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Amazing and easyThis App has many great qualities and easy to use. There are other platforms out there and they all have the same Ads placements throughout the videos, while this platform dose strain is viewer ship when not a premium member, with strenuous ads that do distract you from watching the anime a little to much. But theses are all released once purchasing premium which if you are an avid lover of anime you don’t mind spending a little money on your enjoyment. This app is really rather good in its design and looks make it easy and enjoyable to use. (Just a through in the design, while functioning great there are some features that I would to see transferred from the website, like the release calendar and being able to change the order of items in your queue. Just little things that would make it a better.) But over all this app is really great and reliable I have used it for a number of years and it works wonderfully..Version: 3.4.1

Better, now that the new update was releasedThis update was insane! It added a new layout to everything in a good way. The main thing I will talk about is the amount of ads there are. The ads are way toned down compared to the last update. There are 6 ads you will see per episode. This is great, compared to the 10 that it was last time. Even if you think that’s too much, there’s a premium that cost money. I mainly wanted to talk about what this update changed which was layout, and amount of ads. The layout was changed, I like it the new way, but it’s just preference. If you don’t like it, you’ll get used to it eventually. They have also fixed many bugs including the one where, if you press the play button on the show while the ad is loading, the show will play while the ad is, that wouldn’t be a problem if you could see the show and not here the ad. They fixed it in this update. They are making this better. There also MIGHT be an occasional bug that MIGHT not load the ads. I’m not saying anything about anything, but I MIGHT be trying to figure it out so I COULD POSSIBLY use it for every ad, ;).Version: 4.0.0

I love it but there are some problemsI love Crunchyroll, it’s my go to app to watch anime and I love everything about it. If your thinking about getting it, you definitely should. You can watch whatever you want so there’s no problem there however I’ve been facing some issues lately. For some reason when I try to watch a video it takes forever to work, and then once it does work if I click off during the video and then come back to it doesn’t work and I have to restart it. Another issue is that if I skip to a part in an episode it keeps on loading and loading, I don’t know why but it takes forever and in the end the video doesn’t work. So I will either have to watch the whole video again without stopping or I just don’t watch it. But yeah I love the app, I just hope this can be fixed..Version: 4.2.1

Good/ehThe app is good and has a very good variety of anime’s. I just don’t like the amount of adds just because you don’t pay..Version: 3.5.0

Needs some improvements!!So, ive had this app for awhile now and i thought i should make a review. first of all, this app is amazing!! is not complicated/confusing at all + i understood it right when i downloaded it!! i like the fact that there is a history as well!! i like the way all the anime is displayed too. i love how theres dramas as well!! but theres only two things.. the search bar. yes and the ads. first, the search bar. the search bar is very confusing because every time i try to search up an anime it shows nothing? i even tried searching up an anime thats already on crunchyroll to see if it would work. it still didnt. i feel like thats one thing you guys have to fix!! another thing is, the ads. in the beginning of every anime there is a starting ad. for what? i dont understand that. also, why is there 5 ads in a row? if theres going to be ads (especially FIVE) please put a skip button at least. i have a problem with the ads at the beginning of the anime because there is already one at the end. i do NOT want my anime to start with a 20 second ad when im done with another 20 second ad from the end of another anime episode. i also think there should be more animes!! and even movies probably!! overall this app is really good but the things i stated need some fixing..Version: 3.6.1

Good but there’s a bug with the adsIt’s an amazing platform but there is a slight bug with the ads Basically what is does is when you watch an ad there’s two different bugs that can happen, one is when I’m watching an ad, as soon as it ended another one would start and over and over and over. The only way to beat this bug is by spending tones of time on a different app and then come back and hope it’s fixed, which takes you out of the experience. The second bug is that it just freezes at the end of the ad and when you tap it it does nothing, I tried everything I could to figure a way to beat the bug, but to no success, so when there’s nothing you can do. Great app but if this bug effects you than it cripples the free experience. Anyway I have premium which I would recommend..Version: 3.3.1

It's awesome, but if your a free user, not so muchI love this app, though I have a few thoughts, firstly I get why people hate it if you are not on premium, there are so many ads it just gets to bad to watch, which is why this makes people want to buy premium, I think you should. If you are a kid, ask your parents. Every adult loves anime (at least most do) plus I think this company strives in making a reason why you should get premium. There are lots of different apps out there that have the choice of premium but all it does is remove the ads, when you can literally just turn off your wifi and you won't have any ads, all you need to do after is turn it back on. I think that whoever gets this app needs to buy premium because otherwise you just get sick and tired of the ads and just wanna enjoy the show..Version: 3.1.0

Problem with ad loading timesFirstly, I love the content. This app is great. It has clean UI and tons of good shows. What is super annoying, though, is that my show will load just fine, but the frequent and long ads struggle to load. My internet has no problem streaming normal anime, but as soon as it’s time for an ad, it struggles to stream it. I suspect it is an issue with the quality of the ads being locked. Please allow the ads to come in at 720p or less. It seems that the anti Juul ad specifically is locked to come in at 1080p and takes over 5 minutes from start to finish even though the ad itself is 30 seconds or less. This is annoying because not only do I have to wait to get back to the show, I’m stuck looking at a buffering wheel for 90% of the time the show is paused. Again, I don’t mind the ads, please fix them and unlock their quality to be contingent on streaming bandwidth. I’d be happy to change this review given that the ads load faster. For reference, I am on full bars of cellular LTE plus full bars of wifi reception and I use the app in my home nearby my router..Version: 3.6.1

Love it but I do have just a few complaints...Okay, so I’d like to start my review with everything I loved about the app. PROS: User-friendly mechanics and set up? Yep. Tons and tons of variety to choose from? Definitely. Free? Indeed it is! Well done and accurate subtitles! You betcha! Overall, it’s a pretty great app, but I do have some complaints that made me give it one less star. CONS: It has a LOT of ads, and I mean a LOT. I mean, you can always get premium for a monthly fee, but I want to give a review about the experience about the average user. There is also a glitch that whenever I get a skippable ad, when I try to skip it, it will continuously replay it until I watch the whole thing. My only other complaint is that it’s kind of a bother that you can’t exit out of an episode once an ad starts. SUMMARY: It’s a wonderful app filled with fantastic, popular animes and dramas. And as annoying as the constant ads are, we must not take for granted that we have access to hundreds and hundreds of episodes subbed anime’s for FREE. It’s mind boggling to me that they don’t require any fees or memberships just to watch. There are a few bugs, but I’m willing to overlook them as they aren’t that bad..Version: 3.3.2

App is really great but some big issues!I love to my watch my anime, especially dragon ball super but i cant stand because they last for 23 minutes i have to watch at least 5 adverts to get through on episode and these adverts are on the for 30 secs and in dragon ball there are loads of episodes and i to continuously watch ads can ruin the likes of watching more anime shows just like it, i understand adverts are there so you can money of this good app but 5 adverts is just ridiculous maybe 1 or 2 is fine in each episode but to avoid it you have to £8 a month which means its pointless because im the only one in my household who watches it but other than the ridiculous amount of ads i highly recommend this app to watch some or your favourite anime series..Version: 4.1.0

A huge bug! Please fix!Hello! I love Crunchyroll, and it’s a really good app! But I have one problem that keeps reoccurring, and it’s bad recently. So, here’s the problem; it turns off the subtitles without you doing anything. Now see, that alone causes annoyance on it’s own, given that you have to turn it back on to continue watching the anime, maybe even rewind a couple seconds because you missed out on what they were saying, but it’s not as easy as that. It won’t allow you to turn them back on, is there a way to turn them on I am missing? Or is it just a really, REALLY annoying bug? Because what I end up having to do is deleting the app, and then reinstall the app. This poses an inconvenience but I usually don’t have a problem with this technique. But ever since I signed in, it won’t be as simple as delete and reinstall it. When I sign in again, it goes back to square one. No subtitles. This is a big issue that makes me not give it a five stars! I beg of you, please fix it! I know you probably won’t see this, but I would love if you would please find it in your time to look over this bug and see if there’s anything you can do about it. Thank you!.Version: 4.1.0

Too many adds ( owner read this you could get your sales up )Ugh! Ad overload. On each of the episodes i get 9 ads to 15 ads! We should get 6 at the most ads instead! A lot of my friends are persistent and don’t buy the crunchyroll premium membership because they know that its all worthless and cost too much money in a year. I have an idea Crunchyroll, make the person watching anime have an option. When they go on their first episode, they could be given the choice to watch all the ads at once ( addition ads if you want probably 1 addition ad ) because you get bad reviews because people want to get rid of the ad first! If you want some money, you could make it cost $0.99. It works! I told my friends about this and I asked them, “ would you buy this deal,” they of course agreed because it is a fair price for the option to get rid of the ads first rather than watching “ barbeque ads “ while a moment of crying ( I deleted some of the review but now that I have crunchyroll premium it puts a different mood to the anime and it’s super nice, though next time for crunchyroll regular membership, you should add the advertisements to be about that anime if possible or atleast about anime only ).Version: 3.3.1

