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UPS Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

UPS Mobile app received 149 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using UPS Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about ups mobile?

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UPS Mobile for Negative User Reviews

What is this app??This app suckkksss!!!!.Version: 9.7.4

Poor user face and notificationsThe app is poorly designed , it takes multiple clicks to get the information you need and even then it doesn’t show all of it. For example , I can’t change my delivery address but don’t know why unless I go to the website. UPS pushes the app but it barely gives you what you need. I asked for notifications to be sent but never got them. Specifically I had asked for notifications when my package was delivered. Never got those and only knew when I checked the app. For an app that serves a company that delivers things , this app barely delivers the basics..Version: 9.7.0

Authentication is severely flawedImpossible to find a password that works more than once. Worrisome and questionable security..Version: 9.7.4

Pire compagnie de broche à foin everA eviter, aucun service, retards de livraison, application compliquée etc etc etc… j’aurais mis -10 etoiles….Version: 9.7.3

Difficult and ConfusingI downloaded the app as I got an email from a company I purchased from telling me it was sent via UPS and that it would need to be signed for. Due to a problem with UPS at the depot it wasn’t delivered on the day it was scheduled for and was moved to the following day and I couldn’t be in for the delivery but discovered I could prestige for it and nominate a safe location on the app. I have tried to this but am stuck in a loop trying to sign up for something to be told that I already have an account attached to my name and address but no option to login only sign up. Every time I click the “sign now” link in the email it opens the app and then starts the loop again. Very frustrating, I hope that my delivery will work fine but the app doesn’t!.Version: 8.4.0

Poor delivery serviceThe package went to Montreal then back to usa and back to Montreal again. They change delivery date 3 time and I didn’t receive it yet. I try to call them to go get it myself. I have to wait till they try to deliver it first. wish i could use another company. It is like they think we are always home . I am really deceived..Version: 9.7.4

App is just as slow as the companyI don’t know if it’s the app or the drivers. My tracking doesn’t update for days and then all the sudden a bunch of scans show up at once. It seems like I never know where my packages ACTUALLY are. Then whatever the original delivery date is, it always seems to get pushed back. Whenever they give me a date, I always just assume it’ll be a couple days later than that. Whenever I see a company has used UPS to ship me something, I’m immediately disappointed. At this point, the post office is more reliable. Also running into the problem where it changes my preferences on its own. I have ALWAYS had all delivery apps set to text messages for every single update imaginable. I have 3 packages I’m waiting on currently (2 of which have already had their delivery dates pushed back). One is “supposed” to be delivered today but under the manage section, it says nothing is scheduled to deliver today! I guess one tab on the app is realistic and one tab spouts out lies that gets your hopes up. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got a text notification when (if) it arrives since drivers out here don’t knock or let you know they put something on your porch. Went in to the settings and all my preferences were changed to email! This is the second time the app has done this to me!.Version: 8.8.0

Mauvaise applicationDate de livraison différente dans la liste des colis vs détails du colis. Assistant virtuel inutile, il ne donne aucune information supplémentaire à ce qui est déjà affiché. Il suggère d’utiliser l’application UPS pour suivre les colis (je suis déjà dans l’application, débile)..Version: 9.7.3

Awful customer service!UPS is awful go with usps or fed ex. They will not provide any customer service and are glad to lie straight to your face. Goodluck with the virtual assistant who will just give you random links because no real humans care about you who work here. But to be clear it is not the people’s fault who work at the facilities! They are actually all very nice. They’re working hard hours to provide us with information, while their corporate leaves them to hang out in the dry to figure everything out. An FYI for anyone wondering if their package is ready. If your package received a “Departed from facility”, “Arrived at Facility”, or a “Destination scan”, then your package can literally be anywhere. He had told me that the online systems just assume that your package has left and assumes your package has arrived on time. He told me my package was still at the place that the app had told me it had left 3 days ago! Do yourself the favor of waiting until the app says your package has arrived, and I pray for you that it is actually there at the UPS facility or delivered to you. Goodluck my friends🙏🏼 also just go with fed ex or usps way better customer service with real humans that you can talk to..Version: 8.8.1

Utter waste of timeThis is the worst piece of garbage ever designed. Stay away..Version: 9.7.4

As bad as the other reviews sayWell, I think UPS must be one of the worst logistics companies ever. First, they take no notice of the appalling reviews. Second the app is worse than useless. I am away from home and want it delivered to a different address in the same street, about 20 metres away. Not possible in the app, just asks you to input the tracking no which it then rejects saying wrong number even though it just tracked. I loathe companies that cannot give you a reasonable time slot for deliveries. UPS can't even give you am or pm. Completely useless. Just sorry my supplier uses them. Very bad, awful customer service and it's not untypical of 🇺🇸 companies operating outside their own country.Version: 8.4.0

No stars isn’t an option unfortunately.Deep breath, here we go, UPS Install app. Enter tracking. Gives option to see more detailed delivery hour if install UPS My Choice. Sign up for said option including email and mobile. Tells me what I already know, that my parcel will delivered by “End of Day”. Wait until 7 . No parcel. Check app, still telling me it will be delivered “ End of Day” Check website on desktop site. Rescheduled for the next day “ End of Day” No email, no text. Sighs. DPD Open app “Great news, we have your parcel and it's on its way to you. Not going to be in? Collect from Pickup Shop. Deliver to a safe place....” Tells me that tomorrow morning I will be informed of the hour of delivery. Following morning, given an hour time slot and the drivers name. Also giving me the option of changing my delivery to recorded safe place or preferred neighbour or a pick up point at my convenience. Receive text telling me how many stops before my named driver will arrive. At the hour time slot, the named driver arrives, delivers parcel and shuts gate. See a difference? How can one logistics firm run so ineptly whilst another performs so exemplary? NB I have had dozens on parcels delivered by DPD and this is has been my experience every time. The app is pointless and UPS is pretty ineffectual as a delivery company. Truth be told my heart sank when I saw who would be delivering my parcel..Version: 8.6.0

Stupid useless appTotal waste of time - signing up is a total cluster-frack. Avoid this, just call them instead..Version: 8.3.0

Great GUI, International Integration NeededThis app could easily be a 5 if UPS would add international support for those trying to ship stuff home from other countries.. store location in Mexico, impossible. Also why can we fill necessary paperwork ahead of time in app. Global UPS should also state maximum box size and what they can provide to accommodate packing as the US stores do. I chose UPS out of trust in the US, I ended up having to hit multiple locations because ups store could not help me pack up the box. Store was brand new and was not equipped with necessary boxes or packing materials: Also, outrageous prices compared to DHL, we couldn’t fit all our stuff we bought so we chose ups to ship home, wasn’t until 2 hours before flight home and after and exhausting trip to packing places and then back to UPS only to be told my one box was going to cost $650 usd and the cheaper ground option was not recommended because my breakables would most likely break??? Had I been able to reference this in the app, honesty I would made different decisions. I feel let down by UPS.Version: 8.1.0

UselessDear UPS. See DPD for how a delivery service should be run. Your email shows delivery by end of the day, and that could be any day in my experience. Then the email suggests downloading app for more info only to find, you guessed it, delivery by the end of the day. You know where my parcel is, where the driver is and approximately when it will be delivered, please share that info. If I have a choice when shopping between delivery by UPS or any other carrier that influences my purchasing decision. Any company using UPS doesn’t get my business, my time is valuable, I too have to work for a living and can’t afford to wait around all day for a parcel that may or may not arrive..Version: 8.7.1

Worst service ever!Ups has the most unreliable service! On most occasions they give you a delivery date and it never arrives on time. I’ve unfortunately had this happen on every delivery to date. I try to avoid using this service when I can!.Version: 9.7.4

Most useless app everTrying to find out when or even if your parcel is going is be delivered is like trying to win the lottery without a ticket it says that my parcel was in Exeter at 4.36 this morning and to download the app to find a delivery window. I’ve logged in but I need to click a link on email to confirm my address which never appears then my password is wong then my user Id is wrong then my password again request temporary password email comes through for that , so log in then yet again can’t go any further unless link is clicked in an email that doesn’t arrive again. So at 5.30 in the evening still no clue if it’s even going to get here today and waste of my life downloading an app that does nothing.Version: 8.8.0

The unbelievable awful crap app everSo.. you download, and you try to sign up... after 50 attempts to verify your email address, with bit of luck, you done that... and now log-in part... well, have a coffee, 3weeks time available to try to do it! How dare you to tell me 3 weeks its way too much when its about UPS, the most awful and creepy crap ever?? Well let me block your account for a while because you tried too many times to login!! Next time, take more time in order to use this app or UPS won’t care about your time! Simple! Any questions?? Seriously, is this “business” still doing business?????? Lol.Version: 8.11.1

Trash service and appUPS is expensive out of all other services and is really TRASH. It’s been over one week from expected delivery after I paid all extra import charges and still don't know where my medicine(400 dollar worth) is. This is terrible, pathetic service..Version: 9.7.3

Complete garbageApp is garbage, customer service is trash ups sucks big time really wish I could give a negative rating.Version: 8.8.0

