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Period Tracker by GP Apps App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Period Tracker by GP Apps app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Period Tracker by GP Apps? Can you share your negative thoughts about period tracker by gp apps?

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Period Tracker by GP Apps for Negative User Reviews

Good appIt is ok.Version: 12.0.2

Can’t export notes to email any moreIt was a good app before, used to be working if I exported my notes in App to email, that feature was very helpful so I could have all my notes and see the big picture. It seems the feature is not working any more, when I click ‘Export notes to email’, tried many times, nothing came up...very disappointed. Hopefully this could be fixed soon! And the ‘contact support’ link doesn’t work too! :(.Version: 11.1.2

Disappointed by newly added featureI like this app. I have used it for years and it’s even more important to me as I age to track period cycles but today I logged on and saw a new daily calorie tracker. I understand that I see things through a different lens than most people but as a mother of a child with an eating disorder I’m nervous about her using your app. It would be one thing if the feature was there but not highlighted. I understand most of society is obsessed with weight, calories and body image but when you truly learn what intuitive eating looks like and how food is fuel for our bodies (ALL food) then applications like “calorie tracker” become infuriating. I hate that it’s the first thing I saw when I logged on and I hate how it stayed at the top of the screen. Now I have to go have a conversation with my daughter to find out if she saw it and if it was triggering to her. Please consider just putting it in a menu (I wouldn’t ask you to remove it… I know not everyone has an eating disorder) but at least quit highlighting it on my period app..Version: 11.7.7

DommageDommage On ne peut pas modifier lorsqu’on fait une erreur. J’ai pas fait exprès et j’ai marqué date de fin et là, boom plus de modification possible. Dommage!.Version: 11.3

Simple to use but disappointed in the changesI’ve been using this app for years, and although it’s lacking in certain features (like a robust export feature for example) its been easy to use without being full of unwanted features like communities and relationship advice. Unfortunately, the app has exactly the same design it did all those years ago, and it’s probably the most aesthetically unpleasant app that I have on my phone and of all the period apps I’ve tried. This has been something I’ve been able to overlook until now. They have brought in ads and a monthly subscription, which for an app that gets used a couple of times a month at best, and does little more for me than a spreadsheet, seems a bit of a big ask..Version: 11.5.3

Great period tracker not good ovulation predictorI have been using this app for 6 years now and it’s always correct on my period days. Which is wonderful because I can prepare for my period and know before it’s coming. Sometimes it’s 1 day off but that is it and that’s cause my period will come late here and there. Now as for the ovulation predictor I’m a little frustrated I trusted this app for that. We were trying to get pregnant for a year now and been using this app to predict ovulation. Silly me I FINALLY went and bought ovulation tests and I ovulate WAY before this app says I do. I know this isn’t the case for most woman as my ovulation is irregular. But this app should say that the ovulation predictor doesn’t work for everyone and that if your trying to get pregnant you should get ovulation tests and not trust the app for it. After a year of trying and trying I got the ovulation tests and now I am pregnant after 1 month. I’m frustrated at the app but mostly at myself for not getting the tests sooner. Please if you are trying to get pregnant get the ovulation tests, you can get packs of them online for super cheap and it’s worth it! Well good luck ladies!.Version: 11.0.1

Not that greatI read the reviews and saw it had 5 stars so downloaded it and checked it out! It looked great to start with and I was excited to use and and excited that I finally didn’t have to remember a load of things in my head and also I take my phone everywhere I go so I would have this everywhere I go but if it’s marked on my calendar on my wall I can only look at home! I went onto the different things to see what I could do on the app and that’s when I noticed 3 out of I don’t know how many things were unlocked! One thing that really got to me was the moods, you had to pay £9.99 FOR THE MOODS WHICH IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS WHEN A GIRL/WOMEN IS ON HER PERIOD! As soon as I realised I had to pay for things inside the app I deleted it and went to find an app COMPLETELY FREE! I recommend this to no one who wants a completely FREE app so no in-app per chases..Version: 11.7.2

Mostly okayDespite having used this app for years, I’m getting rid of it. I don’t like the way it just assumes your period has finished. I’m having really unusual cycles lately, going far longer than 7 days. Because it just assumes your period has ended, it throws off the projected start date. Otherwise, great app..Version: 11.7.6

CoronavirusI love(d) period tracker and thought it was amazing you put out an article about how to stay safe from coronavirus. So I clicked on it and SHAME ON YOU! Using coronavirus as click bait to have people upgrade, how dare you. In a time like this, most people are providing free services etc and you are trying to cash in on a global pandemic. How awful! I never; and I mean never, write complaints but this is too egregious to ignore. I’m so disappointed in period tracker for doing this. I tried to send this without rating on the stars. If I could put negative stars I would. Pam.Version: 11.7.1

Great for a period trackerI have used this app for years to track my period and it’s good, but for a pregnancy tracker it is laughable. The advice for dad is absurd and clearly written by a man or completely clueless woman. I particularly liked the week where it talks about needing to buy a wall calendar to keep track of all the stuff that your partner used to remember for you but now is too forgetful due to pregnancy (if only there was a small handheld computer device that could do this for the poor helpless partner). Week 34 just told my partner to make sure to have a list of phone numbers because many hospitals don’t allow cell phones...which is absolutely not true. These app developers need to find someone better to write these or just stick to what they know-menstrual algorithms..Version: 11.7.2

