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GreatThe Twitter app for iPad is great and it does everything I need it to do. Every now again it stops and I have to restart it again but that could be an Apple thing with all the recent updates that I have had to install. Other than that have rarely encountered any issues..Version: 7.48.5

KenI am so happy thankful for all that Elon Musk did for all of the great people in We The People’s Republic Americans I am so grateful blessed to know that all the evil from the communist regime that’s in power we know there for one reason it’s too destroy Our Republic Of America that hates our God Given Nation communist party hates our constitution’ freedoms’ capitalism’s our God & Our Savior Jesus Christ So obama soros pelosi & communist party is still working to reach their goals AND THEY TRULY THINK THEIR SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE INCLUDING OUR GOD VERY WRONG AMERICAN’s knew obama ordered the dominion voting machines then obiden couldn’t get two hundred people at his rallies just like Venezuela obiden got near one million votes more than obama only in the Democratic Party so funny look 👀 hard at American midterms America Only God The True Heavenly Father can heal our American no other god can do what I God And His(God’s) Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ Can Do American true justice will only come When We The People Pray Pray Then Pray 🙏🏻.Version: 9.34.6

Amazing but there is a problemSince yes I have a phone and stuff but it expired and I can’t go out and get one my parents don’t allow that now bc I logged out of Twitter on accident i can’t log back in cuz it needs my phone number yesterday was fine I wrote this problem once in here but here we go again please fix this ik it’s keeping hackers away but I haven’t even put my phone number hackers can easily put their phone number and what’s the point of it now I can’t log back in I won some giveaways (games stuff) and now I can’t join more and can’t claim >:( I’m kinda angry but overall nice app.Version: 8.80

New Twitter Freedom Platform & Twitter StaffI would like to wholeheartedly thank Mr Elon Musk for his selflessness in trying to bring back freedom of speech to the World & humankind. I liken what Mr Elon Musk is doing to Twitter staff to the army of Gideon in the book of Judges 6 & 7. How it was trimmed down from 32k to just 300 strong loyal warriors!!! Well done Mr Elon Musk. I would like to help Twitter in whatever way possible. Please let me know..Version: 9.34.5

Censoring lies and conspiracy theoriesYou need to keep up the momentum of censoring accounts used to make fact- less claims and lies and promote violence of any kind. Especially by people who are elected or appointed to office and are in positions of community responsibility..Version: 8.48

Elon’s Twitter Five Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This app has become infinitely better now that Elon Musk has taken control and is allowing everyone onto it’s platform. Before Elon, Twitter used censorship to only allow speech from a very narrow section of society with radical fringe views. Doing so misrepresented the mainstream public and engineered general discourse in an undemocratic way. This version of Twitter that represents everyday people is a welcome change. Advertisers who go against this should be shamed, ridiculed, canceled, and outcast from society as they use their wealth to silence dissidents..Version: 9.34.6

New update - public viewsThe new update… has public views for EVERY tweet and is just an unnecessary feature that is not at all appealing. A lot of the time likes have a 1:10 ratio to views, which just makes people seem like they’re being ignored all the time, it’s something that will make people self-conscious and overall create a less positive environment. People will post less art etc, in fear of being ignored, and others who share more personal things on their account might feel even more isolated to discover that over 100 people haven’t interacted with them or their tweet. Twitter is a good place for socialising and communication but. I beg. Get rid of this feature or at least have a setting which allows users to turn it off (and I can assure I am not the only one with these feeling, I assume most people feel more negatively about it than positively).Version: 9.38

Loving Twitter 💙I enjoy the fast pace of being up to date with current affairs, witty content & being able to have my feed with my interests!.Version: 8.38

My favourite Social Media toolI’m loving the diversity of Twitter. It is a more reliable source of global news, current affairs, scientific information, entertainment, environment, ecology, economic issues. Compared with the rubbish mainstream media serves up including the unqualified talking heads telling people what to think, Twitter is far more effective in sharing real information & enabling debate & sharing of ideas not just ideologies. Well done Twitter. I’ve been a member since 2012 & I plan to stay. I still feel the same way after writing the above review..Version: 8.65

App featuresI love Twitter, have been a user for many years however the recent update that has made most app features inaccessible for iPhone 5s/6 users is really disappointing.. I will continue to use Twitter, but like many other users that are upset on the app right now, I would like if Twitter would make the app functional for all its users again, all we want is to be able to read replies and view profiles again, we literally can’t even view are own profiles because of this problem on the app. We’re not asking for a lot, don’t care about any fancy features on the newest version of the app, just want to be able to use Twitter normally again, be able to tweet, read replies, open threads and view accounts/profiles ect...Version: 9.6

Twitter has the worst customer service of any companyI tried to start a promotion and ended up making a mistake and got charged over $400 by twitter. Completely shocked I tried to enter into a conversation about why this had happened and why I was charged so much. They would not answer messages and were not willing to provide any reasons beyond ‘we have investigated and reviewed and you owe the money.’ Twitter is an atrocious company and the irony is that despite inadvertently spending over $400 my ‘promoted’ tweet did not get even a single reaction. Do not use a Twitter to promote anything ever!.Version: 7.50

Platform for exchanging views and learning togetherI find Twitter a very useful tool to express views, listen and read about diverse opinions. It is educational when debates and arguments are civilised and based on evidence and facts. I support human rights of all humans of all backgrounds, irrespective of religion, nationality, gender , colour or greed. Completely non religious and despise racism of all its facets. Twitter helps me call out injustices providing I base my views on facts. Also Twitter provides a platform for saying sorry when you get it wrong, sometimes that happens. Twitter helps to showcase ideas, views and also establish relationships with people you will never see or meet face to face. I dislike it when Twitter suspend people unfairly, freedom of speech is wonderful thing, we should all cherish.I like it when Twitter allows different opinions and I like it best when propaganda and lies are challenged with no hurt to personal feelings. So thank you..Version: 8.1.5

Always a notificationThe app has come along way in recent years. It’s definitely better, more polished and dark mode is a plus. That said, the app is still pretty painful to use along with a convoluted settings area. It seems no matter how many times I set the push notifications to only notify on messages, I still get notified about tweets from people, when I’ve tried to opt out of this. Seems geared to drive / force user engagement via the app..Version: 7.47

Please allow us to change the notification soundWe need to use the nice tweet notification on iOS when someone sends a message. That would be great!.Version: 7.48.5

ABC State Election CoverageI have rejoined Twitter to vent my bitter disappointment of last night’s biased and unprofessional conduct by Tamara Oudyn’s as co host with David Speers of the Victorian State Election coverage on the ABC. Her obvious disregard of the comments by panel member and Deputy Premier, Jacinta Allen was appalling. When the Labour Party was elected to govern for another 4 years, there was minimal congratulations. Her disappointment was there for all to see. I believed the ABC to be impartial but the choice of Oudyn as co host of the State Election Coverage was a serious error of judgement by senior decision makers and must be investigated. She is clearly not up to the job! Respect and impartiality please Aunty!.Version: 9.34.6

Not happy you changed the retweet functionWithout warning, you removed the basic retweet function. Previous I had a choice. I could retweet without commenting. Or I could attach a comment. The first choice allowed me to simply share someone’s tweet with the need to make further comment. I used this function a lot. But you have removed it without consultation. Reducing functionality and choice is rarely a good thing and certainly isn’t this time. Please restore it or at least explain why you removed this feature..Version: 8.41.1

I miss FleetsFleets were best for uploading daily photos without messing up the timeline. Ah I miss them a lot. Twitter is still great though. Although the implementing a bad-button is just horrible please stop that's just bad..Version: 8.79

Should not have a limit on writingTwitterI love Twitter it’s amazing the only thing I will say is that there shouldn’t be a limit on how many characters or how many words to write on Twitter it should be just like Facebook but it should be more safer obviously and monitored of course I know have like things are rude or nasty or in all the disgusting said on it or written on it to be taken off of course but it shouldn’t have like 120 characters or wherever you to write some thing it’s annoying when you’ve written some thing and you’ve been told you can’t use all the words and then you have to like go to the add button to add another tweet to it it’s annoying.Version: 8.65

Update problem with adding photos to post (iPad)Update: The issue below seems to have been resolved in the latest update of the app (30 Oct). I use the Twitter app on the iPad on a regular basis, and this app is far better for me than using the PC for both reading and posting tweets. On the iPad Pro (with iOS12), when adding photographs there was a reasonable sized image (up to four per tweet) and the ability to add accessibility text for those who need it. After this latest update, when adding photographs to post, there is now a very small thumbnail image with a big X (close button) covering it, so impossible to check it’s the correct one before posting, and no option to add accessibility text. It still seems to work OK on the iPhone after the update; just the iPad version that has issues with photographs. Otherwise, it is a great app..Version: 7.35

Simple, fair and it WORKS!Absolutely love this default of an app already on my iPhone. It is extremely user friendly, easy to tweet and I absolutely love the position of the navigation bar through all Apple apps. What a thoughtful idea, always judgemental about the user experience. I have had purchase two other Twitter related apps, which I no longer use by the way as they proved to be complicated browse, post multiple tweets and then some, and user friendly at the least..Version: 7.30

