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I wish the food/recipe part was better!Changing from the nutra check and being used to it, as a baker being able to put in and find out the precise ingredients macros and then go back in to it and change them, without having to rewrite the whole recipe when you find a better option is definitely putting me off the benefits of my fitness pall compared to that side of things with nutra check. Also the link up with my Fitbit was flawless with nutra check and as yet I’ve not been able to properly sync my Fitbit to my fitness pall! I find it strange that for a phone app it’s more suited to a laptop ( which I rarely use ). I do find it much easier working out Macros on my fitness pall which is why I’m giving it a proper try out, however I am leaning more to nutra check for my requirements with recipes and ease of using it through my phone rather than how my fitness pall works, having to go onto a laptop for things I can get without a second thought on another app! Such a pity, combined there the perfect app! 😏.Version: 7.25

It gets worse everytimeI’ve been using the app for a number of years now, and it gets worse with every update. From design issues to syncing problems, along with constantly being pestered to accept personalised ads (which just FYI is illegal in the EU as you are required to give user a way to say no) it’s getting to the stage where I’m going to go back to using a pen and a piece of paper. And now comes this latest redesign - which they’ve somehow manage to slip in without needing the app to be updated... Gone are the clear, easy to read sections laid out well so that everything is quick to use at a glance. In comes a bland, black and white redesign with fonts and styling that a five year old would have done a better job of. Along with that, they’ve not fully updated all sections of the app - so it’s now a hideous mismatch of the previous clean design and the new awful to use redesign. And of course, with this being their latest update, the sync is once again broken - which happens with every single update. Ever since UnderArmor bought MyFitnessPal, it’s steadily gone downhill. They don’t care about their users, or the experience of using the app. You’re now constantly pestered by adverts and pushes to buy premium. Why on earth would I buy premium when you can’t even get the free version to work?! Honestly, I wouldn’t bother wasting your time with this app anymore..Version: 19.6.1

This needs to be taken off the App StoreImmediately.Version: 20.24.7

Good app but......I like the app but can now not open it. It opens up then I get a black screen even though it’s open in the background. When I tap on it in the background the screen goes blank and then I return to my home screen, each time..Version: 19.4.2

Not supportive for someone trying to gain weightI’m using the app to try to gain weight after several months of losing weight due to body shaming. This app helps me make sure I am getting enough calories, but its layout is not helpful for me to mentally deal with hitting my calorie goal: when I reach or exceed my goal, rather than telling me I did something that is making me healthy, the app turns the number of calories “remaining” from green to red, and the calorie bar graph also turns red—this enforces in my mind the idea that eating less is better, while eating enough is bad, and so encourages me to slip back towards anorexia, and I have to work really hard to mentally fight against those thoughts. Furthermore, nearly all the posts in the feed are about losing weight and eating less, which is not helpful because I need to do the exact opposite in order to become healthier. Seeing those posts make me feel pressure to lose weight, which is not a good thing for me to be feeling. I’m glad this app has an option to make gaining weight as your goal, but I really wish the layout of the app would support that goal..Version: 19.10.1

CALORIE COUNTING IS UNHEALTHY!Calorie counting can damage how you see food and can lead to an eating disorder! i used to use this app all the time, and i can assure everyone reading this that it doesn’t matter if you’re eating “too much” - it matters WHAT you’re eating. 1000 calories worth of healthy food is NOT the same as 1000 calories as junk food but you would never know that using this app. You could be eating 1000 calories of junk food and still feel like you’re eating right because you’re eating the calories “you’re allowed to eat” This app makes you feel guilty for eating even if you’re eating healthy. there’s no reason you should be hungry and have to check your phone to see if you’re allowed to eat. There’s no reason you should go to bed hungry because this app tells you to. Do not download this app - you should not be obsessed with everything revolving around food and weight. it can lead to so many problems especially if you’re insecure or just more prone to it. i’ve been obsessed with how i eat because of how much i used to revolve my life around this app and sometimes i still catch myself counting calories! if you really want to lose weight, stay active and eat healthy(but it is also always okay to indulge in yourself sometimes).Version: 19.4.5

Useful toolGood but doesn’t work as well as other apps on the iwatch which was disappointing. Never the less, as hoped, the app has raised my awareness of what I am eating and so has helped improve the kinds of food I eat and the amount of it. I don’t mind the effort to log the food and have not missed a day in my first week..Version: 19.7.1

Crashes frequentlyI used to love this app but it now frequently crashes. So frustrating. I cook from scratch a lot so adding my recipes is really laborious (the feature to add a URL and it should automatically load the recipe NEVER works for me) and I just can’t cope when it crashes half way through. It might be good for people who eat a lot of food from packets as you can scan barcodes to get the calories added. But I’m looking for a new calorie tracker... Ps Followed instructions to sync then uninstall and reinstall app. The recipe function still doesn’t work. I tried to add a dinner recipe and when I copied the ingredients the next page said the app had found a match for the ingredients (there were about 8). The ‘match’ was apples and cinnamon??? These items were not in the recipe, it just randomly added these ingredients..Version: 7.28

Unit of measureIt would great if all of the units of measurement were in my daily choices. Then as I use them , it would rank them from most to less used. It’s tiring & discouraging to convert every other meal..Version: 20.24.7

Great app but update is badI’ve been using the app for a couple of years and have had a few troubles with it either not recognising my login details or crashing before it loads. Other than that, I love it. However the newest update seems pretty bad as I can’t search the database for my meal, so I have to either scan the barcode or input all of the nutrients myself, which I usually wouldn’t know. When I search for something I haven’t already searched for, it says it’s in offline mode and it can’t find the item; even though I have a WiFi signal or data, it doesn’t work on either. I also tried to add something into my ‘snacks’ section after scanning the barcode, but it won’t actually add it to my diary, even though I’ve pressed ‘Add’ about 4 times. Please fix the bugs, it’s awful!.Version: 19.4.1

Changes for the better?This app seems to have changed a lot since I last used in 2015 and not sure for the better. The addition of premium services is ok but seems to constantly push this upgrade option. It’s early days but the interface seems more complex than I last remember it, perhaps the additional of more and more information just creates noise with little value. Anyway let’s see how it goes for tracking calories, which it did a great job of in 2015. Hopefully all the new dials and switches makes it better but still a good and simple user experience.Version: 7.35

Could be a LOT betterI had this app for a long time, stopped using it for several years and came back to it and now you have to pay for a premium membership to use what was free before and it’s really glitchy! I thought somehow I was screwing up but I see now from other reviews that many others have my same issue. Foods in the diary keep randomly duplicating and sometimes adding to previous days’ diaries. I added in something for today’s morning and it added it to yesterday instead of today and another item was duplicated. The barcode scanner is very limited, doesn’t work on most nutritional items and for me the worst thing is that it doesn’t track nutrients except for like 4 basic ones. I’m much more interested in tracking nutrition than calories or exercise which I did manually for years easily in a notebook. When you go over 100g of vitamin C it lists it in red like you did something terribly wrong. It reprimands you if your goal weight is less than what they think you should be even though I was that weight for years, was perfectly healthy and my doctor never once said I was underweight. It reprimands you if you go under 1000 calories for the day which is ridiculous, how can you lose weight eating more than 1000 calories? I have the free trial of the premium now and already cancelled it to make sure I don’t forget (you still get the free month). The weight should be lost by then anyway..Version: 20.15.1

Not as good as it was - getting really annoying nowI've been using this app a good few years just to keep track of calories & keep an eye on my nutritional balance & it's been particularly useful since 5:2 fasting arrived. Having used it for such a long time I'm very aware it's not foolproof & that it has some built in shortcomings - these are mainly due to wrong info being submitted for foodstuffs & nutritional details being entirely missing in some cases which skews the macro results. Over a period of time updates have made the App less responsive mainly due to annoying advert banners that make it 'stagger' more often & pause to the extent that I'm thinking of giving up it's so frustrating! The camera is also less immediate & more often fails. I would be happy to pay a small fee to remove the ads but not £7.99 pm when I don't use any of the rest of the App. Most of the initially free Apps (as this was) just require a small upgrade fee or to re-load a purchased version - surely that would satisfy a lot of loyal, but increasingly frustrated clients. Come on help us out here!.Version: 7.29.1

