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Just insured my boat last year with Geico marineI was very frustrated and unhappy to hear that a person like me that has not had a ticket in 27 years and follows all the laws would have to hear through a letter that they were raising my boat insurance considerably. I had to get on the phone and work at it to finally talk to somebody to tell me why, And this was what was said due to so many wrecks and idiots in California on the waters we are going to punish everyone including the customers that follow the law. If that isn’t communist and isn’t wrong I don’t know what is. That I should have a raised insurance bill from other peoples wrong doings probably half of more on JetSki’s the other half don’t know how to drive a boat and they probably were all drunk. But is it right to punish a good customer because I have other bad apples I’m really disappointed in Geico I’m sure this review want to be put on the site cause I don’t wanna hear it..Version: 5.60

Bad faith businessBarry Bellmore, a Geico claims adjuster out of Los Angeles has tried to pressure me into taking an ultra low value for a custom order vehicle by threatening to “have to look closer & possibly the numbers will come back lower” if I don’t accept the amount offered and I keep pushing for more. This is my own insurance company, I’m highly disappointed and would not recommend #Geico to anyone, friend or foe! They will quit paying for your rental car and then notify you a few days after the fact if you don’t take their low ball offer. The claims adjuster hasn’t even correctly entered my vehicles information for a proper comparison and so far Geico has done nothing to actually correct the errors. Turns out they use mainly rental cars to develop a cars value, strip down rental cars will never have the same value as a fully loaded car that was purchased new from a dealership! This is fraud! These guys are total crooks so be forewarned and buy your auto insurance from somewhere else!.Version: 4.32

SupervisorI could work at Geico and teach a few things about organizational skills for employees at Geico. All employees should have organizational skills. Recommend special monthly or weekly classes for employees not to be in such a hurry answering customers questions as if they knew the answer to get off the phone to handle the next call. I had 6 weeks of training before I even answered the phone not to mention training I got before I decided I wanted to become a customer service rep. I answered phones when reps needed a meeting and put customer on hold until I got the right answer. I was very good at my job and actually wrote a job description for Colonial Penn. Due to my organizational skills I combined 3 jobs into one and increased my salary. Find people who just don’t go to work for the money but care enough about their job to make your company better and better. Sincerely, Cynthia M Elkins.Version: 5.29

Thank YouAfter getting into a very serious accident, which can be so upsetting, the professionals at Geico took extra care to make sure I was ok, did I need any help, any services before even discussing my coverage and the next steps. And the concern was genuine; some times it sounds as though a company rep is reading from a script; with Geico staff, it seemed like I was talking to a concerned friend. And at a time like this, when your head is spinning and you don’t know which way is up, a kind, gentle approach like Geico’s makes all the difference in the world. Every other aspect of the process was just as professional and I can’t say enough about Chloe, John and everyone I had the pleasure of working with. But it was the human warmth and genuine kindness offered at such a frightening and upsetting time that really stands out. And please know that I am very grateful, and hope I can pass on the kindness to another who may need a helping hand. Warm regards, Joe Fitzpatrick.Version: 4.33

You really know, until you know!Getting to know you have Great Insurance the Hard way. I switched to GEICO at the end of 2018, coming from USAA after 11 years. Had a flat tire on my motorcycle, just needed a 5 mile tow to work, put a new tire on when I get there, called they said you don’t have towing, what? I’m fully covered, yep...All except towing, we no longer offer in Ca? Then 2 months later, my insurance jumps 300+ for my policy, why, more expensive now. Welcome GEICO, blessing. I had you for 3 months, 10ft from my driveway, 10 mph and 30 ft away from putting down the kickstand, swerved missing a coyote and bam, hit my neighbors suv . You guys effortlessly take care of my neighbors vehicle, process my bike in less than 30 days, I’m very impressed. A year later heading home from work, lady makes an illegal left turn in front of me, launching me 35 ft over her car a landing in the road. Again, there for me again handling it flawlessly. So, you never really know, until you know! I have been sending you all my friends and family any chance I get, why...because I know..Version: 5.16