Too many ads now.I still like Instagram but the ads/sponsored posts are way to frequent. I don’t care you are trying to cater them to me, I just don’t want them as often. I’ve pretty much stopped using Facebook. Don’t force me to quit the gram too..Version: 7.55.5

“Button”Your new “ more prominent” button in the lower right corner SUCKS! It’s TOO BIG! And covers TOO MUCH of the screen. Please get rid of it!!!!!.Version: 7.35

Still some issues on IOS appBoth of these issues never used to be a problem, they only started happening in the last year or so. Timeline resetting: Whenever I exit a tweet on my timeline or go back to the TL from notifs, DMs, or twitter search, the TL glitches to a new place and I have to scroll up/down to find where I was before. Tweets not automatically showing up in thread: When I add a tweet to a thread, it used to automatically show up under the last tweet, but now it does not and I must either go to my profile or press “this tweet was added to thread” to see it even though I’m already on the thread. “Show replies” undoing: When I press the “show replies” option to open more replies in a thread and start scrolling down to read those replies the thread closes by itself, and I have to press the “show replies” option again..Version: 8.56.1

A sensational platformI have been using Twitter for over 6 years now and it is a cross-functional platform with numerous uses. I have connected with so many wonderful and engaging individuals over the years and it’s amazing to see the invaluable work people are doing. I love to say “hi”to my followers when time permits as it is important to give back and see what they are doing ( they’re all extremely bright, creative and dedicated ) and come from all walks of life!. It’s also an invaluable platform for people engaged in animal welfare as well as environmental issues as people tweet in real time. This permits people to cross engage and help one another at great speed. The sharing of world news is also pertinent as it allows countries to quickly dissect all the bits that matter. And there’s quite a few bits on that front!. Twitter has been an incredibly reliable platform for many years that I always look forward to using. I love all the new buttons and features and I look forward to using them most of the time all the time, hopefully to enhance my work. Thankyou Twitter! A sensational platform!.Version: 8.47.1

LoveLove twitter easily my fav app..Version: 7.7

AmazingI’ve been using twitter for about 2 years now, I am very pleased to have this much of a DM and message app that you can follow people (Device: IPhone XR).Version: 9.6

Getting noticedI only joined twitter recently and whilst enjoying the experience and mainly transferring from that dreadful Facebook prison camp which will ban you for a month for an innocent joke ,when you appreal it they tell you that it was ok and that they made a mistake but still ban you for 6 weeks regardless. One thing I noticed if you post unless your famous or a recognised YouTuber no one views your posts or gives you a chance to gain a following . So I post anyway . Well that’s my whinge for the day ..Version: 9.13

TWITTERI’m having a blast interacting with the liberal thinking democrats on Twitter. You know we are all human beings, living in this cruel, cruel world. And regardless of our political affiliation we need to learn how to be civil with one another. It shouldn’t take another country or aliens to attack us on our soil, to bring us all together. Thank you Twitter for recognizing the censorship that has been taking place on your watch. Someone had wrote a very nasty message to me, so in a very polite way I answered them back, only to have a message show up, questioning me, “do we have this right? And do you want to change it, or post it?” I guess my question is why someone at Twitter didn’t question his attentions, and allowed his post. These are the reasons Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter, which has never shown a profit, and maybe the reason he backed out. I just ask that Twitter continue to improve in its structure!!! Thanks again & Peace Out!!!.Version: 9.15

Twisting you words to place you in Twitter JailTwitter is a very enjoyable application and platform for voicing one’s opinion on current events whether political personal sports or other cultural events, but in the past the language that I have used has been evaluated by those wanting to twist my words towards an interpretation that was far from my intention. This happened over and over again until finally the Twitter police placed me in jail permanently and my Twitter account has been shut down ever since. I have a peeled two or three times and once again after Elon musk took over Twitter. But I’ve had no response yet. I hope one day to be reestablished on Twitter. However there are other pressing issues that grip my attention these days. As a Christian I remain constantly in prayer for our nation and our people everyone every child and every issue. Praying for US!.Version: 9.34.6

No fleets!!Remove fleets!!!! Twitter is not Snapchat!!.Version: 8.44

Excellent - Message to AppleNothing bad to say about Twitter, especially now Elon Musk has taken over. Note to Apple, as you continue to make bad decisions about your own products and continue to benefit from my customer support, such as charging Apple Music for $1.50 on main land China, and £9.99 for the westerners, or the great decision of Tim Cook to load U2 to everyone’s iphone, or lobbying to not crack down on child labour in contracted production plants in the east.. even to holding a monopoly over the ability to backup iphones to the cloud, making them only possible to use Apples iCloud service which carries a ridiculous price tag for the data allowance, and also prevents sending / receiving emails when my iCloud full with photos.. which of course it will fill up with photos. Allow me to just say this, if Twitter is removed from the App Store, i along with many others, will leave the Apple Ecosystem behind..Version: 9.34.6

Shadowban Epidemic & Missing RepliesTwitter is meant to be a form of Social Media, with the emphasis on “Social” especially for the 1000’s of people suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety and illnesses that leave them housebound and/or without physical socialisation, so it’s extremely upsetting that Twitters algorithms are so messed up that people are now getting Shadowbanned because these broken algorithms think the people are Bots. And the whole “Missing Replies” saga, where your wee speech bubble shows you’ve a reply to your Tweet but when you click on it, there’s nothing there! Notification Bans too... And no amount of Tweeting to Support gets us anywhere, let’s face it though, it’s an automated service that goes round and round in circles and you never get a reply/response/or fix ~ Where’s the Human Customer Support? I think the powers that be need to get their fingers out their well payed pies and realise that they should be looking after their customers!!! You are putting peoples lives at risk!.Version: 7.21.2

Free speech is back baby!Now that the DNC doesn’t control you and you let the people not the minority have their say, look at the results. The crazies don’t run this planet the majority does, just like the Berlin Wall, eventually the masses will revolt and the people will take it down and take back the power. Welcome back to the real world Twitter. The people always prevail, maybe you should read some history books while your stuck in that echo chamber you all locked yourselves in. And stop complaining, if you disagree with something lay down a valid counter point, no one saying you can’t have your say, the only thing that has changed is now you need to be exposed to opposing opinions, that’s healthy for humanity, you would think all you college educated geniuses would know that..Version: 9.7.2

CLIMATE CHANGE!!!Be very slow to speak and quick to look at the facts!!! The Earth produces more carbon in 12 Months than all the carbon put together since the beginning of the industrial revolution began till now !!! 27 volcanoes will produce more carbon in one year ! And 27 are at this moment blowing their tops !!! Even the Devil himself has told these leaders to get rid of these nukes ! It’s the over 2000 nuclear detonations since Japan that has destroyed the ozone layer ! And world war three has only just begun???.Version: 9.3

LISTS!!!I follow a lot of people and it’s hard to keep up with everything I see on my feed. On Instagram, I would have to create multiple accounts to follow people to have my feeds more organised. On Twitter in the other hand, I don’t need to do that as there are lists. Lists are feeds where you are able to add profiles onto it and all their tweets will appear in that list. It’s like creating a separate feed and choosing what you see in it. It’s the best way to organise what you see on social media and I am in love with it. I have a music feed where I chose to add artists I love in there and I can just go there anytime to see what’s going on in their world, and then I have another list for Films. It’s great and this one feature alone made me give this app 5 stars. Twitter has everything else that all other social media have, but even more features..Version: 8.47.1

ImprovementsEnabling editing would be a big plus! Reinstating some of the accounts that were suspended for pathetic reasons should happen also!.Version: 9.34.6

Widow of WalchaAmazing detail in this book. I listened to it almost without stop. The cold blooded calculation of this woman is frightening. Emma Partridge carefully and methodically builds the true picture of this woman who pretends she is so sweet and loving but has an ultimately sinister side that destroys a loving, generous human being by taking his life in a carefully thought out evil plan to make it look like suicide. The level of manipulation is incredible. She catches her ex husband Colin in a sticky web of lies and stories and manipulates him Into looking after her children and her. She seems to know what these men wanted more than anything else and be that for them. They both wanted a partner / wife and family. Her level of ruthlessness is mind blowing. She is one very scary person. Unpredictable and a very good actress. Just a narcissist who believes everyone else is stupid. A great read ….Version: 9.13

Emerging Opportunity To ShareI have benefitted enormously , over the last few years, from my participation in sharing information and ideas across a very wide range of people on Twitter. The breadth of expertise and lived experience makes engagement on this platform a new way to understand different perspectives, gather expert information and most importantly build consensus with others about a creative location based and complex path to a positive future..Version: 9.10.1