Almost useless for diabeticsThis health/fitness/diet app claims to be comprehensive, but has a huge gap in its user experience for diabetics. There is no way to input blood sugar readings in real time or to integrate readings from glucose monitors on here. Given how tied to diet and macro nutrients diabetes is, you would think this would've been a basic aspect of the app already - or an add-on that could pop up along with adding food or exercise. I've been a MyFitnessPal member for years and do appreciate the detail, massive database, and ability to input your own recipes you get for free. The meal time stamps it already offers with Premium would be really useful for tracking blood sugar, but nope, the only way to track that is manually adding a bunch of blood sugar categories, and then tracking them under progress, like it's your weight. This is useless when you have to do it 4 times a day or more at different times, and you can't look back at sugar levels as part of your diary (linked to your diet). Do the manufacturers just assume that people interested in fitness and diabetics are mutually exclusive populations? We need either a setting to add our readings with a timestamp, similar to foods, that then can be read as part of the diary; or integration with the most popular glucometer apps. This should be a basic feature, or at least Premium, for a so-called leading health app..Version: 18.10.5

Bullies you to accept sharing data and locationThis used to be a great app, which I’ve been using for over 5 years now. For the past year (presumably after GDPR took effect), every time I launch the app it asks if I want to share my data for personalised ads and my location data, and it does not give you the option to say no. You can click ‘remind me later’, which is very difficult to do on iPhones as it overlaps with the home bar at the bottom. If you manage to click that, it still asks you the question every time and unless you accept to share the data there is no way around it. I’m not even sure if it’s legal not to give the user a clear option to say no at that screen, but it surely is a disgrace and the reason why I only launch the app once a month or so nowadays. If I can import my data and use it in another app, I’ll be definitely doing so..Version: 20.8.1

Free version bombarded with advertsWhenever you try and input an exercise, an ad will pop up and prevent you from doing it every time. Same with food and water consumption to an extent. I understand that there is the premium version to eliminate the ad problem, but I have been using this app for years and never had so many pop ups. This has resulted in the free version of the app being difficult to use, resulting in having to pay money to use the app to add things like the exercises, which for years has been free and I have had no problems with. I will still continue to use the app whilst I can, it helps me track my food but it would be nice to be able to sue the app I’ve been using for so many years again without having to fork out for premium..Version: 20.24.7

Glitchy and non responsiveI am not usual one to write reviews however the issues I found with this app was beyond what one should expect and I have just downloaded and can’t use it. Therefore, I felt compelled to write in hopes that someone will read and fix these issues. As mentioned, I had just downloaded the app and wanting to check it out before paying for the premium service. First, it denied me signing up 3x before I was final accepted my information to open up the app. Then as I went to put in my exercise for the day it gave no options for cardio and strength based workouts ( ie: HIIT, interval, circuit etc) and when I clicked on the “routines” option it just keep spinning the load circle bringing nothing up. Adding single food items was fine but when input ingredients to “create a recipe” it gave me an error pop up and told me to retry. Meaning I would ya e to input all the Ingredients I had just done again. I did this 3x again to no avail. Then lastly it asked for me to verify my email account that was connect via an email sent. I had done so hours before but was asked to do it again. So I requested another verification be sent. Over an hour later still have not received the email. This app is extremely disappointing and there are many others out there and I have deleted this app and will find one that actually works..Version: 20.9.0

Sign your rights awayToo much data is collected from users. I’d rather pay but have my health-related data stored locally tbh..Version: 19.4.5

Subscription still restricts proper accessThis app is ok but needs work. I bought premium subscription hoping I’d have more control but I could only turn needs feed off but the app still starts up in the home screen and not last open page (diary entry). It forces you to use the blog / news feed even if you only want to use the diary. It’s a shame really, paid subscription isn’t cheap and last thing we want is delay in entering food items when we have our hands full. The dates can get confusing as you must constantly remind yourself or try remember it's in USA format. My settings are all metric and Australia time but looks like date format is not changing for Australia..Version: 7.25

UnusableI have been logging daily on this app for almost 5 years, I have a streak of over 1700 days and I can’t believe the absolute state this app has become over time. Ever since it was taken over its consistently declined in quality and now its completely unusable. Most of the time I can’t even open it, I have to close and reopen the app several times to get it to go past ‘updating’ or ‘loading’. I was told to reinstall the app and I lost ALL of my logging data and weight data, its a good job its still available on the web version and I log my weight in other apps. I can’t access my profile, it doesn’t load and I can’t change any information in there. I have never had so much trouble with a single app, and whats worse is it used to be excellent! There WAS a reason this is the most recommended app and now I can’t even stand to try and use it myself, let alone recommend it to anyone else to try..Version: 20.10.0

Not my preferred1. The app asks to login frequently and not clear what triggers that. 2. The ads repels users and do not make them pay. Probably some other policy is better such as removing some options like logging water and posting to community. 3. The font is too small it would be good to add an option in settings to allow users choose a bigger size..Version: 19.6.1

Fix the macro/calorie calculation!I love the app interface and volume of food available to log, but this App fails on the basic calculation of calories based on macros. 4cal per gram of protein and carbs. 9cal per gram of fat. This simple math should be a fundamental thing to get right but it simply doesn’t work properly. Example - my remaining Marcos for the day I’m posting this review are (C36, F43, P38). This equates to 683cal but the calorie count says 688. All my other meals are off as well by around 3-5%. It skews the whole total and really should be fixed as a high priority bug. Can’t give any higher than a 2 because of this..Version: 19.5.0

Good, but could do with a few improvements.I find MyFitnessPal really helpful for tracking my calories and protein, as well as giving me the info on everything else I’m eating, however there are a few things that would take this app from good to great: 1. Add salt to the food’s nutritional information list instead of just sodium. I understand that as an American app the list of nutritional information given is based on how it is shown on foods in America. However, in the UK, where I am, as well as other countries no doubt, we put the amount of salt, not sodium (most of the time) on our food so having this option would be really helpful. 2. Have the option to edit a food once you’ve saved it. Many times I have added or corrected a food, only to discover that I’ve put in a typo and so had to delete it and add the whole food again, instead of just being able to amend it. Very time consuming and unnecessary. 3. Add the time to when you drank water. Quite a few times I’ve gone to add water to how much I’ve drunk but then five minutes later forgot if I actually added it or not. Putting the time next to when water was added will take away this problem. Other than these issues I am generally happy with the app so keep up the good work and thank you!.Version: 19.4.5

Latest Update is Bad!Since the last update to the app, it’s become really slow to respond. Takes forever to log stuff. Not happy..Version: 19.11.5

Crashing a lot nowLatest version of the app on the latest OS results in crashing about 80% of the time when entering food..Version: 19.11.5

EhThis app is probably really amazing but it won't let me create an account even if I try logging in with facebook.Version: 7.23

Fine until I became a Premium UserI have used MFP for a number of years, mainly to ensure a good carb/fat/protein balance. To get the best out of the app, and to track more accurately, I recently took the plunge and became a Premium User. I’d like to add, at this point, that I have never given a product/app a one star review, which gives the reader an insight into my level of frustration. The benefits of being a Premium User were obvious and I was motivated to use the app daily, initially. Then, the app started asking me to log in each time I opened it (including when I was toggling between apps when, for example, I was finding nutrients from a website); in addition to this, I had to ‘agree to all’ data consents every time, which became tedious. As a Premium User, I apparently have ‘Priority Customer Support’ so I gave it a go and contacted MFP. The response was to apologise for the issues, say that the technical team is looking into it and suggest that, in the meantime, I try the website instead. I did respond 2 days ago and am awaiting a reply (24/7 Priority Customer Service). The issue persists. In order for people to buy into the whole ‘food journal’ concept, it has to be simple. In order for people to find their way around the app, it has to be simple. In order for people to sustain their motivation, it has to be simple. It used to be simple...until I became a Premium User..Version: 19.8.0

Needs more workThe units are ridiculous and limited to American system. How hard is it to add a built in converter?! The tick at the top corner won’t work and needs a few taps! The swipe of the fractions at the bottom keep mixing up with iPhone swipe up command and closes the app. Pretty frustrating for an app that’s been around donkeys years..Version: 19.1.0

