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SoundCloud: Discover New Music App User Positive Comments 2023

SoundCloud: Discover New Music app received 136 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about soundcloud: discover new music?

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SoundCloud: Discover New Music for Positive User Reviews

Great soundsLove Soundcloud so good for hearing other types of sounds other than old stuff and top 100’s.Version: 5.150.0

Great App!Use SoundCloud as my main music player. Easy to use, no ads, just music. A+++ for ease of use..Version: 5.76.0

Great remix’s from people not selling musicLove sound cloud it has music you can’t find anywhere else..Version: 5.68.0

Best music streaming app but one thingThis is by far the best streaming app whether you pay for it or not. However one thing that i’d love to see added is the ability to remove specific songs from listening history, like pressing the three dots and then if there was a button that said ‘remove from listening history’ that would be perfect.Version: 5.164.0

I love this appThis app is amazing! There’s basically no ads for people who don’t have go+ and I’m definitely going to get go+ soon.Version: 5.102.0

Pause issuesSometimes when I try to pause my song it won’t pause and it will keep playing other than that great app use it almost everyday.Version: 5.23.1

Needs some additions but best way to find new musicEveryone knows all the good things of SoundCloud like growing new artists so fast and helping people find new music. I’m gonna give a few suggestions for it though. Things that I want in the app; the computer version is great, but you know we all want music on the go and most people use their phones. As a producer with my own page I would like the messages to be on the phone and comments and more interaction with my fans on my phone. Everyone knows there is bugs, but I’m sure the SoundCloud team is fixing them now. I’d also suggest maybe better pages for artists. I find it may be hard for new users to get used to it. It’s a little big maybe scale it down to fix more on screen. Anyways, great app! Suggest it if you love music :) Update: right after writing this I discovered SoundCloud Pulse which I think is a great app. Though I’d still like to see you being able to respond to DMS, have social media links on artist pages, and have descriptions on artists pages..Version: 5.20.0

Turtle Game ProductionsWe’ve been looking for a way to tap into the everyday collective of true lyrical rappers and wannabes alike to find out what’s really good and trending up to be hopefully a resurgence of Consciousness in Rap that's now being wrapped around Spiritual & Mental Enlightenment. To our dismay to many of or New Rappers have yet to educate themselves on the importance of positive WORDS pumped out to their newly captive audience. We must start making committed efforts to move pass decadence. Existing and espiring Rappers alike have to Stop Playing into the Hands of Dirty Heartless Music Industry Excutives that have Killed the Rap Game by promoting Negetive Content and giving a stamp of approval for Self Destruction of its listeners whiles knowing its marketing is targeted especially to those living in a poverty state of mind. It's our hope with this new and Exciting Platform called SoundCloud and other similar platforms will be a Gateway for those that process the courage and Lyrical Talent to Speak Life & Light into the Game without Demeaning words like N:gg@s & B:thęs as Verse Starters & Lyrical Fillers and will soon come out of the Darkness Blazing into the Light 🔥 and Spark ⚡️a Revolution of Uplifting Selfless Flows that will Once again give Rap a New Face of Unstoppable passion that will Change the World 🌍 moving it back into its Devine Order! Asè, Power of Words The World is Waiting... LETS GO!.. Thx, SOUNDCLOUD.Version: 5.71.0

Love it!!!!!Love how you can listen on the go offline. And there is a wide range of artist including pacific island. Thanks soundcloud.Version: 5.31.0

Mobile App BugsI’ve been experiencing two separate issues. The first one happenes when I’m streaming SoundCloud via blue tooth and the mobile app gets stuck in a loop. It plays the song then an ad and then the same song again and the same ad. So far the only way I have figured out to cancel the loop is to restart the app. The second issue I’m experiencing is (and it’s fairly difficult to explain) when ever I create a station from a song I like on the mobile app, it creates a station but down at the bottom of the screen where it shows the playlist for the station, it queues up some where between two and seven copies of the same song. All the copies of the song play at one time, but audio wise, only one plays. This problem does not stop when I close and restart the app, and it seems to happen to any song, even ones that are not in my “Likes”. I really enjoy SoundCloud, and it is my first choice when deciding what platform to listen to music on and it’s always disappointing to discover a bug. That being said, thank you for taking the time to read this..Version: 5.56.0

All great but...The app is really good but the only couple of things I have to say is that I think there should be an option where we can like queue songs incase some of our songs are like apart through out the playlist. Sadly some songs that i really really want are either with premium or in nightcore which can really ruin the song. I also don’t know how to upload my own songs/tunes as I can’t find an option for it. But other than these things the app is really good.Version: 5.48.0

BritneyThis music/podcast app is the best one I have ever had, you have unlimited skips and you can adjust the time of the video. Also you have a wide range of music and podcasts, I would definitely recommend this to people on a budget and needing relaxation and music..Version: 5.147.0

Sign inI’m really disappointed right now because when I made my soundcloud account like 3-4 years ago everything was fine I haven’t had any problems. But for some reason today I went into my soundcloud and I couldn’t sign in at all. And I’ve done my research and it’s saying for iOS you may have not updated the app but I clearly did so I don’t know what to do because I want my account back..Version: 5.138.0

Home ScreenHi I meant to rate this five stars but can’t click on them so… yeah, but I also want to address the issue of when you are on the wallpaper screen when you first open the phone (for me it’s an iPhone) without putting in the password or anything, and click the little picture for the song in the song bar thingy (you know what I mean) the picture gets bigger and looks really cool and stuff, except when I do it with the SoundCloud app or website, if I do it with them then they get all pixely and stuff and it’s not like a dealbreaker for me but it would just be nice to have this fixed. Also this works fine for Apple Music and I’m on iOS 16 rn, so idk if it’s just my reception or smthn but yeah, like I said this isn’t a dealbreaker or anything, more like an aesthetic issue. Anyways thanks for reading this and hopefully helping me. Izaak.Version: 7.10.2

Wonderful!!This app is probably the best music app I’ve had! There is one thing I say you should add. A delete song button. I had to delete all my history so I could get the songs out of my history. I know you could just skip the song but there was so many songs I didn’t know in my history! Good think i hearted the songs I wanted in my history because I didn’t have to write all of them down bc it would be there! This app is really good I really recommend it!.Version: 5.113.0

BEST MUSIC APPThe best music app there has ever been in the history SoundCloud>Spotify.Version: 6.23.1

Used to be great listening on my phone but now...November 2021 update: App is working much smoother! currently 4.8 stars. Pros: -helps me find a great songs -my oldest and trusty music app Cons: -on my phone (which I use 99.9%time now)not good anymore... sometimes frequent 1min ads like after 4 songs -new privacy policy looks like a privacy concern. -liked playlist (and longer lists) has lag problem where it takes 5min to scroll down. (iPhone) -music just stops when service stops (used to hold a few songs in RAM when you go intermittently offline. That was good, especially driving mountain roads) -app checks my location every minute. Draining my battery Interestingly It’s been great until the major update a few years ago and then continuously progressively making app worse/lagging with each update. Like why. Currently at 2 stars, I’ll update review later.Version: 5.151.0

