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Figure out the bug!I’ve had the game for a long time. In the early days no issues. Now it seems to crash at least once per game but I still enjoy it..Version: 4.8.2

I don’t have to pretend anymore.All the “kids” (12 year olds through 32 year olds) would sit around at family gatherings and play Catan. Us old folks (45 to 60) would pretend to know what was going on with the game. This app has made learning the game easier and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed turn based games that combine strategy, expansion, resource management , and cooperative elements, so Catan is a winner for me. I’d give the game a better score, but the online aspects of the game don’t seem to work.. I’m not a lost Boomer who’s unable to navigate the internet either. I’m the excel, db, computer question go to person at the place where I work. I can reset the PW 100 times, but it still says it’s wrong.. so I’ll just play against the AI for now and when I’m ready, I’ll try another App for online play. We’ll worth $5 too.. I spend more on a double mocha frappewappechinolatte drink down at Starbigsby donuts.. (I think that covers it all).Version: 4.7.5

Love it but....I find sometimes the computer dice roll is against me, eg 4 9s in a row, 9 rolled very often but not when I have it. Some problems connecting or staying on the game and I wish people would play to the end and not pull out if they think they are going to use, but that isn’t a problem with the game just the people playing it..Version: 4.7.5

Great gameI’ve been playing this for years. Great version of Catan. My only complaint is the animations are too slow even on turbo mode..Version: 4.7.0

Great Game but buggyGreat game when it works, online is super slow and crashes frequently. Have been playing the board game for a long time and this is true to that. The AI is very biased and there are many technical hiccups. Overall not a bad buy if you like the board game..Version: 4.7.5

Great gameI really enjoy this game. I haven’t played the board game so can’t compare but I also have a version on my pc and this version is far better than that..Version: 4.7.5

Catan rulesBy FAR the best game on iTunes. Online multiplayer is fantastic. The one gripe I have is regarding peope pulling out of multiplayer when they're losing. You need a rating system based on how many times you pull out of games. Also, need a timer on responding to trades as the person asking for the trade gets penalised if people take ages to respond..Version: 4.3.2

The AI Cheats; Still GreatThe AI absolutely cheats on the more difficult mode. I have no doubt of this. Yet, this game is still great. I never lose when I play in real life, because I’ve played against the cheating AI and learned how to win regardless. The only other quibble I might have is that the computer won’t ever trade multiple of the same resource. Ever, that I’ve seen. It will occasionally trade you, say, one wheat, one brick, and one stone, in exchange for one sheep, but it will never trade, for example, two or three wheat for one stone. Meanwhile, you can see if the computer will trade for something, then just keep adding the other resources from the AI. Usually, you can get extra resources that way, whereas in real life, it never works that way. People in real life are far more likely to walk away from trades in real life if you try to renegotiate. The computer will always just give you more, assuming it has more. That is sort of the opposite of cheating, and it’s way too easy and tempting to avoid. That could be randomized or fixed somehow, I’m sure, based on how people play in real life. Maybe make different characters play that differently. Again, there are annoying aspects of the AI, but it’s a great game, and I am shockingly good in real life now because of it..Version: 4.6.8

Good basic settlers gameA good basic version of the settlers game with a good AI and nice fluid game play. Recommend it for the beginner to settlers as a great way to practice your skills to beat your mates. Would love to see version 2 with expansions and Internet multiplayer. Totally worth it!.Version: 0

Great UI but too much bsI love how seamless this app is when transitioning from the board game to the app. It's so much easier than you think it would be and it is a really good use of spare time. Quite frankly, for the catan enthusiast, it's great, especially when you fork out the 12 bucks for the whole package. After playing countless games against the AI Bots in this game, my only beef is that the game clearly tries to equalize itself too much. I can't tell you how many times I've been ahead by 5 victory points only to have the game roll a ridiculous amount of 7s and other nonsensical numbers just to try to equalize things. Just got done playing a game where I was a staggering 6 victory points ahead with one to go for the win, only to have the app roll an ungodly amount of 7s, 3s, 11s, and 2s until the computer finally caught up to 'give me a run for my money'. It's honestly frustrating and blatantly obvious the game tries to equalize. Game should've been over in two turns, stretched the game out to 12 more turns.Version: 4.6.2