Geico caresGeico already has some of the lowest rates out there are all of the transit employees. So great of them giving customers across the board an additional discount with their Give Back program. It’s refreshing to know big business cates about its clients. I’m not one to jump around to different carriers for better rates but when my policy came up for renewal with my local agent I questioned if I was getting all discounts I was eligible for . I had been with them for close to 14 years. When I started digging into my policy I found that I was not getting any of the discounts I qualified for. Then it hit me that because I was a loyal customer I took it for granted that they had my back . Foolish! I was out all those years of discounts. In comes Geico . When I compared rates I was in disbelief. Almost half of what I was paying , close to $900 less! Still in disbelief I went over coverage and one for one all was the same. I called my agent and was told it’s a smaller company and I was getting personal attention to my policy. Needless to say I immediately switched to Geico and so glad I did!.Version: 5.1

GEICO is the bestI’ve been with GEICO for almost a year now. I had switched over from progressive because every time it came time to renew my policy they would increase the cost of my policy. Finally I had enough so I shopped around and I ended up choosing GEICO and I have to admit, it was probably the best decision I could have made when it comes to purchasing an insurance policy. They have been so helpful and to my surprise they have been more understanding than I’d ever imagine. I would highly recommend anyone to switch to GEICO for thier auto policy I promise you will not regret your decision. They have probably the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Not only in terms of an insurance policy but all around in general. I plan on doing business with GEICO for as long as I need an insurance policy. Looking forward to buy my first house so they can insure that as well. Thanks GEICO and please keep up the good work.Version: 5.28

Stolen MoneyThis insurance company automatically withdrew money from my bank account and then tried to withdraw it again from my other bank within 2 days. Then they proceeded to tell me that they never received a payment. They took money from me and then told me I still owe them. Then proceeded to say they don’t know where my money went. They say they had the same issue happened to numerous other customers and they tell you that you must submit your bank statements to get credit for the money they stole from you. Then even after you submit the statements they say it’s not good enough. DO NOT USE THEIR MOBILE APP. You will LOSE MONEY and they will lie to you. Do not go through Geico! They do sketchy stuff and then when you call, they give you the run around and blame you for everything. Literally the worse insurance company. They steal your money and then tell you they don’t have it so they can make more money off of you..Version: 4.37

Five starsIf anybody is considering purchasing auto insurance, all I can tell you is one thing stick with the best you can’t go wrong with a insurance company that has been around for more than 75 years I have never had an issue with my insurance company which I am proud to say Geico and I say that with all sincerity Geico is a company and insurance that is there for you when you need them, I will refrain from mentioning other insurance companies but don’t bother with other insurance companies some people say that Geico is one of the most insurance companies on the market but what I say is you always get what you pay for so if you want to go with Mike and Mike insurance company before I want you never know what you’re going to get but with Geico and 75 years of experience you know what you’re going to get excellent service customer service an app that is far beyond anything that is out there. Thank you, Geico..Version: 5.46

Peace of MindMy gratitude and love for Geico Insurance has genuinely grown over the years! There truly is SO much to love while appreciate about this company. For starters, their hospitality anytime I’ve had to call in has been consistently friendly while helpful. However, they’ve made their app incredibly user friendly while immensely resourceful to make everyday needs, or sudden unexpected one’s such as, requesting certain documents available right at your fingertips, so calling, which we do not always have the bandwidth for; is not always necessary! At least you know when you do, it won’t be a dreadful experience! Everything has felt non pressuring, including no usual influx of marketing harassment’s and such compared to other companies. Thank you for making life less stressful. I do hope to continue having a policy with y’all contingent on reasonable rates/ coverages..Version: 5.61

