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Very lame app and poor costumer service over the phoneAbout two weeks ago ,I tried to create an account to enjoy the rewards ,well, its imposible. Why? I created ,then signing in ,nothing happen . Just ‘we’re sorry but we’re unable to log you in ,please try again’ . I got help over the line ,the agent was nice ,but even when he finally could create a password with my e-mail ,he never want to give it to me . Then , ill wait 24 hrs because they’re a system ‘has a problem’ okay ,let’s wait . 24 hrs goes by ,but no success trying the app or the website . A gentleman send me a gift card with 7 dollars (THANKS STARBUCKS) . Waiting the week to get the card ,registered online and enjoy the rewards ,everything that I mention before ,happens again. Is such a lame software at the website or app ,trying with iPhone 8 or galaxy s edge ,is the same . Creating another account with new e-mail ,the same . Is amazing how a company like Starbucks ,has a very poor app and nobody can tell you what’s going on . If people or companies create a platform who let costumers enjoy programs ,they should to give it maintenance. Worst is the people over the phone who doesn’t know about the website or the app. They won’t reset your account and you need to wait 24 hrs . Starbucks should have a kiosk like McDonald’s and make his service faster and easy. The app is a failure system along with the website ,PERIOD..Version: 5.14.1

Worst App EverI would give it zero stars if I could. I tried to add a giftcard for a friend to order online since she didn’t have the app. It took us 20 minutes to figure out how to get the card on because it forces you to create an account just to use a giftcard. After finally loading the card it would not let me load it without putting my debit card in. So I did, then it decided to pull $25 from my account and gave no option to undo it, or notification of what it was doing. It was completely unclear on the fact that it was going to do so. The app is difficult to navigate and is basically a money trap. I tried to take her giftcard off so it didn’t accidentally get used and it ended up just transferring it to a different card on the app and taking the money off of her card. Don’t waste your time. It will steal your money. Edit: now I’m trying to change my email and password and there’s no option to. When I looked it up there’s only something saying to click on “my account” then “settings”. Neither of those are available options. So now I’m stuck with my friends account on my phone because she mistyped her email address and she can’t change it or log in. You would think for being from such a big company they would have an app that actually works..Version: 5.19.1

Forced PurchasingTo begin with this app is not very user friendly if you’re new to it you need a freaking manual to successfully navigate it and complete a purchase. Secondly and most annoying is the fact that there are a million ways to find millions of items to spend money on but if you want to remove an item from your shopping cart you have to cancel the entire order. I still haven’t figured out if you have to fully complete the order then start over or if there’s a way to cancel the order without actually having to place the order. I mean SERIOUSLY who the hell makes an app to purchase items from their store without a drop down list where you can go back and remove an item or revisit an item and adjust size or add another flavor if so desired. This is unacceptable as this app has been out long enough that this should have been addressed long ago. This flaw in the app is such an annoying obstacle it makes me not even want to use it anymore or visit Starbucks. I feel like I’ve been set up to be forced to make purchases I don’t want to make. This is completely unacceptable. I’m done with Starbucks, the only reason I go is for my kids. I can get good gourmet coffee from my local grocery store..Version: 5.10

No pricesNo prices you have to go to the checkout page in order to see the prices of the item you added to your order.Version: 6.3.1

Only usable in the USToo bad for you guys, many Canadians consume and would like to use this but the app only works for the states . Crying shame..Version: 6.5.1

Let me pay for my coffee before forcing me to updateDon’t force me to update the app before allowing me to pay for my coffee. It always happens when there is a line behind me and then I have to hold up the line while I wait for the update to load.Version: 6.3

App doesn’t know whats in stock whereI had been saving my Starbucks stars for over a year so that I could collect 400 and be able to get one of the 709ml cold cups. I was overjoyed when I finally had 400 stars and the app indicated that there was a starbucks 10 minutes away from me that had the cup I wanted, so I mobile ordered it - using up all my stars and $15. When I arrived to the Starbucks they informed me that they haven’t had that cup in stock for months and they were unable to refund stars. So I lost all of the stars I had been saving and they weren't even able to refund me the money, so basically I lost stars and money without the cold cup to show for it. I know this is a minor thing but I’m a very loyal customer and I had been waiting for so long for this and it sucked being kicked down. Please make sure the app is updated with the stocks of each store, this was so disappointing..Version: 6.5.1

