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Tour Tempo Total Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Tour Tempo Total Game app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Tour Tempo Total Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about tour tempo total game?

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Tour Tempo Total Game for Negative User Reviews

Not enough temposAfter getting The app none of the tempos fit me. Because I have a quicker 3-1 tempo. It should allow you to adjust the tempo to 12-4 and such. Not only what they have. 18/6 is to slow for me, I hit It solid going quicker. Good concept though. Wish I could get my money back..Version: 1.8

Waaaaay too expensiveBasically you get a few videos on how to use the app and a metronome. Not nearly worth the cost although you do get a metronome to practice to. Would be much happier if I hadn't bought it..Version: 1.4

Definitely not worth the priceIf this app were priced at $0.99 it might be worth it. But at 25 bucks it is a joke. If no stars were an option, that is where I would rate it. Save your money - go to a music store and get a metronome - does same thing for a lot less..Version: 1.1

No videoI paid $25 bucks for an app that doesn’t work. I’d like my money back. I emailed the author but he told me to just re-down load it again. Still ain’t working..Version: 1.9

Nice, but too expensiveIt is a very helpful app but $25 plus tax is too much for any app..Version: 1.5

Ugly failureI hate to write this review because I really thought this approach would work. My profile resembles Bob Walsh's - 16 handicap, decent mechanics, started at 41/11. Bought the book, read it carefully, worked on the tones for the weekend without a ball, made the transition to 27/9 pretty easily. Excited to take it to the range. Well, just got back. Results: mostly shanks and weak pushes. No draws, no solid strikes even. Poor yardage. No way to sugarcoat it: This was ugly and a big step backwards. I've had pros tell me for years that you have to get worse to get better, but this was embarrassing. I'm happy for the guys in the book that saw dramatic improvement, if that was real. It did absolutely nothing good for me. Can I get a refund? PS - why not put 30/10 and 33/11 on the app, since they're on the CD? Those of us whom "speed kills" could use a break. Dyin' out here..Version: 1.2

TerribleWay to over priced for what it is. A huge waste of money. Want my money back for this. Do not buy..Version: 1.4

EffectiveDoes indeed help. But not worth this price way way over priced. And poorly structured app. Video instruction is one long video your meant to cycle through to get to the relevant part.Version: 1.3

AwfulWaste of money...should be zero stars..Version: 1.3

GlitchyThe app is very glitchy and crashes all the time, making it difficult to consistently use at the range. If it worked well, I’d give it 5 stars..Version: 3.0.1

Rip off?What am I missing? This is a $25 metronome….Version: 3.0.1

Nice but...Love the app. Useful on and off the course. Gave it a 3 star because of price...WAY TOO MUCH for what you get. Really is a $5 app at most. Would have made it 4 star if it was cheaper. 5 star if they would have included the mp3's on their website. As it is now its really a question of the value you put on tempo and a coaching aid to that end. I will definitely get use from this app but feel short-changed because of what I mentioned above... Especially without the music because "swing, set, through" and a piano "plunk, plunk, plunk. Get old fast. Hopefully it will be updated with REAL music in the future. By the way, I am a 2 hdcp, and mechanical engineer that studies the physics and golf swing extensively. Whatever....Version: 1.3

Potentially phenomenalThe concept is great. It should really be customizable for the individual. We should not force a player into a specific ratio but be able to dial the tool to them. I’ve seen some great short games that are not 2:1. Same with full swings. Not all are optimized at 3:1 Please consider that some users would like to customize both the ratio and the tones. At least be creative and add more and different tones and voice cues. Waiting on your updates..Version: 3.0.1

Not worth itWay to expensive for 3 notes on a piano played at particular timing...Version: 1.2

Not what I expectedJust some simple tones? should be able to space them, way too expensive, other users must be beginners.Version: 3.0.1

Update to OS 5!Needs update for OS5, won't start.Version: 1.1

Videos don’t seem to workI just downloaded this app and tried it out. The tempo guidance works well but the videos don’t load at all. The app just crashes? I’d really love to see “how” I’m suppose to apply the theory..Version: 1.9

Audio difficultiesHaving problems with the audio on this app, and can't see any support. With the pricing this is poor..Version: 3.0.1

Great ideaTour tempo is a great tool. Unfortunately playing the tones over and over and over isn't as helpful as they could be. If the spacing between each set was random I would have given this app 5 stars. The constant rhythm makes it very tough to react(not anticipate) the upcoming tones..Version: 1.1

Not Everyone is a 2:1 Putting(Scratch player, very good ball striker, average putter (not because of tempo) This years focus for me is working on a consistent tempo. For me chipping the ball I’m right at a 2:1 tempo. Putting I’m a 1:6:1. With that being said, it’s disappointing you cannot change tempo’s in the app depending on your needs. I wouldn’t buy the app until you know what your basic tempo(s) are and know you will work until you’re a 2:1 with all your short game. If your using it to smooth out your stroke and keep it consistent at something other than a 2:1 tempo this app is not for you..Version: 3.0.1

OverpricedGood info but overpriced, was expecting a bit more for the money....Version: 1.1

Overpriced$25 is way too much for this app. Swing Tempo provides the same functionality, but without the extra bells and whistles for $2. Other programs are out there to help develop a good swing. I've been very pleased with Swing Reader, which has helped me get on plane. I agree tempo is very important, but this app is overpriced..Version: 1.1

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