Taking over tweeter freedom of speech given backBy Elon musk . conscious is what god gives us we maintain it to steer us in our journey shifting through all the wrong and then there’s the right decisions that we choose that make us who we our godly people righteous people or dark side hateful deceptive heartless greed sinful people ! You can stay in the grey or keep sitting on the fence BUT IF YOU DONT DECIDE THERE WILL BE SOMEONE AT THE END OF THE DAY THAT WILL DECIDE FOR YOU HOPEFULLY WE ALL GET IT BEFORE ITS TO LATE ! Free will is a choice that each and everyone will have to make ! In Jesus name amen ! Note : thank god Whoopi is gone all she did was cause hate upon hate spread lies and rumors lack of respect for where we all have come from HISTORY IS A FASCINATING TIME SHE CAN KNOW FOR THE SECOND TIME GET EDUCATED AS A ACTRESS SHE WAS OK THEN SHE VOICED HER PERSONAL OPINIONS BIG MISTAKE. HOPE SHE DID NOT GIVE HER DAY JOB UP IM NO LONGER A FAN AND HAVE NO DRUVE TO EVER SEE HER PERFORM ! She definitely killed that route ! Thank you mr musk so very very much ! May god bless you and your precious family in Jesus name amen 👍🙏🏽😇.Version: 9.39

Elon! Make small businesses great!Offer a subscription to small businesses to receive request for their products or services. Big biz search controls what you see. Paying for clicks only benefit LARGE companies because the small cannot compete. Searchers should have access to all, and all businesses with a subscription should receive an unrestricted request that fits their profession or product they offer. Imagine a consumer looking for a specific product or an inventor seeking a manufacturer. A search only finds those with deep pockets. A Twitter request from a business that has a subscription could offer the consumer many of options. Options create competition and efficiency. As a General contractor I spend lots of time seeking out sourcing. Very time consuming, you have the platform to change that. Make America more efficient while helping small businesses have a level playing field against the huge companies..Version: 9.34.1

Pretty Good!I like using the app, it works as it should, gives me updates if you choose that option, easy to use and updates aren’t every day like fb! I wish there was a way to block “Promoted tweets” or adds (I block every one I see), the only other tiny downside at the moment is some news appearing at the top of my feed that twitter thinks I need to know about and I can’t just delete - often it’s only some celebrity news or a football match 🙄😆.Version: 7.49.6

Cannot change option to view sensitive contentI got the Twitter app today to help make viewing the pages of people I’m following easier. The problem is that I can’t find an option to enable the option to view sensitive content, and when I go to tap on the hidden sensitive content, it tells me to enable the option to view sensitive content by tapping on highlighted text reading “Change setting”, which supposedly takes me to the Privacy and safety account settings. The problem with that is that when I go to tap on the text, it didn’t do anything. It’s about as useful as tapping on normal text! After trying multiple times to get my tapping to register on the “Change setting” text, I manually went to Settings and privacy, then Privacy and safety and scrolled down to the Safety section of the tab to find nothing. The closest thing I find to what I was looking for was the option to mark media that *I* Tweet as sensitive content, not the Tweets of others, and that didn’t help at all. Perhaps I accidentally/unknowingly set my age as lower than it really was, and it was blocking the option to view or turn on the option to view the sensitive content of others, but that turned out to seem a bit too complex. Or maybe the option just wasn't coded into the app itself. Regardless, I would really appreciate that this issue be fixed, as it’s doing my head in. Thank you a lot..Version: 7.31.1

No illusionsTwitter is great in many ways but it’s just like any of the majors... super suspicious. My ex joined the platform and was banned from tweeting openly, now she can only retweet other people’s stuff without everyone else seeing a ‘this content may be dangerous’ sticker over her tweets. She was banned, not because of the content of the tweets, because they were sweet innocent tweets. We suspected it was because of the people she chose to follow before she made her first tweet. So that’s Twitter for you, but hey bro what do you expect? She’s an African Australian stripper with a bachelors degree and conservative views. I miss her ;).Version: 8.35

Platform for fake news needs to STOP.Hope to see what I’ve written below years ago about Twitter will change after Elon Musk’s took-over and he will revamp Twitter’s inclination towards far left wing propaganda mechanism. 3 November 2022 — _____________________. Twitter side with hardline Ultra Left wing ideology. Twitter isn’t genuinely giving platform for free speech, democratic values are buried under the voice of pseudo liberals fake news tweets. Pseudo liberals nowadays spreading half baked- fake news giving references that doesn’t not reflect majority opinions but they show it as opinions of masses, which eventually gives wrong information to people and create outrage, riots, clashes, hate, anger, health is ruined coz of stress. Advise to twitter is to be fair to show opinions from both Left and Right wing. STOP GIVING PLATFORM FOR FAKE NEWS JOURNALISM, or half bake truth..Version: 9.34.1

I’ve had Twitter since Oct 2007… Essential AppApple should not even consider the thought of removing this app. Like Signal, Telegram, and other apps, Twitter is a necessary medium of communication. If execs like Schiller are at all signaling that the app will be removed due to new ownership and expanding freedom on the app. I think this would be a big mistake. It will have a chilling effect on Apple users. I got my first Mac in 1998 and have had hundreds of macs and iOS devices (yes, hundreds). I will start the long process of migrating to something else if this is what the Gatekeepers intend to do. I have also been a dedicated Apple Evangelist. But, I would also start the process of detaching people from the ecosystem if Apple intends to become god in this information war. I just don’t want Apple nor Microsoft nor Google telling its users what they can and cannot read. Stay out of it. Twitter has NOT even changed and this silly reaction is growing. I LOVE Twitter..Version: 9.34.6

Best in Communication and engagement.Twitter can be a love or hate relationship but all depending on how you use Twitter and all of its features. It’s a social media powerhouse! Our groups love it! We are engaged and our specific hashtags #CRE #CREcommunity #CREfam #womenincre etc., and, the lists that we’ve created over the years keep us in the know and connected worldwide. We’ve shared our commercial real estate deals, we’ve applauded our Wins and the Wins of our community, and shared our frustrations with deals not done, who we are in business and life. We have our #CREinfluencers who take it to the next level with additional engagement, Summits, take-aways, and the like. How could we possibly do all of this without Twitter? Other apps have not provided the same exposure and daily interactions as well as Twitter has for communication, being seen and heard in our daily feeds…just follow the hashtags. 👏👏👏😘.Version: 9.0

A caricature of realityIf you want poor mental health, your reality distilled and distorted down to the essence of human frailty, ignorance and perhaps some who are downright evil and nasty then look no further than Twitter. It is a place where opinion wins out to fact every time. Where people with a good education and knowledge are called out for trying to relay those facts and the tiny minded racists, nationalists, homophobes and misogynists can crawl out from under their rocks, coalesce into groups to feel powerful beyond their wildest dreams. It has empowered people who should never be allowed to make decisions on behalf of nations. It had a significant impact on elections and brexit and elections. My advice: get a real life instead.Version: 8.68

Support is a jokeMy account was hacked by someone and twitter suspended my account (acceptable) and I lost access to all my followers and friends. The hacking was resolved but my account has stayed suspended with an inability to get support to reactivate my account. It is SUPER FRUSTRATING It has been months!! I am unable to create a new account as my mobile number and email is connected and twitter has some smarts when I try to go around this process. Twitter support has not read any of my multiple attempts to resolve this issue so now I am stuck using a sub-par account with no followers or friends. Worst support I have ever experienced in my life to date..Version: 8.45

Voice notePlease add a voice note in the direct messages , Please volume up the quality of pictures , Pleeeeaaaassssse maaake my tweets from the latest by default !.Version: 8.21

Opinion of TwitterWord count limit is a wee bit too low. And I’ve never learnt to navigate it properly- however- I’m wrapped someone who believes in free speech is now in charge- thanks Elon Musk..Version: 9.38

Freedom of speechA news or social platform that allows all to participate freely is a human right. To add to local news or media, many other platforms are ignoring this. Thank you Elon for returning some sense to social media.Version: 9.9.1

Thanks Elon!It’s refreshing to many, I know it is to me, that there is now someone at Twitter that will stand up for free speech. Thanks Elon for purchasing Twitter. Although I’m still banned for retweeting a video of someone encouraging or inciting civil unrest, or that’s the way it seemed to me at least. I’m just elated that Elon took over and is standing up for “We The People”, along with others at twitter that still believe in free speech. America is the land of the free. So many veterans have fought so hard and many gave their lives to protect, so that we would have the freedoms like freedom of speech. Yet for the past several years numerous voices have been silenced for going against the narrative. Everything has become so political in the world we live in today, it’s almost vomitable. You’re cancelled if you don’t agree with a certain party nowadays, that’s not freedom of speech, that’s communistic and authoritarian, THAT deserves no place in America. To the many who have lost their lives and to the many who are speaking up today and working behind the scenes for our freedom of speech, THANK YOU and may God Bless America!.Version: 9.34.6

Humanity need to EvolveThe nice thing about bacteria is that they multiply really fast. But useful if you want to see how evolution works. Put antibiotics on a Petri dish with enough bacteria, and a few days later you’ll find that a lone bacterium, one that happened to be resistant to the drug's effects is now recolonizing the plate. It’s natural selection in action. The reality is that every single living thing on Earth is constantly evolving, at least to some extent. But in species that don't live and die as rapidly as bacteria, it’s hard to see the process in action. Tweeter SM in general another form of Human evolution....Version: 7.49