Do not download it if you are from CanadaI download the app and sign up starbucks for the first time in my life, i charged $20 in it and later realized i charged $20 USD instead and it can only be use at US, no option to refund or change it back to the right country, and why tf is US starbucks app doing at the Canadian App store?.Version: 5.6

CurrencyWhy is my app in USD not CAD? I am in Canada..Version: 6.5.1

Glitchy login - don’t bother with this appFor the past several months, this app keeps asking me to login to top up my balance. Sometimes it accepts my fingerprint but then it forgets and requires me to login from scratch. Fine. I have fingers. I can type in a password. Nope. Not that easy. The App then won’t recognize my password. I reset the password. It won’t recognize the new password. I go back to try to reset again using the new password. I get told I can’t reset with that because it is a prior password (no kidding, it is my current password but your app won’t recognize it). I have tried copy and pasting. I have tried using a keychain app to entire the password automatically. I have tried having other people type it in for me. I have tried typing it in myself for the tenth time and then clicking reveal to make sure it is correct before hitting submit. Nada. I then give up and avoid Starbucks because I don’t need this drama in my life. Then, in a few weeks, like always, the app will magically decide I had the correct password all along and operate smoothly with my fingerprint for a week or so. Hooray. But not so fast. After those few weeks are up, we fall back down the bloody rabbit hole. It will ask me for my password again, say it is wrong, and this entire saga will repeat. No coffee shop is worth this level of aggravation..Version: 5.13

So many missed rewardsThe fact that you have to “opt in” to any of the bonuses is horrible. I’ve lost so many extra points because I forgot to hit “start now” before I made my purchase. There’s a streak bonus going on right now, three days in a row for a bonus of 50 stars. It ends today. I’ve been to Starbucks every single day for two weeks. My streak is only at 2. Why? Because I didn’t notice the bonus until after I had gotten my daily breakfast, so even though I had already made my purchase, it didn’t “count” because all of their promotions have to be “activated” before they’ll apply to my account..Version: 6.0

No decaf optionThere is no option to customize a drink as decaf, which is totally ridiculous. And all I drink is decaf so the app is basically useless for me 😂.Version: 6.7

Can’t login to app but can on websiteDon’t download this app... I’ve tried multiple times. I can download the app no problem and sign in no problem on the website but cannot sign in on the app at all.. please fix this problem..Version: 5.10

No More Tipping 😢The transaction history tab is no longer accessible/visible and; therefore, I’m unable to tip my barista like I usually do. PLEASE make it easier to tip again!.Version: 5.22

StarsI love Starbucks but because it is quite expensive I can only allow myself 1-2 drinks per pay. By the time I would get any amount of stars built up to redeem they would be expired. Why do they have to expire??? If they could build up like every other store/reward program you would be getting 5 star ratings all around!.Version: 5.19

Needs more options like unsweetened and sugar freeI wish I could like the app more. It’s great that everyone at the office can place their order and then one person pick it up. The issue is that in this day and age with so many people being diabetic and others doing Keto you sugar free or unsweetened options are severely lacking. For example chai tea has no sugars or carbs naturally. The chai “syrup” that is used in the chai drinks and fraps does. There needs to be an unsweetened option or an option in the app to have tea bags used instead. The same goes for the coconut milk and almond milk. There needs to be unsweetened options in the app. My office use to do Starbucks runs multiple times a week but we don’t anymore because too many people can’t place an order online through the app as sugar free, unsweetened, and Keto options are not readily available. If they want a chai latte they have to go in to order it and asked for it to be made with tea bags. Also need a way to report that the drink you ordered online, and picked up is wrong. This is another reason we stopped our Starbucks runs is that one person would pick up the orders for everyone and not know if something was wrong. I ordered a pink drink but what I got didn’t have any coconut milk in it. I took a picture of the drink, label, and order to prove it but couldn’t do anything about it while I was at work..Version: 4.8

TippingVery hard to tip in person or ordering by app in advance..Version: 6.6

NEEDS UPDATESI’ve been using the Starbucks app going on 4 years now. The app is showing some major glitches as of late. Twice in the past two weeks have I not received my mobile order because the app randomly “auto selects” a different option and then even after I reselect the correct option it will then for a second time reselect the WRONG option. Unaware of this I don’t notice and as a result don’t receive my order. Per example it continually selects an old store I haven’t ordered from in months, I will change it to my current store and again without me noticing it will auto select the previous store. I then find out when I get to the correct store and my order wasn’t placed. Today the app “auto selected” an old seasonal gift card rather than my gold card that I use daily to order with. It showed the picture of my gold card when I placed my order but the last four numbers were different, the picture just hadn’t changed. So when I arrived to pick up my order I open the app to see it yet again had not placed my order. The Starbucks store teams and customer service are always gracious and fix the issue which I greatly appreciate! However this is unacceptable that the Mobile App can not deliver the same results and continually cause failed orders..Version: 4.6