Too many adsAt the start of the video there are 4-5 ads if you wait 10 seconds to skip, but the last ad you have to watch in full, during a video there are 3 more ad breaks and they are all the same with 4-5 ads, if you think watching one all the way through will let you continue watching the video, you’re wrong, you have to watch through 3 whole ads sometimes. So let’s say it’s 4 ads each ad break, there are 4 ad breaks in each 20+ min video, that’s 16 ads in one video. That’s too many ads and it’s disgusting.Version: 3.1.1

Add ProblemI enjoy watching anime’s on Crunchyroll. But one problem are the ads. I know it gives you money but I get more than 4 ads on each episode and it ruins the excitement. ;—; at least take down 1 - 2 ads, that’s all I’m asking qwq nO pReSsUrE.Version: 3.6.1

Great! But needs some workI just wanna say that Crunchyroll is great, and has amazing anime’s in it to watch like Your Lie in April and My Hero Academia. On the bright side it has many anime’s to browse from but in another hand it is not entirely free. I wanted to watch this specific anime then it said I needed to go Premium to watch it, and I’d have to pay. Also, it has logging out problems. Whenever I get out of the app and come in, it is very rare for me to see that my account is still logged in. It would tell me to log in again when all I did was leave the app. -Thank you..Version: 4.0.2

Connection problemsCrunchy roll is a good app I’m on premium so I don’t have the ad problem but for some reason it won’t connect with wifi or data. I’ve tried un-installing, I checked if the phone needs a update the only thing I haven’t tried is restating my phone. But other that that I like this app🤩.Version: 4.0.0

English Dub! No English Sub !Hey , I love this app because it supports iOS 9!!! But I'm the person who doesn't really enjoy reading with animated stuff , whenever I go watch Boku No Hero Academia (my fav anime) I always have to read subs and its sooooooo annoying! Please make the animes English dubbed. Also I don't like that when a new episode is released you have to wait 2 days until you watch it , I hate that premium thing , btw can you please stop showing the most disturbing parts of the anime when an ad comes on , i remember when I saw an Attack On Titan ad and the ad showed a person getting eaten by a Titan and that was disturbing !,and stop putting so many ads can you just add 2 ads in each episode please! Good side now ! Well done for being the most popular anime viewer !!🎉🎉🎉🎉 well keep up the good work and please English dub! Thanks for reading ! -Uraraka (that's my nickname) ✌🏻️.Version: 3.6.1

Amazing.I’ve used Crunchyroll for a long time, but only got it on my phone recently. And it’s still awesome! The menus are so muncher easier to navigate (considering I came from the Wii U version,) and I never felt confused. The anime variety was very wide, and I was also impressed by the selection of drama titles. There’s romance, action, adventure, slice of life, they’ve got it all! I’ve only watched two series so far (The first season of Sword Art Online and most of Recovery of an MMO Junkie if you were curious), but with everything else, I’d say that it is 100% worth it. The only criticism I have are the excessive amount of ads, that keep it from getting to that sweet, sweet 10/10 it truly deserves. Overall, Crunchyroll is great 👍 I 🐀e it 9/10..Version: 3.1.1

Amazing but..The app is amazing don’t get me wrong it’s just that there are adds every-time you watch something. I suggest having two adds for the beginning and the end of the anime. The reason I don’t like all the adds is when it gets to an interesting part boom and add then I have to watch two or three adds... Other then the adds the app is awesome and I just love how you can watch any anime though i would also suggest to add a few movies for people who can’t watch them personally I haven’t seen the Hunter x Hunter movie and I haven’t finished watching the show so I’d like for the movie to be there instead of me looking everywhere for the movie but if you can’t do that it’s all fine because the app is already amazing! But if you haven’t download this app I suggest you do if your a big anime fan! And back to the too many adds topic, I have a hack if you aren’t connected to your WiFi you won’t get adds but the show your watching will stop and you’d have to unpause it. I can’t do this since I don’t know my password but it’s ok. Anyway amazing app just needs less adds and maybe a few movies some people can’t watch 😁.Version: 4.3.0

A few things to consider.I love this app, but I have some problems with it. There are way too many ads! I understand that their ads get them money, however, piling them on every five minutes is ridiculous. Not to mention, it isn’t even just one ad. Sometimes, you can get six - and its most likely to be two or three of the same ad. I find this ridiculous, and maybe if the Premium offer for this app came with ‘no ads,’ I believe that the developers would probably earn twice as much money. However, I love the variety of anime on this app: and the quality of each episode is amazing. Other than the ads, I’d say that this app is amazing. Also, I recommend watching ‘Domestic Girlfriend.’ It’s so good and interesting (and if it wasn’t for the ads), it would be a great series to binge watch!.Version: 3.4.1

For realIf you guys are going to put stuff that may have many other episodes or movies or whatever you should put them all. Like black butler for instance. Pretty sure there is a book of Atlantic, you should put that and there is black butler in wonderland or Ciel in wonderland but that should be added too. Asking the sailor moon series I know for a fact that the sailor moon on there now is the new version I can tell by how she transforms, I think the other sailor moon movies or episodes should be on here as well. I could tell by the transformation as I recal her arm never looked like spaghetti and they never changed into sailor senshi like that. Also there should be less ads! There is constantly so many ad pop ups it drives me nuts! Instead of about 25 ads you should put like maybe 5 or 6 or even give them a choice or something. Bc not everyone wants to be watching there favorite anime and then a super juicy part comes on then BOOM! An ad pops up. Not a very good thing now is it? You might get lower ratings but I still think this is a gr8 app! But there does need to be some stuff fixed but other than those things this is a totally cool app..Version: 3.2.0

Awesome but needs few features. Offline download!!!This platform is awesome for someone like me as I heavily rely on my mobile data to watch anime. However, when I am reaching my data limit, I’m not able to watch as freely, naturally. What I think would be a solution to this, and definitely an awesome feature in which I think many people would agree on as well, is to be able to download a series to watch offline. At least for those that pay for the service, like other streaming platforms such as Netflix. If this gets introduced, I’d honestly have no other reason to go to another source to watch my anime! Crunchyroll does it for me. At least it almost does 😁 One more thing to add. Would it be possible to add like a double tap function in the video player to jump like 5 or 10 seconds. That would make it a bit more convenient too than having to tap just for the UI to come up and then tap the forward button. Thanks 😋😋😋.Version: 4.0.3

Love it!!Awesome app, thanks to the creators for making it easy and care free to search and watch anime.. really disappointed in some of the comments I read from others. Complaining about ads etc.. applications like this aren’t free to make, its simple go “premium” its only a few dollars a month.. But again, I really love the app!! Thanks heaps crunchy roll..Version: 3.3.0

It’s OkayIt’s a great app. I have both Crunchyroll and Funimation, and almost always prefer Crunchyroll over Funimation. My big problem with Crunchyroll though is that with this newest update to mobile app, I have been logged out everytime I open the app. That’s not a big deal though what is though is that my Watchlist is gone and it always says that I need premium. I have premium though and am still paying for it even though I’m watching ad’s in the middle of my show. I’m very frustrated by this and have gone over to help center for help, there’s no answers for my specific problem I’m having right now though and there is no where to call for help. If someone is reading this and is thinking of buying the premium subscription I think you should it’s worth every dime. However on that note I also would be very careful about doing it because Crunchyroll has screwed me over on this past update so just a warning. The app is a good one but not as good as people say it is. Also for any employees at Crunchyroll reading this please help out because I’m getting very impatient with you guys right now..Version: 4.0.2

A bugSo I was just watching some anime (duh) and then an add starting to roll up. The thing is that it would pause the whole thing and the add, so I’d press un-pause and I hear the audio but I’m still stuck on the paused ad screen. So then I un-pause the ad, then watch the ad. Then after I watch the add, it just keeps on loading and loading. It has nothing to do with my wifi, as it’s doing completely fine right now and I haven’t had any problems with it lately. The show I was watching was Laid-Back Camp, Season 2, Episode 1, if it just has to do with that show in particular. I have also re-opened and closed the app many times and it still is happening..Version: 4.1.1