One bugThis is to bring attention to a bug I’ve found on IOS 14 - if you place the robber on your turn the arrow on the side disappears and you need to force quit the game to keep playing, which doesn’t save the last few turns.Version: 4.7.5

Game Design needs lots of tweaksThe original board game is great. The app is missing some experiences from board game. This is for seafarers #17. May apply to others. On iPhone 10. Doesn’t allow a favor game, have go through all the screens Can’t see progress cards. Only on turn. Can’t see other player progress card backsides to see if they are Trade Science or Politics Can’t see number under robber Order of progress cards. Science, Politics, Trade when upgrading doesn’t parallel board order. iPhone 10 bottom swipe interferes with trading When using spy to examine progress cards can not toggle back to see your hand to determine what progress is best to take Cards that are taken are not immediately shown Knights on the scoreboard are not immediately updated Setting dice using progress card. Starts at 2 white, 5 red dice as default. Rarely use 5 red. 1-1 would be better. Flip cards (other players stats) disappear when dice roll. So can not watch resources or commodities go up. Or can’t see during decision making. Other player stats shift over so I can’t see them on iPhone 10. Cutout for speaker blocks them. When have to remove knight, it ghosts the downward sword. Looking at progress cards can’t see them all. Have to scroll. Make the cards smaller to fit on one screen. Think the most you can have is 6. If you have 17 points and it is the turn before your turn. The confetti celebration starts for you, but the dice are still sitting with the player before you turn. Confusing looks like the other player won. Have dice sitting with me. Maybe show no spots to indicate I didn’t roll to Win??.Version: 4.8.2

Great, BUT.Loved the board game. Online is great fun, though when losing, people often quit game. Unplayable offline, AI cheats with rolls. I get it needs help against human players, but when the dice isn’t fair, it just becomes frustrating. Online worth it if you love catan..Version: 4.6.5

Very well doneThe AI is good but not great, so if you're good at the game you will win most of the time. But that's not a bad thing, because it puts a focus on good decision-making. The interface is easy to use, and the game has high replay value: I keep coming back to it when I've got a few minutes spare. Worth the money if you like the board game..Version: 0

AddictiveIt can be a bit hard to see some of the smaller numbers on a phone, but the only real problem with this game is it’s a bit too easy to just keep on playing!.Version: 4.7.2

PLEASE ADD VIBRATION ONLINEOnline games are broken because people don’t realise when it’s their turn. Just add in a little vibration when it comes around to you and that fixes online games. Trust me! Also two problems with the offline AI: 1- The AI doesn’t recognise Development Cards as potential Victory Point cards (and thus focuses attacks on the wrong person. 2- The AI is too generous in bargaining. If I offer 1 X for 1 Y, when I see that someone is willing to accept, it’s weird for me then to offer 1 X for 2 Y and the AI accepts. The other way around makes sense (bargaining) but this way round is just extortion that no player would ever accept..Version: 4.7.5

JoLove it! Great fun just like the board game is and get the chance to try upgrades before buying the board game Would like there to be an even harder version for more challenges.Version: 4.6.5

Love Catan!This app is great to satisfy you Catan cravings and waste time! Worth the price to unlock more scenarios and a good challenge to become 'Lord of Catan'! I personally would love more scenarios and expansions but it's a good challenge anyway. Another good thing would be able to live chat with online games to be able to gloat over a good move or express annoyance when you're outplayed!.Version: 4.6.2

Well worth itMy favourite board game, well translated to app form. I'd love to see the seafarers/cities and knights rules applied to all scenarios (as an option) rather than only a handful. I agree that the AI seems a little lacking in strategy after a while, and unfortunately I've never gotten the online connection to work to play against real human brains instead!.Version: 4.6.2

CatanThis game is great, lives up to the board game and is equally as addictive! Some more computer opponents would be nice though and how about some expansion packs? None the less fantastic!.Version: 0

Catan on a small screenIf you play Catan you will probably enjoy this version. The screen size is challenging and the repetitive trade offers could be managed better by the game and I find it disappointing that it doesn't remember my game wins playing the custom games. Something for upgrades I guess..Version: 3.0.0

Love the game but………Great game, as you will know if you’ve played before. But freezes and closes ALOT! Don’t know why but loves to just close all together then you have to go back in and load your game again. You don’t loose and turns or anything but happens all the time. You would think for the amount it costs it would be a easy fix!.Version: 4.7.5

