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Jump through hurdlesAt first, Walmart pickup was easy. Then I had the option for delivery. First delivery was a free trial. I loved the idea to have my groceries delivered due to COVID. But I give up on this. From dealing with my order not being delivered when the app said it has been. Also, having to call the drivers to go to the correct address now because their GPS is showing the wrong location of where to deliver. To finding out that Door Dash is their drivers and once the driver picks up the order, Walmart is no longer “responsible” for my order. Oh, and don’t count on the time slots. Because I had to wait until almost 9pm for my 6pm-7pm order to arrive after calling and checking my update on the app. Having to wait for about a week for a refund. Until coming to this point. I placed a order today for delivery between 7-8pm. Constantly checking for an update. Once it was past 8pm. My order was still “preparing”. I end up calling customer service. They said the driver picked up and the dropped it back off!! The operator then told me that the Walmart location is closed. And I WOULD HAVE TO CALL THEM BACK THE NEXT MORNING TO SCHEDULE A TIME SLOT!!! Like, the store didn’t want to update me. Waste my time assuming my groceries will be here between the time slot I reserved. THEY BETTER COMPENSATE ME FOR THE WORK IM PUTTING IN WHILE PAYING FOR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION.Version: 20.33

HorribleI spent over 20 minutes trying to remove 3 items from my cart - back and forth - got the message “item removed” to then when I place the order the items were back on the cart. However, unbeknownst to me, the most frustrating part were several items that were in my cart had mysteriously disappeared from the list after the order was placed and confirmed. I realized this while unpacking my groceries, upon cross checking the order, none of the items were on that list - I was hoping the personal shopper just forgot to pack them, that way I could know which items where missing - but since these were not in my cart list I didn’t realized the specific items until I was setting up for a party - a total disaster, a total of about 8 items were missing, had to make a new list and run out to Publix for these items! Inconvenience doesn’t even start describing it. I’m so over it because it was not just one thing but many, I called customer service 3 times and kept being disconnected; I just needed them to remove the items from the cart before pickup- she said they couldn’t do it, after much haggling back and forth she figured out magically that she could remove the items. What a fiasco.Version: 20.23

Mediocre at BestI have placed several pick up orders for items showing available only to have the orders or some of the items cancelled hours later. Add to that the fact that the at store pickup experience is irritating at times. Most people would be like big deal and honestly there was really no rush for the items. My issue is really my time, time I can’t get back, the extra time I have to spend solving a need that I relied on another to solve, and the time I am taking to inform others of the unreliability of this app and the service the company who created it provides. It took nearly 3 hours to notify me of cancellation on my latest order, again big deal right, but once you’ve solved a need and moved on that should be it having to revisit the need again is the opposite of the convince being offered and is inefficient. You ask yourself why did I even bother until you stop bothering at all. It’s a lose lose situation. What ends up being wasted is my time and energy. Appreciation turns into annoyance, then acceptance and finally avoidance and not to mention reviews like this. I would pay more elsewhere for greater reliability and service..Version: 20.25

Gets worse with each passing momentThis was an awesome app when I first downloaded a couple years ago but as time goes by and changes evolve it gets more discouraging with each use. I have ordered several things online to have shipped and seems unless the item is something that can be picked up in the store they will send email saying it has been shipped only to find out a day or two later the order has been cancelled and the WORST part is they list it as the Customer cancelled it when I had NEVER cancelled it because it was something that I really wanted or needed. Then the latest update they changed is deciding when you have to take your Savings Catcher accumulated funds egift card. Before I could let it ride until accumulating a few dollars to make it easier to cash in. NOW they decided to issue you a e gift card regardless of amount. My last was just change and was more of a hassle to remember and cash in. I can't help but wonder if that is their intent. I am not a satisfied user of this app that keeps dwindling away to what will soon be just a price scanner and should be offered as such..Version: 17.18

Delivery NightmareThe first time I ordered grocery delivery my order was stolen by the driver, but when I contacted Walmart support I was met with excellent customer service. I ordered a second time without problem. However today’s just been a nightmare. I had my order scheduled for 7-8, and at 6: 46 received an email my order would be there at 6:52. At 7:13 I get an email letting me know the substitutions, and what was unavailable. 8:20 rolls by so I use chat assistance to contact a customer service agent, where I’m assured my delivery will come, it’s just taking longer due to higher volumes of merchandise being ordered. 9:10 comes so we called to ask on the status of the order (we doubted it was coming at this point but wanted to know what was going on). We were then rudely told that no one was home (uh, yes we were) so the ordered was returned by the driver, that the store was closed, and to call back at 8am to get my order rescheduled. What?! We seriously waited hours for our order only to be told off, and to call back the next day. Why couldn’t he just reschedule us or refund us, save us the trouble having to go through this again. And the whole time on the Walmart app it just said the status of my order was ‘preparing’, and still says that. This whole process has been a nightmare..Version: 20.32.1

