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The Christmas List for Positive User Reviews

Great App but have 1 suggestionWould love it if you could add an additional status check button. In this day and age many people order gifts online which are sent to our houses BEFORE we wrap them to give away. Tracking the numerous packages that arrive before Christmas would be handy and that way we can see what hasn’t arrived yet! Thank you!!! Otherwise this is a great app that keeps me so organized during such a busy time of year..Version: 4.0

EasyReally easy to use and has some good features. In past years I've used a different app but this one is much more intuitive, easier to see what needs doing and simpler input of details..Version: 2.0

The Best Thing Ever!!I live this app so much! So great to have a way to keep perfect track of everything I've bought and pictures to remind myself if the description doesn't. I've used this app for the last few xmas's and don't know what I'd do without it, probably the best app on my phone!.Version: 1.9.2

Can't Christmas Shop without it!I have used this app for the last 3 years and it keeps everything organized to stop me from going crazy during the shopping season! Love that you can view by store to avoid extra trips to the mall..Version: 2.0

Can’t do xmas without itSo useful to force me to look at budget in advance, and then track progress as we go. We are always trying to coordinate 3 adults buying stocking stuffers for the kids and I used to have Xmas eve pánic about not enough stuff, followed by a year of so much stuff it was absurd because I’d be picking things up on sale during the year and forgetting... now I archive this year’s list in January, start adding little odds and ends as i think of them/ find on sale during the year, and then in aug-sep I’m ready to look at budget, and by Black Friday/ cyber Monday i know what I’m trying to do. Suggestions: I’d like to be able to share the BUDGET by group/ individual so that spouse and I can “discuss” that in summer before I start freaking out. Would like to be able to archive stuff off the lists for bdays through the year, too! (Didn’t get x for Xmas for my brother but by Feb I’m shopping for his bday.... and then the following Xmas i want to remember what I’ve given him for both....). Great little app tho- nice UI, well thought out. Really meets the need. Copy it over and I’ll spend another $2.99 to do bdays if I have to (although I’d rather have the gift archives together!).Version: 2.9

Great app!This app is exactly what I was looking for! Works great to see what you still need to buy, keep track of who you already bought for and it makes you aware of your budget and how much you have spent! Fabulous!.Version: 2.0

Keeps improving over the yearsI’ve been using this app for a few years now. It has been great to keep track of gift ideas for myself and others throughout the year. When someone asks what the kids want, I just share the To Do list with them from the app. I also can shop early take a picture of where I hid the present, and I’m able to remember I even bought it when December rolls around! I haven’t had any glitches, and it has worked reliably since I installed it..Version: 2.9

Love, love, love this appI have never been so organised for Christmas. This simple to use app is so easy to use and is pretty to look at too! It has saved me from buying too many presents for one person and not enough for another (if you know what I mean!) To make this perfect I would suggest two things: 1. Please, please, please can we have some more icons? There simply aren't enough. And 2. Please can the developers make a similar app for birthdays? I think that would just about make my life complete!.Version: 1.9.3

Poor nanny3 children and there 3 partners, with 12 grandchildren, 2 parents, sister, brother and wife, brother in law, sister in law, 2 best friends, and 1 partner plus tree presents for my children and my grandchildren and my parents. Yes this is a great app so I can keep track on what I’ve bought and being on my phone I can keep my list safe and I know ow what I have bought and spent for everyone. I couldn’t do without this app now..Version: 2.8

Great app but needs some improvementsI have used this app for two years, and really love it. It's an easy way to keep track of everyone you need to buy for, and how much you have spent on individuals and the whole group. I do think it needs some improvements. There is no way to mark a person as "done" and separate them from people you still need to buy for. I also wish that marking gifts as "wrapped", "received" etc was easier to do..Version: 1.9.3

A Great Little AppI love this app. Easy to navigate and use and has kept my pressie buying on track. I particularly like the budgeting aspect - it's stopped me overspending. The lists of items to buy by shop is also really handy..Version: 2.3

Awesome app! Best in the App StoreChristmas 🎄 Christmas 🎄 yeah!! 🇨🇦😀 Makes me 😁!.Version: 2.0

Fantastic app to keep you organisedLove this app, really helps to keep a check on pressie ideas and purchases. I have also created a birthdays list in month order and can keep a check on cards and pressies bought well in advance so no last minute panic buying. Wouldn't be without this..Version: 1.5.4

Love it!Love this app!! This is my second year using it and it's a great way to make your gift lists, set your budget and track your spending and progress. I love it and update it as my kids mention things they want, as I shop, and as I wrap..Version: 1.9.3

Mrs qLove this app, I re-download it every year!! I’ve got 4 kids and that means lots of presents and along with other family members I really struggle to keep on top of Christmas without this app. I can make as wrapped and I know how many they have each year along with how much of my budget they each have left. Wouldn’t get through Christmas without it. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.3

Love this appThis app has kept me organized in my gift buying for the last 2 years! Love it, so much easier then a paper list and keeps me on budget!.Version: 2.0

TerrificI use this app every year to track Christmas and birthdays. Keeps an accurate record. Love it. Recommended..Version: 2.5

Almost perfect..Great little app. I've tried 3 or 4 of the other main gift apps over the past couple years, but never really found one I'm happy with till now. It's intuitive, looks good (although not sure about the password page?!), so far reliable and has some great features I've not seen elsewhere. My only two issues are 1) it's only a christmas app - but if you can live with app name all year round, you can easily add a birthdays group. 2) No 'ideas' category - again you can survive this by using using 'to do', but seriously think this basic feature should be added to make this app invincible! 5 stars in hope....Version: 1.9.1

Fantastic AppI love this app. So easy to use and so helpful. Would love if there was a similar app for birthdays..Version: 2.9