Positive impact on my career (one decade on the platform)Twitter helps me grow in my career; I can ask questions to thought leaders, follow the industry trend, and stay in touch with friends I met in the industry. Twitter also helped me getting two jobs that supercharged my career. I have been on the platform for a decade and I am still enjoying it. Overall the platform is fun and contributed to my knowledge growth. I would recommend Twitter to any professionals in the tech industry, but with moderation as there is no need to spend hours on it every day. 30 minutes every two days does the trick..Version: 7.48.5

DissatisfiedSo for about 2 months “WHO’S BEEN VISITING YOUR PAGE?” ads ran under my account & I tweeted probably 20x at Twitter at Jack at Twitter Help or whatever it’s called & you guys completely and totally ignored me. I explained these were not my tweets & that my account was compromised & you never responded or acknowledged my messages or the problem. Very disappointed at how during this time you allow Trump to tweet that he won the election w/o outright calling that false.... This may be an unverified claim? LOL. That is highly suspect & seems to also entertain the notion that Trump could be right when he is knee deep in gaslighting and propaganda tweeting is very dangerous. Also, since the stupid fleet function was added, videos won’t play & many pictures do not fully upload & I even updated the app yesterday & it did not help the problem. The feeling is that you don’t care how Twitter or if Twitter works properly for regular ppl & that feeling is based on Twitter being unresponsive to my technical issues & that Twitter doesn’t do all that it can to make sure it functions properly & worst of all, you let ppl compromise the accounts of others & don’t really care & that you happily spread dangerous misinformation of the Nazi variety & it makes me feel bad that I rely so much on the app & the app is completely unresponsive to me whether it be being hacked, videos and pics I can’t access, or as a dangerous propaganda tool. Sincerely, Marc Donato.Version: 8.44.1

I hate this app but I love it tooThis app ruins lives, and under the surface of verified users with terrible opinions that get reported on for whatever reason, however underneath that there are terrifying things that no man can unsee.— They drew that guy’s body as a chair, that dream guy, they make him woohoo (as the most PG term I can think of) his own sister. What is WRONG with this site, why is this encouraged?— Men who like children or dogs or whatever get to stay but amazing artists get banned for false flags from nobodies for personal biases. It’s terrible. And among a site where artists are difficult to find of all places.— Anyway I see funny images there sometimes and send them to my friends, like a really compressed picture of a cat giving a thumbs up. Comedy gold really.— 4 Stars for the cat alone..Version: 9.3

TwitterI just used Twitter and I have to say, it's a great platform for staying connected and keeping up with the latest news and trends. The interface is user-friendly and it's easy to find and follow accounts that align with my interests. The ability to share thoughts and information with a large audience is also a major plus. Overall, I highly recommend Twitter for anyone looking to stay connected and informed..Version: 9.38

Just don’t need to read others’ likes or interestsI love Twitter, it’s my way of following news and insights from those whose views I value. I’m not on FB, Instagram or other social media platforms. I just don’t want to see the tweets liked by those I follow, or tweets from people I don’t follow. When this happens, I turn off the app, sometimes go to the web interface (if that allows me to escape the manipulation) and other times read the newspapers I subscribe to or watch TV instead. Simple message!.Version: 8.7.1

“Blocking” Thanks ElonIn my opinion a “Tweeter” should not be able to “Block” someone just because someone challenges their tweet. Example: I was following Larry Sabato, UVA Center for Politics a few years ago (I had a child who was attending UVA). I disagreed with many of Sabato’s statements and opinions regarding politics and I said so without threat or offensive language, just my opinion. He “Blocked” me because I challenged his narrative. He never bothered to challenge my opinion or thought, simply eliminated any challenge by Blocking. Some say Sabato is a smart fellow, if so, you would think he could have easily taken me to the intellectual wood shed, told me how I was wrong, and others could have learned from the exchange. On the other hand, perhaps my thoughts and opinions had validity and others could have learned from my challenges (I mist assume that was Sabato’s primary concern). By allowing a user to block a follower just because they are challenging someone’s tweets obviously limits debate. I don’t have a solution, just identifying a problem or concern. Thanks. Jim.Version: 9.34.6

Screen shiftingHey I just wanna alert you that during the usage of the app, momentary shifting of the timeline would happen spontaneously so it’d be nice you could fix that. It wasn’t always like this before and it seems like many are experiencing the same inconvenience as I am. And the new tweet bell in our notification tab, it’s annoying since i can be notified just by the blue tab that pops up when people I follow tweet. Thank you however for making this app better and better each day, hope you take these points into consideration..Version: 8.1

The Twitter mobI love this app for its easy to use and simple format. There’s loads of awesome people on here and that’s why I use Twitter over any other social media. HOWEVER! I made the mistake of expressing a political opinion. Don’t do that unless you are mentally prepared to brush off hundreds of hate comments. Many of these comments weren’t attacking my opinion but my character. This is common for the Twitter mob which is why this isn’t a 5 star app in my opinion. I know it’s hard to monitor this behaviour but I hope Twitter can find a way to make the pile on smaller..Version: 8.60

Notifications, links and random crashingSince the update the notifications feature is unresponsive to settings. I have muted many conversations and yet I still have my notifications flooded with activity in those conversations. The iPad app constantly crashes and often takes my iPad with it as the whole things crashes. Most recently, links in tweets are not hyperlinked as nothing happens when I tap them. The links work when the tweet is in the feed but not when in the tweet..Version: 7.28

Great but not perfectTwitter is my favourite social media application with lots of great features and is always adding more. I really love the recent update which allowed you to pin lists, but unfortunately it only works on some accounts. I’m not sure how twitter chooses which accounts are allowed pinned lists and which aren’t but I’m hoping it’s a glitch that is soon to be fixed. I also think there should be more in depth tweet filter settings, like an option to turn off everybody’s retweets at once, for people who like a clean, tidy timeline. Another I’d love to see is an option to turn off retweets inside lists because when I add someone to a list, I want to see their tweets and not other peoples. This is a feature in Tweetdeck already and it’s the only reason I use Tweetdeck when I’m not using Twitter, but I can only access it on laptop or through browser which is quite inconvenient..Version: 7.56.5

App’s good, all I have to say is...Subscribe to pewdiepie.Version: 7.37.2

Freedom of speachThank you Elon! I just downloaded twitter after you became Boss! Congratulations and thank you again! If there’s any openings at twitter I would love the opportunity to apply instead of selling copiers for Konica Minolta in a dying economy in Florida. I would love to work for someone/company that is on the path to making the world a better more responsible place. My last job was breakthru beverage/premier and they took away our bonus during the pandemic and had the highest grossing year in history with barely any employees because they furloughed them. I wasn’t furloughed and kept on getting told I’m lucky to have a job, then march of this year they cut our pay to half after we worked our selfs to death for them thru the pandemic. Such a bad company. But since the company had to pay higher taxes due to the new administration they just past it down to us so they could still show higher profits as out stocks continue..Version: 9.34.3

A return to Twitter.Twitter is a fun platform with so much content that it can be a bit too much! I had about a two year break from tweeting but came back recently. My main problem with Twitter was that I found it quite hard to use and I had to learn more by trial and error to get the most out of it. What I love is when I get positive feedback or mentions or retweets as my interests are very varied throughout each year. Trending topics are amusing as I sometimes think what on earth is affecting the rise of this issue or that issue. When it gets a bit heavy and negative you can switch to another subject as it is probably best to not take things too seriously unless the cause or whatever it is worth investing time in. The bluebird is a great logo too!.Version: 8.17.1

Twitter can inspire youI’ve been on Twitter since 2009, with a brief experiment earlier. It took me a while to figure out what this platform does best and for me, that is immediate reporting from people around the world experiencing an event. In my opinion, no platform does this better. Since I live in an area where our livelihoods and often lives, depend on what the weather is doing—floods, tornados, derechos, black ice, blizzards, road conditions—we need to actually know what’s going on with extreme accuracy. People tweeting from basements, storm chasers on the road, live cameras on buildings—Twitter saves lives. And, this is just one example. Right now I’m just following Elon Musk on Twitter because he brings me joy along with rockets, fast cars, and one of the best communities of people inspired by something bigger than we can even imagine. Twitter is exactly what you need and want it to be, depending on who you follow and who follows you back. I hope you give it a try and let it change hour life for the better..Version: 9.37.1

TwitterI have been part of twitter sphere for many years.. however I deleted old accounts re evaluated what and who I wanted to associate myself with. So recently I came back and now I'm having the time of my life with the app.. I have a great community of friends all like minded and here for the same thing. To communicate, share and like one another's posts. I love that it's not all drama orientated and filled with people rowing over petty stupid nonsense. I truly have found an amazing community through this app.. the app has come along in leaps and bounds.. introducing many new features including the longer letter count. Enabling you to express and communicate better without having to edit your posts over and over again. So in all happy to be part of an amazing growing community and look forward to it growing and changing over the years..Version: 7.28.2

Great appIt’s just like Facebook but without all the baby pictures and family trips to the beach that will spam your timeline. I use it probably more than Facebook but then again to each it’s own and twitter isn’t for everyone..Version: 7.8