Eh it’s okayThe app is good and I like how they show you offers and keep track of you’re points and purchases etc. But they need to update the app you should be able to customize your drink more and add things like vanilla sweet cream cold foam or different cold foams in general not just cinnamon or regular etc. The Canadian Starbucks app is lacking compared to so many others and they don’t listen to advice. There really needs to be a change in the app..Version: 6.5

App is great but few locations left to pick up an order!The app is great but Starbucks no longer offers convenience. Closing so many stores has made it inconvenient to have my daily coffee. I am spending far less money at Starbucks. The strategy to close so many stores is backfiring..Version: 6.7

GarbageIPhone 12 pro. Try to enter your card number, security code, tells you to enter personal info. Enter personal info, doesn’t allow you to enter a country. I’m done..Version: 6.2

Pretty good, however...Pretty good app overall however these past few days I am not able to see my gold account star count at all and rewards accrued anymore for some reason and I’ve been all over the app to try to find it. Already tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but no luck. Once this if fixed I will gladly change my star rating. Also another quick suggestion would be, as of late in my case (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), I’ve noticed that stores sell out of certain items faster so when you mobile order something sometimes you get to the store to pick up and they’re out and most of the time they don’t even ask you what else more you may want until you ask them about it. Yes, I get most stores are insanely packed and baristas are overwhelmed but to avoid this issue and also help the barista then perhaps the app should give you an alternate food option in case what you ordered food wise sells out during the mobile order process so then that way the barista doesn’t have to wait until you arrive for your order to ask you what else you may want and try to keep track of something like that while customers keep rolling in, again just a friendly suggestion..Version: 5.2.1

If you’re Canadian Delete This AppAs a Canadian I’m going to have to stop using this app. The app does not give the option to use CAD so if I load $15 on my card it ends up costing me $20CAD..Version: 6.5.1

Your rewards program has gone down hillI agree your seasonal games are completely frustrating! I have come to avoid them. It’s amazing to learn that people have actually won. As for the rewards program - it has become consistently INCONSISTENT. Regularly items that I have purchased were never recorded. The worst aspect of your star rewards program has to do with Starbucks coffee receipts from my local supermarket. I upload them, receive Starbucks acknowledgment of them and then NOTHING. In the past I’d receive an email that they were received & then either an acknowledgement of my rewards (often not in keeping with $$ spent) or that receipt needed to be resubmitted due to a printing problem. Now NOTHING!? And more times than not, when I view my account history, they + other purchases are not even listed. Finally, other than your coffee which is consistently delicious, your food/snack products need an overhaul. The sandwiches breakfast & otherwise appear & taste like they’ve been hurriedly thrown together on some Starbucks assembly line. Lastly if it wasn’t for the great coffee & overall genuinely friendly service, I’d have looked elsewhere for my coffee, food items & snacks. Love ya, but you need to shake things up, you’re gettin “old!”.Version: 5.22

Tracking has never worked and warming option missingEverything about the app has been great over the years EXCEPT it has never chosen a Starbucks location near me even though I have location turned on. It always defaults to the Starbucks I ordered from previously. I always have to search on the map where it does show my current location and I have to manually select the closest location from the map. This has been happening for all versions of this app over the past several years since I first installed the Starbucks app. Also the warming option for muffins(I only order the blueberry yogurt muffin so I cannot say for certain others are affected) is now missing. And coffee cake has never offered the warming function. Employees at every location thinks the option is there until I show them it is not..Version: 6.6

Can’t login with Canadian Starbucks accountApp does not allow me to use my Canadian Starbucks account. The login credentials are correct since they work with the web app at app.starbucks.ca. My iTunes account is set to the correct country. I suspect the app submitted to the app store is trying to login to the wrong region..Version: 5.6

