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Crunchyroll App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Crunchyroll app received 128 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Crunchyroll? Can you share your negative thoughts about crunchyroll?

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Crunchyroll for Negative User Reviews

Bad connection and adsJust a really irritating site to try and watch anything on. I can have perfect connection with all other apps and have the loading emblem on for minutes for videos to load. I have to completely refresh the app which just means I have to watch another 30 seconds of ads before I watch 6 more minutes before having connection trouble again..Version: 4.12.0

There’s still ads!!!!I paid for premium but still didn’t get any benefits there are still ads!! Like literally 5 mins ads per ep! So disappointed!!.Version: 4.0.1

The ads are flippin’ crazy! 😤I just recently got into anime, considering I’m quarantined, and I was watching hunter x hunter on Netflix. Netflix didn’t support all the seasons, it only went up to 4, so I did some research and found this app. I was really excited when I saw that it had all 148 episodes, and while scrolling I saw some other anime’s that looked interesting! When I began watching their was an advertisement, which I didn’t mind. I expected for there to be around 2-3 per episode. At first, everything was going really smoothly! Nothing too out of the ordinary. Then after about 3 episodes in, the ads started to pile up. At first I tried not to mind it, after all I was watching all the episodes for free. Then it became REALLY hard to ignore. I started to get 3-5 ads just before It started, then about 3-5 more later on in the ep! It would’ve been much more bare-able if the ads weren’t so glitchy. At first, I thought it was just my internet. I came to look at the reviews to see if anyone else was having the same problem, and many are! The ads load for about 10-15 seconds, and then run very slowly. For example, if each ad was initially 10 seconds long, and there were 4 advertisements, that’d be around an extra minute and a half of pointless waiting! On behalf of all Crunchyroll users, please reduce the amount of ads per episode, and fix the freezing of the ads!.Version: 3.6.1

New update = badNow it’s terribly glitchy for me, it won’t play most of the time and it’s harder to find the anime I want to watch, it’s confusing. When there’s an ad it goes straight to a website. I don’t know why 👎.Version: 4.0.2

Subtitles.Alright. So first off, Crunchyroll and Funimation are great. I hope crunchyroll takes some tips from the Funimation app. It’s waaaaay better. But it also has something that crunchyroll absolutely does NOT have. Which is pretty upsetting. Subtitles for English dub. Do they think deaf and partially deaf people not like anime? My fiancé is partially deaf. He can hear somethings but we watch everything with subtitles in case he misses something. He can still hear some and doesn’t want to watch in Japanese because we enjoy the dub better. One of my best friends is also almost completely deaf and tho she has hearing aids sometimes they get uncomfortable and she removes them. If we were watching something on crunchyroll we’d have to stop. Another friend has the same issue as my fiancé. And for me I’ve spent 15 years of my life watching tv with subtitles because I love ppl that are deaf or partially deaf. Even my niece has hearing aids and my nephew who is constantly watching anime with me may need them soon. I’m so used it and I enjoy it in case I miss a word they say or don’t understand one. So for now I’m paying for both crunchyroll and Funimation because some of the stuff we watch is still there and have subtitles for English dub. Please do something about this. I cannot but the only one with this issue..Version: 4.22.0

Amazing or two problemsI think this app is amazing! I love everything about it and the anime I can watch is so cool! Ever since I got Crunchyroll I’ve been able to watch a lot of good anime show like...A LOT! ITS SO GOOD AND AMAZING! but of course there is a reason I have put 3 stars instead of 4 or 5, well the reasons for that it...1. The amount of adds showed, Crunchyroll has a lot of adds and I find it annoying that in every show I’ve seen...there are 3 adds willing to pop up with 3 advertisements in each! 3! And in total that becomes...9 ADDS! 9! It’s really annoying! And my second reason is...2. The amount of anime that either have full PREMIUM...or in the show...HALF OF THE SERIES IS PREMIUM MAKING IT SO ANNOYING TO WATCH ANIME MAKING ME END AT A CLIFFHANGER. I don’t mean to sound rude and I know how much work you’ve put into this app but at least make the shows either FULL PREMIUM...or NO PREMIUM AT ALL! But other than that I think this is overall a good app and I recommend it to some people but not all. I hope you can see this message and perhaps fix these in the app. Thanks!.Version: 4.21.0

Terrible streaming and caching - be warned before subscribing.Whether the app uses a CDN or what, the streaming service is terrible and caching doesn’t seem to be managed well. You’ll likely have to restart the app to retrigger the stream which almost makes features such as autoplay useless. Sometimes I had to restart the app multiple times in one 30 min episode and totally ruins the experience with interruptions. Is the subscription worth it? In my opinion, if you expect a non interrupted experience as they say you will have, sure there’s no ads but instead you’ll be treated to technical interruptions, yay. The search abilities aren’t that great with some results being inaccurate and seem to depend on exact matches rather than a true search function. App feels sluggish and outdated overall. So no, I don’t think it’s worth subscribing to if you only want to use the mobile app. Might be a different experience for web but I hadn’t tried as I’m sure most of us would be watching from mobile devices anyway..Version: 4.20.2

Premium content with a substandard app..It’s a shame, I absolutely love the content on the app and as a Premium member you’d expect something special from Crunchyroll but the app is the biggest problem. I still need to log in at once every few days, as it automatically logs me out (which apparently has been addressed), which is annoying as it doesn’t seem to work with the Apple Keychain, so before I can even start watching a video I have to re-login, manually type in my password, close the app down so it recognises I am a Premium member; it may seem minor but it’s just basic usability and quality of life when using the app. The biggest problem I have with the app is that it can’t do the basics, it can’t seem to track what videos I’m watching, which episode or where I am (so now I’ve resorted to writing down where I am in a series in case it loses my progress), the playback functionality is very temperamental as if you want to rewind or fast forward the video (whether it’s using the 10 second rollback feature or the playback bar) it will just drag you back to where you were and the only way to fix it is to (again) reload the app. This is the basic functionality of a video streaming app and it struggles to do it and unfortunately makes me want to go elsewhere for my anime needs. I truly hope these bugs will be addressed soon..Version: 4.0.3

FrustratingI’ve been using Crunchyroll for a while and it has a great selection of anime. However, recently the app is just unusable unless you have the patience to reload the app countless times or just pay for premium. Sometimes it gets frozen at a certain point. To give some detail- whenever an ad finishes sometimes the episode gets stuck on buffering. I’ve tried to reload the app and watch the episode again only to rewatch the same set of ads and be stuck at the same point. I mean the number of ads for non premium viewers is already ridiculous, and now it won’t even allow you to watch an episode without reloading the app multiple times, only to subject you to more ads again. Honestly I’m not sure if this is even a bug or just them making the experience miserable for non premium in an attempt to get them to subscribe. Also the fact a lot of new animes are locked to only premium is really annoying but I’d be more ok with it if they were unlocked after a year or so of it coming out..Version: 4.25.0

It’s awesome but...This may be because I’m from the UK because we never get anything to do with anime over here but it could also have just been a server issue. I’ve had premium for about a day (free but it’s what I will be paying for eventually) and I keep getting gateway error 502 which means the servers aren’t receiving or sending out information properly or something like that. I know for certain it’s not an issue because of me. I’ve had the subscription for around 12 hours and about 2 hour are wasted just trying to get in the app. The anime’s on here are awesome and (even though I wish some more were dubbed) plentiful even though some anime’s just pick up from Season 2 which is really annoying ( my hero academia ) some are in full and super awesome. I’m typing this while this is going on. Help me out here gods of crunchyroll. I really wanna see the pig lord fight the slime dude. Thanks [mynamehere].Version: 3.4.0

DON’T RESET APP DATALost my premium after deleting all app data for crunchyroll on my IPhone.Version: 4.14.0

Still No TV App Support in Canada?Seriously, it’s been years, people. Of course, one can do whatever they want with no serious competition pushing them to do better....Version: 4.3.0

Good but lots of bugsI had no problems till recently but I can’t watch at all now because the video doesn’t load and the controls disappear. No ad plays but it seems like it is trying to load an ad. There has always been a problem for me with the ad loading but it won’t load at all now, with the new update the app is unusable basically. I haven’t been able to watch anything on my phone for the past week now. Please fix this..Version: 4.4.1

BuggyI do understand that you have to make money, but I don’t think letting the free version be riddled with bugs is the answer to that. It’s pretty disheartening when you’re in the throw of a great series but you have to wade through all these buffering bugs and so many irritating quirks that the app has. I really hope this app’s performance is being hard worked on.Version: 4.15.0

Good concept, numerous issues thoughThis is a great source for anime’s like attack on Titan, however every time I try to access any of the episodes I will have to go through several ads first (which would be fine if the average amount wasn’t 8 ads) but even when those ads have finished the app freezes, so to restart it I have to leave the app and try again (restarting the ads) only to have to repeat this over and over for a chance to watch the episode. My initial though was to get a premium membership to remove ad breaks, however when I had completed the transaction it displayed a window stating that it couldn’t access my iTunes, this meant I couldn’t use the membership, while it was active, & although I can cancel the subscription, I won’t be able to restart the 14 day free trial, which feels like a lost promise to me. This may be a problem on my behalf that I don’t know how to fix, but if this app is simply designed to try and rob me then I’ll simply do everything I can to remove it. I don’t ask for much, I just want to watch anime, please try and fix this if possible..Version: 3.4.0