Just save the trouble and use TargetCreating a baby registry on this app is a NIGHTMARE. I’ll start by saying that it’s very frustrating that the registry is not a separate app from the rest of Walmart shopping (like Target does), because it makes navigating back and forth to your registry SUPER inconvenient. Anyways, when first creating your registry, your first and last name is required, which is understandable, however, it will not let you create a custom name for the registry itself. So, you can’t match the name to any other registries you’ve created for your shower. Then, before you even get to look at any items for yourself, it adds a long list of things it “thinks” you may want instead of just suggesting them to you(LIKE TARGET DOES). Oh, but it doesn’t even end there! If you don’t like the certain brands of wipes/diapers, or prints of clothing it has chosen for your child, you’ll have to go through a 2-3 step process for EACH item to remove it from your registry. Not to mention, half the things it added to the list are out of stock! If I had not already put on my invitations that I am registered through Walmart and Target, I would delete this registry altogether. Complete headache..Version: 19.3

Why?????This app desires some work!! It will just cut off on you and will jump back to the top of the page when you are looking through the items then you have to start all over again!! I loved having the grocery app separately!! It was very easy and a great service to have!! I have been extremely happy with this service and they always pick out the best quality of food for me!! I just like having the grocery app separate from the store app!! I also don’t understand why everything that is non- perishable can’t be shipped, and why is everything out of stock and what happened to the different brands of merchandise???? I know some items are short supply right now but the website is not showing all the stock anymore. Some Great Value brand items are good to buy and some are not good so how bout getting it fixed and keep it simple to navigate and it should keep your favorite items separate like all the yellow corn together then all the white corn then all the mixed fruit then you can check out the prices of all the different brands and see what the best offer is. Just a suggestion!! But thank you all for everything you are doing for everyone!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!.Version: 20.19

Walmart Grocery App FailuresWould give zero stars if I could. Walmart Grocery part of app has only worked twice since I joined Delivery Unlimited. Supposed to be able to use EBT but every time I check balance or checkout always get message something went wrong please try again. Now haven’t been able to place EBT order in over a month. Along with EBT problems 75% of my orders have been cancelled by Walmart due to delivery driver unavailability usually less than an hour before delivery time was promised. Walmart makes no effort to compensate or redeliver order for another time just cancels. Express Delivery available in my area but Walmart grocery didn’t even make offer. Will have to cancel service because am unable to successfully order food. Walmart customer service and delivery store haven’t resolved these issues. Have uninstalled & installed app deleted and added EBT card info & cart at least 10 times to no avail. Lousy customer service. Have been online customer from Walmart for years but this EBT grocery ordering doesn’t work and is frustrating. Am not the only one with this problem. My friends and neighbors have had similar problems. Do better Walmart. This is unacceptable..Version: 20.29

Savings catcher update....I LOVED the old savings catcher program before October 28. I’m still one of those people who uses cash quite a bit, and to longer be able to put in my receipts for my cash purchases is so disappointing. I actually looked forward to putting in my receipts after each trip, and it was fun to watch my rewards add up over time. It gave me a incentive to shop there. I think in the past few weeks I’ve been to Walmart at least 4 times a week, paid with cash, and have a stack of receipts I can’t even put in Savings Catcher. I know everyone will say to just deposit my cash and use my debit card, but I’ve just always used cash, and our Walmart has some cash only registers that are quicker to get through. Also, with 5 daughters, it’s sometimes a hassle to deposit my cash, then go shopping, and to get my phone out and do the whole Walmart pay thing. On one of my visits, it froze up the whole self-check register and I had to re-ring my whole purchase at another register. Plus, using cash keeps me on a budget, and it’s just what I prefer. I wish you would consider bringing back the option to enter cash purchase receipts..Version: 18.20.4

Walmart app needs A LOT of workIt is impossible to checkout once you’re ready because it asks you to reserve a time slot for pickup/delivery but then keeps telling you that something's wrong when you try to checkout and pay. Then when you can FINALLY checkout, it tells you to pick a different time because the one you originally chose is no longer available (yeah that’s how long it takes to checkout). Also every time you search something, even if you’ve cleared your search, the previous search product is still in the search bar. Very frustrating way to purchase groceries especially when you are in a rush. I also absolutely hate how you aren’t allowed to change anything in your order after I believe two hours from making the order, especially because sometimes it takes a while to remember what else you need. Lastly, the app should allow you to pick up your groceries at whatever time is convenient for you (like Target and most stores do) rather than giving a time frame and still having to wait to pickup your things because they aren’t ready when you arrive. I mean what’s the point of a time frame if the employees are just going to wait until you pull up to the store to actually start shopping for your order?.Version: 20.27