The UX is awfulAdding meals is such a mystery, you can tell that they try to reuse screens as much as possible, making the performance of adding a meal and adding a food confusing because they look exactly the same. But that’s not the worst part - the part that made me stop what I was doing to come directly to the App Store and leave a pissy review. The fact that I have to manually save my progress when creating a meal, like its 1995, is so stupid and counter intuitive to modern apps that it must have been a conscious decision. How ludicrous! I have lost 10 minutes of work logging meals 3 times since purchasing my membership two days ago. The identical screens make it so easy to push the back button one too many times and complete lose all of the foods I’ve logged in a meal. It doesn’t try to prevent you from doing it either - so bad! Here’s what should happen, every change I make should automatically be saved. If I want to change something later I can do so easily. I can’t, however, recall 10 minutes worth of food logging with the same amount of ease. Seriously, I regret buying my membership simply because of how this app functions when it comes to logging food. The database is pointless if I can so easily delete work by mistake, with no way of recovery..Version: 19.1.0

No Stars!!New update expects me to login and accept conditions every time I open the app. Then it took me forever to find support section where I could actually type MY problem, rather than selecting one of the many known problems. Then after finally completing their security ‘I am not a robot’ steps, they wouldn’t let me submit the email page until, again, I had to look through all of their known problems and click ‘they were no help’. You obviously don’t want to know from people using your app about the bugs in your app. But you want all of our data! I don’t want you to have my data. You do not need my data, unless you are selling it, which you do not have my permission to do!.Version: 19.8.7

Not User FriendlyI want to use this app because I can link it with the Walgreens app and get bonus rewards for my healthy activity. The problem is that I don’t like it very much because it’s not user friendly. I don’t like having to add each exercise I do along with the number of sets and reps and approximate number of calories burned (which I don’t even know and would have to look up). Also, adding recipes is a lot of extra work too because you have to add each ingredient and then match it up. I would like to have access to an extensive library of different kinds of exercises (calisthenics, yoga, dancing, etc) with the approximate number of calories burned for the amount of time I do them. Similarly, I would like to be able to look up and ingredient for a recipe select the amount used and then have the amount of calories for the ingredient factored in to my recipe and the amount per serving. I also don’t like the list look of the app; it’s not very interesting. I would like to have buttons for each meal, for adding exercises, weight, and water consumption. For now, I’m going to go back to using My Plate by Live Strong; I can’t add recipes but it’s easier and more interesting to use..Version: 18.8.0

Fitness palThis app won’t let you do anything else you pay for it end it doesn’t do anything for you it sucks.Version: 21.3.5

Not a fan of the auto-adjustingI diligently track my macros everyday (which is why I have subscribed to the premium version of this app), and I’ve recently decided (with the guidance of my nutritionist) to change the amount of protein, carbs, and fat I have. When I make these changes, the app auto-adjusts the total of amount of calories that I “should” have daily. But listen here - no one asked for this! I certainly didn’t!!! I should be able to say how many calories, and how many grams of protein/fat/carbs I want without the app stopping me from doing both. As it stands now, I can only do one or the other, which makes no sense. I get that MFP most likely has medical professionals on their team helping to create the suggested macro/calorie breakdowns; but again - I’m not looking for this one-size-fits-all mess. I’m on a serious weight loss journey (down 138lbs, with 60lbs+ left to drop), and I’ve got goals to meet. Please consider disabling this unnecessary function. If I’m paying $50 a year, this entire setup should be customizable. I’d rather not use a different app, because y’all have the best bank of foods to log for tracking, but I’m not planning to continue paying for something that doesn’t meet my needs..Version: 19.3.6

It was great... till it wasn’tHi there, I decided to get MyFitnessPal to aid me in losing weight. And it worked, the app I mean, for the first 50 days. But yesterday, the fiftieth day, I went on there, and the app wouldn’t load. It said updating, so I was just thinking it was going to update, and be ready in a few minutes. Nope! I give it twenty minutes, look back at my phone, which I’ve left on the screen, and it still says updating. Then I think, oh it might be a long update, so I give it even more time. Now, I’m about to go to bed, this is almost forty-five minutes later, and I check again. STILL UPDATING! I was hoping to give a good review, but I’m glad I waited till now. This app was at least good for fifty days, so if you’re looking for something short term then this is great for you. But this app really needs to work on it. I have no idea if it’s just a bug or if this is the apps way of telling me to get premium. All I now is that I have logged for fifty days in a row, and because this app quit on me, I can’t log fifty-one. Please fix, and I might change my rating to something a bit more, positive. Also the only reason it has those two stars is because of the first fifty days. Now it’s just done..Version: 19.10.5

If you have body issues THIS IS NOT FOR YOUAll this app did was make me analyze everything I ate. For weeks I was obsessed and then Deeper and deeper into depression I fell, deeper and deeper into hating myself, my body, and what I put in it. Constantly starving myself, questioning my portions. The Worst experience. Just be you and love yourself. Oh and have a burger once in a while!.Version: 20.10.0

Share feature disappeared during recent updateAfter the recent update the share feature Has disappeared. This is vital feature please bring it back otherwise this app is excellent.Version: 20.20.5

Premium rip offWas a great app- still is to some extent and I’ve been using it for over 7 years but the cost of the premium upgrade for what’s offered is actually laughable, there are plenty of other food tracking apps that offer the ability to more closely track your macros without paying $15 a month... I’m thinking it’s time I actually start seriously looking at what the others have to offer- and no I have no interest in paying $80 upfront every year either, as a one off I would have considered it or if there was considerably more content offered maybe but $80 a year or $15 a month is beyond greedy- will stop recommending this as a good tracking app.Version: 7.29.1

Really gone downhillBeen a user for 4 years since before the UnderArmor acquisition, ever since they’ve stopped making improvements and it shows. in 2020 the app looks and feels very clunky and the user experience is generally quite poor. all the ads and blog posts certainly don’t help and the amount they charge for the premium subscription to get rid of them is ridiculous. i’ve tried it and it is not worth the money. use LoseIt instead.Version: 19.12.6

Amazing Concept. Atrocious NavigationThe idea behind this app is great. It is Do helpful for losing weight and building muscle, and monitoring your friends’ progress. But, the navigation is absolutely horrible. The app is sluggish, and it’s confusing to get around to different features in the app. Certain things like scanning an item’s barcode take WAY too many taps to get to the right spot. And I use the barcode feature a lot, but it’s annoyingly buried within several layers of pages. It and other features like the restaurant location tool are just buried way too deep. You should be able to get to them from the first page you open because I’m opening this app many times a day for only a few minutes to log something and it’s so annoying having to navigate through so many different pages to get to the features I use the most. Please redesign. It’s been exactly the same for years now. And get rid of some features. The developers are trying to do way too much with what should be a simple app. Or at least bury the less used features and make them harder to get to rather than the different food logging tools..Version: 7.34

Unable to access premium featuresI like the app but in my iPhone 12 pro every time I tried to sign up for premium the screen goes white and freezes. This is very annoying and I’m thinking of leaving this app altogether. I have already uninstall and reinstalled and using the most recent version of the app. Hope you can send an immediate fix!!!.Version: 20.24.0

Used to be the best now pathetic!This app used to be literally the best on the market - it was all I ever used and loved it!!! Since the last update, this app well and truly is a pain in the proverbial backside! Every single time I go to the app it asks me to consent to some stupid data collection policy - like every time I log a meal or a glass of water - yesterday I think I consented at least 20 times. I don’t know what you’ve done My Fitness Pal but you need to fix this stuff up and FAST because it’s becoming very annoying and time consuming and after almost 5 years using this app I’m ready to delete it and say goodbye! To all those looking to start using this app - don’t bother until it’s fixed because it will drive you crazy with the constant requests for data sharing every time you click on the app!.Version: 19.8.0

Bloated Social Network with added fitness trackerWithin MyFitnessPal is an excellent calorie tracker and food diary. Unfortunately, it’s hidden within a giant monstrosity of ads, blog spam, social networking features, and prompts to upgrade to a premium subscription service. Even just allowing the food diary to be the default screen (via a setting) will go a long way to convince users like me who will _never_ want any of the social features..Version: 19.1.0

Cost of Premium SubscriptionIt seems to be impossible to find out the cost of the Premium Subscription before signing up for a free trial. This makes it impossible to make an informed consumer decision. I have quite a few app subscriptions, so am genuinely interested in the option of Premium, rather than free. I am going to check out if, not knowing the potential annual costs of subscription, confirms with our Australian Consumer Law - which app would need to conform with if selling to Australian residents through Apple’s App Store. There are quite a few frustrated people in the app’s Community wanting to know both the cost and benefits of Premium Subscription, so developer has sufficient feedback to know this is an issue for some users - an issue developer is obviously not taking seriously. Frankly, I find the lack of information on subscription rates bizarre.Version: 7.27