Too many bugsEver since the update it’s been running slower. It takes so long to load episodes, freezes every now and then, sometimes it says I’m not connected to wifi? Connecting it to my tv is hopeless I will spend 1 hour watching a 25 min episode from how much I have to wait for it to load every minute. This is the only app I have connection / loading issues with. Some anime’s don’t even want to play sometimes due to an “error”. I miss the old crunchy roll it was simple and worked perfectly fine I had no issues with it. IT ALSO STILL DOESN'T HAVE A SKIP INTRO OPTION!.Version: 4.0.2

Advertisements working all the time, the episodes the oppositeThe advertisements is the only thing that doesn’t load, and the episodes sometimes don’t even work! Plus, 100% of the advertisements are the app’s advertisements even though we already have the app! Whats the point of the advertisements?.Version: 4.1.0

Great Concept with Too Many Bugs and AdsMy experience with this app has been mixed. I love that it offers free anime and manga most of which is quality stuff and not cheap knockoffs or filler. However, each episode of whatever anime you watch is filled with anywhere from 12-15 unskippable 30 second ads. These ads interrupt the episode (usually at breaks in the episode or before the credits roll) and play around 3-4 at a time. The ads are really annoying. They are pervasive. You can’t skip to another section without watching all the ads that were designated before then. If you accidentally rewind before the ad, bad luck: you have to watch two minutes of ads again. All of this directs you to buy one of the premium packages available. The cheapest one is $8 which is very expensive for what it offers. This would all be tolerable except for the bugs. Sometimes the video buffers and when I tried to buy one of the premium packages, something went wrong and I still was required to watch the ads. The purchase history said that I bought the free trial but the app disagrees. If the developers improved it so that there were less ads, more bearable ad breaks, or a cheaper premium subscription; the app would be a lot better..Version: 3.5.1

BruhWhy do u need Premium for literally every anime.Version: 4.1.0

Please fix thisSo I’ve been watching anime for about 9-11 months now and never had any trouble with Crunchyroll except for when I recently started watching one piece most of the episodes the video gets stuck at around 10-15 minutes in. I have deleted and downloaded again multiple times but it just doesn’t work please fix this or give me a way to get around it😊.Version: 4.7.0

Worst app update everWith the last update Crunchyroll is now on the same path as so many apps: updating for the sake of updating, pushing so-called ‘improvements’ upon the consumers that are actually ‘disimprovements’. Until before the recent major update, I would have given the app 4-5 stars. Now it’s just so much worse in almost every aspect. When I open the app, the first thing I see are no longer my episodes that wait for me to continue watching them but an almost full-screen ‘ad’ of a random anime that is totally unrelated to the ones I have on my watch list. Scrolling down after this, more unrelated recommendations that I couldn’t care less about. Further scrolling then finally shows me my series that are waiting for watching. Tapping on one of them now doesn’t start the episode directly but I get to a misdesigned screen where the video is on the left half and a mostly black column with some blurb on the right, now I have to tap on the full-screen icon to get that waste of space out of the way. As others have written, the subs are now ridiculous. Adding further frustration, I’m now getting logged out of the app on a consistent basis, so after being kicked out for the 10th time today, I decided to cancel my premium subscription....Version: 4.0.2

Wish I could love itFor an app I’m paying a monthly fee for I’d expect it to stream a little better. It’s a rarity when it works, which isn’t really good enough. It’s super glitchy, out of time with audio, the video quality drops randomly, sometimes the episodes don’t load at all. The episodes/shows I have queued disappear or jumps to a future episode I’m not up to yet. It’s really frustrating. The positive is that it really does have a vast range of anime, a lot you can’t find through other steaming sites, inevitably keeping me using the app. If you’re happy to pay for a dodgy service if it still has an endless amount of anime then it’s a perfect investment. Let’s just say that if another streaming site offered the same variety of anime, I’d jump over & try it in a heartbeat for the possibility to find something better then this. Sorry crunchy roll, but it’d be really worth it improving your streaming service so we can get through one episode without any hassle ✌🏼.Version: 3.5.0

What’s going onThe app started off amazing for me after I subscribed for premium and now the app has just gone down hill. I’ve had it for a month now and it’s lagging, taking forever to load episodes (sometimes doesn’t even load it). I found that i had to reset the app every time the video wouldn’t work but now that’s not even working for me. It was 5 stars but now 2, sort it out or ill be unsubscribing..Version: 3.5.0

Several errors and to many addsI love Crunchyroll but the so called “video error” and the “trial error” along with the “connection loss” it gets very annoying, I’m sitting right by my WiFi box and all the sudden a pop up tab shows up in my screen saying that I have lost connection, I clearly had connection as I was connected to the WiFi the whole time but whenever it pops up it won’t let me leave the tab no matter how many times I press retry. The video error is very confusing as I have to stop and sit there for thirty mins to try and find out what the error is, I have tried to restart the app, I have exited out of it and went back in and tried to watch it again but the video error just kept popping back up. Every time I get an error I have to delete the app because the error will just keep coming back up on my screen even though I have done everything to try and get it to stop, I have re downloaded the app at least 19 times and I just got it 2 days ago. And the situation with the adds is stupid, I get 15 to 20 adds every time, I’m only watching 20-30 minute episodes and I spend at least 10 minutes every time watching one round of adds, and the there are 4 rounds of adds in each episode. It gets quite annoying, I hope they figure out something because this is getting annoying.Version: 3.5.0

SupI think an option to skip opening credits would be good and also an option for episodes to continuously play rather then having to go into app everytime after an episode is finished to play the next one, because I use chrome cast it can be quite frustrating sometimes.Version: 3.3.2

Useless unless you payI honestly wish I could give it less than 1 star. I’ve only been using the app for three days and I have given up. I understand that the app works fine if you pay for a subscription, however, developers should understand that not everyone can afford to pay a monthly fee just to watch anime. If they’re going to offer a free alternative and make you watch ads to compensate, the least they could do is make sure the free version actually works- otherwise just don’t offer it! Don’t make people waste their time! The first day this app worked great- I don’t care if I have to watch ads or even if the ads repeat. I understand it’s free so I don’t mind it. However, yesterday, I started to notice that the app freezes whenever an ad is about to play- the screen goes black and that’s it. There is nothing you can do but exit the app and restart it. Initially this only happened a few times, but now it’s to the point I can’t even START watching an episode because it freezes. I can restart the app 12 times (which I have), and it does the exact same thing each time. I’m done. I’m done using this app, wasting my time and dealing with this frustration. And now, even if I could or wanted to, there is NO WAY I’m ever going to give my money to Crunchyroll. If you’re going to give a free service and make it as crappy as possible just to get people to buy the subscription- don't even offer it to begin with. It’s low, a cheap trick. Just don’t..Version: 3.4.0

Is it just me or dose it laggyHi I just downloaded the app and I’m pretty young so I can’t get the subscription. The app is very laggy I have to wait forever just for it to play and then adds come along then I have to wait all over again. I don’t know what to do but I hope you can fix it please. I watched something for one minute because I couldn’t find it anywhere else and then an add came, in still waiting for it to play again. Please fix this bug. Reduce the adds or no one would want to bye the subscription. I know I wouldn’t to tend way to much effort on the subscription people and not enough on those who don’t. I severely dislike the app so try to change my mind. I see you as greedy people who only want the money and change it when a problem happens in the subscription department so you can keep and gain more subscriptions please change my mind.Version: 4.1.0

Almost perfectI have a premium account but the experience isn’t as great as other streaming services which allows you to skip intro or an auto play option. Its also slow at times so i keep it on auto or low quality, i feel like its not a wifi fault either because netflix/youtube etc etc works fast its just crunchy roll that has moments of lag. Otherwise ehhh.Version: 3.6.1

App with identity crisisCrunchyroll publishes awesome anime. But the app has an identity crisis. Login with a paid subscriber account and everything works great. Five stars. Seriously. It is very well done. But — and this is huge — not everyone can afford the monthly fees and the execution of the advertising ruins the app. No stars. Crunchyroll needs the advertising to fund the delivery of no-cost anime to its free subscribers. It is the TV broadcasting business model. No problem. But the technology used to insert the ads fails to match the quality of the overall app. The ads lock up the app. They also repeat themselves three times in a row in the same ad break. And while the ads are supposed to be targeted to the interests of the viewers, they are not. If Crunchyroll could get the advertising to work correctly, advertising could possibly make more money per user than paid subscriptions. Determining the interests of viewers is pretty easy. You just ask them. Do interesting ads and people will click them. Streaming technology is good enough to never lock up an app. And never repeat ads during the same break. I will never buy a Volvo no matter how many times you run the ad. I'm a Subaru guy. You should already know that. Have Subaru tell me about its awesome technology and I will click the ad to find out more info. Everyone wins — Crunchyroll, advertisers and anime fans. Fix it please..Version: 3.1.1

Always crashingIt sucks when u pay for an app that doesn’t work....Version: 4.1.0

Wth CrunchyrollMy brother said this app actually worked now I get it you trying to preview other show and are trying to get us to buy premium but seriously why have them be repetitive adds I literally got to minutes into my show and now I can’t watch it wanna know why because of the REPETITIVE ADDS LIKE I can’t even enjoy it so what makes you think your gonna get good reviews the only GOOD REVIEWS YOUR GETTING ARE FROM YOURSELF and people who actually have the money to pay for stupid premium. It’s honestly unfair to those who are actually trying to enjoy the app..Version: 3.5.0