BRING BACK RECEIPT UPLOAD IN SAVINGS CATCHERI have been using the Walmart app, primarily for the use of Savings Catcher, for many years now. While I didn’t always get back tons of money, I always appreciated knowing that I was getting the best deal without shopping around while also being able to save my receipts digitally. I am incredibly disappointed in the recent move to linking receipt uploads ONLY through Walmart pay. I have chosen not to use Walmart Pay for personal and security reasons, not to mention that I also like to pay cash. This move (clearly to force users to use Walmart pay or miss out) disenfranchises so many users! There are many people who don’t feel comfortable using that pay method, or that just need to manually upload for many reasons. I know that you have lost me for sure from your app, and possibly from shopping as often, as receipt uploads to savings catcher made me shop there more often. If I can’t use Savings Catcher without being forced to use Walmart Pay, then this is no different than any other store... no more incentive to shop here. I genuinely want to use Savings Catcher and have the convenience of having receipts saved for me again. Bring manual uploads back and I’ll begin shopping here more frequently again..Version: 18.20.2

Horrible experienceThis is the second time I’ve had issues at the Walmart on Central. I don’t understand how they’re still open. I placed an online grocery order as I’ve done many times before but this time took the cake. I checked in via the app waited 20 minutes then called to let them know I was there and had been waiting. The female that answered the phone basically told me she had no record of my order being ready and that I got my times mixed up I then explained to her that app notified me and her answer was that wasn’t possible because it wasn’t on her end. I asked her did she want me to bring her the phone so I can show in a very condescending way said no I don’t need to see it. I went into the store to customer service which was an absolute waste of time. The lady at customer service and the money center tried to assist which I really appreciated but to no avail no manager came. I went back to my car all 10 rows are full and not a one grocery employee insight. I canceled my and now I have to wait to get my money. Not to mention I wasted my time after just getting off work. Please if you are going to place a grocery online for pick up or delivery choose the Walmart on airport highway in Holland oh. The only reason I didn’t got there was because my job is closer to the Central location in Toledo Ohio. Walmart y’all need to do better!.Version: 20.39

Reward dollarsWalmart has initiated this app to keep their prices lower than their competitors which the whole point was for the customer to have an extra incentive to buy from Walmart and also for Walmart to always have lower prices than the competitors. But.....again Walmart has won and now you don’t rack up the reward dollars like you used to. I spent $600-$1000 per month and would get a substantial amount accumulated and I would save it up and I would purchase a big item. I have used it toward a $70 iron to a $250 pool. I enjoyed scanning my receipts....waiting to see how much I was going to get in return.....then deciding how long I wanted to accumulate them. Now.... Not so much now ..... I still spend the same amount and in the past eight months I have only accumulated $7.89 🤗. Not much of an incentive to drive out of my way to a Walmart so I can save a dollar or two and then get to scan my receipt and then see that I didn’t even have any qualifying items. I will just support my small businesses because at least I know that all the registers will be open.....the employees will be friendly.....and the owners will desperately appreciate my business..Version: 18.9

Developers please fix!This rating is for the app only, not the actual Walmart service. First, every time I open the app it immediately opens to the camera/barcode scanner. Super annoying when I’m switching between this and a coupon app. I have to continually X out of the camera and choose the grocery section to get back to where I was. Next, the app is horribly slow to load. My “favorites” list can only scroll a few pages and then stops loading. Every purchase you make is automatically put into your “favorites” list and now it’s up to over 1,000 items! I have tried removing items from this list but they only are removed for a few seconds, as soon as the page reloads they’re right back again. Finally, things are removed from my cart allllll the time. Things I know I put in but are gone when I go to check out. Not just shown unavailable, completely removed from the cart. This app could be SO much better if the developers could work the bugs out. Every update I cross my fingers hoping this will be the one that fixes it but it seems to just add more issues..Version: 20.42

Walmart pay won’t work for security reasons??? !?I never write reviews but I came to look at the reviews to see if anyone else has the same problem turns out yes they do! I too have had Walmart savings catcher and the Walmart pay for forever now. I’ve loaded hundred of dollars of gifts cards with no issue. Until the other day it’s declined for security reasons?? Use another payment. There’s plenty of money on there in e gift cards. Nobody in store or the 800 number knows anything multiple people in store and multiple transfers to departments at the 866 number and the end result was they will get back to me in 3-5 days by email with tech support! Reallly!!?? There’s no one to talk to? No one to rectify this now? Nobody to transfer to a tangible gift card so I can use it? I love my Walmart pay but now this has really put a wrench in my Walmart shopping. Come on Walmart there must be a better way ! why does nobody have an answer? Another solution they gave was to print the gift card and they can scan it. I sure hope that works although It really defeats the whole simplicity of Walmart pay😔 I’m so disappointed!!!.Version: 18.6.2

App is great but needs some improvementsI think the app is great, but as with all things, there’s always room for improvement. It would be really nice if you could look at the grocery pickup substitutions and opt out of whichever ones you don’t like before you even get to the store. Since I can’t do that beforehand, it forces you to talk face-to-face to the worker to identify what you don’t want, then they have to spend their time on their scanner and in your trunk digging through your groceries to try to find what you don’t want. It wastes everyone’s time, plus this is just further exposure during an activity that’s supposed to be darn near contactless. This applies to the site as well, both of these things could be better. Also, sometimes when I search for something, it’ll bring up only certain options but when I select one and then look at “similar items,” it’ll show me more options of what I actually want. For example, if I look for “Kiwi protector spray” to find Kiwi protector spray for a tent, the single thing that comes up is Kiwi Camp Dry Performance Fabric Protector Spray (which is not exactly what I want). But then when I select it and look in “similar items,” the thing I actually want (Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant) suddenly shows up... maybe my keywords aren’t the best, but I feel like it’s not too far off base, especially if I put Kiwi and spray..Version: 20.32.1