Drains battery and overheats phoneThis drains my battery more than any other app and after 5 mins of using the app my new iphone overheats! please fix.Version: 19.12.6

Logging food is frustrating!Why can’t MyFitnessPal have more variety in their measurements? Everything should be measurable with a food scale in grams! So frustrating to have to measure some things with cups and some things with ounces etc. At the very least all food item should have a choice of measurement..Version: 21.3.5

Could be a lot betterConsidering how many personal trainers and people recommend using this app I had my expectation set high for this app. A few features I think the developers need to consider improving: When adding a frequently it previously eaten food/ snack, the app records it however keeps the time stamp of the time you originally had the food. Although you can go in to change it however it’s not convenient to do so all the time. Search feature needs advance search and filters option especially for food tracking. It would be so leach easier to search for meatballs and have a filter to allow you to results only for homemade options for example than having a list of other irrelevant options. Exercise options in the search is not great. I did 30 minutes of skipping, for some reason it’s saved under skip rope. What’s worse is that if you do search for skipping it doesn’t show you other related exercise. You’d have to search skip rope to get something similar. Recording of exercise and food needs to be made a lot easier - this is the whole purpose of the app. And finally It’s boring in colour/ design, it’s not aesthetically pleasing for the eye in any way and very bland..Version: 19.8.10

GLITCHESI love this app, however it always kicks me out and glitches and doesn’t let me in before the app shuts down and boots me out!!! i’m getting extremely frustrated as i can’t log my food entries for the day... this has been happening for days on end... i’ve tried re downloading it and re starting my phone but nothing changes. The app has great features and really works well for me, but with the horrible glitches and not letting me in the app for more then 2 seconds before kicking me out... i can’t even give this app more then a 1 star. i’ve been using this for two weeks and it makes me quite mad as all my progress is on there and now i can’t access it. 😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 20.5.0

Loved this app.. till you deleted my acct.Have had this app for nearly a full year now, I use it daily and have loved it! Usually I’m a massive advocate for it and encourage all my friends to give it a go. Today it logged me out unexpectedly and whenever I try and log in the app says my credentials are wrong and that my account doesn’t exist. I’ve lost a YEARS worth of progress now and I’m so so upset. Give me my account back!.Version: 18.10.5

My fitness palI dont find it very user friendly..Version: 21.3.5

SlowThis app has crippling performance and stability issues. Also the “onbording” instructions can’t be dismissed all at once, which is annoying. Just get me to the app and I’ll find out how it works!.Version: 20.3.0

Registration errorWhen signing up, once i fill out the page with my bday on it, it dosent take me to the next page and when i press the arrow on the top right an error pops up saying that the account cannot be registered.Version: 18.9.1

Doesn’t sync with Apple HealthThey need to fix the integration with Apple Health. Premium subscription services are not worth it without this support. I’ve re installed several times. Too late to cx because I’ve already paid. I like the app a lot but not being able to pull data from Apple health makes the yearly subscription fee simply not worth it..Version: 19.12.6

Trying out the free trialI’ve just moved to My Fitness Pal from another food diary app and am currently utilising the free trial before I decide whether to stick with it. Overall, my first impressions have been positive - I like the layout and the premium additions like plans are useful. It’s mostly been easy to set up with the Health app and Watch too. However there are a few things that I have access to with other apps that I would like to see in MFP, such as the ability to share recipes (and NOT the copy meal workaround) and being able to easily adjust the serving size of food (ideally with a free text option, not the pre-populated current options). I’m doing three stars for now, while I continue to learn more about the app and will hopefully be able to adjust my rating once my trial is over..Version: 20.7.0

Crappy appAfter putting in my birthdate and postal code it doesn’t move on to the next page and when I hit the arrow in the top right corner it says I’m able to register..Version: 20.17.1

Very buggyI’ve been using this app for years and can’t rate it highly enough. Unfortunately there have been bugs/glitches like crazy lately including lagging when searching for things and freezing when adding in foods etc. I hope you are able to fix this! I will continue using the app regardless but not having to restart the app so often will be fab. Thanks so much!.Version: 20.20.5

Does what it says, mostly.This is a useful app and has opened my eyes to some dietary issues, however it is not clear which figures are recommended amounts and which are maxima. For example, should I aim to eat 300mg cholesterol a day or should I avoid going over that figure? There is a habit, several times a day, for the app to freeze, followed by a blue screen labelled "Updating". This can last for hours but generally doesn't result in any visible update. It would be a nice enhancement if the sort order for foods could be selected. I would put the "Green shield" foods first so I could be sure of getting verified micronutrient data. It is very frustrating finding that the invalid or incomplete data entered by another user has caused my nutritional data to be incorrect. Some sort of nutrient validation should be included. I have encountered foods, for example, where the grams of sugar exceed the grams of carbohydrates. Another issue is that in Europe labels give salt content and not sodium and it is clear that many people adding foods do not understand the relationship between the two..Version: 20.10.1

Always freezingI don’t know what happened recently but the app freezes almost every time I use it. It is so difficult now to track food because I have to close and restart the app every single time. I’ll be deleting this and finding a more reliable food tracker. It sucks because I have all my data that I’ve used for YEARS and now it’s a shame that I can barely use the app..Version: 20.24.7

Reputation > functionalityI’m only continuing to use MFP because I’ve invested so much into it, but if you are starting a diet or monitoring your intake now, I’d recommend using other, more current alternatives. This is why: • The interface is clunky • Far, far too many items on the database are incorrect, lacking in key nutritional info or have incorrect measurements (eg it has sliced Turkey in fluid ounces and millilitres.) • No clear ability to correct database items, meaning you’ve got to not log the food or manually input all the nutritional info with a calculator and some maths. • I tried premium and, meh, I could only see myself using the premium features just to get my money’s worth, but otherwise the premium features are lacking • Recently, the ability to share meals, logged items or recipes with friends has been removed, which is a nightmare if you are dieting with someone you live with and is using the app too. • The web interface is reminiscent of a 90s computer. That being said, MyFitnessPl is great app for logging food at a basic level, and it’s reputation precedes it. But since it’s creation there have been many alternatives developed and some of them in 2021, are more effective that MFP, which by comparison feels extremely basic and outdated. Diet-logging apps require you to invest in them to be effective. You can’t just drop in and out if it if you want results. MyFitnessPal is a bad investment..Version: 20.24.7

Disliked UI immediatelyYears ago, I used this app to drop some pounds and really liked its features. I’m at a point where I need to reassess my diet and thought this would be a good option to return to, but the moment I opened the app after re-downloading, I just felt like it wasn’t for me. Calorie counting apps are a dime a dozen now, and a lot of them have worked hard on providing an interface that’s both efficient (because who wants to work around a clunky app when it already takes lots of time out of your busy day to record meals?) and visually pleasing (weight and dieting can be an unpleasant subject, right?). MyFitnessPal was clunky from the moment it requested my vitals (difficult to scroll and go to the next input field), to the tutorial, to the constant pop ups demanding I consider upgrading to premium. I’ve barely used the app yet, why not leave me alone and try again when I’ve actually had time to experience it? There is no focus on calorie information on the home page, instead dedicating screen space to blog posts etc. that I don’t have the time or desire to read anyway. It’s difficult to find the wearable device/app integration options. The camera scanner is much slower than other apps I’ve used with the same technology. Overall there is no sleek design or cute graphics that would make the this app unique or pleasant to use regularly. I was just disappointed in how far this app has fallen behind, and you probably will feel the same..Version: 20.24.7

Tw eating disordersI like this app. but you know what i have? anorexia. in fact a lot or probably even most of the people who use this app or apps like it have an eating disorder of some sort. so to all healthy people thinking about getting this app just don’t you don’t need to count calories and your beautiful just the way you are. to everyone else who already has it delete the app it isn’t helpful and if you have an eating disorder please seek help. so yeah wether the creators of this app intended for it to promote or aid eating disorders does not matter what matters is that it does..Version: 20.22.5

Selling yourselfIn order to use the app you must agree that they are allowed to collect sensitive data and sell it to others and you have to agree that they can sell your information within the USA. Keep yourself and your information safe. Do not use this app.Version: 19.2.5

