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What is GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance? Description of GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance

Life is full of lane changes. Some expected. Some not as much. No problem, because the GEICO Mobile app is here to lend a hand if you ever need a quote, policy update, tow, or you just need to change your address. Now, when life changes lanes we’ll be right there because we’re always headed in your direction.

Not to toot our own horn but we’re the #1 Insurance Mobile App. Find out why below.


The days of rummaging through your wallet, past expired gym memberships and old receipts to find your insurance ID cards are over. Now they’re always easy to access right on your phone. Access them from the app or add them to your Apple Wallet.

Now you don’t have to slow your roll to pay or manage your bill. The GEICO Mobile app makes paying on the go easy with numerous payment method options such as Apple Pay as well as flexible payment amounts that fit your needs.

No one likes being stranded in the middle of nowhere – or even in the middle of somewhere. The GEICO Mobile app lets you tap for a tow anyplace, anytime.

Let’s be real - claims aren’t fun. A fender bender, crash or broken windshield can all be nerve-racking. That's why GEICO Mobile makes it easy to file and manage a claim.

Ever wish you had a teeny tiny person in your pocket that you could ask questions about your policy, billing or more? Us too. So just ask GEICO’s Virtual Assistant.

Vehicles need tender loving care too. That’s why we make it so easy to get your car serviced, find out about recall alerts, and even get maintenance reminders. It’s like a hug for your car.

NOTICE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: See our CA Notice of Collection:

GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance App User Reviews

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GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Pros

Very busy retired woman, with very active family of kids and grandkids.My family has carried Geico auto insurance for over 15 years. The representatives over the phone are extremely pleasant and polite, reassuring and most helpful, clear and accurate. We’ve had it all, over the years, a few fender benders, luckily most serious was whiplash and policy paid all medical expenses for medical care. Someone did sue is for damages and after several years of refusing to accept settlement case dismissed. Geico assigned an extremely competent lawyer who kept us well informed. In the end they were not awarded anything and case was dismissed. Cost of coverage is cost competitive. They provide easy, quick access both online and over the phone and it only takes a call to make any type of changes to coverage, add or remove vehicles. The customer service and claims management never disappoints. The auto repair shops they refer to are A+. We have several vehicles including dump truck and large trailer, 3 cars, and a motorcycle. Everyone in my family from age 16-75 recommends Geico without hesitation..B00tY LickaVersion: 5.0

You really know, until you know!Getting to know you have Great Insurance the Hard way. I switched to GEICO at the end of 2018, coming from USAA after 11 years. Had a flat tire on my motorcycle, just needed a 5 mile tow to work, put a new tire on when I get there, called they said you don’t have towing, what? I’m fully covered, yep...All except towing, we no longer offer in Ca? Then 2 months later, my insurance jumps 300+ for my policy, why, more expensive now. Welcome GEICO, blessing. I had you for 3 months, 10ft from my driveway, 10 mph and 30 ft away from putting down the kickstand, swerved missing a coyote and bam, hit my neighbors suv . You guys effortlessly take care of my neighbors vehicle, process my bike in less than 30 days, I’m very impressed. A year later heading home from work, lady makes an illegal left turn in front of me, launching me 35 ft over her car a landing in the road. Again, there for me again handling it flawlessly. So, you never really know, until you know! I have been sending you all my friends and family any chance I get, why...because I know..Nickorific!Version: 5.16

✓   GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Positive Reviews

GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Cons

Seems kind of shadyI called in for a quote on another vehicle and I told the agent very clearly that I was looking at a quote and that I wasn’t adding anything to my policy. I only have one car on my policy and was looking to maybe add another car. After a phone call or two I noticed that he DID add another car onto my policy from 247 (keep these numbers in mind) to 400+. When I called to take that second car out immediately I noticed that they also increased my insurance on my first car 🙂. It’s really shady how they added $10 onto my policy. Then with the drive easy app I noticed that it never changes when I have a good driving streak but when I do maybe a few mistakes it goes down fast. When I brought that up to an agent they gave me the same advice that I heard over again. Ok, it was a decent score but even when I drive well and trying to avoid everything my score has went down. I will say that I soon won’t be in business with this company anymore. It’s way too expensive and even after waiting 6 months for it to drop it’s still not as a good deal as the one I had before. I still pay 217..Nosrep sihtVersion: 5.39

GEICO is horribleGEICO is horrible. I have had a glass damage claim (for the windshield of my car) open for weeks, and I have not been able to make any progress beyond the initial declaration of the damage, given the many roadblocks GEICO laid on my way. It is the phone number from the mobile app that tells me to send a written message, and then the reply to the written message that tells me to call the same phone number. The “dog trying to eat its own tail” madness. In the meantime, my safety is being endangered while I am forced, by this bad quality, to drive a car with a damaged windshield. Also, at the same time and while all of this is going on, my dealership, the glass repair shop and GEICO are all playing to pass the ball to each other about who should take the next step. They all seem to think I am responsible for it. For sure, I am responsible for it, that is out of the question, but how can I really be responsible and be able to take care of it, if every time I try to make this claim move forward, one of the three stakeholders refers me to the two others? Absolute madness again. They are a bunch of irresponsible men and women brats catching me in the middle. Help! And fast!.MichaelA330neoVersion: 4.33

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Is GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance legit?

Yes. GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,530,667 GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance is 93.4/100.

Is GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance safe?

Yes. GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 3,530,667 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5. AppSupports Safety Score for GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance is 94.9/100.

Should I download GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance?

There have been no security reports that makes GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Product details of GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance

App Name:
GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Finance, Business
App Size:
132.10 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
08 October 2009, Thursday
Last Update:
09 March 2023, Thursday - 10:40
IOS 14.0 or later

GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance 5.52 Update Note
✱ Version History

Our latest app update is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day - it's just what you needed. + We've made it easier to find 2-Step Verification (2SV) options, and we've answered common questions about 2SV in our Help Center..

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