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Thank you William Shatner!The app is very easy to use. And yes, there are incredible deals to be had, especially if you’re a VIP member..Version: 21.6.2

Great appMade all the more better by having Shatner kick ur screen in!.Version: 5.6

Priceline will not correct mistakes made by their appI tried to book a room in Brooklyn NY using the iPhone app. n the middle of booking the app returned and error message saying the transaction did not go through & telling me to try again. I was still on the last booking screen eater co firming m credit card info. I hit “enter” again in the app tool and got a confirmation that my reservation was completed! yay!! a few seconds later i got back to back alerts that my credit card had been charged for a priceline booking 2 times, exact same amts. I returned to the Priceline app and sure enough I saw two separate booking for the hotel. The booking was duplicated by the tool which I did not intend. After speaking to 3 people at Priceline they refused to correct their app mistake claiming all non refundable bookings are just that, non refundable! even though it was a system error created by their mobile app! ridiculous and totally disappointing. will never book through them again. buyer beware!!!!!!.Version: 20.8

GreatGet it.Version: 5.6

So simpleAnd very user friendly.Version: 5.7

Fairly Happy with No problemsBooked to travel between Jamaica and Barbados on Caribbean Airlines. Every aspect of the booking, check-in and flight was trouble free. At check-in our seats came up as Standby but this was soon resolved. Apparently if you don’t check-in online your seats are allocated as standby. I did not try the Airline online check-in..Version: 16.7

Love itI absolutely love Priceline.Version: 21.5.2

Functional app but customer support behind the app is badThe app has always worked fine for me, prices are consistently the best and the areas serviced are really good. Being that this is what Priceline advertises as their specialty, I believe this should be expected. However, the customer support behind the app is terrible. I made a reservation but a few hours after I made the reservation, my wife decided to make a change to our itinerary. I got back on the app, selected cancel and canceled the trip. It was well within Priceline's advertised 24 hour free cancellation period. I rebooked my trip with the changes my wife wanted. Keep in mind I did not get an immediate refund for the cancellation I made. I didn't expect to get an immediate refund but I did expect to get one at some point. 20 days after I made the cancellation I called Priceline and after waiting on hold for more than 2 hours, I was told that they would NOT honor their own policy and I would not be receiving a refund. Granted I cannot afford to be out the $2,300 dollars I spent so I will have to pursue this issue further. It's really unfortunate as I have booked over 100 different accommodations through Priceline..Version: 20.8

NEVER USE PRICELINEThey don’t even deserve the 1 star that I had to give to write the review. I had been using them for a month straight every night until 1 night I had made my reservation close to midnight right before I got there. It somehow got switched to the following day and they wouldn’t check me in until 3 pm. 15 hours later!! I had used all the money I had left on that reservation. So I guess they expected me to sit there and stare at the empty motel and room that I had already paid for until 3pm. A few weeks ago a hotel cancelled my reservation last minute and they were able to switch me to another hotel but fixing the date a few hours was out of the question. Finally after a round with the 3rd representative they gave me “Great news!” They decided to overlook the cancellation policy and give me a full refund that I should see in 7-10 business days. Yay me! I get to sleep a night In my car in the hotel parking lot! *BAD BUSINESS* They lost a customer that spent at least $60 a day for the last month and a half and ANYONE AND EVERYONE that I come into contact with..Version: 19.8

Priceline appIt is very easy to navigate this site, so far I am very happy with my results.Version: 21.5.2

My 51 year anniversary get awayI got a great discount . I am a VIP Client. There was great facility in locating a suitable hotel snd ease in booking my reservation. It’s our 51 year anniversary Priceline gives value for money and is a convenient site to facilitate planning your trip.Version: 21.5

Accommodation and car rentalHave booked both accomodation and car rental through Priceline, both experiences have been fabulous, any little issues we have had have been rectified very quickly. Prices have been incredible. Will continue to book all future trips through Priceline.Version: 16.4

BeautifulMany thanks for great accommodations.Version: 21.4.2

Great deals despite Inconsistent promotional offersWith over 75 qualified trips this year they deem my profile as Platinum status and reward me by REDUCING my express rebate from 12% to 10%. What kind of marketing strategies would reward a frequent user this way makes little sense. Its a good thing the bottom is still the best around.Version: 20.9.1

My go to!!Priceline app is my go to for booking hotel rooms no matter the reason or what kind of trip. Same hotel service wherever but lower prices. Even lower then the hotels own exclusive prices for medical appointments my family travels for..Version: 21.8.2

