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Square Point of Sale (POS) for Positive User Reviews

Simple et efficaceNous avons été en mesure de lancer notre site transactionnel en quelques heures seulement. Et il nous est aisé d’apporter les modifications et les améliorations au fur et à mesure de notre évolution..Version: 6.32

BEST APP EVERI absolutely love square it has been the saving grace of my business. Effortless. No fees for the first £1k transactions and when you share the link with someone else you receive another £1k free transactions. So easy for your clients to pay. Highly recommend square they are providing me with more ideas and links to keep my business striving forward. Thank you..Version: 5.37.1

Great softwareI was recommended by a friend about square up. I’ve just opened a cafe and the old till wasn’t great. This new system is brill and makes running the cafe a lot more efficient and we get paid a lot quicker than we were with the previous card machine..Version: 5.64

Best thing that’s ever happened for my businessSquare has helped us scale our business from small market stalls to a franchise. The best part is they actively keep improving and expanding their range. I wish their staff scheduling could connect directly to appointments so we can foster people onto the appointments but I’m sure it’s on their radar.Version: 5.80

Best of the bestHas come so far since it started. No bugs or issues and we use it constantly in and outside of the store. Many have tried to switch us, however the diversity that square offers is like none other..Version: 6.32

Great AppLove this app, have been using Square before it was a Point of Sale App. Live that it gives you the flexibility to run my business and provide reports including inventory. Highly recommend using the contactless device, before Square I was using two EFTPOS machines that would never keep enough charge for a full days trade, my Contactless device runs for three days straight without charging, I’m sure it would last longer if I don’t recharge. Great for small business, love that they’re provided a referral system, have recommend the app to so many people..Version: 4.92

See full transactions history in appThrough the website when I go into transactions I can see the full history with customer data however on the app I cannot see which transactions relate to each customer. Is there any way of displaying this within the app or can this be added? Would have given you 5 stars if I could have as it’s such a fantastic piece of kit. Don’t think I could be without it anymore.Version: 5.7

Square. Hair salon businessExcellent tool. Easy to use, reliable. Money transferred the next working day. So much data you can compare on the app, daily , weekly , monthly how your business is running, trends , peaks. Etc. Highly recommend this application for any business..Version: 5.44.2

Excellent features, but….I love this system. Easy to use, quick turnaround on payment, instant transfer option. Great! My wife and I both have square card readers that connect to our (up to date iOS devices) phones via Bluetooth. We’ve been having problems connecting to our readers at the point of sale. “Connecting to device” has become extremely hit and miss. It’s been going on for over a month now. Not ideal if the client is keen to get moving quickly. Having to uninstall and re-install the reader from my phone every time. It’s a pain. Customer service by phone was helpful but the language barrier was a problem. Get this sorted out and it’s a ten out of ten service..Version: 5.91.1

ReviewMany of our customers are amazed by this little gadget. Works great all the time.Version: 6.29

Best of the best!!Absolutely the best app ever!! I love that instant payment thing,once your customer made the payment just a couple of mins later you can transfer that amount to your Business Bank Account..Version: 6.27.1

Available stock in reportsLoving SquareUp, but it would be really, really useful to be able to generate a report that shows how many items have sold in any given period AND what remaining stock we have. This is pretty essential when ordering new stock. Loving it generally!.Version: 5.50

My little businessGranted I just started my own little business...but square allows me to be super mobile. I can go anywhere at any time and take payments! I get my money right away and I haven’t had any issues whatsoever. They included my own card reader for free, it arrived quickly and my customers just swipe and go! I love, love, love the ability to do this! I am horrible at maths and this includes all my sales tax, discounts, gift cards for my customers instantly..it allows me to be free of being stuck in one place. For anyone running a business that needs you to go to them I highly recommend Square Point of Sale! You can’t go wrong..and I’m grateful that they don’t charge a ton of money to do it. In my little business every cent counts and other services charge way more for smaller amounts charged. With Square I always know how much it’s going to be..no hidden fees or charges. Thank you Square! You’re an amazing tool for us that are just learning to be on our own and rockin it like a boss! Which I am, my own! I couldn’t do it without you..Version: 4.89

A great system and easy to use POSSquare is so easy and flexible. I own a very small winery and Square makes travelling to local and interstate events and taking payments a breeze. The POS system is easy to use and intuitive. Rates are competitive with no ongoing fees. We have both the square reader and the terminal and love them both. I highly recommend Square!.Version: 6.15.1

User FriendlyHave used square for many years, the tap & go hardware is great, easy to use and battery life is good to… been using it since the version that used the headphone jack. They can be temperamental when near multiple paired devices however Now using the terminal which is great. Only wish you could save a transaction eg table 1 tab etc. if you can I can’t see it :).Version: 6.19