Irritating beyond measureI am trying to track a parcel, I have had to download and remove the app several times just to get it to work. Then there are multiple requests to verify my email. After all that there is still no tracking information available, yet they are able to tell me that my parcel is due for delivery, and requiring a signature, when no one will be available. It is literally impossible to change the delivery date!! As far as I can tell there is no point in there being an app as the stuff will or won’t be delivered whenever is convenient for them. Why anyone uses this company to deliver anything is beyond me - I have never had a good experience receiving parcels when sent via UPS!.Version: 9.0.1

Dreadful!First of all just don’t use UPS. Their App is a shining example of how good the company itself actually is! So why download this app, most probably want to track their package, well I have bad news! The delivery date means nothing! My delivery date was changed 4 times over the space of a week. If that wasn’t bad enough, their offer of a time window you will receive the package by on said day is never anything but “by end of day”. The app does offer the ability to change your delivery date but that’s right, you guessed it! It means NOTHING! I logged in on a Wednesday (2days after they had it) to reschedule from Friday to Thursday, it was all automatically accepted but after a no show on the Thursday the day was repeatedly pushed back until the following Tuesday. I don’t mind waiting a week for a parcel what I do mind is being repeatedly lied to by a terrible app and delivery system accompanied by waiting by the door for 4 separate days “until end of day” which if you were wondering can be as late as 11pm during busy periods. If you have to deal with UPS ring their customer services, track a package, after the automated system finally shuts up it will give you the option to say “agent” to talk to a real person who you can press for actual information!.Version: 8.3.0

No iParcel trackingDoesn’t teach UPS iParcel which is the most common shipment type from Amazon to overseas places like Australia. Great..Version: 8.3.0

The worst delivery app in the world!Terrible delivery rider not doing their work!.Version: 9.7.0

Terrible and confusingDownloaded to track a parcel. I found it so confusing and terrible to use. All I want to do is track a parcel from overseas. Looks like you have to get an ID then sign in and then to get Ups My Choice to be able to redirect or reschedule your delivery you have to do it all again - is that another sign in or what, goes around in circles. Like a previous review what an absolute waste of my time. I just gave up out of frustration. It is shocking compared to the Aust Post app here in Aus. Don’t bother.Version: 8.11.0

Save yourself some timeThis app litterally does NOTHING it says. You cannot pay your cod or any fees through the app, you cannot scedule a pick up or change your delivery location at will like they advertise, you have to call the ups line for anything like that. I honestly dont know how they get away with this much false advertising 😂😂.Version: 9.7.3

Awful communicationAnyone remember that Peter Kay joke about him phoning for a taxi and the taxi company answer the phone saying “it’s just turning your corner now.” ? Over the last week the date of delivery has changed 4 times and I’ve had 3 txt messages to say it would arrive the following day. The app is currently saying it’s due to get delivered on Thursday, last Thursday that is. Had no further updates. Tried phoning Friday night about 7:30pm and eventually got through to an agent who told me there’s still a chance it could get delivered that night and if not, I would be a priority on Monday. Still waiting, a week after the initial date they gave me and date of delivery has not been updated. Appalling service!.Version: 8.11.2

Doesn’t workCant even sign In the app is always down.Version: 9.7.4

Huge step backwardsThis app has always been clunky, but at least you could see packages that were coming to your address. Now they’ve taken that part out so in order to track packages you have to click on a tracking number in an email first before they appear in the app..Version: 8.9.0

Worst customer serviceLiterally was one the phone for 1 hour and they didn’t even do what I asked to be done. Useless.Version: 9.7.3

Don’t botherI’ve been going for over half an hour now and I’m still unable to find out more details about my parcel which it promises me. I signed up and had all my info in front of me but somehow something is incorrect. Several attempts trying both userid and email. Still not in. Eventually I decide to get temporary password, so I have to update it before I can get in, then verify the email again. Yes please more details... oh no I have to log in again. I seem to be in a circle and still have no further details. I will delete and not bother again. Why can’t we just be given a window of even say 3 hours with the text we get instead of all this. Rant over.Version: 8.7.1

This app is weird and glitchyI recently dwn loaded this app after using the web sight for years. The only reason I went with this app was I got tired of logging in for everything all the time using the web. However my experience so far with the app has been less than good. When I type the tracking number in to track it brings up the scan target square with the usual instructions for scanning? Now how can I scan a pkg barcode on a pkg I don’t have and this is the tool I most frequently use. Other times it will tell me it’s not a valid tracking number. I’ll then track it thru the web site and it’ll give me the proper info. I believe the UPS Co may have their glitches as this app does. One is where I’ll get notification on a pkg being delivered the next day. On that day I’ll get notified that it was delivered at such time on that day in my mail box but when I go to check it’s nowhere to be found. However it will be in the box the very next day, strange cause I have a lock box so a mis-delivered pkg could not be placed in my box. IDK but for now I’ll hang on and try the other tools it offers when the need arises but if they don’t work out I’ll flush the app. So far not usable for me and not happy with it..Version: 9.4.1

Worst app ever!There is no way to communicate a problem with a real person anymore! I keep getting the “virtual chat” who can not explain why a package was repeatedly returned to the sender. My partner has been trying to get an important medication from his doctor since last Friday and we have no way of knowing why it was returned twice! Despite the fact we have him set up for notifications by text and email. I tried repeatedly last night to help him and it took me too long to even get an email and even that was weird. The prompts were not there to get information on why a package was returned. It made us feel like someone was just too lazy to try to contact us. There was no satisfaction with this app either that we even communicated with “someone “ about his problem. This was his diabetes medication not a controlled substance that needed to be signed for! We have a secure Dropbox, and a mailbox plus remained alert for notifications and there weren’t any! Just in tracking saying it was returned! Your app is useless when there is an issue!.Version: 9.7.1

App is bad, service is bad, its just ALL BAD with UPSI was actually going to make official complaint, but then considering how many negative reviews they have - as company, service, app - and every possible field- and do nothing to improve- then it would be just waste of my time. Because they DON’T CARE! All the info you’re getting after giving a lot of your personal details ( if you are lucky that is and get pass “no info” “error” and no “information available “) is that package will be delivered BY THE END OF THE DAY. Quite frankly it should state BY THE END OF THE WEEK, because they can’t even deliver on nominated day, nevermind dreaming of time slot so you can actually do something with that day. I mean at 11:40PM APP was still insisting that package is in transit and will be delivered by THE END OF THE DAY! I get delivery quite often- and whether its Hermes or royal mail - they all manage to provide decent service, even if they run a bit late - its usually minutes, sometimes couple of hours- but UPS manage to run late DAYS and will NOT notify you even after you give them Your email, phone number and specifically ask to be updated of ANY delays or changes! They absolutely don’t give a toss that you sit by the doors waiting, because god forbid it takes you more than 10 seconds to get to the doors after all that hassle. WORSE - EXPERIENCE- EVER!.Version: 8.8.0

Close Yet Not…Tracking has become a common occurrence recently as we are all shopping online and shipping. This could coupled with easy tracking yet Corporate America’s reluctance to join customer service and technology means nothing is simple. The app work unless you click the tracking number when you first receive it from the sender. It won’t be in UPS’s system yet. So you wait a while and then information populates but not a delivery date. A button appears to receive updates yet requires logging into the account and that requires a password needing a dozen characters (much more than most other organizations!) so I reset my password. AGAIN! Now the notification button is gone. I ask the assistant who is virtually useless for any real questions. Finally I am chatting with a human who makes a suggestion, but doesn’t tell me how to navigate TO the solution and as soon as I leave chat it has ended and I cannot return. All in an attempt to get a notification about a delivery I am paying to have. Some terrific customer service there! Good use of technology..Version: 9.7.1

Biggest p.o.s app I️ have ever usedIf negative 5 stars was an option i would definitely give it that. I have used UPS a few different occasions and had been some what satisfied. Recently I ordered a new iPhone and was very excited to receive this package. Unfortunately, I have a job like a every normal human being and really needed to know when my package was going to be delivered because It requires a signature. I can’t sit around all day waiting for It to be delivered between 9am and 8 pm. So I decided to download this app and sign up for UPS mychoice. After 5 times of trying to set up an account it finally worked. I then went to use the mychoice to get a 2 hour window time and also see if I could just pick It up instead. This didn’t work at all and continues to not work. This app is glitchy and unreliable. It wasted my time completely and didn’t help me one bit. Oh and I also decided to try the website and give it a chance but it turns out that the website is also a piece of crap. Good job UPS I’m never using you again. I recommend everyone to go to any other delivery service because UPS IS BAD!!.Version: 7.0.0

UselessOnly got the app as the website wouldn't change country from usa (hey america, theres a whole world out there) and i needed to change my address. Customer service closed weekends. The app doesnt even allow you to change address, despite claiming to on the app store..Version: 9.2.0