ReviewI totally recommend this app because u can listen to the music offline for free and it includes slowed down/reverted versions of songs too and it doesn’t add songs to your playlist which is so good!! :)).Version: 5.106.0

DeadlyBetter than Spotify Monkeeer Referee.Version: 6.20.0

Play next’ featureTo many times scrolling through my playlist selecting only the proper filthiest of songs to rock these c**nts minds with, i only have the time of one song to select the next one, as there is no queue feature, no play next baby no options to lineup songs only got 3:27 minutes on average to get a the next vibe going with the previous song. Needs a play next, queue songs feature.Version: 5.76.0

Bit annoyedSo I’ve been using soundcloud for ages now and as I’m pretty young I don’t have the most advanced phone (iPhone 6). My mums old phone. Great app lovely until I can’t use it anymore because of iOS 13. Which iPhone 6 does not have so that’s very annoying. I’d appreciate if an older version could be used for people like me. Thanks. Great app for people who do have better phones though!! (Edit) if you try downloading it in the App Store it does let you get an older version so never mind what I have said 😅.Version: 5.124.0

Not BadCan’t upload from iPhone? Why? Took my stuff down for intellectual property infringement? How do the others get away with remixing songs then? How do I go about asking Mick Jagger if I can use his music in my art as well? Or how do I get in touch with Paul Anka’s agent to “borrow” some of his writing? Now they Will Bradley is gone, how can I immortalize his music and entice people to learn more about - but more importantly - REPRODUCE music from the swing era? How can I get in touch with his estate rep to request permission to use his music in conjunction with my music (electroswing/swing-hop/swing-jazz remix)? I use Soundcloud®️because it works great with AudioShare®️and allows me to start integrating Superpowered SDK®️into my 🍎 devices to produce higher quality playback using less resources before I attempt to upload tracks for the world to hear and enjoy! Most importantly, I need earlobes on my songs or they will never catch on and stick -like the ones that make the radio and Payout large bringing with them Fame and Fortune. I’ve found MANY MANY remixes of other songs on SoundCloud. I guess they must have slipped through the cracks undetected? or went through a process that I haven’t discovered yet? Im still a bit confused on this. Not surprising since I’m just getting started with it. Overall a good program! Could have given a better rating for upload abilities on mobile devices..Version: 5.38.0

I love it but..It’s almost perfect, I’ve had soundcloud for about a year or so and I really enjoy listening to my favourite songs and it’s great that you can upload your own music, making you able to listen to edit audios, slowed songs and some tiktoks which is a bonus. It’s like you’ve got everything you listen to but on a mini built in radio on your phone 😂 However, I only gave it four stars because I thought you could listen offline, (unless that’s just for soundcloud GO(+)?) I used to listen to the 30 second songs since I don’t want to pay money to listen to premium and to listen to how they sound but for some reason it’s stopped? Apart from that it’s really great, I’m still trying to connect my email to my account so I can change the name and pfp but asides everything else it’s rlly fun and the adverts may be 2 at once but it’s short so not much of an issue..Version: 5.113.0

Great app for free, does NOT require data!!Soundcloud is a great app with amazing songs on it. Most songs can be accessed for free, but there are some you need the premium version for, but you can usually find one for free or a great remix instead. *NOTICE- YOU DO NOT NEED DATA FOR THIS* the fact that I thought it required data was the only reason I didn’t like this app, but I soon discovered that, NOPE you don’t need data. I noticed that the songs I had listened to worked fine, but he ones I had t yet were laggy. Then I realised that for a song to work without data all you have to do is listen to it once with WiFi. Not even all the way through, just skip through the song piece by piece. This is a useful hack!!! As I already said, love this app and will keep it for a long time!!.Version: 5.44.0

Love the appPretty much all the music you need you’ll find it here.Version: 5.45.0

Way better than Deezer!This app is amazing, the fact that you don’t have to pay for literally everything, the fact you can listen to it offline without data and the fact that it lets you choose the songs you want to listen to! I highly recommend this app to people who listen to music in the car, walking to school, etc! (Listening to music with this app whilst writing this ;) ).Version: 5.84.0

Great for beginner artists/producersSoundcloud is great for people who want a way to publish music without a label or a distribution service.Version: 5.76.0

Almost perfectI love soundcloud, and use it every day. I fall asleep to a playlist I've made, and use it during the day. However, there are a few things that need to be improved. First off, there is no sleep timer. This would be really helpful for me and others. Secondly, I listen to a lot of older music, for example, The Beatles. However, there are very few Beatles songs on soundcloud. I think this should be changed. It's not just The Beatles either. There are other artists as well, but that's what came off the top of my head. Last but not least, there are some songs that you can only listen to live versions of. For example, "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. I find the cheering before and after these songs that are or used to be pretty popular annoying and I'm probably not the only one. Other than these things and loading times every once in a while (which I understand), this app is amazing and I love it so much. Please improve these issues, thank you so much! 😊🤞🏻.Version: 5.61.0

I’m upsetI listen to Soundcloud majority of my time but today something weird happened. I was getting Soundcloud up like usual and it was saying that some of my favourite songs were only available in preview and the others were apparently ‘not available’. They were working fine yesterday and some did not need a preview. I hope you can fix this because Soundcloud is my go to app for music because it is just easy :).Version: 5.56.0

Annoying!!!😡🤬I Tried to create an account but says as soon as I press continue “sorry we’ve had a server error” I keep trying to make it work. Then, It says just at my last try “our robots think this email looks like spam” when my email is a genuine email and not spam. It gives me the choice to contact support or cancel, I press contact support, still nothing, I keep trying, still nothing. So this is where I decide to write a review, hoping that I would get contact with the support group. So please tell me what I should do, this is quite annoying like it says on the email..Version: 6.4.0

Please remain underground based.Best App for underground Music, infamous ill bass & electronic, space, jazz hop, trip hop, glitch hop, experimental to future music artists & genres. Many of the best artists even have only around 90 followers and 10 tracks. If you don’t use soundcloud it’s sad! It’s my favourite App of all time! It’s a recharger & enhancer for my daily everyday energy..Version: 5.38.0

.I like this app but the only reason why I have it a 4/5 because it’s really annoying when ur jamming to your music and randomly an add pops up which is really annoying also before we were allowed to listen offline but now you can’t which is really annoying also i don’t also like where there a songs that you have to use soundcloud+ which I don’t wanna pay and it’s really annoying.Version: 5.122.0