Square appThis app is brilliant. I can view sales by day, week, month & year. My staff know that I’m up to date with this app. I can instantly see the days income, as soon as service ends. Charges could be reduced after first month service but do highly recommend. ⭐️.Version: 5.87

I Love SquareAs a small mobile business owner I love the flexibility square provides me. There are features I would love to have as well that don’t currently exist. I receive payments quickly, I love the new reminders for invoices. This is what I currently use the most other than taking direct payments. Has always been reliable and i receive my payments quickly..Version: 5.2

SquareJ’utilise Square Pour mon commerce wow C’est super je peux même le faire Via mon téléphone/tablette.Version: 6.36.1

TarifSuper service sauf à partir de sept je quitte car les augmentations on pas d’allure!.Version: 6.20

Making business easierIt’s simple to use, customers love it, the percentage charge is great value for not having to handle cash and it’s secure. I wish I’d started using it before I did..Version: 5.36.1

Love itEasy to use and small and compact.Version: 6.28.5

Excellent product for businessesAmazing product to have for small businesses. Easy to use and very professional. Fees are fair in comparison to most merchant facilities, especially banks. Only advise I would give to prospective buyers is to keep in mind to allow at least 2-3 days to receive your funds in your bank account. I’ve been using square for over 3 years now and I have never had a single “next day deposit” as they heavily promote. I bank with one of the big 4 so it’s not on my end. Just a little disappointing as there’s no need to stuff around and hold it for so long. Thanks!.Version: 5.29

Great SystemI was using a EFTPOS machine from the bank, they were charging an amount each month. I sell my products at markets and two years changed to Square, best thing I ever did. I only got the EFTPOS facility for the convenience of my customers. At craft markets most come with cash though this is starting to get less and less, it is great to have fees when a sale goes through the facility..Version: 5.4

Square has so far proven its greatness.Used it for months with great success..Version: 6.29.1

Great PoSI do like SQUARE, it’s been so handy to have at our markets and shows. Great to be able to make a sale then and there. My one complaint is the lack of options/settings within: category’s, sub-category’s, etc. To me they’re missing those ellipsis icons with a good drop down menu of settings..Version: 6.29.1

Best POS For High Volume BarsSquare is, for me, my favourite POS for my line of work (bar operations at high volume for festivals and large events). The back end functionality is as user-friendly as you can get which is essential when it comes collating reports. The iPad till screens are simple, functional, easy to customise, and easy for new staff to use. You can create tiered restrictions for staff, supervisors, and managers. The only snag I have found is that it is likely Square know they are the Rolls Royce of POS and charge their rates accordingly. That aside, I highly recommend Square..Version: 5.74

Square systemGreat tool for you business , we have the full user epos system , very user friendly and the app to your phone which you can check anywhere in the world . Only one drawback is the cost per use transaction as every cost is less profit to your business , I could of got a cheaper rate from another supplier and product , but decided to go with Square , no problems as yet !.Version: 6.17

New Edge InteriorsAn outstanding simple professional system that puts you in control of your business finances - you see what the charges are you have great telephone support with commercially astute people . I am very happy that I made the change from Barclay card to square.Version: 5.10

Square AppI own a business and using the standard processing systems through the bank can be a headache at times especially when the signal is busy the reader won’t work and therefore I lose business. Having the square system as a back up has been a miracle for my business! Not only does it process it in 2 seconds, it gives me so much data on spending and monthly reports to what’s trending in my store. I’m slowly but surely transitioning over to the square system full time, for those who have been thinking about using it, ITS WORTH IT I PROMISE YOU! The fees are much cheaper and it’s a headache free system, very user friendly and just an all around great system. Thank you to Square for being their for me when I had nothing else to work with, now I don’t lose customers and since I get trending reports, I actually gain more business because it tells me what they like the most. You guys are AMAZING!!.Version: 5.39

Best pos app so farI have been using this app for 9 months now and I cannot find anything negative about it, It connects to my iPhone easily and fast and the Same for the iPad. They only have a 1.9% charge per transaction and payments taken Saturday are processed and cleared on Monday morning, (but some Australian big 4 banks will take longer to process) opposed to PayPal charging a massive 2.9% per transaction and then holding funds for 3+ weeks, and 70+ days if a customer tells there bank they didn’t make the transaction. I used to be a PayPal fan until I tried this app..Version: 5.45.2

Simply the bestFast as lightening and awesome support both online and by phone. I am super thrilled with Square POS and I have never used anything Apple before. I highly recommend! I bought the whole system package and it is great! Now I have added one of their packages so I can track wholesale cost and have inventory reports too! I was worried that it would be too complicated as I am an older business owner. Their step by step process to set up was very straightforward and easy to follow!.Version: 6.20

BrilliantAbsolutely brilliant bit of kit , the app is so easy to use . And the Card reader combined with the magnetic strip reader . Well done guys Use it for my taxi business and car valeting business. Great for keeping your daily takes up to date and precise Thank you.Version: 5.41

