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MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter app received 106 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about myfitnesspal: calorie counter?

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MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter for Positive User Reviews

Works great now!Goodbye annoying extremely intrusive ads. I wish I can pay to support this fantastic service/app. But 30 is a way over what my budget will allow and not ever ready for drop 180 all at once for a year..Version: 22.24.0

Dietary Restriction Alerts & Polar CompatibilityIn my own, personal opinion, the features that would earn fifth star would be to expand compatibility toward Polar brand products and applications, and to allow users to enter in specific ingredient, calorie, macro/micronutrient restrictions to be alerted to in meals & recipes. It would be great to know if something I ate (or am logging because I'm about to eat) will conflict with a low FODMAP diet, or has more of a specific nutrient than I want at the time. I recall a previous version that would offer food tips ("this food is high in sodium", "this food is a great source of vitamin c", etc.) I haven't yet tried the paid version, and these could be included there, but I felt it worth mentioning. Overall, the app comes packed with so many intuitive, convenient features, I have succeeded in making journaling with it part of my daily dietary considerations. The terms and conditions of the challenges offered are abjectly terrifying, though, and ought to be more prominently featured before agreeing to them. Currently, the language you provide allows sponsoring companies the freedom to scour my phone for any notes I've taken to work on business projects of my own during my participation, and hamstrings me to do anything to defend my own privacy and trade secrets afterward if they take any action on them. Not cool..Version: 7.26

My 1st review in 13 years, listen inAs the title says, no app has changed my life to such a degree, that I felt moved to write a review. This is amazing. In 9 months, I lost over 4 stone. I was about 7lbs away from my bmi, which I unreservedly know I would have attained. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I’m now just maintaining weight by using this app. My weight has been up and down all my adult life and as I’ve got older, methods that used to work, stopped working. I decided to try this app. What it has done is reprogram my brain re what I thought was healthy and what is actually healthy. Instead of preaching and placing confines on certain foods, it allows you to choose what you eat/drink within limits. I have gone from convenience food to a more whole food based diet. I do get to have alcohol, cakes, biscuits in moderation but moderation is how this has programmed my brain and I’m satisfied with that. It is a little tricky and time consuming at the start. Anyone who has asked me about the app, I tell them to use the first 2 weeks as a trial and error period to get used to it. Within weeks you will have a database of meals/foods that help you hit targets. Now that I’m at a comfortable weight, I am recording my exercise using the built in workout plans. If you are medically obese, like I was, I would strongly recommend using this. If it seems difficult, stick with it and it will become second nature. Thank you so much MyFitnessPal.Version: 20.8.1

App ReviewA great service providing a platform for success on a human health quest. The My Fitness Pal application allows anyone to compile a detailed log of nutritional and fitness info into an easy to use, easy to interpret, easy to afford (free), and simple to navigate system. The breakdown of information into multiple charts and graphs is a phenomenal resource. The flexibility of being able to modify multiple facets of your goals such as macro nutrients, weight loss/gain per week, etc. is extremely intuitive and suitable for a wide range of fitness/nutritional goals. Nearly anyone can master this application within a reasonable timeframe of consistent effort and in turn become the master of their fitness/health destiny. My Fitness Pal has provided a great service and allowed for anyone with the desire to do so to achieve the best version of themselves possible. Also, after a long endeavor spanning months or years and reviewing your data in retrospect allows for a particular cognizance for what worked well and what did not. This, in turn, provides a chance to hone an adequate regimen into the ultimate program fine tuned to your personal goals. My Fitness pal provides an amenity that fosters a healthier and happier human race to those who utilize it. This application has earned a large following of motivated individuals for these reasons and stood the test of time. Go forth and conquer your goals with profound efficiency. -Klahr.Version: 19.7.1

Good app but could use a few improvementsI’ve been using the premium version for a while now, and I think overall the app is very convenient and quick. I especially enjoy the extensive food database, since I rarely need to add my own nutritional info for food. I would however like to suggest a few improvements: - currently you can add directions to meals but not recipes... which doesn’t make a lot of sense imo (unless I’m missing something here) - for the dashboard, it would be good to have a few more display options, such as to not show calories or to show % remaining of nutrients - I wish net carbs was a thing, since it is easy to over consume fibre when on a calorie deficit, and end up having less calories from carbs and then getting less energy for workouts/day to day activities. It’s also easier to plan macros based on net carbs imo. This will probably never be read but whatever lol.Version: 20.3.0

My Fitness Pal - phenomenal!I’ve previously always concentrated on saturated fats - so thought I’d try counting calories to see if I could kick-start my metabolic rate into changing - It’s worked so incredibly easily by using this app - not remotely tempted to cheat and enjoying the healthier routine of sticking to 3 x meals a day The bonus of actively wanting to weigh myself, as opposed to it being a dreaded duty, is a amazing - never before has it been this simple, straight forward and maintainable! - The extremely rare occasions, that I’ve not been able to source an item, I’ll check the packaging and substitute for another product with the same calorific value - would recommend to anyone, a little or a lot to lose - Big Style! Thanxu to all involved in creating and updating this app!.Version: 23.14.5

Premium VersionFor me the free version isn't useful at all, but the premium version is great. I'm training for my first marathon and have just been guessing my daily intake by roughly counting calories and judging my macro intake. This really is so much more helpful with the macronutrient daily calculator so I can keep myself on track. I'd typically end up binging mid afternoon on cheat foods which did not help my energy levels when I came to do exercise after work. I should've realised sooner that I wasn't judging my macros right or eating the right foods at the right times, but the premium version breaks this down for you. Being able to see everything you're taking onboard makes you think about what you're eating, especially before grabbing that extra biscuit!.Version: 7.35

It worksCICO (calories in calories out) works. Even if you’re not planning on changing your eating habits, it helps to just track what you’re eating with MFP. There’s a whole world of nutrition and forums, videos, websites, cook books and apps dedicated to this type of thing. You can get into it all by starting with a calorie counting app like this one. I don’t use any of MFP’s features except for the calorie tracking ones. I do use the “recipe” feature a lot as it lets me portion out big batches appropriately. For example, earlier today I knew to portion a beef stew I made into 11 servings so they’d be at 538 calories each. How would you get that kind of insight without carefully tracking he ingredients of a recipe? You wouldn’t. My one complaint is that I’ve had the recipe app crash MULTIPLE times while I’m in the middle of cooking. Obviously this is a pain because I can’t just remember the itemized list of ingredients in painstakingly measured grams. My workaround is to save every few additions so I don’t lose too much if it crashes. And it shouldn’t be crashing, I’m using MFP on an iPhone 12 Pro. If it’s going to be an ideal user experience anywhere, it should be on this. Can’t imagine how much worse it is on inferior hardware. Get your $;&@/ together MFP devs, figure out how to not let your app crash and lose data..Version: 21.6.5

Keeps me on track!I love using fitness pal. Although I sometimes forget to log my food I have found it useful in knowing how many calories I’m consuming and using and keeps me on track..Version: 23.15.0

Issue with automatically adjusting daily macro goals.I set my macronutrient goals which is great to follow. Hitting my targets within 1-2g variance daily. Only I’ve just realised when I actually click on my carbs for the day I’m not really 1-2g of variance the soo glitches and adjusts my goals so when I think I’m 1g out from my 270 carb target because the app says I am. When clicking into carbs I’m actually 8g over my carb target for the day because the app has changed it for the day. Completely frustrating considering it has threw off all my targets for the week. UPDATE: I have managed to switch off the setting that automatically adjusts the goals based off your exercise and daily steps. Problem solved! For anyone else with the same issue go into more-> goals-> scroll to the bottom and click exercise calories -> turn off adjust my calorie goal. Changing review to 5 stars.Version: 22.8.0