Great App but needs some desktop featuresAbsolute great app but it needs more features for the creators. It Just seems to be a matter of adding things that you already have on the desktop version such as direct messages, the ability to view each individual track’s stats (even with free version) and go more in depth with the listens, likes, reposts etc. Nevertheless I love this app and have been using it for years!.Version: 5.143.0

Great music app with more opportunity to become even better.Soundcloud is great and is my current go to service for music streaming. While listening in the car on iOS CarPlay I found that you cannot fast forward or rewind. Also integrating it more tightly with iOS CarPlay would make this app even more appealing. For example by creating an interface is iOS CarPlay it would make it easier to use and make it legal to use in a car..Version: 5.108.0

It really goodI got this glitch were you can listen offline for free you go online then listen to your whole playlist and then go offline after you finish your last song then you can listen to that playlist again offline.Version: 5.65.0

Useful and definitely would recommendedAs a sound loud user I enjoy using soundcloud to listen to music as it as a larger variety from small users to the big ones, unlike Spotify,and also its easy to use on a small touchscreeen device like when your on the bus etc, my only judge is that you should be able to download for a certain price than paying for pro which is a bit expensive.Version: 5.42.0

Love this!Used this for years! Such a great place to find new underrated artists in need of exposure!.Version: 5.114.0

Love itLove the app, just needs a few tweaks on having to add more variety loads of songs and music :p.Version: 5.51.0

My Opinions On SoundcloudI downloaded soundcloud because my cousins,brother and friends had the app. I really wanted to know what the big rave was about it and it was worth it. You can make an account in minuets and have songs and remixes of them. One thing I think they could definitely work on is the amount of ads. It totally kills the song but other than that I would a hundred percent rate it. You are seriously missing out on some of the bangers of songs there are on this app..Version: 5.39.0

Love it BUT...I love SoundCloud i tell everybody about it it has a great mix or new and old artists. From people who are already big to helping others reach that goal, that’s one of the reasons I love SoundCloud. However, I just got an iPhone and im not able to “add next” to my songs which means instead of being able to in a sense create a playlist I have to go look and wait for one song to be completely over then click my other one.. Instead of just have it play next and be ready. I have no idea why this was removed or if it’s just for iPhones or what but it’s terrible. I would love if this feature is back so i can stop having to look through my 300+ songs play the one I want next instead of just adding it to the que . Bring back the add next buttons and the button that allows me to see what’s playing next and so I’m able to switch them. Bring them back!.Version: 5.28.1

Solid four starsSound Cloud is actually one of the best free offline music apps I’ve used. It has a great selection of music and doesn’t require you to use drop Box or anything like that. It does have a feature where if you want all music you need to pay a really cheap price but if your like me doesn’t wish to pay other people have put out the song and covers of the song that are free, you might just need to listen to a few songs before you find the one you want. Over all would 100% recommend!.Version: 5.82.0

You need SoundCloudIt’s by far the best music and created platform out there yes there are flaws but not many every week you get a personal list of songs recommended for you from your listening history so you can discover more music and Artist you may like unlike other music platforms you can upload to and you can support small artists to help them grow it shows you the other side of music you have been missing out on my taste in music has changed so much for the better because of SoundCloud. You can find it or songs from popular artists today and see how they started you can’t get that anywhere else. It’s so easy to find the music you like and it will help you grown as a person to. I been using it for 1 and a half now and it gets better every day the best thing is it’s free and SoundCloud go is only 5 bucks it’s worth it. So all in all if you want to grown as a listener or start your career use SoundCloud..Version: 5.98.0

Beautiful app, great communityI really appreciate the community around the music shared on this platform. Great way to discover original pieces from all places too.Version: 5.114.0

Love it but latest update has issuesFIX REQUIRED: Latest update has songs making cracking/popping noise when playing music. Happens whether online streaming or playing offline saved songs. Not HW issue--only seems to happen on this app. Please troubleshoot! Recommendation: A repeat button for mobile (single and playlist). Otherwise, SoundCloud is awesome. This is my #1 music discovery tool. I have discovered so many new genres and artists I had never heard before using this app, and I love that the artists are free to post ANYTHING instead of only their studio-ready work. Sometimes the experimental stuff is what is most interesting. The freedom of musical constraint is what makes SoundCloud really the best streaming service to me without the overhead of video (like another streaming service I also use to discover music), and it also gives me control in what I want to hear. The recommendations have been spot-on (again, introducing me to new music I've fallen in love with), and I hope SoundCloud continues the way it's been and improves with our feedback!.Version: 5.12.0

Playback issue with 5.60Great App all round and playback issues are always resorted promptly. One issue with this update is that certain songs on the server may be corrupted? Such as when you click on these songs, playback stops completely and will not resume unless the app is closed and re-opened. Example of such a song is “Rough Soul by Goldlink ft April George”. Listening from an iPhone 8..Version: 5.60.0

Great app, but…As a music app, I struggle to find many faults with SoundCloud. It’s helped me save so much of my monthly data allowances and the option to “like” a track for offline listening is a godsend! One small gripe would be the fact that some tracks require a subscription to listen to, but, fortunately, there are millions of other songs available, free of charge. The only real issue I have with this app is that a lot of adult-centred accounts seem to be promoting themselves on the platform. I don’t want to sound like a prude, but profiles like that are really not what you’d want to see whilst chilling out and listening to music. Some kind of filter feature that lets you decide which profiles you do and don’t want to see or who can find you would be really useful!.Version: 5.164.0

Great AppThis is a great app, but, the fact you can’t delete your recently viewed profiles or songs is super annoying. Apart from that it is a great app.Version: 6.10.0

OfflineDear sound cloud I would really appreciate if you would make songs on my playlists offline as it has s hard to listen to music offline I still go on search online but I really would like if you could make playlist off line please thanks kaharne.Version: 5.23.0

Perfect for what I needI’ve read reviews about people saying that they had problems with this app. So far this has met all my needs and perfectly suits what I need (just a good tune to brighten up my commute) I only have one problem and it’s that there are too many ads. You get a 30 second unskippable ad every 3 songs or so and I get that creators (and soundcloud) want to make money but please make them less frequent Apart from that this is an app that is perfect for me and continues to brighten up my commute. Thanks a lot.Version: 5.51.0

So far so goodI only used it a few times, mainly for relaxing background music, and I always find something suitable..Version: 5.55.0

The best free app for playing musicI just wish u could pick one or two tracks or something to play offline without having to get pro or plus but apart from that I love it. The sound quality is fantastic, great selection. I’ve always enjoyed listening to the slowed down versions of songs are there are so many of these on SoundCloud. I looked over some other reviews and saw that some people were annoyed at having to pay to play songs offline or about the app being really laggy. The app works perfectly well for me but I’ve only had it for a few months at most and all the complaints about lag are all from years ago, so honestly if your wondering about it lagging it won’t. Also for the people who say the app is bad purely because of having to pay to get offline music I recommend downloading an app that may not have as large of a selection or as good sound quality and using it for when you have no WiFi, for example I use AudioMack. 10/10 would recommend..Version: 5.122.0