GameplayThis is great game of settlers of catan but I would like to see the sea farers expansion and cities and knights expansion. Another thing that would be great is if you could play with friends via blutooth or over wifi instead of playing on the same Ipod. Overall a great fame worth the money..Version: 0

So convenientIt’s awesome to be able to play Catan on the app without having to wait for enough family or friends to play in RL. Fun to try the other game options. Online hasn’t worked well for me as it’s very slow and other players often quit before the game is done..Version: 4.7.5

Addictive but buggyUnder iOS 14 will not work unless you turn off WiFi etc. (so there are no network connections). Also under max settings it often plays up and to rectify you need to close, reopen and select Continue game..Version: 4.7.2

Good implementation, OK AIThis is a good implementation of the classic board game. So far I’ve only played on the included base levels and haven’t seen any annoying ads or upgrade offers that plague many games these days. Thinking about other people’s comments - the included AI players do tend to buy a lot of resource cards as opposed to many human’s road/settlement focused early games, and that can take some getting used to. Also, the “friendly robber mode” setting can make it feel like you’re getting hammered by the robber if you’re the first/only player over two points early on. I often purposely avoid getting any (non-victory card) points until several of the the AI players do, focusing on roads (4 or fewer on a row) and cards - then add settlements in later so the robber is spread more evenly. Anyway, this is a pretty good implementation of the classic and well worth the price..Version: 4.7.0

Great!So much fun! And this coming from a Settlers addict 😀.Version: 4.6.2

Decent but AI is blatantly aimed against youI loved the board game and truly excited and have enjoyed the creation of this app; however, the Artificial Intelligence is clearly calculated against you and to an unrealistic degree. I know the roll of the die are left up to “chance,” but your number gets rolled repeatedly once the robber has been placed on that number. Once you are ahead and nearing victory, you will get hit with an onslaught of knight cards, robber rolls, monopoly cards and 12+ rolls with not a single one of your numbers coming up in order to keep you at bay. You could offer the same trade to an AI player that they just offered you and they reject it, to only re-offer it on their subsequent turn. I don’t want a game where human intellect can easily outthink a simple cyclical algorithm from the Computer, and I genuinely appreciate the cunningness of the AI thwarting you in strategic ways. But, I have often just quit a game when it becomes a relentless calculated attack. I wish the creators could make the adjustment to receive the 5 stars this app otherwise warrants..Version: 4.7.5

Crashes from time to timeGreat game if it wasn’t for the game crashing and kicking you out, which can be multiple times in the same game..Version: 4.8.2

Fun, almost like the table topI read the reviews before purchasing the game, almost didn’t buy, but glad I did. Maybe the AI has been updated, because I haven’t experienced unfair play. I have played a custom game 10 times now (hardest difficulty), classic game mode, and won 8 times. The AI plays mostly how I would, doesn’t trade with me when it will give me the win, and places the robber on the person who is winning, or has a needed resource. The roll data at the end of each game is fairly accurate with the probabilities. Seems fair to me. Aside from all that, I haven’t payed for the rest to unlock everything, and haven’t played anything but classic mode with the AI. It’s not quite like playing live with friends at the table, but still fun..Version: 4.6.8

Great wee phone gameIt's a really useful game. The AI Players behave rationally, taking you down when you're ahead or ignoring you if you're losing. It works well to model new strategies, then I can dazzle my friends have already worked out new tactics..Version: 4.6.2

AI is just as evil as your friends areThe AI are sneaky, they know what cards are out there, and they know what you're planning. They're like that one friend we all have that we secretly hope loses, but they never do... 5 stars..Version: 4.2.1

CatanLove the boardgame with expansions. This does very well as a base set game... sincerely hope that the cities and knights expansion is under development for i-pod touch I'd snap it up in a heartbeat. I play this while lying with my young children as they go to sleep... they are now wanting to play too... so I see it as a great introduction to playing the boardgame when they are old enough to do so :).Version: 0

AddictiveI really enjoy this on iPad and on iPhone. I am stuck on scenario 4 of cities and knights though my in app purchase says there are 6 scenarios. How do I move on? I also show the Islands and the New Scenarios installed but can’t seem to access them..Version: 4.6.9

