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ScanBizCards more accurate than many othersI've found that I have much more success with this app getting accurate data read from the scans!.Version: 6.12

ImpressiveI was looking for an app that would help me add business cards quickly into the Contacts app. This does the trick and recognises text very well. I love the way it collects info that it can't categorise, and allows you to assign it to the correct field. This app has already saved me hours in just a few minutes!.Version: 6.04.1

Wicked AppIt's a fantastic App. And my wallet is empty. No cards at all. Cos it's all in thus crazy cool app. :).Version: 5.02

Really helpfulGood scanning. Great product. Nice and intuitive for a tech Luddite!.Version: 6.06

The best card scanning app by farI have tried several different business card scanning solutions but all of them rely on using an address book associated with the scanning app. At worst case they will let you export to CRM. But I want to be able to manage my contacts myself. This app is fantastic. Allows you to scan the card, compare and edit the OCR, then simply save it directly into the Contacts folder of your iPhone. It even takes the picture of the card as the reference picture for the contact. Really reliable OCR, and fantastically quick and easy interface to use. This app is worth every penny..Version: 7.0.3

Very EffectiveI took a bit of time checking all the lite versions, and this app was the winner - just. Then I purchased the app, and I have not regretted this at all. Once you get past the fact that none of these apps are perfect, the way this one is built allows FAST editing and that was the deciding factor. I already had 100 cards to scan before I purchased, and I knew it would be faster to scan these with a standard flat bed scanner, and put those images on the iPhone ready to convert. This app handled those images with ease. You do need to accept that you will need good lighting to make a picture work well (maybe the iphone4 with the built in led light might work well - I have a 3GS). Features I would like to see... 1) As you edit things like the URL or company name, the program should use this info to re-evaluate other unknown things - like the email address. Chances are they will have a common URL. 2) you have to expect that the software will combine multiple items into the one field. It would be good if I could select text and move it directly to another field. So, if you "cut" any text, you automatically get an option to "paste" that directly into another field for later correcting, leaving you to finish the field you cut from. 3) bulk import of images. The user creates a directory that the software checks, and auto runs the scanner on any new items found. The user still has to review these later before they are active..Version: 0

Good, not great, but may be worth it for youSo I got the paid version because it offered a lot of features. Does a decent job of scanning information, but editing is needed. (I kind of expected that though.) My biggest issue is the whole restore your cards from "the cloud" feature requires a paid subscription. Not super expensive, but it would have been nice to know in advance. The sharing feature is nice. I will be able to share client info with others in the office quickly. So, it's good, but I am still wondering if the paid version is worth it..Version: 0

Amazing appI love this app as it makes things simple & easy. Also attaches business card so easy to remember & refer. Few small glitches which I believe shall be sorted with time..Version: 6.04

Awesome!This app will save me hours. I hate admin and this will help me to track my tasks wonderfully. The fact that I can drag and drop from tasks into my iCal calendar on my mac is brilliant! This means that I can time block my calendar all electronically. If you want an app to help your productivity, then this is the one. It's took me no time to record my tasks into this app, much faster than typing!.Version: 3.09

Works pretty wellCharacter recognition is not bad but could be improved. Overall good app to get the job done. I have retired my old business card scanner. Integration with LinkedIn perhaps?.Version: 3.21

Card-User 1This is a great little app for maintaining and keeping your cards organized exportable information goes to your address book relatively easily, edit it from there and extremely useful tool!.Version: 7.1.3

GMSuperb application, saved days of work scanning business card info into a database.Version: 3.12

Great business toolEasy to use and very accurate! Love the linked in invite feature. Would like a follow on twitter/Facebook shortcut (or at least be able to add the fields).Version: 3.12

Business Card IPhone ScanJust an amazing app that allows you to collect information from business cards (and also from email signature) and put them into your contacts (after checking). A massive gain of time! Excellent.Version: 4.02

System Optimization SpecialistAwesome app! Great value! Has made my business networking follow up's so easy - no more sifting though business cards & hours spent on data entry! Just take pic, edit where necessary & add to contacts! Even keeps image of card on file - 10/10 guys! Keep up the good work :).Version: 3.06

Ok!It freed up my wallet so it wasn't so cluttered with cards..Version: 0

Excellent appVery useful app to store all your business cards in one place. Can be filed under your own headings, added to contacts or emailed with a message. One word of warning - the initial instructions recommend a special close-up adapter is necessary for 3G iPhone 4 - totally unnecessary and a waste of $40! Otherwise recommend highly.Version: 0

