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LaggyIt’s a great social network and all that but the Twitter app for iOS seems to have performance issues and is quite laggy while scrolling and doing other tasks. Some optimisation would be great thanks! 😀.Version: 7.43

Almost perfectI’ve been on Twitter for years and it’s truly a great way to communicate ideas and thoughts between others throughout the world, but it can also be a toxic place and there’s not many efficient regulations in place to stop people from abusing it and spreading hate (racism, bigotry, homophobia etc)..Version: 7.48.5

Awesome!If you like an app that's active with interesting comments and buzzes you with new news nearly every second, then this app is for you! Twitter is amazing and helps when you're bored with interesting polls to vote for and cool activities that people come up with then tweet. There's all kinds of things to do on this app! I give it a 💯 100% 5/5 ⭐️ star rating. I really do recommend this app but not to those people who don't like the noise of buzzing a lot as it sometimes gets irritating. But that's why u make sure u follow the people that u want to hear stuff from. But that's okay! Because u can follow them, but not turn on notifications but u can if u want! App of the day: Twitter.Version: 7.51.5

My sisterThis is my sister and she has worked very hard over the last 2 to 3 years organising not only her family life but for everybody else aswell. She enjoys all her hard work she applies to others. This is such an amazing challenge she is doing swimming from Asia to Europe wow sounds like hard work just saying it, but to be swimming it is such a great achievement. I would like everybody to support her and wish her well along her journey and last of all please tweet and retweet as we need to put the messages out the reasons why she is taking this massive challenge not only for her but for other people with different disabilities and mental health. Good luck sis I know it’s not until July but everyone is behind you sitting in a boat watching over you. I know how hard you have been training so I know you can do it and thank you mr Greg whtye and his crew for being there and supporting my sister am sure she has thanked you a million times and so am I. DAD and all the family are very proud of you. GIRL POWER xxxx.Version: 7.50

OpinionI love twitter and have always loved twitter until they updated their rules and policies. they are too strict for my linking now. i’m not understanding how tweeting in bold texts or following/unfollowing too many ppl at once or even tweeting how you feel about a certain political issue can be looked at as a threat. i understand if someone is giving misleading information or threatening someone else but some of their rules just doesn’t make any sense and is uncalled for. Also, i don’t like how you can’t use the same number for multiple accounts. It also says you can in their rules and policies but it won’t let you do it and they need to take that out of their rules so it won’t be misleading. i don’t like having to tweet and then delete my tweets cause i’m overthinking that it’s against twitters rules when it’s not. i respect their rules and policies but i just feel some of them are too strict and not really harmful to be considered a threat..Version: 8.39.1

TopicalLong time tweeter here. twitter is unsurpassed for creating networks that would be unlikely in almost any other platform. i’m finally writing a review however, because ‘topics’ are truly dire. the suggestions of content and authors, the main “explore” experience (outside of trends) prior to their introduction, was really starting to show strength. so as usual over the past 10 years, just as something is becoming useful, twitter kills. you gotta get your balance and potential right people!.Version: 8.11

Always a notificationThe app has come along way in recent years. It’s definitely better, more polished and dark mode is a plus. That said, the app is still pretty painful to use along with a convoluted settings area. It seems no matter how many times I set the push notifications to only notify on messages, I still get notified about tweets from people, when I’ve tried to opt out of this. Seems geared to drive / force user engagement via the app..Version: 7.47

NewsLove the random news updates from around the world 🌎 real time real news.Version: 7.56

Twitter and BeyondAfter the disastrous hack of Twitter servers - as a publisher operating multiple brand profiles I hope the corner has been turned so that genuine/bonafide can continue to use Twitter to the most positive outcomes for social and business communications - when it works, it works very well and is an excellent outlet for global market positioning. Having lost seventeen (17) of our key brand names in the hack aftermath, we now have dedicated email and mobile phone numbers for each twitter account ensuring we don’t get caught out again. I advise everyone, on any social media platform, to invest in back up mobile SIM cards as a safeguard to brand identity..Version: 8.55.1

So far so goodAll things considered, Twitter is a magnificent phenomenon. The company seems to have gotten much better about its behavior toward its users. We all knew signing on that it has its rules. We agreed to them. In all fairness however, Twitter has also broken its own rules to the detriment of its guests, and has been a bad actor regarding its bias against profiles that may differ from the political opinions of those who work at twitter. That said, working with limitations often forces us in a good way to refine our thoughts more creatively, and subsequently more clearly. What a great thing for us all to have an outlet for our pain, confusion, humor, love of animals, joys... I’d like to see Milo Yiannopoulous and James Woods be allowed to return, and I’m sure there are others who were unjustly banned or suspended who we would be better to be back with us. Like I said, all things considered :).Version: 8.5.5

Platform for exchanging views and learning togetherI find Twitter a very useful tool to express views, listen and read about diverse opinions. It is educational when debates and arguments are civilised and based on evidence and facts. I support human rights of all humans of all backgrounds, irrespective of religion, nationality, gender , colour or greed. Completely non religious and despise racism of all its facets. Twitter helps me call out injustices providing I base my views on facts. Also Twitter provides a platform for saying sorry when you get it wrong, sometimes that happens. Twitter helps to showcase ideas, views and also establish relationships with people you will never see or meet face to face. I dislike it when Twitter suspend people unfairly, freedom of speech is wonderful thing, we should all cherish.I like it when Twitter allows different opinions and I like it best when propaganda and lies are challenged with no hurt to personal feelings. So thank you..Version: 8.1.5

Voice notePlease add a voice note in the direct messages , Please volume up the quality of pictures , Pleeeeaaaassssse maaake my tweets from the latest by default !.Version: 8.21

Better than "Arsebook"Good way to have a bit of light hearted fun and a serious catch up with family and friends all over the world, all at the same time..Version: 7.30

Censoring lies and conspiracy theoriesYou need to keep up the momentum of censoring accounts used to make fact- less claims and lies and promote violence of any kind. Especially by people who are elected or appointed to office and are in positions of community responsibility..Version: 8.48

Still some issues on IOS appBoth of these issues never used to be a problem, they only started happening in the last year or so. Timeline resetting: Whenever I exit a tweet on my timeline or go back to the TL from notifs, DMs, or twitter search, the TL glitches to a new place and I have to scroll up/down to find where I was before. Tweets not automatically showing up in thread: When I add a tweet to a thread, it used to automatically show up under the last tweet, but now it does not and I must either go to my profile or press “this tweet was added to thread” to see it even though I’m already on the thread. “Show replies” undoing: When I press the “show replies” option to open more replies in a thread and start scrolling down to read those replies the thread closes by itself, and I have to press the “show replies” option again..Version: 8.56.1

