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GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance app received 26 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance? Can you share your negative thoughts about geico mobile - car insurance?

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GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance for Negative User Reviews

Poor customer serviceI broke down on the 29th of October. I tried to request a tow through the app (since it was so quick and easy) I was issued a tow company not able to tow my Harley (came in a sling back) I was told by the tow company they didn’t have a truck to accommodate me. They advised me cancel the tow and call to request a flat bed. From that point on I was stuck in a vicious cycle of being routed back and forth between a phone line that was not answered and trying to send me a link to the app which prompted me to call, as I sat on hold physically 3 hours. Finally I called and paid for my tow out of pocket (over $400). Not only was I stuck on the side of the road but also was 6 other people dressed to go to a costume contest but was unable to attend because they sat with me on the side of the road. Maybe all GEICO customer service was out trick or treating their selves. I also reached out to support on Twitter that also got me nowhere. So I hope someone with the authorities to make some changes inside your company gets to read this review. Most insurance companies would have at least reached out and did a customer satisfaction check or something. I have yet to hear from this SO EASY TO SAVE 15% company. I must be paying for it by loosing customer service..Version: 5.27

Not happy customerPrices have changed completely! I have a perfect driving record, was given a complete opposite quote if paid year in full, I mean atleast a $500 - $600 difference. I called for a quote on my other vehicle I didn’t add it however the agent added it anyway (by mistake). I didn’t find out that I owed anything more due to not paying in full by the renewal date but only didn’t pay by the renewal date because Geico is trying to figure out what they did wrong. I just so happened to go on the app & all of a sudden noticed bills being due stating if I don’t pay I’ll be canceled. I call I think they’ve got it all figured out & Geico actually owes me. So… 6-7 months down the line I get another cancellation notice saying I need to pay almost $300 or I’m going to be canceled, I call & the lady says she’ll call me back she has to get a supervisor, yet the supervisor doesn’t call me back she does & explains this situation which makes absolutely no sense!! I’m still not satisfied, still don’t feel like I owe all this money esp looking back at my bills, what I should’ve paid, what I did pay… It doesn’t add up! I sure won’t be a loyal customer anymore if they don’t figure this out. Smh Geico!.Version: 5.37.1

Not easy to navigateMy policy was about to be canceled because the expiration date on my debit card has changed. When this happened in June I updated the account for all of my bills and online purchases. Including Geico! I had assumed my bill was being paid automatically as it had been in the past and there’s absolutely no reason it should not have been. But I received an email that I was about to be canceled so I logged onto this app.I went to pay my bill and I noticed popped up that I must change the expiration date. Easy enough right? No no no no no no no not easy at all! I repeated this psycho about seven or eight times where it allowed me to change my expiration date and then I went in and clicked pay bill and it said the expiration date has expired change your expiration date and I played goofy again and again and again!!! I went to the settings but I couldn’t find payment methods. I finally found something that gave me the option of a credit card or checking account but not the option to change the expiration date on my debit card. Finally by random and I mean random not intuitive clicking and clicking through and clicking through I came to a page that allowed me to put in a new expiration date. My bill has been paid the entire process took me about 20 minutes. I gave you another couple minutes of my Saturday to write/dictate this message in hopes that you improve your system for other customers. Thank you.Version: 5.5

Great prices, not great responsibilityI’ve had GEICO in the past, and I’m back with them now. Don’t get me wrong, the whole 15 minutes or more really does save you money on your insurance, BUT what I’m having the most trouble with is not having a standalone representative that deals with my insurance. That’s one thing I despise about GEICO. From the first day of my policy, I had to go through three or four different representatives to instate the policy for both renters and auto. The auto insurance was the worst to deal with because I was trying to get a date of insurance that worked from the transition of my wife’s old policy and mine, to one that worked at that time for us. Unbeknownst to my wife and I, months later, we would get a letter in the mail stating a lapse in insurance…. I called at least three times about my wife’s car, and about the same for mine. Well the birthday came up and it STILL wasn’t fixed, so essentially my registration is suspended because they couldn’t do it right the first time when I called about the insurance lapse. NOW a I have to pay extra on my tag because of that… THANKS geico..Version: 5.25