Wayyyy to many adsIve used Crunchyroll for a while now, and it’s a really good app to watch anime. But as a broke person who can’t spend money on things that aren’t needed I don’t have a membership. You know what that means? Each episode I watch I get about 10 ads! I know you people need to make profit somehow but wow I feel like I’m watching more ads than the actual show! Could you maybe give out less ads? I would be fine with watching these ads if there weren’t as much as you showed us. The ads come up at such random times so it’s quite annoying. I’m pretty sure you already do this but, maybe just keep ads in a place not random, some anime’s have places in the middle of the episode for ad breaks ( Eg in bnha in the middle of an ep it shows someone and what their quirk is and stuff about them) maybe you could just keep the ads in those places? Thank you Amazing app but please take this into consideration.Version: 4.1.0

Some difficultiesI really like this app in general, and I think it is really good. But, I do have to tell you about some things in this app that I really don’t like. 1. The ads. I am honestly fine with them, but I think there are just way too many ads that play. I think the maximum of ads per episode should probably be 3 or 4. It’s getting really irritating and sometimes the exact same ad plays and it’s super annoying. 2. Some anime’s ‘don’t exist’ on crunchyroll. Now, I get it, there cannot be every single anime on this app but, for some reason, I can’t find some really we’ll known anime’s that are most likely to be on the app, and example could be Aikatsu. I would love it if you did try to include aikatsu in the app because I absolutely love it. It may be on crunchyroll premium, but I am not really paying just to watch 1 anime that I will probably finish in a week or so. My overall thoughts are: Please include less ads and try to include the anime called Aikatsu (not aikatsu stars, people often mistaken it for Aikatsu stars). Thank you for reading my very terrible moan about it..Version: 3.3.1

No pointThere is no point in getting this app, most the time spent is either watching an ad or a black screen right after the ad..Version: 4.0.2

Anime episodes refuse to loadOk I love this app I really do I would rate it five stars but the problems that this app has makes me want to rate it only one star but since I love the app I gave it two stars. I really don’t care that I have to watch around 13 ads per episode even though it’s annoying and they repeat the same ads I get it you developers want your money and you deserve it for all your hard work. Sometimes the ads don’t want to load and give me a black screen for five minutes so I have to close the app and try to watch the episode I was watching again and force my way through another ad to get back to where I was. But I don’t mind too much as long as it isn’t frequent but it is very frequent. The fact that the ads refuse to load after 5 minutes maybe longer is extremely irritating. However, the fact that this app doesn’t want to load anime episodes after I watched 13 ads that refuse to load makes me very disappointed. The whole purpose of this app is to be able to provide its users with anime episodes. It is very upsetting to be watching your favorite series and for it to be interrupted multiple times throughout the episode not because of ads but because it is having trouble loading and it won’t load after like 5 minutes or longer sometimes. Please fix this issue developers I don’t care that I have to watch 13 ads per episode I just want to watch anime..Version: 3.6.1

This app is okay, but the bugs ruin itThe set up of the app and the selection of stuff to watch is pretty good. Unfortunately I don’t own premium, so ads, which I am fine with. What I am not fine with is how poorly the app can handle ads. Not only does the app fail to properly load the ads, leaving me looking at a spiral indication it is trying to load for hours, but if the ad even loads and plays it goes back to the begging of the episode I am watching instead of the part the ad appeared. And me skipping forward will also cause an ad to appear. These bugs only appear with ads, so to me it clearly indicates that the app is purposely programmed to function like this to make me pay. It instead leaves me bitter about the site and rather go somewhere else to watch something, even if I have to pay there. Please fix.Version: 4.14.0

Made Almost Worthless by Latest UpdateThe App had a makeover in its latest update and went from being a good, practical app to a flashy yet utterly useless bit of software. On the iPad App, subtitles are borderline useless being excessively big and either failing to appear or completely out of sync. On the iPhone it works a little better but does take a while to "catch up". Either way, watching on the iPad is now impossible for any subbed shows. Furthermore, despite being a paying customer for years, it seems Crunchyroll has seen it to start shoving "recommendations" in our faces more and more. Opening the app would lead us to our watch list but now we are inundated with whatever is "popular" even if we have zero interest. So I can't watch on one device and the experience has become more of a slog and more frustrating. And you want me to continue paying Crunchyroll? Sort yourself out!.Version: 4.0.2

Could the ads not?I know that ads could earn money for you but come on, Really? There’s got to be at least 15/20 advertisements in just one episode. What’s really annoying is that the ads are placed at the start, after the intro, middle, the start of the end opening and if you don’t quickly skip to the next episode, there will be ANOTHER ad right at the end. If this is you guys being tactical and annoying, it sure it working because it is absolutely ATROCIOUS. You need to find other solutions for your ads because they are annoying in every other episode. Maybe one advertisement in each segment would be fine, it wouldn’t be such a pain to go through. Although I find this app really convenient and my friends have been suggesting me to use this app. This app is probably the best by far. I’m disappointed and annoyed, I hope you can find other ways to advertise your app and maybe find other solutions to decrease the amount of advertisements in just ONE episode. Come on, man up..Version: 3.6.1

Good but ok tooI do love this site I watch all my anime’s on it, well most of them. There are a lot of anime’s were you have to pay premium and there are so much ads like SO MUCH. Another thing is that there are almost no English dub on her and me Personally like English dub more..Version: 4.3.0

Do not get this app in less you are going to buy premium.This app does not have a large selection of anime an less you buy premium and even if it will let you watch the show without premium it only lets you watch it, it doesn’t let you watch the first episode or the last episode of the majority of the shows..Version: 4.3.0

Not much going for itSimulcast is good for watching things as they air, and the subscription price is fair, but the amount of series that the service offers is limited. You’ll end up commonly finding that a series you want to watch either isn’t on the service, or has been taken down from the service. Region locking is also a big problem, and although I watch sub not dub, I’ve noticed that some English dubs are not available in England. Subtitles also lag behind for me, which is not an internet problem due to other online services working perfectly fine. The app is also constantly logging me out, and some of the time refuses to load any content. However, this is currently the best service I’ve got, as the takedown of Kissanime has meant that a lot of series that I’ve found and wanted to watch I now can’t watch because they either aren’t on there, or have been taken down (One Punch Man Season 1 has been taken down, leaving Season 2 as the only thing up for that series). If you can find another service like kissanime, I’d recommend using it until it gets taken down, as you are going to have a much better experience and a much larger choice of content then this app offers..Version: 4.1.0

Revert the UpdateNew update is garbage, revert the update the old version felt much cozier and not more like using a website. The ads are even worse and honestly will just find somewhere else to watch anime..Version: 4.0.2

My god the ads...This app is the best app for watching anime I have ever came across and I would be giving it a five stars no doubt but the ads are ridiculous. I understand needing to add some ads so that you can earn money to keep the app going but it is unnecessary for 3-8 ads before the episode and another 3-8 during. Maybe try cutting down the ads to one or two per episode and no more. Another problem I have is if you are not a premium member then you can’t keep up to date with the anime you’re watching. I know that you can just buy premium and it is a very reasonable price but there are still people who don’t have a steady income and can’t afford it. Like me, I’m only 14 and I do not earn money so it’s impossible for me to keep up to date and not get trapped in the ocean if ads. I hope that this was read and will be a seen as good feedback. Than you..Version: 4.0.2

Thanks for the updateYour most recent update has broken functionality with hdmi adapters to tvs. I have an old tv which means I can’t screen cast to it. This means that my only option for watching anime on the tv is to use a hdmi adapter. You probably changed it to prevent piracy but who cares. These pirate sites can get your anime whether they get it off your site or not. The only reason I use Crunchyroll is because I want to support the industry. Your service is literally worse than a pirate site. The worst part is that you framed it as a ‘new player’ whereas you are just trying to make more money. I hope you realise that you can only guilt trip us so far when you are exploiting the people who our money should go to. We do not pay subscriptions to support Crunchyroll, we do it to support the animators and voice actors who make it all happen. And yet you give us a slap in the face by exploiting these people. Probs gonna cancel my subscription soon if nothing is done..Version: 4.25.1

Frustration1. Doesn't let me know when new episodes come out of anime that I put in my que. Even if it is loaded on. I can't watch it even though I'm premium member and will only be able to view it the next day (this happens often). 2. Usually it will also often disconnect. No matter how many times I close the app and try again to refresh it simple doesn't want to after 20+ tries.Version: 4.11.0

Honestly terribleI still get ads with premium and they make things unnecessarily hard this is the worst app ever and as soon as my subscription ends I'm deleting this app.I will never hate an app as much as I hate this one. Honestly a huge waste of time.Version: 3.1.0

ReviewNow first off I just want to say I love Crunchyroll and it is a very well built anime stream service but they have major problems that need to be changed. As for that seasons and episodes are listed all together although they are in completely different languages. This is only a major and irrational problem. I’ve have premium for many years on many accounts and it’s just the small thing that makes the app confusing and sorta irritating to a certain extent. Next small problem is the app for mobile devices it seems to have many problems when it comes to turning off and on cc. Most of the times I have to refresh my whole app 2-3 times just for them to start turning on. Again it’s not a bad problem but it’s a problem a lot of viewers and myself aren’t excited about. But if those apps were fixed I’d say it would be the most perfect app for anime streaming. I think because Crunchyroll and Funimation are doing a partner ship crunchyroll should take some of the things they do just. Just because Funimation is more smoother in the sense of easier to watch and find anime. Other than those little major problems there isn’t anything that makes it a little problematic. Thank you for you time have a great day!!.Version: 4.16.0