Brilliant tool for those needing to lose a lot of weightI had over 150lbs to lose, thought I’d sign up for WW online, I ended up cancelling after my free trial. Downloaded MyFitnessPal instead, there’s a world of difference between the two, this app taught me that I shouldn’t just be counting calories (or points) but how to look at the nutritional value of each meal I ate. It tracks exercise and everything down to your water intake. It’s become a daily part of my lifestyle now, instead of it feeling like “just another diet” I’m genuinely enjoying every second of it and even the premium version is a fraction of the price I’ve paid for slimming club memberships in the past. I’ve still got a way to go yet but I know even when I do eventually hit my goal weight it’ll still be the app I use daily..Version: 21.13.0

Excellent appThis app is excellent it can scan all your foods and tell you what’s in it carbs, sugar, protein etc you add everything you eat drink and what exercise you do and it will tell you how many calories you have left or have consumed- just pick what you want 1,000 1,200 or 1,600 per day - it also has junk food McDonalds KFC - you can add your own recipes too - if you sign up for extras it is not expensive and has some extra features- I was very surprised to see how much sugar was in so called healthy foods and it also links to your steps from your phone and adds it too - Fabulous.Version: 19.8.0

Love this appI’ve been reluctant for a number of years to write down what I eat. I was always sceptical about firstly the accuracy of counting calories in when you couldn’t accurately count them going out, especially when you can burn calories while you sleep. However as wearable technology entered the market place that can reasonably accurately measure calories burned during workouts etc the next step was obviously counting calories going in. I’ve found that the scannable barcode method of meals and foods has made recording food diaries so easy. I tried a couple of other apps but this one works well for me..Version: 20.24.7

It used to be much betterI use this daily, and I generally like the features and that it syncs with iPhone health and my fitness pal easily. It doesn’t work so well on the treadmill as my Gym’s internet connection is a bit iffy, but I can input the details after. What I really really hate about the recent changes to it is that it defaults to “community” and to sharing your updates “with friends”. You don’t seem to be able to change the settings so that it doesn’t do this. So it’s a pain to have to change this setting every time. I absolutely couldn’t care less about anyone else’s exercise and I have zero interest in seeing anything about it. Likewise, my exercise is private - I consider this my sensitive personal data - and I just do not want anyone else seeing anything about my exercise. When the app first changed I accidentally logged some exercise to “share with friends” because it defaults to that. It doesn’t allow you to go back in and change it - so although I don’t have any friends on it (and never will) I’m cross that it defaulted to sharing something I consider private. I won’t stop using it as I do like to track my exercise and those bits of the app work well. I just wish it would allow you to automatically default to not sharing anything. I’m not interested in exercise social media - that’s not what I want it for..Version: 7.29.1

Best app ever for realistic weight lossI can’t explain how much a I love my fitness pal, it truly is the only way I have been able to loose weight over the last 10 years. Successful lost 2 stone before pregnancy, 3 stone loss after pregnancy, and more recently after gaining weight due to medication a while ago and struggling to shift the extra few stone with everything else I’ve tried I came back to my fitness pal because I knew it was the only way I’ve lost weight before and I wish I had done it sooner. I’ve already dropped 12 pounds in 2 months, I’m feeling fantastic, I don’t have to cut any food groups out, I can still go for meals out and have a drink at the weekends, yes I make sensible choices now but logging everything I eat and drink every day has been an absolute god send for me and I can’t wait to loose my next 12 pounds and get to my goal weight loss ! Thank you for changing my life for the 3rd time now !.Version: 22.15.0

Best Database and Sync AbilitiesMFP is great. I live in NZ where there are very few tracking apps which mean I don’t have to manually add things all day. It works well with my Fitbit, shows me when I have extra calories available after a workout. Helping me lose weight easily and without robbing myself of the pleasures of eating..Version: 20.11.0

The Shoulder Help deskFitbit has saved me from feeling I couldn’t get back to an sort of healthy lifestyle. Once you get the wristband, you have all the information of your daily achievements, or non achievements. I also wrote down my weekly statistics and kept a competition going for a better week. It’s great, not a lot of expense but it’s your life that you are saving. Go for it.Version: 20.5.0

Almost perfect!This app is amazing and informative and has got me thinking about food so differently. With MFP I do not go hungry, I just eat better and I’m more aware of what I consume and how to eat better. My energy levels have improved because I’m eating 3 good meals a day and spreading my calorie intake throughout the day. It’s helped me with my portion control. The only thing I would improve is the way you can track certain foods. I wish sometimes you could just pick the weight and manually enter the grams instead of being restricted. Especially with some drinks, it would be easier just to add a pint than 500ml. Deffo small room for improvements but 100% a 5 star experience becuase I am losing so much weight and living a far healthier lifestyle whilst still maintaining a good social life.Version: 23.23.0

Already lost 2kgMyFitnessPal has a huge catalogue of foods available to help keep you tracking and accountable, as well as allowing you to scan the barcodes of your food to help log all nutritional values, not just calories. I've used MyFitnessPal for years on and off, never being truly consistent, but I decided a week ago that I needed to lose this 15kg, and by being able to track exactly how many calories I'm consuming, I've been able to drop 2kg already. Only annoying thing is that it constantly insists that you upgrade to premium, not just in order to access other features such as macros and intermittent fasting scheduling, but also leaves a banner on every single tab in the app. If I want to go premium, I will - it's annoying that I have to look at that ribbon advertising premium everywhere..Version: 7.36

So helpfulThis app is teaching me so much more about food and i’m really beginning to understand what im putting into my body. I started to use this app to support my partner to lose weight, but even i am learning too. And what i learn, i can share with him to help educate his experience, but also further understand his experience as he embarks in this same learning experience. I struggled to use the app at first, but i think that was more to do with my fear and overwhelm of grasping all of the nitty gritty about my food intake. With some steady confidence I have no idea what i wasn’t understanding! This app is so user friendly, great for beginners and pros alike. Im so glad there is something like this out there for people who are really trying to make a change for the healthier.Version: 7.29.1

A great starting point to see if you are over eating or under eatingI find this app so so easy to use. Anybody could use it. I just use the free version not 'premium'. And let me tell you really this is all most people will only need. I'm a man and I find I'm always on the go, food for me is the key but with my busy lifestyle I generally find I binge eat and not always the with healthy things blast you Tesco meal deals!! So long story short you can imagine I look and always have felt underweight (most of my life) Then I found this app! Pure Gold!!! For weight gainers and people looking to lose weight and just maintain a balance in general. So I'm trying to gain weight through increasing my calorie intake. I set the lofty goal of 3600 as an 'over goal' meaning if I aim high then realistically because I'm not a bodybuilder, for me I'd be happy to achieve anything in the 3000 range to ensure I gain weight. In the last 2 months I've gained 2.7kgs so I'm chuffed, my goal it to gain about another 7kgs. So it's going well thanks to this app. So simple, a no brainier! Just get it I say!!.Version: 18.8.0

Can’t rate this highly enoughLiterally life changing app. I’ve always been very active but learned I have no idea about calories. Using this app has enabled me to meet weight and fitness goals. Excellent to use and really delivers.Version: 23.11.5

Amazing app but not intermittent fasting featureAmazing app. Dependent on it for tracking my nutrition. Premium is highly recommended if you are serious about nutrition tracking and building your own habit plans. However, I am not a big fan of the intermittent fasting feature introduced recently. It is very manual and you the fasting cannot start automatically. I guess there is a point in that bit you can’t log an earlier fasting if you forget to start manually unfortunately. Also, at this point it is very basic (unlike BodyFast app).Version: 22.25.2

Everything you need!In not normally one to leave reviews, but this app is fantastic. It might not suit everyone, but I just wanted a food diary and an exercise tracker in one - and this far exceeded my expectations. It gets data from your Apple id about your daily steps, and it lets you build meals and recipes that you can just input to save time. But best off is the simple daily equation it provides, which is : (calories allowed per day - calories consumed) + calories worked off during exercise = calories left for the day. Noom coach wants $80 a month to do the same thing so far as I can tell - this app does it for free. Strongly recommend!.Version: 21.19.5