It good...... butCrunchyroll is a great app that lets me find new and awesome anime’s to watch. However I was a bit disappointed to find they didn’t have Tokyo ghoul, or the anime Death note. Some of the episodes are missing too, like with Blue Exorcist. They only have 12 episodes, even though there is over 20. I would like that if Crunchyroll was going to show us an awesome anime, that they would give us the whole season. Another down side is the amount of ads! I would have to say crunchyroll is still my go to if other anime apps don’t have the whole season. I definitely recommend this app, these flaws are very little and the experience is still enjoyable. But please give me Death note 📝.Version: 3.5.1

The app is good but...The app itself is good. There are some good animes (*cough* My Hero Academia *cough*) and I like how they’re all subbed rather than dubbed but OH MY GOODNESS THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! It’s so annoying because in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of EVERY DANG ANIME (more or less) there are 3 ads at the start, 3 ads after the intro, 2 add breaks in between with 3 adds each and 3 ads before the end. The worst part is, if you’re watching an ad you can’t stop watching that episode until you’ve finished the remaining ads in that break, AND you have to watch one or two ads to resume the episode from where you were. There are SO MANY ADS! Like that’s at least 15 ads per episode, and most of the ads are a 30 seconds to a minute long, some slightly longer. PLEASE remove SOME of the ads..Version: 3.6.1

Best anime streaming service aboutCrunchyroll has a huge catalogue of anime ranging from the most popular seasonal shows to the most obscure and lesser known shows around, which makes searching for a new show to watch refreshing and fun. The app runs perfectly and I've not encountered any technical issues during the year i've had the app. The premium service is very affordable at £5 a month which allows you to not only view shows ad-free but also access their entire catalogue and watch shows live as they air in japan which is a neat feature. Honestly the only reason that I'm not giving crunchyroll a 5-star rating is that while their catalogue is very expansive unfortunately not all the shows I've been interested in watching are on the service and in other cases the shows are on the service but are region-locked, making them unavailable for me which is a little frustrating. Aside from this small issue i highly recommend this app if you consume a lot of japanese media and you want a reliable place to find it all..Version: 3.5.0

It’s good but can be improved (suggestions below)I am a premium member and I love it however the search bar doesn’t really work if you type the whole name of the anime in it doesn’t come up and some of the anime’s on Crunchyroll don’t come up when you search for them even though I know they are. Also I would love to see more of the famous anime’s for the United Kingdom and as a premium member I would like to get everything for what I pay for. I also believe the app should recommend you anime’s asking for your favourite genre art style and things like this it would really improve the app making it more consumer friendly. I used the app before I became a premium and I thought the amount of adds was fair but repetitive as I would get the same adds consecutively maybe order could be a little bit more random with the same amount of adds. I love the fact I can watch on my console on my TV. Overall it’s a good app but could be improved..Version: 3.4.1

I don't know if this is supposed to happen but it isOof, I had crunchy roll for over 3years and probably for 3/4 of that period of time I was on crunchy roll(just cancel out school time). Its probably the best app I have on my iPad. But issues keep happening to me recently, I don't know if this is normal or not or maybe it doing something wrong but after a few hours it says session expired and I always have to log in again. Hope you can fix this soon! Most people say things about how many ads there are but I don't really mind it because there's 4 ads that are about 1 min long and if you think about it, 4 ads for animus that you probably have to pay a lot for to watch because your not in Japan is really worth it. Anyway I love this app again its the best app I have ever had. I totally recommend it to anyone who love anime but dies not live in Japan..Version: 3.4.1

To the creatorsI find that it’s a pretty good app with lots of content but... I’m having some trouble with getting the audio of some episodes. This happens especially after ads are played. It would be nice if this could be fixed. Also, as many of the people here think, I also agree that there are too many ads per episode. I know you need to advertise to gain a profit, but I believe that you have a big enough audience for you to decrease the amount of ads you play while still getting an income. Honestly 15 ads for a 24 minute episode is too many. I hope these two things can be fixed in the future, Thank you for your time, - a costumer trying to leave a honest review..Version: 3.2.0

Great, but a few suggestions to improve the user experience!I’ve been a premium member on this app for two years now. It’s great! I would suggest a few convenient changes. 1. Anime and shows have a popularity ranking, I think it would be a good feature for an anime to show its ranking in popularity. On the most popular playlist, the first spot is occupied by the first place popularity ranking. So if I find an anime, it will show what spot it occupies on the popularity ranking list. I would love this feature and think it would be a good implement. (“98th MOST POPULAR”) 2. Anime have a release date for episodes, if my favourite anime releases its episodes every Sunday, then the anime can show “Episodes release every Sunday” underneath the description. I think this would be a great feature!.Version: 4.4.0

Best anime appFriend turned me on to CRoll a few years back. Haven’t looked back since! Went premium right away, and honestly, I don’t even care that it went to 7.99. I canceled my Netflix in favor of it. I watch Crunchyroll probably 5-6 days a week. My queue is a mile long and I’m still trying to catch up. I’ve seen more shows than I can keep track of, and even rewatched some that I’d already seen, completely forgetting I had already seen them. They have the newest shows during the hottest trends, and with the fastest turnaround time between Japan’s original air time and their stream release. It’s literally like same-day. Back in the day we had to torrent shows and find awful sites to try and get anime from, and some of it (most of it) wasn’t even legal. Or the subs were done by fan groups that got a lot wrong. If you’re an anime fan, skip the other garbage and just drop the 8 bucks a month for premium. It’s worth it. Not to mention that I’ve met some of the staff at Otakon and they’re genuinely cool people. I’ll gladly give them my cash to support what they’re doing. They do it better than everyone else. Thanks, CRoll!.Version: 3.5.0

Great App!This app is great and provides most anime that is unable to be found on other sites such as Netflix. I completely recommend this app, it is free and the premium is affordable. However, as the only family member that even finds interest in this app, I can’t pay for it as its unecessary as no one else will use the app. Without the premium, you have to put up with countless ads throughout each interval. I completely understand that ads are how you convince to make money, but my point is that you can get up to 20 ads each episode. If you could reduce these ads to a limited amount, many people would be grateful. Besides the ad problem, the app is great and convenient. It works and has so much animes. Definitely recommend :).Version: 4.6.0

Love this appGood quality anime, wide range to choose from, easy access to anime your watching and a good price for premium. Worth getting it. Only thing I wish for is to add an option to skip the intro and outro of the anime. Just a faster option instead of speeding it up. Also wondering if it was possible to add a archive. For storing anime you watched, instead of it being in the queue..Version: 3.4.0

Subtitle glitch?I love this app. It’s brilliant and I wouldn’t be able to watch even a fraction of the anime that I watch without it. I’ve even paid for a premium subscription. However after I updated it yesterday I’ve found that the subtitle size has changed. They are now massive and take up so much of the screen that I’m unable to see what’s going on when a character is speaking. Originally, I thought that this was a glitch on only one anime but I tried a couple more and it’s the same on all of them. I don’t know if this is deliberate or whether it was an unforeseen byproduct of the update but if it is deliberate, an option to change the size of the subtitles would mean that I’d be able to watch anime comfortably again as at the moment it is really impacting my enjoyment..Version: 4.0.0

Fix your bugs and way too many adsListen, I get it you need ads in order to make money you don’t need to put ads at the beginning after the intro and middle and end scene cause that’s just crazy because it’s like three ads for every commercial break and also just a little nitpick with the ads don’t show us the second or next season of the anime we are watching with the next ad because now with re zero an exclusive to crunchy roll i knew that rem would try to hit Subaru didnt know why but i knew and that could potentially spoil some for other anime’s and i have been having this glitch where I’m watching a show go to the Home Screen i come back it gives me an ad even though i was at the Home Screen for five seconds because of an accident ok not that big a deal but then it loads and loads and loads but it’s not having any progress the app just breaks down like my digestive system after having Taco Bell with extra slices sauce on everything it gets annoying because now i can’t watch anything and uhhh quick tip don’t make the ad free one $8 that’s a lil much but i get it because competition also does that please fix this issue and i might get premium it’s worth it too it’s just all the bugs don’t just go poof because you paid 8 dollars you know so thanks for coming to my tedtalk but for now it’s 4 stars just please for the love of god fix these issues.Version: 4.1.0

SubtitlesWhen i’m watching a anime sometimes the subtitles don’t pop up and you can’t see them and the only fix is by restarting the anime and that would sometimes fix it but it’s a pain to restart the anime over and over again so can you please fix this problem. Thanks.Version: 4.0.2

Worse since updateThis app has always been great and I’ve never had a problem with it. After the update however, it’s kind of gone downhill. The new look is all over the place and makes it hard to see what you actually want to see. I’ve also had so many times when a video wouldn’t play for either no reason or because it couldn’t connect to the server, a problem that is entirely or mostly due to the app and not my actual connection to the internet. When it does work however, it’s great. I just wish I hadn’t updated it..Version: 4.0.2

