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The Christmas List Negative Reviews

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The Christmas List App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

The Christmas List app received 11 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Christmas List? Can you share your negative thoughts about the christmas list?

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The Christmas List for Negative User Reviews

Help Needed PleaseUsed this app last year and archived successfully. Halfway through this year and everything has disappeared. I’ve written to their help email but no reply. Has this happened to anyone else?.Version: 3.1

Needs a lot of improvementThis app has a lot of room for improvement, emailing updates to lists is tiresome & frankly out dated with iCloud being available & it is made worse by the fact that the app crashes when trying to import an update for a list from another iOS device via email. With so many iOS devices in households now days, this really is an upgrade that should be a requirement for this kind of app. I would also like to see more information about gifts such as if they have been wrapped instead of the same picture for each of the status choices. I will add more stars if the improvements are made..Version: 1.6.1

Sharing doesn’t work consistentlyLove many things about this app. However, the airdrop feature only works sometimes, even when airdrop for other things (like pictures) works fine. That makes it an app we cannot use, since frequent synching is a very high priority use case for us. Both my husband and I have had the app get hung up trying to share updated lists with each other, without the app ever successfully transmitting the updated list. The FAQ indicates that we can “share as attachment” - but that option isn’t available, and emailing the list simply sends a massive table over email rather than allowing any type of app synching. Is it possible that there is a size limit that breaks synching? Who knows. I can’t find any information with that constraint. If you have no need to synch - it’s a great app!.Version: 4.0

App just won’t openI loved this when I got it and used it for recording all my presents and stocking fillers. I like to add ideas as I come across the ‘perfect’ gift but the app just won’t open so I’ve lost all track of last year and ideas for this year. Really frustrating.Version: 3.1

Great appUpdate to recent update: I just updated this app and now the font is tiny. This is definitely a downgrade. Who wants to strain to see something. Very disappointing. Update: This app is almost perfect. If the order of the people could be moved around, it would be very helpful for us OCD folks. I like to group my family members together, but when you add someone it randomly puts the wherever it wants, no rhyme or reason, within the group you have them in. I have been using this for years now, and it is a fantastic app. Try it, you will love it!!!! Love this app. I can see exactly what I have for everyone and what I need to do. I work 2 jobs so the groups keeps me organized. I have used it for 2 years now and love love love it..Version: 4.0

Meh, it’s freeThe things I wish were easier or probably the result is this being a very low cost no cost app. Two things at the top of my list of wishes would be that I can archive an entire years worth of people’s gifts as a whole year, but retain the people in a new blank list; Make it easier to iflag that the person is done and checked off the list without having to go through 1 million steps to get it to turn the color that you wanted to turn so it comes off your “undone view”. This seems unintuitive and the people that looked checked off are really not checked off and the people who are not checked off need to be checked off but it is a complex web of mystery as to how to get them each to be reversed..Version: 4.0

Great app for me!I start my Christmas shopping the day after Christmas! That way I don’t have a huge bill in December. My problem WAS that I would forget that I had already bought something, and I’d have WAY too many gifts. So, now, as soon as I buy something, I put it in this app. It keeps track of the gifts I’ve purchased. It’s easy, too, though having it in a table format would be easier. I don’t like having to shift from one page to another to complete the info. In the past, I made a spreadsheet on my computer and kept the gifts on that. But, that was years ago when I had over 75 gifts to buy! I would like to see this app as a spreadsheet, so I didn’t have to keep changing pages to list gifts, costs, etc..Version: 2.6

Great AppWould definitely be 5 stars if it would sync across cloud so no need to manually sync across devices..Version: 4.0

This App is **Almost** GreatThis app has some great functionality with organizing Christmas lists and a budget. Groups of family, friends, etc.. Very Strong. My biggest gripe with this app is it’s lack of Syncing ability between a family. Why two people buying for 3 kids can’t sync between two phones is beyond me when SO many other apps already do this. Through a Dropbox database, or other. The ability to airdrop and push the lists back and forth is manageable but it really is not optimal. With this being a paid app and a popular one this Sync feature is a major functionality issue that just is not there. Also, if I make changes on my end and my wife makes changes on her end, I have to push my list to her and then she has to push her list to me. Every group, 4 times. It would seem obvious to be able to export multiple groups to at least make this process somewhat easier. Christmas shopping is not a 1 person job. This really needs to be considered!.Version: 2.7

Freezes constantlyGood idea - doesn’t work well.Version: 2.9

Works, but still not what I wantLooks like this is the “new version” of mGifts which I used for years, but is no longer supported. My biggest gripe with both apps is how the budget is set. I want to set the TOTAL BUDGET first, and have it subtract out for each person. I do not want to set the budget for each person (in order to create the total budget) and then have it add up. Ideally, it would be great if the app could do both. I have no idea how much I want or am going to spend on each person every year, but I absolutely know my total budget every year - which is my starting point! Other than that this app works well. But for what I want, I should probably just use an excel spreadsheet..Version: 3.1

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