Good app for musicThis is an amazing app for music especially since it has a lot of songs to choose from because they allow you to add your own tracks but i wish the ads weren't there. but hey, theyve gotta make money some way or another 🤷‍♀️.Version: 5.155.0

Amazing artistsThis app is so cool it allows anybody to upload any of their music and just enjoy what they are doing one guy I like is Kuribuu he’s starting out I found him somehow but he’s pretty cool.Version: 5.51.0

Lovin it, but a few issues thoI’ve been using SoundCloud for quite while, and, I’ve got to say, this is the very best music application I’ve ever used. However, I spotted some issues with its latest update. I know that you’ve gotten rid of the tab for the music thingy (idk what to call it) and it’s now much easier to access now that it’s on the bottom, but when I tried moving around all of my music, instead it just brang that up and so it made it really annoying and difficult to edit. One other thing I found was that it never automatically replayed my songs, so I have to do it manually every time. It usually works, but most of the time, but this actually takes place whenever it’s playing the last song in any of my playlists. Other than these two things that hopefully you guys are able to fix, I’d say that SoundCloud is a really great app to use for any kind of music-related activity. -SquirtleXD.Version: 5.24.0

BuggyIts good bit extremley glitchy especially afte ryi get the subscription, bro yu cant edit playlists they diapear yu have to tape the hutton to asd kt when it wokrs yu have to tap it hella times then it crashes and it crashes in backrgound and it crashed when in the app and crashed when doing sum and it crashes and crashes and freezes outta mowhere even when app is closed it still plays andtakes forever to lile something jist to say added to library and it never does and the downlaod issue where you download somethting and it says nit neough storage when i have 60 plus gps free im and in the app says storage limit and that i only have a gb of storage left and same thing on my ither iphone im using. a new iphone 14 everythjng is ipdated too and you cant downlaod in the background cause it says ios paused download open app . these are all the issues i seen so far.Version: 7.9.0

I can go pick up some stuffI hope you have had some time today and then we can go get some paperwork done tomorrow morning and then we can go get some stuff for dinner tomorrow night if you want to go pick up some stuff for us to do tomorrow night and then we can go get some stuff for you to pick up some stuff for us tomorrow night if you want..Version: 5.91.0

Because experience mattersFantastic product and the app works seamlessly and the UI and UX was carefully considered here, you guys have really set the bar high, no intrusive ads bombarding you constantly, I’m going Pro in a few weeks as I think it’s very much worth it and the quality service you get when online or on the app just shows how much you guys care that as users you fulfil that brand promise and experience. 👏.Version: 5.113.0

Very great but some difficultiesHello I’ve been a SoundCloud user since 2012 but didn’t really get into it until 2013. I would like to say SoundCloud is fantastic. However, I have problems listening to music without it cutting off every 30 seconds. Then once I press play, the same thing keeps happening. Also, as someone that makes music, I hate that there’s a pay wall behind me seeing simple things as who’s listening all over the world. Why should I by SoundCloud Go just to see things like that? The least I’m buying it for is playing music offline, that’s about it. Aside from that, I feel like SoundCloud Go is just not even worth it. I liked using SoundCloud until y’all introduced SoundCloud Go. Which basically limited us from listening to big artist on there giving us 30 seconds of a song just so we can buy that pay wall to listen to a full song we can listen to on other music apps. Not to mention the spotlight on our profiles. Are you seriously going to make us pay for that? That’s like paying $5 just to pin a tweet on Twitter. All I’m saying is I love SoundCloud, but I can’t stand it when they’re trying to beat around the bush just to make us pay for something..Version: 5.34.0

Love the app but helpful suggestionI love the app but we should be able to search songs in our playlist because scrolling down a huge playlist is annoying, laggy and I can’t remeber where specific songs are..Version: 5.105.0

Five StarHigh-quality sounds from around the globe - great community... Go there to hear what you would not elsewhere..Version: 5.48.0

Sound cloud reviewOnce I explore more of the app I’ll give another review.Version: 5.94.0

Don’t ever change S.CUsed this platform for years. This and Podamatic! However, SoundCloud soon out grew it’s once, inspiring sibling and wow. I can’t get enough of it and they haven’t paid me to say that either. The only little annoying thing is the recently/ not so recently introduce adds. I was gonna star ya down but then I thought ‘it’s not there fault, we live in an age of advertisement, and it paying for services.. look at ITV & Freeview, at least soundcloud still offer amazing media’ BUT If ya gonna have the adds guys, please don’t keep playing the same one over and over and over and over.. get yaself’s a decent advertisement Campaign Team... surely you have loads of companies knocking at ya doors.. (No disrespect, current team but you have to admit, right?) Anyway.. I love SoundCloud! Thank you for the years! :D.Version: 5.46.0

It's freeSome times you can play your songs offline.Version: 5.12.0

Web is web - App is AppFirst and foremost: Thank you Soundcloud, you are brilliant! You have somehow managed to accomplish the impossible: create a global platform for musical expression for artists who otherwise would never be heard AND deliver that to we humans hungry for food-medicine-energy that IS original music without bowing to cavalier monetization. Haven't a clue how you surpassed Apple, Google, Pandora and the rest save only for how amazingly perfect a team you have created. You are the Shaolin Monks of Music. You ARE the revolution. That said, you new App is genius! Crisp, clean, low footprint, perfect maximization of OS and platform utilization and the aesthetic attention to detail is both subtle and sublime. Outstanding accomplishment! As far as the whiners who confuse web with apps and have never coded a line - ignore them; this version of you app reflects the excellence and vision that guides your exquisite and critically necessary presence on earth. Gratitude sisters & brothers - inspired use of tech & heart - love this app!.Version: 5.36.0

New 2 SoundcloudLove it already. Some things are worth paying for!.Version: 5.116.0

Amazing!!!This app is amazing! i love all of the features. however some songs, you will have to have premium to play them. e.g paying £4 a month. however most of the songs don’t contain any premium! you can also play music offline by playing 1 sec of the song then turn of your WiFi then BOOM YOUR MUSIC IS PLAYING! even when your on the airplane too it’s amazing. i hope you all will enjoy the app as i am too. also this app isn’t just about music, you can listen to speeches and stuff too! will continue using this app for a VERY LONG TIME..Version: 5.67.0