A Possible life saving app suggestionThere truly needs to be either a comment section or allergy section when ordering something through the app. I have a severely anaphylactic milk and almond (so almond milk) allergy. I request coconut milk every time but it is not always acknowledge because it gets busy and things get rushed but I have saved myself countless times by stopping the barista after they pour milk in my drink. I always get there early to try to watch them make it if possible and cannot use drive through anymore because I was given milk in a drink and obviously didn’t get to see them pour it. I had an anaphylactic reaction in parking lot luckily I had a friend (and nurse) with me. This was not the first time and I stopped going to Starbucks for a while because I was super nervous. But I am back to being a daily customer. Allergies are, most of the time, very serious and dangerous. And if there is a place when order that says *ALLERGIES* where underneith you can write what yours is and have Starbucks employees know to look for that it could be the difference between a Emergency room trip or enjoying your coffee. Thank you.Version: 5.7

Okay but not perfectI love mobile ordering. I love that I can place an order from home, have it ready by the time I reach the store, and leave with minimal exposure. I'm mildly annoyed by how the app intentionally hinders itself when you don't share your location. I'm an adult, I know how to choose where I want to pick up from, and I don't need you to patronizingly tell me, "are you sure you want to order? Looks like you're too far away from the store!" Shoo, Big Brother. I really love and really appreciate that Starbucks is going the extra mile by closing stores to sanitize everything to the nines after reported COVID cases. Can you guys take a suggestion, though? Is it possible to mark stores that are closed on the app? To me, closing off mobile ordering and giving a message that "a barista here will be willing to take your order in person" means to me that the store is still open. I've TWICE now driven all the way to Starbucks only to find the location closed at 7 or 8 in the morning. Meanwhile the hours on the app, the website, and the oft-neglected location Facebook show that it's currently "open". Please please please, I'm begging, please make it so that the app can be a real-time reflection of stores that are *actually* open..Version: 6.3.3

Needs improvementThey need a better system for this app. When it works, it’s great, but if the Starbucks you’re ordering from doesn’t have an item you ordered via mobile, it’s like pulling teeth. Placed a mobile order, prep time 2-5 minutes. Waited and waited; checked again, prep time: soon. After close to 15 minutes of waiting, I finally left work and went in to Starbucks. My order was nowhere on the counter and everyone else was getting their orders. Finally after a few minutes of standing there, a guy approached me to let me know they didn’t have my sandwich and asked if I wanted anything else. I said no, I just wanted to be refunded. He said ok and walked away. Still was waiting for my drink. After another few minutes of waiting, I finally asked the girl making drinks if mine was going to be ready anytime soon as I had been waiting a while. She said oh, it’s right here but I was waiting for your sandwich. I said they were out of it and the guy was refunding me. She gave me my drink (which was now lukewarm, if that) and said I’d have to go to the register for the refund. I then had to stand in line and wait for the refund. Very, very inconvenient for someone stepping out from work to pick up an order..Version: 5.1

UnfortunateI had two gift cards on my Starbucks app but when I pressed join now and signed in they disappeared and I could not get them back! Disappointing....Version: 6.7

Hate the appIt has created a group (not all) of people coming to Starbucks that feel they are “special” and do not have to play by the rules. They are too lazy or unorganized to wake early enough to leave time to get their coffee. They inconsiderately park their vehicles in the isle of the parking lot or the handicapped spots while they go inside to retrieve their order. Insultingly Starbucks employee’s then tend to neglect customers within the store. Talking to employees it seems Starbucks is not too concerned about their customers as so many times they miss the mark on customer satisfaction. 1. How do you run out of stir sticks? 2. How do you run out of sugar? ( a store can’t borrow from another store?) 3. How do you not have coffee brewed? 4. Opening a Starbucks with a unsuitably small parking lot ( trapped in your car by drive thru line,Kenosha,Wi 39th ave /75th st). Don’t get me wrong, I love “Starbucks” coffee. From my house in Tonopah Az. I drive 39 miles on way to a real free standing Starbucks to get my morning coffee everyday. (Starbucks inside a grocery tend to disappoint) I just wish they would make getting my first cup of morning coffee less frustrating ! (Many other customers feel the same)..Version: 5.13.1