This app is greatI tried the app because I got the suggestion from Garmin Connect. It was suggested to install it as they are working hand in hand with Garmin Connect. I hate this kind of apps since I found them very awkward to use. You have to introduce what you ate and probably they have something similar and most of the time they don’t so you have to try to find out what is approximately the menu that you had and you loose time ...and finally you give up. But this app has everything. You find immediately and exactly what you got for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really awesome!! Therefore, it quite straightforward to introduce your meal and calculate your calories. This app is really great. Because it helps you to keep a close control on what you eat (how many calories) as well as Garmin connect help you with how you spend them!! Really these are working very well together and I highly recommend them both! Nicolas B..Version: 19.6.5

My journey of of depression an illnessThis app in a way saved my life I was at my largest I’d ever been an was having medical problems gall bladder problems diabetes borderline marriage problems cause of my weight was at my lowest wen someone told me about this app well my daughter to be precise anyway I got on board an started to calorie count an couldn’t believe that I wasn’t hungry an was keeping up to my calorie intake it’s like a Freind helping you an also teaching you we don’t have to starve jus eat healthy an cut out the bad food an replace with better choices so far with eating healthy an excersize Iv lost 3an half stones this was the push that helped educate me so Thanku so much to this app Iv started to live again an be good mom to my 7 kids an look way to young to be there mom 🤣🥰get compliants daily feels so good 😊 wear clothes I thought I would never fit in to Thanku 🫶🏻💯.Version: 23.11.5

Logs me out all the time.I’ve paid for a subscription, And really love the app when it’s not glitching and signing me out. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall it 3 times now. Then I have to reset all my goals, programme and macros Very annoying..Version: 24.17.0

Keep track of those calories!I have been using the app for a few days now in order to track my calories as part of a fitness regime. The calorie counter is fantastic as you can just scan the food packaging and so far it has found everything without fail. If you are one who cooks from basic ingredients this still works as you can just search any food item. Even more impressive- found a recipe on the internet? simply cut and paste the url into the app and it imports all the ingredients and calculates the calories! In addition you can keep a record any exercise as part of a journal. The downside is it is not able to calculate the calories used by this exercise (with the exception of the step counter which can pair with your smartphone) so you need to take your own view on what calorie adjustments to make. Overall an excellent (and so far free) app..Version: 19.4.1

App works great but not so flash on battery preservationLove this app, it does everything it claims and so much more - connects fitness devices, barcode scanner for global ingredients, imports recipes from websites, and most importantly, tracks your eating. My only problem, and the sole reason my review isn’t a 5/5, is that the app drains my phone battery.Version: 20.13.0

Brilliant App for watching your weightThis app has helped me loose 2kgs in past two weeks just by watching what I eat and my exercise. I love it! I input everything that touches my lips and in keeps me in line by letting me know how many calories I have left - it’s awesome!.Version: 23.16.5

Somethings could be betterAfter using Cronometer, swapping to MFP has been a bit of a learning curve. Obviously, the database is much bigger but it MFP is a bit clunkier to navigate around compared to Cronometer. One thing that Cronometer has that MFP hasn’t, is the ability to put in a recipe under “grams” instead of serving size. Having grams allows you to measure out what you want after having cooked it. Looking at forums, there is a way around this, but it would be much simpler to have it built into the app in the first place. Definitely worth paying for premium to remove all the ads..Version: 21.19.5

One stop Fitness HubLoving using this app, it’s my one stop fitness shop where I can track everything I need to as far as my fitness goes. I get to see the results and see where I can make slight or large changes. I love how it includes a step counter too. The calories are a good view into what I’m eating. I use as a guideline only. An intelligent app..Version: 24.9.0

Useful appFinding it useful to see the effect of exercise v calorie intake offset. Also some foods I hadn’t realised were quite so high in sugar. It has certainly made me think more about what I eat but that wasn’t really an issue it was the lack of exercise whilst waiting for an operation. So I can now keep my intake down until I’m fit again to start exercising as I used to..Version: 19.9.11

Great app for people serious about losing weightI started using this app seriously in mid-July. The database for foods is great and I up until recently just used the free version. During this time I lost 11 lbs. I set my profile to the lowest setting for activity and have my pedometer set to the app to add calories I get for walking. My goal is to just keep under the calories based on losing 1.5 LBS a week. My suggestion is record everything even if you go over (it will happen occasionally). But that’s ok because you can work harder the next day. I finally did buy the premium version mainly for the export feature. I am an analyst by trade so I like to put my results into graphs and do monitoring beyond the app’s capabilities. I will stress it is not needed to lose weight. If you don’t want to spend time looking at your different nutrients then I would not spend the money on it. If you do it could be worth it. I like how the app says you have a 67% chance of better success if you pay for the premium. They don’t tell you about the confounder. The reason that happens most likely is people who do buy the app in general are more serious about the long hall. This should not be viewed as a diet it needs to be viewed as a life change that you will do going forward. Once you reach your goal you then switch to maintenance so you keep your weight and don’t gain it back..Version: 20.17.1

BrilliantFantastic app, motivating to log all meals and since I’ve been using my fitness pal for 5 months my cholesterol and weight have dropped significantly and I find it’s much easier to make better choices and also gives motivation to get moving and exercise. Brilliant app, highly recommend.Version: 24.18.0

Great appMy FitnessPal has been amazing. I have been wanting to change my lifestyle for a while but it can be hard with a busy life. By entering my daily diet into the app I have learnt what to change. It has taught me sometimes even a salad can be too many calories if too many ingredients are used. I didn’t realise the sugar content can be high in a lot of foods that I thought were ‘healthy’. I love that the app tracks my steps every day too. I have lost 4kgs in a month and hope to lose more in the near future but I am also able to use the app to maintain my current weight..Version: 19.4.5

A Brilliant App!!I’ve been using it for many years and reached my target weight a year ago having lost over 9 stone5 pounds. I’ve continued to use it and log my food daily since reaching target and I’m happy to say I’m still within a couple of pounds of my target weight. This is the first time in my life (I’m over 60 now) that I’ve been able to wear the same clothes a year after buying them … and the joy of slipping into a size 8 or 10 is beyond measure!! I’ve now taken the bold step of having given all my size 24 to 28 clothes to charity!! I would never have managed this without this app where I can quickly and easily log and keep a track of my food and calories. I am a little concerned that as of today the barcode scanner seems to have disappeared … this was such a brilliantly easy way to add a new food to my diary. I do hope it’s just a little glitch or something temporary to do with the changes to the app that I’ve read about and that it will be sorted soon??.Version: 22.9.0

I love the app so much but I have one complaintI have been using this app properly for about a month and I have been losing the weight consistently that I am aiming to lose (1kg) a week. If you follow it correctly and log in the food correctly, looking at the calories, the nutrients you’ve consumed too (weighing and/or scanning) then it really works , it’s crazy!! It really encourages me to do better and be better. It’s addictive really. My one criticism is the Apple Watch syncing! the steps are always off and same with the calories. The way that it’s done is so weird that I have to manually insert my workouts!!! It should be able to be much easier than that and it’s really annoying and my friend has had the exact same issue. I still gave it 5 stars as my main purpose for this app was weight lost and I’ve lost over 5kg in the last few weeks and this app has enabled me to do this..Version: 21.6.0

Great App for someone with a disabilityI have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and I am a recent heart transplant patient. I lost about 30 pounds before my transplant because I knew it would be a hard transition and it is important to give yourself and those helping you the best edge you possibly can. It’s also important to really educate yourself on nutrition and your body, I studied nutrition on my own did all the exercises I could, learned my body type and how I metabolize food. I also consult with my doctors and get blood work done so I know how to best tweak my diet to maximize my diet and health. Get some it’s always wise to consult with your doctors and even get a basic basic metabolic panel done to check your blood work. I recently gained a few pounds back from being on high doses of prednisone and others that made me super hangry like that already food loving person I am. As knowledgeable I am about nutrition I’m not a machine and this app keeps me accountable and allows me to make the most of my health habits. The key is to have a healthy balance and not obsess over losing weight and constantly over analyzing everything. It also helps me remember to hydrate. Don’t go crazy extreme, pace yourself and allow yourself to have many of the things you crave don’t over indulge make healthier versions of what you crave and eat smaller portions of the things you really want..Version: 7.36