Some of us do not want to upgrade.Look, this is a great app. You can listen to other people’s music and post your own so others can hear it. Cool concept, one I definitely have taken advantage of these past few days. However, this feature has a catch: you can only post so much for free until the app basically forces you to upgrade to pro, which you have to pay $199 a month for?!? EVEN if you have an account?? That’s ridiculous!! I suggest as a compromise that every time you upload past the limit, you have to watch an ad. It’s not the best compromise, sure, but ads make money. And if you want to make money, I suggest doing that instead. Maybe while the track is getting ready, an ad will play. It may be annoying for some, but it’s better than paying 199$ a month for an app that I just want to use to get my Spyro fan tracks out there, as well as my originals. So, please take that into consideration? I think it’d be a great compromise that doesn’t empty your wallet. Also, for those who do want to upgrade, you can give them that option. Have us either choose the ads option or the pro option. It’s that simple! You make money either way, it’s a win-win!! I hope this review finds a SoundCloud employee who will possibly take my idea into consideration. I’m loving this app so far! It’s been really helpful! Thanks and have a great day! DoofenSpyroDragon16 (PS shameless self promotion, sorry, but go check out my stuff if you haven’t! Account is DoofenSpyroDragon16.).Version: 7.9.0

Amazing! But just one problem..SoundCloud is an amazing app to use! I don’t really mind the Ads because I don’t really have any money to upgrade so I just stay with the regular SoundCloud instead of SoundCloud go. I’ve used this app for about 5 years now but since this year, I’ve started to notice a problem whenever I search for any music. Every time I search for music, I start to listen to it without liking it (because sometimes I forget to do that). But every time the song ends, or I try to look for a different version of the song, it always automatically skips to a different type of song that’s not under the title I searched for. This has been a constant issue for a few months so I decided to delete the app and try again, then it started to work like usual. But now, just a few seconds ago, the same problem popped up again. I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the system or just something that was included in the new update. But whatever it is, I’m not so happy with it. Other than that, that’s all I really have to say for the app whatsoever..Version: 5.97.0

Love it! Great source of music!I love Soundcloud, it’s just so easy to use! Search up the name of the song: it’s there! Search up the name of the album: it’s there! It’s so easy to use and 2 days in it already is giving me awesome songs to listen to! On the 1st day, you tell Soundcloud what music genres you like, then voila! You music genres all ready for you! I give Soundcloud 5 stars!.Version: 5.111.0

So far so goodGreat so far, need more time to explore and discover. Oh wait, the lockdown- perfect! Get listening....😍.Version: 5.90.0

DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!❤️❤️This app is AMAZING!! It is an app that allows you to play whatever song you want for free! It has lots of playlists that are VERY handy like relax, workout, party and SO much more! You can play any song you want AND you can go out of the app and still listen to the song. This is now my favourite app! I highly suggest you download this app!🤩.Version: 5.76.0

Make a older versionI have a iphone 6 but i like this app more then other music apps, but i cannot use it because all the updates so can you make a older version of soundcloud.Version: 5.121.0

Refresh BugExcellent, smooth running app overall. However on the latest version on my iPhone 12 Pro Max when I click on the library tab which is the fourth icon along the bottom menu and I scroll up to click on liked the app automatically hides my liked songs just out of view. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next update.Version: 5.111.0

True FreedomAs a musician and DJ it is difficult to find a place to share mixes which include long sections of pure unedited copyrighted music that are vital to a good mix as well as not get caught out with your produced music clashing with someone else’s in a poorly scripted copyright algorithm, until I found SoundCloud, now I can finally express myself without people stealing my livelihood and playing it in front of a bigger audience than I could ever receive. Finally people, when things are well again, will be able to be recognised for their individual talent and their will be proof, as long as SoundCloud’s severs stay secure, of who discovered what in the world of music first. Thank God for SoundCloud!.Version: 5.98.0

I LOVE this, ...However, I would like more options for the iPad such as basics like editing the profile. Btw, this only took about 3-4 mins to write and in that time there have been FIVE adverts literally after every track! I understand the need for adverts but.. just saying, it’s annoying. Thank you anyway. I love using soundcloud for listening and sharing my own work (whether the music is good or not). It is just a lot of fun. I don’t know what I would do without it. (I do not have the PRO version also).Version: 5.49.0

Loooove this AppAbsolutely love this App, also love how I can continue browsing other apps and it still plays in the background. Great way to find underground artists and new sounds..Version: 5.33.0

Amazing!I love the music quality and the variation of songs to play. However, I would like it if there was a repeat option on Apple devices. Other than that, Soundcloud is definitely my favourite app to listen to music!.Version: 5.13.1

Epic AppGreat app to find all kinds of music you can’t find anywhere else and have the option to buy that track 👌🏻🙏🏻 supporting the guys making it and encouraging more to be made!.Version: 5.33.0

Advertisement InteruptuonsI don’t have a problem with ads, the app has to make money somehow but it would be nice to be able to do more while ads are playing; such as: being able to look at other songs/ pick the next song while ads are playing. Sometimes it will auto play to a song I didn’t want to listen to in the first place so when I skip it after the ad is done I’m now one song closer to the next ad... Another thing I’ve noticed is if your phone is in sleep mode during an ad it will continue playing with no video but if your browsing while an ad comes on you are forced to play the video with it and exiting the app or enabling sleep mode will pause the ad forcing you to play the video to continue. This feature can be very frustrating if your trying to play music at work or are multi tasking and also eats up unnecessary battery life. All that said I love SoundCloud and all it’s other features just wanted to give some honest feedback for future improvements/updates :).Version: 5.62.0

Best app everAmazing app don’t need to buy premium just look your song up add songs to playlist and there u go all done I can’t believe all these other apps after the money the only thing I would change is less ads because there are a few ads that are just annoying but they need to earn money somehow and I think u should be able to just buy premium not just pay monthly I think u would make more money to be honest but just a heads up anyway great app recommend it to everyone.Version: 5.140.0

I like itYou can listen offline sometimes if you listened to the song whole i like that abt it.Version: 6.14.5

Good access for the phone versionLike for the phone version, however the internet version should focus on more ethical ads. There is nothing worse than having to sit through a McDonalds jingle when your vegan. Though it doesn’t matter a whole lot more ethical ads that promote inclusion in a social goods would be a better business model transition..Version: 5.122.0

I use this app for almost all music but...These advertisements are really starting to get annoying. You used to be able to scroll around SoundCloud and look for other tracks while an ad is playing but now the app forces you to look at the still frame ad while it plays and sometimes you can’t even skip it. Something that also gets on my nerves is when I get two ads in a row or after every other song. Stop forcing us to watch the ads, it feels really anti-consumer and like you don’t care about your customer. Also, its not just the ads themselves that are annoying but the lack of variety. I swear I’ve gotten the same CAPITAL ONE BANKING AD 5 TIMES IN A ROW and it really makes me never ever ever to so business with them. Same with Home Depot, in order to retain customer happiness there should be less ads and if that isn’t possible; at least make it so they aren’t as intrusive and repetitive. I love the app though and have been using it for years..Version: 5.31.0