Fantastic but card reader drops outWe love square. We use it as our POS system at our brewery and at markets/festivals. It is usually super fast taking payments. Only 2 things let it down. 1. The card reader drops out regularly and has to be reconnected. Takes a bit of fluffing around that is not good during busy times. 2. It would be good if we could fit more items on a screen so we didn’t have to scroll between screens. Other than that. Love it..Version: 5.7

Useful but comes with troublesUsually works. However, I had troubles many times. Just lost a customer because the reader wouldn't connect to the app. I ran the troubleshooting and after an hour of effort I managed to reconnected it again. This is not the first time, sometimes reader wouldn't connect and the troubleshooting doesn't work after couple of hours it comes back. I have had my frustrations and still love it. It is the best option so far. Though, if I find a better application I would not hesitate to move..Version: 5.3

Great serviceSo Happy with this amazing app. The speed of which it works, the fees are reasonable, the payment to your bank account is so quick. The reports are so easy to use and gives you all the information you need for your stock and takings reconciliation. It’s an all round amazing App and I can’t recommend it enough. I totally love Square!.Version: 5.67.1

The best point of sale software hands downI have used many different POS systems and Square is head and shoulders above the rest. The POS terminal does what it is supposed to but the real value I receive from Square is the software that comes along with it for free. The sales reports, inventory management, invoicing and other software tools help me manage my business while providing granularity about customer type, purchase frequency and other important sales functions which are indispensable for managing a business in a time constrained world. The ability to create a website and sell products online also comes with multiple integrations for Instagram and Facebook which allows me to connect with my customers via social platforms. The only platform that comes close is Shopify for online sales. Shopify’s online platform is perhaps (and I’m splitting hairs) slightly better and has a little more choice in payment networks and fractionally better social integrations but it’s pretty close. The swing factor for me was the fact that Square has its heritage in the offline world whereas Shopify’s heritage is in the online world. So it’s more driven by your businesses focus. But both companies have Omni channel capability. Square’s recent acquisition of Afterpay will no doubt provide some optionality for merchants as the acquisition is integrated. All in all, you can’t go wrong with Square..Version: 5.83

The joys of squarePocketable. Easy to operate even for a technotard. Convenient and always ready for that card purchase. Like the new pay on the phone feature sometimes the system crashes and need to restart my phone. But generally the system is very effective and convenient..Version: 6.35

Simplifies the process.We are a multi vendor client with a commercial kitchen. We enjoy using this service as accounting and tracking is easy..Version: 6.36.2

Where has my Customer tab gone?Overall I’ve had great success with this app but today, I lost the entire Customer tab - not just the contacts, but the whole tab has vanished! What has happened? I’ve tried uninstalling, turning my phone off and on but to no avail. Please can someone help me?.Version: 4.93.1

Overall great app, would recommendI’ve been using Square for a day now, and honestly comparing it to other apps it works great. You can create payment links, invoices, send receipts and much more. It’s essentially an all in one payment system. Whether your running a online store, physical store, or simply just want to accept card payments they’ve got you covered. The only downside is the wait required to receive your funds. The first few payments I received went directly into my bank account straight away, but after that you could be waiting longer. I’m sure there’s a way to make this faster, and would make the experience a lot smoother. Overall 4/5.Version: 6.36

Next day payments change the gameCompared to our previous Epos system, the square app is transparent, easy to navigate and most importantly works for our cash flow, with next day payments. Our previous supplier was 3-4 days with a range of fees, square is flat rate, intuitive and designed for modern fast paced businesses..Version: 5.16

Bad bad very bad worst customer service everI started using this app for side jobs and charging customers is easy and simple it the best and it’s fast but when it comes to getting your money that’s a different story coz they make it so hard and right away they deactivate your account just because they think that your transactions are high risk ok let say that the case then when that happens they put a 90 days HOLD ON YOUR MONEY and when it’s time to pay they don’t pay it and they don’t even reply to your emails not on Facebook or instagram or nothing soon as you email them they say how can we help and ask to provide your account info after that they don’t reply it’s been over 6 months that it’s says my balance is being transferred and nothing everything is wrong about this company and I’m going to sue you guys if I don’t get my money that you guys said you were going to transfer 6 months ago..I’ve been so patient with you guys but enough is enough you got one day to fix this or don’t even try after coz I’ll see you guys in court.Version: 5.41

OwnerGreat system for our business. We can close for the off season and not pay fees New hardware is attractive but has no battery backup and every year we suffer power outages. Editing must be done by our old iPad.Version: 6.24

Fantastic Device & SoftwareWe’ve used Square from the very start and never had to think about going anywhere else. We’ve just completed our first full year of business in November gone and look forward to many more with Square. Yo Dough Brum.Version: 5.4