Reloading the Card Needs to be OptionalI would actually choose Starbucks so much more frequently if I was able to pay the total amount of my order instead of having to reload a minimum of $10 every time I order. Which I didn’t even know it was $10, I thought it was $15 because the lowest minimum of $10 isn’t the prompted amount. I want to be able to pay my order total- not give you my money like an ATM at a bank so you can use it at your free will until or if I ever order again. There’s no reason we should not be able to do pay as you go! Every Starbucks near my house and my job are high volume. I have to order on the app to ensure I won’t be late- regardless of how early or how much time I have. Wait time estimations are unreliable, using the app is so much faster and easier, however, I very rarely do because of the lack of pay as you go feature. I almost always choose competitors such as local shops, convenience stores, or Dunkin Donuts because I know I can be in and out of these places, unlike Starbucks. Ive ordered in Starbucks and waited on average 10 mins every time and that doesn’t even include the very busy days. You are taking away an added convenience and because of it losing potential sales!.Version: 5.6

At least it supports Apple WalletThe app is okay. I only really use it to see how many stars I have and to reload my card. My primary interface with the entire ecosystem and purchase experience is via the Apple Wallet card (so the support for that is good). If I could also use another means to complete a mobile order, I would. I still has several issues. It doesn’t refresh my balance. I have to go into Apple Wallet to see that. Very odd. I also think that any challenges and games to incentivize more visits should happen in the app, versus today, which requires a separate login in a web browser. Other issues are really around how busy the interface is and how many steps it takes to actually order something. Seeing people in line realizing they need to add money and then just paying by card directly shows you how the design is more of an interference to the process. Another thing is the mobile ordering process. I would love to have a shortcut order for mobile so I don’t have to confirm via multiple steps every time - yes, I know the distance of my store relative to my position so I don’t need a reminder or a warning..Version: 4.5

So soThe app is okay but you can’t write notes to the specific store you’re ordering from which kinda sucks... I like that the app is fairly easy to use / navigate so that’s a plus..Version: 6.6

Stars, starsI love when my stars expire. It is money well spent.Version: 6.2.1

Wish I could give 0 starsUnable to login to app Always errors.Version: 4.4.2

Signs me out and won’t recognize loginI’ve updated my password on the website but it won’t recognize it in the app. Whenever this happens it takes weeks to sort it. Then I stay logged in until it decides to randomly log me out, lock me out, and stop recognizing my very valid and current password. Aggravating. My money is in there..Version: 5.0

HiNot useful to have an app to order when you can not see the menu prices. With new updates - now I’m unable to see card balances which is very inconvenient. I do like that you can preorder and save drink options that you use regularly. But I never order anything new because the prices are not on the app..Version: 6.5.1

TerribleHate the app. Signed up on here and defaulted me to USA even though app said Canada so now I can’t change countries. My gift cards are stuck in wrong currency where there is a constant currency conversion so it looks like money keeps disappearing.Version: 6.5.1

App UpdateThank you for doing you app update and kicking me out of my app on my phone. I ordered my coffee at the drive through when I went to pay I couldn’t access my app because I don’t keep my password with me. I didn’t have time to do password recovery in the drive through. Screw your update! I left without my coffee this morning..Version: 6.5.1

Newest updateThis new update is terrible I cannot pre-order from the app anymore. Nothing shows up in the menu or my previous history for my orders. Needs to be fixed..Version: 6.5.1

BadI wasted 100$ and did not get it.Version: 5.14.1

App update lost some helpful featuresThe mobile app is so useful, however, the last update seemed to have gotten rid of some features I found helpful. For one, I don’t like that now when you go Into the history, it no longer shows the date and time of your purchase, so if you need to take a screenshot of your “receipt” it does not include the complete purchase info, which renders it less useful. It shows a receipt number, which is not useful to me, and it is inconvenient to have to screenshot both the history list AND the purchase itself. Why did you get rid of this? Why fix what wasn’t broken? Also, you have removed the date info for the Starbucks cards. It was helpful to have the info on the start dates of my cards to differentiate the cards, especially the similar ones. It used to have that info before. It also is frustrating when the app does not let you choose the store you want and sometimes suggests some faraway store. It would be helpful if it also told you reasons why you are unable to use the app - ie, store shut off mobile orders, store is closing, etc. Otherwise, you think it’s your phone or app and you waste a lot of time. I also would like that the app kept the history details for the “free” items, because just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you don’t want to record WHAT you had. But, for the most part, I like using the app..Version: 5.2.1