Fantastic appI had been using another app for years but it appears its developers have gone to ground, so of course I’m worried that that app won’t function with iOS updates. Then I found THIS one and I couldn’t be happier. I used it all this season and it has everything I had before and more. I’ve tried at least a dozen “replacement” apps and NONE of them work as well as this. Clean interface, easy navigation, whimsical themes. The developers really got all the details right. I’ve adapted one “recipient” to be a cards list, but that would be a nice addition if it wouldn’t clutter things up too much. I love the archive function—it’s much better than my other app and even allows “reversal” of individual archived gifts. I really can’t say a bad thing about this app at all. I’m a convert!!! 🎄.Version: 2.9

Best Christmas app ever!So organized and easy to use. I’ve been using it for years. LOVE IT! And the feature to save items from previous years. So smart!!.Version: 2.3

Best app everEveryone needs this app in there life !!! It’s wonderful..,.Version: 2.8

Love, Love, Love This App!This App is awesome!!! Only thing I wish I could add to it is a scan of my receipt for each item and maybe a link to the website pages for presents I bought online. It would also be cool if each present could receive a number. That way I could write the corresponding number on a wrapped present and know exactly which present it is. I love the photo option, store option, price option, and ability to duplicate presents and details for more than one person. I love the fun colors and how adorable the present icon is. Completely worth the few bucks it cost to buy this app!!! Where has it been my whole life?.Version: 2.5

Keeps me in track!I've been using this one since the 2010. Back again for 2018. Set up my groups and what's cool is that the pics of all the members of the group are shown in the header so can switch between them quickly. Gives total by person and by group. Easy to input and edit. Can assign a store which gives you a shopping list...Cool!!!! Cute graphics. Very stable...has not lost my data like several others have and I've almost tried them all. - groups & import contacts - email entire list or by addition to just each individual. - shopping days countdown - customization options - backgrounds -put total spent/budget info on group & Totals I LOVE the icon!!! Thanks for a great app!!! Please Add note for person in general (in addition to the already note for the gift) and sync across devices. Please add Sync across devices. Please make one for Birthdays!!!.Version: 2.8

Christmas listBrilliant app, such a good way to keep track of finances and so easy to use..Version: 2.4

Perfect!!I was so sad when my old free app stopped updating and I was forced to delete it. I was super reluctant to pay for a replacement, but this was worth it. No complaints at all. Easy to use, can use a password or thumbprint to lock it, and love that you can use photos from the contact book as well as take photos of the presents. Perfect app..Version: 2.4

Look no furtherThis is the app you need if it's easy organized shopping you want. It's a great design, with an intuitive layout. One of the best features is that you can tap the store you're in and see exactly what you need there. Others don't have that. I highly recommend this to everyone..Version: 2.0

Great app but needs iCloud syncLove this app and have used for a couple of years. I think it’s the best Christmas List app. However, really think it could be improved by being able to sync with iCloud so can sync across devices. At present, if you update on your phone, you have to airdrop the list to your other device to update. Would be much slicker if synced to the cloud so would update automatically. Also means you can’t keep a record of your archived lists on another device Additionally, would be great to have an iPad version..Version: 3.1

Use this every year!!!Every year I use this app and it become more seamless each time. The latest updates are great. I fortunately got this app for free a few years ago when it first came out!.Version: 2.0

Best Gift List AppI've used this for a few years now and it's terrific for keeping track of purchases and spend..Version: 2.4

Excellent App!Love the ease of this app. From being able to add people lists from contacts right through to the progress pie chart, brilliant!.Version: 2.0

PerfectBrilliant app. Love that it can be locked as well. Helps keep track of everything so I don’t over spend. 😊.Version: 2.4

Very useful ap!I found this app very helpful over 2 Christmases now. I was able to remember all the little bits and pieces I'd bought, record any ideas I had for gifts in a place I'd definitely see them again and keep accurate track of how much I spent (frightening). I would recommend it. I only used it on my phone so wasn't trying to send updates anywhere. The only thing I'd improve was keeping track of what's wrapped is very manual and a bit tedious and keeping track of what's been given might be good (as we tend to have many separate Christmases).Version: 1.9.1

HappyEasy to use app, able to create multiple groups and add as much people as possible and easy to mark when someone is completed. Like that lists can be shared with other people including items still to buy. Would prefer it if totals weren't rounded up although this isn't a deal breaker. Also all stores geared towards US customers. Tried a few free ones but this one was def value for money. As per another review would also like to know if there is a way to save this information before creating another year..Version: 2.1

The bestThis is the best app of its kind. It's great to be able to look back at previous years gifts, photos are a great help. It's so easy to lose track of what you have given in the past, especially with children in the family. Never again!.Version: 1.9.3

Love this appAble to keep my shopping, still to purchase, and even what’s left to wrap all sorted. Would love to see a way to update all “people” with another device, at one go instead of syncing each individually. That’s my only suggestion. Thankful for this app!.Version: 2.6

Couldn’t do Christmas shopping without this appI’ve been using this app for several years and have archived my past gifts. Now I can look at what I purchased in the past so I don’t buy the same thing again. I keep track of how much I’m spending per person and total. I create a budget for each person and know when I go over. I can keep track of where I purchased each item too. I could go on and on. This is an app that I could not go without. Seriously..Version: 4.0

Favourite AppI’ve used this app for years. It’s easy, simple and helps me keep track. I use it all year round not just Christmas. Ensures if I purchase gifts early I don’t loose track..Version: 2.9

Very handy to have!Throughout the year I add gifts as I hear my kids talk about things they would like or I add pics as I see them in the store or online. This makes it easier when I’m shopping later. I also take pics of their stocking stuffers all in one pile so I can refer to it later to see if I need to add more. I love being able to put the price I spent on each item but I’d like to be able to choose no store if the store isn’t listed or be able to add a name. I’d also like to be able to archive gifts or lists from year to year for each person to refer to time to time so I can remember what I’ve already given them..Version: 2.6

Great way to organise present shoppingHas helped free up mind space by helping me keep track of what I have and haven’t done already..Version: 2.4

Keeps me on track at Christmas !I love this app. It takes the pain out of Christmas present shopping and gifting. From your ideas for presents, right through to gifting them, you can track here. It gives you a clear view of your spend, and the budget you need to have to buy what you would like to buy. Perfect!.Version: 2.4