Very goodI can only compare it too Progressive n State Farm. I really never had issues with Progressive, they added me with no issues when everybody else did when I 1st started driving. State farm on the other hand, OMG, terrible. Mainly the office location I was with in the Bronx, NY. Plus these guys had me paying way too much for liability. I am paying less than that with Geico and with full coverage. This is why I like Geico, they have their app you can reach them pretty quick too and by phone the wait isn’t that bad. Idk how it would be if they had locations around like StateFarm. Thank god they don’t. Even in my accident, I was in recently they pretty much handled everything in a timely manner. Only issue I had was I wish there was a way to investigate accidents. It’s a shame I was at fault. I mean I know the guy with front end damage gets the blame, but the guy cut me and slammed on his brakes. I will be looking into a dash cam for sure..Version: 5.17.2

APP for Geico InsuranceWhile i realize APPs are the best thing for taking care of business I find it clumsy and annoying . I liked the previous in paying my bill and going thru the app I had to fumble around to pay my bill . However I have no idea what I paid for why I have two cars I am not driving them they are sitting in the garage I own three motorcycles and I have two up and running and the other one has a flat tire but I was not allowed on your app to see that makes me wonder if I did the right thing here .... makes me want to go to another insurance company and consider looking at what am I really getting here ???? I have been w your company a long time but as technology goes sometimes things just work fine and don’t need some update if your going to do that then tell me before this is a new iitem an app for your phone and get someone on the phone and tell me how to access it ! Instead of me fumbling around and wasting time and distracting me !!!!!.Version: 5.9

Motorcycle insuranceI am from the UK but am the registered owner of a Florida plated bike. I have been insured by Geico for 9 years on an international driving license (I have a UK and Florida bike licence) the FL licence is only ever valid for 90 days but Geico don’t force me to pay to the $85 every time I’m in the US to ‘renew’ my licence. They totally understand the situation and can see the nonsense of having to go through that every time I’m in FL and want to ride my bike! The policy is SO flexible and the customer support is second to none (very rare these days!) Geico has made owning and riding a motorcycle as a non-US citizen a breeze..Version: 4.30

Great app, great service except for claimsHave been a GEICO customer for many years. The service and app are great. Had a minor accident a couple of months ago. Initial processing was great. The car was towed timely and we were given a rental for a month. Unfortunately, the claims process soon became absolutely painful. The underwriter was not responsive, used an inappropriate comp, and created a nightmare for us. Delay tactics and stonewalling were used to force us to accept a low settlement amount. We had to return the rental after a month and GEICO dropped the dismantled car in our neighborhood to avoid paying garage charges and without our consent. After almost 2 months of no response and upon escalating the claim internally, we were able to reach acceptable agreement. Even then, the underwriter didn’t clearly explain what we need to do nor was interested to help. I hope this was an isolated incident. Our claim processing has left me deeply disappointed in a company that I thought was a leader in the space and one of the best. Fairness and customer service for claims should definitely be reviewed and improved..Version: 4.42

Great experienceI called in to find a cheaper premium for my car insurance. The quote I originally got online was a very low number (my driving record isn’t the best) so I was very skeptical about the amount they provided. Of course after running my license number the premium went up a lot! It was going to be more than my current payment amount. My agent was very quick to find me a solution and make sure I got what I needed for a good price. She made sure I got all the discounts I was eligible for and I was was soo grateful for the 15% the company is adding to clients payments during this pandemic, in addition to that my payment for the second month was only $39. I am starting school that month and won’t be working so that helped A LOT! Overall she was amazing, friendly, helpful, understanding and really gave me the best experience I’ve ever had with an insurance company. She really cared about giving me everything I was looking for. I am excited to be back with Geico..Version: 5.3.1

Great companyThis is the first time in 30 years I have had an insurance company that actually seems to care about me and want to take care of us and our vehicles. It is very easy to make payments to them. It is very easy to turn in a claim. Their app is user-friendly and you can do almost everything you need to do on it. My husband totaled his car a few months ago. I was astounded at how easy the process was to get it all taken care of. From the accident site we went straight to a rental car agency and they already had a rental car set up for us. Within five days they had our totaled car assessed and a day or two later automatically deposited the money into our account. No waiting for a paper check. The process was very smooth and I will definitely stay with Geico. I would also like to mention that I have had Geico for the last several years and should have put in a review sooner. In the last couple years I have talked to multiple customer service agents and have never spoken with somebody who was rude or condescending. They have always been professional and very courteous..Version: 5.28