Keeps CrashingIt’s a really good game and I bought the extended version with all the extra packs, but more often than not the game crashes and you don’t get to finish. If I had known how unreliable it was going to be, I wouldn’t have paid the money for it. It’s a shame because it’s a great game..Version: 4.6.2

Great gameI have never had any problems with this game. Although the dice rolls are based on luck, if you are good enough you can win most games. This has never crashed for me and I would recommend it to any Catan player. The campaign mode is a bit short, only having 3 levels but that is more or less expected for a board game that was turned into an app. Overall, unless you have already had some experience with the board game you will probably struggle, however this is a really good game overall and in my opinion it's worth more than what I paid for it. Highly recommended..Version: 4.7.0

One of my long-term favourite game appsThis game is fantastic. I'd played the tabletop game a few times but this helped me to understand the rules and game so much better! The campaign function is really fun, and the custom game option means you can play unlimited random maps to your heart's content. Big fan, highly recommend..Version: 4.7.2

Love itThis is a very faithful rendition of the board game, which I love. Excellent job. As for the dice, which many of the reviews talk about, they do not appear skewed. The game developers went so far as to allow you to see the roll history, which I have reviewed several times. They appear exactly as you would expect, but are not perfect matches because there are only so many rolls in a single game. The developers even allow you to skew the distribution if you like, making the middle numbers more likely. As for beating the AI, I am just slightly better than 25%, which is how I would like it given I want to get better. There are many times when the AIs all gang up on me, but that makes sense when I have 4 points in the first two rolls. Totally worth the price in my opinion..Version: 4.6.2

Catan on iPhone SeEnjoy playing it but screen a bit small to see what other players have. I think having paid for it that you should get more than the basic island. I also think having not been able to trade or use cards and finally having enough a seven gets thrown and they are then lost. Or that your number is thrown only when the robber is on your hexagon. Might be random but me thinks not! I still would buy again.Version: 4.6.9

Skeptical from reviews but own experience differsReading the reviews I was a bit worried it wouldn't be what I'd like...I.e. Dice rigged or teaming up, etc. I can say, from my experience, that the dice can screw you or it can screw the AI just as well. It's it's supposed to be. Only thing that's unusual is that AI will sometimes play knight cards to steal/or just block you without a strategy to it past that...but I have friends who do the same. You can lose games like this, of course, but that's catan! Great for playing with buddies, we actually opt out of setting up the whole board game now for the convenience of the app. For those that did wish this was a "play on your own time app," it isn't that, so be aware (you can't be playing and leave for hours). Awesome app - thank you to the creators!.Version: 4.6.2

Great for offline gamingI haven't used the online options but the offline games closely mimic gameplay of the original board version. Quick flowing game with few, if any, glitches!.Version: 4.3.0

Great translation of the board gameLove the translation of the board game to App form, the mechanics all work well and makes for a really enjoyable experience... I hope that the other expansions will be added down the line. Nice App guys!.Version: 4.6.2

Great gameJust like the board game. I wouldn't mind an undo button for when I accidentally hit the wrong button. Otherwise it's a great game and I play it a lot..Version: 0

GreatThis has never crashed, has enough animation but not too much so that it gets slow and dull. Great way to play solo and also works well to play with friends far away. Highly recommended. Also, great to have a game that works without 3G..Version: 4.6.2

Great game but ...This is an awesome game. I play against the computers because I don’t have time to dedicate to a live game. My only complaint is that the computer cheats when rolling. I have tried all the configurations but I will still get long runs of dice rolls of numbers I don’t have, with the probability being impossible..Version: 4.7.5

Is this a beta release?Nice basic Catan game…crashes a lot, the rolls are suspect…I think if your competitors crash too many times the AI takes over to complete their games that’s the only way they can react that fast without an ai controlling their moves !.Version: 4.7.5

Near FlawlessThe game is amazing and true to the classic. The ease at which it plays and the pieces move is incredible. Visually, it’s great and I also love all the settings that you can change to make the game you’re own. I also think the prices are in line and had no problem forking over the money to play my favorite board game of all time. Now the reason for the star deduction. Fix the NBA Jam style AI. It’s almost laughable sometimes. It’s to the point where I can guess dice rolls. Sure, when you’re in the lead, the others will be gunning for you, so I understand, to a point, the knight jumping from your space, to your space, to your space, etc. etc. etc. (the AI always seems to have an endless supply of knight cards when you’re ahead). However, you better not end a turn with over 7 cards when in the lead, because you’ll definitely be missing some cards before your next..Version: 4.7.5

