be upgrading soon... Well I upgraded and have found so many more cool caches. Keep up the good work..Version: 4.5

Geocaching is awesomeThis is honestly worth every cent for premium and fun for all ages! Perfect way to break up long road trips.Version: 6.13.0

Great AppI have tried other Apps but this one has everything I need. No complaints from me..Version: 5.11.0

I'm sure there's more to come...I enjoy Geocaching and it wouldn't really be practicable without the mobile app, although I hear that other Apps are available. The app is better than it was, but apart from the extra caches there doesn't seem to be many other features available when you upgrade to premium for about £25 a year. I would like to see many more of the features from the website on the mobile app then I might think the app more worth the money. I would like to the recently removed front screen navigation bar restored, where you get distance and direction pointers on the same screen as the other information, rather than having to go into a dedicated navigation screen, which incidentally is less useful than the previous front screen navigation bar..Version: 7.1.0

Amazingly great fun and fantastic appEvery parent should take their kids Geocaching to get them out in the fresh air exploring new place in a fun way. But not just for the kids, adults too enjoy the outside with a challenge or two of finding the harder caches..Version: 5.7

GeofunGreat way to get outdoors there’s a lot of history to find.Version: 7.9.0

Great app, resizing issuesI like the app a lot but it has an issue resizing the map. It only happens with apple phones and not androids and such. Would be great if the developers could look into it because its pretty annoying..Version: 8.45.0

Awesome appThis is so much fun. I love the cryptic clues providing not only a physical activity but a cerebral challenge. If you're into the outdoors (or would like something interesting on your next training run, walk, bike or whatever, get this app and get geocaching..Version: 2.8

So-soSome good new bits. But some UI are not intuitive. And I miss some of the functions of the 'original' version..Version: 5.6.1

Awesome!Such a fun way to get everyone out of the house exploring the world we live in! Awesome family bonding! Can’t wait to plant our own one..Version: 7.8.0

Super funHaving a blast finding caches! It’s a great excuse to get out and about, finding new places, seeing new sights. Highly recommend!.Version: 8.23.0

The best fun everAn enduring addiction that just keeps getting better. The only way it could be better is being able to work offline in those out of range places ..Version: 3.5.1

Where has the trackable count gone?I’m loving geocaching. But am unhappy with one failure of the newest update. You cannot see at first glance anymore if a cache contains trackables. You have to navigate to the trackable page of every cache.. It’s a nuisance. Please bring that feature back..Version: 7.1.0

GeocachingGeocaching a great way to get out and about and explore your area.Version: 9.11.0

Great app, great communityGeocaching is a great way to get our family out of the house and out in to nature! While I’d happily go for a hike with no goal, our kids really respond to the search for a geocache as motivation! The app is stable and great, and we’re happy premium members so we can have access to more caches. Love it!.Version: 8.44.0

Brilliant!I’ve been geocaching for not long now and I’m absolutely obsessed! But there are a few bugs that need fixing. Firstly, when I publish a geocache and someone finds it, it won’t let me look on the app of what they have said about it and doesn’t load. Secondly, when I go hunting for them, they do not load at all and it kicks me out of the app. Everything but those is Great!.Version: 9.9.0

Awesome funKids are having a blast with this. Gets you out and about and is a lot of fun..Version: 2.6.1

Trackables and SouvenirsThe app isn't as bad as I first thought it was. It does now offer driving directions that link to navigation which is pretty decent. However the biggest thing for me is that I enjoyed viewing my souvenirs and on the last app you could pull them up read about them and view the artwork, with this app you can't. Also with the last app you could track your trackables on the map and see where they have gone and which caches they have been placed in, once again that bothers me. Makes it difficult when I am out Caching and want to place a TB in a cache I have to pull up the website and figure it out from there, if they fix these two would be a 5 star app..Version: 5.6.1

GeocachingWhat a great introduction to Geocaching! A tops way to get to places you would have missed and not seen!.Version: 3.7

Great AppApp works great, can’t fault it. But would like to see a menu where you can access your friends..Version: 6.6.0