Uhm..I’m watching an anime and a ad popped up and then went away then it came back again and so I let it play but then the show I was watching kept loading and wouldn’t start playing and I closed the tab and the app and it stil wouldn’t play! :( I can’t watch anything now because every show does the same thing.Version: 4.14.0

Ads and ads and ads and adsSee I understand putting ads in when it’s free, I understand. You need t support your business somehow and not paying for the product should have some downsides. The problem I have is the ads are all the same and there are soooooo many of them. I will get the same ad about that new mortal engines movie (unskippable) about 5 or 6 times each ad break! Change it up a bit! Otherwise great app has crashed once due to the sheer amount of ads but everything else runs swimmingly..Version: 3.3.2

It won’t even openEvery time I open the app all I get is a error message and then I’ll be thrown out of the app. I’ve tried three times now to fix it, I’ve also deleted and redownloaded the app..Version: 3.4.0

AdsWhy do I get ads after subscribing???.Version: 4.0.3

Too many ads to force Premium purchaseA cheap marketing trick to get people to pay for Premium. This is disappointing for loyal fans who enjoy the app regardless of a few ads. But the new update has taken adbreaks to the extreme with almost 4 ads per ad break (3 per episode) that’s 12 ads to watch!?. Ridiculous and definitely considering swapping to a different server as it’s not worth it. Viewers only have so much patience..Version: 4.14.0

My experience using crunchy rollIt was great at first tbh but then after about a month I noticed something strange going on a lot of anime that I didn’t watch was being shown for continue watching at first ignored it but it got harder when someone changed the name on my account that’s when I took action and it got resolved later down the line I got put off my account and had to change the password ( this happened 6 times) and I’ve emailed them about my complaints and said I wanted the account deleted if this issue continued nobody ever got back to me, today I tried to log in and comes to my attention someone’s been having a field day with my account changed the language and all I stopped using it for about a week, please have a way we can view devices using our account or approve accounts that would like to use our account or at least give me a heads up anytime someone logs in as of today my account is deleted and I will no longer be using Crunchyroll will my mind change maybe, maybe not 🫤 some will say I’m being a karen or use better cyber security and I did different passwords and all at one point my password was 100 characters I was literally using my notes section to remember it. This has just gotten annoying does anyone else have this issue or at least have a way for it to be less annoying..Version: 4.29.0

I Deleted thisI did it for two reasons; one I can’t find 6 of my favourite anime’s. Two, you idiots decided to make Rent-A-Girlfriend for premium only when I was on season 2, along with many other people who were in the middle of watching it. Thank you for understanding, and please don’t do this again..Version: 4.3.0

Not good enoughThe app advertises offline viewing, and it does give you the option to download episodes, but when you open the app it comes up with an error message that it can’t connect to Crunchyroll??? Like??? That’s the whole point of offline viewing This is such an annoying issue as it shouldn’t be that hard to fix. Part of the problem I suspect is that it does seem to log you in every time you open the app, rather than keeping you logged in. Which brings me to another gripe I have with the app; it keeps randomly logging me out. If these two thing were fixed, I’d be a happy camper! But until then, I’m not sure how long I can hold on because although I enjoy knowing my membership money is going towards anime, if the viewing experience of watching said anime is sub par then I might as well just go back to watching it pirated; at least they deliver on what they promised..Version: 4.8.0

Just why.At first I was really happy cause I finally found an app where I can watch anime and foreign dramas. But then the adds came in. It was fine at first cause there wasn’t that many, but then the longer the episode the more adds there was. This frustrated me a lot. I get that you have too make money but could u at least tune it down a little. I just want to watch an episode without getting an ad attack. Everytime I get an ad the load is sooo long. Then after the ad, another one comes in. And then another. There is at least 4 in a row and that doesn’t make me want too use your app. I could never Finnish a 25 minute long episode because that ads turn it into an hour one. I’m waiting and waiting for the ad to Finnish, but then another pops up. And the load is way too long. I sometimes close the app and come back. But that just restarts the ad. Please try to fix this, cause I’m seeing that a lot of people are having the same issue. There isn’t a lot of places where I can watch good shows like the ones on you guys app. Hopefully you can respond to this as quick as possible. And if you do respond to me please don’t apologize and say your going to fix it when you’ll clearly not do so. Once and last time please fix this issue. Thank u if you read this..Version: 4.7.0

Too many bugsCrunchyroll is a great app to get if you enjoy watching anime, but I really have two main problems with it. 1. If you don’t have premium, there are WAY too many ads. You can get around 10-20 every episode! I get that crunchyroll needs to make money from people that don’t get premium, but there’s way too many of them. 2. Somehow, crunchyroll is extremely buggy, and most of the bugs come from the ads loading in while anime is playing etc. I haven’t been able to use the app for the last week and a half, because something glitched out, and whenever I select an anime to watch, the screen is just black, with an occasional ad popping up. This is such a huge problem with crunchyroll, because I’ve never had a problem with using apps like Netflix, but crunchyroll has so many bugs, when it shouldn’t have! It’s not a super complex app, but the amount of ads and bugs that shouldn’t come with it do. It’s three stars because it has a very wide variety of anime, but at times, crunchyroll can be downright frustrating to use..Version: 4.0.3

Please fix this app.The app is good and all in many ways, but there are a few problems. One major problem for me is that sometimes when I go onto the next episode of something it just turns black the whole way through and doesn’t let me go back a few seconds or minutes and this really annoys me. I am unable to watch my favourite anime’s because of this. Another problem I have is terrible old software this app uses. It’s so laggy and bugs always happen because of it. Update your software to a new one so we don’t have to buy premium JUST to have a good experience using this app. Your website is good, but on my phone I can’t ever do anything on your website like watch series? Other than all of this I am glad you can use Crunchyroll without an account. That’s really helpful for 12 years olds like me who have strict parents. But then again please fix these things I said..Version: 4.6.0

This streaming platform has changed and I’m not a fanI started watching anime on Crunchyroll a few years ago, and honestly I loved it! Then I took a bit of a break for a few months until now to finish watching the anime’s I had started, but things have changed and I’m not a big fan. You can only watch the first season of an anime, making you hooked onto it, then after that you have to pay for premium when it used to be free to watch but if you wanted to watch in English you would pay for premium. I understand it’s to make money but it really bugs me, if there was a lifetime/pay once membership I may consider paying for it but right now, Crunchyroll is useless to me..Version: 4.29.0

Too many adsI personally don’t earn money. I would like premium because of how many ads there are, but I can’t. I would like it if maybe only 1-3 ads played every break, but the amount of them I watch to see like the first 5 seconds before another stream of ads start is kinda rude. Now, me and my friends resort to ‘you watch it and screen record it and we will watch the video you send and skip all the ads’. I would prefer not to have all this hassle to watch ONE episode, but we have to. I have other ways to watch BNHA S1 and 2, but I can’t find anywhere else where I can watch S3 for free, and that is how I stumbled across this app. If you are so desperate for money, please just make the app £5 to buy off the App Store and leave a few ads in, but I think it’s stupid how you have to promote yourself in your ads aswell. Most of the ads I get are about your premium. Also, I like to spend a maximum of 3 hours a day watching anime, and thanks to these ads, 2 of those hours are just ads. Please make this more flexible for people who can’t pay for premium..Version: 3.4.0

Bad updateDespite the design change improving the look, the app consistently crashes, logs me out of my account, forgets where I was , or simply wont even play an episode. The update is regressive and needs to be fixed..Version: 4.0.2

Terrible app - great AnimeCrunchyroll carries lots of great Anime titles but this app is horrible, beyond a joke. I’ve been paying for this service for years and they still haven’t fixed basic usability bugs. The player regularly hangs and buffers refusing to play even on a new iPhone and fiber wifi connection. Sometimes episodes just won’t play no matter how long you let them buffer. The player fails when you scrub forward or back, its bit like other apps where you can skip around seamlessly, try skipping 10 seconds forward and the whole thing lags for 30 seconds. Not to mention other niggling bugs that have been reported for years and never fixed such as new episode notifications for anime that have finished, etc. It’s just amazing how low quality this app is for something that is paid for by subscribers. Just look at any one of the other 100 streaming apps and bring it up to scratch please!.Version: 4.12.0

This needs to be fixed.Ok I love watching anime but watching on Crunchyroll can test your patience. A lot of the time the audio will start to sound weird and muted like someone’s put a cloth of the speaker and using headphones doesn’t help. Then when you reset the app, it will go back to normal but the it will happen again and again each time quicker than the last. And it’s not just the sound when that happens it gets really pixelated as well, then even more till at some points you can’t even tell what the figure is if it’s something in the background or small. Also when you’re done watching a series or something, it will stay on you ‘continue watching’ list and there’s no way to get rid of it. Do you recon that you can change that. But Crunchyroll is an amazing app and when others ones like Netflix run out for what you want, Crunchyroll is the absolute best option for anime lovers for all styles. If you do read this and take it in to consideration I will be very thankful.Version: 4.26.1

Ads and Buffering COMPLETELY ruin the appI’ve been using crunchyroll for a couple days now and it’s brutal trying to get into any show with the constant interruptions. I usually don’t write reviews but this is actually ridiculous. The show itself buffers so often it’s easy to forget what literally just happened in the show bc of the amount of buffering. Not to mention each time it buffers it takes upwards of 5 minutes just to load about 12 seconds of the show, just so it can buffer again. But now here’s where the ads come in. Not only do the ads also take about the same time to buffer, they are long and usually have multiple ads stacked on top of each other. If you can manage to sit thru the ad buffering and the ads themselves, then afterwards you’re greeted with, you guessed it, MORE BUFFERING! It’s downright unusable more often than not! I’ve tried many troubleshooting techniques and none of them work at all. Not to mention they really try shoving the premium down your throat which sounds enticing to have no ads but that doesn’t solve the ridiculous buffering times. I honestly can’t recommend this app in the state it’s in, it’s way to frustrating to use for so little outcome. Please try elsewhere before submitting yourself to this waste of time.Version: 4.10.0