AdsLet me start off by saying, I LOVE anime, iv seen Crunchyroll sponsoring many different you tubers, iv seen ads all the time of it and iv always watched anime on it, but the one thing I’m tired of is the fact that their is so many ads, I get that you probably can’t get rid of them because of how many people have premium but can you atleast shorten the amount? I’m watching episodes of anime’s and I’m getting 3 ads at the beginning another 2 like 7 minutes in ect. It’s making it hard to even watch the anime, I would give 5 stars but the ads is the only thing stopping me, I know you have them to make money, which then drives people to buy premium and then you get money from that so you can support this app with a constant stream of anime, however can you atleast space them out? Like 1-2 at the beginning another 1-2 at the end? That way we can enjoy the anime and you get to show the ads, more ads raises your revenue however when you have millions of people and a large selection of anime ON top of premium, I think you can get rid of a few, I hope you take this into consideration. I really want to give this app 5 stars but I can’t. I know I won’t get a response and if I do it will probably be something along the lines of you read my review. I’m just saying what’s on my mind and everyone else’s, the amount of ads is horrible. If you do read this, thank you for your time..Version: 4.0.2

It’s fine...I guessOkay so firstly this app is literally the world of ads unless u get premium, but getting premium only gains you no ads. And secondly, sometimes when the ads are supposed to pop up but doesn’t? And it makes my screen turn black, it’s not my wifi or my phone but this has been happening to me a lot and It doesn’t load when it’s on the black screen, even when I try to reset the app and the phone. But maybe that’s just me. Thirdly, there’s not enough anime!! Lastly, the searching thing doesn’t work very well. I recommend using their website on ur laptop or wateva, just don’t use Crunchyroll on the phone. Other than that everything’s fine, premium is pretty cheap and it probably gets rid of half of my problems here 🙃.Version: 3.4.0

The adsI was just trying to watch a video but literally three to five minutes in ad after ad just kept popping up, btw are not able to skip, after the fifth ad I just gave up. Come on man can u guys fix the ad problem, i get that because the apps free you need to support the app with other stuff but it really doesn’t have to be five or more ads after each other in one single video. But over all the apps good amazing quality and great variety of shows..Version: 4.1.0

Love the app just a suggestionHi I actually got nothing to say really this app is amazing as it is! But I’m just asking if you guys can make it possible to bring the devil is a part timer! Back in to this app. I’ve been dying to watch it but anime lab needs to pay as well so I’m just asking if it’s possible to add on the devil is a part timer! On to Crunchyroll I think many other people who currently use this app feels the same! But likewise this app is a awesome and keep up the good work thank you providing us with entertainment! 👍🏽.Version: 4.1.0

Session expiredI love Crunchyroll. A great variety of shows and high quality too of course! My only problem is the logging in after a while. So I pay premium and have an account and what not, but im constantly having to log back in and its a bit of nuisance. I can deal with it but itd be nice to just stay logged and not have to login after every couple of episodes or whatever. Other than that its allgoods Alsooo SKIP INTRO would be extremely nice 👍.Version: 3.5.0

Too many adsThe app is great but my only problem are the ads. The ads last around 30 seconds which is okay but usually I get 3 ads breaks per episode and in each ad break I get 2 ads. This takes up a lot of my time. When I use AnimeLab I only get 2 ad breaks. Sometimes it’s 1 ad sometimes it’s 2 or sometimes it’s no ads. I use crunchy roll to watch the other anime I cant watch on AnimeLab because you need premium for some anime in AnimeLab. I really suggest that you take the ad breaks down to 2 per episode.Version: 4.2.2

New theme!I am loving the new interface with dark mode! Everything seems more comfortable and sleek and I think this will really upgrade my anime watching experience!! Thank u crunchyroll.Version: 4.0.2

Opening and EndingI have been using Crunchyroll app for almost 5 years and I certainly love it; its a great app to watch anime and it allows me to widen my interest on other shows like live action (especially Mischievous Kiss, it was wonderful romance series.) And, when it comes to openings and endings, most people who watch anime like to listen to it. And, with those two-three minutes just listening to those OP/ED from different anime can be sometimes enjoying and exciting. However, some openings and endings can be somewhat bad or worse as it can force us (not literally forcing us) or in some occasions, the OPs/EDs wont let us feel the vibe through opening and endings or in another words, the lack of excitement on some anime’s opening/ending can bring people’s interest on anime to fall apart. Therefore, i would like to suggest a skip intro/ending button for every anime in order for us to skip the anime opening or ending whether we feel like it or not. And, with this button, there will be more likely a lot of people would never drop their interest on a anime. Thank you for your time and I appreciate if you will consider my request. Once again, Thank you..Version: 4.0.2

Good but two things I would changeOne thing I would change is that it saves where you are in the series. The other thing is that it should be easier to skip forward.Version: 4.3.0

Good but...Great app to watch almost anything that u cant on Netflix. But I see constantly a specific anime, and the first season is dubbed, but the second season isn’t, that to me is the only issue, I don’t like switching languages every season so if u can release it in both ways that’d be great😃specifically Sword Art Online Alicization: War of Underworlds. Another issue are the ads, I think adding 4 would be fine if u made each add stop only one ad. There’s are usually 4 ad stops in an episode and when they hit it takes 30 seconds to load that ad and then play a 30+ second ad, and then another 30+ seconds to load a second one and a third. I think they load wayyyy too slowly and the ads back to back are too many. If there are 4 ad pauses please make it just one ad long and please load faster because in total if there are 4 ad blocks u spend abt 10 minutes watching ads because each pause loads 3 back to back ads. I wouldn’t mind 4 ads total but I also wouldn’t mind if ur going to keep the same amount of ads, that u just make them load faster instead of have me wait at a black screen for 30 seconds for an ad to show up and then repeat that for another two times. It’s a bit time consuming and sometimes I forget what happened before the ads even began to roll in and forget wat im watching. All in all, shorter faster ad breaks, and release seasons in both languages or just add that language setting in, not for subtitles but for the audio aswell, u know, dubbed..Version: 4.2.1

Good but can be betterSo I enjoy that I can stream it on my phone while I use the treadmill. Kinda annoying how the skip forward back and next episode are tucked at the very edge of the screen. So skipping the end credits to get to the next episode is a drag at times. Would be nice if I could sign into my smart screen tv and use my phone app to verify its me, so I dont have to have to bother typing out login creds. Also would be nice if on the mobile app I could manage devices I’ve logged into. Some times when I pause it using the play/pause button on my wireless headphones, the play/pause button on screen will turn into a loading icon. So I’ll have to play it using the play/pause button on my wireless headphones..Version: 3.6.1

Amazing, love it!CrunchyRoll in my honest opinion is one of the best platform to watch anime on, and this is not a fact is just my opinion. Since I’m paying for subscription I don’t have a single ad to worry about, and I get to watch everything pretty well. Even the CrunchyRoll app does pretty well too, I just have a small problem with it but nothing to worry about (and is not related to ads, not random log offs, etc). I would recommend you to use CrunchyRoll on a computer though like me if you can, since is much better. Overall, it has great anime, great quality, rarely any bugs at all, and no issue. Maybe a lot more bugs and glitches for mobile users but since I use mostly my computer for CrunchyRoll I rarely experience any of those, or none at all. Since I mainly use VRV when watching on mobile (doesn’t mean I don’t use VRV to watch on my computer, matter of fact I still use VRV more often on my computer than on my phone) that makes it a lower chance for me to run into those things. Btw, you can pay for one subscription on VRV and have both premium on VRV and CrunchyRoll..Version: 3.5.0

Pretty goodThe app and the service are pretty good, though jumping through an episode takes a LOT of loading time if it forgets where you were up to... and the app logs you out A LOT without prompting you directly: so, I’ve paid $60 a year for a while now and I regularly see ads because I’ll boot up the app and start streaming before I notice that I’ve been logged out... at which point logging in still requires you to cancel the stream, find the episode and scrub through it. It’s just a lot of BS to deal with when all I’m really paying for is the absence of ads..Version: 4.0.3

Good but there are problemsI love this app but there are a few bugs and problems that I would like fixed. One, too many ads back to back, I would be watching an anime and all of a sudden five ads pop up back to back, it makes it worser that it’s the same ad over and over. Two, I would like an age rating in the information for the anime. Since I’m a child I could watch something that could be rated R and not know about it. Finally number three, it won’t let me watch miss kobayashi’s dragon maid! What will happen is I would press start watching and a little pop up will show up saying error and I have two options. I could ether press ok or retry but when I press retry it pops up again! Please fix these!.Version: 3.4.1