Technically a horrible appOn principal, this app is great. The method of calorie counting is the only way I know how to lose weight and maintain it. My fitness pal makes that possible. But from a technical standpoint, it’s awful. It’s basic stuff. It freezes up all the time, or it’s slow at the very least. It’s search is kinda bad. When I search recent foods, it doesn’t seem to always remember them or it’s as if I have to type it in verbatim, all words and the brand in order. At the very least it should remember something I ate a few weeks ago. Seems like it doesn’t. There’s a lot of clutter in the database. For example I can do without other people’s recipes that say “1 serving,” How do I know how big a serving is? It’s interface is weird and pretty much outdated, it’s hard to find features. And yes, to be fair this is an app that I’m using every time I eat, so I’m holding it to high standards. But this is why it should be better. Counting calories is annoying, stupid, and it takes too long. I need something sooooo streamlined. I’ve been using it for years and I’m so tired of it. Seriously, exhausted. It’s known to be the most popular app for its purpose, so that’s why I use it. I’m doing research for a new one. We’ll see what I find. I might not beat it, I don’t know..Version: 19.12.6

ToxicThis app is awful. it promotes disordered eating habits and dieting to vulnerable people. cancel it..Version: 20.21.0

Would be a 4 star but ...The app constantly freezes and I’m unable to add food to my diary. Sometimes when the app freezes it crashes the whole app. When the app is freezing it sucks battery life like crazy! Just trying to open and use the app 3-5 times during its freezing episodes I went from 96% battery to 60%. I really enjoy being able to log my daily foods and exercise it’s just extremely frustrating when the app acts up..Version: 20.24.7

Jumping shipI’ve been a user since 2012. After losing all my progress photos from the past 3 years, and after putting up with how ridiculously slow, clunky and buggy the app has been lately, I’ve decided to switch apps. MFP ain’t what it used to be..Version: 20.3.0

Removed functionalityThey removed the ability to share meals and recipes. This is terribly inconvenient for people who share meals (like many adults who diet with their spouse). It also is unbelievably unresponsive. 3-5 seconds to go from adding an item back to the main diary..Version: 20.23.5

Used to be helpful - now just disguising.Since UA takeover this app has become a shadow of former self. Privacy invading, money hungry social network that left its first users (myself included) in the dirt after they helped build its massive food database. The app wants me to pay to take advantage of its features, many of which exist because others like me spent hours of ours lives adding bar codes and editing nutritional information of hundreds of products. We did this for free to help support a great app that could in return help us in our journeys. We didn’t need ads, social network features and surely we didn’t want to excessively share or personal info.( Never mind data breaches.) And sure as hell we didn’t expect that one day the very app we helped build will ask us to pay for the stuff we put into it. Thanks but no thanks. I’m out. Disgusting..Version: 19.12.0

Virus warning in iOS, poor use of ad providers- DELETED app right awayAnd to think, I was about to go premium and pay $10.00 per month. STAY AWAY from this app.Version: 7.23

Frustrating experienceIn terms of the size of the food database this is unrivalled, it’s truly huge and thanks to the user contribution is not totally US-focussed like other similar apps. A word of warning - you do have to double check the nutritional values stated for items as these can be wildly off. I guess this is down to errors in user input. The two stars I’ve given the app are really only for this database and even that is low because of that unreliability. So why such a low rating? Because using the app is a truly frustrating experience. It crashes constantly. Most annoying of all, it has a tendency of crashing partway through inputting a very long recipe. It doesn’t save anything you’ve input so you have to start all over again. This is hugely time consuming - especially given the aforementioned need to double check the nutritional values stated for each value - so is incredibly frustrating to the point I’ve nearly thrown my phone across the room in anger. I’ve put up with this for so long but have grown so annoyed with it, it’s driven me to write this review - something I don’t tend to do. I don’t hold out much hope for it being fixed soon and, if it isn’t, I will not continue to use the app. Sort it out MFP..Version: 19.4.5

Gone downhill over the years.Under armour has mobilized the absolute hell out of this app. So many ads, at least make pReMIUm a 1 time payment to get rid of them. New UI is very disconnected from iOS 13’s theme. Radial menu is bloated, simple things that were once free are now hidden behind a pay wall. Let me see my fricking macros on the main screen instead of some half assed social media attempt. You already sell our data. You don’t need our premium..Version: 20.4.1

Just wowSo you were hacked in Feb 2018. And I’m notified through a third party security check service that my email, IP and password has been leaked? Why haven’t you notified us users, clearly explaining what had happened and what appropriate steps should be taken to secure our data? I would have that thought that a developer that provides a service to store intimately in-depth data of users health records and lifestyle choices would have been taken seriously. Guess not..Version: 19.2.1

...I developed an eating disorder because of this application. I experienced anorexia for 2 years. This application should no longer exist. To be in shape, you just have to eat healthy and be active everyday. You don’t have to count every calorie you eat..Version: 19.11.5

It says free but it’s notIt say free but the first thing you are forced to do after they get all your info is click a button to accept a $15 a month charge..Version: 21.3.5

Great app now ruined by adsMy Fitness Pal was a great app that I’ve used for years, however it has now been cheapened and ruined by advertising throughout the app that can only be disabled by a prohibitively expensive “premium” subscription. Just give us a one time paid ad free version please. Looking for an alternative in the meantime..Version: 21.3.5

Annoying "personalization" updateSince last update the app keeps asking authorization for "precise location-based content". There's no option to refuse, just "accept" or "remind me later". I'm a premium user and don't want any location based content. Rating 1 star until I get an option to disable / refuse personalized content..Version: 19.3.6

Shame on you!Shame on you My Fitness Pal for forcing users to consent to sharing their data if they want to use the app. If you don’t want your data shared My Fitness Pal wont let you use their app! They don’t even tell you who they are sharing your data with!.Version: 19.5.0

Very UnhappyFor over a week now I have been logged out of this app. In June I paid for a premium subscription and last week was unable to access my account. I contacted Support only to receive a bulk email which did not address my issue. I have sent over 5 emails to Support detailing my issue. As a result I received one email back which was the same bulk email I originally received. I have had to start a new account, pay for a premium subscription again and as a result I have lost over two years of data from my old account. Emails to Support to merge my new and old account so I can access my data has fallen on deaf ears and I have had zero support. When you pay almost $140 in two subscriptions one would expect some decent support. In my case, there has been Zero support. Very unhappy and I would no longer recommend this app. My mistake for starting a new account..Version: 18.9.1

Everything wiped!Have had this app for the past 4 years and love using it on and off. Today I opened it to log my food and I had to log in again (never logged out and never been asked to login before since first downloaded) ALL my data has been wiped including goals, saved meals, weight history etc! Am devastated and very annoyed! 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 7.37

Inaccurate PercentagesI’ve used this app and other similar apps on and off throughout the years, and I’ve noticed little things that annoy me about them that always eventually makes me stop using them for a while. This time, it seems to be the calorie and macro percentages. Yesterday I was excited to see how much protein I got because I ate more than usual, and I’m normally low on protein, according to this app at least. When I checked the macros summary page it said only 14% of my macros yesterday were from protein, along with 33% from fat and 53% from carbs. What confused me was that it also said I got in 60g of protein yesterday and 61g of fat. So why were the percentages so far off? When I calculated it myself I got about 18% for both fat and protein and 64% for carbs. Maybe they calculate it in some special way I don’t know about and those percentages aren’t what I think they are, but I’m doubtful. And even if this was the case then that just means the app should be more clear. Also, this is more nit picky but on the nutrients page it said I got 61g of protein and 62g of fat. That probably just has more to do with the way it was rounded I guess, but shouldn’t it be the same way all throughout the app? And for those percentages I see no excuse. Makes me wonder what else on this app is inaccurate..Version: 19.6.10

Very annoying so farI used this app to great affect years ago. It worked perfectly, and was super easy to use. Thought I’d give it another try, as I’m working on my health. I will say that the database of foods is unparalleled. Of course you must be mindful of the fact that not all the info input by users is accurate, still not a big deal overall. However, the functionality of the app is absolutely awful. It crashes a lot and is glitchy, and so far for me has reset my daily goals every day when I log in. I have to re-input them every day - really annoying. I notice that in the many years since I’ve used it the explosion of social media and smart phone use has led to a lot of other add-on features cluttering up the basic function of the app. They’re all good, BUT not at the expense of the app performing the basic tracking functions that it’s ACTUALLY meant for. This is not a new problem either; a quick internet search shows people have been complaining about these issues for years. It’s a shame. I’m going to have to use time looking for an alternative, when I’d prefer to stick with what I’ve got, and what worked for me in the past..Version: 20.8.1