1st time insured - SO grateful to Geico 🙏🙌So as a NH resident who never had the opportunity to do Drivers Ed since my parents didn’t have the money - I’m now almost 29, with a crazy amount of demerit points against my driving record; I was feeling SO beyond helpless… So I was getting first time quotes from all the different top, middle of the road, and less known insurance companies… JUST a touch under $1,300 was the lowest premium I could find - Then Geico quoted me at $565 (1st month is including the one time $25 charge for the NH registered SR22, so naturally $540 for the remaining 5 months, at which point it’ll go down further as the later violations “age off” my driving history) which is saving me a MINIMUM of $735, when compared to the next “lowest quote”. This entire process since the DMV ordered it - has been an absolute NIGHTMARE, with a “clerical error” leading to a false suspension and ARREST as a result of; Geico made the worst month of my life just THAT much easier and I’ll never forget the care, compassion and humanity they handled everything with.Version: 5.30

Beware of quote process for minorI have run multiple quotes for adding cars and policy coverage changes but it never gets updated on policy until it is confirmed. Good, right? That is not the case with running a quote for new driver. I was trying to check premium for my minor son if he is added as a driver. App took all the info I entered and added him to policy as a driver and effected it. I didn’t even finish the quote process till the end, and didn’t confirm him to be a driver. 2 days later I got an email to pay additional premium!! Please provide a disclaimer that running a quote for a driver could add him/her to the policy even if consent was not given. Provide a cancel button in quote process so that user has ability to exit when they want to. Also don’t add driver out of quote process and explicit confirmation. Instead of just notifying the user about policy doc is updated, state key changes in email notification - new driver added, new premium is so and so - which ensures information is accurately notified to the policyholder..Version: 5.21

ShadyI’m a disabled veteran on a strict budget. I use the 6 payment option for that purpose. The app said that I didn’t have a payment due in October, but since they credited me a discount due to the Corona Virus and because my policy is paid in advance I now have a double payment due in November. Again, no payment due in October, but a double payment due in November when I could have paid an October payment and stayed on my budget. When I called customer service, the rep said I could fix it if I got on autopay. I feel like the app misled me to give customer service a chance to sell me on autopay and to make me feel like my only choice was to set up autopay. Seems pretty shady creating a situation forcing me to call customer service, make me feel like I don’t understand the situation and try to sell me on autopay. Eg. “We didn’t make a sales call to you, you called us.” I don’t like giving access to my bank account to every Tom, dick and Harry. Seriously annoying..Version: 5.10

AmazingMy mind is honestly blown. I called because of a incredibly minor error on our policy, my last name didn’t reflect my name change after getting married, and I wanted to make sure it matched my license. I called Geico’s number from the mobile app, due to me calling from the app all of my info was automatically available to the representative, SUPER convenient. There was no wait time (I known thats not always possible but I’m very happy about it) the representative was professional, knowledgeable, and quick. Most importantly he was in a fantastic mood, and really seemed to enjoy his job, from a customer standpoint this was my favorite thing about this call, it was so refreshing. He changed my last name to the correct name and sent out new Vehicle ID cards and I was off the phone within 3 min. I have honestly never experienced customer service this helpful and efficient!!!! I only wish I asked his name because if I knew it I would be calling Geico to talk to a manager to tell them how great this employee is! I am new to Geico, and all I have to say is so far so good!! Thank you so much for making this easy!.Version: 4.29

Very busy retired woman, with very active family of kids and grandkids.My family has carried Geico auto insurance for over 15 years. The representatives over the phone are extremely pleasant and polite, reassuring and most helpful, clear and accurate. We’ve had it all, over the years, a few fender benders, luckily most serious was whiplash and policy paid all medical expenses for medical care. Someone did sue is for damages and after several years of refusing to accept settlement case dismissed. Geico assigned an extremely competent lawyer who kept us well informed. In the end they were not awarded anything and case was dismissed. Cost of coverage is cost competitive. They provide easy, quick access both online and over the phone and it only takes a call to make any type of changes to coverage, add or remove vehicles. The customer service and claims management never disappoints. The auto repair shops they refer to are A+. We have several vehicles including dump truck and large trailer, 3 cars, and a motorcycle. Everyone in my family from age 16-75 recommends Geico without hesitation..Version: 5.0