No contact information.I have a dirt driveway that shouldn’t be hard to get up and down unless maybe you were raised in the city. I have teenage grandchildren who have no trouble at all. With that said I try to be as accommodating as I can being handicapped. I work my drive as much as possible. But sometimes weather or body prevents it. Most drivers accept it as part of their job. Some say they can’t find my address and take pkgs. back for the next driver to deliver. My biggest complaint is that I have no way to contact my driver, nor leave my contact number so they can call me before they deliver. If that were possible I would be willing to meet them at the road, when driveway is bad, when and if I’m able, and save them the hassle. They’re going to be real happy tomorrow as another delivery driver got stuck yesterday and tore it up pretty good and I’m not doing well. I have no affordable options. We are supposed to trust the delivery driver, and I do, but we aren’t trusted enough to have a number to call so we can stop a problem before it happens. An office number that can contact driver ahead of time would be fine as long as a real person answers and not the 50 questions automated junk most all companies are using now. Overall drivers do a good job, but the company isn’t doing their part with customers or drivers in my book. That’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth..Version: 9.7.3

JunkDon’t bother..Version: 9.7.3

Don’t waste your timeI never leave reviews for apps but something has to be said about this appalling company. I spent £1000 with Simba (the mattress company) and on Monday at 1pm I receive an email to tell me my order is coming the next day. Panic stations!! Prepare to arrange your entire day of work or ask for a days annual leave with 12 hours notice, because UPS don’t give any kind of time slot whatsoever. What they do though, is tell you to download this app.... they even set you up on it over the phone (Aww, that’s helpful isn’t it) because then you’ll get to see a 4 hour time slot. I had trouble with my password so had to call up and listen to their god awful pre recorded messages all over again, only to be told to call their technical team. Did that, no answer. Fast forward a load more time wasted.... the 4 hour time slot you get to see? *Spoiler alert*, you don’t! The driver told me that they can’t give any kind of idea of time because they don’t have set routes, they can choose their own! Why a company like Simba would use the likes of UPS to deliver such important and expensive items, I don’t know. But seriously, don’t bother with the app (it’s probably just signed me up for a load of junk mail, let’s be honest) and don’t bother with UPS..Version: 8.3.0

Website, UPS policies, App all outdated.Good luck signing in with a UPS account if your outside the US. The website, their policies, App all needs a 2021 update from the 1800 they still run the company with. Looking at the state of UPS outdated process I’m not not even sure if my package will reach for months..Version: 9.0.1

UnPrecedentedScrewups (UPS)This App is as useless as the UPS delivery system...Version: 9.5.1

A True Brexit APPThank you UPS for providing an APP fit for us Brits. We do so long for things to be like they used to, “back in the day”! This APP takes me straight back to the 1990’s! please don’t worry about the modern graphics or the solid corporate logo’s, no, I know they are just skin-deep and don’t really detract much at all. Once you’ve had time to settle in and have a nice cup of tea, you really start appreciate the carefully crafted “just bolted on” effect and the superbly “can’t be bothered integrating this” feeling that has so painstakingly recreated in this loveable retro app. I suspect you’ve had to pay an undisclosably huge sum to those genius’s from the UK railways, but honestly I think it worth every penny. Thank you UPS, for so thoughtfully taking up my time !.Version: 8.2.1

Awful app and serviceDrivers routinely claim they attempt delivery, too lazy to actually deliver; packages routed to drop spots. Awful service - I would literally pick any service EXCEPT UPS..Version: 9.7.4

1 star too manyUnfortunate you cant rate zero stars as this app offers literally nothing. Cant track package, no expected delivery window, no way to contact driver, no alternative drop points. Driver can turn up at any point in the day and you will never know until after it is delivered. Also if missed it is taken back to warehouse for an attempt the next day. As I needed my package urgently (paid for express) and I cant sit around for 8 hours through the day waiting for a delivery I had to select no signature required and package was taken before I could get there.Version: 8.6.0

Useless app.I have two packages that were scheduled to be delivered today. Both are coming from the same sort terminal. One has not been updated from said sort terminal, and says it will be delivered today. The other has been updated to the next sort terminal in my state, and the app says due to the weather the shipment has been delayed, but they have no idea when it will arrive. Two packages coming to the same destination with different information...wait a the USPS app.....? As is common these days, companies race to beat the competition with high tech information apps without having the technology to deliver timely info, or none at all. Most of it comes down to scanning a label and computing an algorithm and yet they cannot get it right. I know we pay enough to ship packages, smh....... why even have an app when you cannot accurately update it? One of the packages ( the one that still says it will be delivered today) is signature required. So I tried using the app to change the delivery instructions to pre sign for it.....yea you guessed it...I couldn’t. I then used the email link to pre sign.....yea, received a message that they were having technical difficulties and to try back later....of which I have been trying to do for the last two days to no avail! I love the company, and drivers, but they need to get rid of the app. It’s embarrassing to the company..Version: 9.0.0

Worst sign up process everAfter competing the details page, including entering a complex password that isn’t verified by entering twice, and then scrolling forever through the service conditions it threw an error saying my chosen username was taken only after I accepted the terms. There’s no way back to correct it, I’d need to start again. I didn’t bother. App deleted. What a pile of junk..Version: 8.11.2

Worst everWhen I first seen the low rating of the ups app I assumed it must be a low quality app. I then learned the app is well made, it’s the company itself that’s very low quality. Since it’s the season to get Christmas shopping done I’ve decided to ship with UPS and right off the bat I can tell this company does not understand the word “fragile” my first item came to me smashed to bits. Luckily the shop I bought it from was understanding to ups’s ways and sent me another for free in a much much bigger and overpacked with support material for ups’s handling. But I can’t write a review based off one incident alone, so I gave them another try with my 2nd package. Aside the fact the location is just out of driving distance from my home I still had it shipped through ups. For the first SIX days ups claimed it was shipped and on its way...FOR six days... on the 7th day I get the email the truck is delayed and no expected delivery time... a location that is 7hrs away and the truck drove for SIX days and is still delayed??? Worst shipping company ever and I can completely see why the low review is well done though.. you can easily find out when you WONT be getting your packages...p.s you should add a check box for “is your item smashed to bits”.Version: 6.2.3

Much improved, still not perfectThanks to UPS for improvements made. I am waiting for a parcel some time today in Civitanova Italy from Germany. It arrived in Civitanova 7:30am, with a clear log on the app up till then. But app features for ecpected delivery time do not work, it just asks for login again but then blocks access for suspected fraud because I am already logged in. !!!??? There is an option to sign now and risk theft at the doorstep but ... it’s urgent important valuable... so I’ve spent all morning indoors already, cancelled all appointments ... could be stuck here till evening. I think inconsistent UPS service in Italy is more of a problem, fantastic from Germany to Civitanova, then ....Version: 8.6.0

Not badI don’t know why the reviews are so bad but it works just fine for me. But they do need to update the app it’s so ugly and looks like a 5 year old designed it..Version: 9.7.3

Pin to letter verification.After looking at the reviews of this I wasn’t hopeful that it was going to be any better than the online tracking, which would not allow me to change my delivery address for a parcel I will be receiving in the next few days. I thought I’d try anyway, install app and got through the lengthy signup process only to find that I now have to wait 7 days for a pin to arrive to “verify my identity” before I can change the delivery address on my parcel. By that point I would have missed the parcel and had to find a pickup point instead which I would not have had to do if I could have changed it. Useless..Version: 8.0.1

Poor functionalityIt would be good to schedule pickup for return..Version: 9.7.3

Fix it now.This is the worst app ever I haven’t even been able to make a proper acc where I’m able to reschedule a redelivery bc the idiots came by my house on Australia Day I wasn’t home I had no way of knowing the parcel was even coming. Now I can’t make an account bc it keeps saying I need to confirm my acc through an email which I’ve received. I click the link says I need to sign in and I put it in and it says it’s wrong I’ve done it so many times it’s temporary restricted me from my account. My parcel is worth $300. You better fix this or I’ll sue.Version: 9.6.1

Absolute NightmareThis disgrace of a company have the audacity to give vague answers over the phone when I asked to track my parcel which was supposed to arrive on Monday, 5 days later this joke of a delivery company and even worst customer service have the nerve to say ‘being rude on the phone won’t get you anywhere’. From that point I made it my life mission to ensure anyone I know to NOT purchase anything with this company because they are PATHOLOGICAL liars and will constantly make a delivery which should be relatively easily an absolute NIGHTMARE Save yourself and when you see UPS as the delivery service... RUN run far away..Version: 8.11.2

New version is terribleI used this app for years without a complaint, now they had to update it in an attempt to prioritize fashion over function. Version 9 is almost unusable. Is this a joke? I waited a week and assumed the designer would be fired and they’d fix this by now. There’s a bunch of filters and toolbars at the top of the tracking page and a ton of useless dead whitespace at the bottom, so only half the screen is dedicated to viewing the only information people are there to see. It’s like viewing my tracking info through a door peephole. If they downgraded to version 8, this would become a 5 star review. UPDATE version 9.2: apparently this is not a joke. They keep making it worse. They reversed the display order so now your most recent packages are at the bottom of the list and you scroll up to see earlier ones (why?). BUT you still have to pull DOWN to refresh the list, so you have to scroll all the way to the top of the list to refresh it! Also, nearly 40% of the entire screen is just headers/search bar/etc. and the bottom 60% contains the information you care about (tracking details). There is so much dead white space the app is painful to use..Version: 9.2.0

Useless App everWaste of time. Who was the idiot who designed this horrible useless piece of garbage.Version: 8.9.0