Seems kind of shadyI called in for a quote on another vehicle and I told the agent very clearly that I was looking at a quote and that I wasn’t adding anything to my policy. I only have one car on my policy and was looking to maybe add another car. After a phone call or two I noticed that he DID add another car onto my policy from 247 (keep these numbers in mind) to 400+. When I called to take that second car out immediately I noticed that they also increased my insurance on my first car 🙂. It’s really shady how they added $10 onto my policy. Then with the drive easy app I noticed that it never changes when I have a good driving streak but when I do maybe a few mistakes it goes down fast. When I brought that up to an agent they gave me the same advice that I heard over again. Ok, it was a decent score but even when I drive well and trying to avoid everything my score has went down. I will say that I soon won’t be in business with this company anymore. It’s way too expensive and even after waiting 6 months for it to drop it’s still not as a good deal as the one I had before. I still pay 217..Version: 5.39

No help with accidentI was rear ended by another driver who also has geico. Police officers arrived and informed me I can file on as I was on my was to work , but was given the wrong information because no police report number is provided when you self report in the state of Florida.I have provided photos of the scene of the accident the other drivers license,registration, geico insurance card a print out of the transcript of the 911 called place. The other driver so called contacted a lawyer no the driver and the lawyer will not respond nor contact geico. Geico states they can’t contact them and with out talking to the other driver now there is nothing they can do for me . You cannot contact the person you insurance, I bet if he stopped paying you would continue to reach out to him. Now I have a damaged vehicle with out even an update from geico . I’ve called over and over and over for over a month waiting for a representative for over an hour each time on the phone . Wasting my time and still nothing no updates geico has given up at this point . I have been a customer for many years on and off with no accidents till I move to Florida the wild Wild West of drivers. I mean come on he hit me at a red light the proof is in the pudding. Very disappointed and dissatisfied..Version: 5.26

STAY AWAY !!!!Complete rip off , I’m very disappointed . I’ve been with GEICO for several years , never had a speeding ticket or violation . Was in 1 accident where the other party was found to be 100% at fault ( I’m an extremely safe driver ) . My car got vandalised a month or so ago . After having to wait for 2 weeks for them to investigate my claim and give me the ok to proceed , they gave an extremely low estimate that they are not willing to even negotiate , even though I got them 2 written estimates from body shops about how much it will cost . When I asked to speak to a supervisor , he was extremely unprofessional and wouldn’t let me even finish my sentence before cutting me off . He then started accusing me of “ wanting more money to keep for myself “ . I just want what’s fair , I’m not asking for anything extra for “myself” . I’m asking for what’s rightfully mine . They are great until you have a claim . Then they will try to get away from paying , and they will try to rip you off . Not gonna let this go , once I finalise this claim I will be switching to another company for sure . Total rip off ..Version: 5.34.1

Geico AppThis app would be great but it is not user friendly when needing to speak with someone or explaining why you billing changes monthly. I am baffled as to why I was quoted one price and now paying close to double, we had issues downloading the app to track my husbands driving and when I was able to download it told me it didn't recognize the number. This was after speaking with a service rep on the phone for hours to get this cleared up. Now you are charging be $2000 every six months for insurance where I have issues speaking with someone. WOW is all I can say after being in the insurance industry myself for well over 20 years. I don't get a warm and fuzzy from your company at all. $4000 a year with a clean driving record really! Now I realize why I never would recommend you guys. I will call tomorrow once you are open and discuss my issues. Don't think you want my business or want to just rip people off. Not sure which one it is..Version: 5.39