Use another app!!You can’t create an account and back it up!! Always says there is a problem with the server, I’ve been using it for months but now can’t transfer the data to another device 😒.Version: 11.5

Promoting fatphobic garbageIve used this app for 5 years and its been fine to track my cycle but then today I noticed a little message on the home screen “is losing weight your number one health goal for 2019” click here! well for one, this app could be used by numerous teenage girls who you are now promoting weight loss as a “health goal” for which is not only not a thing, its dangerous and promotes eating disorders and extreme dieting. I am seriously disappointed and will be deleting this app and finding a new one that does not promote this absurd, dangerous rhetoric..Version: 11.0.2

Nowhere near accurate.I’ve used period tracking apps for years because I have PCOS and Endo and need to keep track via an app so I can stay organised for both myself and my gyno if I ever end up unwell or my cycle changes all of a sudden. I’ve since downloaded 3 other apps since using this one and those all say my cycle is completely different and especially my fertility window which is super important for me. I’ve kept it for around 6 months to see if it updates and recalculates as you go, as I really like the layout and ease of use, but it’s inaccuracy just isn’t helpful :(.Version: 11.7.1

Easy to use, but was never accurate for meI’ve put in a years worth of info and the app has never been accurate..Version: 12.0.2

No room for pregnancy or baby lossI’ve used this app for years and loved it, always projected my period correctly etc and use it religiously. Until I got pregnant. Nowhere was there an option for this. Then I very sadly lost the baby which there also was no option for. Then my first period after was 4 weeks long. It would not let me log this. You can’t log bleeding more than 3 weeks. I understand that periods after baby loss are odd, but this is meant to be an app designed for women. How can you not log a pregnancy if it’s all to do with periods?!? Or have bleeding more than 3 weeks? That’s what physically happened, so I need to log it. Fine if you’re regular and no hiccups but we are woman with changing bodies. Surely it can be better?.Version: 11.7.6

Not a good app if you have irregular periodsI got this app because it gets such great reviews. Apparently it’s a good app only if you have normal period cycles. I don’t. It predicts when your next period will be and when that date comes, it automatically starts your period whether your period has actually started or not. This is very frustrating for me because I’ll look back the past few months to see when I last had a period, but it will have automatically logged a period I know I didn’t have. For example, I’ll know I didn’t have a period at all for a specific month, but it will have automatically logged a period that simply didn’t happen. I’ve looked at the settings several times to see if this is something I can turn off but I didn’t see anything like that. If it’s something you can turn off, it’s certainly not easy to find. Since my periods are so irregular it’s important that they are accurately recorded because otherwise I forget when I had them as time goes by and I don’t use this app when I’m not menstruating. It’s one thing for an app to predict your period, it’s quite another for it to log it for you. What’s the point of tracking YOUR period if it does that?? Makes no sense. I don’t recommend this app..Version: 11.7.6

Used to be greatWhen i first started using it the community feature was free and it just worked. now you get pop ups asking if you want premium or whatever every two minutes. and now? now if i try to log my period it immediately ends it after but claims that ‘that day is already logged’ when i try again. i’ve tried it on both of my devices and they each have the same issue, so i know it’s not a me problem..Version: 12.0.2

ConfusingTo begin with this app has great potential. I have only a few complaints about it. Just so you understand where I am coming from, I am 13 years old and I got my first period. I was looking for an app that is not super confusing and I can easily enter stuff and understand really easily. I feel like this app is just super busy and when you are trying to navigate it you easily just get lost. I feel like it needs something when you first get the app where is explains where to get/ find stuff within the app. Another annoying thing about it is that on the calendar it shows “past periods” but like for me, there is no past periods because this is my first. There needs to be a first period option and that way it can kinda predict how your next period might turn out etc. Overall this app is one of the best ones I could find. I just have those few complaints. And I think that this app has great potential, and again it is one of the best ones I have seen..Version: 11.7.2

Email activation not sending.Hi there, looks like a fantastic app however I have tried several times to resend, have double checked my email address both in my inbox folder, junk mail and have checked that I have the correct email address. I keep trying to resend the email activation and nothing appears. Very disappointed as I would really love to use this app..Version: 10.1

Period Log confusingI’ve used this app for years and really like it but an update that happened a year or so ago has made the period log a bit confusing for me. On the day you get your period it predicts the cycle length for the following month by saying (expected) and then shows a number of days that it predicts. Whereas for me, the day I get my period should indicate how long that cycle length just was. For example if I get my period on June 10, next to June 10 on the log it should show the cycle length from my period that happened in May. Not the one that is expected to happen in July. Though I like a predictive date, it just confuses me where it’s placed in the log. Why not have the (expected) date in a section next to the following month?.Version: 9.9.1

Good but….I’ve had this app for years (since 2013 to be precise) and paid for its premium features back when it first started only to now have to get a subscription for features that were already free and now with ads. This app has helped me over the years but now it’s annoying with constantly pop ups of going premium every time I use it. I understand the business model but really a let down for those that paid before subscription..Version: 11.7.7

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