As a POSE and point of saleI love square and use it for all my transactions but have some issues which needs to be fixed: Converting a ticket to an unpaid invoice. This is missing in square to issue a ticket for a customer and save to be paid later; but if customer needs the order to be invoiced to him or his company we have to redo from scratch. Please take a note..Version: 5.84.1

Easy to useI am a pre-teen running my own mini business. I got a square reader for my birthday and instantly fell in love. It is easy to use and quick transfer to a bank account. It does take a while to verify a new bank account but it is worth the wait. I have not set it up online yet as I don’t have a website or social media for it. I definitely recommend it. Cheap and easy to use!!.Version: 5.63

DnorthSquare is amazing to use.Version: 6.24

Invoice balance issuesI use square a lot and it’s great, but hopefully this message will reach the developers. I’m having an issue. When I send an invoice the customer is only able to pay the deposit amount and nothing more. I believe the customer should be able to pay whatever amount they choose as long as it exceeds the deposit amount, or fully pay the invoice in one transaction if they choose to. Furthermore if I make a change or additional line item after the deposit has been paid, the customer can only pay the new deposit and not just the full balance, causing them to have to make two separate transactions in order to complete the full payment. This has caused major confusion to my customers, and it’s becoming easier for me to just send two separate invoices for deposit/balance payments. Very frustrating and not intuitive to my customers..Version: 5.17

Excellent serviceWe really love using Squareup. An easy app with great service. There’s plenty of features within. The responsiveness is very fast. User friendly. Secure. Gives you peace of mind. Used costumer support was very professional and extremely helpful. Thank you to all developers and all team behind it!.Version: 5.15

A straight forward way to take paymentsDon’t believe all you read.... Square works well for me. Payments next working day or rarely in two days. Ive never had any problems. Good possative help from support when asking about other hardware. My only mosn is if the terminal was cheaper ide buy one..Version: 5.33

If I Was Able To Give Zero Stars..... I wouldI personally feel like square is a scam. I was told my bank account verification would take up to 4 days to be verified. I’m On the 6th day now and I still have no access to my hundreds that my customers has paid me. And the only thing they keep telling me is another 24 hours. On top of the approval for the verification after its approved I have to wait another two days for the funds to transfer into my account. So many companies that operate today are on a instant transfer/deposit basis with a small fee. I’m absolutely fine with that but when you charge me 15% plus an additional fee when customers pay with their cards and can’t instantly or even within at least 24/48 have my cash deposited into my account that makes me worry a bit. This has completely slowed down my business and I’m in the beginning phases of launching. And to have already let my customers down because of the lack on squares behalf makes me so frustrated. I only wanted to use the services for the invoicing part allowing my customers to pay through the link that I was able to send out to customers. That part is so convenient and I loved it but how they handle your cash AFTER it’s received in. Scares me and I don’t do scammers. There’s too many hackers and scams happening today and to have someone hold YOUR funds captive with no explanation is bizarre. Square I’m giving you zero stars ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Would not recommend.Version: 5.33

New Update CrashesNewest update completely crashes when you try and open it. Need a fix asap thank you..Version: 6.27

Square POS and card readerVery satisfied with the performance and the POS software. The reports are very useful and well presented. If the card reader had a display that would have satisfied some of the disgruntled customers who complain about the non display of the amount to be charged..Version: 5.5.1

Perfect for Market StallLove my square! I use it on my weekend market stall, it’s so easy to use and cheaper than the competitors. You’re able to add items to you inventory with photos for quick transactions. And I love checking my sales data at the end of the day and throughout to see what I sell most of, peak times and cash flow. Have recommended it to others..Version: 5.47.4

Cannot Fault Anything about SquareHaving been with Square for 2 years we have had a great service Money is always transferred on time and cannot honestly fault the service, all our equipment is now with Square and hasn’t missed a beat well done.Version: 6.26

Good but some glitchesWhile the POS itself tells and show me everything important in relation to best and worst sellers , categories etc, we have had a few issues with the app freezing at inopportune times. Thankfully not too often but doesn’t look good when a customer comes to pay their $800-$1000 dinner and bar tab and I can’t get the POS to work at that moment..Version: 5.50

It’s good but.....I live this system for my small business it’s a good system and easy the only thing is og takes ages to connect to my phone and looks for updates every time I turn it on. Some times it takes up to 5 minutes to connect it and sometimes I have to delete it all together and reinstall it. Very frustrating when you have a client standing there waiting to pay and it won’t connect. Please please change it so I can update it myself at home when I don’t need it to work straight away. That’s the only negative besides that frustrating bit it’s an awesome little system and a fantastic help to a small business..Version: 5.35

Super IntuitiveWant a quick way to sort out contactless payments? Square. Done.Version: 6.22

Highly Recommend SquareAs a small business we are always looking for ways to save and simply how we managed our day to day business activities. Square has been apart of our business from day one. And we believe Square has helped us grow exponentially! With all the amazing new technology Square provides, for next to no charge. Any business, no matter if your big or small. Will instantly see how Square can help you better manage your business. If it wasn’t for Square, our business would not be where it is today..Version: 5.74