Unexplained Jump In RateI'm a 52 year old educated woman who has been driving for 35 years WITH ZERO tickets or accidents or claims...homeowner since 29 years old, steadily employed full time, divorced, solely raised and put two daughters through college (Clemson, UMD)... been with GEICO for 15 years! Yet, my auto insurance for a 2015 Camaro LT was $126/mo. but jumped to $199/mo. without explanation! Again... no accidents, tickets, or claims... EVER!! Having raised two girls by myself, I have struggled financially at times, but my driving record has never reflected anything but a safe and defensive driver! Why am I paying such an outrageous amount for auto insurance? Although financial issues have forced me to be reinstated a few times over the years, I have never had an unpaid balance with Geico. I'm currently seeking coverage from another carriers. If my insurance does not decrease, I will be forced to permanently change carriers. My financial situation has recently improved. I refuse to pay unwarranted amounts of money for auto insurance when I have never asked for it in return! Regards..Version: 4.15

Careless!!!Be careful because initially they will be soft with their rates and everything. I’m very upset with them because I was a customer with them for more then five years or so and the one month a had problem with my bank credit they report me and left me without insurance and I had no Idea! I was on autopay but someone stole my bank card, so the autopay with them didn’t go through! But the only thing they did was send me an email to notify me who the hecks checks their email constantly and also with all those spam that you get. They didn’t bother to call me to leave me a voicemail or a text or anything! People have a lot going in their life sometimes but by the time I remembered 10 days had passed, But it is incredible that they can’t forgive you and hear your situation FOR THAT ONE MONTH!!! They just went ahead and cancelled me and report! How dare they how is this caring about your customers. I mean not even one month had passed for them to do such things! It was just this One Time…I was on autopay without missing any payment! Went I told the guy who answered He didn’t care he just sounded like a machine telling me what they did and when i told him my situation and told him i want to get back on they double the price almost $300 dollars!!!.Version: 5.52

Disappointed with the appI really like GEICO as my insurance company but I have a serious issue with their app. I frequently drive with my son’s in the truck with me. Sometimes navigating is required at which time one of my son’s uses my phone because that’s where the directions are located or to make a phone call for me. When this happens I fed admonished over losing my “hands free” record and I lose points on my driving record which could cause me to lose my discount. I could always go into the app and say I wasn’t driving but that would be lying. I could say I was the passenger or was not on the car but I would be lying. There is absolutely no option stating someone else was using my phone. I have expressed my frustration with this to a representative over the phone but got shrugged off. Surely it couldn’t be that difficult for you to add that option. I’ve also gotten the warning when I’ve pulled over and parked my truck to make a call and am not moving. It’s highly annoying. Please fix these issues..Version: 5.51

Broken WindshieldI recently tried to file a claim for a broken windshield, but to my surprise and because I had paid on my policy 6 months ahead of time, my policy had lapsed the month before I made the claim. I never got a curtesy call to renew my insurance. I tried to explain to customer service that the incident happened about a month before I made the claim which at the time my insurance was current. Customer service said I would have to pay out of pocket because when I filed and when the incident actually happened was about a month apart. It just so happen that the time that my wife tried to file the claim was when they’re saying our policy was passed due! I tried to explain to the claims agent that I had set my insurance up for 6 month payments and was unaware that it was time to pay again… I’m very disappointed in GEICO’s treatment of a customer who paid for 6 months in advance and just because of a technical error on the date of the actual incident and the time that my wife reported it and the fact that they were solely going on this and that there was nothing they could do… well I just don’t believe that… this is one of the main reasons why insurance companies get a bad wrap and hard working people like me hate you guys!!!.Version: 5.33

SHOCKINGLY INCOMPETENTI have tried for 7 months to update my address. Every single time I try to do this in the App I get “oops we’ve encountered an error”. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. FOR 7 MONTHS. I have spoken to 5 different agents over this period and the issue has STILL not been resolved. The last 3 times I have attempted to use their online chat to speak to an agent, the entire program has crashed, forcing me to start over. I have even communicated with an agent via email, who assured me that my address would be updated. Guess what? It never was. I have just finished waiting through a queue of 44 people to speak to an agent through their online chat. When it was finally my turn and an agent started speaking to me they asked for my first and last name and when I typed it into the response field guess what happened? The entire program crashed, disconnecting me. When I tried to go back again I was then back in a queue of 29 people. That is the last straw. After the IRS, I have never dealt with a more incompetent business/organization than GEICO. They cannot even handle something as simple as updating a customer’s address. I have been a customer of theirs for years, and never ever again. Good riddance to a dumpster fire of a company..Version: 5.29

