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Delivery - Placing Order IssueI’m a monthly Delivery customer & love this service (for the most part). My issue currently however is - since the Express Delivery option was added it takes me 10+ times to restart the app & attempt to check out EVERY TIME! It simply refuses to allow me to opt for the “keep my time” but will certainly allow me to pick the Express option. I already pay monthly for the service & it’s great to have an express option...but normally I’m not caring to ALSO pay an additional $10 for that too! I can’t even check out today - lost my reserve time over this issue. PLEASE FIX! My wish for the app is an option (like other delivery services have) to pick what I might like as a sub item. Most times I get a logical sub but lately I’ve received some pretty crazy ones. It would be great to be able to pick “Starbucks Vanilla Creamer” as a sub for “Coffee Mate Vanilla Creamer” so I wouldn’t get “Coffee Mate Butternut” as a sub (when I also got 1 Starbucks Vanilla in same order)! Great app just needs a tweak..Version: 20.28

Order pick up at storeSo I went to Walmart to see about an LOL toy. I ordered it for store pick up and when I went to see about it because I wanted to be sure my email was right the manager said yes and they did have one left but had not found it yet and would email me. Later I got email saying my order was cancelled because it was now out of stock. I feel they should of asked if I wanted it cancelled or kept it on file like a first come when they did get a shipment. Not to mention my bank still shows this as a pending transaction and if I understand right I will have to check with my bank on this. Also for several times they say stores around me have limited or in stock on this item . I checked with at least three stores and they never even got any unless store employees got them first. I feel as though I should be given priority since I even had been given a confirmation number in the first place. Regards Lynn Kennerly.Version: 17.20

Savings Catcher- it works!!!I have been using savings catcher for a year now, been working to catch Walmart NOT giving me deals that I know other stores offer. Nope! Walmart ALWAYS give me those deals, they never ever miss! One time I thought they did but I found out I was wrong. The other store had gone up on their price and it was I that was not aware... If you shop at Walmart you’d better download the Walmart app, use savings catcher, and stop playing around! I’ve already saved $65 so far without even trying, just buying my same ordinary groceries that I normally buy, not doing ANYTHING different. I don’t have time for coupons and price checking and stuff. Wayyy too busy for that! So, after I check out I get into my car, open the app real quick, scan my receipt real quick, then go home. Two days later I check the app and see the savings building up. Just that easy! Once I get to $100 I’ll redeem it for something. And it’s fun, the kids love watching it build up, too!.. You all better get this little extra money, we all deserve a break so why not? 😉.Version: 18.13.1

Great hidden featuresSometimes you find you can benefit from an app, I recently switched to using just mobile data which means large apps and updates sometimes don’t happen, normally that would mean a visit to my local Apple store 50 mile round trip or Starbucks and buy a coffee just to go the updates. By chance I was running the Walmart app, to find a product in the store and an assistant told me I could use the store WiFi that the app would identify my device and stop the network from dropping the connection. 1. I never knew they had guest WiFi 2. I didn’t realize how has the WiFi was. It downloaded two 1 GB apps and other updates while I was shopping. I don’t idle about and was in the store for less than 10 minutes. This new app version his far more friendly auto detecting the store (we have three stores within a few miles of each other) and in a second store I didn’t need to look for the WiFi I just ran the Walmart app and it connected it. I doubt I will be a Walmart store squatter any time soon but I’d gladly do my grocery shops in a Walmart and make use of WiFi for big downloads and updates while I buy my groceries than feel uncomfortable in a Starbucks with a coffee or drink I don’t like and don’t want to drink. I do wonder what data the collect, my movements in the store where I walked round the same 6 aisles before I realized the aisle I wanted wasn’t even in that part of the store. 🤣.Version: 18.7.2