NiceIt's a very good app. It's gonna be better with more options as the website has. (Adding photos, finding people, editing profile...).Version: 4.7

I like itI like the app although at times it seems to lack behind in regards to my finds being logged for example the website shows immediately the total I have found but the app always shows one find less, then after about 20 minutes it corrects itself, but apart from that no problems..Version: 5.6.1

I deleted the appI paid $10 for the app a few years ago, it was great to go out with my phone instead of downloading from the computer to the GPS, and planning a whole trip. I could just go out for the day find 2 or 3 I’m not a “hardcore” cacher, and maybe that’s what the business model is trying to do is weed out the weekend cacher... but it just seems greedy, they were already making good money with the premium subscriptions, then they decided to charge the weekend cacher? I had to delete the app because I knew I’d never use it again!.Version: 5.7.3

Favourite geocachesI went geocaching recently and I found the best geocache (by my standards). I wanted to favourite it but I forgot to. When I realised that, I tried to go back and favourite it and I couldn’t. Please update this so that if you change your mind and forget you can go back and favourite it. Tnx.Version: 5.7

App keeps improving...First I am a premium member and I have to chuckle at the people who think that $30 per year for a hobby is too expensive! Just think about what we spend on those coffee joints, doughnut joints, etc. etc. I used the old app and the new one concurrently until the old one was phased out. The first iteration of the do you app wasn't that user-friendly. But the "new" app has improved greatly and hopefully will still continue to improve. I love the driving directions as I travel for work and sometimes go across an unfamiliar town to find a cache!.Version: 5.6.1

Love itThis a a perfect game if you have nowhere to go or nothing to do. It can help get you out of where you live and explore new places. If I had to there are two problems to talk about, one is that the caches are sometimes wet or have bugs near them but that is not a problem with the app, the other problem is that the gps is off. Sometimes you are like two feet away and it could say you are like twelve feet away. Other then those one or two problems the app is great..Version: 8.27.0

Just to Say someone just said your app on free radioBut how’s it even possible who put the things there lol and what’s the app about just wondering I don’t want to get hurt or something lol but how’s the app work just teleports the items there ? I wanna try the app but ? Just wondering how it works.Version: 6.11.0

Good but...For the bigger boxes you need to pay to see them.Version: 8.46.0

Amazing appSo much fun. It brought me to amazing places. Great prices!! Encourage everyone to try! When you go on vacation you can find amazing items and places!! It gets people out of there house and into the forest for a hike and amazing spots, I encourage everyone to do it!! I wish it didn't require wifi or data, but it is so worth it. It takes you places where you wouldn't think of going. It shows you God's wonderful nature!!.Version: 5.6.1

TheBest.Version: 8.27.0

So funThe kids love this.Version: 8.23.0

Love it!Can't recommend this app enough! My 6yr old son and I love it! We're having a lot of fun looking for the caches and it's getting us out of the house when normally we would just hang about at home on our free days..Version: 5.7

Review notesI believe I have been asked to review this app. I enjoy the ease of having the app on my phone so I am always able to look to see if Geocaches are near by while on adventures..Version: 8.28.0

Not disappointed any longerUpdated: Aug 2017: I must say this app has improved big time! Below is my previous review from last year which indicated how bad the app was. Not any longer. In fact it is very much better than the old one that we had to pay for. Now I'm not using my hand held GPS because this app has become so much easier to use. I like: ~ how lists work. Much easier than creating a pocket query. ~ the ability to turn off the "Close to cache warning." ~ the ability to rotate maps to the direction I am walking. ~ how the caches show as I move the map to another area. ~ that it now shows those pesky DNF's that I have to return to. Keep up the great work. ~~~~~~ (2 Stars) Need I say more. I too am frustrated. Please support the old app until the new one is as good. This is NOT a good app yet. Full of bugs and poorly laid out. It crashes when using pocket queries, and is jerky when using it. Groundspeak, don't turn your backs on us. Keep the old app available. I'd hate to show a newbie this new app as the only alternative. Groundspeak, I thought you were better than this. Please reconsider..Version: 5.6.1

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