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Prepware Aviation Maintenance app received 36 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about prepware aviation maintenance?

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Great app, effective study guide.This is a great tool for studying for the actual licensing tests and the tests in school as well. The only drawback is that, for colorblind people, the red and green highlighted answers are too similar, i have to open the explanation to see if my answers were correct every time..Version: 1.46

Great for on the go studyingI’m currently taking my airframe written test and there are some questions that are not in the app but if asa would like the questions I would give them to you. a friend of mine went to bakers and they gave a printout of new questions and they are in their book as well just a heads up I have asa books bakers, and the app just to try to make sure I have full coverage now but it would be nice to have all the questions on the app since it’s the easiest for me to use.Version: 1.51

Great app but….Great app, love the easy of use but I’m in the course and the questions are not exact or up to date from the actual test. Good way to practice the answers but they need to stay up to date with the FAA on test questions and answers..Version: 1.55

Military A&P PrepAs a service member I was referred to this app by a current Military A&P holder. Helped me pass my General and Airframe. I will be taking the Powerplant soon. I also have all three of the 2019 Test Guides. The only improvement I would like to see is the breakdown of your scores per subject area as it is on the desktop version. Aside from that amazing app and investment..Version: 1.49

A&PPlease study the prepware you will not pass without it. If your taking your airframe writtens now you will not have a problem passing because its mostly word for word with just 10 new questions added on my test. Beware of the general as it is alot harder now. 20 out of 61 questions for my test were brand new and another 10 questions are prepware questions just worded differently, so read the whole question carefully. I still passed but you really need to know your stuff for the general..Version: 1.48

Great appThis app is very helpful i would just wish that after doing a test it would select the correct answer when you get one wrong to help us see what was correct then read the explanation and make sense of it like it does on a PC..Version: 1.54

Good app, could have some improvements.1. Please continue to show which questions were “marked” after a quiz is graded. 2. As others have mentioned, it is very easy to lose your place simply by bumping the “start” button after you saved your progress. The save/resume flow could be a lot better overall, and helped by a first-time explanation..Version: 1.53

Got my powerplant licenseGot my license with this prep, worked great. However now for my airframe, the curriculum for Part 147 has a upcoming change on July 2023, and if they don’t update the app, it will be outdated most likely. But most if not all of the material on this app you will still need, but maybe new subjects will be left out, but I recommed this app prior to July 2023.Version: 1.56

Practice tests doesn’t tell you the correct answer anymore.Great for studying and passing tests. Problem is newest version when taking practice tests doesn’t tell you the correct answer anymore so you can study the corrected answers. AMT Prepware please fix it..Version: 1.53

It’s very helpful but has not been updated since 2017. Beware when taking FAA writtenThis is a great app very helpful in studying and learning the subjects. I found out that this app has “not been updated since 2017”. The FAA has added way more questions and it’s not very helpful to the person who buys this app knowing it’s not up to date. Don’t completely rely on app, yes a lot of these questions will be on test but a lot won’t..Version: 1.52

Start Button problemIt’s a great app but the only thing that stinks is when you’re in the middle of a test and save and exit to come back in a bit and accidentally press start it doesn’t ask you are you sure you want to start a new test. I was at 52 of 100 and pressed save and exit and swiped up to open the phone menu where the flashlight is and the app thought I pressed start..Version: 1.50

Test modeOn test mode after you complete the test it should show you the wrong answer and the right answer. Now it just shows you the answer you picked and it gets confusing..Version: 1.53

It does not cover it allIf you will rely on this to pass your written tests I can assure u that there’s a really high chance that you WILL fail the test. There’s a lot of questions in the written tests that this app does not even mention or cover. Otherwise, it is a really good app. It doesn’t crash at all and runs smoothly. I absolutely love the app.Version: 1.55

Great app just passed airframe and general.This is the best app to use for the written test. I just wish the developer would add a missed question test after you take a test or after the study quizzes. Also it would be awesome when you finish it would break Down what questions you missed from each section so you can focus on your weak points. If they would add these features I would give a 5 star..Version: 1.49

Everything is great besides testing.This app is really helping study for my airframe written. The only problem is, with the most recent update, I cannot see the correct answers right away after I take a test. The correct answers are not highlighted green..Version: 1.53

Please fix GUI interface.Please address or return graphical user interface to how it was. As it is now especially in dark mode makes it rather difficult to distinguish or focus on any answers, which in this case is rather crucial. I have used this app for a while and gotten great use out of it but unfortunately as of now it’s hard to not focus on the oddities of its appearance..Version: 1.53