Simples!Easy to use app and extremely convenient when on the move. Prices found on here for hotels beats others hands down!.Version: 15.7

VietGood.Version: 11.5

Great serviceCan’t believe it was so easy to search and book an hotel even for someone who is internet repellent like me! Well done guys!!.Version: 18.1.1

They are good at finding hotel but what they are bad at is refundI am a VIP gold member in Priceline (whatever that means but I guess It means I use it alot). But this has not happened to me not just once but twice. I got charged by Priceline for a hotel on May but for whatever reason the hotel told me and said the payment through Priceline didn’t went through so they charged me again. (Thats all good I understand that) But when I called the Priceline 3 days after and I said both Priceline and hotel have charged me for the same day so I want Priceline or the hotel to refund on the charge they said they had to confirm with the hotel (that’s understandable too) and the representative of the Priceline said we will make sure with the hotel and send a reimbursement email to your email in 3/5 business days but NO they didn’t. So I called again in 5 days and same response but again NO email (but yes they do make me wait again to confirm with the hotel) After 12 days I called Priceline again and this time they said to email Priceline with my bank statements where it says both parties have charged. And they said it will take 5business days to receive a email back. Its been 2 week still No email..Version: 20.9.2

The best service EVER !!!So I tried to book with Kayak , I tried to book my flight with TripAdvisor, and a couple others. Those two gave me the biggest runaround. TripAdvisor especially. They called me after I tried to book and said there wasn’t any flights at that price but could put me on a spirit air flight for the same price. Now I’m an American Airlines guy myself , or if flying over seas like this time , I will fly Japan Airlines or Korean Air. I said no thank you , stick that spirit air and I hung up. One last try , just one last try. I downloaded Priceline App and booked my flight in under ten minutes with no hassles and the price was like a hundred dollars cheaper. Same schedule and same airlines from TripAdvisor. Oh yeah and the guy from TripAdvisor told me in order to fly American Airlines it would cost over twelve hundred dollars. Nope , it was around a hundred dollars cheaper. Priceline flights ... Best Service EVER !!! Thank you Priceline. My flight to the Philippines is all because of you..Version: 18.0.1

Great AppGreat App.Version: 18.4.1

++I love this game! I can't get off it! Highly ADVISE TO PLAY ON IT!!:)++++++++.Version: 5.7

GoodGood selection very informative.Version: 5.7

WooWoo.Version: 5.7

GreatGreat app and surprisingly easy to use.Version: 5.7

Flight bookingsVery user friendly App. Gave the best price, route, timing and flexibility..Version: 21.9.2

Great app for finding good hotel dealsTravelling across the US this was the perfect app the find last minute bookings at great prices.Version: 15.5

MissThe best and affordable hotels..Version: 15.6

EasyThe app makes it really easy to find accommodation at the last minute at amazing prices.Version: 20.9.2

GreatWhat I was looking for.Version: 5.6

Love itThe app is great I just wish I could search or filter by the amenities rather than going into every listing to see if the offer what I want..Version: 21.5

Pretty good but room for improvementI have used this app a bit and mostly everything is great. The only problem I have had though was that when you filter for hotels that are pet friendly you shouldn’t get to the hotel and have to beg for them to let you stay. I took my dog on a road trip and the first stop was after 15 hours of driving. We were exhausted and ready to go to bed, but when we got there we had to beg them to let us stay which thankfully they made an exception since I was able to show them where the listing showed them as pet friendly. That was stressful, but I was willing to let it go and call it a fluke until it happened again the next evening on the next hotel stop. Fortunately the lady at the front desk also took pity on us and allowed us to stay, but we have to sneak her in and out to use the bathroom and leave the hotel so the other people who work here won’t know she’s here so again very stressful. Please make sure that if you are assigning a hotel to someone looking for pet friendly that it actually is pet friendly.Version: 17.7.1

Best PriceShopped around a lot and found the best price for renting a convertible on Maui right here. Thanks Priceline 👍.Version: 21.0

Good but could be betterGenerally good and very user friendly for the searching part of the process but it is very frustrating that sometimes the app remembers your credit card info and sometimes not - remembers on name price section but not standard booking. Also wouldn't let me use a certain card but then let me use that same card through PayPal...?.Version: 10.0

Under stress, use this app!Happy to say that when it’s crunch time and I need solutions, this app is everything! It’s accurate and quick..Version: 21.0