App and store don’t work well together for returns.I made a purchase using Walmart pay and all seemed good though I wish it would print a physical receipt. The big issue was when I had to make a return. I started my return on the app as it supposed to make things easier. When I get to the counter the lady is asking me why I’m returning for each item even though I answered all that on the app. Not only that but I had so wait and watch her open each and every single item. Once she finished she said I was getting a gift card. I said excuse me no. I used my card with ur app to pay I’m not accepting a gift card. She gets her lead who is rude and says the same thing and all she does is show me the screen that says gift card. I told her again I’m not accepting a gift card and she said it’s not our app. That’s why we don’t accept returns with purchases made using Walmart pay. I told her, Walmart owns the app and you work for Walmart and represent Walmart therefore you are Walmart and this is your app. Long story short I had to get two other managers before someone could figure out what to do. Not sure how this app is suppose to make things easier or faster but I’ll tell u that returns line only got longer while I waited to resolve my issue. Hate Walmart..Version: 18.20.3

EBT ErrorFirst time using the grocery pickup on the app. It is hard enough to browse through the website for groceries & eventually I had to just do a manual search of everything I wanted individually. TOOK FOREVER! Once I finally got the items I wanted, the final check out was a breeze. I was excited to see they added the EBT option on there. Once you click the EBT option to pay for your groceries it takes you to another website to insert your pin for security reasons. Ok, fine..did that. The only thing is when you try to insert your pin all the numbers change on the screen every time you click a number for the pin. Then when redirected to the Walmart app it gives you an error sign that “Something went wrong, please try again later”. Tried multiple times throughout the day and still nothing different, same error message. Not sure if it has something to do with the Walmart app itself or the 3rd party website trying to confirm the pin. Either way it is a complete inconvenience, because now that I have been trying to get it working all day I’ve had 2 notifications saying my items were out of stock. If it worked the first time, I would have all the items I ordered. Please fix this bug, because I know a lot of other people are probably having this same problem!!.Version: 20.27.1

What a mess!This season unfortunately retail shopping is difficult. Why online shopping is difficult I’ll never understand. I guess Walmart hates their customers. Case in point is Walmart plus. After signing up for this service no delivery times are available for five days... how is 2 hour delivery delayed by five days? I suppose I can order my thanksgiving groceries now and hope they show up. They are charging for this service and not providing it. With unemployment temporarily at the point it is it’s difficult to assume Walmart can’t get enough help to make good on this promise that they are charging for. Us idiots pay them $99 in droves and they don’t hire anyone with that money? Also waited for all the announced times to purchase a ps5. Now four times I have had this in my cart, only for Walmart to take it out of my cart to sell to someone else. Does this happen in store? If I have a hot Black Friday item can another customer, probably a robot, take the item out of my cart and buy it before I get to the register? If the registers are all down does no one get to buy anything, even when they’re back up and running? There is no soul to online shopping, making it very cheap for those large enough to make good shipping contracts. Bad enough we have to shop online... why make it miserable for all your real paying customers?.Version: 20.41.5

AwfulI hate this app! The Grocery app was so much more reliable! Ever since grocery pickup order placing was added to this app, it’s been so stressful. It constantly deletes items in my cart!! They’re in stock so that’s not the problem. It just decides when I click on the cart to submit my order, let’s delete everything. Or it’ll leave a few things and I have to backtrack and try to remember what is missing which is the worst when I had 50 items. I’ll try to workaround the issue and checkout with the $35 minimum and later add more items to the order. Even that backfired on me just now. I reviewed my updated order and half my items are missing again. Some weeks, I don’t notice until after I picked up the order that several items never made it through. I update the app constantly thinking this glitch will get corrected and it never does. A new issue I have is my favorites aren’t fully loading. Since it was recently changed in the app, now only half my list loads. Then it brings me back to the top. I try to then filter it by category to see the items that don’t load and even that isn’t helpful. The filter options don’t let you scroll down to see all the categories. So annoying. Bring back the separate Grocery app please!!! Why take away something that was super helpful and quick?! I dread ordering groceries 1-2x a week since the app went away. I’m sure I’m not alone..Version: 20.39

Needs to show everything not half the itemsWhen you try to find things in the store or scan things that are in the store because you just bought it and you want to buy more but your home not at the store it acts like it can’t find it or it’s not there even though if you go down to the store you can find it but it will show you the item that cost more so if I wanted to preset a few things for walmart and pick it up I wouldn’t be able to because according to the app Walmart don’t carry it but I can go to walmart look right at it and what do you know it’s there plus I can scan it to price check it or order it then and with the same app it then shows that’s it’s at walmart. Plus they needs to make the savings catcher work again since they stop price matching it stop working and if they plan not using it they should get ride of it. Other then that the app works fine as long as your willing to go to the store to look for 90% of what you want even though your looking on the app so you can order it not go wondering around walmart or your trying to buy something for family, Walmart needs to list everything in there store not half of it..Version: 19.7