Won’t let you opt outThis app is great but won’t let you opt out of having personal data forwarded for advertising so I deleted the app..Version: 19.12.6

Was good until recentlyOne of the most recent updates seems to have completely messed up the app. It freezes a lot now, decides to lose data, the barcode scanner portion randomly stopped working for a day, just the most random glitches, it used to be so stable and reliable please fix I want to like this app again!.Version: 19.11.0

This app is not worth the sub.I’m tired of the clunky controls and the constant errors when I scan barcodes. Really not seeing the value in a sub anymore. This is not worth $74/year. Please add a prompt if someone swipes down to cancel creating a recipe. It is so easy to accidentally swipe down instead of hitting the arrow thinking that will cancel adding an ingredient and instead it cancels the recipe and all of your progress is lost. The app should ask you whether you want to cancel creating a recipe before it just erases it. Also, I should be able to submit fixes for wrong information or add new foods while creating a recipe without needing to exit out and start over. Also, about a quarter to half of the things I scan lately are wrong. It makes the barcode scanner pretty useless if you need to take the time to submit a correction to all of the nutritional information anyway. I don’t know if this is a Canada vs US problem or what but in some cases it’s not even the same product at all. Also, why on earth can I not update the incorrect serving size while I am updating the rest of the incorrect nutritional information? It’s ridiculous. I feel like this app just keeps adding new features but ignores all of the problems with their existing features. You are known for having an extensive database of foods that can be scanned easily. Please take the time to quality control that database or it doesn’t matter how many foods it has in it..Version: 20.3.0

Useful but used to be betterThe food database is probably the most extensive although you do need to search out UK centred measurements as a lot of it is US focused. My main complaint with the app is that you can no longer share meals via iMessage. My wife and I both use the app and because we eat the same meals the ability to enter on one device and share to another was super easy. Now that feature has been inexplicably removed (the only conclusion I can draw is that this feature will only be available as part of the paid premium plan). I think it may be time to seek out a similar app that allows this as there is no way I am paying for premium. A bit of research shows that I am in no way alone in missing this feature. I fear MFP will lose much of its customer base unless this feature is restored..Version: 20.24.7

Glitching and getting kicked outI absolutely love this app, I have the free version and I love it. I love how accurate it is and how it allows you to track everything. Although I’ve had this app for a few weeks now and recently for the past few days whenever I try to log my workout routines, I get kicked out of the entire app. I’ve tried everything but it just won’t let me log anything, it’s really frustrating because I don’t want to delete the app, as I have over a months worth of information logged on it and I like the app itself. But I feel like it’s useless to have the app if I can’t even access it 🙄.Version: 20.5.0

Not using anymoreI used this app on and off for years. Now that they want to collect and share my personal information...with their affiliates, sorry I’m just not going to agree to that. Used to be a great app..Version: 19.12.0

Lots of bugs with exercise tracking and poor customer supportI initially loved this app for diet tracking. Easy input of foods. But lots of errors when it tries to calculate exercise. It regularly calculates my exercise calorie usage as -940 (yep, it tells me I should reduce calorie intake if I exercise), it sometimes double logs or doesn’t log at all my exercise, and it doesn’t allow manual logging or correcting of exercise for previous days (which is sometimes necessary because I sometimes don’t catch the errors until the following day). All these problems mean I can’t keep an accurate history. I’ve logged problems with customer support but had to wait a week to receive an automated email that said “Please reply if you still want help” (and I’m a premium subscriber)..Version: 19.2.5

Pay premium yet get nothingDon’t download this app if you’re upgrading to premium. You will end up paying for a monthly subscription that you can’t even access! I’m so sick of paying monthly premium subscription payments and yet my actual app asks me to upgrade and I don’t get the premium features! I have in the past tried contacting their help desk and had to follow up three times before I got a response. Yet again it’s asking me to upgrade when my subscription already shows I’ve paid! That’s unacceptable. I’ve used this app for years but I’m so sick and tired of having this issue. I’m now refusing to use it. Why should I make others rich for a product they don’t even give what we are paying for..Version: 18.9.1

App promotes really unhealthy attitude to eatingI’ve used this app before and recently started to undergo personal training to get back into shape after injury and I’m gobsmacked from the lack of care for people’s health shown by the creators. Firstly, you can put in any goal you want, as a someone that is 6ft, the app allows me to attempt to get down to 4 stone. Is that really smart considering I remember using this app when I was 16 to try and lose weight, the app then recommended that I consume less than my basal metabolic rate, meaning that it was recommending I literally starve myself. Also, there NEEDS to be a free option where you can get rid of the calories being the header, or better yet, let me track my calories without having a limit to it. I shouldn’t need to put in my height and weight in order to track my calories. This app is awful and I won’t be using it unless they change this and rethink their attitude, which is a shame because this has somehow become the industry standard for calorie tracking..Version: 19.4.2

Security RiskThis app is ok except that it keeps triggering my antivirus software. This is disappointing because I’ve been using it for over a year and like the added ability to scan the upc to track my calories. I am going to have to look for a different app. This is what the security pop-up warning says is the problem with this app: Malicious Sources/Malnets Sites that host or distribute malware or whose purpose for existence is as part of a malicious network (malnet) or the malware ecosystem. Malware is defined as software that takes control of a computer, modifies computer settings, or collects or reports personal information without the permission of the end user. It also includes software that misrepresents itself by tricking users to download or install it or to enter personal information. This includes sites or software that perform drive-by downloads; browser hijackers; dialers; any program that modifies your browser homepage, bookmarks, or security settings; and keyloggers. It also includes any software that bundles malware (as defined above) as part of its offering. Information collected or reported is "personal" if it contains uniquely identifying data, such as email addresses, name, social security number, IP address, etc. A site is not classified as malware if the user is reasonably notified that the software will perform these actions (e.g., it alerts that it will send personal information, be installed, or that it will log keystrokes)..Version: 20.10.1

GreatWonderful way to track meals and monitor calories..Version: 7.23

Huge potential if I could get past the blank screensLoving the app so far. Logging my macros and meals was my main reason for downloading the app. I’m interested in upgrading to the premium account but every time I try and access the page it just presents a blank page. Tried restarting and reinstalling the app. No difference. Shame..Version: 20.24.5

Was great now it crashes/freezes all the time!I’ve been using this app for quite a while and it was great in the beginning. Would have rated 5/5. It has an extensive database of food and the barcode scanner is great. In the beginning it was very user friendly. However, now I can’t event enter a meal or scroll down the page without the app freezing or crashing all together. Flipping back through the days of the week causes the app to have a fit, it’s slow and it’s clunky. The freezing and number of crashes has frustrated me so much that I’ve started looking for another app to track my food and exercise. It’s been like this for months and I’m a bit fed up..Version: 18.6.0

Too messyThe food database is full of duplicates and mistakes and other inaccurate or incomplete information. It’s not worth it to me to track if I’m not getting accurate nutritional info..Version: 19.12.0

Can’t handle nightshift lifeThis app is great and I’m sure it will help me get on top of my eating, but unfortunately it seems to be hardwired to deal with days without regards to the end user. If I could set what time a “day” happens for me, it would go a long way to a better end-user experience! I’m a nightshift worker, so I wake up at 3pm and go to bed at 7am. For me, “breakfast” lands about 4pm, “lunch” is about 9pm, and “dinner” is while I’m at work, usually 2:30am. However, by the time I get around to putting in my lunch into the system, it’s already decided the day has ended and I’m starting a new day. I’d like to know how many kilojoules I’ve eaten since last I slept, not since some arbitrary time of night..Version: 7.29.1

HorribleThis is where Ed’s starts I’m 5’8 and 120 pounds and they told me to eat 1200 calories which is 800 calories to low.Version: 20.16.0

Watch out for extra charges!I cancelled my monthly plan and the next month was charged for a full year of premium, the kicker is that my app is still asking me to upgrade and I still have the basic plan. I contacted the company and got crickets.....Version: 19.6.0