Twitter updateI updated Twitter yesterday and now can not access my account which just flickers frenetically flashing the message ooops can’t open your account please try later! The advise from the Advise Centre is useless as I can’t access my account to reload my email address as it advises. I have followed all the usual advise after a google search but nothing seems to address the problem of not being able to switch it on in order to access, update or change my account information. Hopeless. I don’t know what to do next and therefore can only report the advice Centre is in this instance completely useless..Version: 7.55

Constant bugsI love twitter a lot, this app is somewhere i’ve made a lot of friends and i’m able to easily express myself, but the amount of bugs sometimes make it too annoying to even open. The latest bug I seem to be dealing with is not being able to pin lists, even though twitter claimed it fixed this issue in early January. This effects me because I have a large following count of which I follow a lot back to make friends, but the consequence is that my timeline is very messy. Being able to pin a list of close friends so I actually get to see their tweets would be so helpful but for some reason, even though I always keep my app up to date, this option has never appeared for me! yet whenever I tweet to my followers about it they all have the option to pin lists?? Please fix it twitter, it’s been going on for too long..Version: 8.8

The best social media app. Hands down.Twitter is the perfect social media website to, expresses yourself and connect with everyone around the globe. You can chat with your local friends, stay on top of the latest trends and news. Even tweet directly to your favorite celebrity, corporation, ANYONE (with an account) !! The best part is you’re not be required to share in depth information about yourself. You can describe your life more in your bio, or don’t! There is also a location option, I personally have “work” in mine, but you can use any city in the world, or just wherever you want for that matter. You can share pictures and videos with whomever, or follow funny accounts and share the latest memes. You can always stay up to date on your favorite movies and music. Follow a dog or a cartoon, there’s endless possibilities!!.Version: 7.59

Mum Wife PQ Accountant More Respect for our Beautiful PlanetAs a very busy Mum of 3 & P/T Accountant, Twitter has allowed me 1)Free Access to current unbiased news stories, articles & reports & findings from various reliable sources, which underline very important issues which affect us all,imminently, in the long run & is extremely important for us all to be aware of & to explain to all of our children (it affects their future the most.) Hopefully we can all work to mend or support certain findings 2)Twitter is Education, if you find the reliable truthful transparent sources 3)Twitter can also be a place to share your thoughts & beliefs, although, obviously, this can sometimes put you at risk, if there are people who strongly disagree or disapprove , or if people have the soul intention to harm or exploit, so protection/warnings need to be present. I am a protected account for this reason. 4)Twitter can also be Entertainment which can cheer you up when you need it. It can also give ideas. 5) can also be a place of Support It gives access to many Charities & valuable, possibly life-saving support It can be a very Caring place 6) However, I do not approve of the “mob” culture which I sometimes see. Twitter is a user platform & can’t be blamed for this though, unless this culture is encouraged with “analytics”, or should there be more rules & regulations on the platforms to protect the many? Tough question I don’t know the answer.Version: 8.22

BrilliantAt first, when I got this app I thought that it would be all the same like Instagram and Facebook etc... except - it isn’t really. It’s more getting information about certain people whenever you want to see what they are doing. This happens when someone posts something exiting and you are like wow that’s amazing or oh my gosh that’s shocking. You know that type of thing. Also, when I got this app I thought that it would be all the same like Instagram and Facebook etc... except - it isn’t really. It’s more getting information about certain people whenever you want to see what they are doing. This happens when someone posts something exiting and you are like ‘wow that’s amazing’ or ‘oh my gosh that’s shocking’. You know that type of thing. UTTER SHAMBLES.Version: 8.18

Just don’t need to read others’ likes or interestsI love Twitter, it’s my way of following news and insights from those whose views I value. I’m not on FB, Instagram or other social media platforms. I just don’t want to see the tweets liked by those I follow, or tweets from people I don’t follow. When this happens, I turn off the app, sometimes go to the web interface (if that allows me to escape the manipulation) and other times read the newspapers I subscribe to or watch TV instead. Simple message!.Version: 8.7.1

Benefit / purpose of TwitterIf you are one of the many few who don't understand the purpose of Twitter then allow me to clarify. Twitter is a very interesting app where you can interact directly with world leaders, journalists or your favourite youtuber. It's a place where you can information directly from the source. Twitter is far more than a simple social media app, it is literally your own school playground. Rant or post your daily activities and interact with your viewers in real time. The app gives power to your voice where you can get traction on controversial topics simply through the hastag. All in all it is a really nice app in my humble opinion..Version: 8.56.1

Mysterious problem with the app and my accountStarting off with the positives, a great app overall and very accessible. Now the negatives. a few weeks back I have been kicked off my account for no apparent reason known to me. I keep getting the error messages oops something went wrong, please try again later. Also, you can’t really get in contact with Twitter through any of the social media platforms apart from Twitter. I tried Instagram, and did not get a response from them. I also tried getting in contact through Facebook, but yet still no response. I’d like an explanation as to how and why my account/app has been affected. Regards..Version: 7.57.5

Differences of OpinionAlmost scored Twitter with 3 stars and have considered not using twitter at all due to the exaggerated negativity, foul and hateful language from some individuals who choose to follow some of the same people I do. Everyone should calm down and express differences of opinion and/or facts in a manner that encourages constructive two-way dialogue. That’s part of growing as a person. Mutual respect for one another will make a difference in influencing others. It’s ok to embrace our differences in our thoughts, beliefs and convictions. No one is wrong, just independent. After all, we are Americans! Use the power of your vote to make a difference! It’s not necessary to invade, threaten or harm one another for any reason and anytime. Let’s respect each other’s boundaries and not dismiss one another with such rancor and hate. A kind word , or no word at all, may be a better way to influence one another..Version: 7.60.6

No illusionsTwitter is great in many ways but it’s just like any of the majors... super suspicious. My ex joined the platform and was banned from tweeting openly, now she can only retweet other people’s stuff without everyone else seeing a ‘this content may be dangerous’ sticker over her tweets. She was banned, not because of the content of the tweets, because they were sweet innocent tweets. We suspected it was because of the people she chose to follow before she made her first tweet. So that’s Twitter for you, but hey bro what do you expect? She’s an African Australian stripper with a bachelors degree and conservative views. I miss her ;).Version: 8.35

Loving Twitter 💙I enjoy the fast pace of being up to date with current affairs, witty content & being able to have my feed with my interests!.Version: 8.38

Days Gone ByThings with twitter use to be great then you started with this censoring crap. Even if we strongly disagree with someone that is what made twitter fun. When you first started you advertised your product as an avenue to voice our opinions. It didn’t matter if the opinions were wrong or even untrue we could still say them. If choice words were used or they were offensive the customer had the options to block that tweet or report it to you. However, we were not stopped or hindered in anyway of saying what we thought, felt, or believed. But these are “Days Gone By”. We can no longer do that and in many cases we can’t even read the opinions of others. Censorship and curtailing a person right of freedom of speech is wrong, just plain wrong on so many levels. Twitter you should wake up before it’s too late. The handwriting is truly on the wall..Version: 8.48