One issueI love this app and have used it for 6 years. I’ve recommended to friends who are using it. I’ve only had one issue and that was this year. One of my grandson’s name has disappeared. He’s been on the list for the last 6 years as well. He has disappeared from all the years. This was sometime around Christmas. I sent an email asking if there was some way to retrieve the information but no one has replied. There isn’t a way to ask on Eric’s website either. I’m hoping someone can help me..Version: 3.1

I would've been lost without itI love how it helps me budget, reminds me what I've purchased AND what I've wrapped..Version: 2.0

Awesome!What a great app. I love it and will never use paper again!.Version: 2.4

Great app!!Love this app, it’s so helpful for organising and budgeting for Christmas. I really like how you can edit the stores list so you only have the shops you go to on the list. I just wish there was cross-device syncing!.Version: 2.3

Great AppThis is a slick iPhone app! Easy to use and better than any other on the store. Please make a iPad version. This app beats all the other iPad versions hands down in terms of functionality, although the x2 up scaling spoils It. I'd be willing to pay for such an easy app on iPad..Version: 1.5.2

Christmas OCD.I couldn't imagine having Christmas without this app every year. It keeps my thoughts organized and helps me stay on track. It would be ideal if we had a bit more freedom in editing statuses. Things like Shipping / Receiving don't apply to me but something like Delivered would!.Version: 2.0

Great Design!A brilliant app that has helped me considerably. Would love a birthday ‘function’ to use year round as well as Christmas..Version: 2.8

Has organized my gift givingI have been using this app for 4 years now and it has been such a game changer. I can easily set budget for each person, track purchases and stay on budget. It also helps with keeping track of gifts I’ve wrapped so there’s no guessing game and I know my progress. One of my favorite features is the Archived gifts. I can look back to make sure I don’t give the same gift or to give me ideas on what to give someone else. Would definitely recommend the app..Version: 2.9

Love itLove this app. It has helped me remain focused on my list and mapping out my shopping. Love that you can see your progress and the colour coding. Have been telling everyone!.Version: 2.0

Brilliant app for ChristmasBeen using this Christmas present app for years now. Brilliant to keep track on what you have bought and how much you have spent..Version: 2.6

Christmas lifesaver!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I use it all year long to make note of gifts ideas when I think of them. Love that I can save photos and webpage links. So many great features. I’ve been using it for 3 years now and don’t know what I’d do without it. And the few times I’ve contacted the developer for support or questions they’ve always been quick to reply!!.Version: 2.8

Exactly what I was looking for!LOVING this app! And I can think of a million other ways to use it for budget tracking by category besides just Christmas shopping. Very responsive user support as well. I sent a question to the developer and had an answer within hours, not days or weeks. The response was courteous and easy to understand....service with a smile. :) Adding to my review after several years of using and it just keeps getting better! Love it! And I’m so very grateful for this app. It keeps me organized during the holidays..Version: 4.0

LOVE LOVE LOVEFound this app a couple years ago and have found it to be invaluable for gift giving during the holidays! Love that I can archive each year's purchases so I don't repeat and know at all times how much I have left in my budget. Super easy to use! My only recommendation would they need to add an option for Birthday, Easter baskets, and Valentines. I have created my own categories for these but would be nice if they could be separate from Christmas. If you want to stay organized and on budget - get this app!.Version: 2.2

So helpful!I think this is the third or fourth year I’ve used this app. I really enjoy having it! I have 6 kids, and this app allows me to purchase gifts all year and even help me remember what I got each kid with a picture. I take my pictures in the store before I check out and enter the dollar amount right then so I know what I have for which kid and how much more I have left to buy. I totally recommend this one. I can’t remember if I paid for it, but I totally would buy it again if I did. (I don’t have adds on mine, so maybe I did. WORTH IT!!).Version: 4.0

After Years of Use I Still Love This App!!!!I love the simplicity of this app and that its all in one place, not pc’s of paper everywhere. 😊.Version: 2.4

BrilliantHave used this app for two Christmas' now and found it so useful to keep myself organized. I think a lot of people would not have received the smaller 'bits' bought early if it hadn't been for this app as I used to find bits after Xmas..Version: 1.5.4

Best list trackerI love this app - helps me keep track of what people want, gift ideas I've had, and most importantly what I've already bought, how much I've spent and where I've hidden them! The ability to add photos means I can take a photo when out with the kids to remember what they pointed out and go back for it another day. Highly recommended..Version: 1.9

Love this appI have used this app for three years now. It allows me to purchase gifts through out the year and keep track of the items and how much I have spent of the given budget for each person..Version: 2.0

Very goodI really like this app. It is helping me get organised this year and keep track of how much I am spending. It would be good to be able to close everything from this year but still be able to see it. This would help next Xmas and for birthdays next year so that you can see what you bought people previously. Another little touch would be the ability to keep track of gifts given to yourself and thank you letters sent etc. It would also be nice to be able to go directy from the app to a webpage to take a picture of the gift you have bought..Version: 0

Great app for staying organizedWould highly recommend this app. Easy to use and keep your Christmas shopping on track. My only wish would be for a built in calculator (for adding tax to individual items). Would love to see another app by this developer for birthdays!!.Version: 2.4

Best App!This is the best App for organizing gifts and spending, and I have tried many! Excellent and easy to use, I will be using it every year I'm sure..Version: 2.0

Easy and intuitive - just needs one more featureI love this app and have used similar in the past, but the user interface and design on this one is much better. One improvement I'd like to see in an update (and which I've used in other apps) is the ability to mark gifts as ordered, purchased, wrapped, delivered. Colour coding would help here: the green box is handy but with a huge family I'd like a visual reference as to which gifts are still to be bought or ordered, which are in 'postal limbo' and might need chasing up on delivery status and those that still need to be given out. In fact you could even delete 'wrapped' as an option. Thanks for a great app that has helped me immensely this Christmas!.Version: 2.0