DirectorFantastic great tool very easy to use near perfect results.Version: 0

The only business card app you will ever need!!! Excellent!!!I’m not one to write reviews for apps but this one I must. The app is fantastic but is matched by the level or support they provide. Download the pro version and you will be happy you did!!!.Version: 8.0

PresidentI have used ScanBiz for more than three years. But NOW it is even better. VJ walked me through upgrading to the new server for transcription. I jus completed a large number of cards. All of them were err free! This has simplified a time consuming job!.Version: 9.3.1

Well worth the money!Just downloaded ScanBizCards and I think it is a great app and well worth the money. I had a small issue with dates and time zones, contacted the developer and had a reply and the answer within 15min. Fantastic support!.Version: 0

Quick and easySimple. Scan the card, it saves the image and enters the information into your contacts for you. Beats holding onto all those business cards you keep but never look though unless you need them..Version: 6.12

Time SaverThis is a great app plain and simple Works well every time.Version: 6.10

Makes thing so easyI love using this, have found it very easy to use and quick. The ability to send to Evernote and LinkedIn in is fantastic.Version: 4.0

PaulExcellent apt. So much time saved and so easy to use. A must have AAA+.Version: 3.13

Very nice.I’ve installed at least 7 other business card apps and this one is by far the best. Great job devs!!! My only feature request would be to have an option to see the business cards when the app starts and not have to see the scan option first..Version: 9.3

Very GoodOverall it's pretty good. Doesn't always read things it should, and has problems putting cards in the right groups. 5 stars possible if these two things improved..Version: 3.13

Excellent way to organise a card collectionGood text recognition (although a little US focused - has trouble getting the .au in website addresses) with the ability to sort and share info..Version: 5.05

A great improvement and getting betterI held off buying this app 12 months ago because it was US centric and memory hungary, both of those issues seem to have been resolved. The team are continuing to make improvements and value/respond to feedback. It's not perfect yet but it is well on the way, I would recommend this to a friend or colleague..Version: 3.03

Useful AppA useful application for storing and sorting business cards..Version: 6.0

BizCard reviewExcellent tool to keep all your business cards handy in one place. Rate this app highly..Version: 3.17

More accurate than others I have tried.Recommended..Version: 3.13

Valuable. Love itI use card scanner all of the time. I can be in a networking event or immediately after scan the card and send an email saying hi. Excellent tool.Version: 5.06

Quirky but usefulUpdate: I've been through lots of bizcard scanners, and this is *by far* the best, despite minor idiosyncrasies. It's been updated and maintained for years. This app was a great investment and a dependable companion. Recommended! Time consuming to get details in, but a helpful tool to automate much of the process, and the linkedin integration is useful. As other say - could be more iPhone-y and less c64-ey, but useful nonetheless..Version: 6.04

Good App for Quick InputWorks great most of the time, could use a bit more work on international addresses. Otherwise, gets the phone numbers, name and company 98% time transcribed directly into your address book..Version: 6.01

Simple upload to CRMI've used a few biz card scanner apps. This update is by far the simplest and easiest I have ever exported a biz card straight into my CRM. Worth the money to go PRO..Version: 5.0

Perfect for CRMA great tool for Client Relationship Managment for storing and using contact details and making appointments, calls, texts, emails. Would like to see web based map on phone that also shows distant to each client your wanting to visit that day..Version: 3.03

Some nice featuresA bit of work still to do though, and better quality icons and graphics, makes it look a bit lofi.Version: 0

I've tried a fewI tried a few card scanners before I found this one. It works simply and well is is now my goto app for capturing business card data..Version: 5.01

Great appDoes what I wanted. Doesn't handle poor contrast, so good lighting will save lots of time. Does very very good matching of image to info type. Happy with this purchase..Version: 3.06

Excellent so far.An initial scan of a few cards to compare this app to another that I recently purchased proved this app to be superior in all respects. Accurate results with only minor editing required. Thanks for a very handy little app..Version: 0

Must haveI use this regularly - saves typing in info from business cards..Version: 6.04.1

Awesome, great new featuresIf you've been looking for a simple way to scan those business cards, then this is it. The developers have been very responsive to input from their customers and have added various new features. Important to note though that you need a good quality image for a good scan, and it works best with fonts that aren't fancy. Having said that, scanning errors are easy to correct, and you can then save directly to your address book with a copy of the image, geo-locate cards on a map, connect to LinkedIn and many other neat tricks. Great value! I've tried others, but came back to ScanBiz..Version: 0

Very handy at helping me organiseThis app is super handy at helping me to keep in touch with connections made. I've never had my business cards in such an organised way until now.Version: 3.13