Amazing app but had to reinstall ?I love twitter, I’m a fan of a lot of kpop groups that are very active on social media. It helps me communicate with them and also fans of groups too but recently, I have not been receiving any notifications from anyone I turned my notifications on for? I tried logging out of my account and logging in but that didn’t work, then I tried turning off the notifications and turning them on again, then I turned my phone off and on again and thought it was just my phone acting up but the notifs still weren’t coming through so I have now decided to reinstall the app to see if it works. If not, I’ll most likely email twitter to ask why the reason is for this but it is not just me that has been having this problem there are a lot of others too. I hope this can be resolved quickly because it’s a great app..Version: 8.29

So much improvementTwitter as a platform gets used by people for various reasons from current events to catching up with people, from education to politics, from entertainment to argument, from the recent movie trailer to Game Of Thrones spoiler, literally everything is possible on this platform simply because of the nature of it. Personally I use it to stay on top of the news in the tech industry from around the world, and also express my views and emotions on certain things. Twitter is perfect for such requirements. It’s not as heavy and bloated as Facebook and you don’t have to sign your life away just to get on the timeline. Over the years the app has improved significantly to the point that I don’t use any other third party clients anymore. Everything I want to do is possible on the official app. A job well done Twitter team. 👍🏼.Version: 7.49

A sensational platformI have been using Twitter for over 6 years now and it is a cross-functional platform with numerous uses. I have connected with so many wonderful and engaging individuals over the years and it’s amazing to see the invaluable work people are doing. I love to say “hi”to my followers when time permits as it is important to give back and see what they are doing ( they’re all extremely bright, creative and dedicated ) and come from all walks of life!. It’s also an invaluable platform for people engaged in animal welfare as well as environmental issues as people tweet in real time. This permits people to cross engage and help one another at great speed. The sharing of world news is also pertinent as it allows countries to quickly dissect all the bits that matter. And there’s quite a few bits on that front!. Twitter has been an incredibly reliable platform for many years that I always look forward to using. I love all the new buttons and features and I look forward to using them most of the time all the time, hopefully to enhance my work. Thankyou Twitter! A sensational platform!.Version: 8.47.1

Latest tweetsYou really don’t know the tweets we want to see. Just leave us on latest tweets! We’ll find the tweets that of interest to us..Version: 7.49

Amazing but issue with unlocking accountI will be honest I had made a twitter account when I was 11 but didn’t start using it till I was 16, I had corrected my age as I used an older age and it locked my account and I had submitted to get it back, it has been over six months and I haven’t been able to get it back so it is quite upsetting. Other than that twitter is absolutely amazing and it is one of those apps that it takes time for you to appreciate it but once you do, it’s an app that u would use more than any other social media. Twitter is such an amazing app and I would like to give it 5 stars but the service for unlocking accounts is too much of a long wait period..Version: 7.48

It’d be a 5 if you fixedHey there is a bit of a error since updating my notifications won’t clear, in my phones notifs when I get new messages even when I have opened them up..Version: 7.28.2

Australian open men’s finalAm I the only one questioning last nights final?? Novak was down 1 set to 2 against Dominic and looked very ill and exhausted. He went inside with the doctor, comes back out completely revived and wins the match??? Even 2 of the commentators remarked that whatever the doctor had given Novak they wanted some of. It was so very very strange. Are these competitors drug tested? Something was very wrong with the outcome. CDF wondering.Version: 8.6

EditEverything but the edit option. Otherwise nearly a 5 star! Maybe a time delay on edit, anytime after that and it’s locked?.Version: 7.49

Trends not displaying properly - stillI have noticed from other people’s screenshots that my worldwide trends are not showing up properly. I’m on an iPhone 7 and I have updated twitter to its recent update... please look into this Addition: they are still not displaying properly. They now have the numbers now but they are in the middle of the screen, and still in large boxes. It has no other information, except the hashtags that are all in lowercase. This is really frustrating and I can see from the Desktop Version that most of the time they aren’t even the correct trending hashtags. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 7.40

GreatThe Twitter app for iPad is great and it does everything I need it to do. Every now again it stops and I have to restart it again but that could be an Apple thing with all the recent updates that I have had to install. Other than that have rarely encountered any issues..Version: 7.48.5

Up 2 DateIt seems that being on Twitter is all sufficient to get a cross-section of current News..Version: 8.44

Cannot change option to view sensitive contentI got the Twitter app today to help make viewing the pages of people I’m following easier. The problem is that I can’t find an option to enable the option to view sensitive content, and when I go to tap on the hidden sensitive content, it tells me to enable the option to view sensitive content by tapping on highlighted text reading “Change setting”, which supposedly takes me to the Privacy and safety account settings. The problem with that is that when I go to tap on the text, it didn’t do anything. It’s about as useful as tapping on normal text! After trying multiple times to get my tapping to register on the “Change setting” text, I manually went to Settings and privacy, then Privacy and safety and scrolled down to the Safety section of the tab to find nothing. The closest thing I find to what I was looking for was the option to mark media that *I* Tweet as sensitive content, not the Tweets of others, and that didn’t help at all. Perhaps I accidentally/unknowingly set my age as lower than it really was, and it was blocking the option to view or turn on the option to view the sensitive content of others, but that turned out to seem a bit too complex. Or maybe the option just wasn't coded into the app itself. Regardless, I would really appreciate that this issue be fixed, as it’s doing my head in. Thank you a lot..Version: 7.31.1

EnjoyableI love the content and have many interactions with old friends and new friends on Twitter. However, i only give 4 stars because of the random technical difficulties I have with twitter. One being i can rarely open the drafts folder, sometimes it works other times (seemingly the important times) it will freeze loading drafts and the app will crash or ill have to reopen the app, to which drafts is still unusable. Also the video player has issues. Sometimes it freezes. Earlier today it continually paused the video on its own instantly after i would touch play it would pause. Eventually like an hour later i tried again and the video played. I’ve had other issues with the video player. Overall i enjoy twitter those small technical difficulties being my main problems..Version: 8.23

TwitterI have been part of twitter sphere for many years.. however I deleted old accounts re evaluated what and who I wanted to associate myself with. So recently I came back and now I'm having the time of my life with the app.. I have a great community of friends all like minded and here for the same thing. To communicate, share and like one another's posts. I love that it's not all drama orientated and filled with people rowing over petty stupid nonsense. I truly have found an amazing community through this app.. the app has come along in leaps and bounds.. introducing many new features including the longer letter count. Enabling you to express and communicate better without having to edit your posts over and over again. So in all happy to be part of an amazing growing community and look forward to it growing and changing over the years..Version: 7.28.2