Trends not displaying properly - stillI have noticed from other people’s screenshots that my worldwide trends are not showing up properly. I’m on an iPhone 7 and I have updated twitter to its recent update... please look into this Addition: they are still not displaying properly. They now have the numbers now but they are in the middle of the screen, and still in large boxes. It has no other information, except the hashtags that are all in lowercase. This is really frustrating and I can see from the Desktop Version that most of the time they aren’t even the correct trending hashtags. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 7.40

So much improvementTwitter as a platform gets used by people for various reasons from current events to catching up with people, from education to politics, from entertainment to argument, from the recent movie trailer to Game Of Thrones spoiler, literally everything is possible on this platform simply because of the nature of it. Personally I use it to stay on top of the news in the tech industry from around the world, and also express my views and emotions on certain things. Twitter is perfect for such requirements. It’s not as heavy and bloated as Facebook and you don’t have to sign your life away just to get on the timeline. Over the years the app has improved significantly to the point that I don’t use any other third party clients anymore. Everything I want to do is possible on the official app. A job well done Twitter team. 👍🏼.Version: 7.49

Amazing but issue with unlocking accountI will be honest I had made a twitter account when I was 11 but didn’t start using it till I was 16, I had corrected my age as I used an older age and it locked my account and I had submitted to get it back, it has been over six months and I haven’t been able to get it back so it is quite upsetting. Other than that twitter is absolutely amazing and it is one of those apps that it takes time for you to appreciate it but once you do, it’s an app that u would use more than any other social media. Twitter is such an amazing app and I would like to give it 5 stars but the service for unlocking accounts is too much of a long wait period..Version: 7.48

TWEETING!To Tweet is to confirm a life of Values, And does not hide bad news, But expresses human points of views, Tweeting in life is to travel and cruise, Some you win some you lose! It’s Twitter and Facebook I chose, And its Scotland’s team in blues, As you noted to tweet I did not refuse, To Tweet you left a number of clues, And your pattern I followed and did use, Thank God I have a clear head off The booze, I now drink tea before is eventually stews, This brings contentment in my imaginary mews, The poet does express and bless with rhyming And greets with pleasure at his beautiful wife’s timing, With the table set for all those dining, May the guests appreciate the crystal glasses all shining, For the contents of the glasses are worth refining, It is only I that on this occasion will be declining, Because my throat is course with my business in mining, Up and by each letter in rhyming my editor she is climbing, For the special guests their autographs they are signing, Now into the kitchen I a humble servant must go, Not only eating but serving from my garden that did grow, All these vegetables in the soap now do flow, I the master cook will let my guests Know, Now take your seats for my dining show, When the soaps to hot it’s not bad manners to blow, Lunch is finished and eaten now it’s time to leave and go!.Version: 7.58.5

Twitter, a very useful tool in media and mass communicationsAlthough there are many people on Twitter I do not agree with, at all in fact, those who might choose to connect with have a proven to be very helpful like-minded people and the people at Twitter have made it possible for the software to connect me with these other human beings of a like-minded nature. Twitter is fast, organized, and is also a very useful and valuable tool in terms of dispensing information from all sources and points of view. Twitter also is a very useful business and advertising tool, because of Twitter I’ve been able to increase sales on eBay in an exponentially prosperous way, the software which allows one to advertise their eBay sales and auctions on Twitter are fast well organized and are able to reach target demographic much easier and faster than you typically see on other media outlets on the Internet..Version: 9.20

Vent Central, the Haves and the Have NotsTwitter deserves its place at/near the top of the social media word. Pluses: 1) You can say what is on your mind as long as it only needs 280 characters. 2) You can easily follow what celebrities (The Haves) think 3) There are some very nice and some very interesting “regular” people on the platform 4) There are rooms/chat rooms where you can actually get to know people. Negatives: 1) It is virtually impossible for new unknown people (The Have Nots) to be heard… you can say whatever you want but almost no one will see it. 2) It is very hard to find people with common interests. I want to follow Veterans, content providers and Independent Voters… how do I find them? 3) Among content providers, the is a absolutely NO amplification for “facts provided with verifiable 3rd party sources” versus “passing on rumors/hearsay.” If one person says “the sky is green” without providing any proof/ links to articles they get the same visibility as one that says “the sky is blue” and posts link to articles on why the sky is blue. Posts that provide readers what they need to “decide for themselves” should be get a “check mark” I have done tests with my 20,000 followers and posts that I do not share in chat rooms never get seen or retweeted in large numbers. If it wasn’t for chat rooms, no one would know I was here or care about what I have to say..Version: 9.34.6

Twitter App for Iphone 11Ok so I’m a little behind with my model…eek!! But iphone is great for using the TWITTER App but there are some glitches…. I used to be able to scroll & respond to any ‘mention’ and still remain in the ‘mentions’ feed. But now when I respond to any mention, I’m auto directed back to ‘ALL’ which is really frustrating! So every single mention is a back and forth process - annoying. Would be really useful to have more emojis to choose from eg more animals - dogs and cats, more heart colours and at the moment I’m currently having to uninstall the App and re install it because my replies in some DM groups are all showing ‘sending’ been like that for 2 hours or more. Yet Twitter via my lap top is working ok🤷‍♀️.Version: 9.20

Twitter is great but...Twitter is great, I get to see all the art that people make, post my own stuff, and talk with people, great app, but one problem is that when I load up the app, it immediately puts me at the top and I have to scroll all the way back down to see what’s new, if you could fix this it would be much appreciated..Version: 8.11

An Elon Musk Company…Been with Twitter for ~10 years, or seems like it, and it’s probably the least useful app on my phone. It used to be great for news and local events, but after 2015, as personalities became afraid to talk, and egotistical children were propped up and given tools to abuse conversations, Twitter “Trust and Safety” acting as Ministry of Truth made Twitter a worse experience for the majority. Sarcasm gets you banned, so the celebrity and popular voices stopped in fear of saying anything that could be misinterpreted as something incriminating, to non-existent people. The fear drove people out, locked their tweets from replies, and archivists started data mining for hate speech against women and minorities. Then the US election shifted the politics. Money became the context for corruption and ideology. All I can realistically say is, Elon arrived to the garbage fire late, but he still chose to do something for the greater purpose of helping humanity from becoming tyrannical and authoritarian. Wait and see what 2024 is like..Version: 9.7.2

Used to be good, awful nowTwitter cares more about advertising and making money than creating a service that their users want to use. Algorithms are awful and show you people's likes and tweets from people they follow even though it's stalkerish and many people don't want that feature (and there's no option to turn it off), video player is still broken and has been for more than 5 years, and it forces you to show your timeline in their awful "Home" (algorithm-based) layout unless you change it to "Latest" (chronological), but it always switches back to Home after a short period of time anyway so you have to keep remembering to select Latest to use the app like how you want. I do not enjoy using Twitter anymore and definitely use it less than I used to as a result of these changes..Version: 7.60.6

Loving the app!!! Just a few suggestions.I love using Twitter!!! Such a brilliant app!! Just a few things I would suggest a few bits though. It gets rather annoying having to delete tweets only because of a spelling mistake or something like that, but whereas Facebook and Instagram allow users to edit their posts, Twitter doesn't have that option. This means that if I make a spelling mistake I can't correct it and I have to delete the whole tweet and start again. It would be really helpful if Twitter added an edit tweet option. Also it might be helpful if there was an option to turn off the comments section on tweets, as some people may not want to see negative comments on their tweets, and I really don't understand why Twitter doesn't have that option, so it would help if the turn off replies option was added..Version: 8.25.1

Zaff Chevik for ElonJack had the twitter for decades, served anyone but His people. It took a African American migrant Elon to make it free for all in Less then a 60 days. Reading a lot of comments from sarcastic and narcissistic people have no idea how to run their household or maintain a relationship are giving advice to someone runs a Spaceagency, Most advanced car industry and lots of other things how to run a 40 Billion dollar enterprise. Sad things is you Americans don’t even understand the value of voting is. For you it’s Donkey or Elephant symbols. Ones a greatest country in every aspects in whole world is now can’t afford a decent dental care, behind the decent education lost the respect and credibility and now loosing your identity as what is mean of an American. Worst part is this is coming from a non American not living in US. Thank you..Version: 9.37.1

Twitter reviewTwitter is good but not many likes or re tweets for me. Would like to reach wider audience but without all those free followers that end up being unbearable. Want to reach audience I want but hard to do. *All of the above, though frustrated my ex follows me on Twitter but I can’t & we are good friends we don’t know why. I have looked up his name but a bunch of others with same name come up. His name is Cristian Cuellar no other name & told me his image is related to Mexican even though he usually lives in Colombia & is here holiday in Australia, can you ‘Twitter’ tell me why, I’m not very tech minded & if it has something to do with my settings, etc??.Version: 8.10