Very good just one thingAll I want for this is the English Dub for any show that has one otherwise Great.Version: 4.0.0

Let down by bugsCrunchyroll itself is great. However, it is let down by this poorly made app. - I am constantly forced to log in due to session expiry. This usually happens when I go idle but has regularly occurred simply while watching a show. Very annoying. - the player has a tendency to break during time skips. - no intro/credit skips. - no ability to mark episodes as watched These issues, especially the first one make for a very frustrating experience. So frustrating that it makes AnimeLab’s seem like a dream even with all of that apps shortcomings. I am happy to edit this review once these issues are resolved. I will be using AnimeLab until then. Ps where is the Samsung TV app??.Version: 3.4.1

These ads are killing meWhen I first opened it I watched a episode of some random anime but an ad pops up. At first I didn’t really care until when it finished it popped up again it kept on doing that over and over until I got rage and hit my device. It’s soo annoying.Version: 3.3.1

Luv ✨🌷😘‼️🌷☺️😯💃🌷👌😌🥰🍕😂❄️✨❄️☺️👌💃This for me personally is a really great add. As a person with premium, I’ve experienced no problems at all. And, at least without premium, it advertises great, trending anime’s which I will definitely check out once I’ve finished MHA. As a 12 year old weeb who has a older cousin who lets them use their premium account, this is hands down one of my fav apps :) -.Version: 4.4.1

Great but the ads...I absolutely love this app. It’s a great concept and it has a wide variety of different anime’s that I would not otherwise be able to watch. Not only does it have popular anime’s but it also has a lot of less well-known shows as well. The premium is affordable, however I’m the only person in my household who uses this app and so it’s not worth paying for and I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses this app without it. And if you don’t use the premium version of the app you have to deal with the countless ads. I completely understand that this app needs to use ads in order to earn money but the amount is just ridiculous! It ruins the experience and sometimes I’m put off watching certain anime is because I know I have to sit through all of the ads! There’s sometimes up to 7 ads per interval and before starting a new episode meaning that can sometimes be up to 20 at her episode! I refuse to accept that this many ads is necessary! There are plenty apps out there that get by with far less ads and that are less popular. Other than this though the app is Very varied and fun..Version: 3.6.1

“Error” bug thingI REALLY love Crunchyroll and I think it’s the best way to watch anime. of course, you can get crunchyroll premium and even start 2 weeks free! I really love how almost ALL of the anime are free! They even have a queue which is very convenient. I would really recommend Crunchyroll, but there is just one problem. When I’m watching crunchyroll, It always says there is an error, “bad gateway” and I don’t know what this means. The worst part is that it happened whenever I’m in the middle of watching the interesting part of and anime and I have to keep checking my connection and praying that it would work. Even when my connection is working and I check my software, it won’t work. I even ha fro delete it and reinstall it, but it still wouldn’t work. Of course, I LOVE Crunchyroll. But this “error” thing really ticks me off and it doesn’t give me any information so I don’t know how to fix it. Please Crunchyroll, if you are reading this, please fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. If there is nothing you can do about it, can you at least give me some help or information on how to fix it? Thank you very much..Version: 3.6.1

Great service but one small issueMy issue unlike many with this app isn’t with the ads, that’s fine, you have to make your money somehow right? My issue is the lack of English Dubs, to most it might not be an issue and wasn’t an issue to me for years, however there are many such as myself who have reached a point in life where they simply don’t have the time to pay constant attention and read subtitles to understand what’s happening, where this becomes a problem for me personally is that I have a newborn kid, so chances are when I want to watch anime I’m either attending to his needs or doing chores while he sleeps, I know you can’t do everything at once but I’m hopeful that Crunchyroll will begin to fill out their catalogue of English Dubs in the near future, particularly in genre’s like Shounen just for example. All of that aside, Crunchyroll really is a great service with a huge catalogue if you’re okay with watching Subbed shows, as I say, my only gripe stems from the fact that I just don’t have time to constantly look at subtitles..Version: 4.6.0

AdsThe app is very good would recommend it, if it says “we could not connect” then you should probably play on something else for a bit then it will come right it won’t last long and the only bad thing I have to say is that there are quite a few ads and you can not skip them (PS the connection thing is just a one off).Version: 4.1.0

Logging out issuesThis app works very well and provides many great anime to watch when you get premium. Premium is good and allows you get access to episodes as early as possible. It also allows for HD too but the one thing about this app that stops me from giving it a 5 star is the logging out bug. I’ve been getting logged out pretty much every time I use it for about a month. I’ve tried to redownload, check for updates I may be missing, leaving the app idle and also closing it straight away. After some googling it seems that this used to be similar to an old problem and I’ve also seen that you have updated it several times to fix the bug but it still happens. It is very annoying to log in everytime when I want to get access to content I paid for. I’ve tried to reach out for help from you guys too and it seems like you’re still working on it. I used to be a frequent user of this app but because of this I rarely use it now. Please fix it soon because it’s getting tiring to log in all the time..Version: 4.0.2

Why I’ve given this app 4 stars UwuI love this app soooo much! It’s got so many anime’s that I’ve been longing to watch and it’s made me so happy that I can finally watch Boku no Hero Acadamia 💖💖💖💖 There’s just one thing... it annoys me to see so many adds while watching 😫. I get that Crunchyroll is advertising their streaming anime’s but too much is too much, am I right! Like, When I was up to the part where Deku finally learns to control his quirk (One for All) but then BAM!!! There’s an add break —> not only is there one during the break (which I would love Uwu) but around 3-5!!! Who’s got time for paying premium when you actually have to pay actual money, watch 5 flippin adds when we don’t have premium when they could’ve watched more of the series of their desired anime? Whose with me my fellow potatoes?? Sorry that most of mah review is negative 😅 but I really love everything apart from how many adds there are 😅😅😇😇🥰🥰🥰.Version: 3.4.1

To many adsI love everything about this app apart from the amount of apps pop up while I watch. While I was watching an ad popped up then another then another then another I had to keep going in and out the app the ads kept popping up so I even considered downloading a different app because of the amount of ads.Version: 4.3.0

Great app (but some minor problems)I love Crunchyroll with its wide amount of content. But it does have some flaws, for example if you go onto the Crunchyroll website and sort your library by recently watched then that will also change on the app, which cannot be changed (trust me. I tried...a lot). My other problem is the lack of what premium has to offer. I understand that I can watch add free and get things a week early but I feel like there should be more, a prime example of this is being unable to download shows which would be amazing but sadly is not a feature of Crunchyroll and I find myself checking Netflix to see if I can download it there. Aside from that Crunchyroll is an amazing site with a vast amount of shows to watch and even though I have given my opinions on the flaws of this app, there are still some great things about this site & I would advise that you do use it..Version: 3.6.1

Couldn’t connect to crunchyroll errorEver since the new update, every time I go to watch my anime shows it would come up with an error screen saying I couldn’t connect to crunchyroll. Then a few moments later it would play normally but the english subtitles wouldn’t show up so I had no idea what they were saying. I’ve been trying to solve the problem for the past few days now but no solution. It works fine if I watch it on Safari so it’s got nothing to do with my wifi connection but I would prefer watching it on the app..Version: 4.2.2

Can u add something? Or take away e.g ADDSThere are sooooooooo many adds and that is why most of my frinds do not like this app i like it because you get such a big trail and that gives me time to see if i can buy it and watch my favoirite movies maybe i will buy this app in future if i still like anime that is. Can u also add more shows because there is a lot out there like mew mew power or mermaid melody i know they might be wierd but many kids watch it and they might like it. I REALLY LIKE THIS APP AND I WANT YOU TO CONSIDER THE FACT THAT I TOOK MY TIME TO WRITE THIS AND WATCH ALL THE ADDS :).Version: 3.5.1

Disappearing AnimeI logged into my account today to finish watching the one and only, “Haikyu!!” but when i opened my watchlist, it wasn't there. I decided to search it up instead but when I got to it, it told me that there wasn't anything to watch and to try to load up the page again. Of course, when I tried to reload the page, the same thing popped up. I checked other shows to see if this happened to it too, but it didn't. The episodes on other shows popped up. I just really wanted to watch “Haikyu!!,” so I thought of the quickest way to make things work. Shut down my phone and turn it back on. When I went back to the app, it still wasn’t in my watchlist, so again, I Searched it up, and nothing was there, other than different shows. I browsed the sports section to try to find it, but nothing. It disappeared. Can someone fix this? I don't know what the problem is, weather it being my phone or the app.. I really like crunchy roll and became very comfortable with it. I don't want to switch to a different platform, but I don't know what else to do. Maybe you guys took it off your platform, but if you did i would be really disappointed..Version: 4.0.2