Humanity need to EvolveThe nice thing about bacteria is that they multiply really fast. But useful if you want to see how evolution works. Put antibiotics on a Petri dish with enough bacteria, and a few days later you’ll find that a lone bacterium, one that happened to be resistant to the drug's effects is now recolonizing the plate. It’s natural selection in action. The reality is that every single living thing on Earth is constantly evolving, at least to some extent. But in species that don't live and die as rapidly as bacteria, it’s hard to see the process in action. Tweeter SM in general another form of Human evolution....Version: 7.49

CHANGED THE WAY REPLIES LOOKThe replies now look different. They looked different earlier in the day, and the change looks sort of like it went back to the way it did before the previous design for the reply interface. Obviously, the way the app looks is subject to opinion, if people like the way it looks or not, so I’m not saying the app is horrible just because I hate the change. I love Twitter and use it every day. I also have autism, and I get set in to my routines and I and other people with autism take change very poorly, and it legitimately causes us great distress when things change from how we’re used to. Since the design of the interface is simply an aesthetic difference, I would be so so so happy if there were a choice as to how the tweets be displayed, because the frustration and discomfort from the change is hard to describe..Version: 8.43

Txt to email conversionTwitter is great for converting text messages from alarm monitor panels to emails, thanks Twitter. Once our rubbish compactor is full it now emails via Twitter the rubbish collection company..Version: 8.10

Welcome to HellThis app was created by the CIA to sponsor colour revolution in Iran, and has only gotten worse since. It has probably caused more damage and degradation to planetary civilisation than any other single factor since the world wars, on all fronts, cultural, moral, sociological, and material. Using it will corrode your soul and rot your brain, make you immeasurably worse as a person, and prevent you from being able to function in normal society. Five stars, would download again.Version: 8.44.1

Love itObviously the funniest social media. Y’all are better than the competition but please don’t do any more minor changes. I know it’s not a big deal but moving the bookmark position is quite annoying when we’re instinctively used to it being in the original spot. Now when it’s moved we still click the old spot without realizing and end up having to start over. Also not being able to retweet something without first going to the quote retweet page is manageable but also like.. why would you do that? That ones not as bad but if you keep sneaking in these micro changes then you might turn into Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook and the younger generation (like me - 21M) wants to move on to something that isn’t constantly minorly irritating us. You, Reddit, & TikTok are the main things we use and y’all haven’t been changing too much like your competition but I would hate to see Twitter lose it’s steam because they want to make a quick buck that ends up ruining the app. Just my 2 cents..Version: 8.44

Twitter connects thought leadersI started my career in commercial broadcast journalism in Australia in 1985. I was 15, still at secondary school and 5DN 972 was the first radio newsroom in Adelaide to be computerised. My engagement with Twitter is identical to how I would use the news feeds from Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg, Australian Associated Press and other wires services. Those stories constantly refreshed, flashing across my screen, and I'd pull the ones relevant to our audience. Today I use Twitter in the same way, but also to engage with the world. Back in 1985, as a young journalist and content maker, I had to go through layers of approvals to broadcast a story to the relatively narrow geographic area we served. Now, with Twitter, I can go live to the world at any time. For insight into what interests me about my country, take a look at #ThisIsAustralia.Version: 7.33.1

Needs More CharactersIf you use Twitter for more than just retweeting and liking other people’s tweets- I’m sure you have come across the hindering effect that the very short character count has on unverified accounts. Tweeting with links to articles and such can be quite challenging due to the limitations of the character count. Spaces, characters in the links you are pasting to the tweet, and people you are tagging should absolutely NOT be included in the total character count; this just takes away from the ability to include important information in the tweet itself. This is an incredibly user-friendly app that allows for countless abilities to connect with other people- that is why I am giving it 4 stars, because other than the fact that blank spaces and characters contained in links count as total characters affected by the limitations, this app is perfect..Version: 7.60

Positive impact on my career (one decade on the platform)Twitter helps me grow in my career; I can ask questions to thought leaders, follow the industry trend, and stay in touch with friends I met in the industry. Twitter also helped me getting two jobs that supercharged my career. I have been on the platform for a decade and I am still enjoying it. Overall the platform is fun and contributed to my knowledge growth. I would recommend Twitter to any professionals in the tech industry, but with moderation as there is no need to spend hours on it every day. 30 minutes every two days does the trick..Version: 7.48.5

User since ‘09Yeah, there may be uncomfortable discourse. Aside from that, I have met so many people with different perspectives. It’s amazing the vast opinions one comes across using this platform. I created this account when I was in 6th grade, now I’m a university student. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get on this app to read about what is going on in the world, what people are saying, and the funny things people post. The updates since then have been: dark mode, threads, fleets, square avatars to circles, lists, group sharing. This is one app that I have stayed consistent to. Instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, Facebook cannot compare to the freedom one has on Twitter. Some will not understand where I’m coming from on that statement. But for those who do know why I have stayed for this long. Keep sharing your perspectives. We all come from a different path..Version: 8.52.1

Love TwitterI love this app. I love how efficient it is. The companies that have Twitter accounts are the ones that can handle complaints and have great customer service!.Version: 8.14

My no 1 and favourite social mediaThank you for holding people accountable for spreading misinformation. Keep it up Jack and the team💙❤️🇺🇸.Version: 8.37.1

Recent tweet notification is annoyingThe only reason I didn’t rate five stars is because I keep getting recent tweet notifications from the bureau of meteorology in Australia the day after the weather happens telling me about the weather event. I only want to see the tweets when they are sent (because that’s when they are applicable) not any time later. Please get rid of or at least have the option to disable the recent tweets function. Thank you..Version: 8.42

A return to Twitter.Twitter is a fun platform with so much content that it can be a bit too much! I had about a two year break from tweeting but came back recently. My main problem with Twitter was that I found it quite hard to use and I had to learn more by trial and error to get the most out of it. What I love is when I get positive feedback or mentions or retweets as my interests are very varied throughout each year. Trending topics are amusing as I sometimes think what on earth is affecting the rise of this issue or that issue. When it gets a bit heavy and negative you can switch to another subject as it is probably best to not take things too seriously unless the cause or whatever it is worth investing time in. The bluebird is a great logo too!.Version: 8.17.1

LISTS!!!I follow a lot of people and it’s hard to keep up with everything I see on my feed. On Instagram, I would have to create multiple accounts to follow people to have my feeds more organised. On Twitter in the other hand, I don’t need to do that as there are lists. Lists are feeds where you are able to add profiles onto it and all their tweets will appear in that list. It’s like creating a separate feed and choosing what you see in it. It’s the best way to organise what you see on social media and I am in love with it. I have a music feed where I chose to add artists I love in there and I can just go there anytime to see what’s going on in their world, and then I have another list for Films. It’s great and this one feature alone made me give this app 5 stars. Twitter has everything else that all other social media have, but even more features..Version: 8.47.1