Fitness palNot intuitive enough to pick up food items when you start typing...you have to type the entire word and then search.Version: 20.24.7

Bugs seem to be getting worse rather than betterI’ve used this app on and off for over 4 years, including paying for the premium features for a couple years now too. I’m constantly put off by the frequent crashes and glitches requiring me to repeatedly close and restart the app just to log food. Creating a recipe, which should be a basic feature, is near impossible thanks to awful interface problems. For example, when you try to scan a food to add it as an ingredient in a recipe, if the barcode isn’t recognized, it acts as though you had closed out of the recipe creating process entirely and everything you had added to that point is lost. And even when you manage to get the entire recipe added, it seems like a coin flip as to whether it will actually let you save and log it rather than erase everything and make you start over again. I have been patient with this app (clearly, to be paying for it still after years of this stuff!) but not only have these bugs not improved in the time I’ve been using it, they seem to have gotten worse. After just sitting here and spending 20 minutes trying to add a simple recipe with nothing to show for it, I am finally done with this app, just canceled my subscription and I’m going to see what else is out there..Version: 19.11.0

App freezesBeen using the app for 6 weeks now and recently upgraded to premium. Ever since it freezes when I try to add meals from the ‘recipe discovery’ option. Furthermore, it appears to freeze when trying to make adjustments to my custom dashboard which is becoming super frustrating. Other than the above I’ve really enjoyed what the apps offers etc..Version: 20.3.0

Why don’t any fitness apps have a “just had a baby” note?I used to love this app and many of its features but I find it lacking after having my baby. Not only does the weight gain from my pregnancy look negative on the chart (well duh I made a child), but there are many of the features that make it seem like I’m lazy or not putting in the effort to stay healthy. The calorie intake is much less than what I should be eating because I’m breastfeeding but it turns negative when I include the snacks because it goes over the calorie goal. Not to mention that exercise is limited postpartum. I’m not asking for my fitness pal to keep track of my breastfeeding or anything like that (there are many other apps for that) but it would be nice if there was a note you could add or status change that one could add that encourages mamas who are recovering from labor. Not put us down for not being able to keep up with our diets and exercise habits pre-child. A little encouragement, especially around the 5th and 6th week postpartum would be beneficial since that is around the time when most moms can actually begin to work out and do light exercises. This app is really helpful because it helps me make sure I’m eating enough, especially since it’s hard to stay sane with a newborn and lack of sleep. I just wish it was more mama friendly because many fitness apps seem to completely forget that labor and recovery ain’t easy. 😥.Version: 18.7.0

Used to be betterThis app used to be way better until Underarmour got their hands on it. Now they use as a platform to push their crappy products on you. I did upgrade to the premium and to be honest the only reason I did it is because I just need a calorie tracker. But even the interface is more complex. If they do give you the option to upgrade do not do this under any circumstances. The only thing the upgrade is is because they want to change a colour here or there and they make things more complex.As soon as I can find a better app I am out of here..Version: 20.24.7

Good but with issuesOnce a food has been saved you can’t go back and edit it so if there’s a mistake you have to create a new entry and end up with multiple versions. You can’t see the daily goals on a phone. I hadn’t realised they were available until I viewed it on a tablet. Until the then I had been irritated by the reminders that tell you you’ve breached a goal when I didn’t know what the goal was (I haven’t set them because I’m using the free version). Also the latest update has made entering new foods very difficult. A shaded bar obscures the category you are trying to enter the data for so you can’t be sure you are on the right line. Pulling the page down makes it visible but as soon as you let go it scrolls back up and it won’t let you type while it’s pulled down. Please fix this ASAP..Version: 7.32

Great for tracking meals. Big bugs.This app has been useful for tracking my meals over the last year but there are some issues. The app will read and write the *same* data from Apple Health, screwing up your weight in both apps. I always update my weight in Apple health but when you look at the data in the app it shows the source of the data and after every entry in Apple, there is an identical entry written by MFP. Sometimes this is a day after another entry and this especially screws up my data. Doesn’t seem there is an easy way to fix and has increasingly become a frustrating problem. The good features are the ability to see your data at a glance under the progress tab that is easy to get to and shows progress in weight, steps, and other body measurements. I have tried a few other apps that have a much nicer UI (like Senza) but while it looks great, the design is a bit more complicated to use. KetoDiet has much more relevant, diet-inclusive recipes than MFP but it probably would not be as useful to someone on a different diet. Overall this is the best app for most people that may be on any number of diets, as you are able to track macros and calories (even from many restaurants) quickly and add workouts. Those are the basics of most body management plans and this app does it best..Version: 20.24.6

Random pop upI have lived using this app so I brought premium. But over the last few weeks I have had a random screen pop up while trying to log good it plays to 7 sec then drops off and pops up again - very annoying.Version: 20.11.0

Extremely disappointing customer service!Paid one year upfront premium access. Got an email saying that due to security breach all customers were advised to reset their password. Did so and lost access to premium. Logged the issue with customer support and 5 days in nobody has been able to fix it. Been emailing back and forth and all I got back were standard pre written answers not even addressing what I had written in my email. On top of this in the FAQ section they point iTunes subscription buyers to Apple support and Apple clearly simply tells you they can’t do anything about it. Frustrating to say the least! Warning: Do not get yourself into a prepaid subscription with this app !!! Customer support is ridiculous!!!.Version: 7.34

Good and badThis app is THE app to get if interested in tracking calories. However it falls in having a far too expensive premium membership system, for me and I assume most people who use this app the articles on the main page are pointless. It also suffers from crash issue and I often open the app to find it in “offline mode” despite having home wifi and data both available. It is a good app overall with a solid system for entering food data and a relatively large data base in comparison to other apps I have used. However the fact that you have to pay way to much for premium in order to simply see the macros of the food you enter kills the app for me and because of that I cannot recommend it..Version: 7.29.1

NopeLeaving my old review down the bottom, as I’m sure it’s still a valid point. But my new problem is with the cost of a premium subscription, 80$ per year, you must have a massive crack problem to expect people to pay that... surely you would help a lot more people with a lower price and also get a lot more subscribers. 80$Yearly is a joke I'm so sick of searching through 20 of the same thing looking for what is right. The foods that people input should be checked before it is turns up on everyone's list. Some of the calories are so far wrong it's pathetic... I have been using other calorie apps to double check the information on MFP. I don't care if I have to pay for it, if I find a better app, I won't be bothering with this anymore..Version: 7.27

Not very reliable for serious weight lossI’ve started using this to try and lose some weight, was recommended it to use alongside my Fitbit charge 2.... its a good guide if it works, I have to mess about everyday turning the connection off and on with my watch for MFP to add my steps to my calorie count. If it does work without me having to mess about it’s never accurate until it catches up usually at the end of the day which by then is no good. Lost a second star because the calories lost are different to the fit bit for the same amount of steps, I trust the fit bit as this knows when these steps have been made by running upstairs or a little walk to the bin. I feel if it’s advertising that’s its synced then the calories burned should also be synced not just the number of steps. Ultimately this app is ok if you’ve nothing else to go by but I think I’ll stick to the bit app..Version: 19.3.6

Not ImpressedI have heard many good things about this app, But i was very disappointed because, everytime i try to make and account it always says... “Sorry, we are unable to process your registration at this time” and i’ve tried restarting my app countless times but it never works. Maybe it’s just my phone or i don’t know, but i’m going to give this app a one star rating..Version: 20.11.0

It worksFirst of all I would like to say that this works. I have lost 3kg in 2 weeks with diet and exercise which I was not expecting! The thing that is really annoying is trying to figure out food weights. I live in the uk so we don’t measure things by cups. I also don’t have a food scale, so trying to figure out how much you have eaten is tricky. I eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg (as I’m sure a lot of people do when they start a new diet) and the portion sizes are confusing, you might type in 1 aubergine and it comes up with 100g portions, how much is 100g of aubergine? It would be helpful to have an average weight guide for each fruit and vegetable, and it would be great if it could let you automatically change the weight to imperial/metric etc instead of having rigid options like ounces and then trying to work them out as a fraction. I ate an aubergine! Figure it out. Also when you have frequently eaten foods they should come up first, it’s annoying having to scroll down to the bottom of your recipes for something you eat everyday. I agree with other reviews that say that your exercises should be private unless you want to share them. Other than that it’s incredibly helpfully, thanks!.Version: 20.7.0