Operator not recognised issue.Hi. I like Twitter and have been with it for years. It’s a marvellous social media platform, and it is even more than that…an amazing number of its users are absolute mines of information and expertise. Having said that, I am now aghast at the recent access issues which have arisen. Email not recognised. Number not recognised. 2FA codes not received. Operator not recognised. After a couple of weeks, some progress has been achieved -> email is recognised. Number is recognised. Though operator is still unknown. Thus far Twitter support has not provided an explanation of any of this, though they are kindly looking into it…if they are. I’m sure it’s an absolute nightmare time for them at present. The operator not recognised is of course “a scream” as my operator is commonly recognised by Twitter tens of thousands times a day…so why pick my number to say its operator is not recognised? So, to sum up, Yes, Twitter is a marvellous platform. No I’m not having a good experience right now. No the app hasn’t been of any use in accessing my account. So, after two weeks of this I’m very disgruntled at present. Regards and best wishes..Version: 9.38

Toxic community (Kpop stans)Twitter was one of the apps i never payed attention to because I’m not the mainstream type and I decided to just not care too much about it but it was a source for updates on people’s lives unlike instagram with fake happy-go-lucky photos of the highlights of an exclusive life style that is highly fictional. However, Twitter has always been a place to be a playground for celebrities, yourubers and so many more influencers and this was the place where ‘cancel culture’ was born, like any social media, any community at all is toxic but Twitter is so dang special. People will actually form together to ‘cancel’ someone for something they did in the past that was racist, homophobic, transphobic whatever which is honestly an inhumane way to go about anything. Twitter has to get rid of these groups, specifically the Kpop stand as they are a nuisance to EVERY community on twitter and they are a bunch of very young teenagers who have no experience in arguing, problem solving or communication skills as a whole..Version: 8.26

TrumpI think it was kind of silly to ask people in Florida who they would pick their governor or Trump to run the course or they’re going to pick their governor he’s good at what he does but he’s also got the experience of running a state not the country if he was smart he would get what Trump work out the differences become vice president has four years of experience of running the country with Trump then I know Trump was backing to run for president but smarten up people we already know what leaders of The world will do when they talk to Trump they know and listen to what he says because they know he’s not lying people you don’t have to like to man just look at what he’s done he’s smart anybody in their right mind cannot say what we got now was better than when he was in office and we all know how the Democrats got in and a lot of Democrats are starting to change their mind because they’re not all bad people some just have to smarten up and that goes for Republicans to.Version: 9.34.5

Review 1Enjoyed my time on Twitter, I’ve made great friends. However ! Shadow banning, and other levels of censorship are frustrating to say the least. Our mark on this world can only be attained in a limited time frame. You’ve made that battle exponentially greater for conservatives....perhaps a reversal of those positions will right the wrongs. I see progressive tweets daily how conservatives/Trump supporters should be added to list, and sent to re-education camps. Many many conservative accounts are suspended daily for tweeting far less. The glory of our beautiful nation is diversity of opinion and ideology without fear of retribution. Please take time to make everyone’s experience on Twitter fair. In addition, I’ve reported accounts due to pornography, how can that happen ? The A.I. technology should auto delete these disgusting actions. In closing, thank you for opportunity to share this review. Kind regards J-.Version: 8.44.1

Almost perfectI’ve been on Twitter for years and it’s truly a great way to communicate ideas and thoughts between others throughout the world, but it can also be a toxic place and there’s not many efficient regulations in place to stop people from abusing it and spreading hate (racism, bigotry, homophobia etc)..Version: 7.48.5

My new daily newsI think it’s great easiest way to check out what’s going on in the world following all world news and local news but also with the added bonus of reading about celebrities and world leaders via traditional news companies and having the option of searching the topic and reading their tweets to find out their side of the story also people actually getting their opinion. I have never had no problems’s a thumbs up from me..Version: 7.26

Include Additional FeaturesI love using Twitter, but what I find is missing is the DM voice message function. I know this function is being trialled in a few countries at the moment, but please consider bringing in as a permanent function globally. While it offers to everyone yet is a disadvantage. You will find many users will appreciate and utilise this add-on. What’s also missing? You also need to incorporate an ‘edit’ function when tweeting and sending DM’s. This will also put you in alignment with many other Apps who already incorporate these functions..Version: 8.69.2

Opinions w/o Full Blown CensorshipIt’s taken forever it seems, but twitter has opened up, and it’s no longer seems to be just a one sided opinion marketplace. We as a “the” people at least get opinions without obvious censorship of ideas, even from people we don’t agree with. Can’t stand Trump, nor Pelosi, but Intelligent people want opinions from opposing ideologies, we actually crave them. If only to understand other views of people with obvious intelligence (however politicians are exempted from this group). When ideas become seemingly one sided it’s gets boring, oh so boring. This is why media outlets have drastically had declining followers. From conservatives or liberals it doesn’t matter, it’s just boring. If information platform give us both sides, we as a people will make our own decisions - right or wrong. We at least aren’t fed psy-ops campaign, as it was with twitter in the pre-Elon period. Give me the information, let me make my own opinion, please don’t try to make my opinion for me. Twitter has become interesting again - Thanks.Version: 9.38

Democracy & Free speech is backThanks to Musk Democracy & Free speech is back, he understands that the best way to deal with bad, weak, even offensive arguements is through good arguements. Only free speech achieves that and causes bad arguements to fail and good one’s to succeed and allows democracy to move sensibly forward! Yes in practicing free speech it may often cause offence on one side or both sides, being offended is not a right in a free democratic nation, where free speech within the law is allegedly practiced. Only those who wish to muzzle anyone who disagrees with them, resorts to being offended and not letting the strength of the arguements freely expressed by all resolve and win the matter with the democratic majority, if not between those discussing freely. Time to grow up and stop taking offence or being offended so as to walk away when loosing an arguement..Version: 9.34.5

Direction Social Media Should Be HeadingUnder current owner, managment and recent changes , I believe the direction the company has taken is a positive approach. Social media which has become more politically and personally regulated recently goes against what social media should be. Tech is such a great tool, It should be used freely by anyone as long as they aren’t doing somthing that is illigal. Great to see a platform move in the right direction, quality work twitter! Thanks..Version: 9.37.1

Should have joined years agoTwitter has made great strides in recent years to improve the user experience and I wish I had put my prejudices to one side and joined sooner. I have found huge value in Twitter search which in some instances - depending on the subject matter - has been better than Google in getting me high value opinion or content. Twitter Spaces is a fascinating new audio medium that I’ve really enjoyed tuning into to get a high quality perspective on the things that matter to me. And they’re building out Twitter communities now too. I like to tell my (sceptical) friends that Twitter is not a social media site in the traditional sense. Rather, it’s an interest-based network. Spend some time here following the topics you’re interested in and you’ll soon figure out (like I did) that it’s the information highway and you’re at an immediate disadvantage if you’re not privy to the flow of ideas and opinions taking place in real time. If you’re smart, curious and interested in peering round corners there’s no better platform in the world. Strongly recommended..Version: 9.3

Long term user reportI have been using the app with an AltaHR for about 15 months whilst I have found the overall performance accurate the app appears to have got rather buggy of late, with problems with recording fluid intake. Specifically logging intake on the water screen where the total does not change but changes on the home screen. The lower total on the Water screen is the one that carries over. There are other aspects such as activity recording which seem to have become rather ad hoc in its recording I can spend an hour playing Badminton not recognised shopping in a supermarket counted as activity. Whilst I have been happy with the AltaHR I have lost faith in the app and am now seriously considering going over to Apple Watch.Version: 8.8

Amazing AppOnly social media I constantly use. Since Elon took over it’s only improved - recommend using it..Version: 9.34.6

The first App I open each dayWhen you want to know the most relevant, topical and interesting stories of the day, open Twitter. It’s curated comments from people, organisations and publishers I trust the most..Version: 8.48

Imperfect but ResolvableI have been using Twitter for a long time now. I love everything about it; how quick you can respond to Tweets, how you can send photos, DM, follow up with the latest news as soon as they are released. Recently I DID have an issue with it. My account got locked because of “suspicious activity” but all I had to do was reset my password: simple, right? However I clicked the link in my emails that sends me to reset my password and all it did was take me back to the page telling me to check my email. I tried multiple ways to fix it. My last hope was contacting Twitter Support. Luckily they responded to my email within 24 hours (the quickest help I’ve gotten from a major app) and they set me up again easy. In conclusion; although there was an issue with my use of the app, Twitter was quick to respond and was efficient. They even replied to my thank-you email with a “You’re welcome! Happy to help!” So in return I am writing this review. I do recommend. Four stars..Version: 7.47

It’s too bad Twitter stops me from following people for no particular reasonI’ll never have understood Twitter. For some inexplicable reason they have stopped me from following people. And it looks like some people get many many thousands of followers and follows.... it doesn’t have any rhyme nor reason… It must have something to do with algorithms that make them more money because this is all about power and money all of the social media. And I think social media is destroying our country. It’s caused fake news and problems with our Democracy. They let people blatantly lie. Then again Trump gets away with anything… Even corroding our democracy. Twitter doesn’t seem to have the decency or the integrity to do anything about that. So I guess only the rich and powerful get to have followers? I think we need more regulatory control over all of the tech companies in social media and more controls. These companies are eroding our democracy. They allow disinformation and Russian propaganda to flourish..Version: 9.7.2