A waste of my time registeringApp provided no further updates than the website, and did not allow me to add any delivery instructions or preferences. It takes a while to register though. ... in the end I had to make a call to the call centre on a premium (caller pays) number. The customer service representative could not tell me why delivery has not been attempted even though parcel has been at the local warehouse for more than 24 hours. All she could add is that I *might* expect it to be delivered within another 2 business days. Ironically, the delivery for the last 11km will take longer than the trip from Dallas Tx to Sydney Australia. Let down by the punctuality of the local UPS team. Look at DHL’s app and operations to see a slick and well oiled operating model..Version: 9.1.0

Stay away from UPS just like you should stay away from their app!I do not understand the fake people that saying the app and ups service is good. Nope. It was my last time trying out this garbage shipping company. I cannot understand how they are not doing anything about all these upset and unsatisfied customers?! Worst service and experience ever I had. App says different agents says different. I paid extra for package to be express. They said one day. It took almost two weeks now it’s still not here. They only work Monday to Friday. Not even Saturday. Overall trash company man. Wasted so many of my days waiting for my package. Stay away or you are asking for headache. 0 stars!.Version: 9.7.3

Joke of a ConpanyThe first I heard of my delivery was the evening of the day it was meant to be delivered, a Tuesday. I call them up and I tell them that I’ll be at work on the Wednesday so don’t deliver until Thursday when I’ll be at home. Wednesday evening I have a missed delivery. I stay home all day Thursday, at 4pm I call and ask where my parcel is, it’ll be with you by 7. I check the tracking twenty minutes later and it says that the delivery failed. I call UPS, they refuse to come back to me (even though they never came in the first place). Told it’ll be Friday, I’m leaving to go on holiday so tell them to deliver a week on Monday. They try and deliver the following Tuesday. Guess what, I’m still on holiday. Total joke of an international and well recognised brand. Tracking is awful and staff at the depot and call centre are terrible. As for the app; it’s just as bad..Version: 8.5.0

Worst App EVER!!!I finally got through to UPS and had them delete my account. Hopefully this time they followed through! Apparently, last week they did NOT change the settings like they said they did! I downloaded the app in the summer and had 1 package routed to my local UPS store. I have tried to change the settings in the app but apparently the app will not let me. Now EVERY package is sent to the UPS store. I have a broken right foot and can’t drive. UPS CHANGES the address I have my packages addressed to and is sending them to the local UPS store, where I can’t get them! If this continues, I will NOT do business with companies that use UPS! Also, on 11/8 UPS said my package could not be delivered because of severe weather. I am a TEACHER and EVERY school in the Greater Cleveland area was in session. Explain to me how if schools are in session the weather is TOO BAD for a delivery company to operate! Guess what happened today? Yep, UPS changed the delivery AGAIN back to the store!!! I had to call and make a stink again today. Hopefully they will deliver to my house. FYI I will NO longer order from companies who ship via UPS. Since I am sitting around with a broken foot and nothing to do I will use my time contacting the companies I make purchases from..Version: 8.6.0

Useless at bestI don’t write reviews, this is the first one in my 40 year old life, as UPS and prospective app users should know. I would give a zero star rating if the system allowed me to do so. Perhaps, the best advice I can provide to users, is ‘look out of your window, to see if a UPS van is coming your way’ that would be significantly more useful compared to this app. To UPS: if you’re unable to provide any meaningful information, maybe best not to provide any app at all. The automated email we receive ‘by the end of the day’ will have to suffice. Please check some of the other providers of logistics and deliveries, they may be smaller/new but they’re miles ahead in terms of technologies to track, trace and inform users in a meaningful way..Version: 8.1.0

Worse courier ever!Exactly the same situation as in the comment below. I paid £13 for next day delivery, but 4 days have passed and still no delivery! Eventually it said that it will be delivered on the Thursday day, but as I wasn’t going to be in, I redirected the parcel to a local access point, which was 500meters away, but they did not drop it off on the same evening and instead said “change request accepted, check back tomorrow for delivery date”. The following day, it showed that the parcel was going to be delivered to my selected access point “BY THE END OF THE DAY”. Kept on hoping... Later that day, it started saying (regarding delivery time): “check back tomorrow”. Will have to see what happens next. I know things happen, but it’s disgraceful for them to keep you waiting like this, especially when they charge so much! If I possibly can - I will never use UPS again. I’m using Hermes and DPD very frequently and never had such bad and delayed service. In fact, I’m very happy with them as they are reliable and keep you informed of any difficulties (if they can’t deliver). But that rarely happens. And UPS - it seems they do whatever they like. As the other comment said - you’re left waiting DAYS, not hours. In my case - it will be around a week..Version: 8.11.2

Useless appThe app basically gives you very little control over shipping your package or making changes. Gives you incredibly inaccurate updates on when a package is gong to be delivered. Told me a package that I was sending to a hotel that I was going to for a conference would be there every day “by 7PM”. Finally after five days of receiving the same message, the package that I sent to the hotel was not going to arrive until after I was due to return home. I had to call UPS, which is another extremely painful experience, to return the package to sender (my home). I had already created a shipping label to send the package that was supposed to arrive a week prior once my conference was over, so now that I was returning the package I didn’t need it, however was unable to void the package on the app, I had to use do it online. Both the website as well is the app are terrible experiences. Basically, in every step that you need to take it could be done better. There is nothing about this app,Or their website, that is done right..Version: 9.7.0

Dates off by four daysNo ETA updates. Wrong delivery dates. UPS and it’s app are still terrible after all these years..Version: 9.7.4

If I can give you zero I will the worst company everIf I can give you zero I will the worst company ever.Version: 9.7.3

They lied and scammedI’ve ordered something for £200 and paid for faster shipping so that it comes this Friday it’s now Thursday and there saying it’s been delayed by one day so I said ok but then I checked the date and it says the 18th !!! They need to sort out there tracking and delivery because this is not right they are expecting me to pay more for fast delivery and then they rip me off man Like this aint right I do want a refund for the fast delivery. I do t mind waiting but if you pay extra for something to arrive like in 2 days you should expect it to arrive !!!! Never using ups ever again !.Version: 8.11.2

Don’t bother with this appWhat a waste of precious life this app was. All I wanted was to track a shipment, firstly signing up was a mess and for tracking shipments the additional info available after signing up was useless and not worth the effort. But the worst was 90% of the time the app wouldn’t connect and update progress with an error displayed that the service was unavailable please try again later. When it did work the tracking was ok. Lastly once I installed the app, hitting a tracking URL say in an email would automatically fire up the app from as browser session, good times when the app doesn’t connect. I ended up removing app and back to online tracking via the UPS site..Version: 8.6.0

Redesigned... for the worse??Wow. Supposedly a complete redesign to make the app better, easier to use. What is the first thing I noticed when opening the update? They “hid” all the app’s functions in a hamburger menu, which is right at the top of the screen. On big phones this is unreachable with the thumb without re-gripping the phone (or using a second hand). Why get rid of the tab bar? There’s a reason this is used in a lot of apps - because it’s quite user friendly and easy to understand. Second thing? I wanted to send some feedback, so I clicked on the “Help & Support” item in the hamburger menu. It warns me first that it will be opening the browser (instead of offering anything useful directly in the app, like say FAQs, or contact details for support etc). Then what do I get when it opens the browser? A 404 page not found on the UPS site. So clearly the link programmed into the app is old/out of date, or whoever is in charge of the website wasn’t clued in to ensure that this link worked as planned. Either way it’s pretty sad. Well done UPS. I think you’ve managed to make an already pretty bad app even worse..Version: 9.0.1

Fking garbageTrash.Version: 9.7.4

Needs One Big Upgrade!Update: November 01, 2021 Still no update on adding a “lock box” option for deliveries? There is one big update that would be helpful and this would be for the app and the website. If you have UPS My Choice you can choose where your package will be left. You’re given multiple options but a lot of newer communities like mine use a smart locker for packages. My communities smart locker is controlled by this website - (www) ParcelPending (dot com) This is an electronic mail package locker where the user puts in a PIN number to open the locker. This PIN number is emailed to the user whenever something is delivered from UPS, FedEx, etc. There is no option to select a smart locker on the UPS app or website. This means I need important or expensive packages to be re-delivered which is a pain (my front office doesn’t accept packages) or manually pickup which defeats the delivery service. Please give customers this option, I don’t need to sign for a package if it’s placed in the smart locker. The smart locker is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it doesn’t matter what time the UPS driver shows up for delivery. If this option is added I will re-rate this review and increase to 5 stars since I love the app besides this major issue. Thank you!.Version: 9.5.1

Not worth the spaceI have to concur with the other reviews here. They ask for a lot of private information to actually give you nothing at all you can’t get from just the tracking number - am seriously considering a complaint on GDPR grounds as that vacuously don’t use any of the information provided for their service. I expected a window of time, maybe a tracked vehicle, or even just your delivery number - knowing you’re 100 out of 110 and they’re currently on delivery 5 is a lot more helpful than the nothing you get here! DPD offer all of these options already and have done for a very long time. Hermes are better and they were shocking! Both of this are smaller companies - if UPS wants to consider itself a Global delivery firm then it needs to improve its app - I would have felt better about them as a company had there been no app at all to disappoint me - so as an app this one fails on all counts..Version: 8.7.1