Good but needs workOverall the app is good. It’s a little slow and somewhat clunky to use could definitely use some updates to the UI. My biggest gripe is with the vehicle maintenance tracking feature. It’s a great idea and I like that I can track all my maintenance in one place but it’s a pain to use. Half the time I try and access my records I’m prompted to register for a free car fax account. I then have to go back and forth until it will finally take me to “my garage”. I ended up registering for a free cardiac account thinking this would eliminate this but it lead to a bigger problem. I had been tracking oils changes etc., which I do myself, with the app which states powered by carfax and even had some records in there from previous services but, after registering a free account and adding my vehicles none of my tracked maintenance showed up on the carfax history. I double checked this on the carfax website with same result. I also had some receipts and invoices uploaded to the app and although they are there and I can view them I can’t download them to add them to the official carfax maintenance record. What’s worse is I can’t find where I can access this info on the actual GEICO website to download them..Version: 4.42

Ca use some improvementsThis is mostly feedback for drive easy. I love the idea and it’s great to keeping your rates lower and making sure your kids are driving properly. However there are a few cases it doesn’t handle or doesn’t provide enough feedback for driving improvements. First and and the most annoying is distracted driving sensor. I get the idea, and I actually never handle phone when driving- I use Siri and hands free. But I never drive alone and my kids or other passengers will use it to search places for the next stop or set music play lists. The app will count this as distraction and there’s no way to to tell it that it was the passenger. I wonder how this affects my rates. Second issue is feedback. It will tell you when you did a hard braking and show on the map, but nothing on smoothness or cornering. How can I improve my driving if I can’t say where what was done incorrectly? Finally, there’s no easy way to provide feedback in the app, other than submit a technical issue. Hope Geico is paying attention to reviews..Version: 5.38

I don't drive so often...I barely even drive my car. Maybe once a month. Geico struck gold with me as a customer, I'll never crash. Every day geico sends me an email, "we haven't communicated with your device in a few days" I haven't even gone for a car ride in over a week. Mine or anyone else's... and then when I do go on a car ride with someone else and use my phone in the passenger seat I need to either go airplane mode or go into the app after and tell it that the horrible 'phone usage' exceptional trip was me not actually driving and using my phone but me as a passenger, which it lets you do just fine after it confronts you about it lol. The app works, but it also needs to leave me alone. Every time I check my email the newest one is from geico crying that my app is not working. (It's clearly working all the time! Sending location data!) I'm clearly just not needing to drive so much right now, maybe less so than what's on my policy. Please go away... please?.Version: 5.41.1

Terrible insuranceThey are robbing people. The customer service is very nice when you are getting an insurance and they become very mean when you want to change something on your policy. I downloaded this app and was trying to get a quote for my sister. She doesn’t drive my car and I never wanted to add her into my insurance. Well the app added her to my insurance automatically without my permission and now I have to pay for her too. Well I’m not her parent and she doesn’t drive my car. Anyways, I call Geico customer service for help and the girl on the phone literally ignores me. She HANG UP on my face. I was kindly asking why I can’t delete her and she just said “I’m hanging up”. On the geico app there is actually place to delete additional drivers. Every single page works perfectly on the app except that one. Because only that page says “ERROR”! I am a student and now they want me to pay $157 each month for insurance. I don’t even work and my mom ca5 afford it. Well I would like to cancel my insurance but I can’t. Because I paid around $400 for the first payment. TERRIBLE! I hate how they are very nice when you are getting insurance and ignore you the moment you get the insurance. DON’t get insurance from this company. NEVERRRRRRRER.Version: 5.7.1