In-game music bugOverall no problems, except for the fact that I used to have the background music on but it suddenly stopped playing and I can’t change that in the Settings . Any idea how to fix the problem?.Version: 4.7.5

AI characters are coolI love playing this app and the AIs all have their own strategy style which is neat.Version: 4.7.2

Wood for SheepVery convincing AI's make it a great challenge. When you win you have really earnt it. It's always less of a pleasure to loose to a computer, rather than a real friend, in any game. Once you accept this, relax try again..Version: 4.6.2

Love it but…Played the board game, can’t find it anywhere but now i play this constantly lol. unfortunately the only downside is that the app sometimes randomly closes and there’s no warning before doing so (freezing, lagging etc). it doesn’t always happen every time i play, but very regularly. other than that, love it.Version: 4.7.5

Great adaptationEasy interface, great system. My only problem has been that other players online may take way too much time on their turn and the option to boot them from the game only appears once, and will only succeed with a vote by the other players. The vote will almost always fail, so you'll consequently have to put up with that player taking 2-6 minutes for their turn for the rest of the game, which is frustrating. There should be an option to pressure the player into playing quicker, or for the vote to be called for again. Alternatively, there could be a 1-3 minute timer for all players to take their turn, and if someone exceeds this time limit 3x in a row, they are booted from the game and replaced with an AI. Still an awesome game though! I love that I can play offline and online..Version: 4.6.2

Awesome!I live the original board game, this game is cool because when playing against the program you can set the level of experience of you opponents with different levels of complexity. Love all the cute little noises. My only annoyance is how players can play knight cards before their role, and among the big settings area this is one of the few things you cannot change. However I like the option of the friendly robber and would be interested in using this in the real game as well. The new cities and knights is pretty cool, I really like how it is not easy..Version: 3.0.0

Love it - especially with the add ons!Play it almost every day. Have my favourite board style and catan play (barbarians!!). Prefer to play against AI’s for faster gameplay. Keep up the great work!.Version: 4.7.5

New Version Even betterThe latest version has many more features and the minor changes show, that developers keep improving the existing game. It's as fun to play as on the first day and is one of the few games I won't let go of...still valid after two years....Version: 2.1.4

Definitely not as bad as people sayI’ve spent the past year playing this game. I’ve read more than a few reviews about how the game is unfair or it’s impossible to win, etc and that’s not true. Sometimes the game players do make weird decisions but they each have a specific way they’re programmed to play, and just like playing with real people, you can figure out their style and use it against them. When I first started playing the game I think it was about 20 games or more before I finally won. Now? I win a good 75% of the games. So the game isn’t impossible, it just requires critical thinking and strategy planning, learning your opponents weaknesses, etc. My only complaint is that the latest update made all of the lettering insanely small. Luckily I have an iphone 8 Plus or I’d never be able to see it. So here’s hoping that gets fixed asap. Other than that, I think this game is fantastic because easy games get boring quickly and I’ve played this game for hours on end for a year and still love it..Version: 4.6.9

So addictive...Update I have this in my iPhone and Ipad. Love it still 6 years on!!! I now have the Rivals game on Ipad which is great but not as much fun. Its a game of strategy and trade. Fantastic in testing your negotiating skills. If you're winning, AI's start hanging up against you which is argh! But well worth it when you win. I bought for pod can't play on pad so bough HD version, nor can expansions be played on pad! Annoyed because I love game but I have to keep buying new versions.Version: 4.6.2

Great but could be improvedGreat and very fun to play. Could be improved by having the option of having playing 3 player games.Version: 4.6.2