Excellent time saver!Recommended!.Version: 3.13

Great for businessThis is a great app for business, can be managed across Apple platforms and has many options to use the information that comes from the cards. The scanner has been upgraded and works very well. Only improvement suggestion is to have the app available for your Mac, then it would be perfect..Version: 5.05

So simpleCan't operate in my world with out this app - so savvy.Version: 6.08

Great AppI have been using ScanBiz for many years now and strongly recommend the App for those that are managing many business cards daily. Thanks to the ScanBiz team for ongoing improvements!.Version: 6.04.1

Biz card readerSolid App. Efficient process, a lot quicker than manual entry..Version: 0

Best app I have foundWith a switch to google chrome from ms outlook, at work over 3400 contact details were either lost or corrupted in the data transfer but I fortunately have my trusty ScanBiz Cards backup, so could fully restore from all past scanned data. Have been using this app for quite a while and still love it. Use it almost every day, not just for business cards but for scanning email signatures and for phoning or emailing out of the app. Iphone sync (like google) sometimes deletes some of my contacts and/or data but this app keeps them. Great at conventions and on the plane too. Meet a potential client and can scan their card and send my details instantly. Always impresses. Not sure what they fixed in the latest update but it seems to work faster..Version: 3.15

SweetIt is a great app. A bit costly but it's easy to use. More function than I'll ever need, but saves a lot of time..Version: 3.12

Life made easyUsed this app first time today: a chance meeting at the Apple Store and a business card given to me . Rather than awkward typing this app made it easy to upload the information with a scan of the card and then send off a quick introduction in seconds..Version: 5.06

No more pocket full of business cardsGreat app. Scan a card, edit, add to address book. Awesome.Version: 6.05

BizcardAwesome. Accurate. Reliable app.Version: 3.15

Login Email Address ChangedMy logon email address changed. Normally not a big problem but my email address was ~8 years old and many changes and improvements were made in the interim. Customer support quickly gave me a very clear and thorough procedure to fix the problem. Very nice to see a company manage the little things in such a professional manner..Version: 9.0.2

Email contacts capture is Awesome!!The way it creates contacts from email is way better than my iOS suggestion. It is easy to review and add to address book. Save me tons of time!!!.Version: 7.2.1

Sound AppOCR works well even on the strange layouts abd colours, well worth it.Version: 3.12

Freakin Awesome AppI have had this app since iPhone 3GS! I paid up and grabbed the paid version. It's SIMPLE - does what I want and 'they' don't loose my Cards. If this isn't in your top 20 apps ... Well you've only got yourself to blame..Version: 5.06

Great Update To A Great AppNice UI update to a great app & improved performance to something which is an indispensable part of my contact workflow management and stops me from drowning in business cards. Recommend to any serious business person out there networking..Version: 4.0

Great appNever fails.Version: 6.05

ReviewFantastic tool... Replaced my office based card scanner worth $300 with this app..Version: 0

Good but could be improvedWould like to be able to group the scanned business cards 😊.Version: 6.0

Keeping trackThis app does a nice job of keeping me up to date with business cards. It is quick and easy as long as the business card doesn’t have too much going on as far as complex graphics. Happy so far!.Version: 8.0

Great AppI would rate the app a five, however I have a persistent problem. With how it behaves when integrating contacts with my iPhone. Whenever I add a Contact to my iPhone the button to return to the app is frequently unresponsive, it’s stuck inside the IPhone address book..Version: 7.0.3

Simple & effectiveNeeded some thing simple and effective. When the light is right the word recognition is perfect. I have just scanned >100 business cards and it was a breeze. I am super happy with the App!.Version: 6.06

Great way to improve the business cardsI find this very easy to use and combines well with contacts in the address book.Version: 5.06

Excellente application!J'ai accès rapidement à mes cartes d'affaires, et sans l'encombrement d'un classeur. Facile à utiliser et accès pratique sur tous mes appareils..Version: 6.04.1

Does the jobI have tried several of these apps. This was the best at recognizing most cards, if a field is wrong very easy to edit. I like a lite version to see if it is as good as the reviews and makes a worthwhile investment. It is. Makes my working day easier..Version: 3.03

Works!It actually works. Great app.Version: 6.05

Great AppDoes what it says it can do. Web sync is a great back up tool and prompt Helpline service. Highly recommended..Version: 3.06

Latest version greatGreat.Version: 3.08

Bit fiddly but worth masteringThis is a good app but needs effort to master it. I wish there was WiFi export rather than web based accounts (unless I have missed it), I only have a few cards so far but I can see this being very useful indeed..Version: 0