Great app but could use more user control of selecting or defining serving sizesI really like this app. I use it for calorie counting. It links to Garmin Connect for integrating exercise calories into the overall balance for the day. You can scan barcodes for food items for easier logging. You can select items from your history of previous entries (great for frequently eaten foods). You can text search for foods, which accesses an enormous list of prior entries that I assume have been entered or scanned by other users. So why only four stars? My only peeve with the program is that it doesn’t seem to let users edit the serving size for many items, beyond being able to select from a too often extremely limited and sometimes arbitrary mix of imperial/metric/liquid/solid measures. The options presented vary widely from item to item, with little apparent logic. The best solution I have is to try to find items that use 1g as a serving size and then list the number of grams for that day’s serving as the number of servings for that entry. Since I’m using a food scale, that works for me. Seems a better solution would be to allow users to edit any food item to select from a full complement of serving sizes (or to just directly enter the desired serving size using the keyboard). Or just provide 1g as a choice in all cases (or at least all solid cases). In any case, I love and recommend the app, with the measurement detail being my only pet peeve..Version: 22.8.0

AMAZINGI have been using this app for 3 months now and I am now 1 stone and 3ibs lighter😁 and I am still going. I lose every week even with my cheat days. I am one of those people that have been on a diet for like forever and I have never found something that worked. Until now it’s easy to follow, and doing the calories means you can still eat what you want to as long as you have the calories for it. My partner has also been doing it and he has lost 1 stone and 7ibs. I selected to lose 2ibs a week but I normally lose 1bs a week which I am totally fine with because the 1ibs a week all add up. Slow and steady wins the race! I feel so much better within myself and had so many comments about my weight loss and I am not even at target yet, this app also has a maintain so when I do reach my target I can get the calories to have in order to keep those pounds off and maintain, which I think is amazing cause most times when I lose weight within a couple of weeks it’s back on! Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain previous weight lose or gain weight because its offers help with all three of them!! THANKYOU MY FITNESS PAL YOU TRULY ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND😁😁.Version: 19.8.10

Insightful trackingI always thought I ate fairly healthy but it’s not until you track it properly that you realise 1. How much you actually eat 2. What you are missing or achieving nutritionally. I still have cheat days but now I know when they are. I now often choose the healthy option and choose to have it at home rather than out. I have had the app for years but only tracked food properly for the last month. I am pairing it with a fitness regime as well and targeting modest weight loss but with strength training. I also have goals which I am targeting and competitions (such as amateur marathons and triathlons) booked in to keep me focussed. Also got a scale which measures everything (weight and body fat) and links into MyFitnessPal along with apple health, peloton, Strava etc. 2 weeks and with a few changes in have lost 2kg while I think maintaining strength and muscle. Anyway love it and it’s the free version!.Version: 23.15.5

Amazing app, functionally, but the UX is lackingThe best app out there for nutrition tracking but I’ve always found it quite hard to see things in the user interface. To me, the UI is too zoomed in with a lot of unnecessary clutter. I rarely use it because of this. If it were more compact and gave you a better overview of the day’s metrics, the cost of premium would be justified for me. For reference, I use an iPhone 15 pro max for a larger screen I hope that’s useful information for the team! Keep up the great work!.Version: 24.2.0

Shame on you!Shame on you My Fitness Pal for forcing users to consent to sharing their data if they want to use the app. If you don’t want your data shared My Fitness Pal wont let you use their app! They don’t even tell you who they are sharing your data with!.Version: 19.5.0

Pretty HappyI began investigating nutritional data concerning diet and fitness after reading Kate Hudson’s book. After bouts of mental illness and psychiatrist and occupational therapist visits I found that I were only ‘ill’ because of the fasting on alcohol and cigarettes. I considered dietary supplements yet figured that it would be better to eat the right foods at set times. This app allows me to eat the right foods to get the maximum out of my day and brain. I am excited about this and the integration component so as I may lead an healthy lifestyle and escape the mental baggage..Version: 7.33

WorkoutsI have been using JEFIT for a couple of years. As I wanted to track my calories I started using this app. However, what is lacking in the myWorkout section is a timer. This is a basic requirement of a good fitness app. Also lacking is the ability to link exercises or build your own HIIT programme. Guys I am will to pay for the subscription but not till you get the basics right..Version: 21.25.7

Love itIt's a great app and easy to use. Love the barcode scanning option, how it remembers your foods and how you can set recipes and meals. A few improvements: it'd be great to be able to write what the food was when entering calories using the quick entry option; also, it'd be good to be able to enter gram quantities rather than having to set quantity to 1 g then have 50 servings of it! I like to enter my meals ahead of time so I know I will have a balanced day within my calore count. It’d be good to be able to tick foods off as I eat them. Lastly, I am currently doing the Michael Mosely fast 800 diet. An intermittent fasting setting would be good as at the moment the app tells me off every night for not eating enough :(.Version: 19.12.6

Great!So I started using this app about 2 months ago so I know the app quite well by now. I originally started using this app to lose weight. I had been on the IF (intermittent fasting) diet for about a week but I didn’t really understand that just because you don’t eat for 16 hours doesn’t mean you can eat literally a full fridge of food in the other 8 hours. But since using this app I have adjusted and started realising how much food I was eating and created a healthier relationship with food. I - previously to using this app- had used LifeSum however that never really worked for me. I didn’t lose any weight and I didn’t feel better or healthier. Eventually I stopped using the app and went back to old cycles of over-eating and feeling bad about it. I have found this app is easy to use, easy to keep up with and works particularly when paired with regular exercise. Would definitely recommend. 🥰👌🏻.Version: 18.12.0

Helped Me Improve My Health For The BetterThe app provides you with the tools you need to take control of your diet and health. It helped me lose 15kg over a year. But it's not just for dieting it's a tool I'd encourage anyone to use it every day just to keep track, to be mindful and be in control of your consumption habits. The blog article on macronutriants and the respective 30 day challenge is awesome and I encourage anyone new to the app to enroll. It genuinely feels like they have gone above and beyond to make something that adds value on a daily basis. Developers are responsive and updates are timely. They respond to feature requests. Only gripe: The premium product is very good value however I do think that for those of us who dont use half of the modules/features then perhaps there coule be a lighter and cheaper option. For me, the exercise and recipe sections are nice but I use other apps that are more specialised in these areas. I don't need this app to provide those features. The community elements and feed are featureS I never use and they take up half the UX. So to get five stars it would be nice to be able to customise the app make it less heavy and reduce my subscription fee a little as a result..Version: 21.8.0

Love this app!This is an incredible tool that has allowed me to understand my nutrition and my body. I have been able to notice habits that were good and not good through this app. The app has an incredible range over everything on there and if not the specific thing you need, then there is an alternative version. I do wish, however, that I had more than 10 barcode scans a month. My friend has unlimited and he has a free account, something to consider opening to everyone, hopefully. Besides that, incredible app and easy to use once you understand, only takes a couple food logs to get the hang of. Been logging for 39 days straight 🔥.Version: 24.15.0

Awesome training and weight loss partnerIt wasn’t the only tool, but without the help, the planning and resources available in this fantastic app, I’d still be a fatty!!! I’ve lost 65 kilograms, that’s 150 pounds or almost 11 stone! Huge in any language. I know about weight loss, all this trying for all this time, it’d be impossible not to pick up a little knowledge, but my number one must /have/do tip is get a plan and focus on the metrics,(measurements). My Fitness Pal gives me that and more. Get it, pay the money and get the full version and then get its companion, Map My Walk, you will see results. My Fitness Pal is everything an app should be! Rob.Version: 20.10.0