Long time user. Love it.I’ve been using this app for many years. I love that I can go back and revisit pre ious Christmases and potentially pick up the same item without trying to remember where I got it. It’s great to keep in budget and to keep track of online orders and potentially allow time to get replacements if they are late arriving. It’s straight forward to use and I know I’d be lost without it. I wrap on Christmas Eve so I use the app to be certain I haven’t forgotten gifts in hidden spots in the house!.Version: 4.0

Great wee app with one minor shortcomingLove the app - really useful for noting down ideas for presents and then keeping track of where to get them, how much they cost and what budget you want to have and what progress you've made. The addition of a birthday list is useful BUT - unless I am missing it - there seems to be no way to have separate birthday and Christmas lists for the same person. Awkward when you have friends and family with birthdays close to Christmas (including Christmas Day!) and for whom you work hard NOT to merge their presents..Version: 2.0

Improved & UsefulI've been using this app since 2014 & find it very handy for adding gift ideas through the year until i can afford to buy them. Certainly more reliable than my own 'memory bank'! Worth the $.Version: 3.1

Shopping in JulyLove this app. I’ve used it for years. Lets me stay on budget and get my shopping done early without forgetting what I have already spent and purchased..Version: 2.6

Best app for Christmas gifts list!I'm happily crawling into bed on Christmas Eve after spending the night with family and NOT spending the last few minutes wondering if I've got all the gifts taken care of. I don't know how I got along without this wonderful app all my life! I used to have the messiest handwritten list each year that I kept under lock and key, but now I just click on this app and it's so easy to stay organized and see who I need to shop for or what I have left to wrap. It's easy to see the budget details, what's been bought, ordered, delivered, wrapped, etc. And what joy it is to check off each family member when I've finished their gifts, so all I have to do is look at the name list and see who still needs something done. It's very simple to use but has everything you need, so even me with my need for detailed information and perfectionism is satisfied bc it's all there. I'll never even search for another gift list app. It's perfect!!.Version: 3.1

Very efficient appI love this app. I have been using it for several years now. Great features and archiving system..Version: 2.4

Great app for Christmas planningReally enjoying this app and it's layout. It's managed to replace a previous old favourite that I'd been using for years!.Version: 2.5

Christmas TraditionI love this app. I've been using it every year since the beginning. I find it invaluable for keeping track of all my gifts through each step of the process. I find the chaos of Christmas shopping can be stressful for me and this app helps by keeping me organized. If I could make any improvements it would be to change the listing of titles. The defaults of "shipping" and "received" are not as helpful in my situation. Also I send out Christmas cards every year and would love if that could be separated into its own listing somehow. Rather than each card being a "gift" listing. Otherwise I appreciate that the app is kept up to date and improved upon over the years. A+ developer and app. Thank you.Version: 2.0

My Christmas lifesaver!Best app to keep track of presents. As an all-year present buyer who hunts down bargains and then stores them for Xmas, this app is invaluable for remembering what I’ve bought for whom. It’s also very satisfying to see the completed gifts building up to balance the sense of panic as the big day grows nearer!.Version: 3.1

Love this but could be even betterI love this app! I’ve used it for years and some simple tweaks have made it even better during that time. It’s very easy to use and I love that you can archive years now so I don’t have to manually wipe everything out (and lose that info!). I really appreciate all the views for info there are too. And there’s a lot of flexibility in how you add items too. I’ve added a list of items in a single entry that I’ve purchased together or I’ve broken them out. Two suggestions… 1) I use a work around and instead of groups have holidays, but I would love to use this app for more than Christmas! Birthdays, anniversaries, easter, etc. I basically input the person each time under a different holiday “group” but I’d love to see this functionality supported in the app. 2) In the age of ordering online, I’d appreciate an option between purchased and wrapped that shows I have the item in my possession. Thanks so much for all you do and keep up the good work!!.Version: 4.0

BrilliantI download this EVERY year to keep track of gifts I need to buy etc. It’s so handy!.Version: 2.9

Great AppThis app is great as long as you actually input the information and utilize its capability. The only thing I do wish is that it would give you a total budget cost of all groups you set up so there is a cumulative budget as well as the individual group budgets. Right now you have to individually add up the different group budgets to get what your cumulative budget is. I don’t know if the app developer reads any of these but if so, would you please add that capability to the app?.Version: 4.0

Amazing for tracking, shoppingI love this app. I love that I can insert photos of items I have made, track stores where I want to purchase items, and best of all, when I am in a store, pull up a list of what I need to buy there! Keeps me organized and keeps me sane! I use it every Christmas..Version: 4.0

Great app!Love this app, I use it every year!!.Version: 2.0

Awesome!This app made Christmas much easier to budget for and keep organized. I am very happy with its ease of use and functionality. Awesome!!.Version: 1.9.3

Simple!So simple, easy to use! Not full of extra unnecessary features..Version: 2.0

Not perfect, but the best Christmas app I've ever used.Slight improvements are required for previous year recall but an excellent app..Version: 2.0

Best thing everThis is the second year I have used this app to organize and plan presents. Love the passcode so kids can't snoop! It's the best friend of a busy and forgetful mom!.Version: 1.9.3

Great appBest Christmas app! I have tried others & they were rubbish.Version: 2.2

Priceless AppThis App has been the savior of me this year. If you are like me and need to be completely organised ( and have a terrible memory), then get this app. How I have used it - I've groups for the in-laws, my husband and kids. I can add a present when it comes to mind and up date it with to do, bought, wrapped etc. you can add a picture of the item, so I can remember exactly what it is once its wrapped. You can add which store you are buying it from, and although the pre-listed stores are all American, if your English like me then you can delete these and add new ones. This allows you to select a store, like today I went to Tesco and I could bring up a list of stuff I wanted to buy from Tesco from everyone's lists. Really very good App. !!.Version: 1.8

Awesome app for Christmas Shopping!! Love it!Perfect!.Version: 1.9.3

Love it!Keep me organized for purchasing gifts and helps me stay within my budget..Version: 2.0