Simple and effective.I’m a small electrical business starting out. So to have a pay by the month phone contract style of card reader from the big banks was not useful at all especially when transactions are low at this stage, but Pay as you make transactions charged at a percentage surcharge is way more effective for myself. Also the invoice write up for on the fly jobs is great simple and easy to use. Only down side for me is there is no quoting side of things. If they added a quote section as easy as the charge and go invoice section my business would be on the rise and it would all be in one easy place to find. Cheers.Version: 4.78.3

Lake MerchandiseI look after our Lake Boutique that is our main Fundraiser. Using the square is so much easier than our previous payment system. The customers also are very happy with it. Very fast check out..Version: 6.22

Why wouldn’t you?Was recommended from a friend and can’t find a reason why you wouldn’t use it. We have a separate card machine but simple enough to punch in card amount. Transactions section is brilliant as can double check if customer has query.Version: 5.61

UPDATE: Persistent Red Notification DotUPDATE: Red Dot 🔴 mysteriously disappeared after new batch of notifications sent. Hopefully it will stay away. Will change to 5 stars once issue is resolved. No matter what I do the notification will not go away. After reinstalling app, there is a ‘ new tutorial ‘ notification. After dealing with tutorial, red dot 🔴 still there >:-/.Version: 6.23

Best POS ever.Was using PayPal at a market, slow processing and buggy connection. Square is always fast and reliable. My wife was using Vend in her shop but opened a new outlet and we had problems. My daughter exported the whole inventory to excel, imported it to Square and had us up and running within hours! Much cheaper, easier to use, more reliable and integrated than others we’ve tried. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!.Version: 5.16

BrilliantI can’t understand some of the bad reviews on here about Square I’ve used this now for over 4 years and never ever had any problem with it I’ve recommended it to loads of people and as far as I know they’ve never had any problems with at all I use it every day no waiting for your cash it’s in your bank next day apart from weekends Once you open your account there’s loads you can do take payments over the phone, send invoices to clients they do it all Definitely 5 stars from I would give 6 or more if I could.Version: 5.91

Fantastic!I’m a sole trader with a relatively young business. Square is fantastic, simple to use and to be able to run reports, keep a track of inventory and on the services my business offers is really great. The transaction costs are also very low so having the system is not a drain on my running costs. I would not even consider a card machine from the banks because their monthly charges would be a drain on my running costs. I like being able to create my own invoices and be able to take payments remotely when my business takes me on the road. I started with the chip reader but have recently upgraded to the Square Terminal which I love. It looks great and clients comment on how professional it looks. The only downside is that I can’t book appointments on it. I would love to be able to load Square Appointments on it to make things seamless. Hopefully that will happen. I highly recommend Square. Do yourself, your business and your bottom line a favour, particularly in these uncertain times when every penny counts..Version: 5.55

AmazingNew Zealand needs aqua too.Version: 5.68

Square improved my business!!!!As a Landscape and Garden Care business the ability to either process cards at the job or invoice and the customer then pays online makes finalising jobs quick and effortless and means not having the insecurity of a lot of cash on hand or having to make the bank to deposit cash and cheques- Square has improved my business no end!!!!!!.Version: 4.76

Owner operator Patrick Baird. We love this company.Square is a brilliant platform. For so many years we had to use banks eftpos machines and thanks to square, now we don’t. You’ve solved a massive problem for society and on top of that you give the most detailed summaries of business transactions I have ever seen. It is so valuable for understanding your business. Say if I wanted to sell my business this information has given me the confidence and proof to do so. Love your work square.Version: 5.74

SquarePerfect for us small business people. Has all the reports etc that we would ever need.Version: 6.20

Excellent appCan’t speak for others but I have used this app for a pop up community shop we opened and up to now,(7 weeks later) has been outstanding, loved by helpers and customers alike. Money goes into account the next day by 4PM. Slight delay over the weekend. Constant updates and reports..Suggest if your having problems, it may be the way you have sent up your account.Version: 5.38

Awesome app, one suggestion thoughJust started using square and i love it!! Love being able to keep track of all my sales & to see what sells best. My only suggestion would be an option to separate a days sales. I go to mulitple locations on the same day some times, and would like to be able to separate the sales per location (unless there is already an option for this and i havent found it?) Thanks for the great app & an option away from the banks!.Version: 5.7.1

Quick & easy!I’ve used various card machines including contracted machines and payg. Square has won the payg hands down for my business. As a small business I can not afford to wait 7 days for money to be deposited, square is in there the next day at no extra cost, of course if you need transactions to be deposited same day then the option of paying extra % is there, great! The software itself is excellent, I originally purchased the reader & dock only to find out you cannot purchase the stand separately, so I’ve ended up re-purchasing the whole kit - square you need to give the option of the stand to be purchased separately (my only gripe)!.Version: 5.12.1