Holy Shizz! I beat the AII was just introduced to the board game this past week whilst on vacation, and as soon as we played our first game -- I was hooked! Decided to give the mobile game a go because I know this will be the only chance I get to get my fix of Settlers in. Read the reviews which said that the AI becomes basically impossible to beat which meant I definitely had to try it. But first, I tried the online experience -- definitely something left to be desired there. Wait time to find a lobby was long, and once I was able to join a game the group suffered connection issues and players exiting and entering the game. So yeah, first online Settlers attempt...not so great. But why wait around for some noobs to POSSIBLY play their turn, when you can get instant gratification from playing AI!? So, I scroll through the custom game set-up mode, and before you know it, I'm laying down the foundation of becoming The Lord of Catan! Lemme tell you, the game held true to the reviews I read. The computer seems to pull off these ridiculous come from behind wins; rolling an absurd amount of 7s, and rallying together to play back to back to back knight cards against you! I was determined though. Every loss was motivation to try a different approach, and what do you know....6 hours later, I finally friggin beat the AI. Yessir. I can finally go to bed!.Version: 4.6.2

Great gameGreat game. But keeps crashing!! I think a paid game should probably be able to have some more reliability..Version: 4.7.5

Great gameThis game is great. The playing is excellent and it stays challenging. I like the campaigns and also the flexibility it has for the user to customise the standard games. I come back to it all the time..Version: 2.0.2

AI > Laws of ProbabilityI once played a game where I placed my first two settlements near 8’s. Yes, both settlements would get a harvest if anyone rolled an eight. First roll, 8. I got wood and a brick…never to see another 8 rolled again! 5’s we’re most common and 9’s. So not out of the realm of reality, but one 8? Just one? And the AI seemed to have an unlimited amount of Knight cards! Just decimated my chance to win…and yet, (I was playing the oasis map) AI makes foolish trades. I got into the clouds and placed my settlement and cities on the “multiverse” land hex. It was a nine and I had three cities around it. I won because of longest road, cities (I did have a settlement near a rock 6 later in the game) and victory cards found in the clouds. I only play oasis now because of the AI’s knack of rolling 7’s and having all the knight cards, and to get some space to get all the numbers so no matter what the roll is, I get something..Version: 4.7.5

Rating the appThis is very addictive. Great fun. There are some glitches which are quite annoying. If someone deliberately loses connection after a mistake it rolls back and they can change their actions. IT would nice to be able to chose between islands without going in and out. All in all little things. I totally love playing.Version: 4.7.5

My experience..So, I love Catan, playing the board game with friends/family. I’ve been playing for several years and have had the app for a couple years now. It’s fun to play the original map and to try the other ones (seafarers, etc). My only complaint is that the AI WILL NEVER/RARELY trade with you. Playing with humans there is a lot more trading going on. Playing with AI I can almost guarantee that I will never get anything from them. So I often do a 4:1 trade or strategize to get a port. But, the AI players constantly trade and always ask a million ways and times for that ore that you just drew of course. I often toggle the “no more trading with anyone til my turn” button. I have even played around with giving an opponent a resource that I may need or want to see if they reciprocate the favor later (you know, like a human might do). But no. No absolutely not. All in all it’s a fun app/game and I do enjoy playing as often as I want..Version: 4.7.5

Brilliant little time waster ;)I only play the single player version, but since turning the AI up, it is very enjoyable. Great game and very true to orig board game. Def worth the $ to purchase the add-ons. Cheers!.Version: 4.7.0

A great buy for Catan addicts!Overall a great purchase, although an undeniable rip off that you have to pay separately for the iPad and iPhone versions! Gameplay is good and the settings allow you to make adjustments in game speed and difficulty. The major issue on the iPhone version is that when you receive a trade offer, a trading board pops up and you can’t see the map view, meaning you can’t identify how many resources, cards and points the opponent has. If you love the board game I’m pretty certain you’ll love these versions of Catan..Version: 4.6.8

Worth every centThis is quite possibly the most addictive game i have played for iPhone. Simple to learn and yet very difficult to beat the computer players. Highly recommended..Version: 0

Faithful Recreation for MobileThere’s not much to say, if you like the game, you’ll likely enjoy the app as it is faithful to the original game. I’ve played 100’s of games and can tell you the dice roll randomly (though you will still lose some games due to them not always following the bell curve), and there’s nothing to back up the game being rigged besides some users feeling cheated that a game had an unusual number of 12’s or 3’s. You can even check the stats at the end of the game to see what numbers were rolled most often. It’s main fault comes with the AI. The computer players have limited intelligence and will allow you to always fish for a better trade deal or build towards a spot you’ll obviously head them off on. This makes it easier to win, but they are still competitive enough to win if the dice don’t fall your way. Lastly, the game will occasionally start to crash by not displaying some pop-ups. This is easily solved by backing out of the game and re-entering, but that should ideally Not be needed. Only bug I’ve found..Version: 4.7.2