Very poor valueOn a whim I upgraded to premium, primarily because the base app nags you continuously to upgrade. By paying $80AUD I assumed that the user experience would be significantly improved, this is a lot of money for an app. Instead I was severely disappointed with the “features” you get from premium. The most frustrating part is the poor quality database of food items. Even basic common items aren’t available or don’t have logical portion sizes set up. Fat secret’s database is much more logical and complete. I am sorry to have wasted my money, and I’m disappointed that I could not get a refund when I realised what little I got for my money. My advice is to just use the free app or better still use the fatsecret calorie counter..Version: 7.28

Kills people’s phones (and they know about it)I do really like this app. I’ve used it for years and although some things are a little one size fits all (the calorie count it gives me is too low, but I never take it for gospel anyway) its hands down the best food tracker out there. I lost a lot of weight with it a few years ago by linking it to Fitbit who’s food tracker leaves a lot to be desired, but their calorie round up is more sophisticated. That’s why I didn’t give it 1 star. It doesn’t matter how useful the app is because I can’t use it. Last year I had to delete it because it was killing my phone in the background. I decided to reinstall it a couple of months ago and it started draining the life out of it again, it’s a battery vampire. I contacted customer service the first time and they play dumb and told me to uninstall and reinstall, but a quick google shows that this has been a KNOWN ISSUE for at least FOUR YEARS and they’ve just ignored it for all that time. If anyone’s having issues with their phone battery I recommend checking your battery stats to see what’s been eating the power in the background while you sleep. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels EXCEPT FOR IPHONE BLOOD..Version: 20.24.7

Great app in the past, but updates continue to make it worse.August 2019: Have now been using this app for must be five or six years, and with each passing 'upgrade' it just seems to get worse. Current update: the drop-down calendar to 'select' the date no longer drops down - have to change date by 'brushing' the screen one way or the other. The principally blue background colour now changed to white, and is not so good as the old screen. Also seems to be slower to work. Previous write-up - several years earlier: Have been using this app for probably three years now, and it has been an invaluable part of my diet and weight loss programme. However, the last update is AWFUL: the menu is now on the l/h side (instead of a ribbon on the top or bottom of the screen?), taking up a huge amount of the screen space where one needs to log meals etcetera, the 'edit' options (including copying individual foods to another day and/or meal) have been changed so that they are not so obvious, easy or handy to use, and the previous option to enter one's weight in stone-pounds and fractions/decimals of a pound has lost the pound fraction/decimal option. An extremely good app effectively destroyed by an update not needed and presumably just produced to keep someone busy..Version: 19.7.1

HelpIt keeps saying I can’t sign up. Like am I too young? Is it not allowed in Canada or something? Why can’t I sign up.Version: 19.9.11

Constant crashesI would hope that an app this old and well used would have the bugs ironed out, but this is not that case. Whenever I try to add food or create a recipe using the scan barcode feature, I either get a “sorry we couldn’t find a match” error or the entire app crashes. It was working fine for the first 2 days of use, but now it’s unusable..Version: 19.12.0

Food database is sometimes inaccurateFollowing some weird daily totals for my sodium intake, I did some digging... Firstly, I found that many foods have multiple entries, depending on whether you search manually, or scan the barcode. This wouldn’t matter if the nutrition information tallied - unfortunately, it mostly doesn’t - there are often nutrients completely omitted from on or other of the entries. Also, following my research, I have now found several entries where the quoted sodium amounts per serving are ridiculous. I suspect this may have been due to an enthusiastic user entering the amount printed for salt. Unfortunately, salt is not just sodium, it’s sodium chloride (NaCl). Since sodium has an atomic weight of around 23 and Chlorine is around 35.5, the true value for sodium should be around 0.39 of the value shown for salt. One packet soup I found even had the correct sodium value printed on it - the database had the salt value entered, but, even then, it was wrong (the packet said 1.5 grams and the database said 1.9 grams, for an identical serving size. I may not expect a user with no or minimal chemistry background to get this right, but I would expect the database administrators to pick it up and correct it - especially as the subscription cost for the premium version is pretty high (in my opinion, way too high). In short, this is completely unacceptable for a premium priced (overpriced) application..Version: 19.12.5

Great app with one fatal flaw.This is a great app, the developers have put a lot of thought into how it functions. It cleverly calculates your daily calorie intake along with exercise management to reach a goal. The fatal flaw with this app is that you can’t specify custom serving sizes like many other apps of this type. The developers have suggested a clunky work around to the problem, but isn’t efficient. I would probably pay the subscription fee to use this app if allowed me to specify the weight of my food. Especially because there are other great partner apps associated with this one. Such a shame..Version: 7.29.1

Crashes INCESSANTLY! Otherwise Good.Have used this App on & off for a few years. In 2014, I used it regularly and it helped me lose over 2 stone. BUT then the App started regularly crashing. Since then I’ve tried coming back to the App several times but the incessant crashing puts me off again. My iPhone has latest ios12, and my Apps are updated daily, but today I thought I’d give it another go; at lunchtime it crashed 6 times when I attempted to enter just three products (including water). Unfortunately i find this typical, and it drives me both mad and away from the App. I know how good this App can be, but I can’t put up with the continuous re-logging due to crashes. A cynic might suggest they’re trying to get me to pay for the premium service. To those that point out I’m getting a free service, I’d reply and say the App Developers are getting plenty of revenue from the advertisers. Anyway, this is just my opinion and review of the App. Take Care and be nice!.Version: 18.9.1

Tracking workouts unreliableBefore I give the why this app didn’t work for me let me start by saying I used the month trial and 90% of features worked for me, the sheer volume of products (food items) to scan is impressive and if I wanted this app for simply counting calories or many other nutrients I would have happily completed the trial and purchased the full version, HOWEVER other than step counting this app will not track my hard fought gym time, I do 40mins HIIT and expect my 400+ active calories to be recorded along with my daily intake of food and water to give an accurate view of my habits but alas not, I could add each exercise I completed how many times and to what weight but that’s not why I bought an Apple Watch, I want my apps and devices to sync seamlessly. Close but no cigar I’m afraid 😔.Version: 19.12.6

What have you done to your app?I’ve used the free version of this app for about 7 years and it has always been helpful, but this latest update is terrible. It is slow, my diary entries have gone missing, and you can’t log glasses of water correctly. Plus, all the premium subscription pop-ups are annoying! I get it, you want people to pay... payment for premium services are great, and I have considered it numerous times, but the free version does everything I need and I’ve always been a huge advocate of MyFitnessPal. Please don’t make the current features useless with annoying pop-ups. With all the competition available today, I won’t need to remain a loyal user of yours. Your Product Owners really need to get back to customer-centred design instead of whatever sales strategy focus they’ve currently got going on..Version: 18.10.5

Wrong macrosPaid for the year and NO data is correct. They say you can speak with customer service and that’s a lie. I just wasted money! 💔.Version: 21.3.5

Lots of functionality, but not a very good appThis app is a good utility, but if they gave the UI and functionality a bit more polish here and there it could be great. Some things are just clumsy and/or glitchy which makes using it throughout the day kind of a pain. I’ll continue to use it, but as other similar apps arise I’ll definitely keep checking them out as there’s nothing really tying me to this one. Some examples: it repeatedly asks me to allow Apple Heath access even though it’s already got it (and is already using the data it gets from there). It reads my weight and then writes it back to Apple Health resulting in duplicate data points. I couldn’t get it to integrate reliably with UnderArmor’s (pretty terrible) other apps. It doesn’t make use of 3D Touch, which could make moving/peeking/editing items in my diary much faster. It’s got visual glitches along the top and bottom of the iPhone X screen. I turned on the negative calorie adjustment, but that was REALLY glitchy, sporadically giving me a negative calorie adjustment > 1000 before updating to < 100 a couple minutes later. Googling this shows the issue has been around for a very long time, but they haven’t addressed it. I’m paying for pro because they cripple the basic set of features so much, but at this point I definitely feel no loyalty to the app, and I wonder what they are doing with all that subscription money..Version: 7.37.1

Battery Drain.Uses a lot of battery power. Great app, but hate using it due to battery being extremely used..Version: 20.5.0

Why should I report an issue with MyFitnessPal?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of MyFitnessPal to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a MyFitnessPal customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using MyFitnessPal.

Is MyFitnessPal not working?

MyFitnessPal works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact MyFitnessPal.

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