Super buggy and no supportI just signed up for Geico with Drive Easy, but the app seems pretty garbage. At first it wouldn’t accept that I had turned on “motion and fitness” in my settings, because the app was taking me to the Geico part of settings but at least on an iPhone it’s in privacy, so I had to uninstall it and start over again. Then I set up my account and password, and every time I selected “keep me logged in” it would erase my password. It told me my password didn’t match, so I reset it, and with the new password got the exact same problem. Just to test my sanity I pulled up a browser and put in the same information and it accepted it just fine. So I uninstalled/reinstalled again, making sure to select “keep me logged in” first and typing in my password and it finally accepted the same information it had rejected a dozen times. I’m now super frustrated, out 45 minutes of my time, and there was no way to contact support through the app. The help section is only FAQs. When I called the agent who signed me up, she did her best to help me but she was just reading from what we’re probably the same FAQs.Version: 5.35

App needs workI am writing this review through transcription via iPad. I can’t see what I’m writing because I guess by writing is white the same color as the background so as you can see this app absolutely needs work. Also when I try to input my new billing information as I hit billing update it did not confirm that the changes were made so my experience with the app has been nothing short and terrible. Get some new coders that my fingertips. The results of this app is indicative of GEICO's reputation. They are far superior than any other insurance company when it comes to customer service. I have been with GEICO for over 20 years and only once have I been disappointed by a certain customer service rep that kind of rushed me through a call though she took care of me that is the least of my complaint. Other than that they have been flawless. And I would recommend geico to anyone even if you're paying slightly less because you can't get pass the customer service and the flawless process that GEICO will give you in the event that you have an accident or need assistance..Version: 5.29

Very clunkyThis app may be ok for viewing your policy number and getting contact info for Geico, but filing claims, taking photos for estimates and handling claim process is pretty terrible. There is no way to edit or correct info if it is accidentally entered. It won’t let you change vehicle owner (assumes my husband is owner of all our vehicles). It would not let me delete estimate pictures that were not focused, etc, in order to replace with better photos (the photos are so small they look ok but once you accept them you see that they are blurry or cropped incorrectly, but you can’t remove and replace them). If you add additional photos from your photo library, the app freezes after EACH additional photo you download; so you have to close it and log back in each time (7 times in this case!). The photo feature for estimates is really just terrible. Needs so much work. This goes for the website as well. Claims process is just as bad online, same issues, just as clunky. You have to contact an agent to fix things…and good luck with that (wait on hold for 45 min just yo have the phone system hang up on you without ever talking to anyone). Disappointing..Version: 5.34.1

Geico Misrepresented and now I’m out of work.Geico misrepresented a payment on my account and my account went negative while I was experiencing financial hardship. I made sure on two different occasions that my account wouldn’t be charged, and I was told “Not to worry”. A few days later, my account was charged and my account was overdrawn. I understand my bank account is my responsibility, and I was making it my responsibility by communicating with Geico to make sure they wouldn’t charge my account. Geico now tells me that it will take several days for the $$$ to be credited to my account. I made sure to follow the steps I needed to take; Geico misrepresented themselves, and did not take consideration of my situation. This wouldn’t be such a big problem if Geico actually followed through with what they said they were going to do… I now have to call off an entire weekend of work where I can’t get paid. Why you ask? Because I can’t put gas into my car and drive to work this weekend. I work as a DoorDash driver; so I NEED gas in my car in order to work. I have zero credit and I have no friends or family that can gift me funds. I am doing the best that I can, and I’m working very hard to get out of my financial hardships. Geico has royally screwed me, as I now cannot work this weekend or put food onto my table because of their misrepresentation. I will not be renewing my policy with them..Version: 5.26