The Twitter mobI love this app for its easy to use and simple format. There’s loads of awesome people on here and that’s why I use Twitter over any other social media. HOWEVER! I made the mistake of expressing a political opinion. Don’t do that unless you are mentally prepared to brush off hundreds of hate comments. Many of these comments weren’t attacking my opinion but my character. This is common for the Twitter mob which is why this isn’t a 5 star app in my opinion. I know it’s hard to monitor this behaviour but I hope Twitter can find a way to make the pile on smaller..Version: 8.60

Amazing resource but terrible UI update in 2019Amazing resource but terrible UI update in 2019. Twitter is proof that social media has become a massive tool for good, for progress, for accountability and for spreading awareness in so many ways. However, the 2019 user interface made what was an incredibly easy platform to navigate and use into a interface that is convoluted, disorienting, aesthetically displeasing and unnecessarily difficult to use, all without fixing the two things that old twitter actually needed improved: the search engine/advanced search which are still quite poor, and the ability to bookmark tweets..Version: 8.63.1

Imperfect but ResolvableI have been using Twitter for a long time now. I love everything about it; how quick you can respond to Tweets, how you can send photos, DM, follow up with the latest news as soon as they are released. Recently I DID have an issue with it. My account got locked because of “suspicious activity” but all I had to do was reset my password: simple, right? However I clicked the link in my emails that sends me to reset my password and all it did was take me back to the page telling me to check my email. I tried multiple ways to fix it. My last hope was contacting Twitter Support. Luckily they responded to my email within 24 hours (the quickest help I’ve gotten from a major app) and they set me up again easy. In conclusion; although there was an issue with my use of the app, Twitter was quick to respond and was efficient. They even replied to my thank-you email with a “You’re welcome! Happy to help!” So in return I am writing this review. I do recommend. Four stars..Version: 7.47

RealityPeople Live their Lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That is how they define "Reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? They are merely vague concepts... Their "Reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to be simply living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs? Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war... Those are the two realms belonging solely to man. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do. They're two sides of the same coin... to protect something... another must be sacrificed..Version: 8.34

Excellent feedbackSalam alikyum I have to say not quite as good as g+ the Zionist tried to stop Muslim from comuicating but they don’t own Twitter and we all just moved here it’s excellent feedback thank you Twitter up you Shron vermin.Version: 7.48

Great but not perfectTwitter is my favourite social media application with lots of great features and is always adding more. I really love the recent update which allowed you to pin lists, but unfortunately it only works on some accounts. I’m not sure how twitter chooses which accounts are allowed pinned lists and which aren’t but I’m hoping it’s a glitch that is soon to be fixed. I also think there should be more in depth tweet filter settings, like an option to turn off everybody’s retweets at once, for people who like a clean, tidy timeline. Another I’d love to see is an option to turn off retweets inside lists because when I add someone to a list, I want to see their tweets and not other peoples. This is a feature in Tweetdeck already and it’s the only reason I use Tweetdeck when I’m not using Twitter, but I can only access it on laptop or through browser which is quite inconvenient..Version: 7.56.5

Screen shiftingHey I just wanna alert you that during the usage of the app, momentary shifting of the timeline would happen spontaneously so it’d be nice you could fix that. It wasn’t always like this before and it seems like many are experiencing the same inconvenience as I am. And the new tweet bell in our notification tab, it’s annoying since i can be notified just by the blue tab that pops up when people I follow tweet. Thank you however for making this app better and better each day, hope you take these points into consideration..Version: 8.1

Perfect for MeTweeter, it’s perfect for me. It doesn’t just allow me to post how I feel, but motivates me as well. I feel this is because of the limited character uses and the simplicity of the post. So it’s a lot easier to post what I am feeling at that exact moment, much like a note pad, but with the ability to connect to groups, and movements. I like to say tweeter is for those of us whose mind is always racing and active, and although we would love to share our inner thoughts we have a hard time focusing that long to do, but not on tweeter, it’s quick and easy. Unlike Facebook where so much has to be dedicated to a post you almost get lost in the presentation and forget about the original topic. That’s why I am all about tweeter! I hope they continue to make tweeting quicker, easier, and more efficient for those like me!.Version: 8.47.1

BetterAPPRECIATE so much the Report features that specifically allow users to report FAKE accounts, it’s really great. Very much needed in this pandemic, fake news world with bots everywhere. Could do with more specific options regarding people who spread lies and misinformation, I think a precise option to report that stuff would be helpful as well. For instance to report people who say dumb stuff about 5G causing covid19 (it really doesn’t seriously!). Appreciate that the Twitter report team are working very hard (from home!) right now and ensuring accurate information is made available to all👍 keep it up👍👏.Version: 8.17.1

Pretty Good!I like using the app, it works as it should, gives me updates if you choose that option, easy to use and updates aren’t every day like fb! I wish there was a way to block “Promoted tweets” or adds (I block every one I see), the only other tiny downside at the moment is some news appearing at the top of my feed that twitter thinks I need to know about and I can’t just delete - often it’s only some celebrity news or a football match 🙄😆.Version: 7.49.6

Mentions are screwedLove the service, but your latest update has screwed up some basic functionality. When viewing mentions, in the middle of scrolling through the list, the list jumps to the top and i lose my place. Tweets that have been seen get the background shading indicating that they are new. This bug introduced in the latest update has made the iOS client unworkable for me!.Version: 7.24

Long term user reportI have been using the app with an AltaHR for about 15 months whilst I have found the overall performance accurate the app appears to have got rather buggy of late, with problems with recording fluid intake. Specifically logging intake on the water screen where the total does not change but changes on the home screen. The lower total on the Water screen is the one that carries over. There are other aspects such as activity recording which seem to have become rather ad hoc in its recording I can spend an hour playing Badminton not recognised shopping in a supermarket counted as activity. Whilst I have been happy with the AltaHR I have lost faith in the app and am now seriously considering going over to Apple Watch.Version: 8.8

My new daily newsI think it’s great easiest way to check out what’s going on in the world following all world news and local news but also with the added bonus of reading about celebrities and world leaders via traditional news companies and having the option of searching the topic and reading their tweets to find out their side of the story also people actually getting their opinion. I have never had no problems’s a thumbs up from me..Version: 7.26

Twitter gives a wide view of the world.I love Twitter. Yeah, I know ..... but don’t follow those who are negative, insurrectionists, or those out for cheap laughs at expense of others. I’m informed on Twitter by archeologists, historians, travellers, animal lovers, scientists, film and book reviewers, serious journalists, and get to see wonderful photos, maps and sometimes bizarre images I would never see without Twitter. But do fact check and read articles before retweeting. Twitter is like any village. Some people are true and honest, some lie, some try to attract attention by seeming to be outrageous, and a tiny minority are toxit. Avoid the tiny few - or if you see them REPORT..Version: 8.48