Best Christmas List App Ever!I’ve tried several different Christmas list apps over the past several years, and they’ve always had problems... Such as not enough features, crashing constantly, and not running properly, just to name a few. This app, however, is the BEST one I’ve ever tried, period! I love the features like being able to customize the pics of not only the gifts, but pics of each person on the list. I love being able to customize the wallpaper, the store each item is purchased at, the price and budget, and the progress pie chart. There are many more features I love about it, but too many to list. I love, love, love it!! 👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐.Version: 2.4

Great tool for ChristmasI used a similar app last year but then realized I couldn't archive my list and I would have to enter everyone in the app again. That is too much work so I wanted a different app. This app has more features that allow me to track progress, group lists of people, and it archives the full list for the year! It tracks the stores that I need to go to and what gifts have been purchased, wrapped etc. I love the functions of this app and I have not come across any glitches or issues with running the app. Thank you for such a helpful tool!!! Please keep it up!!!!.Version: 2.4

Lifesaver!!!Awesome app! Made my Xmas shopping much easier!.Version: 2.5

Liking it so far 👍Got it last year but I think I was too afraid it wouldn’t save my info upon transfers... God help me I hope it does because I think I’m gonna fall in love with this, lol... the one thing I wish it had tho is the option to select “stocking” for a gift where it says to do, wrapped & such... Also you should be able to catalog gifts you receive & who they’re from... maybe that’s what the received option is for, I figured either that or to specify when something shipped after being ordered was received....Version: 2.9

Couldn’t manage without itI had a previous Xmas app which was good but didn’t update before last Xmas. This one beats it hands down. I love I can look at archived gifts from last year. You can check out how much you’ve been spending or the most valuable feature is to be able to see what is left to buy.Version: 2.9

ChristmasLove this App . Second year of using - visually easy and simple to use , very effective!.Version: 2.9

So useful!Easy to use app with all the detail you need to organise gift recipients and their gifts into clearly identifiable groups and lists. Only query is if the data from this year can be saved somehow so I don't duplicate next year - I have given my mother-in-law the same book over two Christmases and hoping this app will help me avoid doing that again!.Version: 2.1

Great AppReally good app... Has made this year's christmas shopping so easy and it's been great to keep on top of the budget as well..Version: 2.0

Needs iCloud sync / backup to be 5-starI have used this app for years and it works great. I started off downloading a handful of like apps, and this one rose to the top. My only problem is that now, a few years and phones later, and I couldn’t do a whole phone transfer from my old to my new, and that’s when I found out that this app wasn’t syncing to iCloud for me to be able to restore from. Now, I’m restoring an old phone with an old backup in hopes that all of this years gift information can be recovered. 🤞🏼.Version: 4.0

Nice featuresEasy to add people from contacts and build groups. Also easy share between friends. Great app!.Version: 1.9.3

Have relied on this for a few years now to get me through the holidays!We have a large family and many friends who are just like family. With 54 people to buy for, this app is what gets us through the holiday season! Love the organization of the data in the app. I can track what I need to buy by stores so it makes my online and in-person shopping most efficient. Tracking budgets is a breeze and I always know where I stand. Probably most importantly is tracking what I’ve ordered online to be sure I receive it, and also what I’ve wrapped to be sure I don’t forget that one item tucked back in my closet! Lastly, I love the gift archival feature. I can even take pictures of my purchases so I can refer back to prior gifts. There’s nothing worse than giving someone the same “perfect gift” two years in a row (unless of course it’s consumable!). In short, this app helps me stay organized and on track, which helps me enjoy the holidays more! Thanks for a great app!!!.Version: 3.1

AwesomeGreat organizational tool for christmas.Version: 2.0

Awesome app to keep you organized during a hectic seasonI've used this app for a few years now and adore it. It keeps me organized and I can easily tell which gifts I have bought and still need to buy. It helps keep my budget in track too. A couple of suggestions to improve it would be to allow the user to mark off which gifts have been wrapped and allow the user to organize or delete people on the lists. Otherwise this app is perfect and I've recommended it to many people..Version: 1.9.3

Love this app, some minor requestsI have found this even better than expected - it has features I wouldn't have thought of before but they're actually useful. Don't forget good gift ideas anymore, and really clear on where I stand with the budget! Some minor feature requests... I often see a gift idea but without anybody specific in mind (ie "that would be great for a wedding gift / newborn / big football fan / teenager etc). I'd like to be able to add gifts that aren't assigned to a person just yet? Am also keen to be able to change who I am giving what to - I might be thinking of a book for one child, but then decide to get it for somebody else. At the moment it stays attached to the original recipient (more of a "copy" than a "move") I find it handy for just about any shopping list - even the groceries! It would be good if we could duplicate lists (For now I have groceries in there as a person & just untick when I'm done). Lastly - the idea obviously came from Christmas but if the design were more general that would be nice, but I love Xmas so I don't mind :-).Version: 1.9.2

Favorite AppUpdate for 2022: I am looking for some additional features as I have used this app every year. My main thing is the statuses is one thing I would like to see grow or at least let me create some of my own. An example is that I want to be able to add something and mark it as an idea (instead of automatically To Buy) and a Given status amount others. I emailed the company about two weeks ago and have not heard back so that is off-putting.————————— This is my favorite app. I like that it has the ability to house gifts and easy to archive. A few suggestions I have is to be able to set a gift to $0 cost ($0 and no amount is different since some I still have to input whereas some items were free). I also would like the ability to marked a gift as complete (as in wrapped and given to the person). I use wrapped as I wrap it, shipping as it is being shipped to me, and received as I received it - not that I wrap it and it is shipped and received by the recipient. It seems like it is meant this way since the icons are situated in that order. So why would ship and receive come after wrap. Rather I would like an icon for complete so that I can tell this one is done!.Version: 4.0

Life saver!Best app EVER to stay organized at Christmas or any gift giving occasion. So easy to make your list year round so you don't forget. Love that you can now add a photo. Only improvement would be if you could scan the bar code in the store to add something to a list..Version: 2.0