Scan Biz CardsThis is the most important technology to be developed in years. I will recommend to all my business associated as it make follow up in business much easier and networking more streamlined..Version: 4.0

Get this appI hated business cards until now. I have now cleared my desk, my wallet, my old fashioned storage folders, roller system, drawers, etc etc etc. I now want more cards as they are now easy to store and fully searchable. Get this app, it just makes sense !!!!.Version: 6.03

Works great!I stopped looking for a business card scanner after I got this app. Works well on business cards. I like that it suggests company names for contacts that are similar. I even use it to scan signature lines on emails off my monitor screen. Needs occasional editing. Overall very accurate. I’m very satisfied. Highly recommend..Version: 7.1.2

All the things, none of the junkEasy, clean, no gimmicks, nothing flashing, no ads, no subscription! EVERYTHING I needed and nothing I don't! Also, love the profoundly reasonably priced human transcription option. It's a great and flexible way to manage your time and your budget. Best of FOUR attempts at getting a scanner.Version: 9.9.0

Very usefulThis app works well for most cards. It can struggle a bit with the more unusual ones, but generally the scanning and OCI function is a lot quicker than manually keying in contact details. It is quickest if I scan the card and import it to my address book without doing any checks or corrections on the phone; I wait until I have synced with my Mac and do them with the computer. Thoroughly recommend this one..Version: 3.03

Very useful appVery useful app. Of great benifit when traveling. Don't have to carry heaps of cards of people met while traveling..Version: 3.13

Fantastic appFor just £0.79 you get the ability to store cards in as many different folders as you need. You also get the ability to email contacts directly from the card, add their details to your contacts and browse cards as a Rolodex. Brilliant. Thank you.Version: 6.03

Makes dealing with business cards easierScans most details accurately or with minor editing only. It lets me get the details in my phone and then throw away all those cards that otherwise sit on a shelf somewhere taking up space.Version: 6.04.1

Brilliant - enough saidPay and get application that does it all.Version: 3.13

Great app. Cloud backup especially useful.If you move companies or lose your phone, it’s fantastic that you can restore your contacts from the cloud. I have 1,500 cards which are invaluable..Version: 7.0.2

LinkedInThis version no longer gives the ability to send a LinkedIn invitation .why has this been removed? Why have you not notified your audience that you've done this? Otherwise a very good app for scanning business cards and having them go into my Apple address book John.Version: 6.01

Fantastic & support second to noneIt just amazes me the range of what this little device can do. OCR in the palm of my hand, I mean WOW. As long as you take well lit, straight photos you'll have no trouble at all. Tech support is great. Well done..Version: 0

Fantastic systemFantastic app with great usability, brilliant accuracy and great access to manual transcription if required. On top of all that, there's a great web app to access cards from any browser..Version: 3.18

Customer service failLike you, I got tired of keeping cards and selecting which ones to put in my phone and which ones to add to the 1990’s Rolodex that I still use. I did some research and selected this app to buy. My mistake. It wouldn’t synch with my work Exchange account and I kept getting an error message. I sent an email and they asked for the email address associated with the account. Huh? It’s the one I emailed you from but whatever. I responded immediately and didn’t hear anything back. I sent another email and ..... nothing. Save your money. Pick another app. Update. I’m an idiot. I was incorrectly trying to pair it with a non-existent account. They called and walked me through the process. Well done..Version: 8.0.1

Excellent app perfect for my businessI purchased the premium version but forgot to remove the lite. I submitted a help request and they gave me the solution the same day. So simple to use even my kids can add my contacts on my iPhone 4..Version: 3.03

Invaluable and so convenientOne of my favorite business apps. As a salesperson, this is a great repository for contacts that you need info on to conduct business, but don’t want added to your permanent contact list..Version: 8.0.1

Gamechanging Relief!After, finally throwing in my “tough guy” towel in my life I finally started to get things organized in my business and personal life. One of those things I needed to organize, was the insane amount of business cards I had. Getting something like this has been on my stubborn mind for almost 5 years! Way too long. Now that I have this app and have seen it in action I now don’t have to worry about ever saying to someone I failed to reach back out to, “Hey! So sorry I didn’t reach out to you all those years ago! I lost your business card that you gave me at that conference/cafe/etc.” The 3$. I’m a business owner so every penny counts but I also understand that I need to spend money to make money. Worth it. If you’re a serious business owner or someone who is just in business, this is a necessity, not an option, in my opinion. These guys who made this app, made it happen, so you can make it happen, out in the chaotic business world. Thank you to the developers and anyone else who was a part in the creation of this app. Bless up!🛫.Version: 8.0