QueuingDon’t understand why queuing songs still isn’t available..Version: 5.33.0

I like itEasy to use, lots of good sleep meditations and binaural beats. I send links to people all the time..Version: 5.113.0

Best Muzic AppI subscribed the app since 2012 and it’s been there and the kind of music I have thought I have got its amazing. Simply love this app...Version: 5.48.0

Usually great but recently has been crashingUsually it’s brilliant but in the past few months it’s been crashing nonstop. Every time I turn my screen off so I can listen to it without it draining my battery life so much it stops the music. I turn the screen back on, and low and behold the app has closed itself completely. Same thing happens whenever I go to the home page or open another app. If I want to use soundcloud now I have to have my screen on and be in the soundcloud app. It never used to be like that. I don’t know why it’s happening now but nothing I do seems to fix it. It’s really annoying because it means I can’t even turn my screen off for a second without having to re open the app and find the track again..Version: 6.3.0

Please help similar situation.This is great! I recently have had a similar experience with dodge county wisconsin with the social workers for cps. I feel something needs to be done with them. They would much rather take kids (2 baby sisters) and throw them into foster care rather than come home with what they know and what they love but because we are not family we have been pushed aside even though my family and I have been turned away even though we have taken care of the baby’s from age 3 weeks old now 1 1/2 yrs. I’ve now tried to bring to court and get a judge hope and pray that he will see and let the kids come with us. (Court is in 3 weeks) the cps people have even asked the foster trainer to not call me back deliberately. There very against us and unsure why but it’s not fair for the children. They deserve loving household whom has changed our entire household to fit them and accommodate them. I’m disgusted by dodge county wisconsin child services..Version: 6.11.0

Bluetooth. Quality of lifeGreat to be able to download tracks for offline listening but please can we add an audio sources button for better managing Bluetooth headset devices. Having to jump out of the app to the now playing widget is about two swiped and two taps too many for something that needs doing frequently with things like airpods..Version: 5.23.1

Eyyyyy!!! 7 Years or 6 Today!Been a long time I use SoundCloud, it never disappoint me! I love this app, please don’t upgrade it too much tho, I love this application too much that I don’t want it to change :) But recommended asf!!!.Version: 6.2.0

PerfectSwitched from Spotify because they don't have all the music I want. SoundCloud has all my old favs from Drake and Majid Jordan!.Version: 5.12.0

SadI’ve had this app for around 3 years and I had around 300 sounds that I had in my liked section because all of them wouldn’t fit in a playlist and I was okay with it. During those 3 years I loved it because I like underground rappers starting from SoundCloud and rising to the top and I would always search for new artist just so I wouldn’t have the same music as everybody else and I’d always show my friends and they’d always ask who it is and for me that’s a compliment cause putting someone on a new artist always makes me feel like that boy. But anyways a couple days ago when I was going to show my friend a couple new songs I found I went to the like section and all of my music that I had liked were gone. All those 3 years of searching for new music that little to no one has heard before done the drain and y’all don’t know how sad I felt cause now I’m never going to get to listen to those songs again because I dug really deep to find them and I’m not going to waste my time searching for it again. Soundcloud staff members, if you happen to see this please pleaseeee let me know if there’s anyway you guys can get my music back that’s all I want😭.Version: 5.68.0

Needs more featuresThe app is hands down great. but I wish there was more features, you can replay a song or you don’t, can you please add a replay playlist function because it’s only available to pc. And this is an extra please add a equaliser, there is no third party app that allows you to do it so please add it. Other than that it’s a great music player!.Version: 5.38.0

So goodBest music app i’ve used so far!! there’s hardly any ads and the freedom to listen to so many songs for free :D.Version: 5.147.1

I Love SoundCloud, but I had its down sidesThis app has always been my preferred method to post my music to. I’ve been a creator nearly 3 years and it’s just a useful tool to spread your word. Anyways, I have friends who are telling me they can’t repost my content, basically they attempt to repost but it doesn’t show up on there profile, I don’t receive a notification either, we decided to test it out, and yeah there’s certain artist that they tell the user they reposted the track and it never did, never shows up, yet when they re post bigger artists it shows up immediately, so what I feel SoundCloud is doing is restricting smaller artist from “to much recognition” Why do you allow bigger artists content to be displayed as repost but not artist at the bottom? If I can figure this out, I will post more info, but that just seems weird. Other then that the app is amazing..Version: 5.35.0

SoundcloudThis app I love because it is going to be a contributor to my successful wealth of being payed doing what I love and some.... Chay A. (f4$e).Version: 5.42.0

GreatI been on SoundCloud for at least 5 and a half years and it’s awesome. There was at times bugs where I request songs to be in a playlist but rarely it crashes while doing so. Another thing is that there is a gimmick where there is songs that have like a “star” symbol or a premium song where you have to pay to listen for monthly cost. But not only you can listen to these premium songs, you can put download playlist for out of service ordeals. I would say the major downfall for this streaming service app is that I have to type the right perfect word for a song title, artist, or even a album in the search bar. If I misspelled a word, it would give me a totally different result of music or even no result at all. Therefore, I have to make sure to make more of a tension to spell the word of the song and such throughly. But other than that, I’ve been using the app at first free but I decided to pay monthly because I’ve been traveling more often now so it makes since of downloading songs. I recommend using this app. I’ve been previously using grooveshark until they shut down in 2015 then I switched over to SoundCloud..Version: 5.113.0

I love this appI love SoundCloud because I can listen to real artist, instead of being spoon fed by the mainstream media.❤️.Version: 5.32.1

Great platform marginal appNeeds features to reverse playlist order, shuffle, better search.Version: 5.87.0

Computer vs MobileOkay so I’ve been using SoundCloud for quite some time now, and there’s no errors or glitches with me. I also like that I can use it across all devices, including my laptop. But when I got on my laptop to use the website, I noticed how much better it was than the app. Let me just get to it, it had some basic features that every music app should have, and the computer version has these features but not the app. Some of these features include things such as adding songs to up next or being able to start off a song first and then hit shuffle, rather than just going to the playlist and hitting shuffle. It’s very annoying when you have to constantly flip through songs just to hear a song that you like but then having to go back and shuffle again. So as a summary I would say this is four and a half stars but it doesn’t give me that choice..Version: 5.24.0

MessagesThe functionality of the app has improved over the years, but still lacks loads of key features that exist in the web version. One really frustrating example is the inability to access direct messages in the app. You have to sign in on a laptop to send or receive, and are relying on email notifications to inform you if someone has responded. Very frustrating, and potentially costly if you are a creator trying to network. I would expect this kind of apparently simple functionality to be built in to the app, particularly when I’m paying a monthly subscription..Version: 5.154.0