IMPROVE ASAP!!!My pros for this app is that I do enjoy the anime that crunchyroll provides and also it’s just an app where you can enjoy lots of anime. My cons are that they do not provide some of my favorite anime’s that I would love to watch and also they put in too many adds and I really starting to make me angry. There’s always 2-3 ads in the beginning of an episode, the middle of an episode, and the end of an episode. I would really appreciate it if crunchyroll could see this review and respond and hopefully they will improve their app. I also believe that many other people want to watch anyone without any annoying ads in the way. I just hope that crunchyroll can add more anime and reduce the ads and also I recommend a skip button for the ads. This app disappoints me in a lot of ways but I just want to watch anime and when more people get crunchyroll, I am pretty sure they will come to realise how annoying and how much of a rip off this is. Please find this problem as soon as possible because me and many other people are desperate for good quality on this app..Version: 4.8.0

Basically shows are unwatchableThis app is basically useless (at least for free account users). The app takes an unreasonable amount of time to load up content even when connected to WiFi and then when it finally does start to load up the app attempts to load the first of several adds (often the exact same add played multiple times). If the adds do load and play successfully then one of two things generally happens: 1) the app gets stuck trying to load the show again, 2) the app rewinds the show to before the adds to replay a segment you’ve already watched and start the add sequence again if you try to skip forward. If you do happen to be lucky and everything does load eventually then what should be a 20 minute episode can take upwards of an hour to watch due to load times for the adds and returning to the show. We’d less to say I’ve deleted the app and chosen to watch elsewhere. Which is a shame because I’ve supported Crunchyroll for a long time and have tried to use it over competitors in the past but CR seems to be doing nothing to improve it’s user experience. The website itself is still pretty much exactly the same as it was when I joined 10 years ago. It’s no longer the one and only place to go for anime so it needs to step up it’s game if it’s going to hold on to viewers going forward..Version: 4.20.2

New animesThere is only popular animes, add other animes.Version: 4.0.3

The adsI read the bible twice and my episode was barely finished because the ads made it longer.Version: 4.1.0

Take my sound adviceIf you can not fund your app for free and you have to pile on the ads nearly 12 times an anime episode you should simply consider making the app a set membership price monthly with no free version, you lose too many good customers by piling on the advertisements when you should really know many people would pay if they knew you’d give them the same quality as Netflix, and if you really feel like you have to sponsor yourself by making adverts for your merchandise then maybe you should make a shop section to the app so everyone knows you sell anime merch, this would be more effective than forcing people through the adverts because it puts a negative image in their heads and they won’t buy it🤷🏼‍♀️ Company developers are smart enough to know people will still use their apps even with the unnecessary amount of ads so they haven’t changed this is around three years, Crunchyroll would be very very successful if you took this advice but then again what do I know Funimation has be better than this surely.Version: 3.6.1

To many AdsI’ve been using Crunchyroll for like a year just in case if they update it so it doesn’t show as many ads but nothings happened so I’ll write this review. In every episode they show 10 ADS 10!!!!! I get it that they can’t stream all of this for free but at least lower the ads to like 2 or 3 and the other thing is when I’m watching something the ads are all about the same thing!!! How is that good for the people that make the ads. The ads that people make are supposed to make the viewer want to buy the thing or do whatever,making them watch the same ad over and over is going to make them not want to buy it or whatever! So Crunchyroll you really aren’t doing a good job for the ads so these are my to options. If you still want to show the same ads make it 2 or 3 per video. If you want to keep the 10 ads make them different ads so there might be something I want to buy! If I keep on seeing ads like how your doing it now I’ll just use Adblock I don’t like using it because I want the application to get some money you know and if you tell me to just get premium then you should get yourself checked because it’s $10 a month and when you think of it like that it’s not a lot but when you thing of it $120 A YEAR that’s a lot. That’s all I have to say.Version: 3.6.1

Very disappointedI have been a Crunchyroll premium member for years and years, I have watched Crunchyroll here in the Uk and abroad, it was always good, until lately. I use Apple TV and an iPhone to catch up with my favs anime in Crunchyroll, but certain anime on Crunchyroll in the Apple TV have been removed, I can’t no longer find anime that I could before yet if I go the my phone and search they will be there, One piece for example there’s no one piece anymore on Crunchyroll via the Apple TV but it’s on Crunchyroll mobile app so what I have to do is screen mirroring but guess what?? The app hasn’t been updating the catalogue, I can’t find the newest episodes on the app but if I go online I can, but when I try to play it redirects to the app automatically leaving me without choice as the anime ain’t showing in the app. Since crunchy was sold to Sony this all started to happen, very very disappointed the way the app is now, thought it would turn up even better with the sale, but this? I will have to stop my subscription for Crunchyroll..Version: 4.13.0

Downloads are ridiculously slow.Websites great, app is annoying. No matter how fast my internet is, it takes forever to download episodes for offline viewing. Re -installed the app several times. The whole point of me paying for crunchyroll was to watch anime offline..Version: 4.20.2

What is going on?!I get why a lot of people like crunchyroll, I mean it’s basically a platform where you can watch some of your favourite anime’s for free. But there are two main issues that I’m sure I myself and many users of this app have, there are too many ads. We would have to watch about six ads in just one episode and I can’t even tell if I’m watching anime or if I’m watching ads. And it keeps logging me out of my account! It gets pretty annoying and frustrating having to log in my account two to three times a day knowing that I’ll have to log back in after a few minutes or even the next day! I honestly don’t get why these issues are occurring to me and many users of this app. Creators of crunchyroll please fix this..Version: 4.0.2

Commercials freezing the appSome commercials play fine, others the screen stays black after trying to load, doesn’t play anything and doesn’t allow us to do anything but close the app and try again. It’s 4 times now I keep trying to get passed the same commercial pause. It’s infuriating..Version: 3.4.0

Not worth the money.There is no point in downloading the app and buying a premium subscription. It is a waste of money. If you dont buy a premium subscription, you have to watch a 25 mins episode with 10 ads. If you buy a premium subscription, the subtitles switch off on its own and the episode is played back from the very beginning. Even if the subtitles are switched off there is no way to turn them back on using the setting icon on the screen. You have to close the app and open it again, but it still does not work at all; after u have watched a episode for few minutes you will encounter the same issue again. It not worth the time and money at all, I would genuinely prefer watching it over some third party websites..Version: 4.8.0

Good selection just bad streamingGreat range of shows to watch but video streaming is poor videos always buffer and this can happen for days at a time sometimes it works great and I can get through a single episode without it buffering but most of the time that’s not the case and I have to go to other websites just to watch a series so makes me think sometimes why I’m paying to use this app.Version: 4.26.1

RatsPaid for premium because I hate ads and now they give me an ad for some crappy merch that will null any chance at reproduction.Version: 4.4.2

Too many adsI only downloaded crunchy roll because the app I mainly use doesn't have the anime I want to watch. Crunchy roll isn't that bad, but there's a major difference when it comes to ads. The app I mainly use will show only one ad at a time which would probably last a minute or so, but crunchy roll shows around 5 short ads at once. It just makes it feel like the ads go for longer and it's quite irritating when you think you're about to watch the anime, but oh look, here's another ad. People with premium aren't complaining and would just say to buy premium. But some people don't want to spend money on this stuff. I'm not surprised if crunchy roll is losing viewership, once I've finished watching the anime I want to watch then I'm deleting this app and going back to animelab..Version: 3.4.1

Can’t even contact supportI used to have a premium membership about a year ago and decided to renew. I wanted to buy the standard premium membership again but it says on the app that they will give me a 14 day free trial and charge me for the membership after the trial ends, not a problem, I was actually happy about this. The problem is that the trial doesn’t even work. I check my iTunes subscriptions and it says that it is currently active but when I go into the app to watch a show, I still have to watch ads! That’s not even the worst part, whenever the ads start to load, I get a black loading screen, then it just freezes up and won’t do anything unless I force close out of the app. I can’t even watch a video with ads!!! I tried to just buy the membership outright without the 14 day trial since I was going to pay for it anyway, but I can’t get past the 14 day trial offer. Whenever you tap on the button to upgrade your account, it takes you to the 14 day free trial offer( which doesn’t work no matter how many times I retry it) and it won’t let me bypass the offer so I can just buy the membership, it’s like they don’t want my money! I tried contacting support on the “help” section in the app, AND SURPRISE SURPRISE THE APP FREEZES WHEN YOU TRY TO GET TO THE “CONTACT US” PART! I used to love watching my favorite anime on crunchyroll but I don’t think I’ll ever be paying for this service again after spending hours just trying to buy a membership unsuccessfully..Version: 3.4.1

Pretty good but one irritating problemSo its pretty good except for one problem that happens all the time to me and idk y but its very very annoying. Its the ad breaks. I have no problem with the ad break itself but it plays its 3 ads and then takes a long time to load or it doesnt load the rest of the episode at all. When i click off to reload it again it just plays the ads again and doesnt load the anime so i never get to watch the episode without going through 4 - 6 amounts of the 3 ads before it finally works with is really really annoying considering that this is the only thing i could find School Babysitters on and i cant get past half way through episode 2. I have checked if its my internet each time which it isnt so idk if its a glitch or something or the app itself but i would really like this fixed thx.Version: 4.7.0