MrAmazing product. Made my life so easy. No longer wasting time putting in card information in to my phone or keeping business cards in a drawer. It's all done for you in seconds. So impressive and easy to use. This app is worth an Oscar..Version: 0

ManufacturerI am very happy with this application. If the card is simple with clear fonts and few logos it is close to 100% accurate. If it has textured paper, lots of logos and looks like a dogs breakfast it will make mistakes. Mistakes are very easy to edit because the software displays the relevant section of the card. I struggle to remember names so looking through my address book is not very helpful. Flicking through the card images is a great way to jog my memory and the info is also added to the address book. I would buy this application again..Version: 0

ReviewVery easy to use. Accuracy is good even on difficult colored cards. Worth the money.Version: 3.11

Great app for retireesI really like this app. As a retired business man I would of really used it back in the day. We travel frequently and pick up cards from businesses and people we meet. I like the ability to make folders that allow me to quickly find a card related to where/why I have it. Keeping these folders separate from my contacts is exactly what I need. I recommend this app to everyone. The scanning is great and very effective. I started with the Free Edition and became familiar with the uses and quickly decided to upgrade to Pro Edition. I needed a little help to transfer cards from free to Pro Edition. I contacted Customer Service and received immediate response and follow up. Great App Company..Version: 7.0.3

Helpful AgainThis is an update to a previous review. After my comments, the developer quickly addressed and (as far as I can tell) has completely fixed the problems I was having. The app works well for me now, like it did before. The fix was fast and effective. Thank you. ——- Original Review: I’ve had the program a while, and bought the pro version. Within the last year, it has become worse. It does not recognize things on cards that it had no problem recognizing previously. At one time, there would be one or two typos in the transfer. Now I’m retyping most of the card. I don’t know why this is, but it’s disappointing and the app is really no longer helpful. ——-.Version: 9.0.2

ScanBizGreat App - I can carry all the business cards I only occasionally use without putting everyone in my address book but can easily add them if needed.Version: 3.03

Great!Does just as it says on the tin and does it well. Looks good too! :-).Version: 0

Great appEasy to use.Version: 6.04.1

Great appI call on many businesses in a day, having the ability to store with ease at the end of my call the Directors details adds weight to the fact our company is fast moving and up with the play, great functionality and a much improved app on two years ago..Version: 3.03

Scan Biz CardGreat app, very handy.Version: 6.04.1

Works PerfectlyI thought it didn’t work but tech support told me my default settings needed to be changed and now it works perfectly. But if you want to scan biz cards and have them go to your Contacts you have to disable Quick Scan, which seems counter-intuitive..Version: 8.0

Can't really complainThe only reason this isn't a full 5 Stars is because the app occasionally crashes for no apparent reason otherwise it's really helping my productivity!.Version: 3.12

GreatA great time saver!!.Version: 3.19

If your in business then this one is a must!I use this app everyday. I get handed a card at trade shows, when I'm on the road and sometimes just meeting a chance meeting in a restaurant. I ALWAYS scan the card, the other person exclaims "that's cool!" And I review the details and save. Usually I hand them their card back and say "I don need this now, I've got a picture and your in my contacts" Always impresses and you can't get a better first impression! Do yourself a favour, just download it and start using today. 😊.Version: 5.05

Awesome App!Well worth the money! The scan feature has trouble recognizing the occasional business card, but overall it gets most things right! Saves me heaps of time from manually sorting business cards and entering them in to my contacts. Keep the updates coming! Cheers!.Version: 0

Great App, Definitely Saves TimeCard reader is very good for non-reflective /non-high-gloss cards, as the best results are when the picture is taken with the camera light on, and the glare messes the reader up. Similarly, without the light, any shadowing can lead to strange results. Probably 70-80% of the cards are "read" accurately and require no touch up, most problems come from fancy fonts or logos. Categorizes phone number vs address vs name vs profession/title surprisingly well. Major con for me: aside from lighting (addressed earlier) the addresses default to USA (most cards don't list country in address), which is a pain for us Canadians. This should be adjustable in settings somewhere. Changing country to Canadian is a pain with the drop down style menu. Overall, a good purchase, and better than the other free apps I tested - hence I bought this one..Version: 6.08

Best app of typeTried heaps this best so far Daz Nz.Version: 3.13

Director of Sales and Business DevelopmentWhat an absolutely amazing and fantastic tool. Works great and a huge time saver..Version: 6.12

CreditsI bought the app pro version years ago and now it wants me to buy credits to scan business cards. If you need to sell advertising instead of making customers buy credits..Version: 8.0.1