Opinion is mine.It’s a lot better than Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumbler, Tic-Toc, or anything else. The reason being that Twitter is for the highly intelligent people as philosophers and tweet out their ideas. Scientists can throw out new discoveries in 280 characters or less. There is a wealth of fact accounts which tweet old facts. Bots that do what ever that not was programmed to do. There are many webcomic artists and artists in general. News travels quicker around the country or world. Movie trailers, game trailers, show trailers, et cetra. This was my first social to media to own an account on, and for that reason it will be the most idealistic way to experience it. Trust me I’ve been way more active in my iPhone’s account than my PC’s account. My PC’s account was my original while my iPhone’s account came second. Despite this you shouldn’t need any other social media to experience one like this..Version: 8.1

TWEETING!To Tweet is to confirm a life of Values, And does not hide bad news, But expresses human points of views, Tweeting in life is to travel and cruise, Some you win some you lose! It’s Twitter and Facebook I chose, And its Scotland’s team in blues, As you noted to tweet I did not refuse, To Tweet you left a number of clues, And your pattern I followed and did use, Thank God I have a clear head off The booze, I now drink tea before is eventually stews, This brings contentment in my imaginary mews, The poet does express and bless with rhyming And greets with pleasure at his beautiful wife’s timing, With the table set for all those dining, May the guests appreciate the crystal glasses all shining, For the contents of the glasses are worth refining, It is only I that on this occasion will be declining, Because my throat is course with my business in mining, Up and by each letter in rhyming my editor she is climbing, For the special guests their autographs they are signing, Now into the kitchen I a humble servant must go, Not only eating but serving from my garden that did grow, All these vegetables in the soap now do flow, I the master cook will let my guests Know, Now take your seats for my dining show, When the soaps to hot it’s not bad manners to blow, Lunch is finished and eaten now it’s time to leave and go!.Version: 7.58.5

Why I like twitter over other Social MediaThe best thing about Twitter is that you can tune into news from key journalists that you like and not have to read rubbish you don’t need or want to read. You can also engage in commentary without the trolling comments - it can be an all positive experience if that is what you choose. I only follow people (and friends) who share my interests or are of interest to me🤗..Version: 7.51

Great appIt’s just like Facebook but without all the baby pictures and family trips to the beach that will spam your timeline. I use it probably more than Facebook but then again to each it’s own and twitter isn’t for everyone..Version: 7.8

Toxic community (Kpop stans)Twitter was one of the apps i never payed attention to because I’m not the mainstream type and I decided to just not care too much about it but it was a source for updates on people’s lives unlike instagram with fake happy-go-lucky photos of the highlights of an exclusive life style that is highly fictional. However, Twitter has always been a place to be a playground for celebrities, yourubers and so many more influencers and this was the place where ‘cancel culture’ was born, like any social media, any community at all is toxic but Twitter is so dang special. People will actually form together to ‘cancel’ someone for something they did in the past that was racist, homophobic, transphobic whatever which is honestly an inhumane way to go about anything. Twitter has to get rid of these groups, specifically the Kpop stand as they are a nuisance to EVERY community on twitter and they are a bunch of very young teenagers who have no experience in arguing, problem solving or communication skills as a whole..Version: 8.26

Great so farSo far having Twitter has been great. I’ve been able to keep up with my favourite YouTuber and I would definitely recommend getting Twitter.Version: 7.58

TrumpDeactivate his account. Do you care more about users and profit than democracy and safety. Delete his account..Version: 8.43

“Button”Your new “ more prominent” button in the lower right corner SUCKS! It’s TOO BIG! And covers TOO MUCH of the screen. Please get rid of it!!!!!.Version: 7.35

Twitter platformFantastic platform to reach out to anyone & everyone, however this is compromised by the fact that you are still not doing enough to stop the abuse of celebs & sports stars from those who are able hide behind Twitters cloak, this by definition makes Twitter complicit & ultimately people will boycott Twitter & this I believe will not be a good thing. So I emplore Twitter to act, make everyone accountable for their comments on your platform. This is the right thing to do. More will join, but whilst Twitter persists with this lip service approach towards people who abuse your platform will ultimately loose out. PLEASE ACT NOW!!!!.Version: 8.53

ShadowbanningYou know what it is twitter. You know the damage it’s causing. You know statistically it will end in a suicide. When are you going to fix it?.Version: 7.21.2

FIX THE NOTIFICATIONS!I used to use this app all day, everyday. It was my go to for just about every piece of news or information that interested me. But somewhere along the way it developed a bug that has driven me to the point of never opening it anymore. If you open the app it almost immediately tells you that you have a message. When you tap on the messages tab there is nothing there and the notification goes away. But if you then close the app, there is now a red bubble notification on the badge. Open the app again to see what it is and once again it says you have a message. And there’s nothing there!!! For someone with mild clinical OCD this is absolutely maddening. It’s to the point now where I won’t open the app at all. This review would go from one star to five if they would just fix this..Version: 7.52

The Twitter App, A Gateway To Far HorizonsThe Twitter app is a gateway to the world, the world near at hand and the world far beyond. The Twitter app provides a global reach that is comprehensive and confounding, explorative and educational and offers opportunities to see, hear and feel far beyond our sensory equipment. This app helps us to develop insight into circumstances that are well beyond our own. Of course, the experience can be constructive or destructive and that is a choice we must circumnavigate with care..Version: 8.52.1

My favourite Social Media toolI’m loving the diversity of Twitter. It is a more reliable source of global news, current affairs, scientific information, entertainment, environment, ecology, economic issues. Compared with the rubbish mainstream media serves up including the unqualified talking heads telling people what to think, Twitter is far more effective in sharing real information & enabling debate & sharing of ideas not just ideologies. Well done Twitter. I’ve been a member since 2012 & I plan to stay..Version: 8.18

AddsThere are adds that come thick and fast, most people tire of these and give up on the sites that are overrun with them, be careful, we love Twitter please don’t fall into the money trap..Version: 7.52.5

Videos are glitchyWatching videos on this is so frustrating sometimes because if you try to skip ahead into a video it will just freeze the video and remain frozen until the amount of time you skipped ahead is reached and then it will resume. I know I can unfreeze it by moving the little dial at the bottom to skip through the video but i shouldn’t have to do that. Also i’ve had sound glitches where if you try to skip ahead or rewatch a video once it reaches the end the sound won’t play and i just move the little bar at the bottom to skip through the video left and right until the sound comes back. It’s pretty annoying and happens literally all the time. Fix it bruh y’all millionaires. Instagram does better with their videos like cmon son and I know i’m not the only one experiencing this all my friends get it too. Other than this the app is fine.Version: 8.2.6