I feel very disappointed!!!I have used square for more than 10 years and we had a very good relationship, until I opened my second business, which I sold in three 3 months after opening. for this reason I closed the account, and I don’t have access to see anything in this account. But one of my clients had paid Hair Extensions service for his wife and 2 months later they separated !!!! and he decided to make a claim for the things that his old wife had done (2 months later)!!!! and square related my other account (my first business) and decided to give the benefit to the client and I remove the privileges of capital advances without considering that I am a client for more than 10 years with out giving me the opportunity to investigate deeply, I consider it unfair because I lost my money, my time and the opportunity to clean My reputation, I feel very disappointed..Version: 4.78.3

Easy to useI started using Square on my website and I Downloaded the app 2 days ago the app is so easy and amazing to use even though I've been on it 2 days I've already ordered the contactless and chip card reader.Version: 5.97

IOS 12.4.8 for iPad Air 1 not recognized by square standMy business restarted a couple days ago, and all of sudden my iPad Air 1 (original version) is not recognized by square stand. It was working perfectly before covid-19. I replaced a brand new stand and is still not working. So it must be the iPad Air 1, I think, then I wipe my iPad Air to its factory settings and it’s not working either. Now I think it’s the IOS version that messed up the charging port functionality. Currently the most updated iOS for iPad Air 1 is version 12.4.8 and it’s not able to upgrade to any iOS 13 and up version. And I borrowed and tested An iPad 5th generation with iOS 13, the square stand can work without any problems. Also I tried another iPad Air 1with most updated iOS and its not recognized by square stand. Is there any technical representative can help to solve this issue? Thanks in advance..Version: 5.44.1

Wouldn’t change backI have used typical monthly pay pdq machine for years and have just changed to square I would never change back. The money is paid in quickly and reports are so easy to read. It also enable stock checks etc. Great product.Version: 4.96.1

Signing Up, Easy as 1,2,3I started with another popular company, their requirement were three proofs of Identification which took two days for verification, once approved, took 3 days for payout. I tested the link to customer for payment, it showed the customer my full name and bank account number 🤯🤯🤯. I had to request access to their virtual terminal which I was denied because I did not have enough sales, I was told I could request it at a later date after I have more activity on the account. This was tooo much, I needed access NOW. So I did more research and found Clover and SquareUp, Clovers upfront fees were not in my budget so I tried SquareUp, oh my goodness, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY what a BLESSING. I completed the signup, I was verified in minutes the virtual terminal is standard along with many other features. The main feature is I can use my iPhone for payment. Talk about a BLESSING!!! I am Tickled PINK with JOY!! Thank you SquareUp Thank you!!! Oh, almost forgot, I did a test purchase/payment of $1.00, the payout was the next day, I don’t really need to use the instant pay but if I need to it’s available!!!!!!.Version: 6.16.1

Viv’s Mobile Plant StoreThis is the best decision getting Square Point of Sale Eftpos . If I didn’t have it I would of lost sales and not many people carry cash, so very convenient for my customers. Money can be immediate into my bank account less a small fee from Square. Thank you for your Products and Service. Happy Seller:).Version: 6.16.1

Refill store’s BFFWe’re a small refill store and love the functionality Square offers. Its easy to price items by weight and keep control of stock, and card payments arrive promptly the next business day. The daily and monthly sales reports are brilliant as well..Version: 5.51

WorksIt works.Version: 6.23

Convenient and great value for money.This is such a convenient system to run your sales through. Remote access to sales data helps monitor daily business, and plan for replenishment from anywhere you have access to your phone. We only use the basic card reader, and the free app at present. The web interface is also very helpful. I’m sure as things develop will use more of the products from the range. Keep up the good work!!.Version: 5.25.1

Wow. What an improvement.Went from Zettle to square and wow, what an improvement. Just as easy to use with a small card payment machine, but the main benefit was processing payments into my bank account. Literally the next day every day or I can pay 1% extra and get them the same day!! perfect for cash flow and a much better solution for my business. So glad I made the move think I’ll invest in your better credit card payment machine that provides printed receipts next..Version: 6.13

Love itWe love the app, however we prefer the old way to creat customers info for invoice..Version: 6.32

Used a few times now 👍I have used this reader for a few months now and have to say it’s not failed once. I use it as a mobile caterer and the reader connects every time and the battery life is fantastic. Only one thing I would like added to the app is the option for cash back. We go to many festivals and offering cash back would be a big advantage and would increase sales which in turn increases Squares revenue. Would recommend to all..Version: 5.6

One of the best tools I have had for a long timeI have a plumbing business & have found that I get my invoices paid faster I have the ease of book work done by the time I get home cutting hours out of the day. Recommend to any one running there own business, best tool I have got for quite a few years just wish it was around 20years ago..Version: 5.47.1

