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Scanner Pro-OCR Scanning & Fax App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Scanner Pro-OCR Scanning & Fax app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about scanner pro-ocr scanning & fax?

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CRASH APP- so buggy!After months of going back and forth with “Olga” providing crash log and feedback report after report, and beta testing their new “updates” on a test software track, I’m finally DONE! What used to be such a great app and so important to my daily receipt tracking to be “paperless” has now turned into such an inconvenience. The app crashes and doesn’t upload properly to my Google Drive anymore. I can scan one receipt but before I have time to change the scan name and hit save, the app crashes. I have to now copy/paste the scan title I want in Notes BEFORE o scan, and sometimes it still crashes and does not load. So I have to now habitually check my Google Drive before I trash the receipts. The process now is way too tedious and inconvenient to have actually paid any money for this app. Used to be great, but no longer. Goodbye!.Version: 8.0.6

After years of use, now has lots of bugsI’ve been using this app for so long that I forgotten when I downloaded it. Everything changed in the last week or so when I updated to the latest version. There are now lots of bugs, it keeps crashing and documents sent to the cloud don’t always delete as per my workflow..Version: 8.0.3

Almost PerfectThere's a lot to love about this app. It's simple, intuitive, and does a great job at recognizing pages and transforming them into quality scans. I love the custom share sheet and integration with iCloud Drive. It's almost perfect, but I'm deducting two whole stars in hopes that it'll bring attention to the fact that the app chokes when I need to scan more than a handful of pages. For example, I wanted to scan 35 whole pages yesterday. By the 8th page, the app was glitching out and slowing down on me. It was barely usable, but it worked—up until when my phone (a 7 Plus) literally overheated and rebooted. My scanned pages were still there in the app, but it was a nerve-wracking experience when I really just needed the scan done quickly and uploaded. I understand that it must take a lot of processing power for Scanner Pro to do what it does, but if I paid for a Pro app, I'd want to be able to seamlessly scan a whole bunch of pages in one go. Regardless, if your particular use case is light, you'll be satisfied with Scanner Pro..Version: 7.3.2

Icloud saving is all messed upAll the files I've scanned over the past year or two are all mixed up (doesn’t sort by date properly anymore), and many of them that are showing in my iCloud folder are not showing in the app anymore. Its now very difficult to search for documents I need, because they do not order by date..Version: 7.3.14

ICloud Sync / Restore issuesWhilst I’ve used this app for years and it’s a great app, I recently had to delete and reinstall it. Now none of my scans stored in iCloud are restoring inside the app. I can access them direct via my iCloud Drive, yet the app only syncs new scans to the same iCloud folder, not showing any of my existing scans. This is clearly a bug and needs to be fixed. Once this is resolved, this is a 5 star app again..Version: 7.5.13

Needs improvement.Works very well... however it doesn’t adjust images as well as another app I have used by Evernote called scannable. Scannable makes documents easy to read straight off the bat... this app you have to get in there to adjust contrast and brightness to make some text readable... it also doesn’t work well with small text... pretty disappointing considering I had to pay for this app but scannable was free..Version: 7.3.14

Not for OCR Solutions (as Readdle advertises)Horrible, horrible, OCR no matter how polished or pre-preped the Photo is with the source text. Even very clean clear black text on white background, the app usually has errors. Poorly executed programming flow. Even if I take a snip of text, say a paragraph in the picture, it assumes the snip I just made in its crop selection is a full page. So the app, to correct for this stretches the snip. My text paragraph, is now stretched up and down in really thin lettering. Then it tries to perform OCR on this and naturally fails miserably. Just what were they thinking? Didn't anyone try their app before putting it on the store? Band-Aid fix is ...if you can guess almost exactly the dimensions of your clipped paragraph, you can punch X and Y dimensions in manually and it does better. Second-best is using the auto size feature, which on mine didn't appear as the default setting -why I don't know. And sadly, Readdle doesn't even have the workflow so that from your pictures album you could send a picture directly to OCR with a "cut" button for pasting (which is what the user is going to do next) ready to go like in other apps. Clumsy, clumsy, unusable. Not the typical Readdle Standard quality of apps. They really dropped the ball on this one. The only good thing I can applaud them on is being forward thinking and putting WebDave features in place cleared -kudos. Otherwise, it's just another scanning app..Version: 7.3.14