AjGood deals of hotels.Version: 5.6

I can’t believe itI have used Priceline for many years to book any travel related accommodations. I have booked hotels stays, and air travel; never had an issue. Earlier this year before COVID-19 ruined our lives I had booked 2 plane tickets and now I will not be using them because I cannot travel and I have lost my job so I really need my full refund back and they just keep telling me due to airline policy they can only offer me a travel credit. Sadly I need bills to pay and I cannot pay them with travel credit! I have been trying to get a refund on this for over a month and nothing. I get toss around like a ping pong ball, call here call there let me transfer you. I understand that in “normal” times a credit is fine but we are in a world pandemic you would think they would be more helpful. So sad that after using Priceline for over 5 plus years I will never use them again..Version: 20.2.1

Former Green Beret, 3 Tours VietnamI booked my flight accidentally hitting the book flight key and then realized it was for the wrong month. Contacted Priceline and they were happy to assist me in calling both Frontier and Spirit Airlines and cancelling both round trip tickets while I was on hold. I was sweating it out but they came through for me cancelling both non-refundable tickets. I book through Priceline all the time and get the greatest deals after searching for a couple of days for flights that fit not only my budget, but also the times I want to go, plus non-stop. Furthermore, I just booked a full size vehicle through the express deal for the price of a compact. I checked out all other sites before and Priceline is the most reasonably priced, courteous customer care professionals, and most helpful of all the other sites. If you do go through Priceline, and listen to me, you’ll save time & money! “I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!”.Version: 18.0.1

Great app and great dealsI so much enjoyed using this app. Great deals and existing way to book through the "name your own price" I even got a refund using the price match guaranteed.Version: 12.9

Awful service!I’m so disappointed with Priceline right now. We booked 5 Round Trip flights to Vegas for my son’s 21st Birthday. I paid for these months ago. I logged into the app yesterday and noticed our itinerary has changed. They have us scheduled to come back the next morning. This means we would have to get two more hotel rooms for an extra night. Then after paying extra, we can’t do anything because our new flight is at 6:00 am. When I called customer service there’s a recording that tells me to refer to the website then the call disconnects. I can text customer service through the App then they tell me to call customer service again. Finally I called Alaska Airlines directly. They were wonderful . I gave them my confirmation number and she changed our return flight for me. But I have no verification from Priceline. I’ve checked my emails and checked the app. My next trip I’ll have to book somewhere else..Version: 21.3

YepI'm making all our employees use this. It's easy and will save us thousands a year..Version: 6.1

Great priceBest prices loved it.Version: 21.2

DryOkay It was pretty boring.Version: 5.6

Priceline AppGreat app easy to use and excellent deals.Version: 12.8.1

Good App but need currency selection optionApp is good. Nice deals. Please include currency selection to set to home currency instead of USD only. This is available in website but not in App..Version: 21.6.2

HGhu.Version: 5.7

ReviewI liked it.Version: 5.6

Great appI’d like to see the app show in Canadian dollars when I’m booking in Canada..Version: 21.5.2

Finding a room while road-tripping could be easierFor the past 3 months I’ve been technically a vagabond while trying to find a replacement home after I sold my house. Since I’m never sure where the road will lead me or where the next deal on a home might be, I haven’t been able to really plan in advance to make reservations at a hotel ahead of time. That’s where Priceline comes in handy. I can stop for a break while driving go on their app and they show me all the available hotels in the surrounding area Im in. And since Im traveling with my cats, Im also able to filter hotels that only allow pets. But I have come up on a problem with that. 2 of the hotels which flatly stated they were ‘Pet Friendly’ refused to allow my cats to stay. Saying it was because of allergens. I know as many people allergic to dogs as they are with cats. But that’s not the point which is: these hotels need to state ‘Dog Friendly’ not ‘Pet Friendly’ since that is false advertising and Priceline needs to address that with these hotels. Other than that I’ve been quite pleased with all my booking on Priceline..Version: 21.5

Great service and appFirst time I used this I got a great deal from the express service!! Does what it says - great hotels for great rates. Haven't tried the flights yet but will update my review then..Version: 11.0

Mrs McCaugheyVery efficient service.Version: 21.5.2

Great priceJust booked for the 1st time got a great price better then the airline price app is easy to use, will review again and let you know how it goes..Version: 18.5

LolEpic.Version: 5.6

Easy and fast good dealsA+.Version: 16.1

FantasticFantastic app. It’s easy to use, intuitive and great for accessing Priceline from your smartphone. Well worth the download..Version: 16.4.2