Can be a helpful tool but…You must be aware that the majority of the foods in the database are user entered. And MFP makes no attempt to sanity check if the macros add up correctly to the entered calories. Within a margin of error. And the food in question may have been entered incorrectly. You MUST check if the food you are choosing has actually correct values in it. MFP also has very limited graphs and in fact on the website you can’t even graph back very long in time, even if you have Premium. And the data exports from MFP are unusable to create your own graphs. Even with Premium. Also don’t pay for premium unless you actually specifically need those aspects. Personally, Premium wound up being a complete waste of money. Not to mention they lost a large chunk of my data from some years ago. There are better food databases out there. With much better export capabilities..Version: 21.9.5

Great!Great app for tracking daily your weight, exercise, food and calories and setting goals for weight loss and fitness. Really easy to use, love the food label scanning function, and helps to keep you on track. It’s good to see the ratio of exercise to calories and how, if you’re not doing too good on the calories, going for a run or doing a quick exercise class can pull it back. Lot of tips and info in the blog too. Only down side is often a lot of the nutritional info is missing from the foods you scan so it’s not really reliable to track nutrients such as potassium, vitamins and iron. I try to make sure the main nutritional items such as calories, carbs, sugar and fat are correct and it is possible to report missing information and edit the details if the info is available on the food label which is good. All in all it’s a fab little app. Only been using it 5 days and I’ve lost 2lbs already (sadly not just down to the app, you need a bit of willpower too 😊💪🏻).Version: 19.5.5

Does what it says on the tinReally easy to use and I have found it to be very useful (I use the free version). I was carrying a few extra pounds after the build up to Christmas and just couldn’t shift them. Downloaded the app and in 3 weeks I’m back to target weight by just recording and monitoring what I eat. It has stopped me snacking and motivated me to exercise more. It also makes me think about the sorts of foods I’m eating and not just reach for the biscuit tin. Another bonus I’ve found is I can see the range of foods I’m eating in terms of nutrients. For example, I noticed that I was eating a good amount of fish and hardly any meat. Without recording my food I wouldn’t have noticed that about my diet. Spending just a few minutes a day, I’ve found results are easy to achieve and will use this app time and time again I’m sure..Version: 19.12.6

Life changing if taken seriouslyI started using this app right at the apex of my weight gain during college. I didn’t participate in high school athletics and had virtually zero knowledge of anything nutritionally beyond, “ There’s a place that shoots out 5 dollar burgers.”. I think it’s most important to look at the composition of macronutrients in a few days worth of your particular diet, not necessarily using this as a “calorie counter”. It’s very hard to ignore some of the numbers that will pop out at you if you are diligent and truthful with yourself. It helps to motivate you in a different direction. Even though everything has nutritional information labeled as a requirement, it’s easy ignore until you start to realize that if Item A has 32g of fat and %4000 percent of my daily sodium intake... and that’s my daily between breakfast and lunch... It could totally swing a large portion of my diet by just omitting that one item. In the past I’ve used this whenever I’ve switched large portions of my dietary ideology. Regardless of if you maintain 100% accuracy after month 3 or 4, I guarantee you will at the very least have a number of eye opening moments if you’ve never scrutinized the make up of your diet..Version: 19.6.0

Great app but one irritating bugOverall , hands down - great app. Food database is very large and you’ll almost certainly find your meal choice. But every time I upload activity from my Garmin connect it is uploaded twice. Example: one 3km run is shown on activity section as running jogging with 243 kcal burned and as a new separate line - running (in place) 243 kcal. I have to delete second entry every time so that my diary is accurate. Please resolve.Version: 20.24.7

Good but please read how could be betterImprovements please add a way of knowing if you’ve completed your diary for day. It ticks you’ve logged food but not that you’ve completed it or automatically complete it at the end of the day so private friends can read it and you can read your private friends diary. ***Give options to not have certain things in newsfeed***. I don’t care how many days I or someone has logged in for but would like to see other people’s food and macros. Also for privacy reasons I may not want to share everything. Fab for tracking food and fitness makes you think about what goes in your mouth as have to log it. Counts calories and you can work out macros. My apple data imported seems to be low. 90 calories for 15,000 steps. I don’t eat my exercise calories but I absolutely couldn’t when this low. *** Why is it defaulting to calories on daily view I prefer nutrients and this change is so annoying ***.Version: 23.20.5

Great app - Definitely get this one!!!I’ve used MyFitnessPal on and off for several years, both the free and premium version. The only features I used from premium was the “time stamp” and “no ads”. I’ve reverted back to the free version, because it has everything I need. The barcode scanner is great, and if the product isn’t there - you can add it. (Please include everything on the nutritional panel, guys) One thing that would help is if people would check their spelling when adding products to the lists, as these become available to us all and can make searching difficult. Absolutely love the recipe and meal features. You can add a favourite family recipe - and it will calculate how many calories per serving. I recommend keeping it to weight/per gram, so you can weigh your portion and get the true caloric value. In hindsight, it seems that the best way to get results it is to track your planned food BEFORE you eat. There are some sneaky calories out there! I’ve recommended the app to several people, I like the diary sharing option (with password) which can help with accountability and partnering on your health journey. It can be used in conjunction with many fitness trackers and exercise apps. All in all, it’s definitely a worthwhile app to use - both free and premium versions. Give it a go, you won’t regret it..Version: 19.2.0

Well worth itFree app that makes tracking your food consumption easy just scan the barcode or put in the name and has all the details there takes out all the hard work of tracking your calories.Version: 19.6.1

Additional food optionsHey, I really love what you do here, this app has made it so much easier to count my calories and eat the most efficient foods. I don’t know if you guys read these or they are just made to the public, but if you do I think it would be beneficial to both you and the user to add Aldi products to your collection, as I’’ from Melbourne and that is a very prevalent brand here where I get most my shopping from, it is just hard to count your exact calories when your entering slightly inaccurate nutrition information. Anyway, still love the app cheers..Version: 20.20.0

Great app to help you with your goalsEasy to use with a large library of foods to log. I especially like the function that allows you to set your macros to reach your goals. The app guides you with how many calories are ideal for the desired weight in the time frame. Each day as you "file" your diary, it gives an indication of what your weight would be like in 5 weeks which helps me stay on track, but also not to overthink the days where I go over. It is so rewarding to see yourself reach those goals and to be able to log and track them on the app!.Version: 22.22.0

I love you fitnesspalHonestly apps like these where its to keep in track never work for me because that motivation lasted 3 days lol but get yourself a body scale and start a diet that YOU CAN HANDLE!!! And this app is nice. Im for real taking this diet seriously not bc of the app because I can genuinely see the results in the scale, don’t trust your eyes only you all. Unlike ur eyes, the scale tells you the truth and only the truth 😂 so yes not the app but scale, but the app is a nice plus because my diet includes decreasing portion size so this is very nice, and it tells you how many carbs, protein and fat and even more with saturated fats and healthy fats. I’ve learnt a lot and still learning. Thanks app, I’ve been using it for about a week and lost 2kg, on the road to 3kg! (Dont worry I’m losing it healthy, eating all my vegetables and fruits just limiting carbs like bread, milk, obviously junk food too).Version: 23.25.0

Huge range of grocery, take out food worldwide!I don’t have premium and the adds are a bit annoying but this is a free app and fantastic for tracking so I don’t over indulge in calories. I’m from NZ and this app hasn’t let me down when it comes to searching for nz grocery or restaurant items. I would recommend..Version: 24.4.0

Good app and even better supportSo I’ve been using this app on and off for a while and went premium over a year ago. Today I noticed my premium had disappeared so I went through the maze to get to the point I could leave a contact record. A couple of emails later and it’s all sorted. Glitches happen. Resolution this fast? That’s great customer service. Thank you Rose!.Version: 21.21.0

I’m getting the gains!This app is super easy to use, and works with other brands to help with your weight loss and fitness goals! Using this App, My Food Bag healthy food boxes and Smashing out Fitness classes and Outdoor activities with F45 and my Apple Watch is all seeing my make some exciting goals!! Can’t rate this App high enough your making this so easy!!.Version: 22.17.5