Great if you want premium, otherwise obnoxiousFor me I had crunchyroll for about 2 months but i got so mad at the amount of ads so i bought premium. Has a large collection of shows but the amount of ads is obnoxious compared to other anime streaming sites like animelab. I would personally recommend getting animelab if you can’t/don’t wanna buy premium, and crunchyroll if you are willing to pay for premium or can tolerate a lot of ads..Version: 4.2.2

No nameMy friend raged cuz he thought that 10$ a month is a lot. I do agree that 10$ a little over priced but it’s not that bad..Version: 3.3.1

Amazing app and quality overall but problem with the premium optionsI think that Crunchyroll is and amazing app with efficient streaming options. The amount of content they have is amazing and the new format is excellent. I have so many positive things to say about this app, but I do have a slight issue that just makes no sense. The new premium options is kinda stupid if you ask me. There is 3 new different levels of premium if I remember correctly and each level unlocks new stuff and costs more money. I understand that they are trying to make more profits but this is kinda stupid and makes me mad. If I wanted to do a certain thing and was prepared to pay for the premium and went to do it and it turns out that there are 3 different levels for unlocking different things? Like I would be furious, i know it’s for profit but like you had it going pretty well with the first premium system and the online shop, but then you add 3 levels of premium? I think that your also making it hard for people who already had premium beforehand, they have to adjust to a whole new system and decide what to do. I just think it’s stupid and extra and serves no purpose. You can fight me on this but I’m not budging..Version: 4.1.0

Doesn’t even workI’ve been trying for ages thinking that the app might take time to adjust and get used to my phone but no. I can go onto the sight and click an episode but all it does is give me the loading signal and then the black screen. I had to wait for 10 mins and still nothing. I was really looking forward to this app as some other websites don’t have the latest episodes even anime lab doesn’t have it. I restarted and re downloaded this app several times but it still doesn’t work. I just wanna watch dem episodes man. This is really sad I’ve been recommended this app by my friends and it doesn’t even show a sec of an episode.Version: 3.4.1

Premium is worth itOk look, I read so many reviews saying omg I hate ads! But think about it, it’s essentially the Netflix of anime, is Netflix free? No! Someone has to pay for the shows that Crunchyroll offers! Either they get paid by advertisers, or you pay with a measly 10 bucks a month (7 if your American) it’s not that much! And honestly premium is so worth it! I have binged so much anime ever since, and I love it! So Crunchyroll keep up the good work and stop whining about a company making money, if Crunchyroll didn’t offer free viewing with ads, then there would be no viewing at all!.Version: 4.1.0

Amazing streaming service! Love it.I really love this service! I haven’t been watching anime for too long but this has honestly helped me start off. There’s so many anime’s that you would probably not be able to watch on other streaming services. I’m happy also that my favorite dubs are on Crunchyroll too, though personally I do suggest maybe add Naruto dub since it’s one of many people’s favorite dub. I do prefer sub in most anime’s though. But for anyone hesitating to get this app, don’t!! I can’t say enough of how cool it it to be able to have all of my favorite anime’s right in front of me, and the ones I’m planning on watching, especially because you don’t have to pay any money if you don’t want to. This is good for young people like me who is a kid to be able to watch without having to spend all of my allowance XD or people that don’t have much money in general. You just have a few adds that are honestly entertaining compared to most places because most base on anime so there fun and Crunchyroll doesn’t have many adds at all compared to a ton of apps which lets me watch and enjoy an anime without being interrupted 24/7. There’s many more reasons why you should get Crunchyroll but I can’t list them all XD just know that it’s an amazing fun place to watch anime!!!!!! :).Version: 4.1.0

Good app but needs one thingI love Crunchyroll. I have been a premium member for a few years now and I don’t regret it at all. I use the website just as much as I use the app but there is one huge problem for me that is in the website but not the app. Reviews. I have started so many god awful anime that sound good on paper but are executed horribly. This is wasting my free time with horrible anime. Although, I know that it depends on the person if they’re going to like it or not. But if an anime is rated one star, it is for a reason. On the website I am the type of person to read reviews to see what I am getting into. Even just seeing the rating of the show out of 5 stars would be enough. If I want to see actual reviews that explain why it’s rated so bad then I wouldn’t mind leaving the app. But I don’t want to have to go out of the app in order to see the rating of the anime by looking it up on google. It’s very annoying and a simple thing to do ( or at least I think it is, who knows, I’m not an app developer ). I know this is just a convenience thing but it’s why I’m rating this 4 stars. The recent update made the app so much better and is more stable than ever. If reviews are added in app then that would make this app that much better..Version: 4.1.0

Really like it but can be betterOverall I love this app and have no regrets downloading it. Before I got the app i read the reviews how some were saying that it was lagging a lot and I’ve had this app for around three months now and I think it’s only happened twice so I personally have never had a problem with that. The app has a very good variety of things obviously you can’t have everything on it, the only real problem is the ads. When I first downloaded the app I was quite surprised how many ads there was around 4 to 5 each episode and each ad being around 1 to 1 and a half minutes long. It wasn’t that bad but over time it got very annoying (really depends on how much patience you have). Eventually I got premium and I haven’t regretted it since. My advice when downloading this app is get the premium it doesn’t give you anything special but having no ads makes it worth it in my opinion. It really depends on what getting “premium” means to you personally..Version: 4.5.0

It's miraculousI got premium back in March, exclusively to watch One Piece without ads. I got in before One Piece was premium only, but it's a miracle that I've gotten to episode 438 given that the app has gone through several terrible updates in the last few months. Tbh Crunchyroll PROBABLY didn't have the infrastructure, and probably weren't prepared to handle the massive influx in users from the last few months. It's hard to blame them, but if you're gaining users, then you're getting subsequent ad revenue, if you're gaining premium users, then you're getting the premium membership fee every month from those users. It make very little sense to me that the same issues, logging out, app crashes, server/connectivity issues, have been going on for so long; Maybe it's because they haven't seen ramifications for it, ie., if people just deal with it, then what's the point of fixing? Given that crunchyroll is rated the #14 app in entertainment, it should perform solidly, or more consistently than it does; doing that, at the very least, would either prevent it from moving down, or improve the apps rating. Great when it works, incredibly frustrating when it doesn't..Version: 4.0.2

A couple of problemsSo, I’ve been using Crunchyroll for a bit now, and it’s great, but there are some problems such as logging in/out problem, it randomly kicks me out of my account so I have to log back in every time, but that is a minor issue. But the thing that bugs me the most is, that every so often the anime episode restarts with no subtitles, and as a person who doesn’t know much Japanese find it annoying while I’m in the middle of an episode and then it restarts without subtitles, and I can’t even turn the subtitles back on again! So Crunchyroll please come out with a turn subtitles on feature as it’s annoyingly frustrating..Version: 4.0.2

Amazing, but...I love Crunchyroll, it’s introduced me to a variety of brilliant anime, including Darling in the FranXX, Blend S and Boku No Hero Academia. It’s also free, which seems too good to be true, but here’s the catch: there are so many ads! Every few minutes, depending on the length of the episode, a series of ads will pop up. Now, it would be fine if it was only maybe one ad per break, but there are always at least 5! I don’t know about you, but when you’re on a cliffhanger, really excited for what will come of the protagonist, hanging on the edge of your seat, I don’t think you would like it if you were then met with 7, 30 second long unskippable ads for Crunchyroll’s streaming service, would you? My only request is you remove some ads, so there are only maybe five ads per episode. I know it seems unrealistic, but if Crunchyroll is reading this right now, then please, just take my advice. It will make us happier. Thank you for your time..Version: 3.5.0

Need Skip Intro button if possible!!Tbh crunchyroll is like the best app to watch animes(if you’re a premium member). All the cool animes are there and it’s always fun to spend time wondering off to anime world!! Everything is super awesome but I feel like it would be so much better if they put up a “skip intro” button in the opening part of the anime(like in Netflix). It would save up so much time and it would be easy for us to just hit that button and continue the show instead of having to literally do it until I have finally skipped it(sooooo annoyinggg)! Apart from that, this website or app has lived up to my expectations and I’m thankful for that😌🙂.Version: 3.5.1