GEICO MILITARY IS GREAT EXCEPT . . . . . . .My wife total a vehicle 2 years ago ( first incident EVER in 6 years ) my rates double, they worked with us, they got me a new car seat and even tried to sue for my deductible ( I declined because they are good insurance ) I’ve had issues with trying to pay in the past with the app freezing and issues with getting declaration pages. I don’t agree with rates changing with policy changes that are extremely small ( adding towing and road side ) they wanted an extra $9 a month even with me having “Triple A” GEICO all in all are fair, and are a great insurance company but for someone who has been with a carrier for over 6 years SHOULD NOT HAVE RATE INCREASES DUE TO STATE LEGISLATION OR THINGS THAT THE POLICY HOLDER CANT CONTROL. KEEP MY PAYMENTS GOING DOWN EVERY 6 MONTHS WITH NO INCIDENTS, DONT TRY AND RAISE MY RATES THE LONGER IVE BEEN EITB YOU GUYS. ESPECIALLY IF THERE ARENT ANG TICKETS OF ANY KIND AND ARENT ANY ACCIDENTS. I was hoping for a lower deductible soon ( I HAVE GAP ) and you guys only pay what market for the vehicle ( LEARNED WITH TOTALING A 2022 BMW XB7 ALPINA ) so if you guys only give market value for a total and the customer holds GAP also there shouldn’t be a big jump in premium..Version: 5.64.3

BadI locked my keys in the car and was waiting outside my gym at night (which needs something on my keychain to enter so I was locked out). I forgot my password and tried to reset it but for that I needed my policy number which I don’t know. Luckily it was saved offline so all I had to do was memorize the 8 or so digit number and put it into a thing to reset the password. So I did that and when I tried to put in my newly reset password it said it couldn’t access my account at that time. Uh okay. While all this was going on I was trying to get roadside assistance on the phone through the number they said to call. 30 minutes of waiting and I was not able to speak to anyone!!! I’m sure the app would be useful if it actually worked for me. Overall terrible experience and I’m upset about their customer support. Luckily I was not kidnapped or something worse while locked out waiting to talk to someone to help me..Version: 4.14.1

App SupportI have been using this app for many years now and one of my favorite features was the “Find gas” feature. I am beyond furious that you took this away. I could actually be sitting at a traffic light, open the app and quickly tap on this feature on the app to find gas quickly around me, pull over and get it. Now you took this feature away. I opened the app in the App Store and there is a highlighted blue area to tap on to ask the developer a question, but it just navigates back to the original app page. I want this feature back on my app. I need this to help me. Gas prices are so high and I have to have this help to quickly find affordable gas quickly. Why would you do something like this in these difficult times. I am so angry about this. No one asked me if I wanted to keep this feature or if I mind it being removed. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 5.48.1

Vandalism? Service Guys say”yes.” Insurance?We’ll see just how “customer-centric” they really are. I’ve had Geico for a long time. Never needed them for anything egregious. Car has been vandalized for about 8 months. Inconvenient seeing cabin strewn with worthless paper and glove compartment contents scattered about the cabin in the morning. Now the engine exploded after being driven from my home for one block. In previous two weeks had little cosmetic things done with the service supervisors saying car is immaculate and car, 2013 CR-V, is in great shape. Of course the “adjuster,” suddenly can’t adjust to the event being continued “over the top” vandalism. Why? Ah-Ha, Cost will be new engine. But with a series of small, acceptable vandalism events, this engine (when torn apart to discern why it finally blew up after being driven one block, Geico adjuster suddenly can’t accept continued vandalism. That would make Geico responsible for the engine replacement. Isn’t that the reason for paying insurance premiums for years? For the “biggie?” Hang on. I’ll let everybody know. Geico may not..Version: 5.48.1

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