Very good app!Downloaded this a while ago but got out of the habit of using it. Just started using it again and am thrilled at how well it works and how easy it is to use! Also thrilled to get rid of this pile of business cards on my desk!.Version: 6.10

STX SALESBest business card scan app I have found to date, and I have tried many. I came back to this one and ended my search. Very functional, user friendly, works well on the fly, accurate in a variety of conditions > 90%. Well done..Version: 8.0

BrilliantVery quick and easy to use. Highly recommend getting this app if you collect a lot of business cards..Version: 4.0

Very goodI like this app. Very convenient..Version: 4.02

Excellent card scanning softwareBeautiful user interface and very well thought out process flow. Excellent portable scanning option!.Version: 0

Keeps getting betterWith every new release ScanBizCards just keeps getting better. The new web-based scan feature simplifies adding new cards..Version: 3.04

If at first you don't succeed try again.Terrific app! Try to take photo in best lighting to make sure it does not affect visibility. I find it take 1-3 photo attempts to get it right, but much easier than typing in all the information yourself..Version: 6.05

Time & Typing SaverI am impressed with the performance of this little app. Office Exchange and PC sync is available for MS Outlook contacts. Accurate and recognises the fonts on business cards, magazines and letter-heads to save typing them in for contact details. Regular free updates with improvements to accuracy and interface. It would be good to get scanning for tables and price list to save as text notes in the future but so far it's the best OCR app that I have tried..Version: 0

ScanBiz CardsFantastic. Sales force integration is perfect!.Version: 6.03

ExcellentVery handy app.Version: 3.12

Outstanding appReally handy app that saves time.Version: 3.12

AmazingDoes exactly what it says. Amazing!.Version: 5.05

Very good practical applicationFound it a very useful application. Now I do not longer have to worry about misplaced business cards. All are at easy access and ready for referencing as needed. I plan to continue using this app..Version: 5.05

Super easy! No more data entry.Excellent app that interacts well with Sugar CRM. Sure it'll do what it says in exporting to other software. Needs to be used in good light etc, but still much better than manual entry. Worth buying for sure..Version: 4.0

Simply love itAmazing app.Version: 6.04.1

Biz CardsI seem to gravitate to just a few characteristics when evaluating Apps of any kind: ease of download and setup, intuitiveness, ease of integration with other Apps, plainly stated directions (DEVELOPMENT TIP for APP developers-check your spelling, grammar, and properly formatted sentences),--this is not meant as a criticism of Apps from other countries; but if your description and directions are not written in plain English you may as well just watch movies rather than waste your and your customers time. BIZ CARDS meets all of these criteria. Love its ease of use, despite being a relatively complex program with tremendous and straightforward integration with other APPS and the iPhone programming. Congratulations on a great piece of work..Version: 7.2.1

Really useful apNo more searching for that contact and It doesn't matter if you washed their card in the pocket of your jeans again! Just don't wash the phone!.Version: 4.0

FantasticVery easy to use and so quick. Adds the business card details straight to your contacts. Highly recommended. Love it..Version: 5.06

Great product and great serviceI have used this app for almost a decade, and it is terrific! When it first came out, there were minor issues, especially with OCR, but the developers were actively interested in learning about those issues so they could improve their product. They have actively and continuously engaged with their users to refine their product, and now, they have one of the best business card scanner — eRoladex — I have ever seen! Having been a user over the past few years, I have definitely seen this app evolve into one of the most powerful and useful tools on my iPhone. This is a must have app for mobile professionals. 👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 9.8.1

SalesFollow the instructions....worked for me. Note that due to the layout of some business cards, some editing may be necessary. Found this more to be true when italics where used or on black cards..Version: 0

Great app!I’ve been using this app for several years. Recently I had a problem accessing a backup due to migrating to a new phone. I sent one email asking for help and they replied quickly. Not only did this resolve my issue, but they checked back to make sure all was well. If I had to choose between an excellent app with mediocre customer care or a mediocre app with excellent customer care, I’d choose the latter. But in this case, both are excellent..Version: 7.2.1

Great AppEasy to use. Mostly get content corrected. Allow easy export to phone contacts. Back up available for icloud and Google drive......awesome for cross platform use. Would get 5 start if you could send a card to airprint printer. Makes it easy to share. Would also be great to text vcards via imessages..Version: 7.4

Excellent product!Keeps getting better with features. As I mentioned in a earlier review, good light with a steady hand are a must for great results. Something I get each and every card I scan, a remarkable product that continues to impress me with it's ease of use and RELIABILITY. Great job, I use the app everyday and love it..Version: 0