Functionality removedI used to love this app but it no longer does what it used to do even after I restore purchases. I used to be able to edit PDF’s to do basic things like remove a page but now you have to pay an annual subscription to some other product that offers this functionality. When I try to edit a doc it says that it was created in “Scanner Pro 5” so I can’t do anything. I’ve been using this for at least 9 or 10 years. It’s aggravating when these apps remove functionality and infuriating when you are now required to succumb to a subscription model under a different product to get back what you had already paid for. I’d be willing to pay a flat upgrade fee but everyone wants repeated income with subscriptions and it’s the absolute bane of my existence. Sometimes subscriptions make sense but often they do not..Version: 8.3.1

What happened?Used this scanner all the time. The app always recognized the edges of the paper with no problems at all. But for some reason after ios 11 came out it recognizes the edges very poorly. Now no matter how perfectly I position the document I need to scan, I still need to crop the edges manually after the picture is taken what wasn’t the case before. In the past my conspiracy brain always made me feel that as soon as the new iphone comes out my older model starts to perform noticeably worse. Now I can’t shake off the feeling that since in new ios scanner is available natively from the notes app, the 3rd party apps will slowly start to die off. Although to be fair I don’t see that much comments here that are complaining about poor performance of the app, so who knows, maybe it’s only an issue on my phone..Version: 7.2.1

What happened?!Because I loved this app before recent updates, I’m giving it two stars. But if I were just starting to use it, I’d be giving it negative stars if that were possible. I’m not sure what happened with the last couple (?) of updates, but it has been close to useless for me. It crashes when opening, it crashes when just sitting open, it crashes when scanning, it crashes when scrolling through the photo import screen. There really isn’t a task it hasn’t crashed in the middle of. I feel lucky when I am able to scan anything and it saves properly (and not in a file that I’m told it can’t open). I’m not even waiting for the auto upload features to kick in, I just airdrop everything to my computer ASAP. When the app was working, the auto-capture feature, border detection and editing tools made it so easy to scan multi page documents and sections of out of print books I use as references. Sticking my phone on tripod meant I could scan far faster than any flatbed scanner could and the images were comparable. Now my “to scan” pile is growing and I hate to say it but I’m starting to consider switching to another app. (I tried taking photos with my iPhone 11 Pro’s stock camera app and then importing them to use the editing tools... but naturally it crashes.) Please please please find a fix!.Version: 8.2

Works well expensive to send a faxSame as title.Version: 8.5.1

LACKS COMPATIBILITY yet handyThe app is very handy in terms of what it is made for, portable scanning. However, it does not work with pdf expert or converter, the app states that it works with the ‘PDF expert 6’ application, however when you purchase the bundle that contains pdf expert & converter you receive an application that is not compatible with this scanner app. Producers and developers need to tailor this application as this flaw has made me evaluate my purchase..Version: 7.3.6

Scanner excellent but OCR needs workThis app does a great job of scanning documents. The part that allows resizing of images is the best I have used. Where the app is let down is with the OCR; the English version picks up characters superbly but unfortunately often runs words into each other without a space (as many sentences as not has this frustrating error). To edit the text document, you then need to copy it into another programme (such as MS Word) which highlights another shortcoming of ScannerPro - the selection tool; it is extremely difficult to drag the selection highlight to more paragraphs, and impossible to highlight more than one page at a time to copy for pasting into Word..Version: 7.0.2

Hate the built-in advertising!I’ve been an enthusiastic user of the full version for several years, and it has worked very, very well. And the latest version continues to work well. However, under the guise of ‘making it easier’ the newest version inserts multiple non-standard icons into the share sheet that are attempting to convince the user to install/purchase more of their products! They are not coded like normal share sheet entries, as they cannot be re-arranged or switched off! So, every single time I open the share sheet to run a workflow, I’m faced with multiple attempts to upsell me to the vendor’s additional products! Thank you Readdle, I’ve checked out your other products via the App Store, and, at this time, I have no need for them. Now please get your advertising out of my face. No - this is not making things better for the user. If I wanted to be bombarded with advertising, I’d log in to Facebook!.Version: 7.5

Scanner proUsed to be good. It has been messed around with too much and now doesn’t work effectively or accurately. Very seldom does it now scan without needing editing, if you change it to black and white it cuts out the extra colours, smudges, black marks etc. Otherwise you have to put up a with a poor quality scan, or keep re-doing it until you get near what you want. Waste of time. I have had this app for a number of years but will now look for something better. According to other reviews their is better out there now. May I suggest that the owners read more of the negative reviews, I have an up to date iPad Pro and an iPhone X, so it can’t be blamed on the equipment. I suggest going back to basics and correct the mess!.Version: 7.5