TopFlights would be nice. Otherwise spot on....Version: 5.7

Good toolNeeds more search filters.Version: 5.6

PricelineBest app on my iPhone.Version: 0

GreatReally enjoyed using this..Version: 5.5

AirfareVery affordable with good deals.Version: 19.1.1

Priceline App Rocks!!!I've never submitted a review before but after downloading and using this app, I felt compelled to do so. A couple of things that make a good app great are: an easy user interface; uncomplicated information; time-saving on-the-go functionality and fun & quirky. This app easily ticks all the boxes and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is familiar with the brand and those brilliant "Priceline Negotiator" adverts. The hits for local hotels are accurate and right on the money. Best free booking app ever!.Version: 0

Very clever and convenientBest method I have found so far for quickly finding a hotel at a cheap price nearby. Haven't yet tried the car rental function, but if it's as good as the accommodation one, it will be 10/10!!.Version: 8.1

Always use Priceline!Love this app.Version: 16.8

Flights -5; Hotels- 4 and Car Rentals - 1; CS- 1 in Car Rental IssuesI use often. Majority of the hotels have been great. Flights have been great! Car rentals have been several issues! In July 2017 car rental issue, I booked a car for Atlanta to pick up after my flight. The car rental place double booked cars out & there was no car... was on the phone with Priceline for over 3 hours of them trying to locate a rental car, why so long you ask - they kept putting me on hold for over 45 minutes at a time then switch me to different CS people. I was supposed to have been at my destination at 10:00pm and finally out of airport rentals at 10:30pm they placed in a 5x’s the amount I had originally booked a car for! They never reimbursed as they promised! I had a 3 hour drive to my destination, NO Priceline CS failed hugely! In May 2017, car rental issues in McAlester, OK. Car Rental issues in August 2016 in McAlester, OK. I don’t advise renting a car from Priceline..Version: 16.0.1

More crapFor app smthing.Version: 5.6

I general..Normally Priceline is fantastic and I recommend it to all my friends and work colleagues.. some independent properties are rated four star but by international standard are 2-3 star.. one property rated as 4 star served breakfast with plastic cutlery? I’m not sure whether Priceline uses International rating scheme or they’re own. But in general do luv Priceline..Version: 16.5

Handy appPrety good for a last minute booking.Version: 6.0

Once again Priceline. helps make my traveling easier and less expensive.Maybe I should have given 4 stars for helping me find a good low priced hotel in Amsterdam because when I first started searching I found it very hard to sort through all the hotel choices and all the many locations and areas of the big complex city. Priceline gave me so many choices it was a bit overwhelming, and their map feature didn’t work very nicely or easily on my iPad. If you wanted to zoom out a little, suddenly you would have a map of all of Europe! So it took me some time to first figure out where roughly I wanted to be, and then used Google maps to see how far walking distances were to the train station and to museums or parks I wanted to see. But once I did that, Priceline helped me find a hotel with a nice big room with a big sliding door to a sunny patio balcony overlooking nice trees. Getting my second unexpected night here was very fast with Priceline and at same great deal as first night. Highly recommend PL to friends, and like any website you get better with it the more times you use it and know how to better use it..Version: 19.8.2

GoodEasy to use and shows good deals.Version: 5.6

Great appIf you were able to change the currency would have gotten a 5*.Version: 21.1

Long time customerI have been a loyal customer and user of Priceline before there was ever a smart phone or an app and it was really only ‘name your own price.’ The service has always been fantastic and the hotels, cars, and flights we have reserved have been exactly as described and always discounted lower than any price I could find online. I trust the company and app fully that they will stay true to the business model: connect me to unused rooms/seats/cars for less money. Yes, this has restrictions, including no cancellation, but that is the model and when I need to be able to cancel or I have no flexibility in dates or times, I use other traditional services. I have used customer service on several occasions and have always received prompt, friendly, knowledgeable service, although we have been through the growing pains with them becoming a large corporate entity and noted that customer service is not as nimble as they once were. The app is easy to use and works flawlessly..Version: 20.2.1

.So far so good , im happy with priceline. They always give me support when i need , its good And sometimes more than the best 😝 ok so i did a 5 star review , some discounts for me please ? 😁.Version: 16.7

Why is this a secret?Very impressed by the deals found on Priceline absolute best accommodation app on the App Store, will be recommending it to my family and friends!!!.Version: 21.0

Top formAlways reliable, always cheaper and always fast on giving you the information you need..Version: 16.5.1