See the stars falling off soonHate the new system. It’s not like Walmart’s have WiFi. And most Walmart’s have really bad signals! Can’t bring up savings catcher/Walmart pay if you can’t get a signal to do so. I just went online to try to submit receipts because Walmart pay wouldn’t load, directed to a chat... waited..... waited. Then “Wendy” comes on tells me I have to email or call savings catcher bc she can’t help! But your system just directed me here. I TRULY feel.. like in my bones, they know the signals are bad in their stores, and the chances of you being able to actually bring up Walmart pay is very slim . So what are you gonna do... leave your basket full of groceries bc you can’t pull up Walmart pay? while other people in the line give you a ugly stare for taking to long (but it’s only ok when THEY take to long) ??? OR just bring out your debit card in hopes you can submit your receipt to get your $0.07 back, and then when you contact them about it .. nobody knows nothing. Listen... it’s no longer worth it to me. Clipping my OWN coupons and going to foodlion is a lot less work. and ill not only save money but time and my sanity!! -mom of 3 growing boys who don’t got the time no’mo.Version: 18.20.2

Horrible App Since Merge!!I never leave reviews on apps, but I felt that I had to for this one. I used to love being able to do a grocery pick-up on the separate app. Ever since they merged this app with the grocery app I have had nothing but problems with trying to place my grocery pick-up order and have had to delete the app and re-download it multiple times. I especially have problems with the checkout process. I’ve had items that I added disappear from my order when I go to check out. The app has frozen before and wouldn’t let me proceed with checking out. And there has only been ONE time that I have successfully entered my pin for my EBT card in a single attempt for an order. Every other time that I’ve entered it I continuously get a message saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” I currently have spent an hour trying to get it to accept my pin and it still won’t accept it. I’ve tried closing the app and reopening it and had to change my time slot because I was about to lose my original one. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and I have an autoimmune disease and three children. This app is supposed to make it safer and easier for people like me to get their food during times like this. Fix the app and/or your current pin-entry company that you use!!!!.Version: 20.27

Increasingly inaccurateI loved the app in its early days. I liked that I could look up what I needed and see exactly where it was, and I didn’t have to track down an employee who may or may not be familiar with the thing I was looking for. I also liked that I could check before I even went to the store to see if they carried something. That helped my avoid more than one wasted trip. Now I find it increasingly inaccurate. The location of many things isn’t listed, and for those that are it’s wrong more often than not. Granted, my store has just undergone renovation, so I do understand that some things are in a different place than they were before and that it takes time to update that in the system. My biggest issue though is with the accuracy of the listings for what’s in the store and what’s not. I don’t trust it at all now. I can be standing in front of an item, looking at it on the shelf, and the app says it’s not available in store. Not being able to list exactly where something is soon after a renovation is one thing. But I see no reason why they can’t accurately state what they’ve got in the store. This is a huge frustration, especially when everybody’s telling you not to go out unless necessary and to spend as little time out as possible..Version: 20.19

The change to Savings Catcher has me shopping elsewhereI’m a disabled stay at home mom to 6 kids, the eldest is grown & lives with her fiancé. My husband had to take over a year off work as I was too disabled to care for the kids, especially the 3 & 5 year olds. Our closest Wal-Mart is a 20 minute drive from our house. My husband & I would both make the drive specifically for Savings Catcher. With such a large family we obviously purchase a lot of food, toiletries, household items, clothes etc. With the change that now requires you to scan the screen at checkout changed a wonderful, customer loyalty benefit into something basically useless. Part of my disability includes memory issues, so I had a difficult time remembering to do it. The cashiers have never once asked about it or reminded me about it. We now frequently shop at a different large chain store and the cashiers ask every single time if we’d like to use our points card. We haven’t shopped at Walmart in months, there’s nothing special about them anymore. Bringing back the ability to get Savings Catcher rewards by simply scanning the receipt would be the only thing that would make me consider shopping there again..Version: 19.13

New changes results in tons of lost savingsThis USED to be a great app to get the most out of your money. Submitting a receipt was super easy, and the process took less than 2 minutes. Now, you have to use Walmart pay which I’m sure has caused a ton of people to stop using the app altogether. Along with that, if you receive SNAP benefits, you can’t add your EBT card as a method of payment. Clearly the people using snap benefits needs the rewards/savings just as most if not more to maximize purchases. I had a lot of fun using this app before they switched it but unfortunately I do not feel comfortable linking my debit cards to pay at checkout, and I have to primarily rely on SNAP benefits at the time being to provide food for my family. I really hope Walmart steps up because that is discrimination towards people in poverty and members of the lower working class. Shame on them. A simply solution would be any savings rewarded from a purchase using EBT can only be redeemed for food items. Surely with the money Walmart makes they can afford to upgrade the platform to allow such purchases via this app. I’ll check back in a few months to see if they’ve worked this muck out. Disappointed!.Version: 18.20.3