Love the app but most stores are slow to make your mobile order!The app is almost perfect. I wish you can customize the mobile orders a little more like put someone else’s name on it when you order for someone else. But that’s not my big gripe and why it only gets 3 stars. There are two reasons. First of all, one less start is due to store locater being slow half the time unless it happens to be your store that you note as a favorite. The 2nd reason, and it’s a big reason, is that most stores are now very slow to process your mobile order. I can expect 5-10 more minutes on top of what they estimate for you. A lot of them just say they have many drinks. Well the system should have factored that in. If you give estimated times then factor in how many drinks just got into the system. I do think many stores just don’t pay attention to the mobile orders as much. I literally see them pull the labels out for those who are at the stores ordering and let the other machine that has the mobile order sit there longer. Starbucks: If you want more people to use mobile order then have your baristas pay attention to the mobile order labels being printed. Those are your most loyal customers and don’t want to wait 10-15 minutes for their drink to be made. It defeats the whole purpose of having mobile orders!.Version: 4.4.6

Cannot order aheadDownloaded the app during Covid19 so could order ahead. Tried so many times but all stores in the list say order ahead unavailable but actually they do have only mobile order pickup available..Version: 5.17

SUCKS, COMPLETE ROBBERY!!!!The new system is a complete ripoff, I definitely won’t be getting my morning coffee from here anymore. I’m done I spend hundreds of dollars a month and have no rewards to show for it. I had been saving my rewards for my 2 weeks off in July so we could enjoy our coffee on our travels and the 13 rewards vanished!!!!! After all these years of being a Starbucks diehard I won’t be back!!!!!.Version: 6.0

Was way better before September 2018 cross platform updatePlease make it like an iOS app again. If I wanted to use a bad cross platform app, there are plenty out there. Why did you go for the terrible performance of a bloated cross platform app for a luxury coffee brand? Puzzled that Starbucks went this route to save bucks on development..Version: 5.3

GlitchyIt doesn’t show the default liquid cane sugar in my app for iced Matcha lattes. I think I’m ordering an unsweetened drink and they’re pumping it full of garbage..Version: 6.6

Dont like that we lose our rewardsEspecially during this Covid time and not going out as often I really hate that we lo se rewards if we don't use them right away. I thought it was illegal in Alberta to debit rewards points on any card. I don’t get penalized by Triangle or Second Cup or Tim’s or Scene if I don't use my rewards right away, so why does Starbucks?.Version: 6.0

Shame Starbucks!Pay your employees properly during this pandemic like other food services and grocers...don’t make your customers pay a $5 tip for a $5 drink!.Version: 5.17

Needs to provide status of your current mobile order.First time user of the app, so take this for what its worth but no where in the app could I find the status of my current order. Under “Orders”, my current order showed up as the top most order but no status. It looked no different than orders placed last week or weeks before. No status. Why is this important? When I got inside the store, the pickup area was somewhat chaotic. There’s no line, just a bunch of ppl hovering around the pickup area, and some people waiting patiently on one the “wait here” floor stickers. So what should I do? Well, had I known the status of my order, I at least could make an educated decision to either wait on one of the floor dots, or hustle my way up to the counter to ask for my order. I am not a confrontational person so having to do anything to even appear to be “cutting the wait line” is never something I want to do. But in this experience at the store, I was faced with having to make that decision because I was completely in the dark about whether my order was ready to pick up or not. If the status of an order is indeed available in the app, then please make it more user friendly, and obvious, to get to..Version: 6.0

Impossible to workApp doesn’t work..Version: 6.7

Less Care, Rushed DrinksI’ve noticed lately that drinks being made with a rushed demeanor instead of how baristas used to be trained...which was putting care and effort into making drinks. I live in an area (San Jose) where I am able to visit several different Starbucks throughout the week when I’m out and about. So, this review is not regarding one Starbucks in particular; I’ve seen a change in the quality of training baristas. For example, I have recently taken a like to the iced matcha green tea latte. No matter which Starbucks I’ve ordered that drink from in San Jose, the drink is made with too much ice, which fills up 3/4 of the cup when I’m done drinking the drink. I’ve requested light ice many a times. When I’ve done this, the drink isn’t filled up to the top. When I’ve questioned this concern to baristas, I’ve had different responses...from, “It’s due to the foam from being shaken” to “We aren’t allowed to fill the drink to the top.” This frustration has caused me to become bitter about ordering the drink I love and to stop ordering it. Hopefully better training on making drinks improves and customer service at the Starbucks sites improve..Version: 5.8