Love SquareVery user-friendly. I've been using Square for my business for a number of years. Would have given a five star, but the "reports" need a few more options Still highly recommended!.Version: 6.31

Great system!!I’ve used this for a year. It’s cheaper faster and more reliable and any big 4 banks system in Australia. I work with this in rural areas sometimes and it’s never let me down. Easy to use and has nice simple tool to track my day. I’ve used two CommBank eft pos type machines and they were expensive and the phone based one was very unreliable. Extremely embarrassing when you can’t charge someone for the product after it’s been used... I’d definitely not take the reviews which trash this too seriously. Of course it won’t suit everyone but now that it takes eftpos I’m delighted..Version: 4.99

Non-Existent Customer ServiceRecently signed up for Square and even ordered a Square card, only for my card to be suddenly removed and my account in a state of limbo due to a deactivation that I’ve received no notice for. When attempting to contact Square through multiple outlets such as phone/email (messaging was unavailable for my account), there was literally no way I could get in touch with a live agent regarding this issue. Everything is automated and you get no reply via email. Completely garbage service that I put in money for, and now I have no way of retrieving my funds from my account. Do not use until they actually put in a customer service team because clearly there isn’t one. This isn’t just a disgruntled user—I’ve again tried every method to get a response and in spite of this I have not received any communication whatsoever. - Edit: Recently received email communication from them after several weeks, and their customer service was great. Reverting to 4 stars because they seem to have redressed this issue..Version: 5.64

Device is not recognized by iPad or iPhoneI have been on the phone with Apple for almost an hour trying to get the square contactless reader to pair. Neither will recognize it. I have reinstalled the app on my iPad and iPhone, and nothing works. Until now, I have never had any problem with either the square or the app.. This is my busy season and I need my square!! Help! Thank you! Cheryl.Version: 5.22.3

So easy to useThe Square is so easy to use. Plus I really like the report feature. It lets me know what items sold well so quickly. Great product!.Version: 6.31

Great for taking transactions on the goThe instant deposit feature is a life saver for small business as you can get find in your account with 20mins for a fee of 1%. U can also wait till the next day if you not in a hurry and it doesn’t attract a fee. Would definitely recommend to any small/medium size business been using there service for just over a year now.Version: 5.18

Good system, some annoyancesI use just the basic checkout function of the App, mostly on my iPhone, it works fine and funds arrive in my bank account quickly. A bit disappointed that the first chip and tap reader failed after only three months. Also, on the iPhone App you can add a note to the transaction which helps me match payments to invoices in my accounts system (I don’t use the app to generate invoices), but on the iPad App, you can’t add a note. Why the difference?.Version: 4.90.1

I love it!I have a small concession business and I was so surprised how many people come to sporting events without any cash in their pockets. I eventually got an iPhone and decided that I would try Square so that I could process credit cards. I am so blown away at how fast and easy it is to be able to take credit cards from my customers when they want to buy food from me. I think it also adds to my sales because some people would ordinarily not spend as much if they had to spend cash. One of the best things about it is it's affordability -no monthly fees and a very reasonable transaction charge. Set up was easy, the transactions run smoothly, and the day after my sales, I get an email telling me the amount of money that's been deposited into my account. What I DO want and am upset that square can’t deliver: the company name should be present on every printed generic report. I have 4 companies that I print daily sales reports for, and unless I write down the location, I’ll go nuts trying to figure it out later..Version: 5.69

Game changerUser friendly, wicked interface and the data it provides is invaluable. Invoices and my pocket sized card reader helps me so my chefs now pay on the spot when I deliver. Smashed it at my farmers market because of it too. I find myself finding cool new features on the app too. No brainer for any business owner.Version: 5.65

Actually saves me moneyFor a new business this has proven to be a deal changer. Instead of handling cash and the costs involved of getting to the bank I have the funds in my account within 2 days. The transaction fee is very competitive and is integrated into my services that I sell. The app works all of the time, connecting to the card reader easily and super easy to send e-receipts though it is even possible to connect to a printer too. Perfect..Version: 4.80

Excellent but not perfectThe good: mobile card payments really are mobile and easy. Transaction fee is fair and it’s easy to use. Cost of setting up square is minimal and your up and running in minutes. The bad: I’ve been using square for maybe two years. I’ve had failures of multiple square chip readers. Not a disaster at around $60 each but they have a habit of failing during that busy trading period. Can get super infuriating. I think I’ve had maybe ten failures over this period (or 8). Not ideal..Version: 5.7.1

Fantastic 🌟🌟Easy to set up took all of 5 minutes and was ready to start taking payments immediately,I was able to transfer straight into my account the very same day. I could not be happier with the service. No contract, no monthly fees what is there not to love 💕.Version: 5.31.3