Super helpful in loosing weight (as long as u r honest to yourself)I love the fact that anything I eat has a measured kilojoule in this apps list. It makes it easier for me to manage my calorie intake. The bar scanning is very useful too. If you are too lazy to type the name u can always revert to it. I'm impressed that even most of the foreign food I type in has a list of how many calories it contains! This app is definitely my bible of health. 😏👍🏼 By the way I have lost 10 kilos already. 😁❤️👍🏼 Cons: every time I save a set meal , sometimes the food I saved gets doubled for some reason..Version: 23.16.5

My bible for weight lossI love just about everything in this app. It’s easy to track my food. The only 2 things I would like to see added and removed is: 1: please add body measurements, these are just as important as weight. Sometimes we lose measurements instead of weight and would be awesome to track these as well. PS this feature is in most other apps! 2: Take the videos from the front page and move them to a tab so you can choose to look at them. This app is my bible for helping with weight loss. Please consider the 2 changes especially the body measurements.Version: 18.8.5

Doctor tried and recommends!I am a 50+ physician who has always struggled with my weight despite being physically active. I started my fitness pal over a year ago and dropped from 250 to 195 pounds without struggling with hunger, after finding out, which foods worked best for me. After reaching my goal, I slacked off on using the app for a while and saw the numbers rise again, and so have jumped back in! I have been recommending this to all of my patients who ask me about weight loss as I am not a big fan of many of the medication’s out there. Additionally, I recommend everyone google the phrase mistakes calorie tracking, and read some of the numerous articles written on the subject because we all have blind spots about our diet and accuracy tracking calories. mine turned out to be not carefully weighing, cooking oils and nuts, and once I did, the numbers really started to move! overall highly recommended! One last note, I recommend people bite the bullet and pay for the year subscription, which will help them to be more dedicated in the first month, which has the steepest learning curve, and after that it will be much smoother sailing!.Version: 23.18.5

Excellent and super user friendly!!I started using MyFitnessPal in February of 2021 at the recommendation of my nephrologist (kidney specialist). My weight was 296lbs and my kidney function was dropping. My particular kidney condition is an autoimmune disease, so there are some medications that help, but there’s very little that can be done to directly control it. He highly recommended that I lose weight because that would ease the burden on my kidneys at least and it would help potentially extend their function. Over two years later, I religiously use MyFitnessPal to track ALL my food, down to the last crumb and ounce. About 5 months ago, my weight loss had plateaued, so I started watching my net carbs in addition to my calories. I have my maximum net carbs set to 60 rather than a keto diet level due to my other health issues and I started losing weight again. I am thrilled to say that thanks to MyFitnessPal and a lot of determination on my part and help from my family, I’ve lost 109lbs and increased my kidney function by about 10%! My health is still far from perfect, but being able to fit into “regular” sized women’s clothing is AMAZING!! I haven’t been down at this weight range in about 15 years!!.Version: 23.16.5

Great app to keep you on trackMyFitnessPal is a great app to keep you accountable to your fat loss & body composition goals. It’s simple to use & it’s such a great tool to learn exactly what’s going on energy wise. And to plan your meals to match your calorie’s allowance. Would highly recommend.Version: 23.19.0

One Small Feature RequestI’ve tried experimenting with other apps that almost all have better UI, but always lack something big, like a smaller pool of food available in their database to scan barcodes for which I find to be the main reason I use this app. But one thing other apps tend to have that this one doesn’t would be for a recommended nutrition breakdown per meal, in addition to the already existing total goal for the day. This gives me an idea on how important each meal is and allows me to recognize what parts of the day I slack on my nutrition and push me to try and meet that goal. It sounds basic and obvious but having the numbers presented in front of me that I haven’t met my goal yet gives me the motivation to look around for more options to eat than I’d routinely do. It also gives me an idea of how close/far I am to reaching those goals throughout the day. Without this feature, I can slack on breakfast or lunch and end up thinking I got a somewhat good meal, I’ll just have to eat a little more on my next meal, then by the time I get about halfway through the day and see how many calories and other nutritional categories I still have to get, I think to myself there’s no way I can get that many in the next meal or two, and I end up settling well short of my goal..Version: 20.10.0

Great app!I love this app and have recommended it to many friends! I love that you can scan in what you eat, track your progress, your friends can join which means you can develop your own support network and there’s also articles to read along the way. I initially used this app as a weight loss tool but now I use it to monitor my exercise and a healthy eating lifestyle. I know I have to keep track of what I eat if I want to stay fit and healthy, otherwise I make unhealthy food choices. Healthy eating isn’t always easy and it’s being in the right mindset that will keep you on track what ever tool you choose to support you. Planning all your meals ahead of time is a huge part and not eating the same foods every day. I use the Nutrition button as I’m planning my meals to try and make sure I’m eating a healthy balance of food. Plan to make healthy choices 90% of the time and if you do have a treat think of it as a meal time event such a nice lunch or an indulgent pudding, not a whole day. And don’t forget to hit the ‘Complete Diary’ button at the end of each day! Seeing what you could weigh in only 5 weeks is a huge motivation! Good luck!.Version: 7.25

LOVE this appI’ve been using this app on and off since around 2014 and has been the best thing to log my daily calorie intake and track my weight loss progress. I love that you can scan the barcode of your food and it picks it up straight away. I also love that I can pop in the link for a recipe and it automatically calculates things and I can see exactly how many calories and what nutrients I’m consuming. Super user friendly, very simple to use. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to track their calorie intake, weight loss or weight gain and nutrient intake..Version: 21.17.0

Gross Pictures with Ads but extensive databaseI’ve been using this app for years. There are so many ads now which I understand. But some of them pop up on your feed right when you open the app and there are some really gross images. A lot of times I am eating when I enter my calories and the images for the weird ads are so gross it makes me stop eating and lose my appetite. There was one that came up for weeks that showed someone getting ear wax removed. Now I logged in and it shows a close up of someone removing some type of gross substance from the back of their throat. Why would you have these kinds of ads show up on the home page of a food log app? Also, if you sync with Fitbit it enters your workouts automatically but it also tracks your steps and gives you a calorie adjustment for that as well, which Is like double tracking. If you go for a run for example, it will sync the workout from fitbit and give you the calories for that, and then also add in your steps from the run and give you more calories which I don’t think is accurate. Other than that, no other food app compares as far as the extensive food database and the ease of being able to enter recipes, meals, etc. I also love the social functionality where friends can comment on your status. Of course they have to scroll through all the ads in the feed to find your updates, and overlook the gross images of earwax and other things..Version: 20.11.0

Effective tool for weight loss/healthier eatingTracking keeps me honest and accountable. Gives me the leverage to walk away from unhelpful food and to make better choices. Quick entry and copy n paste features make tracking easy. At the end of each day, MFP predicts what my weight might be if every day is like today’s. That’s been a powerful motivator for me. Nutritional breakdowns of food are great for telling me what nutrients I need to eat more or less of. All helps my body feel satisfied. Also links with my exercise app, so exercise downloads automatically to MFP, and I can see the impact of that walk/run. MFP has been a lifeline to me - given me power and control over my food that I’ve been lacking for a long time. No longer feel powerless and defeated. I’m getting brilliant results!.Version: 19.6.5

Brilliant - and amazing for freeI tried this app a few years ago but couldn’t get into it so I went back to weight watchers which I combined with Paleo for good results. I recently tried this app again and learnt to set my metrics so that the % of fat, carbs and protein suited my chosen diet. Such a great app. I’ve chosen to do the 1 month free premium trail and, after just 3 days, I’m likely to pay the $79 for the year of premium, it’s that good. I can plan all my meals and tweak them to suit my goals, record my weight and take pictures to log my progress along with my body measurements. I could go on, but safe to say, I’m a big fan. Try the free app and consider the month free trial of premium..Version: 7.32