Don’t use it for your business Expenses...It Does not keep the receiptsIf you moved to the app to keep track of your receipts for business expense then it should be made clear that they do not store more than 90days in history. I lost out in hundreds of dollars of my personal money that I no longer have access to receipts cycled out of this app. I recharged my card with my personal money. Purchased my breakfasts, lunches, snacks from my frequent business trips thinking that the receipts would still be here. NOPE. Customer Service can’t retrieve them. They can see that I’ve regularly recharged my card so know how much of my money that has gone to their company. So Starbucks is fine with taking my money, just not enabling me to access my complete receipt history so I can get it back from my company. Companies don’t reimburse you on the money you add to your Starbucks app. All Customer Service is empowered to do is offer me $40 for the inconvenience. I spent HUNDREDS of dollars over the past year that I am unable to be reimbursed on and you offer me this as a solution? Data Analytics in this day and age should have a clear accounting for where my money goes once I’ve put it in this app & that accounting should be accessible. That is an acceptable solution. Not $40 credit for the inconvenience of not being Account completely to where your money went..Version: 5.9

Poor Security, no accountabilityI loved my Starbucks app for 10 years. I made the mistake of loading the app with funds from a credit card on file within the app while in a Starbucks. My account was compromised (likely from a customer in the store) and my account was drained that day. Fortunately I only loaded $50...but noted the next day there was no money on my app and apparently I had made a purchase in Milwaukee the previous night (3 k miles away from me!). I just assumed Starbucks would help me, but their customer call center was closed the night I discovered the fraud. So, I called my credit card company that night, froze my card, waited a week or so fit a new cars/number and after being on the phone twice, on hold, at Starbucks (once for 45 minutes) I gave up rectifying the matter with Starbucks. There is no way to get a hold of them! I even filled out an online complaint and I was referred to the call center that “due to Covid is not fully staffed and weird may be...forever.”I discovered online there has been for years a known major issue with the app’s data security when loading the card with money and this has not been rectified by Starbucks. It was a huge hassle and made my habit of using the app stop cold turkey. Goodbye, Starbucks..Version: 6.4.1

PreorderThis is the second time in 2 weeks time was wasted doing a app preorder. 2 weeks ago I ordered only to get there and the door was locked. After getting back in my car I watched other people stabd at the door and and employee brought them their app order. At this point i was sandwiched between cars and had to wait in he long drove through line. I get last minute changes as I was informed they had just turned off their pre order. But either wait until mobile orders are picked up before locking the door or designate and employee to bring them out as to not just serve certain customers. Waiting in the long line just defeats the purpose of the mobile order. May as well just order at the window since I have to go through it. Today I place another order. Get there and again cant get it. Another very lengthy line. I had to just call and have my order cancelled as I did not have the extra time to sit and wait and get my “cold” order. The same applies here. Just trun off the mobile order as having to wait in th line again defeats its purpose. If people knew they had to wait in the line such as the length of starbucks they would probably accommodate their time to do so. Very frustrated as I just reloaded my card to realize now that I would rather not spend the money here..Version: 6.2.1

App is diverting orders to other stores without notificationThe app has now diverted two of my orders to an alternate store without any kind of notification or warning. The first time I had no answers, as my usual store was temporarily closed and there was no indication of such until I arrived at the store. Today I arrived at the store and was told their location couldn’t be selected for orders and I would have to go to whatever alternative location the app code for me..Version: 6.2

Placing ordersI accidentally placed an order and you cannot cancel it !!! Starbucks just stole 20$ out of my pocket do not recommend.Version: 5.11.1

Star RewardsI’ve been a longtime gold card member, and have watched your many changes made to the rewards program, all with the common theme of giving less and less to your loyal customers. First, you reduced the stars given per purchase, then you did away with bonus stars given for making multiple purchases in a given time period, and now you’ve made it virtually impossible to get rewards for purchasing coffee to brew at home by doing away with the star codes, and now requiring we upload our sales receipt, which, like I said, is more difficult, and time consuming than the 5-stars given per item (formerly 10-stars per). With your prices continuing to go up, while market prices for coffee beans have stayed relatively stable, it really seems like your straying from your original business model, and are now all about the money ... or rather how much you can get out of us, while giving less and less in return. I find myself asking, more and more, is your coffee really worth buying when I continue to feel you care less and less about the customer.Version: 5.9

Always unstableIt almost never connects..Version: 6.7

Why should I report an issue with Starbucks?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Starbucks to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Starbucks customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Starbucks.

Is Starbucks not working?

Starbucks works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Starbucks.

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