Don’t fall for “2 day shipping” or savings catcherLoved this app and Walmart. But a couple of the main things I liked have actually changed for the worse. First is the savings catcher. I’ve been using it for years. Matches the sale prices at other stores and puts them on a digital Walmart card for you. You used to be able to scan your receipt. But now they will only do it if you used Walmart pay and paid through the app. And Walmart pay has its own issues. First it’s slow and customers behind me in line tend to think I’m just playing on my phone. Even some of the cashiers don’t seem to understand. And sometimes I want cash back which doesn’t seem to be an option on Walmart pay. Next is their 2 day shipping. Things used to show up in the promised 2 days. But the last two things I’ve ordered have taken 4 days on one and 2 weeks on another. They are only counting actual transit time. NOT processing time! It’s not 2 day until Fed Ex actually receives it from Walmart. And both my items were sold shipped by Walmart. And both said 2 day shipping. And both promised a delivery date in 2 days before I hit the pay button. Then magically the date changes to four days or beyond. Keep that in mind for gifts. If it’s gonna take a week or so that’s fine. Just be upfront about it..Version: 18.20.3

BRING BACK SAVINGS CATCHER!!!I’m EXTREMELY disappointed that you took Savings Catcher away!! It was a truly wonderful system that GUARANTEED I did absolutely ALL of my shopping at Walmart! After experiencing only a couple of minor user issues, I had no problems or complaints and managed to get back OVER $100 IN SAVINGS!! Because I usually had anywhere from $3-$10 in S.C. money available on my WalMart account, whenever there was an emergency of some sort that left our checking account empty, I was still able to make essential purchases (such as MILK, BREAD, TP, etc.) to get my family through till payday! More than ONCE we were able to manage thanks entirely to the S. C. program and I’ve heard similar stories from friends who also utilized it. I was therefore SHOCKED and DISMAYED when I was told that the program had been terminated and no one could explain why. Not only THAT but WalMart doesn’t even do PRICE MATCHING anymore! Programs like the Savings Catcher & The Price Match Guarantee resulted in increased customer satisfaction, positive verbal AND online reviews and resulted in renewed/secured consumer loyalty so WHY on EARTH would you CANCEL IT??!!.Version: 19.32

Invasion of Pivacy!Walmart uses this app to SPY on you and here is how: every time you take your phone with this app downloaded in their store and you check out at all their self checkouts they have now and the cameras is A.I. Facial Recognition software and then send you SPAM Surveys for Walmart Gift-card “drawings”, you get your private information sold by the Waltons to 3rd party scam artist and they start calling you all day long (hundreds of calls in a month)! Total invasion of privacy and they illegally stop customers from Open Carry in Open Carry States, soon they will stop Conceal Carry and shopping will be like a Gangster’s Paradise for the Crinimals (100% unsafe to shop). I don’t like my face being recorded and my picture and personal information to include home address to be SOLD to more CROOKS aka SCAM ARTIST! It’s NOT RIGHT! Walmart should be a shamed of themselves for violating and not supporting the 2nd Amendment and asking the President to Disarm ALL Americans! DONT SUPPORT (Walton’s) CROOKS, a company that replaces Human Employees with AI Computers that sell your Personal Data without your permission, don’t support a company that makes it unsafe to Grocery Shop and puts lives in danger, don’t support a company that wants to take away every American’s Freedoms that I fought for! -Purple Heart Combat Veteran.Version: 19.43

Where are the receipts??!!This was once a good app. But now there is no way to get receipts from in-store purchases! Even after paying for the items through the app, there was a time when we could click on the receipt and choose which view we wanted. NOW, after paying, a quick flash and there is NOTHING!! If I want to return an item, there is NO WAY I can return it, because the iPhone pay does not give you a paper receipt, and it doesn’t give you an electronic receipt, either!! For all I know, you guys are ripping me off all my purchases and I have no way to prove it!! What are we supposed to show the theft-prevention person at the exit, who pretends to look at our purchases to make sure we didn’t shoplift? They want to see a receipt, but I don’t have any! This has been going on for several weeks now! I keep seeing updates, and I keep updating, but there isn’t anything to show for our purchases!! I was using this app to help me keep track of expired food, because it showed when I bought them. I was able to use it as price comparison at other stores. I can’t find any receipts from purchases! So anything I bought for work from Walmart is impossible to claim on my taxes! What are you devs doing? Please bring back our receipts!! And what happened to the middle services? Now it’s just a bunch of departments! Not happy with this setup. Please fix it so we can use it..Version: 20.41.5