Great app, but a couple of issues.The amount you have to pay for the expansions is ridiculous but let’s forget about that. Is there any chance devs could do something about the fact that nine out of ten games are lost because one of the cpu players has at least 50% of the victory points cards, I’m not even exaggerating it’s stupid and needs to be fixed. Other than that, great app, fun to play and much easier than carrying around the actual board game..Version: 4.7.0

CatanFantastic game to play and great solo version of the board game. Love how flexible the functionalities are to customise aspects of the game such as animations to exactly how you like to play. Its got better and better with each version..Version: 0

Pretty addictiveThis is a great game but could be improved by making the ai characters harder; being able to play against others via wireless or Bluetooth; and being able to increase the victory score; otherwise great fun... Also a scoreboard which records top ten victories.... Could be based on number of rounds player; number of robber occupations; number of roads; amongst other things..Version: 0

Great game BUTTTTTA great addictive game but have way too many crashes and when you play online it so often fails before the game finishes. You should be able to Bluetooth with someone in the same room and play a game offline...Version: 4.7.5

A lot of fun.Mostly great. I play it with my girlfriend all the time in pass and play, the only trouble is it is impossible to avoid seeing each other’s resources. We decided not to steal from each other to keep things civil. The game runs well and the AI is fine, making mostly realistic moves. Overall, a lot of fun..Version: 4.7.5

Robber algorithmPlaying against all AI opponents I note that the robber never gets put on any of my settlement hexes until I am leading the point score. This is a definite advantage to the human player and could be improved. Great game generally..Version: 4.7.5

Had the app for yearsI love the game. Only thing is it can be glitchy and kick you out of the game. I hope they can fix that..Version: 4.8.2

Great for beginnersVery user friendly, as a recent Catanian I have found it very helpful for learning the game and building up strategies, however the app does crash quite frequently which can be frustrating. It is happening multiple times in a short amount of time and it takes you out of the game, breaking the concentration which can be off putting. I use the iOS mobile version, hoping that this is just a small bug that will be resolved in the near future..Version: 4.7.5

I almost entirely love using this appThis is a fun way to play Catan, and I love that I can play as many games as I like whenever I like without having to wait 12 hours between games like in the other app. The only thing I don’t like about this app is I can’t zoom out in order to view the whole board at once. The screen gets stuck zoomed in and it’s really annoying not being able to see the game without having to pan around constantly to observe everything that’s happening in the game. Aside from that one quirk I think this is a fab way to play the game!.Version: 4.7.5

Love the gameContrary to other comments here, I find that I win 80 to 90% of the time, so clearly dice rolls would not be in favour of the opponents. In fact, maybe the game is too easy. It’s fun to win, but I noticed that the opponents make tactical errors from time to time. regardless it is great fun to play this I ncredibly smart game by Klaus Tuber. It is the only game I play..Version: 4.8.2

Excellent game!I play against two computer opponents, set the dice to stacked, have player 1 always start and make yourself player 3, and set game end at 14. This is quick and cutthroat. The thrill is in setting up and you always get to go last. I play game # 22 exclusively. I have WAY to many games under my belt! Love the board game, but if you can’t make that happen, this is good fun!.Version: 4.8.2

Suspect rollsSame comments as other re: unrealistic dice rolls. Apart from that - occasionally crashes. Fun game tho..Version: 4.7.5

Getting buggyI love playing Catan on my iPad, but I notice that the app crashes frequently now. Closing app & hard resets don’t help. Also get repeated GRDL update notifications, sometimes several within a couple of days, but the ok for a while.Version: 4.8.2

Good but too easyI play mainly a mix of seafarers and cities & knights and no matter which 3 AIs I pick I win 95% of the time Would love to have more of a challenge Also sad that I can’t play the other extensions that could be bought for the board game.Version: 4.7.2

Great practice gameHad this game for almost 2 years and it has made me into a better player. Currently on an unbeaten streak with my friends. If you want to improve set it on hard only way to learn..Version: 4.6.2