Free speech isn’t hate speechWhen the app was bought by musk, the only hate speech I saw was people hating on him for buying Twitter and people defending him. The existence of this conflict and others is called free speech, two sides to an argument, a new concept these days. Anyway, I’ve noticed a huge reduction in harmful speech within two weeks of the takeover. This is an important and needed platform!!! If you’re offended by someone’s thoughts which are different than your own, lucky for you and your delicate, fragile mind there are now filter options provided by musks team to protect you! Just like the elimination of natural selection has protected you for so many years! Yay!! On a more serious note, if Apple removes Twitter from their App Store, I and millions of others will literally never buy an apple product again. Not because I love twitter that much but because it shows that Apple stands against free speech and is a political entity..Version: 9.34.5

Not as user friendly as I’d expectI’m only in my thirties and I find it a bit confusing to use. Also accessibility is lacking. I understand there’s ways for users to individually make it more accessible to others (and that’s great) but I’d think in this day and age all socials would make there apps accessible from the off and not place the responsibility upon its users. I know there are plenty of people who will use these features to promote accessibility and thats great and a great feature to have but I think there are plenty who find it too complex to work out how so might omit this. Or not bother to use it in the first place. If socials had these features inbuilt in every instance/post, it could include everyone..Version: 8.78.1

STORIESThe stories are so ugly and irrelevant PLEASE get rid of them PLEASE.Version: 8.44

Twitter is a Useful Communication Tool If Used ProperlyI began my journey on Social Media on MySpace and now I’m on several different platforms. I spend about equal amount of time between Facebook and Twitter. I use FB for local and National issues and politics as well as communicating with friends. Twitter for me is used almost explicitly for expressing my views and opinions about political issues, including local, state and federal matters. Social Media can provide excellent platforms for education, news gathering, entertainment and communication but too often censorship is interfering with free speech which will in time render these useless to the populace. At one time Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. were all ideas that became realities. Now ideas for new ways to communicate are being explored and coming into fruition with the promise of free expression. If Twitter and Facebook want to stay competitive and remain leaders in this industry my humble opinion is to return to the policies that made your platforms great..Version: 9.39

I want to come backDear Elon, Thank you for defending free speech. I am on Truth and love it. Yet, I would love to also partake in Twitter under the new and improved standards of operations. I had been on Twitter when our President Trump was on Twitter, and only for that reason. I was part of the Great Purge —when President Trump was removed, I was removed. It was evident back then that bots were ruling Twitter, manufacturing perspective that we who loved freedom from tyrants, and we who wanted to protect our children, were outnumbered by antiAmerican antiFreedom accounts. We knew better. The lie has been strong, but thank you for weakening it. More importantly, thank you for bringing light to the dark shadows of Twitter. I am praying we are able to purge our minds of all the brainwashing that has been happening for decades, and just be human beings again, living in a free country and prospering and growing as human beings—down with transhumanism! As for AOC, she is a fraud and hypocrite. Please don’t allow her to convince you that she is datable. She is not well. I can’t vote right now, but you disabled CNN and others for endangering your life—those that endanger others lives should NEVER be allowed back on unless they admit how wrong they were without clown language to confuse the reader. Plain English works. I would love to work for you. Are you hiring? Peace and Love, Elon. Let Twitter bird sing..Version: 9.37.1

Notifications issueI am not getting all the notifications..Version: 9.13

Twitter timesI have been on Twitter for 4 months I love it here! However, I regret that Twitter blocks people. I think that should be my right, not twitters. Except, in terms of a breech of privacy or criminal activity. Then Twitter should impose a ban on a person.Version: 8.16

Constant bugsI love twitter a lot, this app is somewhere i’ve made a lot of friends and i’m able to easily express myself, but the amount of bugs sometimes make it too annoying to even open. The latest bug I seem to be dealing with is not being able to pin lists, even though twitter claimed it fixed this issue in early January. This effects me because I have a large following count of which I follow a lot back to make friends, but the consequence is that my timeline is very messy. Being able to pin a list of close friends so I actually get to see their tweets would be so helpful but for some reason, even though I always keep my app up to date, this option has never appeared for me! yet whenever I tweet to my followers about it they all have the option to pin lists?? Please fix it twitter, it’s been going on for too long..Version: 8.8

Amazing app but had to reinstall ?I love twitter, I’m a fan of a lot of kpop groups that are very active on social media. It helps me communicate with them and also fans of groups too but recently, I have not been receiving any notifications from anyone I turned my notifications on for? I tried logging out of my account and logging in but that didn’t work, then I tried turning off the notifications and turning them on again, then I turned my phone off and on again and thought it was just my phone acting up but the notifs still weren’t coming through so I have now decided to reinstall the app to see if it works. If not, I’ll most likely email twitter to ask why the reason is for this but it is not just me that has been having this problem there are a lot of others too. I hope this can be resolved quickly because it’s a great app..Version: 8.29

Desperately Seeking an Edit ButtonA great social integration platform, however is only ever as good as the people using it. Thus unfortunately it’s like the good, the bad and the ugly. I’d truly like the addition of an edit button, can’t understand why this after all these years hasn’t been introduced as of yet. Still enjoy scrolling the latest tweets in my timeline, but I don’t often tweet myself these days. If I was in charge I’d abolish the blue tick mentality and make every user equal, ban product promotions and also abolish the ability to buy followers. If Twitter annually removed the vast array of known bot accounts the landscape on here I believe would be somewhat different. I don’t agree with the Twitter hierarchy censorship policies nor its constant political interference..Version: 9.6

CensorshipSeems to be taking down posts lately. Just keep putting up the posts with no censorship..Version: 9.7.2

Twitter - chaotic and annoying…again.Now that Elon Musk has swept out the former Twitter world, a new chaos has emerged that is annoying and disturbing most of the times. Is it ‘better’ now? Perhaps, if you’re more pugilistic in nature. I regret that the ‘basket of deplorables’ have re-emerged in large numbers. I was hoping they would stay on Truth or Parlor and that ilk of right wing hate mongering social media. It’s like when Trump created all that insanity during his 2020 election year. You were horrified to look at the responses but sadly accepted that a huge number of bigoted and poorly educated Americans have such vile and hateful comments. Personally, I don’t know anyone like that. But it’s an eye-opener to see that millions of Americans really harbor such hate and disdain for their fellow countrymen. So the clown show goes on. I’m really hoping Elon loses a large chunk of his fortune on this folly to control the global narrative. Who knows. His plan may really be to leverage the power of this platform to protect his other business interests. And very likely to influence world politics. We shall see..Version: 9.34.6

Thank You ElonThank you for making this a platform that everyone can voice their opinion’s. Everyone and I mean everyone should have the freedom to say and voice opinions even Donald J Trump… when you have someone censoring the president of the USA you should be fearful of what comes next. We do not all think alike and if we did this world would be a boring place but people need to understand that it’s ok to have differences and disagree but we can still all get along and respect each other’s views and if you don’t like what someone has to say take them off your thread. No one person or company should have the right to censor another person unless illegal activity is happening and then the law should handle it. This is my opinion and views and I pray for Elon and his family as well as this country and at the end of the day God was is and always will be in control..Version: 9.34.1

Pretty nifty way to tell people what you’re eating for breakfastIt’s an app for telling your friends what all the trivial things that happen to you are..Version: 9.27

My favourite social mediaI have for years stayed away from Twitter focusing on Facebook and Instagram. Realised that I was waisting my time (actually) following people’s holiday and eating photos and decided to exit Facebook and try Twitter instead. Wohoo, say I, I’m loving it! Now I’m waisting my time on Twitter, but at least it is news, arts and social commentary. Who says Twitter is dead? Twitter is the (only) place to be!.Version: 7.31.2

Better than "Arsebook"Good way to have a bit of light hearted fun and a serious catch up with family and friends all over the world, all at the same time..Version: 7.30

Raw emotions on showTwitter can be great. It delivers news and facts and Live Photo’s from ordinary people who suddenly find themselves in the news. It can be very funny and sometimes you wouldn’t be without it. However, it can also showcase and platform knee jerk reactions before full facts and damage limitations which can lead to skewed perception of what is really happening or required. Its sad to see how many people join in to hurt others , get wound up and take things as fact just because a lot of people who are not easily identifiable say it is. It would be great to encourage constructive comments rather than destructive and better for all our mental health in these difficult and uncharted times.Version: 8.21

Twitter 2.0Twitter has became exponentially better since Elon took over. As always, there’s room for improvements, but in comparison to pre Elon days it’s phenomenal. The only direct request I would have outside of keep doing what you’re doing would be, bring back Vine. As someone that has been fighting the nonstop misinformation, censorship and banning game on TikTok it would be amazing to see that wretched app outlawed and have an equivalent with American values. I consistently lose hundreds of thousands of followers for simply saying things like, "All 50 states provide abortions if the mothers life is in danger" that single statement will get every comment you make on your page mass reported before their bot farms go back through and report every video. You cannot monetize a conservative platform there due to always having an account warning. I currently have 60,000 conservatives that would echo this story to some degree and gladly abandon TikTok tomorrow for an Elon ran alternative..Version: 9.38