J’ai tout perdu mes documentsJ’utilisais cette application depuis 4 ans, j’adorerais , juste qu’à ce que je n’arrive plus a me connecter à mon compte one drive et que je perdre tout mes documents ..Version: 8.4.2

Declining productI have used Scanner Pro for well over a decade and have been very happy with it until recently. The application has actually become less functional.Where it used to easily auto shoot and focus, now every single scan must be manually manipulated making it incredibly inconvenient. For some reason it seems incapable of finding the borders and taking the photo which it was eminently capable of for years..Version: 8.5

Signature optionsI would like to see an option to allow a person to sign the document once it is scanned. For this I have had to download a different scan app that has that option but I would prefer to just use the one app. Would be great if you could develop that in the next update..Version: 7.5.2

To many ProblemsI have had this app for a couple of long years and it has been AWESOME!! As a buisness owner i would recommend it a lot to my customers so they could store there receipts. But lately with its last updates it has become a nightmare!! I have gotten in touch with support and there aware of the issue but nothing has been done and now it seems like more problems are starting to show up. Originally it all started when i would open the app and none of my documents were there. I would have to go to the settings part and for some reason the tab to sync to the cloud would be turn off. I would turn it back on and if i was to spend 10-15 mins in the app it would turn off again. This tab issues happens every single day. Another issue is its crashing A LOT!! I can be scanning a document and after 10-12 scans it crashes and I’m back at my home screen on my iphone. The sad thing is that all the pages that were “supposedly” scanned were all lost. So time was wasted. Smh If i didn’t have so may documents scanned in the app I would honestly consider changing to another app. I really hope they can fix this issue cause like I mentioned at the beginning it was a AWESOME app!.Version: 8.0.6

Good when it works but struggles with booksI like Scanner Pro, but on my iPhone it crashes after ever page scanned. I contacted Readdle and they said it would be fixed in the next update, but there's no sign of it yet. This is now probably a year or so ago. It would be a lot better, also, if it could cope with scanning books better. Such as having a template to align the centreline and then straighten out the words..Version: 7.3.2

App needs improvementI have owned this app and used it for years. It is nice to be able to scan all my receipts on the road. Recently more and more companies are emailing receipts and I have a need to compile these into a PDF and send them via PDF to our finance group. The problems are two fold. The only way to get the emailed receipt, whether it be a PDF or other type of document, into this app is screenshot it and then laboriously go back into the Scanner Pro app and import them into the app, where manual cropping is required. This contrasts with other scanning apps like Genius Scan which allows you to directly import them into the app itself from a menu that pops up in the actions tab (where you would forward the PDF or other document). Second problem is when the screen capture is imported, the quality is so poor that others cannot read the actual document at all. This is likely a compression problem or, more likely, a result of the Scanner Pro app trying to adjust the resolution/color to one of it’s four pre-determined resolution settings. I have asked Readdle to support the import direct function months ago with no progress shown. Therefore, I am likely making the leap to Genius Scan by Grizzly Labs until they fix these two issues. I do love Readdle apps and would easily assist them in explaining more as I truly believe they have an excellent suite of products. Problem is this is just not usable now for my circumstances..Version: 7.3.7

😫 407 MB??? Seriously? Almost a half-Gig!Even the MS Word app is only 272 MB! I love this app and always considered it a 5 star app, but lately it’s gotten a little top heavy. 407 MB is to much for a phone app, especially in iOS 13 which is suppoesed to allow apps to be more memory efficient. Guess I’ll have to make do with just having it on my iPad. If it gets much bigger, I’ll have to only temporarily install it for special projects. Please reduce your memory footprint..Version: 7.5.11

Years Gone ByIt’s been years since I’ve used this app. I stopped using it and had deleted it from my phone since sometime between the time I purchased it and 2016. I deleted it because I was not happy with it. The only thing is that it’s been so long I have forgotten why I stopped using it. It’s possible that I deleted it because Apple switched to iCloud and I couldn’t use iCloud because I was afraid that one of my other app’s data would end up in the hands of the developers. It’s a long story. But I will try to explain. I have a journal app that has been abandoned because it was replaced by a new app with a subscription. I missed the cutoff date for the new app because my mother was very ill in a nursing home. So I wasn’t aware at the time that the old journal app was going to get left behind. And now I still have the old app because I don’t want to pay for a subscription only to have all my life’s history on a new app that handles my data instead of Apple, and have to pay for it too! Well, my loss. That’s the end of my story. And now my mother is gone too..Version: 8.0.2