Cheap flightsPaid 2760 for flights from Australia to US - every other site was 4K minimum. East to use and best flights online.Version: 21.6.2

What a find!My friend in NYC recommended this app to me when I couldn't find anywhere to stay. I managed to get to stay at the Hilton in Times Square for just over $100! Amazing! Easy to use too and quick to book. Ace!.Version: 9.0

Good:).Version: 5.7

Been using Priceline for yearsHere is why I am giving them 5 stars, first their app is incredibly easy to navigate. Next their prices are always one of the cheapest you will find. (I am a platinum member so that’s helps) If you find it cheaper they will price match plus 10%. Third you can use Priceline as a gauge for what hotels, rental cars, and flights are going for and use that as a base to hunt for deals. The reality is that companies are starting to bring their prices down to these levels with membership incentives and things like that. For example if I go on and see a price here for a Marriott hotel I can then go to the Marriott app and look and see if there are any specials going on to make them cheaper and if not most hotels will price match plus 10-20% more off. Yes I wish priceine allowed you to earn points or give more away but the reality is all those things get rolled into the price anyways so the more they give away the more they charge. Nothing in this life is free and avoid the clap. That’s good advice!!!.Version: 21.5.2

PricelineApp is great but it is in USD so for people in Canada you have to continually convert it over to our currency. Other than that the app is great! Use it all the time for work. Thanks!.Version: 21.5.2

MrLove it, does work for uk residents as I used successfully in Vancouver BC, just need to read some of the blogs on how to set up your account up.Version: 8.1

Car rentalEasy to navigate and price is right.I will use Priceline to book for car rental again. Highly recommended 👍👍👍.Version: 21.5.2

Works well for common destinationsNot so good for anything less common.Version: 8.0.1

Flic282Love this app..Version: 7.0

Absolutely Chuffed!Really pleased with my hotel choice using their choice from my specified price. Looking forward to using this again next time! Thanks :-).Version: 11.1

So far good...Have made an Avis car booking and it appears in the Avis app so I’m confidant that it will be honoured..Version: 17.7.2

DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!!!I’ve used Priceline for at least 10+ years. Mostly for hotel stays and some flights. I have to admit if you don’t read the fine print and understand that your reservation is FINAL and there are NO CHANGES or NO REFUNDS the experience can be frustrating. If you’re the type of person who needs the security of being able to change your reservation, DON’T USE PRICELINE, but if you do your do diligence and research where you are going you can find some awesome deals through Priceline! Just the other day I found a great deal on a hotel with wonderful river views! It was located right on the Rouge River in the state of Oregon, USA. I Googled a couple of different hotels in the area that had popped up on Priceline. I also looked up their exact location on Google maps. In addition to that I read their descriptions and reviews on Priceline AND the hotels own website. Being I was booking the room for a friend’s anniversary gift, I did end up calling the hotel and booking directly through them. They even honored the Priceline deal! If it hadn’t been for Priceline, I would not have ever known about the beautiful RIVERSIDE INN in Grants Pass, Oregon!.Version: 20.3

Always goodPrices can suddenly not be available a lot more frequently than you’d think but otherwise fine.Version: 19.8.2

Absolutely fantasticNo problems at all. Really handy when traveling. Easy to use. One of the best apps out there for travelers to the USA/Canada..Version: 4.1

Easy Interface - Great Prices - Great Customer ServiceI can’t say enough good about PriceLine and the App. I have used the service numerous times, so my review is based on all of these experiences. I alway check other sources for deals and I always find the best deals on PriceLine. I have used it for business and personal vacations. But what made me actually write this review rather then just rate the app, was my recent experience with their customer service. In a rush to get a reservation done while sick and mildly medicated, I accidentally made the reservation for the wrong dates. I needed it for a week later. Once I realized my mistake, I called PriceLine directly from the app. The service rep (wish I could remember his name) was professional and friendly. He contacted the hotel for me and confirmed that they could cancel the reservation for me (it was a special deal that was supposed to be non-refundable). I received the cancellation notice seconds after getting off the phone. PriceLine went the extra mile for me, and that is why I am writing this review and gave them 5 stars. Thanks again PriceLine..Version: 16.3.1

Very goodVery good app but could be better.Version: 5.7

Fine each time I've used itI've used this service twice, once whilst delayed in London and needing a hotel in Bologna and once using the website prebooking a hotel in Seattle from London. Worked really well on both occasions..Version: 5.7

PricelineExcellent member discounts , trustworthy evaluations of properties. Always satisfied 😊.Version: 21.5.2

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