Roadside is a jokeFirst, not sure where Geico gets their claim of 5/5 stars for roadside service because there is nowhere to leave a review. I got locked out while scraping snow (for the first time in my life). I had gloves and extra layers… also locked inside the car. I was fortunate to have a warm building to go into. If I hadn’t, I would have gotten hypothermia waiting the 60 minutes for the service they were sending. On top of that, thé phone number provided for the service went straight to voicemail so there was no way to communicate. Called Geico and had a long auto system prior to talking to an agent about the communication problem. I got lucky and someone was able to open the car. I canceled the roadside assistance that was still 30min out. Now that roadside service website asked for a survey, that didn’t have questions consistent with my issue (4 short questions) and at the end it says « we’re working on sending help » with no way to say no. If I get charged for this I’m going to be even more upset. Happy I got lucky, not remotely happy with Geico or the service Road Rangers. Why use a service that’s 60min away in cold weather!!?.Version: 5.48.1

Geico CoverageI have maintained insurance (full coverage) on my vehicles for many years. Recently my vehicle was vandalized. Passenger side window busted out, windshield punched or hit, passenger side rear kicked or backed into. This happened in a public place and several other vehicles were vandalized, as well. Police came out and made a report. All steps were properly followed. Geico did NOTHING for me. I had to pay for a new passenger window 251$. New windshield 223$. Repair the dent 312$ and amongst all the struggle, a foot of snow came. I had to have a rental car while my vehicle was being fixed. Geico refused to extend my rental for the duration. I had rented a Kia Soul. I reached out and informed them the car was stuck and I was unable to move it. I could not even get my own vehicle. I had to pay out of pocket for the rental for each additional day. With having comprehensive, collision, etc. nobody should ever have to pay over a thousand dollars. What’s the point of paying for full coverage if it isn’t provided? The adjuster treated me very poorly. The entire situation was traumatic. I will be finding insurance elsewhere. I would advise any policy holder to do the same..Version: 4.24

DriveEasyI have always liked Geico, and I never write reviews, but the DriveEasy program is infuriating and Geico should know that. I am a very safe driver on a budget, and insurance rates are crazy high across the board right now, so I signed up for it assuming I would definitely save a lot. And I am saving a little, which is nice, but there is one major annoyance that has to be a scam on their part to collect more money. There are threads on several message boards about it, so I can’t be the only one who is upset by it. Geico: your safest drivers are getting docked points for having “uncontrolled turning” according to your app, and we are trying to fix the problem by driving so slowly as to be encouraging other drivers to speed around us, because even if you take every single curve and turn in a 30mph zone at 7-10 miles per hour, the app still says you are driving like a psychopath. And you are—but not because you’re cornering too fast and without control, rather because you’re trying to convince a broken bot that you’re not doing that. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Fix your bot and give us our discount..Version: 5.50

GEICO is horribleGEICO is horrible. I have had a glass damage claim (for the windshield of my car) open for weeks, and I have not been able to make any progress beyond the initial declaration of the damage, given the many roadblocks GEICO laid on my way. It is the phone number from the mobile app that tells me to send a written message, and then the reply to the written message that tells me to call the same phone number. The “dog trying to eat its own tail” madness. In the meantime, my safety is being endangered while I am forced, by this bad quality, to drive a car with a damaged windshield. Also, at the same time and while all of this is going on, my dealership, the glass repair shop and GEICO are all playing to pass the ball to each other about who should take the next step. They all seem to think I am responsible for it. For sure, I am responsible for it, that is out of the question, but how can I really be responsible and be able to take care of it, if every time I try to make this claim move forward, one of the three stakeholders refers me to the two others? Absolute madness again. They are a bunch of irresponsible men and women brats catching me in the middle. Help! And fast!.Version: 4.33

Pressure to use appI downloaded the app, but I preferred road side assistance when it was not all automated. The provider ask me for feedback before the service was completed. I am waiting for service now but the app is no longer giving updates. When I called it warned me about long wait times and referred me back to the app. The app seems to be almost mandatory so I recommend it. However since I do not have unlimited cellular data or wi if while traveling it does not inspire me with confidence that the company pushes the app so much. Last year also had a problem when I reported an accident. It did not give me enough options and reported the accident as my fault when it was not. It was a year before all departments within Geico corrected the error. There are just problems when drop down box communication is the only option. Still waiting for roadside service and getting no updates about time. Phone service for the company going to voicemail. To knowing if they are coming is a problem.Version: 5.22

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