It’s the only way.I got this app yesterday and it’s already destroying my sanity. The ads. If it was just a matter of watching a 6 second add 4ish times per episode, I would be fine. But every point where I have to watch an ad, it repeats itself 7< times over before getting to the episode. whenever I reload the episode, same thing. I just tried watching episode 1 of Attack on Titan, and I watched the same ad, I kid you not, 63 times by the 11 minute mark. I counted. I kept having to reload, including each time I paused, at which point I would have to rewatch the ad another 10 times. Watching one episode was an absolute nightmare for me, and I’m not talking about the anime. It’s the only proper destination for anime on iOS, so please just get this fixed, I don’t want to have to spend 6 minutes going mad for every 24 minute episode. Another problem is that not a lot of anime is actually there. It looks like there are a good number of series, but as soon as I start searching I realise it lacks many, including Angel Beats, and I can’t figure out how to dub anime..Version: 3.1.1

Terrible updateEverything was working perfectly before the latest update to the entire app. Now unless I press a button to full screen the anime only plays on how the screen on my iPad, even when you go full screen the subtitles stay half screen and so are bunched up and awful and ever since the update the voices and subtitles never marry up - often a line or two behind the whole team. A very poor "superior performance" update..Version: 4.0.2

Offline mode is very buggyI downloaded a a few anime series to watch on my flight over the week to use in offline mode. They were all marked as downloaded before I got on my flight. Once I put my phone into aeroplane mode, half the things I downloaded were marked as expired so I couldn’t watch them. I tried to play some of the episodes that weren’t “expired” and it stated that it could not establish a connection to Crunchyroll — this is in offline mode, which makes offline mode absolutely useless. If you can’t watch the anime without a connection to Crunchyroll, then how is this offline? One of the episodes I did manage to get working had an issue where the subtitles would freeze if trying to view the video in full screen. There was no point straining my eyes trying to read the subtitles in portrait mode. This was extremely frustrating - I was hoping to catch up on a few series on my flight. Please fix this issue..Version: 4.30.1

Black screen and videos stopped working.I’m furious. What’s the point of a streaming app if it won’t work?.Version: 4.1.0

You’re better off piratingWith how often this app crashes on me it’s not worth paying the subscription, especially now that they have their multiple layered subscriptions and are owned by Sony. Sony will gut them. You’re better off finding a place to pirate your anime from.Version: 4.3.0

Bugs are annoying but anime is goodI mean the only thing that really stops me from rating five stars is the amount of bugs with the app. I feel like it’s gotten worse since 2 years ago. The site crashes whenever a popular anime episode is released I assume because of high traffic, certain anime have weird audio noises, it doesn’t let me click any episode in the all episodes screen except maybe episode 1 or 2, it logs me out in the middle of an episode or just whenever I close the app, it doesn’t load the new updated episodes screen occasionally, I can’t pause the episode anymore if I’ve hit the rewind 10s button, and the list goes on. I appreciate the anime in a convenient user friendly app, but the bugs are getting worse than what you would expect in a Bethesda game. Oh, and this isn’t directly related to the app, but crunchyroll customer support or service or whatever is garbage. It’s slow and not helpful at all. I tried telling them about the audio problems but it wasn’t worth waiting on slow replies and generic unhelpful replies telling me to redownload the app. I’ve been able to tolerate these things up until now but if they don’t do something about these bugs then I’m just not going to keep giving them my money. It’s pretty simple.Version: 3.4.1

CacaI tried downloading it again it it just keeps loading but I had enough storage 😪 I wanted to watch demon slayers.Version: 4.6.0

Ugh my immersionI actually stopped binging my favorite anime to write this. I know Crunchyroll has always had issues both on the web and the app, and I have always found them tolerable since those issues rarely messed with my immersion- but brooo it is so bad right now. The subtitles are either delayed or they show up before a character speaks. Also, the controls with play bar keep popping up when I do not touch the screen or when my phone is mounted which makes me then have to touch the screen constantly to make the controls minimize again. This has been happening often for the past 3 weeks. I have been subscribed to Premium for about 5 years and I thank you Crunchyroll for those glorious years of you providing me with all the entertainment and escapism I need but you are disappointing me mad hard right now. P.S.: The new UI is cool. I also love that we can view comments now. Y’all are kinda late to the “We have updated our UI” party considering how large your following is but cheers to you for showing up at all. My fingers are crossed for you to continue to make advancements in the streaming service world because I do believe you deserve more clout, but it’s embarrassing for me to keep on praising you when things like this happen..Version: 4.17.1

Could be betterFunny thing, the ads don’t bother me in the slightest, I will happily sit through them just so I can carry on to watch the anime I wish to watch. But this may only be because of my trouble with other anime apps that I have no choice to use this and sit through it all. The only problem is that the loading to watch the episode is sometimes longer than the add. It hasn’t got anything to do with my internet, I’ve been round many places with wifi and tested crunchy roll and they’ve all been the same. A lot of the time I have to exit the app to reopen it and find the episode, wait few a couple more ads and then get to what I was watching, which is fairly frustrating. Too many bugs and faults with the app I admit. I have heard many from my other friends aswell who use this app. Would not recommend if impatient, or have a laggy phone in general..Version: 4.1.0

A fantastic service.... For other countriesCrunchy roll is a good platform that lacks many aspects that rise modern platforms higher. For example crunchy role will not recommend any new series for you to watch, meaning you have to search through the platform for something you'll like, this is something that every other video broadcasting site and app enjoys. Also due to licensing a lot of animes simply can't be watched in Australia. Countless times I have been recommended a show only to find it's not available in Australia. It's an absolute shame because I want to recommend this service but it simply doesn't provide what you want from a service like this. Yes it broadcasts all the latest and greatest shows, even so true anime fans want to watch something else. Older series that are unavailable in Australia. Also as a quick note navigating the site and the app is a messy affair and finding things can be hard because the searching system is too precise and doesn't key similar words, only the precise words you put down. The broadcasting is bog standard, getting videos as soon as Japan is alright. Is it a good service? It's fine Is it worth the money? Not really, other broadcasting sites are cheaper and do it better, some are even free. If I do get it what should I watch? Jojo's Bizarre adventure.Version: 3.4.0

Review after 7 yearsLet me start by saying I still love Crunchyroll BUT I think with the surge of streaming services I believe Crunchyroll has some catching up to do. Not so much in the content department but in the app and heck even the website but I’ll stick to reviewing the app. I’ve been premium for more than 3 years and yes the no ads is nice but how about creating profiles like Netflix or Disney? My wife and I have to a lot in our queue and sometimes we watch the same shows so changing the episode between sittings is weird. Another thing is how about implementing skip intro and continue to next episode? Don’t get me wrong I love anime intros but when I’m heavily into a show it’s nice to just get back to the story. I feel besides dark mode there hasn’t been much added to the app UI to make it great. The content is amazing and I love that it’s available so promptly. I’m only rating 3 stars due to the fact that it hasn’t been keeping up with other services and sometimes song subtitles interfere with character subtitles making it difficult to read (the song and dialogue literally are swapping up and down so I can’t even see a pattern, maybe use a different color for the song subs). Again it’s 3 stars for the app not Crunchyroll as a whole cause they’re obviously 5 stars but I can’t let my bias stop me from acknowledging the lack of implementation that most streaming services already have..Version: 3.6.1

What is wrong with your ads system?First, it’s the same ads every time, and second, there are too many ads. I got one at the start and that was understandable, but anime episodes aren’t usually very long and the intro I was watching probably wasn’t even two minutes and I got 6 ads, altogether 7 ads because of the start, in under two minutes! And most people can’t afford to pay for premium because living expenses are too expensive.Version: 3.5.1

Doesn’t connect to tv and too many adsCrunchyroll is a ok app but I would only use it if the other streaming platforms didn’t have the anime I wanted. first of all there are way too many ads like 15 a episode and they are all the same no different ads. I understand that crunchyroll needs to make money but 15 of the same ad your not gonna make people buy or get the product your advertising with 15 of the same ads. Second thing is crunchyroll is so hard to connect to my tv it’s sometimes taken me over 10 mins to connect then i get out of the app for one second no joke one second it starts playing on my phone doesn’t disconnect from my tv but now I can’t press play skip forward rewind a little or get it to go onto the tv again. Crunchyroll just has way to many bugs..Version: 4.3.0

Blows fat loadsWas pretty decent until recently, now when it tries to load the controls disappear and nothing happens. Makes it straight up unwatchable, I recommend another streaming service at least until they fix this..Version: 4.4.1

The adsOkay, so I expect a few ads in a free version but this is way too many and all of them so far are innapropriate as they are advertising things in other countries (why do I want to sell a property in Indonesia when I don’t live anywhwhere near there? Hell, I don’t even own a property yet). Most users of the free version are most likely teens so better targeted advertising would not be so annoying (hell, most working adults I know cant afford an instant water boiling tap from Australia). Less repetitave frequency would be appriciated as well. I ended up with the same ad 5 times in a row. A better format would be 2 at the beginning and 2 halfway through..Version: 3.2.0