Delivery IssuesWhile I have no issues with Walmart itself, their delivery has NOTHING on Instacart. If the shopper can’t find a product they simply don’t bring it, there’s no notification or a chat with the shopper to see if it can be replaced; you don’t even know you won’t have that product until your shopper comes and delivers what they could find. Ridiculous and annoying; I was purchasing specific groceries for a dinner I was making and multiple things didn’t show and were marked as “unavailable” later. I find it hard to believe Walmart was out of flour tortillas, onions, and whole milk. I feel as though part of this issue lies with the shoppers themselves, they just don’t give a crap to look and mark it as unavailable. Then again I have no idea how it works, Walmart’s delivery is still fairly new but there’s a LOT of room for improvement. PLEASE put an option to replace products and a way to communicate with the shopper to make it less likely they disappoint. Until then I’ll continue getting my deliveries through Instacart..Version: 20.41.3

Use all the time, app can only be as good as employeesApp is great and as disabled person, I have groceries delivered weekly. When delivery drivers don’t show up to store for pick ups, which happens, I realize that. Walmart does not let us know. Happened a couple times and called store numerous times those days to try to find out where or if delivery will happen. They don’t even bother to inform us. I hate calling Walmart it is like pulling teeth. That is very poor service on stores part. They say they have no control over the company that has the drivers. Bull, I am so tired of hearing that, they hired the company so stop passing the buck Walmart. Almost lost a 1500 dollar a month customers in a household with three adults that shop at walmart. My son signed up for free trial on delivery and his very first delivery never happened. Had to pick it up at 7:30 at night. He is not impressed and is canceling his trial. The app is good, butWalmart associates need to be more customer friendly. App and walmart go together. WHAT HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE, EVERYWHERE ? It hardly exists anymore. If Walmart customer service was as good as this app, it would be great. Drivers are a plus.Version: 20.41.4

Suggestions...I love using this app. It’s been so convenient so many times BUT when I’m trying to find a certain item and I’m inside a Walmart store, I can’t search other Walmart stores. Even if I change the location of “My Store” to the location I’m trying to search, and even turning off my location, it still keeps me at the current store I’m in. This makes it difficult to search other locations without having to first leave the local store I’m in. I’m trying to search a different store so I’ll know beforehand if I need to buy a different product or order online. I’d like to search other locations while standing in one already! This has been an issue SO many times! Also, why does the Savings Catcher keep cashing out my savings? I don’t want it to cash it out. I wanted to keep building it up for Christmas but it cashed it out without giving me an option of allowing it to cash it out or not. What’s the point in having a savings program if the customer isn’t in charge of their own savings? I’d prefer to save mine and then at MY PREFERENCE I’d like to be able to cash it out on one card or in one email!.Version: 17.21

I love Walmart... ButI absolutely love Walmart, I really do feel like they go beyond for their customers as a company especially in these hard times. I especially appreciate the drive-up grocery pick up and I SUPER appreciate when they added ebt as an optional payment method. The only problem is when using the ebt card on the app I get so many error messages saying “sorry something went wrong, try later”. When the grocery section was on its own app (orange one) this was never a problem. It also seemed to be fixed a few weeks ago because that error message stopped popping up and payment would go through first try. But all of a sudden again it’s not working. Before it worked but after trying 10+ times. Unfortunately starting yesterday it has not worked at all for me. Tried so many times. Decided to go to store but it was extremely packed and I have 3 small children so decided not to go in. Was going to do frys but they have no open slots for tomorrow. Tried Walmart again and still not working. Please fix! This momma really needs it. A suggestion is have the option to pay at the store with ebt card like before if having technical problems in app..Version: 20.27

Great app- I still don’t understand why Savings Catcher doesn’t price match with Walgreens!The store employees seem to think it does automatically pricematch with Walgreen but advertised prices are never automatically matched. I either have to go back to Walmart with the add and savings catcher or show them at checkout! Bummer! I would rather have it in my account 😊 I also love having the scan option, and being able to locate items in the store! Plus, being able to compadre prices online vs in store, and they’ll price match if on-line is cheaper! I found a $5 Savings on rechargeable batteries w/ charger just this week! I got two of them!! They were cheaper on line, but they had them in store, why wait? Why pay the higher price? Also great for reordering something I’ve ordered in the past-like a year ago! I can look back at my purchase history if I can’t remember what brand, or what it was called. All the info is there!.Version: 18.8

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