Great potential!I wish I could give this 5 stars but this program does not deserve it! I was expecting a package to be delivered on Thursday from 12-4 and was getting excited being able to check this application to actually see where the driver was with my package and was 2 blocks away but I never got the package Thursday and was rescheduled for Friday from 12-4 so waited again and the time switched to getting the package by the end of the day 9:00 pm. Well that never happened and the was an exception error so I basically stopped looking for my package and figured the application would update and I would get on Saturday but nothing happened and no update so Monday rolls around and get confirmation that my package will be delivered from 12-4 again and I track to where the driver is and again he is 2 blocks away and 4:00 pm passes and now the application says it will be delivered by the end of the day 9:00 pm. I finally get my package 3 days late and think they can improve this application as I am sure I am not the only one this is happening to!.Version: 8.8.0

ObnoxiousI'd used the app for some time but because of issues with it I deleted it. I then decided - some time later - to reinstall it. This is where things went south like a bullet. Well, for the second time, really, or I wouldn't have deleted it in the first place... But I digress. I tried to log into the app using the account info I originally used when I had the app the first time around. Either my id or login "weren't recognized" but I couldn't get a password reset because the email I used when I opened the account is now defunct. So I create another account. But I get to the end of that process only to find out I can't create another account because my shipping address is already associated with an account so won't I please log into the existing account? Ummm, I CAN'T! So I try to find contact information for app support that will ACTUALLY TAKE ME TO AN APP SUPPORT WEBSITE. Hhahahaha hahahhahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha! No, I don't need tech support for worldship software or for printing labels or for shipping a package. I need iPHONE APP SUPPORT! Its either laugh or cry at this point and since it IS sort of silly that a company that can deliver packages around the world can't hire someone to create a useful, functioning mobile app I've opted to laugh!.Version: 6.2.3

Worse delivery company everWhat a joke. I was expecting a parcel to turn up on 28th May 2020. Got an email and text saying that it was being delivered on this day and that it would be before 9pm. Rang up the customer service team to find out where my parcel is after waiting in doors all day up till 8pm to find out that the parcel was still needed checks to be done and clearance. Didn’t have this information on the website. I then asked when would the parcel come and the women on the phone didn’t have a clue and said it might come on 29th May, 1 day after it was suppose to come and she said I would have to wait in doors and just keep checking the tracking app to find out when it’s coming. I’ve asked for management to complain for wasting my whole day for nothing..Version: 8.8.0

Poor QualityThe app gives you no more detail than using the tracking available direct from the confirmation email they send. They advertise UK to Belgium in two days, but to Aberdeen? Six days and counting. The app showed my parcel as having left the depot at 06:15 for delivery ‘before the end of the day’. Nothing received by 21:10 when the tracker suddenly changed to show delivery has moved on from Friday to next Monday. No clues, no hints or any useful feedback and certainly no information on the location of my parcel. The irony is that the parcel contains a watch that can find and display its own location to within a few metres anywhere in the world. I only gave this one star to be able to review the app. The only good thing about it is that it is free..Version: 8.2.1

Hire a professional to make apps?This app is hot garbage. Forgets info, swaps user name and email it's almost completely unusable..Version: 9.7.4

Unprofessional bunch of humansThis is literally the worst, when I say the worst I mean it’s the worst shipping option for anyone and I won’t advise anyone to ship with ups. They are so unprofessional and they always have a different answers for just one question..Version: 9.7.5

App is uselessGot UPS email saying my parcel couldn’t be delivered because the address was missing. Tracking showed the parcel got to my home town but stuck there it seems. Downloaded app as instructed in the email. Wanted to give update on full address but that option not available. App just told me what was in email with no contact details or what to do next. Had a random chat via the chatbot that took 20 minutes to get to a link where I could send an email. Just have to hope now that they will update the address and make delivery. I won’t be calling customer services as calls cost over £1 per minute - kerching. It’s beyond belief how poor UPS with customer service and this app adds no value..Version: 8.6.0

TerribleI’ve got an email saying my package is delivered but it hasn’t Been delivered I’ve tried to contact them but they aren’t responding to me this is my first terrible delivery and my last with this company if your buying something and the website uses this company for it’s shipping don’t they’ll just get it lost..Version: 8.11.0

Typical UPS.As ever with couriers it’s all one way traffic. They give you minimal information and yet expect everyone to stay in all day assuming that your time is not as important or precious as theirs. Not to mention they cancel deliveries and shift them to next days without any warning or information passed on to you, who remains waiting for them at home. My last was two days! This app gives you no more information than the simple online tracking site, in fact it’s worse, it updates so slowly, it’s pointless, it’s a waste of space on your phone. They know *EXACTLY* where their delivery vehicle is at any given moment in time, they know *EXACTLY* what order the parcels are being delivered in, therefore they can give you some sort of window for the knock on the door. Maybe like some others: morning or afternoon; or some of the better couriers out there: a one hour window. Allowing you to get on with your day. The best from UPS is “by the end of the day”! And even that isn’t 100% certain. Utterly useless, almost negligent bordering on criminal. Can you imagine how good and efficient they would be if we could charge our time by the hour waiting?.Version: 6.2.3

Shocking, installed and deleted!How a company like UPS can have an app as pointless as this is beyond me. I installed it....deleted it the next day as there literally is no value in having it. And I agree with the other comments, ‘by the end of the day’ is poor timescale for delivery, the other couriers manage to do much better, UPS are embarrassingly lagging. The drivers themselves are always lovely though. Regardless of there being no information about the time your delivery, the app doesn’t even function. I tracked my package via the email I received - it showed me the delivery date. Then I installed the app and when I tried to track again, using the app, I got the message ‘tracking information unavailable’ and it told me I was not due any deliveries in the scheduled section. I used the link on the email to track but because I had installed the app, it took me to into there.....which gave me the error messages again and no information at all. I’m sure I’m not stupid, I generally know how to track parcels and I seem to manage with every other courier. I have diverted parcels, arranged alternate days, requested to leave in a safe place etc, I’m pretty savvy when it comes to this kind of thing. But with UPS.....well, honestly, there is zero point in this app, it deserves zero stars. Embarrassing for the app developers and UPS. Frustrating for customers and poor value for the clients who are choosing to ship with UPS..Version: 8.5.0

Not accurate at allChanging up my delivery dates all the time, the app said my packages were suppose to be delivered yesterday, then i had to call and ask about it and they told me my package will be delivered tomorrow and then now the app says that my package is going to be here on Friday. If I could give it zero stars, i would..Version: 8.7.1

Helpful on the phone but app is useless!My package was due to arrive yesterday so it is already a day late. Having checked the app all day it just said it was in-transit and that it would arrive by the end of the day, which wasn’t very reassuring because it was already a day late. I rang UPS directly and they were able to track it and said it was out for delivery. Why they couldn’t have updated the app, I don’t know. So I’m HOPEFULLY it will arrive in the next hour. In conclusion if you want to find where your package is, just phone them..Version: 8.8.0

So late!I had a lens for 2 September and it’s still in Melbourne, I paid 39.99 for express delivery and there is lens till now 5 September, I’ll not work with this company after this. I’ll leave AUSTRALIA at 14 September and I need lens before that day but I have so stress right now 😒😒😒😒😒.Version: 9.7.4

Bent, broken, dented, etc.I used to think quite highly of UPS, but I’ve had to return or get replacements for more things than I can count since moving to FL. I am extremely unsatisfied and nearing anger toward UPS. It would seem as tho your shipping and handling has gone down the toilet. More often than not I am getting dented, broken, and damaged goods I’ve been waiting on. I miss FedEx. Honestly, I miss anyone that isn’t UPS. There’s now a running joke here about “how much damage this time?”. There needs to be retraining for your staff in the south because compared to the northeast IT IS HORRENDOUS. I dread anytime I know that I’ll be receiving anything via UPS, which is a shame since my father worked for you as a driver in and around Boston. He’s blown away how poor the service is here. I wish I could rate Zero stars. My experience isn’t even worth a single Star. I am going to go out of my way and pay more in order to avoid using UPS. There has just been REPEATED times that I’ve had disappointment from UPS since moving south to FL. Shipping and handling is not a priority and that’s supposedly your business..Version: 9.7.5

Cant log inI logged in at UPS website via Google (they give the option). It gave me a username and I can access stuff there. The app now just tells me my username is taken and I would have to create a new one. That is dumb. No wonder this app has a low rating..Version: 6.1.0

Avoid UPS if you can.There’s little point in using UPS’s app for tracking parcels because it’s barely ever updated at crucial times. I had a parcel (on the day of expected delivery) that was still listed as being in Calgary, only to have it delivered in Halifax minutes later. I didn’t know UPS could break the laws of physics of time and space :P.Version: 8.7.1