Still updatingSo far I’ve used this for a good few months this update they put out in September has changed how you view it, but it’s not bad, although my videos refuse to load, in other words it’s not even trying to load because the wifi icon isn’t loading anything so that means it just sits there with a black screen and the play button. I do hope this could be fixed, not to mention my subtitles have been turning off randomly and I cannot turn them back on for some odd reason it’s fixed if I go out then back in but that’s very annoying if you’re trying to binge watch on a rainy day, my final opinion is it can be a very pleasant experience but it needs some work still Note: Take down the amount of adds you spam on every episode.Version: 4.1.0

Black screen failing to load adsI have not been able to watch a full episode from beginning to end for a couple of weeks now. The advertisements themselves are a nuisance - originally I felt that since I wasn’t paying from premium, fair enough - but no other free streaming website/app uses anywhere near as many ads, nor has any issues with loading such as the one I am encountering with you on a regular basis. Usually, midway through an episode where ads have been inserted, while loading the next ad it will glitch and the screen goes dark. The only way out of this is to close the app and restart it - meaning I have to start to episode all over again, rewatch all those ads, and more often than not encounter the exact same problem slightly later on! Please update and fix! I have been a loyal fan for years, now growing ever-annoyed and impatient by the gross over-usage of ads and regular glitches..Version: 3.4.0

ScamDon’t ever frickin install this app, it’s a scam. I lost a reasonable about for the premium subscription but I still get to much those annoying ADS. Also if it continues to deduct from your account as soon as you finished purchasing. It’s a scam .please don’t ever install it ..Version: 4.0.2

Not on the great side..So I tried this a few days ago without premium and I have some issues and some positive stuff. First, going for the positive, the variation of anime you have seems to contain a lot of good stuff. There were so many animes that are hard to find for free that you have put In there. I really like that. However, there are a ton of issues I have encountered in this app. I don’t really mind the adds, I understand you need the income, and I respect that, but sometimes I just wish you guys would put a skip button. It’s highly annoying when watching the episodes and having to wait for an ad to finish smack in the middle of an intense part. The major issue with this is that sometimes, when watching an episode, the anime would randomly stop and the play button would not work. So then I tried getting out and trying later, and nothing changed. I deleted the app and tried again, and the outcome was the same. Something weird is that the specific episode I was watching had the issue, but every other episode didn’t. What was REALLY irritating was in that episode, if is went ten seconds further and it reached the ad part, the add would work even if the freakin anime didn’t. I am highly disappointed. The people who made this, I thank you for the app, but it still needs a lot more improvement..Version: 4.0.2

To many adds.Soo.. I’m had this about a day it’s pretty good, but WAY to many adds. For a 23 minute series I was watching it took 10 more minutes to finish it. Just because of the adds? Indeed it was I feel like you can make just one in a row.. because I get 6 in a row the it, continues my series BUT there is also 2 more sessions of the adds, so it takes twice as long. Please change it to just one in a row! So it doesn’t take to long but so there is 3 adds per video. Thank you..Version: 3.5.0

Too many adsI know they got to make profit, but this is absolutely absurd. The ads they put are at least a minute or two in length and pop up almost everytime I exit the app and open it again. To make matters worst, they instil approximately 4 ads. It sometimes bugs and restarts the ad and doubles the time I have to wait. I’m impatient and I believe they don’t have to self promote their own content cause they don’t earn money from it and wastes my time on useless ads that repeat themselves..Version: 3.5.0

Ad problemI enjoy using this app and I had no problems before. However, I’ve paid to use this app without getting disruptive by ads. No ads meaning I can watch it freely without worrying about the ads. But as recently, I have been getting ads which really annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, this is app is good to watch anime but the only problem is the ads keep on popping up. Especially since I’ve been paying monthly..Version: 4.7.0

Only works half the timeI pay for premium but even still the app barely works. Half the time i’m on the app, my watchlists and history wont load, the anime wont play, or the app wont connect to chromecast... honestly this is such a waste of money. Before they charge their customers, they should make sure they actually have a service to deliver.Version: 4.1.0

Can’t get premiumI can’t get premium, when I select it from the app it just sends me back to the same page after a few seconds. I have no intention of subscribing from your website unless you implement Apple Pay, you have no business storing my credit card info..Version: 4.3.0

OpportunityHi, I am a former animelab subscriber and am now looking for a new home. Funimation have acquired animelab and Funimation app for viewing anime is simply trash. If crunchyroll can make a good customizable feed of new shows to watch (animelab has this) that would be amazing. So hard to find the new shows that have just aired you need to actually have knowledge of when each show airs. Would be much better to just select the shows for the feed and as a new ep is listed it appears there. Also we need the option to mark shows and series as viewed to remove irrelevant dubs from the feed. That’s the feedback I have hopefully these features come at some point. Cheers!.Version: 4.9.0

Too many ads!!!Apart from tons of anime to choose from the only downfall is watching them, there’s an add before the video starts, an ad after the op, an ad in the middle and another ad before the outro, each ad is long, and when you skip the ad it takes you to another ad, if you keep skipping the ads it will just take you to another ad over and over again, the only way to continue watching the anime is to let the ads play out..Version: 3.4.0

English and addsThere are to many adds and thus app doesn’t have much English anime or dubs so it isn’t that good.Version: 4.3.0

AdsThis whole app is fine by itself but the ads are unreasonable. I’m 3 minutes into an episode and it’s already given me 12 ads. I would rate this app 3 stars instead of 2 but the whole thing is super glitchy and just pauses at random times. I know for a fact that it’s not my WiFi because I’ve been disconnecting and reconnecting to see if any thing works. I’ve restarted my phone multiple times but it’s no use. The 23 minute episodes I’ve been watching has turned into 40 minutes each because of the ads. I watch 5 minutes, 10 ads in a row. Another 5 minutes, another 10 ads. It’s unbelievable. I get that this is how you earn money but I still don’t think it’s worth sacrificing other people’s enjoyment for. Every time I click that go forward or backward 10 seconds button, it’s takes 5 minutes just to find that certain place. God forbid we tap on the screen to pause or exit the app or we just get 20 more ads thrown in our face. I just wanna say that I mean no hate from this review. Your app is great but sometimes thing just don’t work out well. Im also writing this for other people who wish to download this app. A lot of people are writing good reviews so I thought that I might let them get a feel of all the downsides they would be going through by downloading this. TLDR: I got 12 ads so far and I’m only 4 minutes into the episode. Consider this before you download..Version: 4.0.2

It’s..okay.While Crunchyroll hosts a great deal of content appropriate for all to watch with various genres to enjoy, it has a noticeable lack of certain Dubs and Seasons. An example I found was when recently watching the series Date A Live. The first two seasons aren’t available to watch, especially in the Dub. Certain series from different franchise also appear to not exist on the app yet. Whilst so far I have enjoyed watching anime on this app I have experienced many blurred scenes of episodes, black screens, frozen scenes, buffering that lasts far too long before allowing ten seconds of screen time to play before it inevitably happens again. Giving the app the benefit of the doubt I believed it to be a Wi-Fi problem on my side, yet even when sat beside the router? The same happens regardless of distance. Even with high connection it refused to play smoothly..Version: 4.22.0

There’s no dubbed animeThere’s barley any good anime that are dubbed. Like naruto demon slayer dragon ball fix your app.Version: 4.3.0

Don’t use this appIf anyone is reading this review, don’t download this app it’s pretty bad. Every time I watch a episode, about 5 ads pop up back to back so you can watch around only 3 minutes of the episode then it happens again with ads appearing 5 times again and if you just leave the app for about a second it will happen again. If somehow Crunchyroll is reading this (which is very unlikely) put one ad at the beginning of the episode. Also this app was purposely design with old software that makes the website slow, glitchy and overall bad so you have to pay for premium, which has features no one asked for in the first place or features that should be there without the need of paying such as skipping intros, subs or even dubs to a certain extent. This is a bad app and go on another streaming service that offers more or even go on an illegal streaming site that. (Update: I tried to give the app a second chance since it’s only been a couple of years and i see no improvements in quality of the app and a new record has been placed for now 15 adds with 5 being the exact same add. Also I did edit the review).Version: 3.4.0

Really good, but...I think this app is actually really good, it’s easy to find the specific anime you want and if your looking for something new, this app will help you find something kick. My personal problem with this app is the ads. Now hear me out, I’m ok with having to wait for the 4 or 5 ads to play (even if all of those ads are the same ad over and over again), my problem is that, after all the ads get played at the beginning of the video, the screen will show u that the video is loading and then turn to black and stay like that forever until you close the app and open it again. And even after doing that, when I try to resume the episode, it will do it again!. I just hope that the people at Crunchyroll fix this problem fast (and I also hope you don’t make the same mistake as Funimation and make half of season 1 of Darling in the FranXX only available for Premium). Thank you..Version: 3.4.1

ErrorConstantly unable to load my watch list!.Version: 4.1.0

Uncontrollable ads!In order to actually watch a show, you have to sit through so many ads it’s unbelievable and unacceptable. In my experience, my screen will just go black and an ad will play when I first click on episode. Then, it’ll load and I go down to the bottom to skip through the intro and as if the app is punishing me for doing so, it’ll just give me ads! No joke, it’ll play an ad then another and another, etc. There will be no option to skip ads, exit out of them, anything! Really, you just get stuck in a cycle of ads restarting! Seriously, this matter needs to be addressed. I’d have to exit out of the app. It was so bad once (I sat through 3 ads in counting) and I closed the app. Then I went back in and just when I went to keep watching my episode, not only did it start it completely over, it spammed me with ads! I deleted it. End of story. I don’t think you should have to pay money for good service. You wouldn’t pay your waiter constantly at a restaurant to get them to perform a nice service with a good attitude, would you? Should you have to? No! So I think, you shouldn’t have to pay the app for good service and no nonstop ads! I get it if you’re on free and you get ads, but having them play nonstop is unacceptable. And I get it, you have to pay the people who work for you, but not by torturing us who download into getting premium by spamming us with ads upon ads upon ads..Version: 3.4.1