Can't live without itLove this app!!! I no longer need to take a million paper wish-lists with me to the store. And no longer have to do all the math in my head. I can track all that right here. I can upload lists and email lists to grandparents etc. it's awesome! Passcode protected too so the hubby can't snoop either! Can't wait to use it again this year! Now if it had a way to tell me where the cheapest place was to buy it it'd be absolutely the best!! 2018 comments: Still one of my fav apps. I wish there could be a way to flag the to-do’s vs just ideas. As I would love to filter out my actual to do list for ease of shopping. 2019 comments: I see that I can air drop to share lists between my iPhone and iPad, but it seems to be done at an individual level. Is there a way I can sync the entire app data between my devices?.Version: 2.9

Been loving this app for 2 years!This app helps keep you HYPER ORGANIZED! Never problems or glitches and my favorite parts is I can used the thumbprint to keep it locked so my kids can’t get in. It shows me what I’ve spent, have left to spend, keeps a running total on spending as well as allows me to keep up with what I’ve wrapped or what I’m still waiting on being shipped which with so much coming in I can forget a thing or two. I love being able to add in everyone’s wish lists and always have it ready on hand in my phone while I’m out..Version: 2.4

AwesomeSo easy to use. Has helped heaps keep a track of everything I've bought.Version: 1.5.2

Makes Christmas Shopping EasierI love this app. This made it so easy to organize ideas and budgets for multiple groups (family, friends, work). I was becoming totally lost in what everyone wanted, my gift ideas, how much money I was spending, and it was stressing me out big time! This app helped me collect all of that into one cohesive list that set my mind at ease. The one thing I would add is a sub-list feature for stocking stuffers, which I wanted to budget but would come from different stores. I wound up just making another “person” (like “DH Stocking”) and managing them that way, which worked out fine..Version: 2.4

Love this app!I found this app halfway through this years Christmas shopping and it has been amazing. It has helped me stay on budget and helped me keep all my ideas in one place along with letting me check things off as I purchase. I will be using this app throughout the year and from the beginning next year. The only negative thing is that I can’t erase the original list the app had already for “Christmas list “. I was able to make my own lists and title them myself along with grouping them in custom categories so I don’t need the default list they provide. It’s a minor thing that will not deter me from using the app..Version: 2.5

So perfect!This app is PERFECT for organizing! My husband and I have giant families. This app allows us to organize all gifts by each family we visit for the holidays. I love that I can add gift ideas at any time for any person, then change the status of each gift as it progresses. I can mark a gift as to do/buy, purchased, wrapped, shipping or received, and it’s all color coded which is awesome. I can mark what store I bought the gift from (and add which stores I love to shop at), and I can even attach pics of the item and make notes as well. This app is also extremely helpful in managing a budget. I can set an overall budget, and/or create a budget per person. So many great features! This app comes in handy all year round. Any time I’m with someone and they mention something they’re interested in, I just open the app and add it as a gift idea for the future. I think one of the greatest bonus features is that I can archive the gifts every year so I can remember what I’ve previously gotten each person. I have used this app for several years and I LIVE by it! Go download it and start using it immediately! You will be so thankful!.Version: 3.1

Lost all dataLost all data when I had to replace my phone. That did not impress me much !!!😡😤😡.Version: 2.0

Great App but...This app does everything I want it to as far as tracking gifts, my only issue is that I can’t share lists in real time with my husband. We use AnyList for our grocery/shopping lists generally and it’s so convenient to be able to add to a shared list! I wish you could share certain “groups” in real time so that he and I could add ideas for family members together as we think of them, rather than air dropping the list to him when we are together. Obviously I’d want to keep a private “group” for the list I create to shop for him, but we always pick things together for other family members so it would be nice to both have the app and be able to open it and see what ideas the other has added or things they’ve already bought. Otherwise, a great app for tracking Christmas shopping!.Version: 2.9

I love this app!!This is an app for any OCD christmas shopper!!! I keep track of my purchases and the process of where they are at whether I need it, purchased, wrapped, or received! I'm not one to review many apps, but this one I will, because every Christmas it is the one app I look to, to help me get my holiday shopping done with ease! A little update: I still love the app however it would make it so much better if we could customize the “to do, wrapped, shipping, bought,” labels to what we would like or what the status may be, such as layaway, or marked specially to set aside for a certain party. Just customized labels would make this app 100%.Version: 2.3

Fantastic organisation!I have put EVERYTHING I've spent into this app! I love it. It is a bit of a shock knowing how much Christmas ACTUALLY costs but it has saved me a ton of money! Every time I think I haven't bought enough I just check what I have and how much I've spent already on each child. I've even added birthdays that happen around Christmas too! Can't rate it enough. I love the to do list too..Version: 1.9.1

Love this app!I used to have a list saved on my desktop that I would print, revise and repeat! Now my list is always with me and I can see what I have really spent:) I have recommended this app to my friends and they are raving too. I wish that I could adjust the countdown- I am going away a week before Christmas and have one less week to get everything done!.Version: 1.9.3

Love this-some suggestionsI love this app and it keeps me very well organized with gift giving. I love the different options of “to do, shipping, purchased etc). I also love being able to add pictures and notes and archive, share etc. For this to meet “all” my needs, I would love to add a few features. I would like to be able to mark gifts “wrapped” when that is done. I would also like to be able to move gifts from a “Christmas group” to that same person in a “birthday group”. Sometimes I over buy and want to save some gifts for a future holiday. I hate to delete all the info and then add back in..Version: 2.5

Great for organizing what to buy!I've been using this app for years and I'm always loving the new additions..Version: 2.0

Christmas Shopping EssentialI cannot even think of doing my Christmas shopping without this. I am actually able to stick to a budget..Version: 2.0

Fantastic AppThis keeps me organized over the holidays. Super easy to use and you can archive from year to year..Version: 2.4

Brill appGr8 for tracking present ideas & how much you've spent. Could benefit from 'budget' function for each person that auto calcs remaining budget as u mark things purchased, but only a little thing. Been using it 2yrs now, wouldn't b without it :).Version: 1.5.4