An excellent app and serviceTo begin, we have been using Square for almost 4 years. Over that time we have integrated square more and more into our business. We are happy to report that this has been a great decision. The app is always being updated and keeps getting the features that we ask for. All you have to do is email or call and tell their customer service department what features you really want to see in the future. Then sure enough in a month or two the very thing you asked for is added in or has some beginning resemblance of what you had asked for. Do not be deterred by the negative reviews. Most of them are people who have decided that the review section for the app is the best wY to ask a question to the support staff. Or they may be engaged in some kind of shady business that is prohibited by square. On a different note their fees are strait forward and are completely out in the open compared to other merchant service companies. Overall I have been satisfied with the product and the support staff that make it keep working. Thanks square for making a POS that is easy and powerful. Cheers..Version: 4.76

A very handy straightforward app for small business owner. Exactly what I need.This app is reliable, straightforward and easy to use. It seems well designed. There’s the odd hardware connectivity issue, but that is rare and is easily done by shutting down the app and restarting it. I’ve only had to do that a few times over the last couple months.overall though, the app works well, the device works well and I love the reports and information that I get out of this app. It’s everything the small businessman needs..Version: 6.31.1

Square credit card readerThis is the best reader out there so easy to use and quick to use and being paid your sales is also fast and safe highly recommended.Version: 5.16

Highly RecommendI am a market stall holder at the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets and I chose to use Square as my POS...I’m so happy I did,I never have had a problem with using it nor receiving my money mostly overnight unless its the weekend then I receive my funds Monday by close of business. I have recommended Square to other stall holders and they also report they are very happy with Square... Five stars from me ***** - Dazstone.Version: 5.57.1

Perfect small business solutionHave been using Square for about 2 years now and even when we had an issue with our “swipe/insert” unit, it was replaced within a couple of days - we upgraded to contactless at that point. Can not fault the Follow up service - online or phone. Invoicing for online sales works very well and we’ve even tested the refund process!.Version: 4.99

Easy transactionsI’ve been using square for the last 6 months for my personal training business. I found it a little confusing to set up the the tile but once that was done it’s been smooth sailing. It’s convenient for myself and my clients and easy to personalize services and products. Loving the invoicing add on! Clients have the option to pay from their phone with Apple pay and records straight to the pos reports, making it less time consuming for me entering in paid invoices. Much better then the EFTPOS system I had previously from the bank, not lock in fees, square takes its fees from daily sales so what you get in the bank is yours!.Version: 6.3

Sales & monitoring made easyEasily build products & sales integrate into platform or website..Version: 6.27.1

Customer ServiceI’ve been using Square for a very long time. In the past, all my reviews have been glowing. Not so much today. I called customer service to help with an issue with the gift cards. I did get my issue resolved, and the rep in the other end was helpful, once she understood my problem. BUT! The background noises were absolutely horrendous. At one point. I couldn’t tell if she was talking to me, or someone else was talking to me. One of the men in the background was so loud that I could tell the rep exactly what he was saying to the other customer. Not only is this VERY distracting, there is an issue of privacy. The rep told me she didn’t know how I was hearing the guy, as he was quite a distance from her. Believe me I HEARD THE GUY. There were also many other voices muddying our conversation. It just sounds very unprofessional and makes square sounds like they’re operating a “sweat shop”. Not good Square. Step up and get better headphones for your employees or put some kind of barrier between reps..Version: 5.2

Few things needed to make it betterWe are using square for restaurants and the online store. Need to be able to customise the text message that gets sent to customers after they have placed an online order or when order ready. The button on website for when changing time says ‘change later’ when you have already changed the time and you really just need it to say ‘accept’..Version: 5.81

Great app for small business, okay for friend to friendI absolutely love this app and I would recommend it to anyone who has a small business or more. It does a great job of organizing the transactions that take place throughout the business day, week, month, year, what have you, as well as helping to keep your books straight for tax purposes. The only thing I would complain about, and it is just due to my impatience, is the mere fact that the availability of funds from time of transaction to the time in which that money is accessible seems, to me, a little excessive. Now, yes. I understand that it’s electronic communication and banks have to talk with other banks to make sure the funds are transferred to the correct account from the correct account; so on and so forth but it just still seems to drag on. Especially when you’re in need of said funds immediately. This leads me to my last point with regard to the slow availability times. What is the point of an instant transfer if the money in which you will be transferring is tied up in limbo? Seems to me if it is only that easy to do an instant transfer in which you require a fee to use, why can we not access our incoming monies just as quickly considering a fee per transaction anyway. Well, there you have it. An honest review from a loyal and honest customer. Hope that it may help to improve the already seamless work flow SquareApp provides as well as to help a new comer decide whether this product is right for them!.Version: 5.52

Love my squareHad square now 3/4 yrs. now ! And love it !! Never any issues ! Way cheaper then the competitors out there and being payed right away help a lot !.Version: 4.76

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