Black screenEvery time I stumble across an ad the screen just turns black and I’ve tried a lot of things but it keeps happening. Please fix this.Version: 3.4.0

WhyWhy are there bare ads for me.Version: 4.1.0

App works terrible on iPadThe app for iPad is awful and makes watching anime an annoying experience. The viewing layout function is constantly buggy. If I put the screen in full size view, once I press the button again to minimize and read comments, my screen does not change. I always have to go out of the anime and press it again and then click more episodes to get to the next episode. This makes me forget where I left off if I am rewatching episodes and it is overall very annoying when I can’t even press the next episode because the screen won’t minimize after clicking the button. Secondly, trying to use the scroll bar to jump forward in an episode is also annoying and buggy as it just does not work. When I try to scroll further into an episode, it will either restart the episode completely or just not do anything. Maybe the scroll circle button is too small or maybe I have big fingers, but even when I use my Apple Pencil I have the same troubles. When I do get it to work, as I move the scroller to skip scenes, the screen gets bigger and minimizes the comment section (hopefully that makes sense). I really enjoy my membership and all it has to offer, but the app gets annoying when I want to watch multiple episodes. I prefer watching entertainment on my iPad so hopefully these bugs can be addressed..Version: 4.26.1

EwwwPourquoi il faut un abonnement 🤬.Version: 4.0.3

Good but could be betterI like this app because it’s easier to find anime that I really want to watch, however, I don’t get a stable income so I can’t buy premium... I’m okay with that until I saw the hell of not being a premium member was like!I hate that not being a premium member is literal hell... you can’t keep up to date on any series your watching because you have to have premium for new episodes and the ads in between are Ridiculous! There are too many ads being advertise in just one episode alone, so many that I completely forgot what happened before the sea of ads started. I know that you need to make money to keep this site/app going but I think it’s stupid that people who aren’t members can’t just enjoy watching some anime without the sea of ads and waiting a lifetime for an episode to be considered old so they can continue watching the series. This premium idea is unfair to people/kids who don’t make a stable income or can’t even afford to pay monthly. If you had it so only one or two ads play during the ad breaks than that would be better instead of having 5-10 playing..Version: 3.2.0

It’s good but....Okay, I’m not gonna lie and say “It’s absolutely horrible” because it’s not. What I am saying is that it has a variety of amazing anime’s that are interesting and addictive. The problem is the ads they are too repetitive and You can hardly get though one episode with out a bombardment of at least 20 ads ( that’s me doing the maths for about a 23 minute episode) don’t get me wrong they ain’t that long but they are placed in unnecessary spots of the show I get that u have to gain money by advertising but it’s just too much the only way you can fully enjoy Crunchyroll is if u get premium That wouldn’t make sense for me to buy seeing as I’m the only person watching it it’s good if you’re looking for a good anime platform but you should be prepared for quite repetitive and annoying ads Sorry if this was long it was an honest and critical review 🙃.Version: 3.6.1

Would be 5 is the app was smooth and fluentDownloaded this to watch anime. I seriously think there should be a max of 3 ads per interval, it’s just annoying when you have to sit through more than 2 or 3 ads on one interval and it really puts you off from watching things. The other thing is you need to fix the buffering issue. Whenever an ad interval is about to start the screen goes black and I can hear the rest of whatever I’m watching carry on playing. I have to go off the app tab and open it again just for the ad to play. Also, there’s always multiple ads so when the next ad is supposed to play once again, it comes up with the black screen and once again the ad only plays if I go off the app tab and close it again. It’s not enjoyable to watch when I constantly have to do something just to carry on watching it. As well aa this, for some reason after the as interval finishes it just rewinds whatever I’m watching like 7 minutes back which is also very annoying. I can’t get premium since I’m the only one in my house who uses Crunchyroll. I would really enjoy this app if there were fewer ads per interval and the ad transitions were smooth..Version: 4.13.0

Fed upGetting really fed up with crunchyroll. Regularly keep getting an error message saying 'cannot parse' I've tried deleting and reinstalling, restarting my phone etc. On top of that I can't even log into my account on safari because the web page just shakes up and down and you can't input text!!! Just deactivated my Funimation account as usually would choose CR over it, but at this rate I'll be cancelling my subscription and going back to FM. I won't be paying for a service that doesn't work! Editing this, as to add insult to injury; the sheer amount of data crunchyroll uses to watch a video is disgusting. I watched around 5 twenty minute fairy tail episodes only for almost 5GB of data to be used?!?! That's almost 1 GB per freaking episode. I'm not paying for a service that's restricted to wifi only. Please listen to your users and sort this out! I have been an avid user for years and never had either of these problems. If these two issues remain for much longer I will be deleting my account for good, which is a shame because until a couple of weeks ago, I would have given this 5 stars..Version: 3.2.0

New update has made it frustrating to useI have no idea how you have managed to get it so wrong in the new update. The previous version was fine, but the new layout is all over the place. For regular Crunchyroll users, we mainly use the release calendar to keep track of new episodes for ongoing shows. Well, it appears that it has now been removed and instead replaced with an “updated episodes” section which I have to swipe down multiple times to find. I have no way of seeing what episodes are coming out today or in the upcoming days, and I cant even refresh the updated episodes section without closing the app completely and reopening it. Like others have said, it appears that you have updated it for the sake of it in order to make it more appealing for new viewers with all the rows of suggestions, but have neglected to think about all your current users who don’t need suggestions and instead just want to see when each new episode of a simulcast is releasing..Version: 4.0.2

AddddddsssssGood app but tons of ads.Version: 3.5.0

I’m going to be straight up.I love the app, I really do. I love the selections they have, and I like how simple it is, but there always seems to be a performance issue with the app. I don’t have a membership I’m a free viewer, and I don’t mind the 3 ads with every ad marker so I don’t know if this happens when you pay, but it’s an episode just freezes and it’s unplayable. My latest example of this is with the Konosuba film. I cannot play it at all. A previous example of this was with one of the episodes of Attack on Titan season 3 I’m pretty sure it was only the 2nd episode that just froze and was unplayable. I had to wait about 1 month or a couple of weeks (I honestly don’t remember) to be able to play the episode. Other than these issues I face. The only other issue I have is with the ads, yes I said I’m fine with 3 ads, but realistically it’s still a little much, and also some ads just straight up have spoilers. Like the ad for Attack on Titan season 4. It shows Armin shifting Into a Titan. It was kinda whack learning that surprise (for me at least) through an ad. Other than that I have no issues with the app. I’m just tired of the constant freezing. I also bring this up because I just remembered that episode 12 I believe of Higehiro is also freezing as well. So please just find a way to fix the app and my opinion on it will drastically change..Version: 4.8.0

Would be a 5 star if they sorted this outI’ve been using Crunchyroll on and off for about 7 months now, it’s amazing for watching anime I can’t find on any other platforms and it’s easy to find the ones you’re looking for. Despite it being good in that regard it has flaws. I have to login every day since it kicks me out and the buffer issue is horrendous; when I get ads it restarts the whole episode I’m watching and when I try to skip back to where I was I GET MORE ADS AND IT AGAIN RESETS MY POSITION so I have to rewatch the entire thing and hope to god it doesn’t reset after the ads. And aside from those problems the amount of ads as a whole is way too much! On average i get about 10 minutes worth of ads i get you need ads for revenue but come on 4 ad breaks? Having one at the start and end would we enough this is just overkill. So yeah if you’re willing to put those issues aside it’s good but I personally find it hard to use..Version: 4.16.0

Good program but has account issuesFirst the good. Crunchyroll has wide array of shows to watch and is fairly easy to navigate. I especially like their updated shows section. The con and its a big one. Crunchyroll does not offer a 2-factor authentication for their accounts. On top of that they do not have a customer service number to call when you have account issues. My self and multiple others (check their own forums) have had their accounts hacked and simply changing your password does not help. I will say their fraud detection did help by sending me a email noting suspicious activity. However after taking recommended steps the very next day I got an email saying the email associated with my account has changed. So I will not be renewing a subscription and canceling my account once this subscription ends. Luckily my subscription is through iTunes because you can’t cancel your account with an active subscription so if you have a credit card on file with Crunchyroll and someone hacks your account your only real option is to cancel your card. So if they fix this issue I will consider starting a new account but until then I will not use this anymore. I truly hope someone from Crunchyroll takes note of this concern because it seems to have gone ignored for far to long. Recommendation: if you do decide to use Crunchyroll I highly recommend you get your subscription through Apple. At least that way your information will be more secured..Version: 3.6.1

Ad system is ridiculousSo look let me break down how the ads work to anyone who hasn’t been through it yet…. So there is 1 ad to start the episode and your thinking well thats not bad, let me finish…. Then a third of the way in theres 3 consecutive ads… around 4-7minutes after that another 3 consecutive ads…. Then 4-7minutes later another 3 consecutive ads…. And most of the time followed by 1 more ad at the end, now we all get they are tyna make money but they are just ruining the experience you spend more time watching ads then watching anime, there is no way to skip ads so its around a minute give or take 15seconds depending on the ad so if you are really unlucky one 20minute episode will have 9-14 minutes worth of ads and usually after 1-2 episodes youll just give up..Version: 4.7.0

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