I ❤️ this app! So usefulI have been using this App for the last 3 years and I would be lost without it at Christmas time. It let's you categorise groups (eg, family, friends, kids, school) then you can add per person per group. Then you add gifts per person including item, store, price and other info. Once you have purchased u can then file as purchased/wrapped/given etc. It also has an option to show a list of 'Still To Purchase' which helps when shopping. Then once Christmas is all over your can archive all the gifts and it leaves all the names and groups in place with budgets ready for next time. I also use this for my kids birthdays so I know which family member is getting what and how much I've spent.... I really rate this as an essential in my Christmas prep for every year. 👍👍👍.Version: 1.9.3

Very Good, have used multiple yearsI've found this a really good app for many years to help keep track of the kids presents. One minor annoyance has just happens to my wife though. She deleted the entire list for our daughter with a simple accidental swipe. I think that deleting the entire person in the same way you delete a single item needs a little more warning or a way to undo it. Is there an undo for this??.Version: 2.0

Love this appSo handy and nobody will be forgotten x.Version: 2.0

The Best!I love this app! Simple to use. Makes keeping track of my Christmas shopping way easier. Highly recommend..Version: 2.9

Santa never had it this good! HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING IS ORGANIZED SND STRESS FREE!I’ve been using this app 4+ years to organize gift purchases (primarily Christmas) for all of my friends and family. Easy to personalize.... by groups— immediate family, extended family, friends, service individuals (mail carrier, priest...) and by types of gifts! I have 3 categories for immediate family members— Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, and Christmas gag gifts. Photos of gifts jog memory when I purchase things throughout the year! AWESOME!!!! Gift tally feature wonderful for not leaving shopping until the last minute..Version: 2.3

Awesome appReally well done. Easy to use..Version: 2.0

Absolutely brilliant appThis has got to be one of my favourite apps ever. It's taking away a lot of the hassle of writing and losing lists, forgetting what you've already bought and going way over budget. I wish there was a similar one for holiday packing and buying..Version: 1.8

Thank you for responding with the fix!!!!re:HELP!!!You were so kind to respond and tell me how to access the app…but now I cannot find your response among the hundreds of reviews. May I ask if you would please resend your response? I’ve used this app for several years. This year it will not accept my password to open. It’s the same password I’ve used every year. Now all my purchase history for our family of 28 (kids, grandkids, parents etc) CANNOT BE ACCESSED!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!.Version: 4.0

Love it !My shopping is recorded no missing gifts I can see who how much and what's to buy or wrap I listed my shopping during the year before I hid the gifts from the kids even recorded the store and a photo of the receipt Great App.Version: 2.0

A must have app!I found this so useful last year, I'm back using it again this year. I love the pie chart and seeing it changing as time goes on - it really keeps me motivated to be organised. One suggestion - could it be made possible to change the titles (I don't use the 'Shipped' option but could change it to something else)..Version: 2.0

Christmas GiftGreat app, easy to use.Version: 2.0

Very usefulThis app inspired me to keep organized. Not only with gift getting but with money, time, etc..Version: 2.0

New UserI’ve just purchased and started using the app. Two quick features I already wish it had: 1. The ability to edit the name of a group. I made two groups called family (just to help me see spending). One is the people in my house. The second is extended family. My intent works, but to add a person to a group the list of my created options comes up and now I don’t know which family group to click. If I could rename the group that’d be helpful. But, I can’t. 2. I wish I could import items and links sent to me. My nephew texts me links and I can’t figure out how to add the exact item he wants. As far as I can tell, I have to 1. Add an item 2. Name the item myself. 3. Put the link in the notes. - it would be so quick to add the link and have it automatically add the price, store, and image for me..Version: 4.0

Kept me on trackUsually I keep paper lists for Christmas presents - they get lost/tattered/rewritten. This app kept me organized, has a clean interface and was easy to edit. Kept it on my home page as a reminder during December. Passcode keeps everything secret..Version: 1.9.3

Perfect for my OCDI've tried dozens of the free apps, but this one tops the list. I've used it for the last few Christmases. It's incredibly easy to use, and allows me to track budgets, items bought, presents I'm awaiting delivery of, and even photograph each one. An iPad version (unless I've missed it) would be perfect! Thanks for making my over-organised Christmas shopping even better..Version: 1.9.2

Organized Chaos PerfectionWe have 14 nieces and nephews; 2 kids; Santa; neighbors; and assorted family members we exchange gifts with- a grand total of 30 people or so- this app helps my husband and I keep it all organized. No more small lists that get lost- I upload their lists into my app- and head to the mall or online- easy peasy. I love that I can check them off- when it’s all complete- and while I am working on things- track purchases; stores; and if they are wrapped! My Husband loves that it keeps the budget on a running tally for us. The only issue for me, you need to add the names each year.... no big deal just annoying. Totally worth the cost!.Version: 3.1

Great app but a tweak would helpI used this a bit last yr and am using it a lot this yr. It works well however I’d love two tweaks. 1. The checkmark for each person should allow you to change its colour. Green for all gifts bought for that person, purple for All wrapped etc so you can see it when not on that page. Second tweak - if I have multiple things on one persons list I’d like to be able to mark them as wrapped/gifted etc without having to tap on each gift individually. Otherwise great app! Really helped me get organized!.Version: 2.5

Brilliant AppI love this app. It's so easy to use & great at what it was designed to do. Would be even better if you could use it all year for other events like Birthdays, with a reminder feature. Also, linking to a website for pics of gifts would be great. Would also be good if you could scroll down to see people in other groups, rather than only selecting one group at a time. :-).Version: 1.5.2

Superb little app.Like a Christmas cracker, this app is full of surprise features. It is flexible and a joy to use. I am still in the process of discovering all it has to offer but already feel this is well worth the investment..Version: 4.0

Helps to keep me organizedLove the app. Helps me budget. List what people want and check off what I have already accomplished.Version: 2.8

Best Christmas gift App!Great app! They've thought of everything. I don't think I've ever had a more organized Christmas. 😊.Version: 2.0