Not recommended for KiwisI found this app very frustrating to use as even though my profile stated I live in NZ it still brought up food items in avoirdupois weights. I also found it often showed the same item more than once with vastly different values, making it very confusing to choose the right one which obviously impacted on daily totals. The oddest thing was the messages I received at 5.30am reminding me I hadn’t entered my lunch items....Version: 20.21.0

A great app!In these times of lockdown it’s pretty obvious, from the thousands of online comments, that stay at home eating patterns are changing and people are concerned about weight gain. I’m definitely no different and have been determined to not let binge eating get the better of me.....but it’s easier said than done! So I wanted to try and find a way of clearly tracking my calorie intake and was lucky enough to stumble across this great little app. It’s fantastic and has many different features (many of which I haven’t had chance to try yet) but the calorie recording is brilliant and accurate, allowing me to see what I’m taking in, what my daily calorie goal is and how much I burn with exercise....simple but concise and I love it!!! If you’re looking for a great all round fitness app you need to give this a try 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 20.8.1

Fantastic app- though i would love one extra!I’ve used this app (the free version) for years now to track macros. It’s been a fantastic tool, has a huge variety of foods in its data base. Is easy to scan and add foods and supplements and I love you can see into your friends food diaries for inspiration meals, ideas and motivation. My only wish is that it would have the option to add or track NET CARBS along with total carbs. I know that this would help a much broader variety of healthy lifestyles who focus on net carbs in there diet. I for one am looking at changing my nutrition to focus on net carbs and unfortunately I think I will be forced to look for another app. Please consider including this in your next update!! MFP is really my preferred go to for tracking and if this was available I would more than likely go premium as it does everything else I want!.Version: 18.9.1

Great App to kickstart your healthy journey!I’ve been using this app for little over a year now. If you are wanting to start your journey into getting healthy but feel overwhelmed with the idea of meal tracking I’d highly suggest this app! The fact that you can just scan the barcode and then input the serving size you actually use makes it so easy! Plus you get to create your own meals and recipes so they are one click away when you eat them. You also don’t need the fret over calculating the tracking info when you eat out, they already have that listed for most major restaurants. The only issue I’ve had in the past two weeks or so is the app struggling to record data from my other fitness apps. It’s not been calculating my exercise from the iOS app. I’ve noticed this has been an issue since the most recent update when they changed the setup of the dashboard. Yes I have tried all the recommended steps, reupload all my apps and everything. Make sure it has permission to use the data, etc. Hopefully it’s just a simple bug that can be fixed. I miss having all my healthy data together in one location..Version: 22.10.5

TrackingOriginally got this to monitor and track my daily intake. I’m not a big on fitness or routine exercising so I can’t comment on fitness tracking. When I do decide to get a Fitbit or Apple Watch, I’d hope it would add any activity data from that to the app to include in my daily fitness stats. At the moment it only includes activity taken from my phone which only tracks when I walk with my phone. Would be nice to add steps taken manually when my phone isn’t with me. I’m quite fond of the barcode scanner and preset foods for everyday non-packaged foods. Overall, it does make me aware of how much I’m eating and if I’m drinking enough water..Version: 21.15.5

It made me realizeMy New Years resolution was to get to a certain weight that would call for me to lose about 15 pounds. I already ate rather healthy during my meals, but I had a problem with snacking. I wasn’t at the point of sitting down and eating an entire family bag of chips in one setting. I would however eat a handful here and there, eat 4 Girl Scout cookies twice a day, and some of the candy my grandma loves to send me every and I mean every holiday. I couldn’t see how much that snacking affected me. My fitness pal has helped me keep track of my calories as I take them in and it has worked wonders! I have been successfully losing weight and it’s all because I can actually see a number to know how many calories I have left in my day when I go to grab the snack. Now don’t get me wrong I still snack some, but I’ll do one snack a day now or half of the amount of chips and half of the cookies instead of a large amount. Another thing that this app has helped me with is realizing how I feel after I eat. For example if I am not eating healthier foods I usually feel exhausted the next day. I didn’t realize it before but now that I have a food diary to look back on I can see what I ate compared to how I feel..Version: 7.33

Keeping me accountableI’ve been on my health journey for about 6 months and have made significant progress, but felt I was guessing a lot when it came to my food choices and the exercise regime I’d developed. My Fitness Pal has really helped me to keep track, particularly as a diabetic I need to manage my carb and sugar intake. I’m able to determine what’s working and what’s not and the graphs have helped me to identify when I’m over doing it with both, and what triggers I need to avoid. I’ve still got a long way to go, but feel better equipped to manage my lifestyle with the app. I’ve lost 32kg in six months, although the first two months were a bit hit and miss, so am optimistic that the remaining weight - still a big number - will come off in a measured and sustainable way. The app plays a big role in my lifestyle and I’m grateful to have it..Version: 19.6.1

App freezesBeen using the app for 6 weeks now and recently upgraded to premium. Ever since it freezes when I try to add meals from the ‘recipe discovery’ option. Furthermore, it appears to freeze when trying to make adjustments to my custom dashboard which is becoming super frustrating. Other than the above I’ve really enjoyed what the apps offers etc..Version: 20.3.0

BEST APP EVERHands down the best app you could ever have, whether you're trying to gain weight, or lose weight, this app helps you achieve your goals...AND ITS FREE? With notifications reminding you to log your food, this app makes tracking your progress so easy. I'd recommend this to anyone with serious gym goals!.Version: 22.23.0

Good motivational toolThis app is fantastic and very easy to use! I have been using Myfitnesspal for 5 months now. Initially, I used this app solely as a weight loss tool; now I use it for so much more! This app allows me to monitor my weight, excercise and water consumption and is a great health tracking app. Clear graphs showing my progress are a good way to keep me motivated. Also, I like the way you can set health goals as something to aim for in the future and work towards. Furthermore, you can share your data in the community section of the app allowing friends to see your progress and help eachother. My favourite feature is that you can scan the barcodes of the food you have consumed, saving time and reducing the tediousness of manually inputting every food item individually. Daily reminders can be setup to stimulate you to input the data, which is extremely useful when you have a busy schedule! Without a doubt, this is the best motivational app I have found and I will continue to use this on my fitness journey..Version: 19.12.5

Losing weightVery pleased with this App. I have linked it to the App. Map My Walk and when I finish my walk the results, i.e. calories used, automatically comes off my daily intake of calories eaten. I am disabled and have limited walking, so walking with my rollator/walker is my walk for the day and everything this App with Map My Walk App. does helps me lose weight. I don’t have premium, but I find the standard App. enough for me. I love the recipe addition as all my meals are home made and I can copy them into the dinner section when ever I have the recipe that is saved. Even portions of everything I have recorded is in the history section, so no need to keep looking up the food and wondering what the weight, say potatoes, was the last time I ate them. Thank you for producing this App..Version: 20.12.0

Easy appI really like using this app, but I’ve noticed that when I look back on the previous days calories used the totals change and what It read at the end of that day It would be in the green and when I look back at that same day the calories used has gone in the red. The totals change in ‘exercise’ which is weird. So you think you’re on track and then it changes on you. Can you please fix this or explain why it does this..Version: 19.8.7

Recipe Sharing & Net Carbs?I've come back to MFP after a few years and am very pleased at the many improvements in capabilities, user friendliness, standalone mobile usability, social features, and the UI in general. There are 2 glaringly obvious QoL things that are missing. The first is Recipe Sharing. As it is now, the only way my Hubs and I have found to share entries between people is to copy an Entire meal from someone's diary. It would be much simpler to be able to share the recipe with him on the front end so he could use it as he chooses. It would be even More helpful if we were given a little space to jot down actual directions so these "recipes" weren't solely lists of ingredients and I could recreate things. That may be asking too much though. The other, much more important issue is that there isn't a setting to switch from displaying Total Carbs to Net Carbs (total Carbs-Fiber). There isn't even a way to show macros and Fiber at the same time to do the math yourself. The custom settings only allow for 3 nutrient selections (you'd need 4 to show Carbs, Fiber, Fat, Protein). This is something that needs to be updated ASAP. Oh, and fyi if you're using a macro based method know that you'll need premium to get access to those tracking features..Version: 7.23