Notifications, links and random crashingSince the update the notifications feature is unresponsive to settings. I have muted many conversations and yet I still have my notifications flooded with activity in those conversations. The iPad app constantly crashes and often takes my iPad with it as the whole things crashes. Most recently, links in tweets are not hyperlinked as nothing happens when I tap them. The links work when the tweet is in the feed but not when in the tweet..Version: 7.28

Great AppI’ve been using Twitter since it first came out and I was so amazed at house much I could learn about what’s going on around the world in real time. It was a game changer back then and it still is now. Every social platform has bugs from time to time, ALL of them. That’s just how technology works. But I’ll say Twitter has the best response time in regards to anything, not limited to fixing bugs in such a quick manner. It’s also the only social media platform that TRULY allows you free speech. They don’t take down offensive posts nearly as often as Instagram and Facebook, only if they cross a verrrryyyyy big line. Not saying that’s the type of Tweeter I am, I am all for equality and Twitter also has one of the most diverse users. Long story short 😂😂😂 give this a try, it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s equally as awesome. 🤪🤓🙌.Version: 7.14

TwitterI love Twitter because i can see its potential. If the powers that be were not so afraid of it it could blossom into the greatest invention since the printing press. I would have given it five stars except I disagree with some of the unfair censorship. However, it far out does the others by trying to resist the forces thrown at it. I watched a Republican chastise Twitter Rep for not allowing CIA involvement to monitor for Russian disinformation. He also chastised them for not controlling the search result because Alex Jones( this before 2016 election) would show up at the top to often. I don’t watch him but was reminded how Hillary said if elected she would shut him down and Breitbart as they had no right to exist. I was stunned and so I salute Jack for withstanding the pressure, for debating an independent journalist I admire. I hope he can hold out against immense pressure of his peers. Vicki Whatever.Version: 7.49

Great idea, but too much tinkering and interference by Twitter techiesI choose who to follow, who to block etc. I have no problem at all with adverts as I can weed out inappropriate companies, and I get a free service from Twitter. That's all I need. What I DON'T need is Twitter programmers constantly trying to "improve my experience" for me by repeatedly re-setting my desktop account so it shows me trends/what it thinks are great tweets instead of a chronological timeline. (Yes, I know a timeline is chronological by definition, but Twitter staff appear to think differently.). Also, too much stuff going on down the sidebars. Hey Twitter: keep it simple, stand back and let us use the great thing you invented. Spend less time tinkering with the front-end, and way more time policing the legions of obnoxious folk who leave such ghastly, personal abuse for others hiding under the cloak of anonymity..Version: 7.49.6

Please allow us to change the notification soundWe need to use the nice tweet notification on iOS when someone sends a message. That would be great!.Version: 7.48.5

A feature I would love to see added...Great application. I use it a lot for personal & also professional usage. As part of my work, I make extensive usage of the list features. I have few public, and servers curated private lists to keep up with different information flows. I would love to see the ability to with the click of a button or setting...turn on/off push notifications for a particular public or private list or lists of users. This would allow me to disable notifications from a number of accounts on my off days when I don’t need to be connected as much, but also give the ability to quickly turn on a list when I head back in to work or am working from home. I don’t know if anyone has ever requested this feature, but I sure would love to see it. Again, great application. Definitely my top social media choice..Version: 7.39

RETWEET BUTTONThe app is fantastic but please put back the retweet button where it was originally. Pressing retweet then having the option to retweet or quote retweet pop up at the bottom is a much more efficient method. Having to press retweet then move your hand all the way to the top of the screen, without writing anything, to send the retweet SEEMS like an incredible minor action but it impacts efficiency and user experience, particularly if you were used to having the buttons pop up at the bottom of the screen. Please consider reverting the retweet button back..Version: 8.42

Loving the app!!! Just a few suggestions.I love using Twitter!!! Such a brilliant app!! Just a few things I would suggest a few bits though. It gets rather annoying having to delete tweets only because of a spelling mistake or something like that, but whereas Facebook and Instagram allow users to edit their posts, Twitter doesn't have that option. This means that if I make a spelling mistake I can't correct it and I have to delete the whole tweet and start again. It would be really helpful if Twitter added an edit tweet option. Also it might be helpful if there was an option to turn off the comments section on tweets, as some people may not want to see negative comments on their tweets, and I really don't understand why Twitter doesn't have that option, so it would help if the turn off replies option was added..Version: 8.25.1

Life on TwitterThe most wonderful invention ever in my opinion. How else can you speak openly to members of the Royal Family, Presidents, The Pope, celebrities or someone upstairs in an instant? The news is faster than any tv and calls for help are out in seconds. I’d like everyone to have the opportunity to be verified even with a fee to rid the fake accounts and reassure ourselves that we are speaking to the real person. Please consider this. Remove all bullies from having accounts and keep to high ethical standards. Given all the above Twitter should be one of the largest global companies in the world and a financial success for all. #ILoveTwitter.Version: 7.50

AdvertisingPersonally, I am perfectly fine with advertising. But I really think they should base the adverts off of what you search or who you follow. Like if I follow someone in the musical theatre, I want to have adverts that would catch my interest, and it’s about musical theatre. Other than the advertising, I think the app is amazing. I love the fact that I can see what’s trending around the world and I can see moments based on celebrities or other topics, and even who I follow/follows me. When you report somebody, they give you a quick reply. I reported someone for impersonating recently and they sent me an email and a notification on the app itself. Twitter is amazing. 👍.Version: 7.14

You're not using the app to full potentialInstead of censoring comments and appeasing factions u should work with tech product creators like Indiegogo. It will earn you more money and contribute to the modernization of the material market..Version: 8.2.5

From Italian Embassy WellingtonTwitter is a quick and effective way to browse news, editorials and opinions. It is also a condensed tool of public diplomacy. Very useful for our work..Version: 8.37.1

Twitter is great but...Twitter is great, I get to see all the art that people make, post my own stuff, and talk with people, great app, but one problem is that when I load up the app, it immediately puts me at the top and I have to scroll all the way back down to see what’s new, if you could fix this it would be much appreciated..Version: 8.11

My favourite social mediaI have for years stayed away from Twitter focusing on Facebook and Instagram. Realised that I was waisting my time (actually) following people’s holiday and eating photos and decided to exit Facebook and try Twitter instead. Wohoo, say I, I’m loving it! Now I’m waisting my time on Twitter, but at least it is news, arts and social commentary. Who says Twitter is dead? Twitter is the (only) place to be!.Version: 7.31.2

Locked out after less than 12 hoursIs the app on iPhone X bugging? I created a twitter account less than 24hours ago. I created this account after downloading the app on my iPhone X. Still from my phone, I selected around 10 or so people/organisations from my industry to follow. I logged in again a few hours later around 8.30am, to be told I had been locked out because of some suspicious activity on my account or a suspect account use (I think... I can’t quite remember the terminology used). I was given the opportunity to reset it by clicking Start. They asked for my log in number, which I never gave when setting up, so I gave my email address instead. Then I was directed to a screen to check I wasn’t a robot. There was nothing on that screen, apart from the sentence ‘Are you a robot?’. I cannot click on anything, I cannot get out of it. I tried to use Help, but Twitter redirects me to the ‘Are you a robot?’ blank screen every few seconds. I uninstalled the app, reinstalled it and logged into my account again, only to land on the very same ‘Are you a robot?’ blank screen again! What do I do???.Version: 7.36