OutrageousHad my parcel delivered to my local courier, 11th of June it was delivered I turned up on the 13th. I ask for my parcel and they ask for my ID and then pick up my parcel, he then tried to scan the parcel yet something came up on his machine which withheld me from taking my delivery. Why I don’t know, I have my ID, my parcel is there and why can’t I have it, I was given no reason apart from that I couldn’t collect it. Anyway I come in 2 days later and ask for my parcel yet it’s not there, it’s been collected by UPS and is being returned to their depo. Why this is being done I don’t know as I was actually there with the parcel within touching distance from me, yet then I was told I couldn’t have it. Trying to get my parcel back is now a different matter as the UPS website and app is so bad and confusing with little information. I click on what I want and it takes me back to the home page, actually ridiculous considering before all this I could of snatched my parcel and ran out the shop. The parcel was very expensive and I’m not happy with how this has been dealt with. The gig is on Friday and if I miss out because of this outrageous chain of events, I’ll be back..Version: 8.4.0

Not surprisedHonestly, reading the reviews, I’m not surprised. People have had to wait for days if not weeks and it’s embarrassing for the company. As an international delivery service, which is used all around the world, you’d expect them to be more wise with their deliveries and time management. They can’t even process the address, which is required when filling out the billing details, which causes more hassle and embarrassment for the company. The customer service is awful, rude, repetitive and certainly not problem solving. If you have bought anything, I recommend NOT to use UPS. Appalled.Version: 9.0.1

UselessApp is a waste of space on my phone and will be deleted as soon as I finish this review. I can see what they were trying to do and I suppose it has potential to be useful, but if UPS don’t update information regularly and frequently than it’s pointless. So, it’s not as much that the app is bad, it is UPS that are unwilling to let customers know where their parcels are and narrow down an estimated time of delivery. Anything other than “by the end of the day” would be a massive improvement. I could’ve saved one day of annual leave an be in work had I known that my parcel would not be delivered during the earlier part of the day. As things are, it is 3pm and I’m still waiting. Complete disrespect of people’s time. It is unbelievable that with all the technology available today we have to settle with “by the end of the day”. Ridiculous!.Version: 8.0.0

Possibly the worst company everParcel not delivered only got a email at end of the day to inform going to be re scheduled for tomorrow I would not be there so needed to change the delivery address don’t waste your time trying to use the app it does not work so called them spoke to person who kept saying I understand but didn’t do anything put me through to Manager who again understood but could not do anything I was told can’t change the address until they had a failed delivery so this was going to delay me getting the parcel by another 2 days and would waste the drivers time all I got was a lot of understanding but no help still waiting for my parcel why would anyone use this company DPD Royal Mail even Hermes can deliver parcels in an efficient manner.Version: 9.1.0

Don’t botherThe app is as useless and inefficient and UPS themselves. The app doesn’t actually prove any real data. Kept saying ‘information unavailable’ so I never knew when packages were out for delivery. Said my delivery would be available on a Monday, took the day off work to accept it. Never showed up and still hasn't. Guess I have nothing else better to do with my time during covid then stair out a window waiting for the UPS guy to never show up. Better off calling customer service and asking them..Version: 8.11.0

Useless, might as well use Microsoft WordI downloaded this app because I have an expensive package scheduled to arrive when I’m away for work, so I wanted to change the delivery to the desired access location. Well I changed it to the desired access location without attempt to deliver to house, and guess where the package ended up. It’s now sitting on my front steps vulnerable to theft and the cold winter weather. After calling them, “they have no record of this request”.Version: 9.0.1

DPD do this so much better. . . .A courier is a courier. You pay your money and make your choice. Delivery apps are part of the service offered and frankly UPS’s offering in this aspect of their service is useless. It tells you nothing more than it will be delivered before the end of day! DPD’s app on the other hand is great. It tells you the name of the driver and where your delivery is on their list, Also where the driver is currently on his list and shows a map of his location or where his last or current delivery was. On top of this they give you a one hour slot within which you delivery will be made. With all this information it’s easy to plan for someone to be there to receive the package or if not there are options to redirect the driver where to leave it in a safe place or to leave it with a designated neighbour. All In real time I believe. Brilliant. UPS need to be looking at how DPD do this and learn something..Version: 6.3.0

Awful AppWhen trying to sign up in the app was unable to create a password. Tried 15 times! The frustrating part is to sign for your package you have to use the app. How are you supposed to do that when you can’t sign up!!!???.Version: 9.7.3

Pretty good start. But, lacking key features.The make“Make change to delivery“ leaves more to be desired. I understand UPS is very efficient, as they use algorithms to produce delivery routes for their truck drivers… (And now that I can follow the delivery live, I can watch the truck stroll in and out of my neighborhood several times, even passing my house before leaving the neighborhood entirely and going across town only to come back hours later and drop off my package. LOL) But it would be nice to have an available field to write a note for the driver. There are a little detailsI have desired such as having him not ring my doorbell for one. Hoard to provide more specific instructions on where to leave the package aside from there basically list provided of front door or side door garage etc. Having said that I could imagine if the driver had to leave a little note for every other package it would probably slow down quite a bit but I’m just throwing it out there just in case..Version: 9.1.0

Pointless Downloading the appThe email I received notifying me of my parcel delivery date had 3 link options on it *change delivery *manage preferences *view delivery planner. Pressing any of these links to the app registration. Once I had gone through the process the app does not let you do any of these things. It prompts you to become a member of “UPS my Choice” THE ONLY INFO YOU GET WITH THE APP IS THE INFO ALREADY GIVEN IN THE EMAIL. There no point down loading the app!!.Version: 9.4.2

Avoid if you canAlways changes the dates about my packages, and I had to call all the time to ask for my delivery updates. Many times delivery driver posted fake delivery attempts. Gave up on their punctuality many times and had to go for my package pickups..Version: 8.8.0

Poor serviceTrying to get help from this app is useless. I have to use the browser to get a phone number for customer service. And even that it is hidden down in sub pages! Also no apologies when they make a mistake!.Version: 9.7.4

Inconsistent at bestAvoid using ups. Late on deliveries, giving you false delivery dates. Employees unhappy at their jobs. I will never order from anyone using UPS again.Version: 9.7.4

ZERO STAR❗️👎👎👎👎101% USELESS!! I hate UPS so much!! Very weak company! Destroy everyone’s trust from this garbage organization. Better delete this app and declare bankruptcy of your stupid business. DO NOT TRY❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️.Version: 9.7.4

GarbageThe app does nothing but send you in circles and refuse to accent a freshly reset password,, I’m resetting my password daily to be able to get access to this stupid app, and I still don’t even know how to use “UPS my Choice” because it refuses me access to it. Also the help assistant is useless unless you’re looking for an AI generated FAQ,, no seriously it’s terrible..Version: 9.7.3

No choices and delivery timesI was not available for the first delivery it apparently a signature required with no other options so I wasn’t home the second delivery attempt was this morning nothing said what time they may be coming or not I was sitting in the house never heard anyone knock and missed it again now I called and was told someone would call me within an hour to see if they could make another attempt today it’s been an hour and 40 minutes with no phone call. It’s my day off and I don’t know whether they’re going to try and deliver or not again sitting wasting my time It tells you to change it click here and doesn’t let you do anything. I asked over phone as no one is usually home or only here at random why I can’t pick up at ups in rockdale. Now I’m awaiting third attempt which maybe today or Monday as no one called me back as I was told. This is the only item that has given no options other then. Signature required I can’t seem to be given an option to pick it up or know when there coming after the first attempt. I need this item and find it ridiculous it’s the only item worth a few dollars I have had signature required on in years and can seem to get the item. Why is this so difficult and why will you waste gas trying three times but charge me if you take it to be picked up Makes no sense.Version: 9.7.4

WorksWorks fine but is really ugly, prefer using the website over this app.Version: 6.1.0

Unbelievably useless AppI ordered a mattress from a well known company here in the U.K. From a previous order, I knew they’d use UPS. Providing any form of tracking number was pointless because the number provided on the delivery sheet just wasn’t recognised so I couldn’t even get an update. Two days after ordering, UPS guy is knocking on my door and delivers my mattress. And that is the only good thing I can actually say, the UPS driver was superb. As for the app, UPS if you actually bother reading these reviews, then I’ll give it to you straight, your app is embarrassing! with zero effort put in to design. If you want to see what a professional delivery app looks like, go and look at DPD’s app because theirs is superb and works. If I could give UPS app zero stars, I would..Version: 9.2.0

Needs a lot of improvementAlmost as bad as my customer service experience, unfortunately..Version: 8.5.0

AwfulDoes not allow login, can’t track parcels. Back to using phone calls to find out status..boring!.Version: 8.3.0

Terrible AppProbably the worst app on the Apple store.Version: 9.0.0

Won’t workLess than one star ! Won’t let me register??? Sign in process won’t let me put in password ?? So I can’t even get started ??.Version: 9.7.3

WORSE APP/CUSTOMER SERVICEWe have tried to ignore the bad reviews as we thought we need to give this a chance since the local currier picking up our delivery from overseas is UPS Your registration process: Not responsive at all and jams continuously Doesn’t allow us to create a new account tried 2 different phones and details…100% jammed! Your customer service: It’s not a service, barely a human answer phone Overall disappointed, one of the most iconic curriers in the world staying afloat on the memories of what UPS used to be. I still can’t believe your overall service has become so poor and disappointing, DHL is far better and I rather to spend my money there….Version: 9.4.2