Can we get the ‘Oops! Something is not working here. Please try again later’ error fixed?Okay, let me start by saying before I got Walmart+ this app was 5 stars. Never had any issues, and paid 10$ for delivery each time. Once I started in on the free trial I keep getting this error message. I try a different time slot, error message again. Repeat 3 dozen times, delete the app, redownload, try another dozen times, fire up the desktop and try it on the PC version, same issue. Try 2 hour delivery for a 10$ premium: SUCCESS! See you in 2 hours or less. What is the point of a free trial if I’m paying $0.05 more per delivery than I was before because the system doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that I’m not paying for delivery? I tried every single time slot for the next 4 days, and got the same error every time. This is utterly ridiculous. I’d have had time to walk to the store, get all of my stuff, and walk back by now and still have time to mess with this app to try and get it to work. If you’re going to offer a subscription based service, don’t make it impossible to use it without paying extra on top of the service. I understand that seems like a good business model.. but it just makes you lose customers..Version: 20.40

Checking out online is always an issue!I’d gladly give this 5-stars and I’ll gladly come back and do so once this issue is resolved. Like many others are mentioning, at check out for Walmart grocery I keep getting the ‘something went wrong’ error message. I spend a lot of time manually searching every grocery item I need for my household, and I do appreciate that your app recognizes many as favorites- that feature makes things much smoother! This checking out issue however is beyond frustrating. It’s been going on for months. I updated the app and it worked no problem about a month ago. I just updated again tonight when I was running into the issue at checkout again. Updated, rebooted the phone and signed back into the app. I had to re-reserve my pick up time. I’m still getting this message! Other than that, I do love the convenience, your prices on grocery items are fair and most of your employees who bring the items and load them to your vehicle have been super friendly. I have a high risk family member so this service is beneficial to us, so it makes the checking out process even more stressful than it needs to be! Please fix this, I’ll come back and give it 5 stars!.Version: 20.27.1

Grocery app frustratingThe app is almost perfect. The only negative I find (and it’s a big one to me) is when you are shopping the groceries, if you click on a product, you can’t go back to where you were. Example: I’m looking at dog food. I click the one I want to look at or select bag size. I do what I need to do, then “x” out of product but instead of going back to where I was in the dog food section, it goes all the way back to the main pet page. It’s really annoying, especially when you have been doing a good amount of scrolling through things. You then have to work your way back to the right page and scroll all the way though again. Please please please fix this. I rarely shop the app anymore because of how frustrating it is. Also, and I know it’s not so much an app problem, but the few times I have placed an order for grocery to pick up at the store, there have a been a ton of things listed out of stock when I went to pick up. Each time this happened I actually ran into the store after to find just about everything listed out of stock sitting on the shelves. I don’t know if it’s lazy workers or what but I don’t know how it’s possible that about 10 things were out of stock but were all sitting on the shelves immediately after..Version: 20.41.5

Educate the EmployeesBetween my husband and I we shop at Walmart 4-5 times a week for our growing family. We both use the app and savings catcher to help manage all of our receipts and to stay on budget for the month. Like any technology these days there are glitches and this app is no different. On 4 different occasions now I have had to return an item to Walmart where I had the receipt stored in the app and I wasn’t able to do the return. When the sales associate pulled up the return from the app I was told that I couldn't do the return because the item wasn't on that receipt. However, looking at the app the receipt is clearly there. When I show the associate the receipt on the app I am told that I’m wrong and have been accused of stealing items and trying to return them. Even though everything is clearly listed on the receipt in the app. What I found was happening after getting a trained knowledgeable associate the bar codes on the receipts were getting jumbled in the app. A few hours of training for the sales team along with some manners would go a lon way in retaining customedq.Version: 18.10

THIS NEW APP IS CRAP!I wouldn’t had, even, given it a one-star, if I had the choice! The app, at least, the groceries part, does not allow changes to your shopping list ... when I try to check out, the check out throws out all the changes that was made, of groceries that I decided that I no longer want, and groceries that I have added, and attempts to charge for everything that was, previously, in the shopping cart, including the groceries that I no longer want! The newly added groceries doesn’t appear in the check out, at all! I tried several times ... same results! Customer service aren’t any help, either ... they have a non-chalant, and stupid, attitude. Not recognizing that it’s an inconvenience to you, the customer ... instead, they thank you for bringing it to their attention, and that they will submit your feedback! Feedback!?!? Who’s leaving feedback ... I was complaining! Because I NEED FOOD, NOW, why I’m trying to order! I don’t care about their stupid feedback, or survey ... and I wasn’t calling to do one! My recommendation is to go elsewhere! P.S. Also, Walmart got greedy, and is honing in on the suffering, etc., of COVID-19 and wants to charge AN EXTRA $10, to deliver your groceries in 2 hours! I haven’t any more loyalty to Walmart, anymore! This is how they chose to treat their customers ... including the customers that were loyal shoppers BEFORE the Pandemic! PLEASE, SHARE, AND PASS THE WORD!.Version: 20.20