My guilty pleasureI love playing this game against the AI players. It does tend to crash frustratingly often, forcing a restart to where I was at - but overall the seafarers game is the way to go..Version: 4.8.2

Money well spent if you enjoy SettlersAlready spent way too many hours playing this- hopefully it will give me the skills to beat others in a real game!.Version: 0

Fix the crashesI’ve been playing this game for years, and I agree with what many other reviewers have indicated about the AI teaming up and the unfair rolling of the dice. Also, the AI is not trading when they have the resource and they actually need the resource you’re trading because they don’t have it but make the same trade when it’s their turn. And the multiple knight cards being played beyond the number in the deck. And roads sometimes appearing where they shouldn’t and they don’t make sense. I’ve actually screenshot of where they build a road into the water. No kidding, but my biggest issue right now is my game crashes since my device iOS was updated to 16.2 so while you’re fixing the crash, please fix some of these unfair tactics of these AI players. Thank you very much I love Catan..Version: 4.7.5

Good single and multiplayer both.It is the gameplay as with the hugely successful game boards, but here you have access, on payment to a plethora of boards and playing styles via the sea expansion and the city's and Knights expansions. For people new to Catan the training is a must as the strategy needs it with the multiple rules in play. But once you learn, you are hooked. The single player gets compelling once you have all three. Enough to keep it competitive and engrossing. The multiplayer has enough of a community so you get a game at any time of the day within a minute to three up and away. The next update should have a few ux options when in this mode, but overall very well structured through out the multiplayer mode. The main thing with a game like this is a challenging atmosphere and no hiccups to interrupt the thinking and the fun. Catan delivers. 4.7/5 from me..Version: 4.6.2

Solid! Sometimes buggyAnyone who is a fan of the board game should download this! Only frustration is that some particular moves in the game seem to crash the app. Nevertheless, many hours have been spent playing this game!.Version: 4.6.0

Super addictiveGreat game.. sometimes it glitches and doesn’t give you a dice roll on your turn or resources. Otherwise a great game.Version: 4.6.8

Loads of funMy new addiction!!.Version: 4.6.5

As good as the board gameThis game has all the fun of the original board game and is worth buying if you liked the original. High quality game to play with friends or solo..Version: 2.0.2

Love itTotally addictive. Shame it does not connect online with other players. Been strategising for days now. Expansion makes it a whole lot more fun..Version: 2.0.2

Could be a 5 star ratingHave played this game for many years. Recently upgraded to a iPhone 11 pro and it’s difficult to see the entire screen when playing cities and knights. I have to keep flipping my phone the other way around to see all my opponents info. The game needs to be slightly narrower to enable the whole screen to be viewed. This was not a problem on my old iPhone. Perhaps this can be fixed?!.Version: 4.7.0

Great for practice.Only game on my phone I’ve ever paid for and happy to do so. Is easier on the iPad though..Version: 4.7.5

Fastastic!What a great game! Having played Catan as a board game I was thrilled to find it adapted for iPhone and iPod Touch. The interface is simple and uncluttered making game play smooth and flowing. Go ahead and buy it - it's worth it..Version: 0

Well worth buying.Love the game but if I had one complaint it would be that if you play against virtual opponents, when you go too far into the lead, you will find more 7s going against you. You can work your way rounded that though... some times..Version: 4.7.2

Good fun but has a few glitchesI enjoy playing Catan online. The New interface is much better, but I seem to have lost my previous purchases. It still glitches and kicks me out from time to time but I never lose my progress so it’s not a big deal..Version: 4.8.2

Who doesn't love Catan?Great game. I'm sure you won't be thinking of downloading it if you don't already love the game so I won't bother reviewing that. The app itself is very good, I really recommend getting the Seafarers expansion though for more varied games. Could do with a chat system online and some sort of punishment system for abandoning games. Adding a tournament feature would also be amazing..Version: 4.6.2

Great gameThis game is great. It’s huge on strategy. You must pick good locations with good numbers. Despite maybe some unfair dice rolls. I have elevated through all opponents in all levels and win 85% of the time. This game is great!.Version: 4.8.2

Ok but missing the familyMechanics are great but doesn't beat the real thing playing with family.Version: 4.6.2

Great gameLove the game. Just spend the money….you won’t think about it once you have the game, you’ll just appreciate it..Version: 4.7.5

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