Great AppDoes all I need, fantastic.Version: 6.02

MrI have been using Camcard for some years now and think it is excellent. However it is lacking one major feature and that is the ability to directly export data straight into a CRM system. ScanBixCards does that. I use Daylite which is also very good and having scanned a card i can export straight into Daylite - job done. On the downside there than OCR there is no signal processing which you get on many other cards scanners including CC. By this I mean it does not do an auto crop and adjust the contrast level to give a nice clean image of the card. The card remain as the original photo although you can crop it manually. overall I prefer CC but the direct export is what will keep me using this..Version: 5.05

Biz cards is fantasticI am so glad I tried the lite version as I am addicted to this time saving app. It only took four business cards before I purchased the full app. Absolutely the best app I have..Version: 3.17

Great appThis app has made it so simple to convert all the business cards I keep collecting.Version: 6.08

Love this appI hate keeping stacks of business cards and then typing them into my contact manager. This app makes it easy. It's not always totally accurate because of different styles and logos but it is easy to fix. It is important to keep your phone very steady when taking the picture of the card. Easy to crop excess space off the card..Version: 6.12

Best I've usedI've used quite a few scan apps. This one is the best. One new field they now need is LinkedIn. I've just had a couple of cards with this on. But it is the best I've used!.Version: 6.03

Great app and great price!I always hated collecting business cards. I would throw them away but now with this app I can save them and share them. One big suggestion, please work the excel export option to include the picture of the cards. Thanks!.Version: 7.2.1

Brilliant appI have been using this app for a few years, and it has gone from very good to almost perfect for importing business cards into my address book..Version: 6.05

Worked wellWas able to scan all my business cards perfectly and am pleased with the result..Version: 0

Très bienJ’aime facile à utilisé et trouver.Version: 8.0

Why have you not uploaded this app?!?Has to be the best and easiest way to keep up with contacts that are important to you! No longer have to keep up with cards, just scan and boom it’s in address book and you have a pic of the card whenever you need it. Plus the ability to send any card to someone via text or email!! Absolutely can’t live without it!.Version: 7.0

Easy and quickGreat way to update the address book, while keeping the card details accessible. Love it!.Version: 6.08

Is still in my top 10 apps list.The new features with reminders to follow up with contacts, sorting by name, date or company make finding cards easy. The key with this app is good strong light when taking the photo to scan, and turning off pre-processing if the image is good (like screen shots of contact pages on web sites). Not perfect, but the best I've found, and the support is still very responsive..Version: 0

Very good appHandy, simple and helpful.Version: 6.06

ExcellentThis application does exactly what it claims to do, and it does it really well. The ability to export to CSV is particularly valuable to me, but the overall performance has impressed me..Version: 2.78

Very worthwhileApp works very well and allows you to either add to your iPhone address book or keep them totally separate and forward to your business address book. Only issue is the OCR accuracy as usual with these types of apps. Still saves a lot of typing, even with corrections required..Version: 6.01

Talk about a quick update!I've been using this for a while now and found it very useful but a recent update prevented card fields from being edited manually after scanning. This was quickly recognised and I got an email saying they were working on a solution and within 24h an update was put out to address the problem - well done scanbizcards not only for the update but for acknowledging the problem so fast! If only apple maps could be so quickly sorted out....Version: 3.15

AABI’ve been using this app for a long time and it’s great until recently where it does not allow me to save the card to my contacts.Version: 7.5

Solid appGreat app. Does what it says it does with some manual editing. Still far easier than entering it all yourself. Doesn't cope well with fancy cards but hey, nobodies perfect:) Nigel..Version: 0

ManagerGreat tool.Version: 3.15

Brilliant AppExcellent! Top stuff. We network extensively and need to record our contacts onto a database. This app transforms this tedious time consuming task and saves a vaste amount of time ergo money Only just scratched the surface but already delighted with it.Version: 3.20

HandyGreat little app worth the up grade.Version: 4.03

Great app!Very impressed with what it does. Scanning in business cards I so much easier than typing them in although I find I do have to check the character recognition after the scan. This is more to do with the size of the text / backgrounds used on many business cards. It is still faster than typing it and it stores the picture with the info which means you can always refer back to it..Version: 4.0

It's good for view onlyI like this app is better than other apps I tried, but I believe 2G and 3G whether have poor quality for take photo original business cards and do OCR is poor. I don't know about 3GS yet. I'm happy for typing the details after import the picture without scan the picture for OCR. That was no problems. 3D view (like iPod or music. Or iTunes) is excellent as I love. When I tap one to full view of the business card with option icons for email, text, make phone or access website. Each command will request you which one of more contacts than one..Version: 0