Gonna stick with TargetAs soon as I get my 2 items that I have coming that won’t come on time I will be deleting the app and never going to Walmart or using this service again. So canceled the items I had in order and went to the target app and bought them there. Within 2 hours they get shipped and didn’t pay anything extra shipping. So just checked on the status of an order that told me it was shipped and I was told I would get it 4/27 end of day and now fedex is telling me 5/2 end of day. It’s just sitting at fedex. I understand all the craziness that’s going on right now but don’t tell me I’m going to get something a date and then it’s 5 days later. Will be canceling all the orders that haven’t shipped today and placing them with target. Came to this app cause some of the stuff I wanted to get off Target you had to pay so much to get it but I have placed a few orders and still waiting for stuff to ship and I have about 3 days before I have to get it. Was going to cancel my orders but you get apps like this where you can’t do it all in the app it makes you go elsewhere to get some stuff done. Let me cancel an order in the app not have to go to the website and sign in and do it there. The link in the emails to track an order you would think would take you to the app but no it takes you to the website and again you have to sign in. I don’t always have my passwords next to me and don’t use the same one for every account I have. Just like the company the app is below par..Version: 20.16

Three tries and still no charmPlace order... everything says “in stock”. Four days later at time of delivery get notice that half of the stuff I ordered is not in stock. Loose 4 days waiting patiently then another 4 days ordering from somewhere else. This happed on all three orders I have placed for home delivery and store pickup. Only use this app if you have 8-10 days of time to waste. If you need something critically DON’T order it here. All three ordered also have been complete fiascos. First one for pickup i get home to find open boxes with items missing from the boxes. This was a “contactless” loading where they placed bags in my trunk and walk away with customer not able to or allowed to inspect. Get home and find open boxes with half the items removed from them. After 2 hours on the phone with rude people I finally got a decent manager who confirmed there were in fact plenty of those products in stock and that I had to return all the way back to the store and wait for another hour for them to bring out unopened boxes to my car as replacements. On top of all that - this app is disjointed, runs poorly, crashes often and tells you all kinds of things are in stock that are not. And since it’s 2020 and online ordering and inventory control have Ben arround for about 25 years now - this is completely unacceptable. Therefore you get 1 Star Walmart!.Version: 20.19

App is not that greatI only downloaded the app for the savings catcher. At one point, you were able to submit printed receipts via the app. Then, it was changed to where you have to use Walmart pay to get rebates on competitors prices. Some weeks, no prices were better. Other weeks I was getting several dollars back per receipt! Walmart released an email yesterday stating they would end this in May because their prices were often cheaper than their competitors. I feel that is a lie considering I usually get cash back from the app on 3/4 of the receipts submitted. I will use the app until May but after that I will delete it and shop with the competitors as opposed to doing all my shopping with Walmart. Most of the said competitors allow digital manufacturers coupons on their apps or loyalty cards. Walmart doesn’t have a loyalty card or an option for digital coupons on the app. It is virtually useless as I can do anything else from the app on their website. Once savings catcher is gone, it is a waste of space. I will be using the balance left over from the savings catcher and deleting this app. It literally will no longer provide me with any benefits that I cannot get from using the general website. Your competitors will be thanking me when they start receiving more of my business!.Version: 19.19

Not sure if I likeI’ve used the app many times when it was the separate grocery app, but just recently started using the combined grocery and Walmart app. Usually I add things to my cart over the course of a few days to make sure that I have everything I need. So this week I did the same adding groceries a few at a time when I saw I was low or out of something. In the past this has worked as the app saves what I’m adding but this time I went to purchase after a quick look over of my cart only to come home a find that at least 10 + items were somehow deleted, and not that they were out or substituted, as the app will alert you, but they were completely gone as if I never added them to my order. Also the number of items was changed on my produce. I specifically remember ordering 5 bananas, but ended up with only one. AND I added spinach, but decided to delete it which I did but in the end I still ended up with spinach. Next time I will have to study my list even closer before purchase if I continue using..Version: 20.34

A few major improvements🌸I'd love a feature to create separate lists of favorites so I can keep everything more organized as I have 400+ favorites, some are safe foods and some aren't. 🌸When browsing through items in the departments section, anytime you click on an item to view its nutritional information and go back to browse where you left off it puts you all the way to the main department section instead of where you left off so you have to scroll back to the subsection you were in and then scroll alllll the way back to the item where you left off at. This doesn't happen whenever you search specific things in the search bar but I'd rather be able to view the product and then pickup where I left off. 🌸Besides how god awful my Walmart's pickup is (10+ items "not in stock" but I went in 30 minutes before my pickup and got allllll said "not in stock" items, such laziness) its extremely frustrating going through and selecting any replacement items as it seems like you can't even select a specific replacement item. If I order 45 calorie honeyyy wheat bread and its "out of stock" I'd obviously want the replacement to be the 45 calorie wheat bread..Version: 20.41.5

Why should I report an issue with Walmart - Shopping & Grocery?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Walmart - Shopping & Grocery to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Walmart - Shopping & Grocery customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Walmart - Shopping & Grocery.

Is Walmart - Shopping & Grocery not working?

Walmart - Shopping & Grocery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Walmart - Shopping & Grocery.

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