Last version is barely usable on iPhone 6SI haven’t been using app for a while. Today I have tried to scan 5 page document. I was surprised how extremely slow current version is on my iPhone 6S. It is actually barely usable on iPhone 6S. Any interaction, pressing shot or just swiping to view document freezes app for 5-10 seconds, sometimes for 30 seconds. When I last used the app a couple of months ago it was quite fast. Now it’s extremely slow..Version: 7.3.6

Frustrating AppThis app was once a terrific tool w/few quirks. But sometime last year an update turned it into one of the most frustrating, and my least favorite but necessary, app. Prior to that update, it easily took pics/scans of docs, allowing the SAME adjustments as today, easily adding additional pages w/o issue, as well as saving, uploading to Dropbox & attaching to email or messages. Now EVERY TIME I try using this app I must retake pages 3, 4 or 5 times before it keeps a pic/scan - because the darn thing simply DISAPPEARED! Then when it looks like it keeps a shot, it disappears when editing - even after saving the darn thing! Oh boy, I've been trying other scanning apps, but others are much more cumbersome & not so intuitive. So until I find that elusive app that is easy, intuitive AND works properly, I'm stuck with this one. Too bad, they used to have a good thing!.Version: 7.5.8.

Annoying limitation hobbles appWhen "scanning" photos already on your camera roll, the app doesn't allow you to access your custom folders. So if, for example, you have thousands of photos and you want to scan a few older photos to make a pdf, you have to manually go through your entire camera roll to find the photos even though they might otherwise be readily found in a custom folder. The developer has been aware of this limitation for a while now but so far has not shown any inclination to fix it..Version: 7.3.18

Worst update ever!Why oh why did you have to change what worked? Why have you moved the brightness and contrast sliders to the bottom of the screen where they cover part of the image? Why have you reduced the size of the crop image making it harder to adjust the cropping? How do you now move files into a folder? You can create a folder but there seems no way to then move existing files into the folder. The help file shows instructions for the previous version. Please revert the app back to how it was - it was brilliant. This version is horrible!.Version: 8.0.3

It used to be my goto scanner app...I used to use this app all the time to scan my important documents so that I can have them on all my devices wherever I go...Until I started having trouble accessing my documents when I needed them most. If my signal is weak then I usually can’t access all of my documents because they’re all in the cloud and not actually on my devices. Or if I can access them it takes forever to populate in the app. Just recently I had to retrieve a very important document but my signal was weak so I couldn’t retrieve it at the moment I needed it. It was very frustrating. This has happened to me several times and it’s come to the point where I just stopped using this app for scanning and I started using the Apple Notes app which has made it much easier to access what I need when I need it. And also even if I do have a decent signal it takes so very long to load up all my documents. It’s possible I just have so many documents in the app but that’s because I used it and relied on it so much until now. I really like how I can fax documents straight from this app but until these problems get fixed I’m just going to have to go elsewhere...Version: 7.3.20

Bugs in Flash when taking a new photo of a documentAfter the new update released 2 days ago, there is a bug when taking a photo of the colour document. Even though the flash is set as ON not even Auto but it does not turn ON the flash, it takes the photo then I have to press the flash button again and again to come back to same ALWAYS ON mode then take and it flashes for one photo, then when I take another the same thing happens. Please fix this bug that causing no flash issue when taking a photo of a document. Before this was working fine..Version: 7.5.1.

Please revertThe old ScannerPro was an app that was incredibly useful to have - a quick and easy way to scan documents and convert them to pdf. But with the update, ScannerPro 6 loses much of it's useability. It's slow and freezes often. The time it takes to simply take a picture is ridiculous. I ended up taking the pictures in iPhoto and converting them and even that took nearly 10 minutes for just 3 pictures. All the extra features have just made it impractical..Version: 6.0

Sync issueI have been using this app since beginning. I totally loved it and bought pro version. But since last few months I noticed it stopped showing me my all the old scans in apps, though I can still see them in iCloud Drive. It’s shame their support team either couldn’t solve the problem asked me to wait for next update. They lost the credibility. It’s of no use if this is such unreliable app where you don’t see your old scans.Version: 8.0.2

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