This app doesn’t need to be 17+Having age restrictions on my device, I think this app shouldn’t be 17+ as it seems to be completely fine, it will be a lot more easier and accessible if Twitter can somehow lower its age rating :).Version: 8.36.3

Too many politically motivated accounts pulledYou have to be kidding about pulling Senator McConnells account. Too many examples of verbal violence promotion by liberals and politicians that face no reprise from Twitter. The distorted liberal diatribe is what inflamed and divides and then you eventually have conservatives challenging their ridiculous lies that are posted every minute. The lies are based on lies and conservative voices can only try to address. Democrats have been the narrow minded ones working to take Rights of others away since the days they ran the Klu Klux Klan and now they are trying to reduce our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights on an ongoing basis. Why is this smart? Once they are gone we become Khmer Rouge, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Russia. Our current rights and freedoms are what make us the envy of the world. Ask all of those who want to come here from other countries. They know..Version: 7.56

Used to love this app but changes have ruined it.I use to be on/off Twitter throughout the day but at the weekend the app has an update which now only displays’Topics’. I follow lots of US and UK journalists and politicians. It was essential reading for me as well as massively entertaining. I could get quick updates on the issues of the day through the ‘For You’ page. Now this has been replaced with ‘Dogs’, ‘Baseball’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Basketball’. Not entirely sure how Twitter thought ANY of these topics would appeal to me by my age and living in rural Scotland??? I can only hope they change it back to the original format with enough complaints!.Version: 8.5.5

First timeOnly my first time using this app . Looking forward to reading up on what people have got to say ..Version: 8.47.1

Loving TwitterTwitter has had its ups and downs in the years it has been running but overall its a fantastic way to meet people from all walks of life and to interact with everything people are up to. The political Tweets some Americans tweet are annoying but they are entitled to their opinion and I find Twitter a great way to express my opinions on life and to tweet my thoughts and feelings. Overall Twitter has had not many outages in the last few years but when they do discover problems it gets fixed ASAP..Version: 8.19

Glitch in DMsI got this glitch where it tells me a notification that someone is direct messaging me but when I go there, no one has messaged me and there’s nothing at all. I found a person who messaged me in the request section from my email later on but when I got to my Twitter account, it wasn’t there. So I blocked the person who sent me a message. But the notification in DMs is still there. No one has ever DMed me in the past weeks by now. I logged out and logged in, notification is still there. I deleted the app and reinstalled the app, it didn’t work. I’ve had this glitch notification for over a month or two. This annoyed me so much. It’s only my account that has this glitch, I don’t know to fix it. Edit: Alright I fixed it. I somehow played around with my settings and turned off quality filter then I finally saw the person’s direct message. Now I gotta remembered how to do it if it happens again..Version: 7.47

Please some issues need to get fixedI love Twitter, it’s the app I use the most. But recently people have been locked out of their accounts/temporarily restricted (including myself) for no reason. We can’t even verify our accounts when logging in cause the phone number doesn’t work. It’s an issue with twitter that needs to get fixed asap because twitter support also doesn’t reply. My account’s been like this for 9 days now..Version: 8.44

Update problem with adding photos to post (iPad)Update: The issue below seems to have been resolved in the latest update of the app (30 Oct). I use the Twitter app on the iPad on a regular basis, and this app is far better for me than using the PC for both reading and posting tweets. On the iPad Pro (with iOS12), when adding photographs there was a reasonable sized image (up to four per tweet) and the ability to add accessibility text for those who need it. After this latest update, when adding photographs to post, there is now a very small thumbnail image with a big X (close button) covering it, so impossible to check it’s the correct one before posting, and no option to add accessibility text. It still seems to work OK on the iPhone after the update; just the iPad version that has issues with photographs. Otherwise, it is a great app..Version: 7.35

Good app, but I got kicked out for no reason. Hoping this gets fixed.I got the app, just made my account, and started to search up all the people I wanted to follow. But then suddenly, as I was scrolling down the Gorrilaz’s homepage, for some reason my account got blocked. I looked at the rules for Twitter, and found that I had violated none of them. I don’t know why this happened, and I’ve heard from a lot of people that twitter’s staff are very bad at differentiating what should and shouldn’t be allowed on twitter. Good app, bad staff..Version: 7.34

The first App I open each dayWhen you want to know the most relevant, topical and interesting stories of the day, open Twitter. It’s curated comments from people, organisations and publishers I trust the most..Version: 8.48

One stop information shopI use Twitter for up to date news, sports scores, road and rail travel information and I communicate with some of my service providers via Twitter too ie Three mobile and my energy supplier. I also like to follow my local police who tweet regularly on the going’s on in my area good and bad. I like the fact I get to see relevant tweets from people and groups I follow as a notification so I rarely open the app as all the info i want is in my phone notification centre. To sum up the Twitter app its my go to place to get the relevant information and news I need, and as I don’t follow friends family or z list celebrities I don’t get bogged down with all the other stuff that seems to happen on other platforms like Facebook & Instagram..Version: 7.42.1

Thank you for the amazing app to spread information butSome of us users don’t have some of the new added features majority of users already have such as the voice feature. I love the new add on of the fleets! It’s such a great way to share so many great things with friends! But the quality of picture and video when posted comes out very low quality. Another thing is that the fleets no longer post anything? Fleet fails to post something I want to post and it’s always a consistent fail, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling! Nothing works. If you can fix that then that’s a 10/10.Version: 8.44.1

Twitter 🦉This app is a great way to post your feelings and get closer to see what famous people post too, there’s only a slight problem, you can easily click on a someone’s profile if it holds quite adult content so if you want block them you have to click on their profile see all the adult content then block them. I think it would be easier if there was a few buttons, when you click on those sort of profiles to say do you want to view, block or report this profile. I just think it would be much better for Twitter if there wasn’t so many of these sort of profiles and it would help stop these people posting these sort of things..Version: 7.35

Don’t expect a response from supportOne of the most useful features to be added in years was the ability to pin lists and easily switch between them. Despite being added months ago, I can only get this feature to appear if I delete the app and reinstall. At next launch it’s gone. I have tried to contact twitter support on many occasions through twitter, through their website and via email. I have yet to receive any response, and I still can’t use the pinned list feature. Even though twitter continues to cripple third party clients, they don’t seem to car about their own client either. The situation could be so much better - if only it were..Version: 8.7.1

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From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happe...