Accurate appReally like this fitness app. I’ve been using it for about 6 years now and the estimations for weight loss based on calories consumed has been really close to accurate. Highly recommend this app to aid in healthy eating & actually watching what you eat!.Version: 19.4.5

Macros tracking is so on point!I was manually tracking my macros on an excel spreadsheet for the longest time. Whenever I cooked a meal I would search the internet and enter all the macros for every single ingredient and then calculate the totals myself. I could honestly kick myself right now after seeing that near enough all the ingredients are in this app and you just enter the weight and it calculates the macros for you. I added a recipe too and was truly amazed at the ease of everything. I just love how everything is in one place - including my workouts which are being pulled from my apple health app! Really grateful for such a well thought out app especially after throwing progress down the drain after giving up on macro tracking following the complexity of how I had been doing it previously!.Version: 20.7.0

Everything I need for health & fitnessI love this app! I can do everything from just one application - track food, see exercise results, track my progress, and sync my fitness tracker. I’m also getting real value out of the blog: I’ve gotten some great fitness tips, ideas for new exercises, and some new meal plans that are working well. I started using the app just to track food, and it made a big difference to see where my daily calories were actually coming from. I made some simple adjustments to what I was eating and had instant results. I’ve slacked off from my routine a few times, and this app always helps me get back on track. Now I use it for everything :).Version: 7.29.1

My Fitness Pal ReviewStill learning how to use it but it is a GREAT APP so far! If possible, it would be nice to have an occupation category to be able to see how many calories you would approximately burn at work. Also, would be nice if you were able to share recipes so you don't have to enter all ingredients manually, twice. For example my husband and I are using the app and eating the same dishes..Version: 7.23

Better than any Diet club ever for getting results!!Well what can I saw? In less than 2 months I have successfully lost half a stone and eaten what I want but using the calorie control counter! Love that the more I move the more calories I gain to use to eat more if I choose. I’ve been a Slimming World member, Weight Watcher member, Rosemary Connelly and joined/tried so many other diet fad agencies with little success or short success as the weight all piled back on but with The My FitnessPal it’s finally made me realise that ALL foods contains calories. There’s no ‘eat as much as you want and lose weight’ crazy philosophy to losing weight!! It’s plain and simple........if you eat more than you move then weight stays on from any overeating you do so since I now stay on my calorie counting allowance the lbs steadily come off and are staying off and it’s for FREE!!!!! Fantastic app, 100% recommend a try if all else fails!.Version: 19.4.5

Eating healthy has just a hobby for me!I can geek out about what I'm putting into my body. It’s great seeing Carb/Fat/Protein percentages. You can go pretty granular about nutrients and macros too. Supports my keto diet and fasting. Really cool having the fasting feature but the only thing I wish you could set your fasting program more specifically. I feel in complete control of my body when I combine this app with all the body metrics I’m taking too. Loving this phase of health tracking!! MyFitnessPal gets a huge thumbs up from me.Version: 23.8.0

Once was fabulous!This was once a fantastic app - tracked food, weight, exercise - even the ads were worth reading!! Unfortunately an “upgrade” in mid June 2022 has left it slow, clunky and cumbersome. Shame….Version: 22.11.0

Not workingApp not working after latest update just keep opening and crashing on loading screen tried re-downloading and just does the same.Version: 23.21.5

Love it!Extremely easy, quick &handy! I absolutely love that I am able to tap &scan foods to keep track of my calories!!! There’s a lot of helpful things this app offers specifically for those who are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, burn fat, tone etc.. highly recommended 😁.Version: 20.5.0

This app keeps me accountableI love this app. It is a little tedious to have to track all my food, but it has been so worth it. The app is easy to use. Takes a minute to get to know how everything works and all the possibilities, but really quite simple to use. I have now used it for several years, on and off. This time around, I have found it makes me so much more conscious of the snacking I have been justifying. I now realize just how many extra calories those stupid little snacks, and the little bit of soda, or the mini-chocolates actually contribute to my daily intake. Way more calories than they are worth in nutrition. Accordingly, I have REDUCED my decadent indulgences, and am already losing weight! Those marketing masters, making mini-chocolates so you think, “It’s just little. It can’t be many calories!” The problem is those mini’s are just as addicting as the full-sized candy bars. So...I can’t eat just one. This app has put the truth in my face. It is now up to me to decide whether those indulgences are worth spending that many calories on. I am getting stronger and stronger! Thanks, Under Armour, for making such great apps for health..Version: 23.6.5

Pretty good, top choice for me, minor flawsOverall, I’ve used this app for many years on and off. I keep coming back because it has many things for free that a lot of other apps do not have and I appreciate that! The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because I’ve noticed a few times that when using the barcode to scan in calories and nutrition MFP is off and does not match the dietary information on the packaging. The most recent 2 being, great value home style waffles packaging says 130 per serving (2waffles) MFP when scanning the barcode puts it at 200 and the ingredient count is off and the second one, being Lance Peanut bar original 9g protein packaging says 330 and MFP has it at 340 and again the ingredient count is off. The upside to this is I’ve learned to watch what it says and edit the nutrition which a good feature, but the downfall is if I didn’t have the packaging and just searched I wouldn’t know and at that point I’m forced to trust it. I think a lot of the food options need to be updated. Another thing is it doesn’t track the step count very well if at all. The calories through it are always 0. It does however, sync excellently with my Apple Watch activity. Outside of this, I really like this app!.Version: 21.13.0

Big thanks to MyFitnessPalThis app is fantastic. I am more cautious of what I eat now. Without this app I think I would still be over eating and gaining more fat. I still have much to learn and this app has been a great start to achieve my goals..Version: 22.8.5

MyFitnessPal-MyFitnessMustI’ve been hooked on MyFitnessPal since April 2016 when I weighed in at 120kg now I’m 97kg MyFitnessPal has been very valuable to helping me keep track of my health and fitness progress. It’s become a Must for me to fill in each day and I enjoy all the very informative posts, I’ve learnt a lot of new & fun exercises which helps to mix up my training sessions so I never get bored with the same repetitive routine 10 out of 10 MyFitnessPal 👍.Version: 19.9.11

Terrible updateThe update has ruined this app for me. When the update happened 3 days ago it created hundreds of reminders I can’t get rid of. I was so confused as to why I was get around 50 notifications for each meal, I went into the reminders part of the app and founds dozens of reminders had been set. I went through and turned them all off, went out of it and when I went back into it they had all been turned back on. So I had to go through each reminder one at a time and delete each one individually. Then a couple of hours later I get 50 notifications to log my lunch!!! I go back into the reminders and each one I painstakingly deleted had reappeared!!! I’ve missed text messages and emails because this is clog up my phone notifications and making my phone over whelmed and slow! If I can’t fix it I will have to delete the app.Version: 19.6.0

Fantastic app!Fantastic app! I’ve recommended it to all of my fitness friends. It’s the only app I’ve found that has great features even in the free version. I think its awesome for tracking calories and reminding me to stay on track. I really wanted to use the feature that connects to other fitness tracking apps, however, I use a Kogan smart watch and while this app connects to several apps, it does not connect to VeryFit. I thoroughly enjoyed the free trial and would definitely subscribe to the pro version if I could connect to VeryFit! Hoping this might be a feature in the future!.Version: 23.13.0

Worth it to upgrade!I started my weight loss journey, June 2020 and it didn’t take long for me to upgrade to premium. I love how flexible and versatile and how they keep upgrading how you can use it. Lapses for periods of time, but I know I can always go back to it, and it’s always good to have thatapp recognition on my iPhone!.Version: 23.23.5

Eye openingUsing this app has been eye opening to how much extra energy I have been putting in my body. Being able to scan and count Kjs has completely transformed my eating in one short week! Thank you!.Version: 21.22.5

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