Great app for organising and keeping trackGreat little app for keeping track of ideas, purchases and total spent per person.Version: 2.4

So HelpfulThis is my fifth year using this app. It helps me stay on top of my Christmas shopping. I like being able to see what has arrived, what is shipping, what needs to be wrapped. Also it let's me easily track number of gifts per family member and amount spent. The last 2 years I added a "person" as all the stocking stuffers I needed to bring for a big family event. Now I can check off when each little gift is purchased and I don't need to track the $. I really like the flexibility of this app as well. It is well organized and easy to navigate..Version: 4.0

A Christmas Life-saver!I absolutely love this app! We have a very large family with kids and grandkids. I can sort them into categories and see at a glance what each one has and what I’ve spent. Also by entering where to purchase a gift I can click on a specific store and have a shopping list created! My only wish is that the app had storage that a login would be able to retrieve the info with. When I got a new phone I had to hand input all my archives from several years as they did not transfer. Hey - maybe that’s an upgrade for this Christmas!! 😊.Version: 2.6

Amazing App!Very easy to use, organizes everything just as you need it to be. Add a person set a budget and go shopping. If you know what you want to buy each person, put on the list. If you don’t, add it as you go. I found adding items is quick. To Do is the best feature. It let’s you see what’s left to purchase by person and by store. This was a BIG BIG time saver because I knew exactly what I needed to buy at each individual store. A list of chain stores are provided to choose from, but you can easily add your own. Budget feature is extremely nice. I could see what was spent on each person and the total for everyone. The App works off line independent of the cloud. I can’t find anything negative to say and would recommend the developer modify this one to work for birthdays, weddings and other holidays throughout the year. Tom, Fredericksburg, Va..Version: 2.9

The Christmas listJust got this app this morning absolutely brilliant. Would recommend this to everyone, the one thing I like is it tells you how many days to Xmas..Version: 2.6

Love it!I love this app! It keeps me so organized during this wild time of year. I love that you can set the status of each gift to show whether it is Purchased, Wrapped, Shipped, etc. If you’re wondering if you should buy this, the answer is absolutely!! I do have a feature request, which would be to show a Date field for items that are in “Shipped” status for Expected Delivery Date, and/or a one-tap URL field where you could link the tracking info. I know all of this is possible through the Notes section, but I think it would really add an extra layer of user-friendliness!.Version: 3.1

Great app!I am so glad I found this app, it has really helped keep my organized this holiday season! I always seem to forget some items that I have hidden around the house but not since logging everything in the app! There are so many options from keeping track of your total holiday budget to sorting your gift lists into different groups of people to updating the status of your gifts from purchased or shipping to received or wrapped, its all really helpful. I will be using this app year after year!!.Version: 2.9

Love this appIt would be great if there was one similar for birthdays gifts..Version: 1.9.3

Not a typical reviewerI don’t usually post reviews. This app is better than the others! I have tried others that are rated higher and this is still the best with the most options. It saves so much time repeating names year after year, keeping store names handy, provides archive info so you don’t buy the same gift again year to year, groups families so you can have that group done when there are multiple celebrations, and even has an easy fix to restore when you accidentally archive items (which I just did). Thank you!!!.Version: 3.1

Easy to useThis app is easy to navigate and is awesome to keep track & to stay on budget!!!.Version: 2.3

Fantastic!I use this app for birthdays, Xmas, wish lists and a wine list - I can take a photo of the label so that next time I'm in the bottle shop I know what to look for. It helps me keep a budget for Xmas buying. Well worth the money!.Version: 1.8

Annual Go-ToUsed this app in 2014 and can't live without it now! Ideal for someone who has a large number of people to buy for. Never lose track! Only improvement I would suggest is to be able to back it up to the cloud!.Version: 2.0

LoveThis app! Used it the last 3 years in a row!I use this every year! Helps me keep track of people's wish lists, what I got and what I need to get... great app.Version: 2.6

Very helpful to keep track of To Do/Wishlists and money spent!Since this has a passcode on it, I can keep track of what I have spent on my children’s Christmas and not fear that they would discover and ruin Christmas surprise. I am not sure if I added it or if the default category includes hostess gifts. But I like to purchase stash gifts that could be used as hostess gifts or secret Santa exchange is. And this category helps me keep track of that so I don’t over buy. It also helps me keep track of the value of each purchase when considering the recipient..Version: 2.4

Best one I've foundI've tried a number of Christmas List apps & this is by far the best one I've found. Great layout & easy to use. Only annoying thing is that it doesn't have a separate iPad version so it looks a bit stretched & you have to manually sync each person individually. Sort this & it would be a fantastic app..Version: 1.9.3

Best Christmas list out thereI tried a few different ones this year but ended up back at this one, which I've used for years, because it's the best. It lets you view all gifts by progress, have multiple recipients on one gift, add the store it was bought from, etc., and I learned quickly that lots of gift apps don't have those features. The ONLY thing I really, really want is to be able to change the progress names. I don't ship any gifts so that button is useless to me. I'd LOVE to have To Do, Purchased, Received (for gifts ordered online), Wrapped, and Given..Version: 4.0

Love thisLove this app. I first used it last year and actually stuck to my budget. This year I am going to the archives and can see what I purchased last year so no crazy Aunty getting the same present again and again. Some things last year I took photos of and that has been a great reminder too when organising this years list. Thanks for a great app..Version: 2.0

Christmas 2017Couldn’t have managed without this app.Version: 2.5

Love this app!!I’ve used other Christmas apps in previous years but this one is by far the best. It’s so easy to navigate between people, groups and gifts. The budget feature is wonderful and makes it so easy to see how much you spent per person and total. I love that I can easily mark things as purchased, ordered, shipped, arrived or wrapped. I use the notes section to put the location where I hid gifts so I don’t forget where they are. This app has seriously made made this Christmas easier!.Version: 2.5

Use it every year!One of my favourite apps!.Version: 2.0

Great!This is such a great app. Easy to use. The customisable pic for each recipient is very handy..Version: 3.1

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