Worst online service I’ve come acrossAll I wanted to do was change the delivery date so that a trip they were going to make wasn’t wasted. I added the app, I added myself to the service only to find that the system just went round and round in circles going to the virtual assistant which asked has it been delivered NO what do you want to do -Change Delivery - has it been delivered No - in that case you can change delivery goto the website, click on track and manage changes - guess what that did brought me straight back to the virtual assistant.... asking has it been delivered.... the start of the circle again. Garbage.Version: 8.11.2

Consistently disappointingI naturally assumed that a global distribution company of this scale would have market leading service and user facing technology. It is certainly the hallmark of some other well known brands. But UPS has been a disappointment for me every time this year. Some of my packages have arrived without notice, some have not turned up on the day predicted (repeatedly). Customer service are useless and, if you bother to complain, it seems to take weeks to respond and the response makes little sense (just a stock answer). Meanwhile the app is slow to load and the information doesn’t always align with reality (see comments about deliveries arriving unexpectedly or not on the day specified)..Version: 9.6.0

Almost useless!This app is really no use at all. I already get an e-mail to tell me that the package is out for delivery ‘before the end of the day’. The app gives the option of a more detailed delivery time - which still says ‘before end of day’! The delivery route must be planned before the shipment leaves the distribution centre, so why can’t I at least be told I’m package 67 of 220? More than once I’ve waited in for a package, which has then not arrived (presumably because the driver ran out of time). Neither does the app let me re-arrange delivery to a neighbour or alternative address. Do I really have to take a whole day off work to wait in for a package? Other companies, such as DPD, can give me an accurate 1-hr slot so surely UPS can do the same! It’s just not good enough UPS!.Version: 6.2.3

No stars !!!Set up the app , my choice pops up and seemingly the default delivery address was set to a access point . I was needing these car parts as soon as picked next day delivery too rates paid ! , and I had to walk to the access point to pick up my car parts . I had to contact ups via messanger to try and get a answer as to why this wasn’t delivered to my address , and I could not change the delivery address via the app . Basically useless app soo many 1 stars for this disappointing app with all the tech that’s available especially on a company this size poor effort ups.Version: 9.0.0

Test the updates before releasing...App used to work fine, but apparently we needed to fix what wasn’t broken and now doesn’t function half the time. If I look at my delivery details, leave the app, then come back, the app freaks out and tells me it’s unable to process the request and wipes everything so that it looks like I have no deliveries. Then I have to force close the app and restart to get everything back (and hopefully not have to reset preferences again because the app also feels like randomly changing those from time to time.) The final issue that I’ve noticed is that even though I’ve allowed the app to send banners, notifications, sounds, etc., it almost NEVER does this. I might get a random alert every now and then, but the whole point of the app was to let me know when something shipped, if there’s a problem or when my delivery actually arrives and it seems to fail this basic functionality. Apparently, UPS just wants me to be in this app 24/7. Maybe the developers took a note from the Facebook app developers and decided to make the updates less and less user-friendly..Version: 9.0.0

Bad serviceMy packages come late but UPS didnt sent me email or call to letting me know. 1 star..Version: 8.5.0

Garbage compagnyTheir delivery service are always late (that’s if they actually attempt to deliver).They said they attempted to deliver my package but in fact they never came. To keep it simple don’t expect anything from them because you will be highly disappointed..Version: 9.7.3

Garbage companyThis the most slowest shipping company I have ever wait. I am waiting for my package pending release from a Government Agency about one week already, and I am still waiting now, it said should be shipped on July 14, five days later, nothing change, still waiting waiting waiting, do not choose UPS for shipping, it is ridiculous and horrible..Version: 9.7.3

Don’t like the latest updateThe latest update does not allow deleting delivered packages. And once I had deleted from showing before app update are showing now. From January until now. Allows for hiding but they sit in TO ME to see when I don’t want a running list of old deliveries. On my iPhone all so the format is horrid as as the reset for delivered and hidden takes up most of the screen and gives a tiny window the width of my tip of my thumb to scroll through and click to hide. But nothing that shows it’s been hidden so scrolling through and I look to see options it might show to not hide. Fact is the latest is not friendly to use. It as easy to track a package prior and once delivered deleting it from ever seeing it again. Surely it takes up memory on my phone the running list. I never like having to resort to an app review because the website given is not the one who works on the app but in this case just takes you to ups so no means to communicate app issues. If delete is on the app then it is not clear how to delete. Maybe everyone else likes the update and puts me in the minority. Put the app on my iPad mini 4 and the horrid delivered packages are there and can’t delete. To me hide means I can’t see them at all but there they are annoying me. So uninstalling and reinstalling will not correct it..Version: 9.0.0

App & Service need work!This app is dreadful and considering the size of UPS and that they’re business is to deliver parcels, they would have made a decent app for their customers. The shows conflicting information between screens, for example “In Transit” on the parcel list screen and then “Held In Warehouse” on the parcel information screen. So which am I meant to believe!? Even then I’ve had parcels leaving Cologne that then within a few hours turn up at my door. UPS should really look at competitive analysis, apps like Royal Mail and DPD wipe the floor with this primary school made app. Please sort this out UPS, you’ve got the money to do it - pay some decent developers to fix it and then you’d reduce your customer service costs!.Version: 8.11.2

HorribleI’m trying to change delivery instructions, but everytime I try to log into UPS My Choice (which I think there is no point to have anyway) it takes me back to the home page where I input my tracking number, which then tells me to log in again even though I have already logged in. The app and the website keep me going in circles when all I want to do is log into UPS My Choice, input my tracking number, and change the delivery instructions so I don’t risk having my expensive package stolen while I’m away for on vacation a couple days. I cant log in, it just sends me back to the home page where it asks me to log in again, then it sends me to the app, then the app gives me no option to log into my UPS My Choice account and only gives me the option to sign up, and it goes on and on and on. It’s absolutely ridiculous, I’ve been trying to do this simple thing that I can do on other shipping websites in less than 5 minutes. Update: after almost an hour of trying to figure it out, I managed to log into my account and got to change the delivery instructions to rear door, just to find out that they left my package at the front door instead. thankfully my dad decided to drive an hour back home to get some stuff or else my package would’ve been stolen. ridiculous..Version: 9.4.2

USELESSCan’t re route or schedule a delivery of a parcel, even though the app says you can. I already have an account and am logged in. When you click delivery options it keeps trying to make you ‘sign up’... I’ve now signed up twice and it still doesn’t work. You just go around in circles.Version: 8.5.0

Terrible appIm sure this company could invest in a team to upgrade this garbage app or stop promoting it for customer to use when it doesnt even work.Version: 9.7.3

One star is too muchThis is the most useless app and the company. You can’t register on the site, as it only allows the USA as a country of residence, and you can’t verify your email address on the app. After five attempts I am giving up and hope the parcels will go back to the sender- eventually. Out of three packages I have been expecting, none came on time, two are still outstanding with no information on their whereabouts or delivery dates. The app doesn’t let you in, doesn’t let to change anything and the tracking is pretty useless. I don’t understand how a company can still be in business with such dreadful service..Version: 8.2.0

Just awful 🤢🤮UPS was once seen as a premium courier service, however in recent years they have slipped so far behind. I would say that one of the reasons for this would be their obsession with using “funky” product/brand names for simple things such collection/delivery points (what the hell is an Access Point and My Choice, and what’s the difference!? Just call them what they are!) and complete inability to communicate simply the placement of a package in their tracking information without using jargon no-one understands or has time to try and understand - on both their app and website. Maybe try and take a leaf out of your competitors book (or rather, app) and see if your ratings as a courier get any better. As for this app, it obviously has never been tested as there is conflicting information about packages depending where you look. I have a parcel that is meant to arrive, and in one part of the app it says there is an exception (but doesn’t state what the exception is) and in another part it says that it is transit but is “ready to be returned to UPS” - a confusing and somewhat alarming message! And because of the way of the times, there isn’t a phone number to call to get in touch with a human to explain what the hell is going on with my parcel! I think you guys really just need to pull this app off the store and go back to the drawing board, because this is just hideous..Version: 9.0.1

Frustratingly horribleContinuously changing the delivery dates and times, which makes it hard to plan to be at home at the appropriate time. And even when they give you a delivery time frame, they arrive early! I get that the drivers can be efficient or there’s the potential they’re early due to whatever reason, but it’s not like we can take off work whenever they say they have to change the delivery date and time! And another thing, it says that a delivery was attempted but no one even showed up!! This has to change, or do what they do at the post office or FedEx, drop it if at a local UPS store to have it picked up!!! I feel like I’m always getting the run-around..Version: 9.7.3

UselessWouldn’t let me log in to existing account. Wouldn’t allow me to reset password. Wouldn’t allow me to check user id. Wouldn’t let me create a new account. Deleted app. Useless..Version: 9.2.0