Great app just a few issuesSo I love this app and I can watch all the anime I want witch is amazing lol, but there are some issues. There are way to many ads, and to many of them at once I get that there trying to advertise other anime’s to watch when I’m just trying to watch “whatever anime I’m watching” and ads are just everywhere. My second issue is that it crashes a lot, it’s really annoying when I’m just trying to chill out, I have to spam the pause button constantly until it starts playing, then ads pop up and make it crash again. Also I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone but my one doesn’t save my continue watching so I have to search what I want again and then try to find what episode I was on, and it’s just real annoying. But aside from that it’s an amazing app and I really love it, I’m just obsessed with anime 😅 so yeah great app just a few annoying things that I wish it didn’t have..Version: 4.0.2

Load times are horrendousSpent 20 minutes trying to watch one episode and only managed to load up to 3 minutes before giving up. This could be because I am in Asia and the service is optimised for other regions. Would be better if they could add a download and watch later feature like Netflix to avoid these problems. App is practically unusable in China.Version: 3.5.0

Awesome appI really enjoy the app and watching my favourite programs when I want. As a premium customer my only dislike is having to constantly log back in after a few episodes. If this can be fixed and also a skip intro would make this even better..Version: 3.5.0

Apple TV bugCan you guys please put up Case Closed season 2?.Version: 4.2.1

Broken ads?Crunchyroll is great and I use it a lot but I cannot play for the premium membership So I must have ads, I am fine with this but the ads tend to glitch out were sometimes the ads don’t finish and it restarts, it does this multiple times on one ad slot cause it to take to much time. (Taking down a star) other than that it is great..Version: 3.5.0

AdsThe first frame of the ad takes up the screen, pauses, and lets the audio of what i want to watch keep playing. it's driving me mental. it only happens with the genshin impact ad. i don't know if this is due to internet issues or not but it's only happening on this app. otherwise, this app is great and has quite a few of the anime shows that AnimeLab doesn't. would recommend this app (and already have) to quite a few people. i'm only writing in the ad problem here because i'm frustrated and i don't know where else i'd write it. thank you for reading..Version: 4.3.0

It’s really a great appAlthough it lacks some titles I’ve been looking for it has a lot of great anime’s. Like MHA, bleach, death note, RE:Zero, attack on titan, black clover and a ton more. It’s really easy to search through the selection of anime if you don’t have specific anime’s in mind and you just want to browse. It’s also easy to find a certain anime instead of scrolling through all of the anime’s to find it you can just search for it. And it has a watch list feature so you can find anime’s you want to watch but maybe not right now. I would totally recommend this app the any weeb who doesn’t want to pay 50$ for 1 season of anime. This has really helped me out because I can’t afford to spend that much money on anime. The thing I will say is when you in an ad you can’t make the screen smaller or pause it but that’s about the only thing bad I have to say about it. Also if your not really patient you might want to get a different app because there are a lot of ads but that personally never affected me because I’d rather watch 5 ads in an entire episode of anime than not watch it at all. Anyways in conclusion as long as you don’t mind adds you should probably get this app to be up to date in all of you favorite anime’s.Version: 4.1.1

Requisit app for anime fansI've been a Crunchyroll premium member for a few years now, so can't speak for those that are complaining about ads. Premium is ad free and the service and app has been pretty stellar. I primarily stream from my PS4, occasionally from iPad, and PS3. The PS3 app will lock up sometimes, but I blame that more on Sony no longer supporting/updating the platform. PS4 and iPad are pretty reliable. I recently discovered that Crunchyroll has age restriction settings that are active by default. Once you log in on the website, and change those settings, an entire new crop of shows are available to stream that I never knew Crunchyroll carried. Crunchyroll has also gotten a lot more of the the currently airing shows that were not available on any service in the west previously. In the last week a few current shows popped up in my feed that I had been having to track down through other, less convenient means. Making me, and other people who enjoy those more niche shows very happy. so kudos to them on that. For considerably less a month than Netflix, just go premium and save yourself the ads..Version: 3.4.0

Great appThis is one of the best free streaming services if you don’t or can’t have services such as Netflix. It has a wide range of anime’s from popular ones to ones that are not so well known, so I’m sure there is something there to suit you. Premium isn’t that expensive and is perfect for people who are really into anime and again, cannot have Netflix. My only problem is the ads. Different devices may have different problems. On my iPhone 6s Plus however the ads takes a considerable while to load and sometimes don’t start. If you tap the screen during and ad, it will immediately take you a website and is annoying. There are quite a few ads, as well. But, other than the ads, this app is really good..Version: 4.0.2

Love the content, but missing quality of life featuresHonestly you can’t beat the content. The issue is that app is barebones. It has gotten better and is an improvement over the website, but it’s really lacking. There are so many quality of life features available on other streaming services that would drastically improve the quality. Netflix comes to mind, with easy skip into and next episode options that make binging (something I do with finished anime series) a breeze. Netflix shows you the intro every time there is a new one, so you dont feel like you’re missing out, but gives you the option to skip to what you’re actually there for. I also enjoy the added controls on screen like the ability to pull open an episodes list while watching in case I want to skip around or past things like filler. Overall, the current app is a big improvement over what it was, but I would like to see it continue to be updated, especially as I watch more content on my phone than I do on my computer..Version: 4.2.2

Enjoy the appI’ve enjoyed watching anime on crunchy roll, but the problem with the app is the ads. Yeah this is brought up as a problem a lot and it’s easily removable if we were to pay for premium, but the ads aren’t just short ones they are literally 5-10minutes long, sometimes even longer. I don’t mind waiting for ads but this is really a time waster and takes away the enjoyment of each episode, not to mention that there is more than 1 ad each episode;-;.Version: 3.1.1

Too many adsThis has a lot more anime that most other apps i watch but then the ads just make this app terrible and i’m not buying premium even though i do speak english and not japanese i cope amazingly with subtitles i don’t need premium for that and then there’s ads right in front of the last like ten seconds of the show and i have to watch since i might miss something everyone’s been complaining about ads and you should listen to users for once they dint care about the new things your putting in just fix the ads the freeness of the app make people buy it and then there’s the adpocalypse.Version: 3.5.1

My Thoughts.I personally think that Crunchyroll is a great streaming service. It allows me to watch hundreds of anime although I do have some complaints. Probably does have a Lotta new were enemies and a lot of other ones they don’t really play, got a couple of the older shows that I would like to watch( Hamtaro ), you know the anime with hamsters. Despite that I still love Crunchyroll get a cigarette streaming service that allows me access to a lot of the shows that I’m not able to watch on Netflix example overload. Fortunately the free service has a lot of which tend to repeat, a lot. It’s not like Netflix though where you need a credit card it’s just if you don’t want advertisements if you have to get premium. Overall it is a fantastic streaming service and a whole lot or more reliable than others. Thank you Crunchyroll developers for making this awesome streaming service without you well some animes just wouldn’t be within my watch. Please add some of the other Aminé that’s market friend no complaints but I would like to watch my anime hamsters. :-).Version: 3.3.2

Overall pretty good but one flaw...Finally an app that has good quality shows that you can watch. I absolutely love how being a non-Japanese speaker, that there are English subs for a lot of the shows. I also really like how the shows are updated regularly so that you can find out what happens in the next episode as soon as possible. However, one major problem I experience is the amount of ads whilst watching an episode. Now I don’t mind a few ads being shown per episode but holey moley, I once had to watch 10 ads at one point to continue watching one episode of Attack on Titan. Then after a few minutes, the exact same thing happened. Then I just gave up on watching the episode and searched it up online. Still, I would recommend this app..Version: 3.1.1

It’s a good app for anime, with one issueI’ve been a premium user for almost a year now and I really enjoy a lot of the content on here. It’s got a lot of new series that come out with episodes really fast along with a lot of older favorites. I mainly used the app on my Xbox but have switched to using it on my phone for the most part due to being away from my console. I enjoy using it on my phone just as much as I did on my Xbox but I have ran into an issue after the recent update. For some reason when I try to watch any show the video does not play at all. I will press the start button but nothing. It just displays a black screen but nothing happens. I’ve tried on multiple different occasions to play shows and same thing. I found a workaround where if I delete the app and re install it fixes the problem temporarily but eventually I have to delete and re download again... I read that it could be internet issues but everything else works on my phone just fine so I’ve ruled that out. It’s getting pretty annoying so I’m hoping this problem is known about and there will be a fix soon since this is an awesome streaming service. Besides this one issue I recommend using this app if you’re an anime fan.Version: 4.1.0