Absolutely AwesomeExcellent app, has everything what you need to build your contact list with business cards..Version: 3.13

Fantastic supportReceived calls back whenever I called and received fantastic support even outstanding support from “VJ.” This solidifies continued use of this App that I’ve been utilizing for years. I’ve been very please with ScanBizCards ability to capture front and back business card information..Version: 9.3

Love this appI use this after every trade show and meeting I have where I collect biz cards. It makes short work of getting biz cards into our SugarCRM. I had a problem with the upload, and the helpdesk got it solved in no time flat..Version: 7.1

Can't do a trade show without it!This is the best app I have when it comes to trade shows. Set your quick intro, scan the card, hand it back, and send. Follow up done before the next appointment. Sync with CRM and done! Saved me hours. 😀.Version: 6.02

Excellent!Changed my review to 5 stars. Brilliant app and superb service. Cannot fault..Version: 7.1

Great App SupportNot only is this an invaluable app, but today I experienced their top notch technical support. Very professional - fixed my problem - then made suggestions to improve my experience. Thank you.Version: 9.0.2

Why?This works well. I mistakenly turned quick scan on at the beginning so that all translation had to be manual, but once I disabled quick scan then rescanned the cards it was able to translate them to contacts without having to pay extra.Version: 8.0

FantasticFantastic app I absolutely love it! Very easy to use and edit. It has now lessened the load in my wallet carrying cards..Version: 3.18

Best time saving app ever!!!Very accurate but watch some numbers like 3 & 8 It mixes them up also watch lower case L l turns to /.Version: 6.01

Great very intuitiveVery useful ...getting quicker all the time. Easy to figure out.Version: 5.05

Really good balance of featuresLooked at a good few business card scanners (via the 'lite' versions) before buying this one, and I'm pleased with my choice. One had better character recognition, but split the functions you want between two apps (one to 'read' your cards, and one to file them); another had slightly more intuitive UI, but was also v dull. This has perfectly good character recognition (NB good light is needed to minimise errors and thus typing), adds details straight to your Contacts app if you want that, and/or keeps the cards filed within the app (which is what I wanted it for: I don't want business contacts in my normal address book). It also has two ways to view your saved/filed cards (which you can put in custom folders): via a list view, or a funky cover flow version. A clincher for me was the FAB customer service - having accidentally added a folder to my contacts app whilst playing with this app (didn't know you could do that...), the lovely chap responded instantly to my call for assistance, and stayed on the case until it was resolved (that same day). Fifth star would be added for ability to 'create' cards: at the moment you can scan in contact details from email signatures and other text, but unlike when you scan a business card, this only goes to Contacts, and can't be stored as a 'business card' with the others in this app. Don't imagine it will take them long, though....Version: 3.03

Amazing appEasy to use and it does what it says.Version: 6.04.1

Highly recommendedI have been using this app to scan and store business cards. This is a great tool the not only scans business cards but also enables a quick addition to the contacts app. Works great and I never experienced any issue. There has been a change in the interface that moved a button to access your cards to below the home screen view. I reached out to the developer support and received a prompt response regarding finding this button. Very much appreciated . Highly recommended app.Version: 9.2.5

Works fine for me.Works fine as long as picture is square and level, and it is bright. Take pic directly overtop, not on an angle. Also take it in landscape view and fill up as much of the screen as possible. Faster than keying it all in including the extra time it take to proof the results..Version: 0

Excellent very few issuesVery good intuitive card scanner reader and then into address book. Has some issues with some cards from Eastern Europe accents etc that needs addressing....suggest it picks up country and then uses different character or library set. But in general would recommend.Version: 5.05

Time saverA great app to quickly add new contacts. Mostly accurate scanner and easy to edit for any scan anomalies. Integrates well with my contact files..Version: 6.03

Almost five stars from meNeeds the crop option soon after card has been scanned or either before to remove background of where the photo is being taken. Other than that the app is great and does the job. Shame that the backup to web isn't free like cardscan, or at least more competitive..Version: 0

Great appThis is a great time saving app for adding new contacts to your Outlook contacts list. Quick scan and edit when needed and you can add it to your address book with one click. The reader is very accurate for all but the busiest cads. I highly recommend it..Version: 7.1.3

Pretty goodGood. Doesn't read all the text spot on all the time requiring a little manual editing. But much quicker than doing it all yourself..Version: 0

Card scannerGood program would be better if you could force the flash as lighting is key to it's use and the iphone seems not to switch the flash on early enough.Version: 5.05

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