BlockedTwitter has prevented me from posting anything or following any more people, it says I’ve reached my limit, so I delete some then try to follow someone , still the same, I support Donald trump, Twitter probably has an algorithm that restricts people as it try’s to control its own narrative.Version: 8.23

An exciting app now Elon as taken overI will never have to worry about getting banned for saying “keep punching down those straw men” because some bot of woke warrior has deemed it threatening language. The future on Twitter is bright for freedom of speech and constructive debate..Version: 9.34.6

You're not using the app to full potentialInstead of censoring comments and appeasing factions u should work with tech product creators like Indiegogo. It will earn you more money and contribute to the modernization of the material market..Version: 8.2.5

BrilliantAt first, when I got this app I thought that it would be all the same like Instagram and Facebook etc... except - it isn’t really. It’s more getting information about certain people whenever you want to see what they are doing. This happens when someone posts something exiting and you are like wow that’s amazing or oh my gosh that’s shocking. You know that type of thing. Also, when I got this app I thought that it would be all the same like Instagram and Facebook etc... except - it isn’t really. It’s more getting information about certain people whenever you want to see what they are doing. This happens when someone posts something exiting and you are like ‘wow that’s amazing’ or ‘oh my gosh that’s shocking’. You know that type of thing. UTTER SHAMBLES.Version: 8.18

Best for newsTwitter seems to be about 2 days ahead in news from main stream media. And you get to see things as they are. Amazing app.Version: 9.34.6

Thank you TwitterTwitter is far more than most people think. For me it has brought me into a community of wonderful caring people from all walks of life. There is no class system, all are equal. You could be chatting to a scientist or a road sweeper. Twitter is communicating in real-time, unlike the other popular social media platform, so you know there is nearly always someone there to talk to. There are many different clubs that meet on Twitter using hashtags to come together. There is support, both emotional and sometimes financial. Some who are socially isolated or housebound in real time feel part of a community, Twitter is their lifeline. Some who are suffering a personal tragedy or serious illness are supported and some can share celebrations. Some who are lonely have friends and those friends meet in real time ‘tweetups’. Lost or stolen pets can be publicised and sometimes reunited. Yes there are trolls and not everyone who uses Twitter are nice people, but the good outweigh the bad, and it’s easy enough to block them and to warn others to do the same. Twitter is so much more than you can imagine. Twitter is so much more than just a virtual platform..Version: 7.48

God Bless you Mr MuskTwitter has instantly become an instrument for restoring American’s constitutional rights. Freedom of speech. I admit and respect Elon Musk for doing the right thing. I am a Vietnam vet. I volunteered for the war when I was 17 years old. I had to get a parent’s signature because I was too young to volunteer on my own. I love my country. I never thought the day would come when we would lose our constitutional rights. Today we are facing unconstitutional vaccine mandates, vaccines passports, being fed lies constantly by the media and our government officials. We are in serious danger of losing our country to the globalist, Marxist, billionaires who are controlling practically every aspect of our lives. In many ways, we have already lost our country. If it wasn’t for patriots like Elon Musk and President Trump I don’t think we would have much of chance to take our country back. Thank you Mr Musk! May God bless you and your family. God Bless American! Sincerely, Russell Hickenbottom.Version: 9.9.1

EyewellieI like it, my only problem is the excessive use of the ‘f’ word in tweets..gets a bit much.. Other than that, it’s good for a laugh now & again...Version: 8.55

It’s good when it’s goodI love twitter, I guess it’s just the hateful people on there that make the experience a little dull but besides that I love that app. I do wish there was a easier way to like save things into separate folders so I can find them faster, but all in all it’s good 👍🏼.Version: 9.24

Twitter and meI like this app very much. I have found the most amazing friends from far and wide. I enjoy the days I spend scrolling through my feed. I do however have some concerns with your tweet policy. I think if you are going to control decency and kindness, you need to rebook at your own policies. If I want to swear and get it off my chest, I will. If I want to call someone a rude name because they deserve it I will. I’m just a little old lady (71) who has found a place to hang out and enjoy the company of my many friends Thanks Clarinda.Version: 9.27

OpinionI have only recently joined, a week I think. I like that the spaces I have joined feel safe & very informative about the future & where we as humans being are heading. This is a Positive place to discuss & listen to discussions of learning & processing the way forward for an individual looking to work within a team environment. Ty Elon Musk.Version: 9.34.1

RETWEET BUTTONThe app is fantastic but please put back the retweet button where it was originally. Pressing retweet then having the option to retweet or quote retweet pop up at the bottom is a much more efficient method. Having to press retweet then move your hand all the way to the top of the screen, without writing anything, to send the retweet SEEMS like an incredible minor action but it impacts efficiency and user experience, particularly if you were used to having the buttons pop up at the bottom of the screen. Please consider reverting the retweet button back..Version: 8.42

StaffAs Greggs is a great food outlet unfortunately it seems it treats its staff members as wage slaves senior staff are useless in north wales under staffed when busy over staffed at quite times they don’t share hours equal or rotation unless ur senior members or friends the area manager needs to get a grip and earn there high wages company car private pension share options and other add ons which shop assistant can only dream of what’s the point of telling management they are coming for inspections useless course every thing looks good and well because they make sure so all the boxes are ticked and area staff look great to report bk to next level of over payed suited clowns ticking boxes al the way to head office.Version: 8.67.2

Loving TwitterTwitter has had its ups and downs in the years it has been running but overall its a fantastic way to meet people from all walks of life and to interact with everything people are up to. The political Tweets some Americans tweet are annoying but they are entitled to their opinion and I find Twitter a great way to express my opinions on life and to tweet my thoughts and feelings. Overall Twitter has had not many outages in the last few years but when they do discover problems it gets fixed ASAP..Version: 8.19

Free speechMy name is Monique. Half Mexican/white. Grew up living in a trailer, little parental supervision. Drugs, truancy, irresponsible, etc. I could have easily been a piece of crap adult, patent and citizen but I choose to do better. Joined the Navy at 19, started going to church at about 28. I’m a wife, mom, retired US Navy, conservative, and a Christian. I have traveled the world and our freedom should t be earned. It’s been hi en to us and we have the blessing of living in a country that we can make choices as I did as a young punk. Our choices change minds, empower people, support others. We can be giving, gracious and loving. We also have the freedom to be what ever we want. This social media platform has a choice. Be a free speech platform or not. I joined twitter just a week ago. Please let’s be better. I don’t agree with many views but I do believe that the majority of people are for the same things (freedom, love, peace). We all can do better. Twitter, you can do better..Version: 9.6

Personalized tab on explore pageIs anyone seeing the “personalized” tab at the top of their Twitter explore page on the Twitter app which normally shows ‘for you, trending, Covid-19, news, sports, entertainment etc’ These tabs ‘for you, trending, Covid-19, news, sports, entertainment etc’ that shows on the explore page (search button) disappeared and what I am seeing now is a tab called personalized. And if I click on the personalized, it shows another option called “top trends”. I hope this is not a new update. I am trying to remove the personalized tab so I can have the multiple tabs I listed above on my explorer page again but I don’t know how to do it. And this stupid change happened before I even updated my Twitter or my phone plus I didn’t change anything in the Twitter settings.Version: 9.10.1

Great idea, but too much tinkering and interference by Twitter techiesI choose who to follow, who to block etc. I have no problem at all with adverts as I can weed out inappropriate companies, and I get a free service from Twitter. That's all I need. What I DON'T need is Twitter programmers constantly trying to "improve my experience" for me by repeatedly re-setting my desktop account so it shows me trends/what it thinks are great tweets instead of a chronological timeline. (Yes, I know a timeline is chronological by definition, but Twitter staff appear to think differently.). Also, too much stuff going on down the sidebars. Hey Twitter: keep it simple, stand back and let us use the great thing you invented. Spend less time tinkering with the front-end, and way more time policing the legions of obnoxious folk who leave such ghastly, personal abuse for others hiding under the cloak of anonymity..Version: 7.49.6

TopicalLong time tweeter here. twitter is unsurpassed for creating networks that would be unlikely in almost any other platform. i’m finally writing a review however, because ‘topics’ are truly dire. the suggestions of content and authors, the main “explore” experience (outside of trends) prior to their introduction, was really starting to show strength. so as usual over the past 10 years, just as something is becoming useful, twitter kills. you gotta get your balance and potential right people!.Version: 8.11

One stop information shopI use Twitter for up to date news, sports scores, road and rail travel information and I communicate with some of my service providers via Twitter too ie Three mobile and my energy supplier. I also like to follow my local police who tweet regularly on the going’s on in my area good and bad. I like the fact I get to see relevant tweets from people and groups I follow as a notification so I rarely open the app as all the info i want is in my phone notification centre. To sum up the Twitter app its my go to place to get the relevant information and news I need, and as I don’t follow friends family or z list celebrities I don’t get bogged down with all the other stuff that seems to happen on other platforms like Facebook & Instagram..Version: 7.42.1

GreatTwitter has been this slowly decreasing sad place for the past few years now it’s just better.Version: 9.34.1

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