Used to be good!The new updates takes this app into an overly-simple waste of time. You can't see who has liked, listened to or commented on your tracks! Why?! Why so simple and pointless? Unfortunately this app now goes into the junk pile. Shouldn't the app at least try to support some of the main features of the website?.Version: 5.78.1

Pretty good, just a bit confusingSoundcloud is my best music app, and I am not considering on writing a bad review. In fact, I think it’s great; a lot of free music everyone loves! I have been wanting to post some tracks on my account to make other people feel the same as I do when I search up a song and find a free, and very good track but a complete stranger. However, there are way too many steps to simply posting a track. Would it be possible if you make it a bit simpler?? Please reply, I would appreciate it! ❤️.Version: 5.98.0

Best place to listenGlad that there’s an app that lets little people to upload and shared it around..Version: 5.144.1

Bug found - advertisementsOccasionally i happen to experience this bug in which an ad will occur, however will not play and simply play the next song after a few seconds of silence... this seems like a positive thing for someone without premium however this then continues to occur after each and every song finishes. It is beginning to get quite annoying despite the quick temporary fix of re-loading the app. Thanks for reading and i love the Soundcloud app!.Version: 5.36.0

I really like itSoundCloud is a wonderful app! You can listen to so many songs and artists and it’s really easy to use. I’ve rated it a four because I feel there should be a feature that even though you don’t have SoundCloud Go and that you’ve already had SoundCloud Go, you can still access your downloaded songs and playlists. I feel this would make it way easier for (for example) when you’re travelling on an airplane. Overall, the app is really well put together and it’s really good for portable use. Really enjoy using it!.Version: 5.173.0

BugsSo it says you can listen to songs offline for free, but when I listen to a playlist some of songs don’t play offline. It just says something like ‘connection errors’. Pls fix this. But overall, it’s a good app and pretty good for finding songs. It is a bit annoying how you have to pay to listen to popular songs..Version: 7.10.2

Good but needs changesSoundcloud is a great app to use if you want to listen to remix’s. Although to be fair you can get normal songs but half of the time you don’t get them which I think needs IMPROVED!! You can play some songs offline and others you can’t which is annoying but one time I put my 4G on and played a song and turned my 4G off and half way through the song it just stopped and said loading error which also needs IMPROVED!! But overall it’s a good app👍😃.Version: 5.48.0

Great app but the redesign of the layout is a bit confusingIt was super clean and well laid out before the recent update, and whilst it might look aesthetically better now, all the shapes are overlapping and irregular and it’s a bit awkward and a bit unsatisfying and feels a bit unprofessional. I think I could get behind a small redesign, but there’s slightly too much going on and it’s not as regular and easy to get around anymore. Edit: everything looks good apart from when you get into an artists profile and their songs, and I think icons are slightly too big for a small phone screen..Version: 5.175.1

Great; couldn’t ask for betterThe UI is intuitive; it has both Light & Dark mode based on System Theme; it works in the background and when the screen is off; you can access the song controls from the Lock screen, it has a playlist of all the songs you’ve liked; and (best of all) u can listen to your liked playlist offline (or at least most songs in it), so I could listen to them when I was on a flight with no WiFi or mobile data. Just an overall well-made app; has everything I could want from a music app. The 1 downside is the occasional ad, but I guess they gotta make money somehow..Version: 5.87.0

Overall ExcellentBeen using SoundCloud for a couple years, everything checks out except when I am listening to SoundCloud through my blue tooth speaker, after a song ends and it goes to the next one, it just randomly stops playing. Then after another song comes on then it will work. Nothing to major just a little annoying. I have restarted and rebooted my phone as well as my Bluetooth speaker numerous times. Hoping this can be fixed. Thanks y'all. UPDATE : you guys deleted all of my liked tracks which was my playlist essentially. And now it fails every time I try to sign in. I’m trying to change my password but can’t even do that. Give me all my liked tracks back and the star rating will go back to 5. Final Update: liked tracks are coming back. Not sure what happened. Thanks for the fix, if not then I’m glad the glitch fixed itself out..Version: 5.20.0

Great mixesCan beat this app for giving me exactly what I want to listen too.Version: 5.170.0

I vibe with itLittle do they tell you, it saves music offline (have to listen to it first, then you can replay it offline). Tbh great service minuscule adds great audio quality and I haven’t struggled to find a song on it. :).Version: 5.56.0

PlaylistsI’ve used this app for since December 2014 and it’s been the best thing ever man but one problem is on my iPhone I can’t seem to refresh the playlists when I’m trying to add a new song to them , I have 5 playlists and when I wanna add a track to playlist 1 , only playlist 4 and 5 show up and ever since the new update it’s hard to refresh it so it can load the other 3 , this frustrating since you guys put a cap on how many songs can fit into one playlist innit , like please fix this.Version: 5.74.0

One problemI just have one problem the app works awesome and fine but when it need and update it does it more than usual it would say that one update is done but another keeps coming and when this happens the updates take AGESso if I had 2 updates in 1 day it would use most of my day up but other than that it’s perfect! 😁🇦🇺✨ merry Xmas! 🎄🎀🎊🎉❤️💚💛.Version: 5.113.0

TAKE ME THERE (OUR BUSH) on SoundCloudThis song is like a dreamy trip with a really nice groove and just as we starting to get into it ...it just ends...kinda like most dreams I guess. I’ve listened to this track a few times now and I’m not even sure if the lyrics are actual words because each time I hear the track I here a different lyric..Version: 5.113.0

MusicI like a lot found music where others did not have so empressive an selection awesome thanks Far Norf NZ.Version: 6.7.0

QuickdrawMcGrawI am an independent artist that likes to take and make beats from my garage band or Ban Lab and then copy those beats into my SoundCloud make some lyrics up write them down PDF them to Library of Congress Copyright committee I’m very grateful for applications and stuff like this because it helps me to be able to put myself out there so other people can Lindair to hear what I may have to say in this chaos in this chaos beer and it’s ecosphere that we live in here Upon this earth, in which case we happen to be here at this time and place in the now that we live in With all due respect, I’m just a poet and this is how flow it, Floetry, the art of my poetry Alas, what do you desire sire a kingdom a cottage, or a casket??? For what is the price? In the spirit said, only for the price of and then he pulled a manifesto out and said, signed a manifesto I told the spirit there is no document the piece of paper upon the land of this earth, in which case my soul, whatever be for grabs Poet, I am poetry is what I practice and preach report for the symphony divinity poetry under my deity who is uptown blowing all around me the very essence of the spirit of speaking through me that is the source of which is a kindred spirit, in which case that are for I am under the sun capable of coming through with his lyrical funds. Quick draw McGraw out.Version: 6.15.1