VERY GOOD (but can improve)I have no regrets on downloading this app; it lets me watch my anime and I honestly don't have a problem with the ads as long as I can watch the anime (some people may not agree but I honestly think it's wonderful). The only problem is that very recently it logged me out. I am quite certain that it WAS the app that did this. Logging me out from time to time is understandable as it checks if it is still me; I can understand this well. But the irritating part is that when I tried to log back in it couldn't identify me. I tried every possibility and I even pressed 'Forgot Password?' and ressetted the password yet it still didn't work. The reason I am still giving this 5 stars though is that this problem may just be with me and not with anybody else. If anybody CAN relate then please write it in a review and hopefully the company will change this. I am still not able to log back in. Thank you.Version: 4.0.3

Why.. tho??I wanted to watch anime and I heard this was a great app to watch anime on- but I’m frustrated and sad that we have to get premium for an anime. I understand paying for premium supports Crunchyroll and all that but I realized that the only anime that doesn’t need premium is “My Hero Academia” and yeah there’s probably other ones that don’t need premium. I know there’s other people on the app that are also upset because you have to pay for premium “we” want to be satisfied by all the anime right? So why put premium for like all the anime’s? And also the 1 free episode is always the one that gets you into the anime! I really want you guy’s to at least take it on the most popular anime’s. I’m really interested on watching “ Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club” so yeah- ( sorry i sounded rude 🥲😭) Since I started watching MHA- straight to the point the ads are annoying why is there like 10 in each episode??? Not only that but in one ad it adds up to 2-3 like I can’t enjoy watching the anime anymore tbh bring it down a little please.. like 3 ads is enough. Please and thank you fix the ads problem! Premium isn’t necessary in every anime 🥺😭.Version: 4.3.0

Great experienceThe app is easy to navigate and the variety of anime is wonderful. There is a few nicks to sort out like subtitles going off screen too fast that you cannot read them, but other than that, an overall great experience. I’d like to mention Crunchyroll support who were fast as a whip in fixing an issue where some episodes of Assassination Classroom were missing a lot of content e.g. showing only 4mins of a 23min episode. Within 24hrs they had replied back to, re-coded and re-uploaded all the episodes fixing the issue then reply back to me to confirm they had fixed it and what they did to fix it. Hats off to you guys! Hope you are able to fix the subtitles issue soon..Version: 3.2.0

TrashLiterally cannot login to my new account. Every time I log in to use the free trial it just says Purchase set and then when I press OK it just pops an error with words that don’t even make sense. Fix this ASAP, I really want to upgrade to premium but cannot due to the fact that I can’t login in both platforms.Version: 3.4.1

Good app, butI wish you could watch it in English! The sub titles are nice and all but I’d like to hear the English dub.Version: 4.3.0

Please add some changesI love CrunchyRoll for its wide variation of anime series but the ADS are hard to handle and they go straight to that anime when I just want to watch “MY HERO ACADAMIA” and talking about that please add a setting where you can English dub it. Another thing is that you have to hold the place where your at and move it so you skip the intro,recap and outro, if you could, can you add button saying skip recap,intro,outro and start next episode, another thing is, when I first the first season of “MY HERO ACADAMIA” it took me some time to find the arrow which directs you to the other seasons,could you make the arrow bigger, thanks for your help, best anime app ever!.Version: 3.6.1

RestrictionsOk, so I’m paying for premium, but I have restrictions on my iPad. Which was fine up until now, the app has become 17+ instead of 12+. So like is the subscription I paid for like 3 days gonna go to waste now?, because I can’t use the app?.Version: 3.6.1

CrunchyRoll what happenedI just downloaded crunchyroll, excited to watch anime when all of a sudden it says “Dang, We cant connect to crunchyroll” or something like that. I checked my internet and it was fine. I turned the internet off then on but nothing worked. I even restarted my phone and re-downloaded the app but nothing worked. I went to my laptop to see but same thing happened. What is happening crunchyroll?! Is your website or app down for the moment?! Im so confused! For the mean time, im going to watch anime on animelab until this problem gets fixed. Please Fix it crunchyroll or idk if its just my phone and internet..Version: 4.1.0

AmazingI was debating on whether or not I should use this app or funimation (sorry if I spelled it wrong). I tested funimation first and you had to pay for premium or you couldn’t watch anything. Whereas on crunchyroll you pay for premium to get rid of ads. Speaking of ads, there’s A LOT of ads which are annoying sometimes but they only advertise anime’s on the app which can help you find your new favourite anime. I’ve only finished an episode of attack on titan (which I highly recommend) and like this app so much already. I was gonna give a 4 star for all of the ads but I genuinely enjoy the ads and at the end of the day they need to make a bit of money off of the people who don’t have premium. This app is great for people who are just starting anime and for people who have watched it before..Version: 4.0.2

My number 1This by far the best anime app ever it’s fairly easy to use it’s got most of the new mainstream anime and also you get them the same day as Japan how great is that and also all at a great price I couldn’t ask for more from this app I just hope they are looking at adding more titles 😁.Version: 3.4.1

Great for Premium, OK for general usersReally great app. Updates with the website version and has a good UI. For Premium users the app is pretty much perfect except for its inability to allow us to post comments or use the community aspects of the website. Have the option to play all videos in normal, HD or have to automatically adjust the quality of the video. Can minimise the app and play episodes in a pop-out player. However for non-Premium users like I was a few weeks ago it can be a challenge to use: lots of ads which play about 5 in a row and interrupts the episode at the start, middle and end. Can be the same ad and therefore it can get really repetitive quite quickly. Frequently crashes if you attempt to skip ad segments. Ads themselves can also bug out whilst loading and cause a crash. Very good app if not great but can be improved and could be a made a bit easier to use for non-Premium members..Version: 3.1.1

Its a good appThis is a really good app, though it has a few problems. 1: subtitles turn off randomly (for me) which is annoying at times, but easy to turn back on so it’s ok 2: you cant delete things from your ‘recently watched’ section. This is annoying as well. It takes up so much space/time going through my watch history to find an anime, yet all i can see are the ones I’ve already finished. Please add a feature that lets you remove things from your watch history! 😅 it would really be great. Other then these two things, it’s a really great app! I would definitely give it five stars if these two things where not a problem!.Version: 4.1.0

Just a few suggestionsLove the app and the site and been a premium member for quite a while. The app is clean and very easy to navigate around, there are however a few things that would make it a little more enjoyable and convenient. I would absolutely love it if the app enabled users to download episodes for on the go! Even if it was only available to premium members it would be great for me and I can imagine so many other people too. The only other thing I would like in the app would be to have he ability to comment on episodes, commenting is one of the main appeals of watching anime on Crunchyroll because it’s its own community that you get to discuss an episode with. Other than those two things I think the app is incredible, it just needs more features, and I think the ability to download episodes for on the go would make this app my most used as I’m always out and about!.Version: 3.1.0

Great App But...I’ve been using Crunchyroll for some time and enjoy the app very much. It has a great variety (though some of my favorite anime’s are left out) and the ads are fairly controlled. One piece of criticism I’d like to point out is the fact that you have an ad right after the anime opening, which is both annoying and repetitive. The ads themselves aren’t bad and fit my liking to some extent, but consider having more variety to your ads, some of the ads in certain anime are repeated multiple times and gets boring to watch. Not to mention that there are a TON of glitches. I don’t know if it’s on my end or just the app, but sometimes the anime will time out and then go out of the anime, going to the homepage, search are, library, etc. Once I try to get back on the anime to continue watching, the subtitles are gone and I have to struggle with it for about 15 minutes before the subtitles go back on, often they don’t and I have to quit watching for the day. But it’s an occasional problem that I can deal with, I thought I might say it for the fact that it might make a bad first impression on a new watcher, thinking that the app is faulty (which it is most certainly not). Again, it may be on my end. All in all, this is a great app and I would suggest it to any of my friends to watch!.Version: 4.1.1

English DubI love watching other things, however I wish there would be an english dub; or an international thing such as, selecting your country. After you select your country it will alloy you to understand it a bit more. Other than that I think this is a great app.Version: 4.0.3

Love the app, not the adsCrunchyroll is definitely one of my favourite anime streaming sites by far and boasts a large variety of anime. if your using a desktop, the website is perfect, however, if ur using the app you get multiple ads. it’s not very user friendly and the homepage looks daggy. i remember last year, i stopped using crunchyroll for that very reason but came back to it this year to see if it changed. no major improvements. they reduced the ads but during an ad break you have to wait 1-4 seconds for the ad to actually show up, before that, the screen goes black (sort of). it’s troublesome to say the least but when u get used to it, crunchyroll is great. premium is cheaper than other services with more to offer. overall, use crunchyroll on a browser rather than the app. in terms of improvement, crunchyroll should add downloading episodes a premium use as well as improve the transition between ads and anime. if possible, they should change the watching layout on tv, it’s hard to use and you can’t skip episodes while on another one. tl;dr good app, bad ads and great website.Version: 3.6.1

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