Was good but now impossible to useThis used to be a very clear app. I could see what deliveries I was expecting on what day and packages were sorted in order of expected date. They opted to take this clear view and create chaos for app users. Packages appear in a seemingly random order, delivered packages are mixed in and the removal of color boxes makes it hard to tell them apart from packages en route, and the app is difficult to view. Please fix it!!! We need to be able to see when our packages are coming!!! This is imperative because UPS decided to take their great customer service and throw it in the trash. They’ve made receiving a delivery extremely difficult for their customers. If you can’t get to your door fast enough they will take your package to a random location. Auto parts store on a hill? Sports shop with no parking lot? I’m physically disabled and this has been an absolute nightmare. I need to know when I have packages coming so I can sit near my door and actually receive the items that are crucial to my health and safety. Please please PLEASE fix this app!! And maybe consider creating safe and accessible delivery options for people who can’t trek 4 miles to get their packages in the middle of a city if we can’t get to the door in the two seconds your delivery people deem acceptable..Version: 9.0.0

Feels like a phishing scamSigned up, created password which was accepted. Try to log in - wrong username/password. Reset password. Accepted. Try to log in - wrong username or password. Reset password again making triply sure how it was typed - accepted. Login while double-checking and triple-checking both username and password are identical to what I just typed in. Login fails - wrong username or password. Deleted app. Feels like it isn’t connected to UPS at all and is instead some sort of phishing scheme..Version: 9.7.3

Worst Service EverTerrible experience with UPS. They lost our shipment but refused to compensate us even though our shipment was insured. Customer Services and management only doing lip service when they say they value their loyal customers. They only care about the price of their stock and how much money they can make..Version: 4.0.5

Disappointing appThe app offers very little useful functionality. There is no link between tracking and shipments. It forgets the tracking id after a few days, so you have to go and find it again..Version: 8.6.0

Almost uselessI’m expecting a delivery & I receive an Email from UPS telling me that it’s being delivered by them & that I can track it with their “all sing it& dancing app”. Great! The app simply reiterates what it says in the Email-“Estimated delivery time-By end of day”. So I have to hang around all day waiting in for it which is made even more infuriating when another Email arrives to say that it’s been rescheduled for tomorrow. When the Email arrives the following morning it repeats “Estimated delivery time-By end of day”. There is no way to check when it will arrive with the app. No real time tracker like all the other courier services use. The customer is simply left hanging around, waiting in for a delivery that is sometimes rescheduled fir a second time. As I said, it’s almost useless!.Version: 8.2.0

GarbageGarbage app, garbage company. What should be simple requires 17 emails, 4 phone calls, and a letter from the pope. The app makes you re-sign in everytime you do anything, the help section and the live chat are also completely useless. If ai could give negative stars I would..Version: 9.7.3

Very little use for contract customersEvery time a UPS shipment is created we can assign a reference to it ie an order number. Contract customers ship hundreds of parcels and no-one is going to remember a tracking number. It is beyond my comprehension why this app not only does not allow shipments to be searched for by user reference but even if you select a shipment from a list of all recent shipment, the info screen for that shipment does not contain the reference or who it is coming from or going to so it’s basically impossible to use the app to get info on a shipment. Update this one thing and the app will actually have a use..Version: 8.1.0

Not helpfulThe only thing worse than this app is setting up a UPS account, which you need to do before use this app. Was unable to perform simple tasks in this app so I had to ring UPS - something which shouldn't be necessary these days. (You can create an account in this app, but it just displays the same web pages inside the app that you get if you setup an account in a web browser. When I tried to setup an account it told me I already had an account, but when I tried to reset the password it told me I didn't have an account... When I finally got it working, to do anything with a parcel requires you to register a 2nd time but thankfully this registration was painless and it automatically linked it to my 1st account. What did I need to register a 2nd time to access? - to be able to change anything with the delivery of a parcel. This is the only thing 99% of people need to do so why make it more difficult than it needs to be)..Version: 8.11.0

RubbishWorst delivery company I’ve ever encountered. Every time I order something from our regular suppliers I hope and pray that it will not be delivered by UPS. The last 4 times they have failed to deliver my stuff on time by at least two days putting a delay on my work. They give vague information on delivery times which are never accurate. I was meant to be receiving my parcel today which was paid for as next day delivery. Still says out for delivery now for today at 2pm, it’s now 9:30pm and it definitely isn’t coming today. Wasted money so I’ll definitely be looking for a refund. If you have the choice make sure you avoid this company, hopefully they will go bankrupt soon enough and shut down!.Version: 8.3.0

Privacy ConcernThis app snoops the data in you clipboard. It’s nice that Apple has provided a means (banner) to detect these bad actors. Why on earth would UPS need access to data that has been copied??.Version: 9.2.0

Worse than the websiteThe tracking in the app was even move vague and unhelpful than the website. Didn’t list any place names or countries once it left the comfort of a few domestic postal locations in the states. The website had better information, downloading this app was a waste of my time..Version: 8.8.0

Ups check ur website security ok?Every time after the official website or downloading UPS software, the next day you will receive SMS and phone calls from the fraud company. Your information security system has been breached by the fraud company. Can you take a minute to fix it? There are express mail lost, not on time, I really speechless! Never choose UPS again! And will tell friends to stay away from UPS!.Version: 9.7.3

TerribleThis app does not *deliver* on any of its claims. UPS? DOWNS more like. Package delivery was fine, I can’t fault the company for that but this app is the smashed pasty at the bottom of your shopping bag, crushed by the tinned ham you’ve been collecting as supplies for the fallout shelter. On one tab it said delivery was “on schedule” but the detailed tab stated “no delivery scheduled for today”. Using this app I had no idea if the package would be delivered or not. So I couldn’t decide if I should put on the disguise issued by my witness protection programme liaison officer, as I don’t usually answer the door to strangers unless I’m dressed appropriately. I decided not to go to all that bother and would use an accent when greeting callers instead “Och, as tha’ package fur me wee laddie? Och, so at is. Here’s a wee bawbee fur ya, and be off wut yus ya wee scamp.” I decided the accent needed work. Anyways, the web link said the parcel was out for delivery, this app told me nothing!! Pointless..Version: 8.0.0

Review.No logins. No sign ups. Trying again and again. Called twice on customer service all they keep telling you is what’s on the app. No further updates. No reference card or number left in mailbox to pick up from nearby location. App says if parcel is missed they will try next day. But there’s no one out there..Version: 8.4.0

App does not openApp does not open. Trying to access app support from the App Store just takes you to the ups web general help..Version: 9.0.0

AwfulI’d give it 0 stars but it won’t let me..Version: 8.9.0

Useful and Convenient, but...I’ve been using this app for several years to track packages and get delivery windows. It’s improved a lot, but there’s one feature that would make it even more awesome: the ability to give specific instructions to drivers. I keep finding very heavy packages sitting right in front of my front door—when I’m inside my home. My screen door opens outward, so this means that I’m quite literally barricaded in by the package. It takes me several minutes to push the screen door out without pushing the box down the steps and damaging the contents. I’ve left notes and signs on my door instructing the driver to please stop doing that, and to please just leave the box on or under the bench at the bottom of the stairs. Occasionally the drivers read and heed these notes and signs. It would be great if I could simply put that note in my account on this app so that all drivers see it. Right now, I can only select locations from a drop down menu, and my preferred location isn’t an option..Version: 8.6.0

Don’t Bother! Not worth the time and effort.I never had to use UPS up to now and I now know that I never will in future. I’ve been expecting a parcel for the last two days and the process of tracking it has been just as painful as waiting for it to be delivered. Registering for an account took a good half an hour yesterday and as UPS suggested I also downloaded this app. Unfortunately the sign up process is long and emails to verify your account are not being received. It’s far easier to set up your internet banking than set up an account with UPS. Eventually, I gave up! The designer and developer clearly had no concept of what a good customer experience is. Rubbish!.Version: 8.9.0

Not Impressed at allDelivery driver came to my door Told me I need to pay an extra £18 for delivery I was willing to pay for it on the spot (he said I can’t) The worst part was he left me a card with hardly any info on it only the outstanding balance and an incorrect reference number so I couldn’t even pay for my package and get my package. Too stressful. And when I was asking him for instructions and info at the door he was really unhelpful and didn’t care. I already spent £30 for the delivery fee to get this item from the USA. And then I’m being charged again and on top of that having to deal with an unhelpful and an incompetent person who can’t even put the correct reference numbers on the paper for me to my parcel which i paid so much money for. Spent ages trying to track it down and solve the problem.Version: 8.8.0

My Choice vs No Choice!Logged on to the basic UPS app to amend the delivery of a parcel arriving today. Instead of a simple logon and then options to amend the delivery, it kept saying my details were already signed up as a UPS My Choice customer, but nowhere on the app screen was the option to sign in. It kept forcing me to go back to the home page, with very limited options. This is a very basic app, in its infancy of being developed, obviously uploaded by developers as a basic version in a sprint to get something out there in a hurry, but lacks the ability to work correctly. Poor service, if you’re going to advertise as having the ability to change things via an app, then at least ensure they work first..Version: 8.5.0

UnreliableTold me to wait all day to have my parcel collected and processed and never showed up all day and when called they booked me in for another day which again same was repeated and when asked for a refund they tell you to wait for 30 business working days . Very crazy team . If something cannot be done then you should not create it or say it can be done . You deserve a 0 as a review.Version: 9.6.0

Horrible ServiceChanged my delivery date like 5 times and took around 1 month for it to come…. meanwhile amazon products come the next day.Version: 9.7.4

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