Signing back in IOSI love the app and use it everyday but the only issue I’m having right now is that when I went to went onto the app it told me I need to ‘create an account’ so I clicked on ‘I already have an account’. Then I entered my gmail account and It wouldn’t let me in and told me there was an error, then I tried my ICloud (it was either my iCloud or gmail because I only have two email accounts) and that wouldn’t work either!! I deleted it and now it’s telling me I have no storage when I do!! You guys seriously need to fix this issue because I’m not happy with it and I just want to listen to my music! What should I do?! I don’t want to create a new account!.Version: 5.117.0

Soundcloud won't loadMy app won't load and my wifi is completely fine, i have refreshed and updated multiple times and it's still not working for me. It's a good listening platform but it won't load..Version: 7.7.0

Loyal 12 year customer but…The app needs to include bot only all the features of pulse for Pro subscribers but also the ability to message, its the apps largest downfall and something I see mentioned daily in music groups on social media. It cannot be that hard to incorporate the “email” feature into the app. Also let us change the same things while in Edit mode on the app as you can on desktop, eg buy links etc..Version: 5.133.0

Why the colour change?Could you please go back to orange for your app, it feels more like SoundCloud and more upbeat too?!.Version: 7.2.0

Happy userUsed it after a long time. It is a great after using all new competitors and their ads. Soundcloud is always the best..Version: 5.54.1

I love SoundCloudBut it's got pretty bad recently! I'm paying a subscription and it'll play maybe 2 songs and then the app will crash, or when I load it up the song I click on will take a good few minutes to play, although I have downloaded it offline... I do love SoundCloud but you've gotta sort this out! The apps literally crashed twice just while writing this review 😂 the app seems worse now you've decided to put adds on and are actually making money....Version: 5.47.0

GreatCould use new songs but still choose this over spotify and apple music anyday.Version: 5.12.0

❤️❤️I’ve known sound cloud for like 7 years and I still listen to it all the time.Version: 5.49.0

Great app!I would recommend this to anyone.Version: 5.12.0

Love it, butI love sc but i hate how i get adds after every 2 songs!!!! It’s so annoying because i have to listen to a 30 second add while I’m trying to do something i like! Plz take them away! I never used to get adds! The adds kill the vibe.Version: 5.124.1

Review for soundcloudAmazing app! Totally free to install and has pretty much every song. It does have a 30second ad after each song and you can get rid of it which is a bummer but if you are somewhere (car) where there is no WiFi you don’t get ads! Love this to bits and you can link the same playlists to different devices without having to keep creating the same playlist over and over again!.Version: 5.113.0

Love the new updatesEarlier i used to listen to listen to podcasts, and if i paused it and left midway when i came back the track started from beginning. Now i can come back after a while the track continues from where i had left it.Version: 5.17.0

🤦🏽‍♂️I have been a Soundcloud Go user for several years now. I have no problem paying for this subscription because I love this app, however there are issues which I feel if addressed, could make this app much better. For years I have dealt with tracks out of my likes being deleted or removed. I understand many of these tracks are leaked and therefore are not supposed to be on the app, however this is not the case for all songs that are removed. There is nothing worse than wanting to listen to a song and not being able to find it. Out of my 1,500 + likes I cannot remember the names of all songs I like. I believe if these tracks are deleted it would be very helpful that instead of them simply being taken down, they should still exist in your likes, even if you can’t listen to them. This way, I’m not really losing my music. I’d still be able to find the songs elsewhere, it’s just so frustrating having music disappear. Please address this issue. Also fix your search algorithms!! Neither of these issues seem like they would be difficult to address. Please fix for the sake of users!! Makes me rethink paying my subscription..Version: 5.51.0

It’s okay, but...So I don’t really write reviews, but I have an issue or two (maybe more) with the app that really bugs me. One: the pause/play button on the control center/lock screen. I tap the pause button, but the music keeps playing anyways. I have to soft reset my phone each time, and it’s exhausting. Two: sometimes my music starts to crackle. It’s rare, but it’s so annoying when it does happen. Three: when I add a song to a playlist, it adds it all the way down to the bottom instead to the top, and when you have a long playlist, hitting edit at the top, scrolling all the way to the bottom, and waiting for the song to be dragged all the way up is also exhausting. Four: sometimes the time stops, so the song will be going, but it’ll say something like 0:10 when it’s just about over. And to fix it, I have to drag the dot to a different time, hoping it’ll land on something close, but when you don’t know what second it’s on, it’ll mess up the song, and ruin the listening experience. Other than that, it’s easy to use. But please fix these four problems..Version: 5.29.0

Fix the appThe following is complaints about the mobile Soundcloud: Soundcloud is a good music app, not to lie. The ads are horrifyingly long, especially when you get a 30 second ad that you cannot skip. I can last a 15 second ad, but the ads are not skippable. Also another thing is if your new and you try to do the verification thing on mobile, it is possible the email won’t send at all. I’ve seen this on many other phones. Also, editing playlists most rearranging the songs don’t save until you repeatedly do it. Editing the name of the playlist I haven’t found anyway yet since. Another reason, are the visual bugs. Sometimes when loading in a song after an ad or so, the ad information shows up, but the song still plays. You can’t see the song until you close out of the ad and/or song. Also, a suggestion I’d like to make is you can verify your email whenever you want to, not while you’re editing your profile. Not trying to hate the app, it is pretty good, the main problems are the playlists bugs, and ads..Version: 5.83.0

Awesome app, been using it for years! But now there’s this one thing...Okay, so I’ve been using this amazing app for a few years now and it’s been absolutely great, but since the most recent updates, it’s been having more adds and now when I’m trying to listen to my music outside the app, it’ll keep going for a while, and then out of nowhere, stop when I haven’t done anything. I’ve checked and is not my headphones, and I bet it’ll get fixed soon, aside from this temporary thing, this is a wonderful app that has the songs in a reachable, free platform when you can’t find the song you’re looking for anywhere else. It’s also an awesome place to find your type of music because it has such a wide variety of content! Amazing over all 🥰 have loved it for years 🖤❤️🖤❤️.Version: 5.113.0

Love itI love soundcloud because i am able to listen to BTS members songs that aren’t available on other apps 😍 thank you 💜.Version: 5.68.0

Pls change this one thingI always used SoundCloud and it’s been what I use to listen to music since 8th grade and now I’m a year out of school. It’s always been a really cool platform and i don’t plan on stop using it. But there’s one thing that bothers me. VIDEO ADS. If an ad comes on while your on the app maybe u were jus on there to pick a different song and a video ad comes on, if u get out of the app the ad stops and u can’t play it to get to your music the only way u can listen to it and get to your song is by staying in the app as the whole ad plays. PLEASEE change this. It gets really annoying when I’m doin something while listening to music and then when I want to change a song get an ad then I gotta sit there and actually watch the ad to get to my song. I don’t mind just listening to it in the background of what I’m doin but actually having to sit Thru it is a bruh moment. Please make these ads able to play in the background of whatever your doing.Version: 5.113.0

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