Great appOnly complaint is that after grading you don’t see the right answer any more. That’s how I learned, highlight them green and red so we know what not to read. The less to put in our head the better! Over all this app has been why I passed all my classes and test!.Version: 1.53

ColorGreat app and works well, I would like to see an update on the way they show correct and incorrect answers because I’m colorblind and can’t tell which one is right because it tells you the right answer by the color of the words so I can’t use the app..Version: 1.53

Spend the money on this appIf you use this app, you will pass your writtens. Every single question on all of my written exams for the General, Airframe and Powerplant were word for word questions from the database..Version: 1.48

Amazing AppI have been studying from this app and I have to agree, the questions on this app compared to the actual test ARE spot on BUT the ONLY problem I have with it, a small nuisance, is that when you are going through each question it intermittently does not give the count of question that you are on. For example if you are on question 24 out of 37 it does not display that and other times it will. If y’all can fix this small issue that would be awesome. Otherwise, excellent app!.Version: 1.56

UpdateWhen is the update? It's already September 30 and it's 11:43 at night and there is no update...Version: 1.56

GeneralIt was great but some questions were new for me . Never seen them before . I was making 95% on practice and I made 78% on the final exam lol . Lots of stress on the exam day especially when you seat alone in front of the computer . Nervous time novice time.Version: 1.49

Current student MIAT college of technologyThis app is very helpful and has really helped me prepare for my exams. My only suggestion is to be able to select which categories you can test. Right now if you want to test, it's the entire section. I have 5 categories down, and it would be nice to test out just them, and add more as I get them down. Otherwise it's a 5 star.Version: 1.45.2

Awesome AppI used this only this app to study for the A and P General test. Studied for a week and passed with an 83%. There were only a few unfamiliar questions on the test. I feel if I studied harder, or for more than a week, I could have easily gotten into the 90s..Version: 1.48

A&P MechanicThis is a fantastic App. Brilliant training aid with all the up to date questions required to pass the FAA General, Airframe and Powerplant examinations. Highly recommended..Version: 1.2

Great AppAppreciate this app heavily. Has contributed to my career as an AMT in many ways. However, my main concern in relation to this app is that questions are extremely outdated and some are irrelevant or completely incorrect in reference to aviation right now. Also, please update the app to provide secondary testing questions to reinforce what I just went over while studying. Gave this app 5 stars as a reflection of what it currently is and based off what it has provided to me..Version: 1.47

Good study tool, needs constant updates thoughI just took the airframe portion test today and there where questions on the test that were not in this app. I know that the app was just updated 2 weeks ago, but many people use this product alone to study. Please continually apply updates..Version: 1.51

Worked GreatUsed this app for all three of my written tests and scored almost identically on the real thing as I was scoring on the practice tests. I scored in the high 80s and low 90s on my written exams and this is the only study material I used. I would like to see the app expanded to perhaps make it even more helpful with focusing on subjects and questions that a user might be struggling with but overall I highly recommend it..Version: 1.56

Great AppDefinately worth its price!!!.Version: 1.23

Great app!I passed all 3 writtens on the first try because of this app! I found that this is the best way that works for me to study and remember all the answers. I’d make sure you give yourself the time needed to study for each test, General is the hardest IMO..Version: 1.48

UsefulI used this app to take all 3 tests, passed them all on the first try within 2 months of starting studying a little bit every night. Best 10 bucks ever spent..Version: 1.56

MIAT student, great app!Great app and tool to prepware you for your tests, I have had both the app and computer program. I prefer the computer program but when on the go, the app is great! I've passed all 3 of my written tests using prepware..Version: 1.47

Amazing AppLove the app. I’m currently studying for my generals, but the only complaint for me is I wish that some of these hints had some type of picture with it. Cause I have to swipe in and out of the app for some type of visual sometimes.Version: 1.55

I would not even consider another appThis app is the holy grail for anyone serious about passing their test and that is on the clock. I have a family of my own and 2 jobs, and just studying through this app, pushed me to pass all my written exams at once back to back one week apart from each other. Best luck out there. Good A&Ps are disappearing and the exams are getting harder. Prepware will give you the edge you need to succeed at it..Version: 1.49

A & P LicenseThe books really helped along with the app. I would recommend using both. I read all three books and used the study guide on the APP after each chapter. Reading the explanation in the book is what really helped because the FAA question are worded differently. I felt like some of the answers were in the explanations and the explanation are easier to read from the book than the app..Version: 1.51

SolidSolid app. Defiantly helps with the AMT program.Version: 0

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